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Quick Start Guide

1 6
Insert the battery. Flip out the LCD Image Playback
monitor. y u y u

2 7
Insert a card. Focus on the subject.
Aim the viewfinder center over
the subject and press the shutter
button halfway to autofocus. Index Magnify

3 8
White index Red index
Attach the lens.
EOS REBEL T6i (W) Align the lens’s white or
Take the picture.
Press the shutter button
red mount index with the completely to take the
EOS 750D (W) camera’s mount index of picture.
Select image
the same color. S
Quick Reference Guide
L Erase
Set the lens focus Review the picture.
mode switch to <f>. The captured image will be B Shooting information display x Playback
This quick reference guide explains the basic function
displayed for 2 sec. on the
settings and how to shoot and play back images.
LCD monitor.
You can take this guide with you when shooting. For
detailed instructions, refer to the EOS REBEL T6i

(W) or EOS 750D (W) Instruction Manual. Set the power switch oo The J on the right of the function indicates that the
to < 1 >, then set the function is available only in Creative Zone modes.
E Mode Dial to <A>
(Scene Intelligent
oo Number of Possible Shots (Viewfinder Shooting)
Temperature No Flash 50% Flash Use
CPQ-E154-000 © CANON INC. 2015 English At 23°C / 73°F Approx. 550 shots Approx. 440 shots

Menu Operations Image-recording Quality Q Quick Control Touch Screen
oo Select [z 1: Image quality], then press <0>. oo Press the <Q> button. oo The LCD monitor is a touch-
<M> oo Press the <Y> <Z> keys to select the image-recording XX The Quick Control screen will sensitive panel that you can
button quality, then press <0>. appear. operate with your fingers.
<0> Image-recording quality oo For information on touch screen
button Pixels recorded operations, refer to the Camera
LCD <S> Basic Zone Modes Creative Zone Modes Instruction Manual.
Possible shots
monitor/ cross
Touch screen keys

1. Press the <M> button to display the menu.

Custom FunctionsK
2. Press the <Y> <Z> keys to select a tab, then press the C.Fn I: Exposure C.Fn IV: Operation/Others
<W> <X> keys to select the desired item. Shutter speed Aperture Exposure level 10 Shutter/AE lock button
3. Press <0> to display the setting. A Picture StyleK Shooting mode Highlight tone priority 1
increments 11 Assign SET button
4. After selecting the setting, press <0>. oo Press the <XA> button. Exposure ISO speed 2 ISO expansion
oo Press the <Y> <Z> keys to compensation/ LCD display when power
Basic Zone Modes Movie Shooting 12
select a Picture Style, then press AEB setting Flash exposure C.Fn II: Image ON
<0>. compensation 3 Highlight tone priority 13 Retract lens on power off
Picture Style
Built-in flash C.Fn III: Autofocus/Drive
AF operation settings
Return 4 AF-assist beam firing
Style Description
White balance quality 5 AF area selection method
Creative Zone Tabs D Auto Color tones optimized for the particular scene.
AF area selection mode Auto Lighting Optimizer Auto AF point selection:
Modes P Standard Vivid colors and sharp images. 6
White balance correction Drive mode Color Tracking
Q Portrait Nice skin tones and slightly sharp images. AF point display during
Metering mode White balance bracketing 7
R Landscape Vivid blue skies and greenery and very sharp images. focus
oo Press the <S> cross keys to select a function, then turn
V Monochrome Black-and-white images. the <6> dial to set it. 8 VF display illumination
oo For <S> (Neutral) and <U> (Faithful), refer to the oo In Basic Zone modes, settable functions vary by shooting 9 Mirror lockup
Menu items Menu settings Camera Instruction Manual. mode.
Shooting Operation
Nomenclature Shooting Function Settings Basic Zone Modes Creative Zone Modes
Exposure level Shutter speed
<T> <g> ISO speed setting button indicator Aperture
All the settings necessary for You can change the camera
Display button Power switch Shooting shooting are set automatically. settings as desired to shoot in
Mode Dial mode ISO speed You just press the shutter various ways.
<6> Picture Auto Lighting button, and the camera does
Main Dial Style Optimizer
the rest.
Shutter Image-recording
button operation quality d: Program AE
A Scene Intelligent Auto 8 Special scene
Control icon Possible shots 7 Flash Off C Kids oo Set the Mode Dial to <d>.
<B> <D>
Flash button Battery check Drive mode C Creative Auto P Food oo The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and
AF area
2 Portrait x Candlelight aperture in the same way as the <A> mode.
selection zxcn Metering mode
button White balance 3 Landscape 6 Night Portrait
4 Close-up F Handheld Night Scene s: Shutter-priority AE
Viewfinder Information 5 Sports G HDR Backlight Control oo Set the Mode Dial to <s>.
Focus mode switch Single-point AF Zone AF oo Turn the <6> dial to set the
(Manual selection) (Manual zone selection) desired shutter speed, then
D Using the Built-in Flash focus on the subject.
<g> Aperture/Exposure <A> AE lock/ 19-point automatic
Aspect ratio XX The aperture will be set automatically.
compensation button Reduce button selection AF Basic Zone Modes
line AF points oo If the aperture display blinks, turn
If necessary, the built-in flash will be automatically raised
<A> <S> AF point the <6> dial until it stops blinking.
Grid Area AF frame and fired in low-light or backlit conditions (with certain
Live View selection/
Magnify button shooting modes).
shooting/ f: Aperture-priority AE
Movie Creative Zone Modes
Focus indicator oo Set the Mode Dial to <f>.
shooting Access lamp oo Press the <D> button to raise the oo Turn the <6> dial to set the desired
button <Q> AE lock Maximum burst built-in flash, then shoot. aperture, then focus on the subject.
Quick Control Flash-ready ISO speed XX The shutter speed will be set automatically.
button Flash exposure
Exposure level indicator oo If the shutter speed display blinks, turn
<0> compensation
the <6> dial until it stops blinking.
<S> Cross keys Setting button Shutter speed Aperture

