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Standard 2-ENGLISH


Learning Class room processes/activities Teaching Evidences :notebooks/
outcomes/Co learning products/TM/performa
ncepts materials nce
Entry activity Pictures of
vegetable hunting -game vegetables,
Each one hunts his paper card with the Vegetable card for each
instruction of the teacher. learner, Pasted vegetable
Each child writes the name of the vegetable chart with the name.
under the picture including his name.

Read and Interaction based on the picture 8 in the text

comprehend book.
the text ( Teacher frames different questions related Teacher uses
Bruno the to the settings/location and mood of the picture in the
puppyPage 8 character ) text (page 10
Micro process of reading ) for eliciting
Learners read the passage individually text
Charting the words/ phrases/they are able
to read such as go, ball, puppy,friend,tail,
Bruno )
Interaction questions in
the TM for ensuring
reading comprehension
Let the learners read again to get more
Teacher elicit ideas they have
Learners sit in group to share the ideas.
Teacher interacts for eliciting the core ideas
of the passage.
Picture interaction.
Helping slow learners for eliciting core
ideas .
1. Bruno, go and fetch the ball.
2. He came back with the ball
3. He wagged his tail All learners can read the
4. 'Well done Bruno ! You are my best core text.
5. Sachin hugged Bruno.
Teacher frame interaction questions to
ensure reading
Group presents the ideas they shared.
Teachers loud reading with proper Children will be able to
pronunciation,voice modulation ,pause and Word cards read and comprehend the
rhythm /sentence text.
Preparing Sentence card/ word card game
cards pasted Flow chart showing
to strengthen the reading and writing by children 'Where is Bruno ?
Flow chart
Teacher can elicit Where is Bruno ?
for each instance and prepare flow
Teacher follow the micro process of reading
Read and Individual reading
comprehend Group reading
the text Page Discussion based on the interaction of
9 the teacher.
Teacher loud reading
Learners loud reading
Add two or Introduce Activity -5
three After completing page 9, Teacher can elicit the Individual products
exchanges to possible dialogue between Sachin and Father Teacher Group refined products
the given Individual attempt version Edited products
conversation group sharing and refinement Big book
Presentation of group products
Teacher version Flow chart showing
Editing 'Where is Bruno ?
Role play
Read and Individual reading of the text. Individual conversation
comprehend Develop a conversation between Sachin Group product.
the text Page and woman by interacting with learners.
10 Each group present a role play.
Read and Interaction for preparing concept map Concept map of park
comprehend of park. Flow chart showing
the text Page Oral description based on the concept 'Where is Bruno ? by
11 map. adding road
Expanding flow chart
Read and Microprocessing of reading Flow chart showing
comprehend Role playing of the dialogue 'Where is Bruno ? by
the text Page adding park.
Read and Interaction leading to get the type of Elicited balloons on a
comprehend balloons they had seen. chart.
the text Page Picture interaction using the picture
13 page 13
Read and processing of reading activities Flow chart showing the
comprehend Performance of role play in group. present location 'street'
the text Page Concept map of vegetable shop Interaction for the game
14 Vegetable songs using CD/mobile-sing A description about a
together vegetable they like.
Follow Drawing circles written the name of
instructions vegetable the floor. Flow chart showing the
Children are reading and jumping to
and engage in present location
the instructed circle .
theater games 'vegetable shop'
Introduce Activity -7in TB page 25.
and language
Read and Processing of the text for reading Children using Dialogue
comprehend Dialogue cards are distributed to the cards in the class.
the text 16 students. Let them find out the dialogue Dialogue Written dialogues in the
from the text as well as the speaker. cards notebook
Write the dialogue in the notebook.
Read and Children read the text by themselves
comprehend and predict the events Flow chart showing the
the text 17 Learners read out the sentences from present location 'Home'
the text for each interaction .
Write thoughts Introduce Activity-6
related to the Teacher interacts and elicit idea to give
context input.
Individual writing (one/two sentences )
Group sharing (presenting the individual
product in group)
Group refinement
Teacher version
Group editing.
Comprehend Interaction based on picture 18
and enjoy play/present the song two/three times
poems Learners sing along with the teacher
Groups present the poem in their
Ask the comprehensible questions
Describes Introduce Activity-2
objects Interaction based on pictures Filled Activity inpage
/people using Children fill the blank spaces
appropriate appropriately.
Introduce Activity -4 Completed Activity -4 in
ask appropriate questions to elicit ideas. notebook
Children complete 'I know in page 27 Filled self assessment
Teachers evaluate the children based on The evidences of learner
indicators given in page 28. evaluation in TM