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Writing - (ELAGSE9-10W2a) Introduce A Topic, (ELAGSE9-10W2c) Use Transitions, (ELAGSE9-10W2f) Concluding

Statement/section, (ELAGSE9-10W3b) Use Narrative Techniques
Language - (ELAGSE9-10L1b) Various Types Of Phrases/clauses, (ELAGSE9-10L2b) Use A Colon, (ELAGSE9-10L2c) Spell Correctly,
(ELAGSE9-10L4a) Use Context
Writing - (ELAGSE9-10W2a) Introduce A Topic, (ELAGSE9-10W2c) Use Transitions, (ELAGSE9-10W2f) Concluding
Statement/section, (ELAGSE9-10W3b) Use Narrative Techniques

Student Name: _______________________ Date: _________

Teacher Name: 2017 Final Part II Score: _________
The River Thames
Roberto Barerra

Rivers have played an important role in human history. Since ancient
times, towns, cities, and entire civilizations have thrived around rivers,
which provide people with many of lifes necessities. One such river, the
River Thames, has been instrumental in the founding and development of

The River Thames stretches 215 miles across southern England. More
than eighty islands are scattered throughout its length. The Thames runs
right through the center of London. This made the river essential to the
growth and success of both London and the United Kingdom.

Having the Thames flow through the city allowed trade ships from around the world to come and go with ease, making
London the major transportation hub of England for centuries. The amount of money brought in by both national and
international trade made London one of the major commerce centers of Europe.

While the Thames is important to many businesses, it also affects the daily lives of the citys seven million citizens. Over
the years, the river has provided Londons people with food, drinking water, transportation, and a place to relax. For
centuries, artists like Claude Monet, Charles Dickens, and Edmund Spenser have looked to the Thames for inspiration.
These men used the river as a central figure in several of their works. In addition, some of the most well-known national
symbols of the United Kingdom are located on the rivers banks. Historic sites like Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, the
London Eye, and the Tower Bridge are all located near the Thames.

The River Thames has played a significant role in military operations throughout the countrys history. In ancient times,
the Romans set their sights on expanding their empire by using the navigable waters of the Thames to invade the British
Isles. From the sea, they could easily enter the mouth of the river and move inward. After a failed attempt at defeating the
British tribes the year before, Julius Caesar broke through their defenses along the River Thames in 54 B.C. Although the
British fought against the Romans nearly a century later, Roman forces remained in England until the fall of the empire.

The Thames was vital to the defense of Great Britain during World War II. In 1940, the German Air Force started bombing
London. German pilots followed the river up into the center of the city, where they dropped their bombs. The first attack
destroyed almost all of the docks in Londons port and killed hundreds The British also used the Thames to help defend
their city. Water was pumped out of the Thames to put out fires started by the bombs and volunteers patrolled the river to
ensure that the German ships didnt enter the Port of London. Supplies and troops often traveled up and down the Thames
when bombings obstructed the roads.

Over the years, the river has been the source of a number of problems. In the nineteenth century, Londoners dumped
waste from their homes into the Thames. This made the water so smelly that the House of Commons had to relocate for a
time. The pollution of the river also contributed to an outbreak of disease that killed many people and to the
disappearance of most of the rivers fish. Luckily, various clean-up efforts during the twentieth century have greatly
improved the rivers water quality and allowed fish to return. Flooding is another concern. In 1928, a major flood killed
fourteen people and left many citizens homeless. Events like this led to the creation of the Thames Barrier, a moveable
flood barrier that helps stop floodwaters from reaching central London.

Though people no longer rely on the Thames as the only way to get around, the river is still important to many
Londoners. These few examples represent only a small number of ways in which the Thames has affected London over the
years. If not for the Thames, the world as we know it would be a very different place.

