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Grammar Unit 1

1 Are the sentences true or false? Write T or F. 4 Look at the table. Write questions and answers
Then correct the false sentences. using the correct form of the present perfect
1 We use used to for a past habit or state. __ simple and the present perfect continuous.
____________________________________ Name How long? How many?
You climb climb three
2 We use the past continuous for a completed
mountains mountains
action in the past. __ 2013
____________________________________ (1) Allison play tennis play fifty matches
3 We use used to for an action that was two years
interrupted by another action. __ (2) Jon paint pictures paint five pictures
(3) Aisha and help animals help lots of
4 We use the past continuous for an action that Noah six months animals
happened immediately after another action. __ How long have you been climbing mountains?
____________________________________ Ive been climbing mountains since 2013.
5 We often use while before the past continuous. How many mountains have you climbed?
__ Ive climbed three mountains.
____________________________________ 1 ____________________________________
2 Complete the text using the past simple, the ____________________________________
past continuous, used to and suitable words
associated with these tenses. Sometimes there
is more than one possible answer. 2 ____________________________________
When Callum was young, his dad (1) __________ ____________________________________
(take) him camping in the New Forest National Park in ____________________________________
southern England every summer. While they were 3 ____________________________________
there, they (2) __________ (fish) and hike. When ____________________________________
Callum got older, they stopped going. (3) __________ ____________________________________
Callum was eighteen, he went camping there again
with his friend Rick. When they arrived at the park the
5 Underline the mistakes in the sentences. Then
sun (4) __________ (shine) it was a beautiful day. correct them. One of the sentences is correct.
(5) __________ Callum (6) __________ (take) their
1 My friends have ever complained about me.
things out of the car, Rick (7) __________ (go) to
explore the woods. When Callum heard Rick shouting,
2 Sean hasnt decided where he will go to
he knew that something was wrong. (8) __________
university already.
Callum was running to see what the matter was, Rick
(9) __________ (start) laughing. When Callum got to
3 We still havent seen any black bears!
where Rick was, he (10) __________ (realize) why.
Under a tree was a long branch. It looked like a huge
4 Have you still been to America?
scary snake, but it was only a piece of wood!
(11) __________ the two friends (12) __________
5 My parents phoned me they have never
(walk) back to the car, they laughed about Ricks first
bought a new car!
encounter with the local wildlife.
6 Anna has done her homework ever and its only
3 Complete the rules with one word.
four oclock!
We use the present perfect continuous to focus on an _______________________________________
action which is (1) un________. We use the present 7 Theyve yet launched their new website. Its
perfect (2) ________ to focus on the present result of online from today.
an action which is (3) f________. We use (4) _______ _______________________________________
to talk about how long something has lasted and 8 Sarah has ever been to Thailand but she wants
(5) ________ to talk about when something started. to go.

4 1
Vocabulary Unit 1
1 Read the situations. Write an adjective to 3 Match the words 17 to their definitions AG.
describe the people. 1 bully __
1 Steve is not a nice person. Hes got several 2 founder __
dogs, but he doesnt treat them well. Sometimes 3 star __
he throws things at them. Hes a c______ man. 4 victim __
2 James always does what he says he will do. If 5 shade __
he says he will help a friend fix his bicycle on 6 National Park __
Tuesday, hell do it. If he says hell help him fix it 7 habitat __
at four oclock, he will be at his friends house at
four oclock. James is a very d________ person. A an area that is dark and cool because the sun
3 Sophia has never told a lie in her life. Sometimes isnt shining directly on it
her friends tell their parents that they were B somebody who starts something like a charity or
studying for hours, but they werent, they were an organization
surfing the internet. Sophia has never done that. C the place where plants and animals grow or live
She is a very t________ person. D somebody who is famous or very good at doing
4 Kyle loves people! Hes crazy about going to something
parties and he loves hanging out with his friends E an area of countryside protected by the state for
at weekends. He is a fun person who tells lots of the general public to use and enjoy
funny stories to make people laugh. Hes a very F somebody who frightens, intimidates or hurts
o________ person. somebody who is weaker than they are
5 Nicole is a nurse in a big city hospital. She is G a person who has been attacked, hurt or killed
very responsible and really cares about the by someone or something
people who need her help. Sometimes she
works ten hours a day and she has often worked 4 Complete the text with the correct form of used
six days a week. Nicole is very d_________ to to, be used to or get used to and the verbs.
her job. clean cook do

2 Complete the sentences with make or get. Then

choose the correct definition.
Hi Vicky,
1 When you ____ a difference, you
How are you? Have you been doing anything
a bring positive change to a bad situation.
interesting recently? Did you know that my sister,
b cause damage to something.
Heidi, moved out of our house? Shes got her own
2 When you ____ a decision to do something, you
flat now. As you know, Mum (1) ____ all her meals
a cant decide what you are going to do.
for her, so she wasnt (2) ____ that for herself I
b know what you are going to do.
think she eats in restaurants a lot these days! She
3 When you ____ permission to do something,
hasnt been living in her flat for very long, but I think
a you can do it.
she (3) ____ it and keeping it tidy. Why dont we go
b you shouldnt do it.
and visit her next week?
4 When you ____ involved in something, you
Maddy x
a spend time doing it.
b stop doing it. 5 Complete the dialogues with one word.
5 When you ____ an impression on someone,
1 A Hi. Could you explain _______ helping
a they will probably not remember your name.
with the community project involves?
b they will probably remember who you are.
B Have a ________ on our website to
6 When you ____ the feeling about something,
________ what its all ________.
a you have an impression that something is the
2 A Hello. Id like some information ________ the
case but youre not totally sure.
b youre totally sure that something is the case.
B Sure. ________ you like me to ________ you
________ it works?
A Yes, please! Good ________!

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