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Statement of Purpose


I, Anupa Bhattarai ,daughter in law of Mr.Ram Thapa and Mrs.Sushila Thapa born on July 28th
1993, passport no.10365938,permanent resident of Hetauda-, Bhaktapur, Nepal. I am a single,
devoted and energetic person having interpersonal personality with strong desire for the pursuit
of knowledge and experience and I am looking forward to get enrolled in Master of Professional
Accounting Program at University of Sunshine Coast(ATMC) for November 2017 intake. I
have majored in Finance at Tribhuwan university in Nepal with reputation for excellence in
terms of its business program.Although the rigorous academic environment presented certain
challenges ,I achieved agreat deal and built a strong foundations of knowledge and experience.
During that time at TU, I developed my analytical skills and I learned to communicate
effectively. I believe that my experience at this University has prepared me well for the demands
of studying in the Australia.

Academic Background

I have completed my S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate) from Reliance English Secondary
Boarding School ,Hetauda Makawanpur,Nepal securing 1st Division (70%) in 2011 A.D.I have
chosen management facaulty in my higher secondary level and completed it on 2013 from
Hetauda School Of Management And Social Science, Hetauda Makawanpur,Nepal securing
second division (56%). After my intermediate studies, I decided to pursue my career in business
with a vision of blooming opportunities in business sector which plays a vital role,So I got
enrolled in a 4 year course called Bachelor in Business Studies(BBS) from Hetauda School of
Managemnet which is affiliated to Tribhuwan University (TU) and completed my bachelors
degree with 55.6% in 2017.
Through out my undergraduate course,I have exposed to vaious subjects in Financial
Accounting, Cost Accounting, Micro and Macro Economics,Taxation and Auditing ,Business
Statistics. After completion of my undergraduate degree, i received basic knowledge from the
subject course but I wanted to extend this knowledge and specialized in a particular field. Then I
gathered information about the post graduate programs in Nepal as well as in other countries,
their universities,courses, fee structure ,environment along with the benifits and support for
internatiohal student, after series of comparision I finally decided to apply for Masters of
Professional Acounting program at University of Sunshine Coast(ATMC) .So, I
spent few months for IELTS preparation and then appeared for examinatiion which was held in
8th April 2017. I secured 6.5 band score in IELTS. I had been serving Rotaract Club of
Bhaktapur as a Joint Treasurer (2016/2017) where i get to managed all the club dues and other
financial expences regarding the services that is provided by our club which had been a great
help for me.

Employment Background
The lack of knowledge on practical field in Nepalese Education field and my keen interest in
gaining real-time business and accounting skills, landed me gaining an experience in business
sectors, that is being an intern in Bank of Kathmandu Limited and now working as Accountant in
Prabhu Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited has equipped me with developing certain soft
skills such as team working, communication skill. These work experience have certainly
extended up my wall of business and accounting along with administrative knowledge with
bricks of Business Analysis and Accounting Management, which will hence help me in my
future to be a professional in Business sector.

I joined Prabhu Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited in 28th August ,2016. That being said I
presume that my understanding and reasoning's for the business still requires more guidance and
training. Therefore, in order to enhance my knowledge, I have selected MPA for my approaching

Reason for choosing Australia for my Higher Education Destiny

Australia has always been one of the choices for the graduates who seek for bright and secure
future. Initially, it was difficult for me to choose the destination for my further study. After
detailed research through internets, educational consultants, educational fairs, I came to find
Australia as one of the best destination for me.I would like to mention some major reasons that
dragged my attention towards Australia for my Master degree.

Standard Requirement and Strict accreditations are set for the Australian Universities by
which, we can get globally recognized degree with high quality and excellence.
Education system in Australia is based on Group work, Assignments, Projects, Field-visit
and Internships. While the same Standard and value is lacking in Nepalese Universities
Among 300 best Universities of the world, 17 of them are from Australia as per the
record of the World University Ranking 2016 provided by the Times Higher Education.
Australia has the third largest number of foreign student in the world, which makes it a
hub for International students.
After the completion of MPA in Australia, I would get recognition from international
degree which will be a great value to my professional career back in my home country.
Moreover, I have researched same program which offer similar courses like MBA, MBS
in my home country. But, I found these programs does not cover detail curriculum and
does not gives any particular specialization in accounting. Universities in my home
country mainly focused on theoretical and traditional education system rather than
practical based educational system. Curriculums are old and not updated timely which
hinders modern practical theory and concept in accounting. It focuses for good grades
only rather than actual learning that has practical application and sustainability. There are
other countries like UK. USA, Canada which offer similar courses but as UK is more
expensive in terms education and living than Australia.. As I developed keen interest in
pursuing my career in the Accounting and other factors like multicultural diversity, study
method and materials, affordable living expenses and tuition fees, scholarship, climate
condition. These all reasons praise me to choose Australia as my study destination for my
higher education.

