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Percentages are used all the time. They are used just like fractions.

Just like fractions, they

are used to find part of a value which may be an increase or decrease of the original value.

A percentage is a number out of 100, so:

1% is equal to 1/100
23% is equal to 23/100
50% is equal to 50/100 or 1/2

When using percentages on a calculator, I find that converting the percentage into a fraction
or decimal is much more simpler than using the percentage button. Knowing how to convert a
percentage would make this process easier.

Finding percentages of values includes decreases and increases:

• Decreases
A decrease of 10% means 90% of the value ( 100% - 10% = 90% or 0.90 ). To find
the answer you work out 0.90 × number.

• Increases
An increace of 10% means your value and an extra 10% added to it. This means it is
110% ( 100% + 10% = 110% or 1.10 ) of the value. To find the answer you work out
1.10 × number.