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roduct eview Mar 2013

An antioxidant infused
Nano-Dental Gel/Toothpaste
(Expert review and opinion)
Bio-functional toothpaste - NBF Gingival Gel
About a month ago I had the The achieved good results have pleasantly surprised me!
opportunity to test one new In the patients leaflet says that the gel can be applicated 3 to 6 times
specialized toothpaste a day. I applied the gel on aphthae 4 times in the first 24 hours and
gel called NBF then twice more in the next 48 hours.
Gingival gel and
On the pictures you can see the result immediately after: the first
Dr. Valeri Stefanov manufactured in
South Korea.
According to the patent holder and manufacturer the company Nano
Cure Tech Inc. this paste significantly accelerates wound healing in
the oral cavity which are from inflammatory origin - bite wounds,
canker sores (aphthous ulcers), decubital wounds from dentures
(sore wounds), cracked lips, angular cheilitis, extraction wounds
after tooth extraction or after minor surgery in the oral cavity. The
use of the gel is recommended and for treatment of gingivitis and
gum bleeding also and for treatments of an oral bad breath
When I read the instruction manual from the package, I said -
nothing much more distinctly than any other toothpaste, with these
indications for use.
According to what is written in the instructions for use - the
gel contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Propolis, Triclosan and other
ingredients which are normally found in other toothpastes. Unlike
Afta sublingualis 1 hour after 1 aplication
other toothpastes in this gel the vitamins are with nano-size particles
- Nano Vitamin C and Nano Vitamin E, and these two vitamins are 24 hours later after the fourth application
fused in a Nano-Bio Fusion complex together with propolis. According
to the manufacturers claims on this way the effects of Vitamin C as
an antioxidant and Vitamin E as a reparative factor during the wound
healing are a hundred times much higher compared with the effect
of the normal Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
According to the patent holder:
The gel posses high antioxidant (Nano Vitamin C), anti-inflammatory
(Propolis) and stimulate the reparative processes (Nano Vitamin E)
I decided to test the toothpaste in a case of localized sublingual
aphthae. Cancer sores as oral lesions are notoriously difficult to
treat, and we like to joke - With remedy or without remedy the
aphthae will disappears for at least 7 to 14 days depending on size
and location.
Afta sublingualis after 24 hours and 4 gel aplications

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Mar 2013

and Finally - you can see the mucosa/ the lesion after 72 hours
P Review
R roduct eview
Posted by Dr. Valeri Stefanov at 11:54, 03 February 2013, Sunday.
(three days) and a total of 6 application of the paste on the top of (Bulgaria)
the aphthae.
The link where this text is posted are located on:

Dr Valeri professional biography

Graduate Dentistry - 1982 - Dental Medical Faculty - Sofia
Specialist - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - from 1990
Studying abroad - Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Arnhem, The
Netherlands - April, May - 1989
Scientific work as an invited researcher
1991 - Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical University -
Hannover, Germany
/ Call after receiving the award LAYBINGER - 1990 /
1991/1992 years - Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical
Afta sublingualis 72 hrs later and total of 6 applications University - Cologne, Germany
/ Sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Foundation /
I have not had a similar case where I have observed so rapid
alleviation of cancer sores using other medications in the treatment of Professional awards
ulcers. Until now for the treatment I have used Vagotil (36% aqueous Award LAYBINGER 1990 of the European Association for cranio-
solution polimetilen-meta krezolsulfonic acid, which gives local maxillofacial surgery provides a major contribution to LCHH
microbicides effect) and subsequent application of Indekstol (which
contain oleandomycin phosphate, Dexamethasone, Indometacin ) on HONORARY MEMBER - German Society for Dental Implantology
the ulcers - this treatment gives results similar to the third picture (DGZI) - given the clinical introduction of SLA surface on dental
at earliest after 5 days. As we know Vagotil is with very acidic pH implants.
and Indekstol contain NSAIDs, corticosteroids and antibiotics. It is Professional Practice
difficult to keep even on dried mucosa.
1982 - 1986 - General and Pediatric Dentistry - District Hospital -
The Korean toothpaste contains only vitamins and totally natural town of Levski
Propolis ! It has very well adhesion to the mucosa even under dried
1986 - 1993 - Dental Division CPR - Pleven
mucosa and for the treatment of gingivitis and during the treatment
of bleeding gums or gingivitis is applied directly on the gums with 1992 - present - Private Dental Practice - Dojran 160 - Pleven
a not-wet toothbrush without drying of the mucosa before the
Membership in Professional Organizations
The using of the gel for elimination of bad oral breath also gave very
promising results. International Congress of Oral Implantologists - ICOI - USA
Before the application of the gel on the dorsal side of the tongue, Honorary member DGZI - Germany
the patients were instructed to scrape the accumulated deposits Publications and presentations - more than 30 in Bulgaria and
on the tongue with a small spoon. abroad
In my final conclusion I can say that this toothpaste which contain He can be contacted via email:
natural ingredients for now confirms the manufacturers claims.

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