1) Which of these would be the BEST way to present information on the number of times the Thames has flooded?
A) an interview of survivors from various floods
B) a report on how flooding affects water quality
C) a collection of pictures from the flood of 1928
D) a graph showing the years that the Thames flooded
Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes
Miss Parloa


Cover three large baking pans with paper that has been well oiled with washed butter. Over these dredge powdered sugar.
Melt in a cup one ounce of Walter Baker & Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate. Separate the whites and yolks of four eggs. Add
to the yolks a generous half cupful of powdered sugar, and beat until light and firm. Add the melted chocolate, and beat a
few minutes longer. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff, dry froth. Measure out three-fourths of a cupful of sifted flour,
and stir it and the whites into the yolks. The whites and flour must be cut in as lightly as possible, and with very little
stirring. Drop the mixture in teaspoonfuls on the buttered paper. Sprinkle powdered sugar over the cakes, and bake in a
slow oven for about fourteen or fifteen minutes. The mixture can be shaped like lady fingers, if preferred.

2) Which method of development is used in this recipe?

A) illustration
B) spatial order
C) chronological order
D) division and classification

Is Grammar Important?
Carole Jenkins

Do you moan and groan whenever a teacher says that you need to improve your grammar? (2) Do you take offense when
someone tells you that you made a mistake in grammar? (3) Do you feel that studying and learning grammar is boring and
unnecessary? (4) I hated studying grammar when I was in school.

English is a very tricky language loaded with many rules and just as many exceptions to those rules. (6)By knowing
these rules and exceptions, you'll be a better reader, writer, listener, and speaker. (7)Communicating with others is what it's
all about.

Organizing a sentence so that it gets across your intended meaning is important. (9) In order to do this, you have to
know the parts of a sentence (subject, predicate, phrase, clause, etc.) and the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
Knowing the elements of a sentence and how sentences are structured can help you to get across your intended
meanings in your writing and speaking. (11) You will also understand others as you read and listen.

Knowledge and understanding of English grammar can help you to see patterns of different languages and dialects as
you read and study literature. (13) Learning a foreign language, such as French or Spanish, is based on your mastery of the
basic rules of English grammar. (14) Understanding the tenses of verbs, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and
parts of speech form the foundation for learning new languages.

As you read and study assignments in all of your classes, knowing basic grammar can help you to comprehend the text.
When you come across a difficult passage, analyzing the sentence structure can often help you to figure out the
meaning of difficult sentences. (17) This can lead to an analysis and understanding of an author's writing style and can, in
turn, lead to comprehension of the text.

You are probably wondering how all of the rules and their exceptions will be remembered by you. (19) Don't worry! (20)
There are many grammar guides and style manuals available to help you. (21) These are quick references that can be
consulted as the need arises. (22) Even your English teacher who has been teaching for thirty years relies on a reference
book now and then!

Have I convinced you that the study of grammar is important and well worth your effort? (24) I hope so!
3) What transition could be added to Sentence (14)?
A) Later
B) However
C) For example
D) By contrast

4) What transition could be added to the beginning of Sentence (7)?

A) Next
B) Later
C) However
D) Ultimately


Medical studies have proven that sun damage can lead to melanoma;_____________, you should always wear sunscreen to
protect your skin from those damaging ultra-violet rays.

Fill in the blank with the BEST transition word(s).

A) however
B) finally
C) therefore
D) for example


Hawaii is the most recent state added to the United Sates and it continues to be a favorite vacation destination. (1) Hawaii
officially became a state on August 21, 1959. (2) Before then, the international community recognized Hawaii as an
independent kingdom. (3) My parents went on a honeymoon to Hawaii in the 1980s. (4) Although Europeans didnt discover
the island until the eighteenth century, scientists believe that the islands earliest Polynesian settlers arrived around 300
B.C. (5) When British Captain James Cook journeyed to the islands in 1778, Kamehameha was the ruling monarch. (6) The
monarchy continued to rule Hawaii for nearly a hundred years before sugar growers became angry with the government. (7)
They overthrew the sitting queen. (8) Hawaii existed as a republic for several years before the United States annexed it. (9)
When Hawaii finally became a state, the islands people received full citizenship.

