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19. Szveg

... And now the latest news on the sensational "Mole Gang" attempt to rob the Central Bank
last night. The would-be robbers chose a most unusual method of reaching their goal -the
underground strong-room of the Central Bank.
Rather than trying to enter it through the main Bank building, they followed the complicated
system of underground passages that lies under the ancient city. By digging they managed to
create a route over two kilometres to the main sewer which runs only 20 metres from the
strong-room of the bank.
Then they started digging through the soft soil between the sewer and the bank. The thieves'
route has been traced by the police who arrested most of the gang this morning.
The tunnel they had dug started in the North District, passed the main bus station, then they
joined the main town sewer -a very smelly business. Then they passed under the cathedral,
went along an underground river and they were just one metre away from the success when
the police, who had received a phone call to warn them of the attempt,. caught up with them.
A police spokesman said earlier today. "I'd rather admired them. It must have taken them
months to cover the distance. It was almost a pity to stop them.
Of course, what they did not know was that, since this sort of underground crime has
become so frequent in recent years, the police now have a computerised map of most of the
tunnels that exist under the city."

Edited by: Halls utni szvegrts - 19

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