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International Journal for Clergy April 1987


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Kudos for Harvest 90 special men and women, would like administra accept people with differing ideas. Tra
Congratulations for the fine Decem tion to hear. The pressure is coming from ditionalism will only accept progress in
ber MINISTRY issue dedicated to evange the "women's libbers," who are in the the narrow path of its own definition.
lism and Harvest 90; it is an extraordi minority. As the final witness to the Conversely, the gospel is open and
nary issue that will help significantly in world, we cannot afford to ignore Scrip accepting, joyous and broad in its grasp
contributing to the success of Harvest ture.—Leonard Klein, Publishing Direc of truth. The gospel is unthreatened by
90.—Carlos Aeschlimann, Ministerial tor, Zimbabwe. some difference of opinion on matters
Association Associate Secretary for that are not wholly necessary for salva
Evangelism and Harvest 90. • Rather than argue about the "social tion. The gospel reaches out in divine
condition" of the canonical writers, Dr. love to all. The gospel recognizes that
• After picking up your special Decem Bacchiocchi gives clear theological rea people .are much more important than
ber issue on Harvest 90, I was hooked! It sons for opposing the ordination of theories and the status quo.
was one of the most provocative and women. It is my prayer (and I believe the I recognize that there are dangers in
engaging documents I have read on the desire of the vast silent majority of going from one extreme to the other, but
subject. I read it from cover to cover in Adventists) that such biblically based we seem so fearful that we hold ourselves
one sitting. wisdom may soon prevail and that this back from the joyousness of Romans 5:1,
I come from a pastoral/evangelism controversy may soon be laid to rest, 2; 8:31-39; and many other scrip
background, and after reading this issue, sparing our church a departure from the tures.—K. R. Miller, Taree, N.S.W:,
I reaffirmed a personal commitment to faith once delivered to the saints.— Australia.
remain involved in some type of evange Kenneth J. McNulty, Church Elder,
lism. .... Haverhill, Massachusetts. Salvation comes from God
I hope this special issue was as Robert Larsen is correct that man is
meaningful to others as it was to me. Rejoicing in the gospel able to respond to God's offer of salva
You, your staff, and the world leadership I thoroughly agree with every point tion (Letters, MINISTRY November
are to be commended.—Delbert W. made by H. D. Schmidt (Letters, 1986.) But it is crucial to understand
Baker, Editor, Message Magazine. MINISTRY, September 1986). We need that this ability is not ours by nature. It
more articles on the same theme as that was supernaturally implanted in human
• Enjoyed your December MINISTRY, as of Carlyle B. Haynes, to which Brother ity by the Redeemer at the time of
I usually do, but was surprised to notice Schmidt refers. I love this church, but I Adam's fall (Gen. 3:15). Without this
on page 26 that your designers left out sometimes fear for its future when I am endowment of enmity against Satan we
Baja California and Sonora (part of made aware that so many do not would be joined with Satan in total
Mexico and the 1AD) from the Inter- understand the true meaning of the hatred of God.
American Division. It looks as if they gospel of Jesus Christ. How I long to see Every part of salvation comes to us
included Baja California with the North our people grasp the concept that the from the Redeemer. By conveniently
American Division. only effective and legitimate motivation forgetting that our capacity to respond to
Then on pages 20 and 21 I noticed for good works is the joyous realization God was imparted as a free gift, we think
that John Leenhouwers gave statistics on that our salvation is complete, total, and that "our faith" contributes to our
SDA Church members in 1983 for 11 assured by our acceptance of what Jesus standing before God. Faith is not our
countries that were not included in the has done by His amazing grace and love. savior; it, too, is a gift.
Members per Thousand Inhabitants sec Brother Schmidt says that most of the God's agape love creates all the value
tion. Then in the second chart he did sermons we hear from Sabbath to Sab we have. Natural man overrates himself
calculations for nine countries that were bath are of the early Haynes type. Why is as a worm instead of what he really
not included in his first chart.—E. T. this so? My assessment is that since is—an enemy bent on driving God from
Burley, Stone Mountain, Georgia. Glacier View there has been an unwar His world (Rev. 19:19). But while we
You have keen eyes. We simply repro ranted swing of the pendulum toward were His enemies, God, through the
duced what the author had done. When we maintaining the status quo and tradi cross, made us of value (Rom. 5:10).