Which of these BEST concludes the paragraph?

A) The word Hawaii means "new homeland."
B) Hawaii is a beautiful state with a fascinating history.
C) Today, Hawaii is one of the top vacation spots for tourists from around the world.
D) Queen Liliuokalani eventually surrendered her throne to the United States government.

7) You are delivering a speech to your classmates urging them to donate blood. As you end your speech, you want to impress upon
them the passion you feel for this topic. An effective choice for delivering the speech's conclusion is ___
A) standing stoically behind the podium with a serious expression.
B) to glance thoughtfully down at your speech to check your notes as you speak the ending.
C) increasing your volume and eye contact, but reducing body gestures to eliminate distractions.
D) to utilize a crescendo in the volume of your voice with hand gestures emphasizing the main points.

How young is too young for a child to have his or her own cell phone? Parents and parenting groups disagree. While some
parents believe that so long as a child is old enough to understand how to use the phone and what to use it for, others
believe that even fifteen years old is too young to have that kind of responsibility. Some parents claim that cell phones help
keep the family in closer communication and keeps children safer. Other parents warn that cell phones are a constant
distraction from school and life itself.

Which sentence would work best as a concluding sentence to this paragraph?

A) Some people believe that cell phones actually cause cancer of the brain.
B) Cell phones are quite expensive, but there are many different types of them out there.
C) Ultimately the decision of whether or not to give a child a cell phone belongs to each parent.
D) A cell phone can not only be used to call people, it can often text, take pictures, and play games.


Everyone loves to receive gifts. Many occasions call for giving a gift. They include birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas, weddings,
and graduations. In this fast paced world, it seems that no one bothers to take the time to write a thank you card. This
simple gesture can mean so much to the person who cared enough to purchase, wrap, and send a gift. Sometimes the gift-
givers are close family members, but other times they are school or work friends. Either way, an email or text just won't do.

Which provides a concluding statement that follows from and supports the information presented?
The point is, take the time to actually write and give a thank you card. It is a part of you to share and it clearly shows
your appreciation.
Most etiquette experts agree that the best time to write a thank you card or letter is within three days of receiving the
Expressions of your thankfulness do not need to be expensive. A handmade card can be just as meaningful as elaborate
purchased cards.
In conclusion, the best gifts are given by family or friends, so be sure to show your appreciation so the gifts keep


Common Sense is an important historical document. It is a forty-eight page pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that called
for American colonists to declare immediate independence from British rule. Paine wrote in a brisk and poignant, even sharp
style. It was published at a time when many Americans were uncertain about pursuing independence. It was wildly
successful and had a significant impact on many Americans.

Which provides a concluding statement that follows from and supports the information presented?
A) In 1175 Benjamin Rush helped to edit and publish the now-famous pamphlet known as Common Sense.
B) Common Sense helped persuade American colonists that they could successfully wage a war for their independence.
C) The Common Sense pamphlet was originally called Plain Truth and was structured as if it was a sermon.
Thomas Paine did not use his name when he first published Common Sense; it was simply signed "written by an

11) Lindsey is writing a narrative about her trip to the beach. What order would be best for her details?
A) pros and cons
B) chronological order
C) order of importance
D) order of difficulty


Although Terry liked to run in the rain she wasn't so sure about jogging in a monsoon.

Read the sentence and determine which of the answers correctly punctuates the underlined portion.
A) rain. She
B) rain; she
C) rain: she
D) rain, she
13) Which sentence uses a participial phrase?
A) The fence, which was broken and dirty, looked terrible.
B) Shutting out their opponent, the other team celebrated in victory.
C) Swimming in the pool all day is my favorite way to spend the summer.
D) I am pretty tired and not interested in staying up too late tonight.


While Sara was traveling in England; she met an interesting old man.
Choose the answer that is the most effective substitute for the underlined part of the sentence. If no substitute is necessary,
choose Leave as is.
A) in England. She met
B) in England, she met
C) in England she met
D) Leave as is.


