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Connor Simper

BUS 1010

Physical Therapy e-Portfolio

 Job Description

Physical therapist, sometimes called PTs, deal with patient recovery. The responsibility of

physical therapists is to oversee the recovery and general health of individuals. Although

physical therapists are not defined as medical doctors, they still treat a wide range of medical

issues and guide their patients to full recovery. A physical therapist knows much more about

the recovery process than typical medical doctors. In typical day, a physical therapists first

prepares to meet patients by looking over their medical history, consulting the involved

doctors, and creating a recovery plan. Later, the physical therapist meets patients and

demonstrates the recommended therapy. Lastly, the physical therapist assigns homework to

the patient. Many physical therapists take on a specialty focusing on a certain area of

recovery. Specialties include cardio pulmonary and vascular, geriatrics, orthopedics, or sports

(“Occupational Outlook Handbook: Physical Therapy,” Roth).

 General Education Experience

In order to become a physical therapist prospective students need to follow a specific

education path. Preparation for PT school begins when students start college. Students must

pick a major relating to physical therapy. The most common majors among prospective

physical therapists are exercise science, biology, kinesiology, and psychology (“Physical

Therapist (PT) Admissions Process.”).

During undergraduate it is important that prospective physical therapists get experience

in the field to prepare for graduate school. Some students receive their associates degree from

University of Delaware is the best college to receive a DPT from (“Best Graduate Physical Therapy Programs. Shante Cofield. Before officially graduating. Connor Simper a physical therapy assistant program and go on to work in the field while in school to become a full physical therapist (Roth). GRE scores. Students frequently need several attempts to pass the NPTE (Denesha). new graduates can look forward to great job outlook and decent starting pay. Which DPT program prospective PTs apply to will largely depend on their financial means. After graduating college prospective physical therapists need to apply for their DPT (doctors of physical therapy). GPA upon graduation. On the bright side. Physical therapists often need to seek out more education after their DPT in order to feel confident practicing physical therapy. The NPTE is a difficult test mostly based on areas covered during the students’ DPT programs.”). . and past experience in the field. According to C. allowing them to confidently participate in endless career opportunities. Upon leaving school. According to US News Rankings. the average DPT graduate has 96 thousand in student loans (Koria). a writer for Newgrad Physical Therapy. students need to pass the NPTE (National Physical Therapy Exam). the new physical therapists usually have three options: work in a hospital. First. Holding a full time job in the field will complete a PT’s training. students will need to earn an adequate GRE score. or pursue a residency.  General Career Path After graduating with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. DPT programs are 2-3 years long and cost students a total of around 50-100 thousand. work in a PT clinic. DPT programs fail to instill confidence in new graduates.

Inpatient therapy: Inpatient therapy deals with individuals who rely on fulltime medical care. and gives PTs in depth knowledge of how to physically manipulate the body to get the best recovery results (Cofield). Connor Simper Residency: Many PT’s spend the first few years out of graduate school studying under mentors in order to gain experience. Owners of PT clinics need to be skilled PTs and also need to have good business skills. Inpatients are often suffering from severe injuries or disabilities. These PTs need to be self-motivated to gain patients. How much individual PTs can make at PT clinics will largely depend on their experience and job negotiation skills (Roth). physical therapists take care of individuals living independently. Outpatient PT Clinics: At a PT clinic. Inpatient therapists often work in main . There are many residency and fellowship programs available to new graduates. Hospital PTs are assigned patients and rely on referrals from doctors all over the area to grow their practices (Roth). After residency. PT residents spend time mirroring senior PTs and observing doctors to learn more about their desired specialty. Physical therapy residencies and fellowships take 1-2 years to complete. Manual therapy is one of the most common physical therapy fellowships. PTs may pursue fellowships to obtain specific skills applicable to PT. Hospitals: At hospitals physical therapists are responsible for inpatients and outpatients.

”). People are becoming more health conscious and are willing to spending money to preserve their well-being.  Bio of someone in the profession Stanley Paris is a prominent retired physical therapist.000- 75. and founder of the University of St. Depending on the facility. Physical therapists with several years of experience can make $85. Stanley Paris was the pioneer of manual physical therapy. Connor Simper hospital wings. physical therapists have the ability to make even more.  Career Outlook Career outlook is promising for physical therapists. It was . An entry level physical therapist can make between $65. seeing and working with patients in their hospital rooms. Stanley Paris grew up as an endurance athlete and solo yachtsman. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Average Salary The pay for physical therapists is often generous. Augustine for Health Sciences. the technique of using your hands to manipulate another human’s body. The baby boomer generation is aging.000 a year. job outlook will increase 25 percent for physical therapists within the next 10 years (“Occupational Outlook Handbook: Physical Therapy. Inpatient therapists also often work in senior homes and recovery centers (Roth).”). Private PT clinics will often pay their PTs $50-60/hour (“Occupational Outlook Handbook: Physical Therapy. He swam the English Channel several times and was at one point the third oldest person to have swum the channel.000- 100.000 a year. and as they get old they will need physical therapists. Manual physical therapy is used to this day to assist in therapy involving the skeleton and bone structure. and varies greatly depending on level of experience and geography.

Without Stanley Paris. says Roth. and because of this he became the entrepreneurial face of the PT industry. Connor Simper because of Paris’s athletic background that he pursued therapy. She continues to practice physical therapy while organizing internships and mentoring DPT students. explaining how many PTs neglect to negotiate their salaries. making physical therapy accessible to the general public (Gibb). He motivated his students to start their own practices. explaining the lost earning potential.” says Betsy. Physical therapy now helps millions of people recover from injuries and stay healthy. “The typical PT gets paid 40 to 45 dollars and hour. physical therapy would not be as widely developed as a form a treatment as it is now. but now you are required to get a doctorate degree. Paris thinks everyone can benefit from physical therapy. Pros:  Opportunities .  Pros and Cons Betsy Roth.” says Roth. but the hospital or clinic makes 100-150 (an hour) for insured patients and even more for uninsured. Given Roth’s extensive experience in PT.  Education costs “Back when I was a student. That’s much more expensive. a skilled PT at the University of Utah. physical therapy was just a bachelor’s degree. I have asked her to help me identify several advantages and disadvantages of the field. has practiced over 15 years in the field. Cons:  Lost earning potential “Very few physical therapists reach their maximum earning potential.

” says Roth. PTs can work as much as they want. . depending on the work setting. where I get to challenge globally important issues. I would also prefer a job that is interesting. I will do more research by taking PT related classes. I would like to have a flexible job where I can help people and improve myself while doing so.  My “fit” with this career I am an active individual who enjoys learning more about the body. However. I could definitely see myself pursuing physical therapy as a career. I would prefer a more exciting job. which is important to me.” says Roth. Connor Simper “There are a lot of job opportunities all over the country. and see if this piques my interest in the area. explaining the demand for more physical therapists. where I can meet new people from diverse backgrounds. Physical therapy would meet many of my needs and goals. explaining the flexible work environment of physical therapists.  Schedule “Unlike many doctors. physical therapy does not provide the opportunity to travel.

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