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V10/Updated 31.03.


Teletest Focus UltraWave Comments



Manufacturer Plant Integrity Olympus

Teletest is the first (original)
Date Established 1997 2013 Guided Wave Product on the
330140330 (mm) 250150400 (mm)
Dimensions (12.9 5.512.9) (9.8615.7)
7.25 kg 7.25 kg
Weight (16 lb)
(16 lb)


Torsional and It is best practise to use both

longitudinal longitudinal and torsional wave
Modes generated Torsional only modes when inspecting a pipe
(both wave modes are
used as standard) for the first time.

Both wave modes Teletest is the only system with

CAN be used on the YES NO Multimode capability as
same test? standard.
Purity of generated A balanced tool is critical to
testing. The MsS system does
mode (less than 10% YES Unknown not have the capability of
flexural) detecting flexural modes.
V10/Updated 31.03.2017

Teletest Focus UltraWave Comments

EQUIPMENT Teletest has achieved 54 pipe
FEATURES inspections successfully
Max pipe size All ASME sizes to 48 Max 24 (Teletest can also inspect up to
72 pipe with further special
Capability of The capability of splitting the
detecting tool up to measure flexural
YES YES modes from localised features
flexural mode (possibly corrosion)
Teletest has 24 transmit channels
with internal switching allowing
Number of transmit
24 16 40 channels to be connected to
channels the unit. This allows multimode
and 5 ring torsional capability
Teletest has 24 receive channels
Number of receive
24 Unknown with internal switching allowing
channels a total of 40 channels

Integrated battery YES YES

Quicker and easier for the
Integrated air pump YES NO equipment operator to inflate the
Ensures quality of data, due to
Pressure monitoring YES NO software monitoring pressure
and automatic top-up feature.
Automatic All systems calibrate using
equipment YES NO welds. Teletest will detect these
calibration automatically.
CAN be used to test
on both directions in YES YES
the same test?
Not a standard procedure for
CAN be used inspection of pipelines but it can
YES NO be required for special
in pitch-catch?
V10/Updated 31.03.2017

Teletest Focus UltraWave Comments

Capability to define
position of YES YES
Secondary Phased
array focusing
Built in GPS YES NO
Maximum Teletest has higher temperature
temperature capability (above 125C)
125C NOT STATED available on request for
capability of
standard system purchase or rental
The use of PZT Transducers has
been shown to be the most
Surface Preparation None required None required versatile way of inducing
Ultrasound into the pipe for
Teletest can collect data and
interpret from 10 locations per
Typical number of
10 Unknown MsS can only do 3 in the same
test locations per day conditions due to the surface
preparation and sensor bonding
to the pipe requirement
Data collection time
once tool is on the Minutes Minutes
Research and
Technology Institute
TWI Ltd None
linked with
Permanently YES
installed tool Permamount
Plant Integrity have a Joint
Capability of
YES NO Industry Project with Major Oil
Monitoring Tank and Gas Companies looking into
V10/Updated 31.03.2017

Teletest Focus UltraWave Comments

Floors validating the technique in the
Currently this technology is not
Capability of testing
YES NO a realistic replacement of IRIS
heat exchanger tubes and other accepted techniques.
Capability of testing
offshore structures or This is an ongoing development
YES NO activity
other pipes in
underwater location
ISO9712 Training YES
Scheme through CSWIP