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Investment Count

Office of the President

Auditor naka-corporate attire
President ( owner of a stock brokerage company) nakacorporate attire
Client corporate attire or semi-formal

Props needed:
Documents Minutes of the Meeting, Schedule of Marketable Securities, Stock Certificates,
Received Report, Conclusion Report
Notebook and Pen

Narration: As an auditor you have to test security investments such as your clients stocks and bonds.
Testing investments during an audit is no different from testing any other financial account, such as cash.
As an auditor you must make sure that every investments being transacted comes into existence within
the company.

Scene: One day, si President nasa office nya may kinocontact na client with regards sa purchasing
at selling ng stocks. After that contact he made a deal with the client and ask if they can meet in a caf sa

(Yung narration mabilisan lang tapos si President nakikipag-usap lang sa client over the phone na parang
medyo inuuto uto pa yung client about sa investment na pinopropose nya pa hanggang sa mapa-oo nya
yung client).

Next Scene

Narration: The President is patiently waiting in the caf with full confidence. While waiting for his client,
he is practicing a bit of his devious speeches for his client in order for him to greatly close the deal. After
a few minutes, the client has arrived with an excitement and smile on her eyes. And, they both started
meeting with full excitement.

Scene: Dito si President nasa caf ayun check check muna sya ng phone kasi nasa phone yung
information ng proposal nya for the client. So medyo kabisa-kabisa muna sya silently at nagtake sya ng
notes. Until dumating na nga si client at ayun nagstart na sila ng discussion at nagpropose si President ng
tinatawag nyang penny stocks which is mababa nga daw ung investment sa una pero sobrang high return
daw. Tapos dito mapa-oo nya yung client until nag-suggests si President to invite other friends ni client.
Next Scene

Narration: With the President happily close the deal with his client, he was able to raise and pump big
money and investment. Knowing that transacting penny stocks is illegal, the President keeps on calling
and inviting other clients to buy his so called penny stocks in his secret micro-capital stock market. Until,
an auditor comes to see his presence for a specific investigation.

Scene: Dito nasa office si President happily paring naghahanap ng clients na bibiktimahin nya
hanggang may biglang tao na kumatok sa pinto nya. Aun pinapasok nya tapos biglang kinabahan sya kasi
may auditor na dumalaw sa kanya. According sa auditor, they have received a report that there is a specific
brokerage company daw na nagbebenta ng illegal stocks at some clients nagkaroon daw ng severe losses.

Next Scene

Narration: Dragging out with fear, the President is being trembled by the appearance of the auditor which
is asking him severe questions about his stock brokerage company. And also, asking him to show some
documents pertaining to what stocks that the company is selling. Auditors presence is somewhat a
secretive and mockery feeling towards the President.

Scene: Dito kinuha ni President yung documents nya such as yung schedule of marketable
securities, minutes of the meeting, mga stock certificates at other documents showing the transaction
with the his clients. Also, tinanong sya ng kung anu-ano about what stocks ang binebenta nila or kung
saan ang sources.

Next Scene

Narration: Having possessed the documents, the President feel relieved, but the auditor became more
suspicious as he compared the documents he had received from the clients to the documents presented
by the President. It was shown that Presidents documents are incomplete and no authorization from SEC
to sell the stocks. It was figured out by the auditor with the documents that there was a securities fraud.

Scene: Dito pinagkumpara ni auditor ung received report from clients doon sa documents ni
president until nagkaroon ng mismatch kasi wala sa list of authorized of stock na bebenta ng company ni
President yung penny stocks. At ayun regretfully ininform ni auditor na theres securities fraud na nangyari
and aun nagmake na sya ng conclusion about the incident.