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Professora: Fani

6 anos

1- Quais informaes aparecem no folheto? Escolha apenas uma resposta.

a) website address (endereo do site), telephone number, students

personal information, fax number, email address (endereo de e-mail).
b) website address (endereo do site), telephone number, name of
instituicion, fax number, email address (endereo de e-mail).
c) website address (endereo do site), music, name of instituicion, fax
number, email address (endereo de e-mail).
d) website address (endereo do site), telephone number, colors, fax
number, letter.

Read the comic strip and answer the

question.(Leia a histria em quadrinhos e
responda a questo 2 e 3.)

2-A expresso Mom and dad are fine (...),

est no plural ou singular? Marque apenas uma

a) ( ) Singular
b) ( ) Plural

3- Se fossemos traduzir o primeiro quadrinho ficaria como? Marque uma das opes abaixo.
a) Pai e me ns estamos bem e meu irmo e eu estamos bem.
b) Pai e me ns estamos bem e minha prima e eu estamos bem.
c) Tio e tia ns estamos bem, eu e meu irmo estamos bem.
d) Mame e papai esto bem, e minha irm e eu estamos bem.

Leia o texto para responder a questo 4.

() Martina is from Italy.
Kate and Mary are twins from Great Britain.
Dunya is from Russia. Paul is French.
Bernd is from Germany .

Quais pases aparecem destacados no texto?

a) Italiano, Gr-Bretanha, Rssia, Francs e Alemanha.
b) Itlia, Gr- Bretanha, Rssia, Francs e Alemanha.

Professora: Fani

c) Itlia, Gr-Bretanha, Rssia, Frana e Alemanha.

d) Italiano, Alemo, Russo, Francs, Alemanha.

5) The plural of the phrase This orange is very nice, is:

a) That oranges are very nice.
b) These oranges are very nice.
c) Thase orange is very nice.
d) This oranges are very nice.

Gabarito 6 anos

7 anos
Leia o texto abaixo, faa a interpretao para responder as questes de 1 a 5. Abaixo do texto haver o vocabulrio
para consultar.

Text: Walk in the Zoo

Peter is 7 years old and today will visit the zoo for the first time. He is very anxious because he always wanted to see a
Lion. Peter's parents go hand in hand with him so he does not get lost. The first animal that Peter sees is the monkey:
"Look how it jumps on the branches, Mom." Peter also sees the gray elephants, yellow giraffes with brown flecks, and
birds of all colors: red, blue, green, black and much more! But Peter gets really enthusiastic when he sees the lion's mane.


first time: primeira vez/ because: porque /always: sempre/ wanted: quis / hand and hand:mos
dadas /go:ir-segurar /get lost: se perder / that: que /jumps:pula / branches:galhos/ also: tambm
/flecks: crculos-rajado /much more: muito ou mais/ get: ficar / mane: juba

1.Who was walking in the zoo? Quem estava caminhando no zoolgico?

a) Parents
b) Giraffes
c) Peter
d) Lion

2.How old is he? Quantos anos ele tem?

a) Ten
b) eleven
c) seven
d) seventh

Professora: Fani

3.What animal he was anxious to see ? Qual animal ele estava ansioso para ver?
a) Monkey
b) Giraffe
c) Elephant
d) Lion

4.What the first animal that the boy saw? Qual o primeiro animal que ele viu?
a) Giraffe
b) Monkey
c) Bird
d) Lion

5-How many animals had at the zoo? Quantos animais haviam no zoolgico?
a) Seventh
b) Five
c) Eight
d) Four

5- b

8 anos

Para formar o Past Continuous preciso usar a forma passada do verbo to be no passado - WAS / WERE e o
verbo principal no gerndio no qual acrescentamos ING para form-lo.

Exemplo: I was studying.

Complete as sentenas 1 e 2 com o Past Continuous dos verbos entre parnteses. Em seguida marque a
alternativa mais adequada.
1- Richard .................................... a book last night. (to read).
a) were reading
b) was reading
c) wont reading
d) werent readed

2- The child ................................. in the yard this morning. (to run)

a) wont running

Professora: Fani

b) was rinnung

c) was runned

d) was running

3- D acordo com a regra de pluralizao dos substantivos (PLURAL NOUNS) marque a alternativa que
apresenta todos os substantivos no plural de modo adequado regra.

a) days, tables, brushes

b) daies, tables, brushies

c) days , table, blushs

d) daies, tables, blushes.

4- Marque a alternativa cuja orao No esteja no Simple Future.

a) They didnt watch TV.

b) She will watch TV tonight.
c) We will travel next week.
d) I will study for the test.
5- Qual a forma negativa da frase Paul will paint the house?

a) Paul no will painting the house.

b) Paul wont paint the house.
c) Paul not will painted the house.
d) Paul wont painted the house.

Gabarito 8 ano
1) b
2) d
4) a