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Rectus Femoris
Flexors of the Hip Joint Runs straight down the thigh
Pectineus It crosses two joints
Iliopsoas Is the only part of the quadriceps that crosses the hip
Sartorius joint
Nerve supply: Femoral Nerve Kicking Muscle
PA: anterior inferior iliac spine and ilium superior to
Pectineus acetabulum
Flat, quadrangular muscle DA: quadriceps tendon; base of patella; patellar
2 layers, superficial and deep ligament to tibial tuberosity
A transitional muscle between the anterior and medial
compartments Vastus Lateralis
PA: superior ramus of pubis The largest component of the quadriceps
DA: pectineal line of femur Lies on the lateral side of the thigh
NS: femoral nerve, obturator nerve PA: greater trochanter and lateral lip of linea aspera
Adducts and flexes thigh of femur
Assists with medial rotation of thigh DA: quadriceps tendon; lateral patellar retinacula

Iliopsoas Vastus Medialis

The chief flexor of the thigh Covers the medial side of the thigh
The only muscle attached to the vertebral column, PA: intertrochanteric line and medial lip of linea
pelvis and femur aspera of femur
PA: sides and TP (transverse process) of T12-L5 DA: quadriceps tendon; medial patellar retinacula
Vastus Intermedius
Sartorius Lies deep to the rectus femoris, between the vastus
Tailors muscle; long and ribbon-like medialis and vastus lateralis
Longest muscle in the body PA: anterior and lateral surfaces of shaft of femur
Acts across two joints DA: quadriceps tendon; patellar ligament
PA: anterior superior iliac spine
DA: superior part of medial surface of tibia Articularis Genu
Bring the lower limbs into the cross-legged sitting
position Patellar Ligament
Flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at hip
Attached to the tibial tuberosity
joint, flexes leg at knee joint, (medially rotating leg Is the continuation of the quadriceps tendon in which
when knee is flexed) the patella is embedded

Extensors of the Knee Femoral Artery, Vein and Nerve

Quadriceps Femoris
o Rectus femoris
o Vastus medialis
o Vastus lateralis
o Vastus intermedius
Nerve supply: femoral nerve

Quadriceps Femoris
Forms the main bulk of the anterior thigh muscles
Largest and one of the most powerful muscles in the
Covers almost all the anterior aspect and sides of the
Is a two-joint muscle capable of producing action at
both the hip and knee
Is the great extensor of the leg