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(Used Vehicle Trucks)

This Agreement of Sale is made and executed on 1st day of November

2017 by & between:

M/s. ARUNACHALA LOGISTICS PVT LTD. a company having its Regd.

office at H.No: 8-2-1/1/3, Avtar Nivas, Srinagar Colony Main Road,
Punjagutta, Hyderabad-082, represented by its DGM Finance , Mr.
Y.V. Naidu S/o. Y. Bapaiah about 51 years, Occupation Business R/o.
Plot No.152, Flat No.301, Bhargavas Lakshmi Redidency, Samatha
Nagar, Kukatpally - 500085, Medchal Dist..

(Hereinafter called the First Party/Seller)


M/s. KEERTHANA STEELS having its shop no: 81, Gandhi market, Old iron
market-pollachi represented by Mrs. Umamaheswari w/o. Ganesan aged
about 45, residing at No7 Vibgyar valley, Kumaran nagar,pollachi 642001 And
Mr. Ramkumar s/o. Mr. Alagu Sethu 3/6, Alagappa street , pollachi .

(hereinafter called the Second Party/Purchaser),

The following terms and conditions of the parties shall mean and include the
parties themselves and their legal heirs representatives, Assignees, Nominees
etc. as:

WHEREAS the first party wishes to sell the used vehicle to second party.
WHEREAS the second party wishes to buy the said used vehicles from the first
party under the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned;

Second party agreed to buy the said used each vehicle of sale consideration an
amount of Rs. 3,25,000 (Rupees Three lakh twenty give thousand rupees only)
total all the used vehicle sale consideration an amount of Rs. 3,25,000( Rupees
Three lakh twenty give thousand rupees only) Inclusive of TCS.

Payment Plan
That the second party agrees to make the Payment plan of the total sale
consideration amount of Rs. 8125000 as per the table below.

Payment Date of
Payment in Date of
Total number Total in phase- Balance
phase- Phase -1
of vehicles amount 2(Balance phase -2
1(Advance) payment
amount) amount

10 3250000 3250000 28/11/2017

Delivery Plan
Second party to arrange delivery as per Annexure 1 ( Registration Number
wise detail)

That the First Party and second party are agreed that the sale of above
mentioned vehicle is on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS AND CONDITIONS and both
the Parties are also understand and agreed that there is no guarantee or
warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the above described vehicle.
Moreover, all the vehicles will be delivered at our Unit- Vadamalaipet- AP on
Disc condition (11 Discs), no tyres, no Tarpaulin, no tool kit, 40 ltr. diesel.

That the second party fails to make payment as per the committed schedule,
then the first party reserves the right to sell the vehicles to any other party and
the amount paid by the second party will be forfeited.

First Party agrees to hand over vehicles no. as attached in Annexure 1 of permit
surrender and CC with vehicles transfer forms to second party . If any balance
vehicle and vehicles transfer forms shall be handed over to second party.

That the second party is liable to make applicable TCS tax as per the Govt
Notification. This will be inclusive of the mutually agreed rate.

That the first party will be raise invoice favouring the second party for the
transaction and first party will be giving TCS tax certificate to second party if
the same is applicable as per Govt. Notification.

That the second party agreed to make payment using electronic transfer or by
Demand Draft.

Invoices will be raised in the name of the Buyers, by whom payments are
That the second party agrees to bring tyres at his own cost and the First Party
will facilitate fixing of the same at the yard identified to deliver the vehicles.

That First Party to provide all the original documents of the above said vehicle
to the Second party. The details of the documents are as under:-
1. Certificate of Registration
2. Insurance
3. Certificate of Fitness
4. Form 28 (Triplicate)
5. Form 29 (Duplicate)
6. Form 30
7. Form 60
8. PAN Copy of Registered Owner
9. Insurance Transfer Letter
10. Board of Memorandum (if Applicable)

That the Second Party is responsible/ liable for the registration, transfer, cost of
the transfer, hypothecation and updating of the documents i.e. insurance,
fitness, taxes, permit, pollution, of the above said vehicle, if any, in respect of
the above said vehicle from delivery date and time.

That the Second Party has agreed to pay Full and final payment of sale
consideration Rs. 3250000 /- for the above said vehicles before taking delivery.
Second party have to submit photocopy of transferred RC once vehicle is sold
physically to end users.

That the First Party will be responsible for the all the previous dues/ challan/
taxes/accident/previous loan balances (if any), and any other cases before the
date of physical possession/delivery of the above said vehicle to Second party
and after the Delivery of this vehicle the Second party is liable for all dues and
balances as per delivery receipt.

That if during the operation of the event any mis-happening occurred then the
legal heirs of the parties shall equally liable for the terms and conditions of this

Any notice or other communication required to be given under this

Agreement shall be in writing and shall be delivered personally or sent by
registered mail or courier at the respective address of the Parties mentioned
hereinabove or such other addresses as may be intimated from time to time in
writing and shall be effective upon receipt of the same by the recipient.

That First Party and Second Party hereby agrees that they shall not subcontract
or assign any part of the Services to any third party.

In the event of any dispute or difference arising out of this Agreement, then
both the parties shall resolve the dispute amicably and peacefully and if no
settlement is arrived, then both the parties shall have liberty to approach the
court for adjudication of their claim, dispute, differences and grievances.

That the applicable law governing this Agreement shall be the laws of India and
the courts of Telangana State shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try any
dispute with respect to this Agreement.

That the contents of the present agreement have been read over to both
Parties in vernacular language who clearly understood the same and the
present agreement is executed without any force, coercion, pressure, undue
influence etc. between the Parties.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties have executed these presents
agreement on Saturday of 9th December, year 2017in the presence of witness
mentioned hereunder:

First Party/ Seller

Second Party/Purchaser





Please arrange to vehicle availability as per delivery plan in Vadamalaipet.

Vehicle Vehicle Delivery

S.No Year
Location Number plan
1 Vadamalaipet TN24W6410 2007 10/12/2017
2 Vadamalaipet TN24W6411 2007 10/12/2017
3 Vadamalaipet TN24U2818 2008 10/12/2017
4 Vadamalaipet TN24U2827 2008 10/12/2017
5 Vadamalaipet TN24U2868 2008 10/12/2017
6 Vadamalaipet TN24U6350 2008 10/12/2017
7 Vadamalaipet TN24U6377 2008 10/12/2017
8 Vadamalaipet TN24U6379 2008 10/12/2017
9 Vadamalaipet TN24U6386 2008 10/12/2017
10 Vadamalaipet TN24U6395 2008 10/12/2017

Name Address PAN GST
Keerthana 81,Gandhi market, old iron market,
steels pollachi 642001 ABPPU0633B 33ABPPU0633BIZW