Harvey nished typing his research paper, but he needed to proofread it before submitting it to
the professor.
Choose the answer that is the most effective substitute for the underlined part of the sentence. If no substitute is necessary,
choose Leave as is.
A) Leave as is.
B) research paper but he needed
C) research paper; but he needed
D) research paper. But he needed


The fans wondered how the player __________ had been hurt could continue to play in the game.

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

A) he
B) that
C) what
D) who

17) Choose the sentence in which the prepositional phrase "down the street" BEST explains where the speaker was driving.
A) Driving down the street, I saw the cat.
B) Driving, I saw the cat down the street.
C) I saw the cat driving down the street.
D) While driving, I saw the cat down the street.

18) Which sentence demonstrates correct use of the colon?

A) Friday's grammar test will cover: the following areas capitalization, punctuation, and diagramming.
B) Friday's grammar test will cover the following: areas capitalization, punctuation, and diagramming.
C) Friday's grammar test will cover the following areas: capitalization, punctuation, and diagramming.
D) Friday's grammar test: will cover the following areas capitalization, punctuation, and diagramming.

19) Choose the sentence that correctly uses a colon.

A) I am telling you that: she has got to go!
B) Last time I went bungee jumping: I did a swan dive from the platform.
C) Before going sky-diving, be sure to bring the following: goggles, a parachute, and ample courage.
D) Racing mountains bikes requires excellent physical fitness: but racing also requires a certain amount of recklessness.
20) Which sentence demonstrates correct use of the colon?
A) Please pick up the following items from the grocery store: milk: eggs: bread: cheese.
B) Please pick up the following items: from the grocery store milk, eggs, bread, and cheese.
C) Please pick up the following items from: the grocery store milk, eggs, bread, and cheese.
D) Please pick up the following items from the grocery store: milk, eggs, bread, and cheese.


When my father and I decided to take a motorcycle trip from Georgia to Maine we spent a great deal of time in preparation.
First, we needed to chart a course and plot it on a map. Then, we needed to make a list of essential items to bring on the trip
My list included some of the following items leather gloves, boots, jeans, a leather jacket, goggles and, of course, a map.

Read the passage. Then determine which underlined section requires a colon.
A) trip: My
B) Maine: we
C) and: plot
D) items: leather

22) Isn't that __________ sister singing on the stage?

Choose the word that is spelled correctly and fits BEST in the context of the sentence.
A) yore
B) you
C) you're
D) your

23) Golden retrievers are friendly family pets. ___________________ known for having good temperaments with young children.

Choose the word that is spelled correctly and fits BEST in the context of the sentence.
A) Their
B) There
C) They're
D) Thier

24) The students are expected to __________ appropriate clothing to the dance.

Choose the word that is spelled correctly and BEST fits the context of the sentence.
A) wear
B) were
C) whear
D) where


Running and playing in the hot sun had a tiring _______________on the soccer players.

Choose the word with the correct spelling and context meaning to BEST complete this sentence:
A) affect
B) affective
C) effect
D) effective

A Girl of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter

Elnora unlocked the case, took out the pail, put the napkin in it, pulled the ribbon from her hair, binding it down tightly
again and followed to the road. From afar she could see her mother in the doorway. She blinked her eyes, and tried to
smile as she answered Wesley Sinton, and indeed she did feel better. She knew now what she had to expect, where to go,
and what to do. Get the books she must; when she had them, she would show those city girls and boys how to prepare and
recite lessons, how to walk with a brave heart; and they could show her how to wear pretty clothes and have good times.

As she neared the door her mother reached for the pail. "I forgot to tell you to bring home your scraps for the chickens,"
she said.

Elnora entered. "There weren't any scraps, and I'm hungry again as I ever was in my life."

"I thought likely you would be," said Mrs. Comstock, "and so I got supper ready. We can eat first, and do the work
afterward. What kept you so? I expected you an hour ago."

