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17. Szveg

Building your own home from start to finish is an exciting but baffling experience. You
have to decide on every aspect of the house, from the number of bed-rooms to the downstairs
cloakroom, before committing your plans to the local authority.
Start off by touring show houses on new developments, study books of plans, look at the
brochures and show houses of design companies.
You may not come across the home you want but you will build up an extensive list of
features that appeal to you and those you would not have at any price Decide what you want
room by room, starting at the front door. Do you want an impressive front entrance? What is
the maximum number of people you want to sit around the dining table?
Do you want the master bedroom to be as big as possible, even if it means making the
others smaller?
Do you want to have a dream kitchen and bathroom? If so, it's cheaper to get it done now
than settle for cheap ones and upgrade later.
Consider the shape of the house as well as the interior planning. Bear in mind the site it
will have to fit into and remember that unconventional shapes will add to the overall costs.
Think ahead. If you may need an extra bathroom later, allow for it in the drainage.
Plan for imaginative concealed lighting now rather than after the plasterer has started
Don't forget to give due attention to the garage. Do you want it to be integral or separate?
Single or double?
The house size is also important. Self-building costs between 28 and 33 a square foot.
As a rough guide, a three-bedroom detached house is about 1,000 square feet. Sixteen
hundred square feet will give you a spacious four-bedroomed, two-bathroomed home.
When you have a rough idea of what you want, you can begin thinking of design. You can
have an architect or design service make a new plan or adapt one of their own designs or take
one from one of the many books of plans available.

Edited by: Halls utni szvegrts - 17

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