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Middle School Lesson Plan | Elizabeth Acosta

Middle School Lesson Plan

Teacher: Elizabeth Acosta Grade: 6 Students: 15

TEKS: (5) Proportionality. The student applies mathematical process standards to solve problems
involving proportional relationships. The student is expected to: (C) use equivalent fractions, decimals,
and percents to show equal parts of the same whole.

Objectives: Students will be able to write equivalent fractions, decimals, and percent to show equal parts
of the same whole.

Engage: As soon as the students get in Bell ringer

the classroom they will have in their Students Name: ____________________________
desks their bell ringer activity. This will Instruction: Match each definition with their math
help me to check their background representation.
knowledge and to introduce and
engage them in to the topic for the day. 2
Percent 4
They have only 5 minutes to finish the
bell ringer activity and they should Decimal 50%
work individually.
improper fractions 7
The bell ringer will help me to take 2
attendance. And I can reporter it when proper fractions
students go in to the Exploring part. .00567
mixed fractions
2 2

Explore: Students will define the

concepts that they see in the bell ringer Students Name: ____________________________
using technology and their textbooks. Instruction:
Students will be provided with 1. In your group and with the material provided
computers with internet access so they find the definition and example of the
can go on the web and do some following words: percent, decimal, improper
research on these definitions and they fractions, proper fractions, mixed fractions.
will also have their textbook to 2. Use the foldable to record your info.
compare answers. 3. Cut the paper for the dotted line.
They will have a foldable where they 4. Write the definition on the back of the first
can write their definitions and page.
examples. The foldable is individual. 5. Write the example on the third page.
Students will work in groups of 3 for 6. Glue it in you note book.
two reasons: 7. Present to the class your assigned word, its
1.- Students purposeful talk. definition and example.
2.- Classroom management.
Students will received a written
instructions with their assigned word.

Middle School Lesson Plan | Elizabeth Acosta

At the end of this I will be assign each

group with one word so they can share The foldable should look like this:
their investigation to the groups and
compare answers.
Students have already assigned work
For the research and foldable students V Percent
will have 15 minutes. O
For the discussion they will have 10- 15 C Decimal

B Improper fraction

L Proper fractions

R Mixed Fractions

Explain: The small presentation that Teacher questions:

each group will give will help each --What is your word?
students to clarify doubts, concerns, --What is the definition?
and questions. My job there is to direct -- Does anyone have something different?
the discussion in the way they can -- What is your example?
master this concepts. -- Does anyone have any question?
10- 15 minutes.
Elaborate: I will introduce the concepts -Class is time to test your ability of representing
that we can represent the same numbers in different forms.
number in different forms. - You have in your table disposal plates. These plates
I will present an example by using a will be our whole, our 100%.
hands on activity. -I will give you a fraction to represent and you will
Each student will be provided with have to draw that percent in the plate. When you
disposable plates, enough for each finish you need to lift the plate so that I can see it. For
student to complete the activity. example, if I say 50% in fraction, then the plate should
Students will represent the number look like this :
that the teacher says in the different

Middle School Lesson Plan | Elizabeth Acosta

forms representation they just

For this activity students will have 15

--Remember that the numbers that have proper

fractions do not have mixed fraction and the numbers
that have improper fractions will also have mixed
--You will work as a group. For each correct answer
your group will get 1 point.
-- The group who get more points will get 5 extra
points in participation.
Evaluation: Exit ticket. This is a good
tool to evaluate students and see their Exit ticket
individual advanced. Students Name: _________________________
This is an individual activity. Give the different representation as it is asked.
It should take no more than 3 minutes.
Students are direct to clean their desks 1.-Represent 50% in fraction and decimal form.
and be ready to leave according to the
classroom procedures. 2.-Represent .25 in fraction and percentage form.

3.- Represent 1.25 in improper fraction, mixed

fraction, and percent form.