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Dills motivation

Why do you want to go to college? The Serpent King, written by Jeff Zentner, is

about a story of three children living in a small town. Dill, one of the main characters, is

born in a poor and superstitious family. He loves one of his friend named Lydia. He says

that the worse day with Lydia is better than the day that he havent met Lydia. Lydia,

coming from the warm family, wants to go to the college next year. And so does Dill, but

he cant because his life is different from the others. His father is the preacher, who is

still in the jail. Actually, he doesnt have many friends. He has Lydia and Travis as his

true friends because the others like to bully him. One day, he decides to go to college.

Dill is motivated to go to college next year by his mom, his friends, and his promises to


Dills mom has an argument with him about going to college next year. She tries

to force him not to go to college because it will not only increase the debts that they

have but also decrease Dill faith to Jesus. His mom says You dont need options in life.

You need Jesus. Options are fine if youve got them, but we dont. We dont have

money(Zentner, 2016, p.142). His mom thinks that college students usually go to do

something that conflict to god such as drug. However, he thinks if he go to college he

will have more option in his life. He can earn more money and help his mom after his

graduated. His mom is one of the motivated characters that causes Dill to go to college.

His mother motivates him about the college decision as his friends who are encourages

him to attend his study.

Dill has two best friends who encourage him to go to college because they spend

a lot of time together such as shopping and hanging out. They know what are the best

that they should do for their future. However, Travis is killed for only one hundred and

twenty two dollars. Dill and Lydia feel sorrowful about him. Lydia will go to the college

next year. The isolation is occurred to Dill unavoidably. Dill feels like everyone leaves

him behind. After Travis passed away, Dills life is in the dark. Hes very sad and he

stays in his room all day. Lydia comes to his house for the first time, then Dill asks Lydia

to stay and not study in the college next year. Lydia says Dill, please dont. This is not

fair. Im not staying. You leave. Leave like me. Leave like Traviss mom(Zentner, 2016,

p.289). It shows that Lydia tries to convince him to leave the town and goes along his

intention. Also, Dill is sad because hes thinking of Lydia, whos going to leave soon.

Eventually, he decides to go to the college. His final decision shows how Dills friends,

Lydia and Travis, motivate him to have the better life. Without Lydia and his promise, he

wouldnt get out of his home and wont go to the college.

Dills promise also motivated himself to go to college because he gives the

promise to a girl that he likes. He gives her a promise about if he feels surrendering, he

will tell Lydia first. However, the truth that Travis is dead make Dill becomes confusing

and surrendering. At Lydia house, Dill knock Lydia door and says Im here because I

made you a promise. I need to leave and go to college or Im going to die. I cant do it

without your help(Zentner, 2016, p. 297). There are a lot of problems that Dill faces to.

Hes confusing but he still doesnt forget the promise that he gives to Lydia. He will tell

her first if he feels surrendering. He thinks all he needs is go to the college next year
because it will help he to get out of this town. In addition, he will start new life in the new


Dill decides to go to the college because of his mom, his friends, and his promise

to Lydia. He wants to go to college because he wants to help his mom to pay all debt.

He thinks that he can earn more money if he go to college. In addition, his two friends

try convince him to leave the town because he will get the better chance in his life after

he goes to college. Another reason why Dill decides to go to college is his promise that

he gives to Lydia. He promises that he will tell Lydia first if he feels surrendering. In the

future, he can start to move forward about his decision and go to the college.