Elnora looked into her mother's face and smiled. It was a queer sort of a little smile, and would have reached the depths
with any normal mother.

"I see you've been bawling," said Mrs. Comstock. "I thought you'd get your fill in a hurry. That's why I wouldn't go to any
expense. If we keep out of the poorhouse we have to cut the corners close. It's likely this Brushwood road tax will eat up
all we've saved in years. Where the land tax is to come from I don't know. It gets bigger every year. If they are going to
dredge the swamp ditch again they'll just have to take the land to pay for it. I can't, that's all! We'll get up early in the
morning and gather and hull the beans for winter, and put in the rest of the day hoeing the turnips."

Elnora again smiled that pitiful smile.

"Do you think I didn't know that I was funny and would be laughed at?" she asked.

"Funny?" cried Mrs. Comstock hotly.

"Yes, funny! A regular caricature," answered Elnora. "No one else wore calico, not even one other. No one else wore high
heavy shoes, not even one. No one else had such a funny little old hat; my hair was not right, my ribbon invisible
compared with the others, I did not know where to go, or what to do, and I had no books. What a spectacle I made for
them!" Elnora laughed nervously at her own picture. "But there are always two sides! The professor said in the algebra
class that he never had a better solution and explanation than mine of the proposition he gave me, which scored one for
me in spite of my clothes."

"Well, I wouldn't brag on myself!"

"That was poor taste," admitted Elnora. "But, you see, it is a case of whistling to keep up my courage. I honestly could
see that I would have looked just as well as the rest of them if I had been dressed as they were. We can't afford that, so I
have to find something else to brace me. It was rather bad, mother!"

"Well, I'm glad you got enough of it!"

"Oh, but I haven't" hurried in Elnora. "I just got a start. The hardest is over. To-morrow they won't be surprised. They will
know what to expect. I am sorry to hear about the dredge. Is it really going through?"

"Yes. I got my notification today. The tax will be something enormous. I don't know as I can spare you, even if you are
willing to be a laughing-stock for the town."

With every bite Elnora's courage returned, for she was a healthy young thing.

"You've heard about doing evil that good might come from it," she said. "Well, mother mine, it's something like that with
me. I'm willing to bear the hard part to pay for what I'll learn. Already I have selected the ward building in which I shall
teach in about four years. I am going to ask for a room with a south exposure so that the flowers and moths I take in from
the swamp to show the children will do well."

"You little idiot!" said Mrs. Comstock. "How are you going to pay your expenses?"

"Now that is just what I was going to ask you!" said Elnora. "You see, I have had two startling pieces of news to-day. I
did not know I would need any money. I thought the city furnished the books, and there is an out-of-town tuition, also. I
need ten dollars in the morning. Will you please let me have it?"

"Ten dollars!" cried Mrs. Comstock. "Ten dollars! Why don't you say a hundred and be done with it! I could get one as
easy as the other. I told you! I told you I couldn't raise a cent. Every year expenses grow bigger and bigger. I told you not
to ask for money!"

"I never meant to," replied Elnora. "I thought clothes were all I needed and I could bear them. I never knew about
buying books and tuition."

"Well, I did!" said Mrs. Comstock. "I knew what you would run into! But you are so bull-dog stubborn, and so set in your
way, I thought I would just let you try the world a little and see how you liked it!"

Elnora pushed back her chair and looked at her mother.

"Do you mean to say," she demanded, "that you knew, when you let me go into a city classroom and reveal the fact
before all of them that I expected to have my books handed out to me; do you mean to say that you knew I had to pay for
them?" Mrs. Comstock evaded the direct question.

"Anybody but an idiot mooning over a book or wasting time prowling the woods would have known you had to pay.
Everybody has to pay for everything. Life is made up of pay, pay, pay! It's always and forever pay! If you don't pay one way
you do another! Of course, I knew you had to pay. Of course, I knew you would come home blubbering! But you don't get a
penny! I haven't one cent, and can't get one! Have your way if you are determined, but I think you will find the road
somewhat rocky."