tried to contact him, we discovered that he tionalism, which results in an overem Though I might be the only sinner,
was working in a remote part of Africa and phasis of works. Traditionalism is satis Christ on the cross became the worm
were unable to get his input in time to publish fied with preaching that explores a very that I am (Ps. 22:1-21). Why then
it. Eds. narrow path. Traditionalism enjoys should I struggle to make my faith a bit of
being told that we are right because wormy worth when "this sacrifice was of
On women's ordination someone else said so, not that we should such infinite value as to make a man who
Thank you for "Women: Ministry intelligently explore the doctrines we should avail himself of it more precious
Without Ordination" (October 1986). I believe. Traditionalism tends to reject than fine gold, even a man than the
don't consider myself a male chauvinist, those who are thoughtful and open- golden wedge of Ophir" (The Story of
but Dr. Bacchiocchi has said what I minded—those who are willing to be Redemption, p. 49).—Norman L. Mea
wanted to say—and what many people, unthreatened by dissenting voices and to ger, Akron, Ohio.
MINISTRY is the international jour
First Glance nal of the Seventh-day Adventist Min
isterial Association.
Floyd Bresee
J, Robert Spangler
In this issue MINISTRY prints the full text of three significant J. David Newman
documents: "Methods of Bible Study" and "Use of Tithe," voted by
the 1986 Annual Council; and "Jewelry: Clarification and an David C. Jarnes
Appeal," voted by the North American Division year-end meeting. Kenneth R. Wade
Some feel that the use of the historical-critical method is at the Rex D. Edwards
root of much of the theological controversy in the church. The first CONTRIBUTING EDITORS:
document seeks to introduce an alternative to this method. We'd Carlos Aeschlimann
Raoul Dederen
like to hear from you as to how well you think it has succeeded. Ariel Roth
Marie Spangler
Part of our church's foundation is the tithing system. The Gary Swanson
theological, base for the paying of tithes has never been seriously N. C. Wilson .

questioned. However, to whom it should be paid and for what it CONSULTING EDITORS:
Galen Bosley
should be used is coming under increasing attack. Thus the Annual C. E. Bradford
Council made some modest revisions in the policy. One of the Ellen Bresee
P. Gerard Damsteegt
laymen on the subcommittee making recommendations to the Roland R. Hegstad
Annual Council is Jerry Bartram. He makes some insightful Frank Holbrook
Kenneth J. Mittleider
comments on what he considers problems with the system. Richard Tibbits
MINISTRY welcomes discussion on this topic. Leo R. Van Dolson
The third report, while by far the shortest, will probably bring the Ella Rydzewski
greatest discussion. Though "How to Study the Bible" and "Use of Mary Louise McDowell
Tithe" rank far higher on the scale of importance, there is nothing ART DIRECTOR:
Byron Steele
quite like the subject of jewelry, and in particular the wedding ring,
to keep discussion going till midnight. Our readers outside North G. W. Busch
America will smile at the amount of heat and the little light that is MARKETING:
often generated. Tom Kapusta
We trust that you will not become so engrossed, bored, or Orval Driskell
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Demons have always been a problem, and still are. You will want Inter-America, Salim Japas
North America, William C. Scales, Jr.
