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Short Answer (200-400 words)

How will you be a good ambassador for Pakistan?

An ambassador is a person representing the entire country from which he belongs so for basically
foreigners will see me as a whole of the Pakistan. For that my task is to stamp up Pakistans uniqueness
and unparalleled identity in the united states of America. Since, I have travelled to the most of the major
cities of the Pakistan, I have great knowledge about the similarities and differences among the ethnic
groups which are residing here since the independence. Pakistan is comprised of four provinces and I
have good knowledge about the history and significance of our cultural foods, festivals, rituals, places,
people, languages and traditions. One of my colleagues have been to USA, told me that Americans really
like the diversity and vibrancy of Pakistani clothes and artifacts. Northern areas of Pakistan are
landscape beauty, I will be talking about the famous architectural buildings from prehistoric era, Mughal
empire, and post-independence. Food is the door to the heart, and Pakistani cuisine is one of the best. I
can make some thadal, sattu, Milk Kashmiri tea, lassi and some main course meals. I will be enlightening
my fellows with our hospitability, generosity and kindness of Pakistani people. music is food to the soul,
I will play some music from Abida Parveen, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Saif Samejo and Asrar Hussain. They
are most laudable artists of Pakistani music especially from Sindh province.

I will comment on different facts and figures which are ascertaining the brilliance and surpassing
excellence of Pakistan such as Pakistan owns the largest voluntary ambulance network; Edhi, Pakistan is
chief producer of fruits and bakery products which are exported throughout the world, Pakistan
possesses worlds largest irrigation system, Pakistan has second largest gas pipeline networks and is
growing effectively in telecommunications. The freedom and autonomy enjoyed by Pakistani media has
no counterpart, moreover Pakistan has second largest salt mines, and third largest gold mines. Last but
not least, Pakistan is chief producer and exporter of footballs for the Olympic Games and football world

This will be a little effort from my side to surface the brighter side of Pakistan to the young people of
America, so that they accept me as real person living in a real country where people are laborious,
hospitable and amiable, places are admirable, foods are delicious, festivals are interesting and artifacts
are valuable. I hope my effort would lose Pakistan from the stronghold of pessimism and claw of
bleakness for a brief span in time to come.

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