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Lesson 4- Visualising

Connection Last lesson we learned about

How retelling is like a puzzle, we need all
the pieces for it to make sense.

Today, we are going to learn about...
A reading skill called visualising.

Teach Today, Im going to teach you about

How to turn words into pictures.
Mentor Text:
Green Giant poem-Jack Prelutsky
Book for modeling with good description
When we are reading we can use the
Anchor Chart: words to make pictures in our mind. This is
called visualising and it is an important
reading power.

To help us visualise we can use our 5
senses. We learned about this during
science last module.

I want you to watch me as I make a picture
in my mind. First i need to put my
visualising glasses on. (Model, think out
loud, explain that adjectives help you to
make a picture).

Active Engagement Now its your turn to try

(Turn and talk to partner, share with group) Read the green giant poem. Underline the
Think-Pair-Share: talk with partner about
what they think the giant looks like.

Link Today, I taught you

About visualising which is using words to
make pictures in our minds.

When you go off and read today and
every time you read, youre going to
Use the power of visualising to make your
reading more exciting.

Independent Reading Time -Allow students to read independently.

(Conferences: Individual/group) -Students draw green giant. Create a wall
display around poem.
-Make visualising glasses.
-In useful worksheet folder there are many
graphic organisers that could be used.

Sharing -Share circles or what books they read.

(Individual, partner, group, class)