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PS III Professional Growth Plan

Name: Elin John

Semester: PS III
School Year: September-December 2017
School: Central Middle School

Goal 1
i) there are many approaches to teaching and learning. They know a broad range of
instructional strategies appropriate to their area of specialization and the subject
discipline they teach, and know which strategies are appropriate to help different students
achieve different outcomes;

I would like to improve on finding the most efficient approach to teaching all students in
my classroom.

Strategies Indicators and Measures of

Discuss lesson plan with TA or colleague Achievement
before teaching. Success of lesson, are majority of
Formatively assess where students are at students meeting outcome?
to plan for next lesson Evidence shown in assessments,
Practice scaffolding formative and summative
Time Line Resources
Focus September- October TA/ UC
Continue November-December Research strategies online, in library
Students feedback

I found this goal hard to measure because there is no right or wrong approach to teaching
all students in the classroom because it is always changing based on the class dynamic.

I found it difficult knowing when to slow down and carefully scaffold lessons, risking the
more advanced students to get bored, or when to maintain momentum in the lesson and
risk the less advanced students to fall behind. I found this especially hard in the grade 6
ukulele classes because the groups were very diverse in playing abilities.

I used my mentor teachers as resources, as well as taking student feedback into

consideration. I believe that I improved on finding the most efficient approach to teaching
all students, however, there is still more growth needed in this skill.

Goal 2
k) the purposes of student assessment. They know how to assess the range of learning
objectives by selecting and developing a variety of classroom and large scale assessment
techniques and instruments. They know how to analyze the results of classroom and large
scale assessment instruments including provincial assessment instruments, and how to use
the results for the ultimate benefit of students;
I would like to increase the frequency of my formative and summative assessments to
ensure that student learning is reliably documented.

Strategies Indicators and Measures of

Long term, medium term, and short term Achievement
schedule for assessments Multiple modalities of assessment
Include in lesson plan documented
Record performances and lessons for Grades are reliable and valid
future reference Prepared for meetings with mentor
teachers, other teachers, and parents
about the students
Time Line Resources
Focus September- first reporting period Two assessment textbooks
Continue until December TA/UC

I asked for student feedback quite often during my lessons. For example, students would
show me how comfortable they were with a skill by showing me on a scale from 1-5 with
their fingers.

In the exploratory classes I also received written work for formative and summative
assessment. This allowed me to see what students could process enough to write down
during class time.

Near the end of my internship I audio recorded a full 56-minute lesson. I appreciated
being able to listen back to it and identify specific points that were said by students and
acknowledge things that I may have missed during the lesson. I found this a very reliable
piece of evidence for formative assessment, and I will continue to use it in the future.

I utilized more ways of assessing students in the musical context during this internship
than I had in the past. Unfortunately, it is easy to be swept up in the busyness of preparing
for a concert and I forgot to take time to document assessments along the way. This is
something I will continue to work on in my career.

Goal 3
n) the importance of contributing, independently and collegially, to the quality of their
school. They know the strategies whereby they can, independently and collegially,
enhance and maintain the quality of their schools to the benefit of students, parents,
community and colleagues;

I would like to become more involved in the school atmosphere and make meaningful
connections with other staff members.

Strategies Indicators and Measures of

Have lunch in the staff room Achievement
Join or create clubs Relationships have formed
Explore school, pop into classrooms
Set aside intentional time to socialize by Comfort level around school
prepping in alternate times of day increased

Time Line Resources
Focus for the month of September TA/ UC
Continue until December Journal

It is difficult to socialize and be an active community member in the whole school when
you are a music teacher. Band rehearsals happen every day during the lunch block and
most early mornings and after school blocks. This leaves very little time to enter the staff
room (even though at Central there currently is not one). I found it tough to make
connections with the other staff during internship.

Because of the situation, I focused on developing collegial relationships outside of school.

I connected with one Central staff member specifically for collaboration to create my PIP,
a district Aboriginal educator, TOCs and other music educators in Victoria, as well as a
retired music teacher who provided ukulele lessons for myself and a few other teachers.

I believe that through the relationships that I formed outside of school, I enhanced the
quality of the education I was providing for my students.

Personal Wellness Goal

I will take time for myself each day to focus on my mental needs.

Strategies Indicators and Measures of

Schedule time each day Achievement
Have an accountability partner Take note of state of mental health
Set alarm earlier throughout practicum
Read personal development books Conversations with loved ones
Take walks or work out Journal
Take advantage of the outdoors right
outside my house
Take time to cook tasty and healthy food
Time Line Resources
(Prior to) September December (and Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
beyond) The Bible
Recreational reading material
Home workout videos

Unfortunately, this was the goal that was the most neglected. I had grand expectations for
myself at the beginning of the internship, but when reality hit, many of the healthy
routines I had planned went out the window.
I always packed my lunch and set my clothes out the night before, and never got less than
7 hours of sleep. I maintained my emotional well-being by communicating with loved
ones. Other than that, I let my healthy eating and physical activity plans slide. At the end
of my internship, I do feel drained and burnt out. This is something that I would not like to
let happen again.