"Swampy, you mean, mother," corrected Elnora. She arose white and trembling. "Perhaps some day God will teach me
how to understand you. He knows I do not now. You can't possibly realize just what you let me go through to-day, or how
you let me go, but I'll tell you this: You understand enough that if you had the money, and would offer it to me, I wouldn't
touch it now. And I'll tell you this much more. I'll get it myself. I'll raise it, and do it some honest way. I am going back to-
morrow, the next day, and the next. You need not come out, I'll do the night work, and hoe the turnips."

It was ten o'clock when the chickens, pigs, and cattle were fed, the turnips hoed, and a heap of bean vines was stacked
beside the back door.

26) The characters' traits are revealed primarily through

A) dialogue
B) imagery
C) narration
D) soliloquy
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Chapter 1)
Mark Twain

No answer.
No answer.
"What's gone with that boy, I wonder? You TOM!"
No answer.

(2)The old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them about the room; then she put them up and looked out
under them. She seldom or never looked through them for so small a thing as a boy; they were her state pair, the pride of
her heart, and were built for "style," not service -- she could have seen through a pair of stove-lids just as well.

(3)She looked perplexed for a moment, and then said, not fiercely, but still loud enough for the furniture to hear: "Well, I
lay if I get hold of you I'll --"

(4)She did not finish, for by this time she was bending down and punching under the bed with the broom, and so she
needed breath to punctuate the punches with. She resurrected nothing but the cat. "I never did see the beat of that boy!"

(5)She went to the open door and stood in it and looked out among the tomato vines and "jimpson" weeds that constituted
the garden. No Tom. So she lifted up her voice at an angle calculated for distance and shouted: "Y-o-u-u Tom!"

(6)There was a slight noise behind her and she turned just in time to seize a small boy by the slack of his roundabout and
arrest his flight.
"There! I might 'a thought of that closet. What you been doing in there?"
Nothing! Look at your hands. And look at your mouth. What IS that truck?
I dont know, aunt.
Well, I know. Its jamthats what it is. Forty times Ive said if you didnt let that jam alone Id skin you. Hand me that
The switch hovered in the airthe peril was desperate--
"My! Look behind you, aunt!"

(7)The old lady whirled round, and snatched her skirts out of danger. The lad fled on the instant, scrambled up the high
board-fence, and disappeared over it. His aunt Polly stood surprised a moment, and then broke into a gentle laugh.

(8)"Hang the boy, can't I never learn anything? Ain't he played me tricks enough like that for me to be looking out for him
by this time? But old fools is the biggest fools there is. Can't learn an old dog new tricks, as the saying is. (9)But my
goodness, he never plays them alike, two days, and how is a body to know what's coming? He 'pears to know just how long
he can torment me before I get my dander up, and he knows if he can make out to put me off for a minute or make me
laugh, it's all dowagain and I can't hit him a lick. I ain't doing my duty by that boy, and that's the Lord's truth, goodness
knows. (10)Spare the rod and spile the child, as the Good Book says. I'm a laying up sin and suffering for us both, I know.
He's full of the Old Scratch, but laws-a-me! he's my own dead sister's boy, poor thing, and I ain't got the heart to lash him,
somehow. (11)Every time I let him off, my conscience does hurt me so, and every time I hit him my old heart most breaks.
Well-a-well, man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble, as the Scripture says, and I reckon it's so. He'll
play hookey this evening, and I'll just be obleeged to make him work, tomorrow, to punish him. (12)It's mighty hard to
make him work Saturdays, when all the boys is having holiday, but he hates work more than he hates anything else, and
I've GOT to do some of my duty by him, or I'll be the ruination of the child."

