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A Better Florist(ABF) is a tech flower delivery startup established in October 2015. Founded by an ex-Google
senior associate Steve Feiner who left his post at Googles Headquarters at Mountain View, California to seek
greener pastures(literally) to realize his bigger dream of sending happiness. We pride ourselves to be your better go
to florist with lightning quick delivery islandwide that is guaranteed within 90 minutes. The Bloomer of choice can
expect to gain valuable knowledge and experience of the startup industry and also fun working environment!

Here at A Better Florist, we seek fresh insights from budding entrepreneurs and future tech and design experts. We
seek to create and innovate all aspects from inventory management to design aesthetics. If you love challenges and
trying out new ideas, youve come to the right place? Worried about screwing up? Move along and keep trying!

In ABF, we accept that in order to grow, we may fail along the way. We make mistakes all the time. But we grow
and learn. Tell us your ideas on how you think you can contribute to make A Better Florist the go-to flower delivery
company in the whole of Asia. Our advice? Go nuts! Submit an essay or an infographic of no less than 1000 words
and email to nadia@abetterflorist.com with the subject header I am The Bloomer . Send us your proposals from
now till 30 September 2016 to stand a chance to be bloomed with our scholarship. Set the benchmark to be the
pioneer bloomer from National University of Singapore(NUS). The chosen winner will be given priority if he/she
opts to fulfil an internship of a minimum 3 months after or before graduation where they will be compensated
accordingly on top of the award quantum. For enquiries, you can drop an email too and well be pleased to answer
your queries.


A one-off sponsorship of tuition fees of up to S$4,000/- for the chosen student.
Applicants must be enrolled into NUSs programmes on a full-time basis
We are open to entries from students of all nationalities between the age of 17 to 30 years old.
All submitted entries will go through a strict round of check to ensure zero plagiarism. In essence, it must
be original and done all submitted entries must be work done by the applicant.
Honesty in all submissions. Passion and creativity wins the game.
The ABF scholarship is offered to all students pursuing a full-time course at NUS. Successful applicants
are required to submit a proof of their enrollment as a full-time student, as well as a copy of their academic
ABF reserves the right to reject incomplete applications or applications that are not submitted in English.
ABF reserves the right to publish the entries received on any platform.
While there is no compulsory bond to be served the awarded Bloomer, each scholarship recipient is
required to complete his course and maintain his grades.
Recipients of the scholarship may not concurrently hold other scholarships without the approval of ABF.
With the exceptions of bursaries, ABF reserves the right to object or withdraw the scholarship upon
discovering any breach in terms and conditions.
If the scholarship recipient decides to withdraw from the course and/or terminate the scholarship
prematurely, ABF reserves the right to impose repayment of all scholarship monies disbursed, as well as
any other damages that may be incurred.


1. Business Development Intern
2. Operations & Horticultural Intern
3. Graphic Design & Marketing Intern
4. Content & Editorial Intern
5. Software & Engineering Intern

Allow learnt knowledge acquired from their studies to be applied in the work environment
Provide hands on experience
Guide them on their assigned tasks and inculcate values in them to assimilate and transit into the workforce


Operations/Horticultural Intern
Horticultural management - regular discussions on plant science improvements
Work hand in hand with different departments to achieve a mutual goal
Empowerment to make decisions with justification based on plant science & horticultural knowledge.
Honing and perfecting the development of ideas in the intern for breeding of plants to ensure maximised
plant growth & health
Brainstorming of ideas for a localised landscape design for plants to grow domestically more efficiently

Business Development Intern

The intern will learn leadership,communication,networking and interpersonal skills to pitch interesting and
convincing ideas to the client to increase the companys revenue in Business-to-Business(B2B) channel. Apart from
that, he or she may have to attend conferences and symposiums whenever required to expand networking contacts.

Graphic Design & Marketing Intern

The Graphic Design intern will have to the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media which
includes designing and executing of email Direct Marketing(eDM)on the scheduled time slots. The intern will assist
in Social Media Marketing and be proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Graphic Design Intern will work alongside our Creative and Marketing Director designing visual
communications and supporting the growth of A Better Florists brand presence.

Content & Editorial Intern

The content intern will be assisting the Content personnel in planning and managing of the content strategy to align
with our Search Engine Optimisation. Produce and manage content for publications and blogs. Manage a pool of
freelance content writers and editing of articles. Planning and executing of marketing efforts together with the
Design and Marketing Division.

Software & Engineering Intern

The selected intern will be assisting the Director of Engineering in development of the website and our internal
dashboard systems. He/She will have to possess minimal experience in web development(HTML,CSS,PHP) and
basic server knowledge. The intern can expect to learn proper development methodologies and project management
and fast iterative development. Also to cultivate product development knowledge in a fast moving industry.


The student will be compensated accordingly($600/$800 monthly subject to job assignment) for the period of 22
weeks and in accordance to the requirements of the Employment Act.