g: ISO SpeedK f: AF OperationK B AF Area Selection ModeK k Movie Shooting (Autoexposure)

oo Press the <g> button. oo Set the lens focus mode switch oo Press the <S> or <B> oo Set the power switch to <k>.
oo Press the <Y> <Z> keys or to <f>. button. XX Set the Mode Dial to any
turn the <6> dial to select oo Press the <Zf> button, press oo Look through the viewfinder shooting mode except <a>.
the desired ISO speed, then the <Y> <Z> keys to select the and press the <B> button.
press <0>. AF operation, then press <0>. XX Each time you press the <B>
oo When [AUTO] is selected, the X (One-Shot AF): button, the AF area selection
ISO speed is set automatically. mode changes.
For still subjects oo Press the <A> button to start
When you press the shutter shooting a movie.
9 (AI Focus AF):
button halfway, the ISO speed
Switches the AF operation
A Live View Shooting oo To stop movie shooting, press
setting is displayed. the <A> button again.
automatically oo Press the <A> button to display
Z (AI Servo AF): the Live View image.
For moving subjects
Recording movie
i Drive Mode S AF Point SelectionK
oo Press the <YQi> button, oo Press the <S> or <B> button.
press the <Y> <Z> keys to oo Press the shutter button halfway
select the drive mode, then to focus, then press it completely
press <0>. to take the picture.

u : Single shooting
i : Continuous shooting Built-in microphones
B : Silent single shooting oo You can shift the AF point oo When the shooting mode is <a>, you can shoot movies
M : Silent continuous shooting horizontally by turning the <6> oo Number of Possible Shots (Live View Shooting) with manual exposure.
<6> dial, and vertically by turning the
Q : 10-sec. self-timer/ Temperature No Flash 50% Flash Use oo You can set movie shooting settings with the menu
remote control <6> dial while holding down At 23°C / 73°F Approx. 200 shots Approx. 180 shots options under the [Z 1] or [Z 2] tab.
the <g> button. If you press
l : Self-timer: 2 sec. <g> + <6>
<0> straight down, the center
q : Self-timer: Continuous
AF point (or center zone) will be