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This Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition (with

Irrevocable Special Power of Attorney Coupled with an
Interest), is made and executed by and between:

VIRGINIA ANTERO PANAY, married to Luyche Panay,

of Legal age, Filipino citizen and with residence and
postal address at No. 56 Happy Homes, Old Lucban,
Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines, hereinafter
individually referred to as VIRGINIA;
LOLITA ANTERO DANGWA, widow, of legal age,
Filipino Citizen, and with residence and postal address
at No. 56 Happy Homes ,Old Lucban,Baguio
City,Benguet, hereinafter individually referred to as

WHEREAS, JOSEFA DANGWA CHUA, died intestate on August

17, 1998, without any last will and testament, Leaving personal
Properties in the form of bank accounts located in several parts of
the world;
WHEREAS, JOSEFA DANGWA CHUA had no legitimate issue;

WHEREAS, the parties hereto are the only heirs of the said
JOSEFA DANGWA CHUA, being the legitimate sisters of MARIA
ANTERO DANGWA (deceased) who is the mother of JOSEFA
DANGWA CHUA and hence only legitimate heirs pursuant to
Articles 987 and 1004 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, as well
as the customs, traditions and practices of the Kankana-ey Tribe
where the decedent, her mother and her aunts are legitimate
members, and thus entitled to succeed to the decedent estate, to wit;

VIGINIA ANTERO PANAY, legitimate aunt and married to Luyche

LOLITA ANTERO DANGWA, legitimate aunt;

WHEREAS, to the best knowledge and information of the

parties hereto, JOSEFA DANGWA CHUA, left no debts upon her

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties here have mutually and

voluntarily agreed, to partition and distribute the estate of JOSEFA
DANGWA CHUA,as follows:

1. The following bank accounts, as more specifically

described below, shall be assigned pro-indiviso to the
Parties herein, to wit:
Bank Account Number/s location
IP Morgan Chase 616007019 New York,USA
Hong Kong 570002469/090004275 Hong Kong SAR
Shanghai Bank
BNP Paribas 5711022288 Paris,France
Bank of Tokyo 0098126937 Tokyo,Japan
United Bank of 0300927114
Switzerland (code MQA 37181 M) Zurich,Switzerland
Citi Bank 99863165 New York,USA
Doha Bank 1008972933 Qatar
RBTT Merchant 91011301803 Trinidad and
Bank Limited Tobago
Nordea Bank 031100209 Oslo,Norway
Nordea Bank
Norge Asa

II. The Parties do hereby accept the above and agree to

partition the above accounts and the amounts therein on a pro
Indiviso basis, and they further hereby affirm that they have
executed the foregoing instrument of their own voluntary free
will, without force, intimidation or violence upon their person, and
that they hereby waive and forever renounce any and all other
rights or claims of whatever nature and kind as to each other.

III. The Parties agree that, after negotiations with the

governments and/or banks and financial institutions in the
Philippines and abroad, Seventy Percent (70%) of the net
deposits/amounts in the aforesaid accounts shall be donated
and/or ceded to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or vehicles
to be established by our Attorney-in-Fact, Sir JAMES E.
STUCKEY, free from the jurisdiction of the Commission on
Audit, the House of Representatives and Senate of the Philippines,
and the Department of Budget and Management, for the purpose of
the improvement of the lives of indigenous peoples and the less
fortunate through national and local infrastructure and public
utilities development, agricultural and irrigation development,
modern educational development complete with the installation
of high speed, broadband WIFI, development of public health
facilities and the provision of free medical services and medicines
to indigent people, mass low cost housing, especially for informal
settlers, and other related projects.

IV. The Parties also agree that the remainder/balance of

the deposits amounting to Thirty Percent (30%) shall be
controlled and disposed by our Attorney-in-Fact, Sir JAMES E.
STUCKEY. Kt. StT. KTO, Protocol No. KST_KYOJES777-04/01,
Brevet No. KST10177, Ambassador, Consul General-Minister
Plenipotentiary of the Knights of the Sovereign Teutonic Military Order,
U.S. Citizen Passport No. 565672705, for the payment of bank
charges (including the holders of the account/s), the establishment
of headquarters, travel and representation expenses, payment of
legal and accounting fees and other operational expenses.

For this purpose, the Parties hereby, name and constitute

Sir JAMES E. STUCKEY Kt. StT. KTO, Protocol No. KST_KYO-
JES777-04/01, Brevet No. KST10177, Ambassador, Consul General-
Minister Plenipotentiary of the Knights of the Sovereign
Teutonic Military Order, U.S. Citizen with U.S. Passport No.
565672705 issued October 20, 2017, as our true and lawful
substitute attorney-in-fact, for and in our names, places and stead,
to dispose of and distribute the deposits in the accounts described
above, in Our behalf as Heirs of the Late JOSEFA DANGWA
CHUA, with full power and authority to do and perform the following

1. To represent us in all or any of the banks in the Philippines

and abroad that hold of any account in the name of the late

2. To enter into any agreement of compromise with the

government, banks or financial institutions with respect to the
disposition, withdrawal of deposits, interest or any bank
instrument in relation to the aforesaid bank accounts in
the name of the late JOSEFA DANGWA CHUA;

3. To submit, sign, execute and receive any document/s

needed in connection with the disposition and distribution
of the said deposits in accordance with the purposes
established in this Section IV;

4. During and after negotiating with the governments, banks and

financial institutions, to use, place and utilize any amount
necessary for any trade or investment program/platform
and in bank/s and/or legitimate and reputable international
trade group;

5. To pay any taxes that may be due to the government /s in

connection with any of the trade or investments
activities, or any other activity undertaken pursuant to
this Deed;
6. To receive and deposit any of the proceeds referred to
above into trade programs and/or investments, including
professional fees and taxes, and to the various bank
accounts of the Parties herein, or the governments, banks,
financial institutions, lawyers, accountants, financial
advisors, consultants and even the Attorney-in-Fact in
accordance and as a consequence of the undertakings
provided for this Section; and

7. To appoint lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and/or

consultants who shall assist the Parties, through the
Attorney-in-Fact, to secure, control and/or distribute the
deposits in the aforesaid accounts, and to pay their fees in
accordance with this Section.

This Special Power of Attorney is irrevocable and is

coupled with an interest.

HEREBY GIVING AND GRANTING unto our said Attorney-

in-Fact, full power and authority whatsoever requisite and
necessary to be done in and about the premises, with power of
substitution. Hereby ratifying and confirming all that our said
attorneys-in-fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue
of these presents. This power of Attorney shall survive even after our
untimely demise.

V. This Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition may

be executed in any number of counterparts (including by
tele-facsimile or any other electronic transmission), each
of which when executed and delivered shall be considered an
original document, and which counterparts together shall
constitute one and the same instrument.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands,

this _____________________________________________ day of
November 2017 in Baguio City, Philippines.


Legitimate Aunt Legitimate
Aunt(married to Luyche Panay)





Before me, a Notary Public for and in Baguio City, Philippines,

personally appeared this ____ day of November 2017;

Name Competent Proof Expiry

Date &
Of Identity Place Issued

Virginia Antero Panay (married Phil. Passport No.

to Luyche Panay) and DFA-
TIN --

Lolita Antero Dangwa Phil. Passport No.

and DFA-
TIN --

Known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing

Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition of the Intestate Estate of the
Late Josefa Dangwa Chua, consisting of four (4) pages including the
pages on which this Acknowledgement appears, and who
acknowledged to me that they have read and understood same, and
that same is their free and voluntary act and deed.

Doc. No. ;
Page No. ;
Book No. ;
Series of 2017.