27) The author uses dialogue in this excerpt mainly

A) to illustrate and develop the character of Tom.
B) to create the conflict between Tom and Aunt Polly.
C) to show what life was often like in smalltown America.
D) to describe the setting, both time and place, of the story.
Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte

I resisted all the way: a new thing for me, and a circumstance which greatly strengthened the bad opinion Bessie and
Miss Abbot were disposed to entertain of me. The fact is, I was a trifle beside myself; or rather OUT of myself, as the
French would say: I was conscious that a moment's mutiny had already rendered me liable to strange penalties, and, like
any other rebel slave, I felt resolved, in my desperation, to go all lengths.

"Hold her arms, Miss Abbot: she's like a mad cat."

"For shame! for shame!" cried the lady's-maid. "What shocking conduct, Miss Eyre, to strike a young gentleman, your
benefactress's son! Your young master."

"Master! How is he my master? Am I a servant?"

"No; you are less than a servant, for you do nothing for your keep. There, sit down, and think over your wickedness."

They had got me by this time into the apartment indicated by Mrs. Reed, and had thrust me upon a stool: my impulse
was to rise from it like a spring; their two pair of hands arrested me instantly.

"If you don't sit still, you must be tied down," said Bessie. "Miss Abbot, lend me your garters; she would break mine

Miss Abbot turned to divest a stout leg of the necessary ligature. This preparation for bonds, and the additional ignominy
it inferred, took a little of the excitement out of me.

"Don't take them off," I cried; "I will not stir."

In guarantee whereof, I attached myself to my seat by my hands.

"Mind you don't," said Bessie; and when she had ascertained that I was really subsiding, she loosened her hold of me;
then she and Miss Abbot stood with folded arms, looking darkly and doubtfully on my face, as incredulous of my sanity.

"She never did so before," at last said Bessie, turning to the Abigail.

"But it was always in her," was the reply. "I've told Missis often my opinion about the child, and Missis agreed with me.
She's an underhand little thing: I never saw a girl of her age with so much cover."

Bessie answered not; but ere long, addressing me, she said -- "You ought to be aware, Miss, that you are under
obligations to Mrs. Reed: she keeps you: if she were to turn you off, you would have to go to the poorhouse."

I had nothing to say to these words: they were not new to me: my very first recollections of existence included hints of
the same kind. This reproach of my dependence had become a vague sing-song in my ear: very painful and crushing, but
only half intelligible. Miss Abbot joined in -

"And you ought not to think yourself on an equality with the Misses Reed and Master Reed, because Missis kindly allows
you to be brought up with them. They will have a great deal of money, and you will have none: it is your place to be
humble, and to try to make yourself agreeable to them."

"What we tell you is for your good," added Bessie, in no harsh voice, "you should try to be useful and pleasant, then,
perhaps, you would have a home here; but if you become passionate and rude, Missis will send you away, I am sure."

"Besides," said Miss Abbot, "God will punish her: He might strike her dead in the midst of her tantrums, and then where
would she go? Come, Bessie, we will leave her: I wouldn't have her heart for anything. Say your prayers, Miss Eyre, when
you are by yourself; for if you don't repent, something bad might be permitted to come down the chimney and fetch you

"I was conscious that a moment's mutiny had already rendered me liable to strange penalties, and, like any other rebel slave,
I felt resolved, in my desperation, to go all lengths."

What is meant by the term resolved as it is used in this sentence?

A) determined
B) questioning
C) uneasy
D) unsure


"Mind you don't," said Bessie; and when she had ascertained that I was really subsiding, she loosened her hold of me; then
she and Miss Abbot stood with folded arms, looking darkly and doubtfully on my face, as incredulous of my sanity.

What is meant by the term incredulous as it is used in the previous sentence?

A) accepting
B) believing
C) true
D) unbelieving


"Miss Abbot turned to divest a stout leg of the necessary ligature. This preparation for bonds, and the additional ignominy it
inferred, took a little of the excitement out of me."

What is meant by the term ligature as it is used in the previous sentence?

A) cord
B) shape
C) size
D) weight