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An unmarked holocron sat upon Malice's desk.

He looked over it for a few moments before

slowly stepping closer to it, reaching out with the force to lift it slightly from the desk. A sudden
noise however broke his concentration and the holocron fell back upon the desk with a slight

This was enough to unintentially activate the device and the Image of a Twi'lek donning black
robes, tribal tatoos and pale features full of the corruption from the Dark side manifested in the
holo-projection. It appears this recording was done mid lecture as he can be seen pacing back
and forth pausing between statements before speaking again...

"For these people.., these Sith, all that exists to them is the prospect of conquring something for
the sheer sake of doing so. For them.. conflict defines them as a person and gives them their
purpose in the universe. The entire society is predicated off of supporting this conquest through
one form or another in any and all areas of activity from the highest to the lowest; the most
insignificant; to the most important.

Such a thing is a sickness..., like a disease there is no cure for. Even as an archetype darkness at
least provides and is necessary for life as well as an harbinger of death, this empire provides no
such counter-balance. These Sith....they are the embodiment of incorrectness. Consuming
themselves for power; they reach out to consume others lest they consume too much of
themselves and become a crippled pathetic thing unable to state its own hunger to validate its

I am not like them.

For this they call me weak..unfit; irrelevant---- Slave. That path is not one we need follow. There
was relative harmony before the outsiders came to our planet. First in curiosity; then in masses
for their discoveries in the brightlands and shadowlands....the spice, brought them in droves;
and in turn ruin to our people...

Lack of space travel doomed us to being unable to respond to the influx of trade so much so that
bartering with our own flesh and blood became the only means of maintaining some sort of
agency on the planet in our own affairs....., but truthfully its only a matter of time before even
that is simply *taken* from us.
Meanwhile our people remain scattered among the galaxy like the stars in the sky; independent,
and isolated from the very thing that is the hallmark of our enslavement and suffering; our
blood. It is this catalyst we need to unite under...yet instead, the social political super-imposition
is placed on the context of Empire, or Republic brainwashes our minds to believing somehow
this pathetic argument of subjective opinion will save our people and the galaxy.

This is the epitome of stupidity; something I can suffer no longer.

The visions came to me; from my earliest waking years in my servitude I would see her. The
incorporeal beauty whose features I could never make out clearly, would be calling to me,
reassuring me, bolstering me; reminding me. Who knew those dreams were the very history of
my people. I wish I had only been more learned in such subjects to reach Ryloth sooner after my
emancipation; but its there I discovered the meaning of those visions; and came to know the
Goddess of our world--the great mother.

Darkness and light find meaning through each other; and can only be truly manifested if witness.
Only those within the balance of the extremes are able to proper perceive darkness and light.
Our goddess teaches us this primary lesson from the planet directly. With the brightlands seeing
eternal light; and the shadow lands eternal darkness; it is the Twilightlands that life is sustained,
and where our people have thrived since our inception.

However, a *great* imbalance has imposed itself in the wake of Ryloth and its children... An
imbalance which screams a silent, but unignorable scream for balance to be restored. The
goddess speaks and shows me clearly why my spirit has never been able to be at rest. Why so
much of my actions have been for naught and this pointless conquest leaves me unmoved. Why
even the promises of the Jedi and Republic fall upon deaf ears as they stand by idly allowing
these atrocities carry out in their own jurisdictions...., The goddess has shown me my purpose.

...And that is to restore the balance...., and obtain our compensation.

I am no longer Amon'seti, I am nobody's Token, Nobody's Apprentice, Nobody's slave , Nobody's

Master, Nobody's anything, but a servant of my people. I am a spirit of vengeance, the wrath of
the goddess, Preacher to the Ministry of Violence. I am Darth Malice and the balance will be
restored by any, and all means necessary..."

The Holocron projection image suddenly fades out abruptly, the purple tenderils of crackling
force lighting erupting from his finger; shorting out the holocron completely. His eyes narrowed
in thought remembering this lecture he gave so long ago; and he sighed deeply, looking out the
window into space. "...Having traveled so far..there is still *MUCH* left to do..." He then
disposed of the useless holocron recording..., and moved on to his meditation chambers.

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