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Advanced Art Wood Burning

Step 1: Find your inspiration
Research and look up the different wood burning
techniques. (links on the advanced art website)
What will your inspiration be?
Will it be realistic, abstract, or non-objective?
Will an artist, a culture, a period of time inspire you?
Will things in your life inspire you?

Step 2: Give your inspiration life in your sketchnote book.

As you are researching/brainstorming create
thumbnail sketches of possible designs.
Remember that thumbnail sketches are quick
interpretations of an idea.
Will the burnt wood be the design or the area around
Will some areas be burnt darker or lighter than other

Step 3: Finalize your project size.

How long, thick, wide with the piece of wood be that
you use?
Will you use multiple pieces of wood connected
together or left separate?

Step 4: Practice your techniques

On a scrap piece of wood practice the wood burning
techniques you want to use.
Practice leaving an area lighter or darker.
Practice using the different burn heads.

Step 5: Construct Wood Base

Put together multiple pieces of wood if necessary.
Finish your edges: left flat, beveled, or raw.
Step 6: Draw composition out on Wood
Very lightly draw out composition on wood
Begin Burning in Design.

Step 7: Fill out Rubric and answer Reflection Questions