With all these information, I have made this Visa Application with my interest to study in
Australia. Hence, I have kick started my voyage of study and want to expand my horizon by
coming to Australia.

Reason for Choosing University of Sunshine Coast (ATMC) for my Course Provider

As there is wide range of universities, it is a tough task to choose best and favorable university
for my higher studies. After detailed study through internet, educational consultant, educational
fair organized by various universities, I applied to University of the Sunshine Coast partner
ATMC provides wide range of program for the international student. One of Australias fastest
growing regional universities, University of Sunshine Coast (USC) has entered into a ground-
breaking partnership with the countrys leading higher education provider the Australian
Technical and Management College (ATMC), which will allow the institution provide education
and degrees to international students outside its campus. ATMC is one of the leading educational
institutions in Australia and it has the wide variety of courses to offer for the students.
Worldwide recognized degree, modern and student centered teaching procedures, friendly and
homely environment, easy transportation and city centered location. Australian Technical and
Management Collage (ATMC) provide the platform to interact with globally renowned faculty
and a diverse student community and develop interpersonal skills and comfort on a global scale.

University of Sunshine Coast is renowned for its excellence in teaching and has been ranked in
20 percent of Australian Universities for teaching quality every year for the past ten years by the
Good Universities Guide. Best location easy transport access and friendly environment is the
bonus attraction of this University. Its offers a variety of support services to assist students to
develop the personal resilience and skills needed to achieve both academic and personal goals. It
is a public university with strong ongoing relationships with its communities, industries, and
business which carries a glorious history of success with it. It is one of the Australian most
accessible and inclusive universities, with affordable fee structure. Having and internationally
acceptable degrees and success to all best educationalists, University of Sunshine Coast appealed
the most for me. Furthermore, I knew this university from web research. In my research I found
many universities and institutes of Australia like Southern Cross University, Australian Catholic
University. But among them I have chosen USC due to the teaching methods, world class
facilities , friendly and supportive campus environment, access to highly qualified teaching staff,
personal attention, and modern technology and facilities attract me to choose this University .
Moreover,it provides industry realistic teaching methods and also support further career growth
and hope that I will also be guided through a complete technical and practical based professional
course. It provides one of the best combinations of practical, classroom-based and theoretical
workplace-based learning across any Australian university.

Reason for choosing Masters of Professional Accounting

Accounting is one of the most crucial part of every business organization. It enables a company
to see its financial position, market standing as well as assist in various business decision making
process. In the period of four years bachelor I came to understand the role accounting plays in
various aspect of business which dragged my attention toward specializing in accounting for my
post graduate degree. Regarding the study of MPA in Nepal, we here do not have same course
like MPA but we have courses like MBA, MBS but these courses are not good enough for
practical use.

Masters of Professional Accounting has such course structure which provides knowledge in
different accounting system. This course is designed to enhance a student's ability to manage
complex business and accounting issues and provides expertise in financial management,
auditing and financial reporting and so on.

Career Plan after MPA Study

As for my future plan, I have chosen MPA as I have a dream to be a qualified accounting
professional in Nepalese financial sector. After completion of my degree, I will return to my
country and will engage myself in most remunerable financial sector. I have seen great
opportunity in my country after completion of my course. The door of finance related
organizations, NGOs, INGOs, and business houses are always open to me. I hope to acquire the
expertise in business, and especially accounting that will enable me to work as a professional in
National/multinational Company. I hope to develop the language skills, leadership and
organizational abilities, cultural understandings and professional expertise that will make me an
effective and successful businessperson.

Not only that, I have a motive to get into top business groups and construction companies like
Golchha Organization, Chaudhary Group, Khetan Group and Vaidhya`s Organization which are
leading business companies with outstanding financial transaction and more good news is that
they are expanding their branch, transactions, and career opportunities .

Final words

As in today's business world international exposer has become very necessary to get the best
opportunities in life, after completing my Master's program in USC ,I look forward to a career in
industrial and financial sector where I could make considerable contributions in these fields.I am
sure that this course would provide me with a stepping-stone to my career path. I also believe
with all these skills and experiences I would gain after graduating from University of Southern
Queensland, I would be able to return to my country and be able to bring some positive changes
in my field.

Therefore, I am applying for an opportunity to be a part of world's best study institution, I assure
that I fully abide by the Australian Government laws throughout my stay in Australia.I hope you
will consider my application and provide me with an opportunity to study at University of
Sunshine Coast(ATMC).

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Jasmin Madhikarmi