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Winter 2017/2018

It's that time of year again! We hope you have had a successful and prosperous 2017. As we come to the
end this year, we want to thank you for helping shape the future of drone mapping and photogrammetry.

Pix4D has had a significant year characterized by innovation, education, and growth.

Our machine-learning point cloud classification is used by approximate 20% of our users.

We trained over 1500 users last year in 53 locations and launched a user certification program. We
loved meeting you in person and hope to meet more of you next year.

In addition to verticalizing our offerings to construction and agriculture, we have also added an enterprise
solution to our portfolio.

We are continuously hiring. In November, we added two senior executives to our leadership team to
strengthen our global presence in Europe and North America. In 2018, our four locations will have a
strong focus on localized development and support. Read more.

We wish you a happy holiday season. And we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

Christoph Strecha, Founder and CEO, Pix4D

Latest News

Surveying & Mapping

 rayCloud™: The power of understanding photogrammetry. Read

 Are You Getting the Accuracy You Expect with Pix4Dmapper?
Read more
 Pix4D desktop software now generates tiled level-of-detail (LoD)
mesh. Read more


 The first Pix4D webinar for construction: “How drones and

photogrammetry are changing the world for construction &
engineering firms of all sizes”. Register for one of the two
o Register for Session 1 Tuesday, Jan 16th - 11am CET
o Register for Session 2 Tuesday, Jan 16th - 11am PST
 First Industry Training Course on "Drone Mapping for
Construction" at World of Concrete in Las Vegas on January
24th, 2018. Register here
 3 reasons to adopt the Crane Camera solution. Read more
 Meet the Pix4D Construction team at various events worldwide in
2018. Learn more


 Why would you use a drone on a small farm, when you know
your farm the best? Read more
 How drone mapping is making on-farm test plots an even more
relevant practice for everyone. Read more
 Proudly supporting 2018 HandsFree Hectare project from Harper
Adams University


 Build your own drone-based data applications. Read more

3D modeling

 How to 3D model a small object using photogrammetry. Read


Pix4D community

 Interview with Anders Eibl, first place winner of the small object
modeling challenge. Read more

Latest Product Releases


Pix4Dmapper 4.1

 Automatic point cloud classification is used by 20% of our

customers. 4.1 brings user interface enhancements.
 Share your custom, edited 2D and 3D models quicker than ever -
Result uploader


 Pix4Dcapture for iOS:

o now supports the Parrot Bluegrass
o now supports custom cameras
o Allows saving the basemap of your area of interest
 Pix4Dcapture for Android:
o new Polygon Mission allows drawing custom shaped
flight missions

Training News

 Certification: Interview with the 1st certified user

 Workshops:
o Upcoming San Francisco, Miami, Raleigh, Detroit.
o Check our map for 2018
o Subscribe for our training updates Click here



Pix4D SA EPFL Innovation Park - Building F - 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland

Phone: +41 21 552 05 90 / sales@pix4d.com / pix4d.com
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