to read what Lyndon McDowell, a pastor, has to say as he wrestles Trans-Europe, Mark Finley
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Demons and
s devil possession a Just what do the Scriptures have to say
Lyndon K. reality in the twenti about demon possession? The Old Tes
eth century? Or has tament says surprisingly little but does
McDowell our advanced under make it clear that demons were alive and
standing of the brain well all through the Old Testament
and psychological period. In Psalm 106 we read that Israel
disorders explained "mingled with the Gentiles and learned
away what was once blamed on supernat their works," which led them to "sacri
ural manifestations? fice their sons and their daughters to
Does the church need Do demons still exist? Do they still demons" (verses 35, 37, NKJV). It seems
take possession of human lives? If so, incredible that God's people would fall
a deliverance ministry what is the church's mission? Should we so low as to sacrifice their children to
hire trained exorcists to lead every demons, but the demonic and social
today? congregation in an active deliverance pressure must have been strong. Evi
ministry? Is a yearly sermon decrying the dence from Carthage, a satellite city of
evil of Ouija boards all that is needed? Or Israel's neighbor Tyre, shows how wide
does the proper course lie somewhere spread child sacrifice was. Hundreds of
between these two? urns containing the remains of children
In this scientific age it is surprising to have been discovered. The horrible
discover that there is still an active custom was practiced even in the city's
debate in psychiatric circles about the heyday. 3
existence of demons. While some psy King Saul was controlled by an evil
chiatrists would dismiss belief in demons spirit toward the close of his reign. The
as a relic from the Dark Ages, others record speaks of "an evil spirit from the
have continued to study the phenomena Lord" that came upon him. Ellen White
that historically have been attributed to says that Saul "gave himself up to the
the supernatural, and have refused to control of the wicked spirit that ruled
write them off as mere fruits of disturbed over him," and she speaks of him
minds. plunging "into a fury of passion" and
In the nineteenth century, missionary then passing "into a state of despondency
John L. Nevius described his encounters and self-contempt," when "remorse
with the scientifically inexplicable in his would take possession of his soul." 4
book Demon Possession. "I brought with If he were alive today he would likely
Lyndon K. McDowell me to China a strong conviction that a be labeled a manic-depressive personal
pastors the Olney,
Maryland, and the belief in demons, and communications ity. Manic-depressives display impa
Pennsylvania Avenue, with spiritual beings, belongs exclusively tience and intolerance when their wishes
Washington, D.C., to a barbarous and superstitious age, and are not immediately gratified, and they
Seventh'day Adventist at present can consist only with mental indulge in impulsive and ill-considered
weakness and want of culture," 1 he actions. A patient can be "transformed
wrote. But, like many other missionaries instantly to the most vicious anger if he is
to China, he was confronted with crossed or ignored." 5 But the fact that
evidence that forced him to recognize symptoms can be given a name does not
that what the Bible says about demons mean that demons were not involved in
and deliverance is still relevant today. 2 causing them. More will be said about
the difficulties of differential diagnosis Was the boy suffering from epilepsy as
later. the NIV suggests, or was he possessed by
a demon? If one accepts the New Was the boy suffering
Testament evidence there can be no
Demons in the New Testament
In Jesus' time demon possession seems question that the boy suffered from
from epilepsy or
to have been particularly prevalent. demon possession, but it is also clear that possessed by a
Even the Pharisees had their exorcists. the demon had worked upon the nervous
Jesus empowered His disciples to "heal system to produce what could be clini demon?
the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the cally diagnosed as epilepsy. The Seventh-
dead, cast out demons" (Matt. 10:8, day Adventist Bible Commentary puts the
NKJV). He thus made a clear distinction matter clearly: "So far as Inspiration has
between the sick, the lepers, and the indicated, the various manifestations of
demon-possessed. But it is also evident physical and mental disorder that "declaring persons possessed of the devil,
that Jesus saw the influence of Satan in marked the demon possessed, were, in and then praying with them and pre
ordinary physical disease, and that in and of themselves, no different from tending to cast out the evil spirits." She
healing diseases He was pushing back the similar manifestations attributable to called their actions "fanaticism which
frontiers of Satan's kingdom. He "healed natural causes. Apparently the differ will bring into disrepute any church
many that were sick of divers diseases, ence lay, not in the nervous and physical which sanctions such work." n
and cast out many devils" (Mark 1:34). symptoms displayed, but in the agency In reality physicians and psychologists
"And he preached in their synagogues that caused them." 8 who believe in demon possession find
throughout all Galilee, and cast out that genuine cases are rare. William
devils" (verse 39). "For he had healed Symptoms Wilson, professor of psychiatry at Duke
many; insomuch that they pressed upon The fact that demon possession has University, states that he has seen only
him for to touch him, as many as had very real psychological symptoms makes two cases that "meet the rigid criteria of
plagues. And unclean spirits, when they it difficult for anyone interested in a Nevius for demon possession," and only
saw him, fell down before him, and deliverance ministry to know whether a three patients whose symptoms suggested
cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God" problem is caused by a demon or by demon possession. 12 John Newport, pro
(Mark 3:10, 11). psychopathologic or physiopathologic fessor of philosophy of religion, South
The most fully recorded example of difficulties. Dr. John White, associate western Baptist Theological Seminary,
demon possession in the New Testament professor of psychiatry at the University believes that "demon possession is quite
is found in Mark 9:14-29, the story of the of Manitoba, defines the dilemma thus: rare. It is most likely after considerable
boy from whom the disciples were unable "I can conceive of no demonic state and persistent moral decay has taken
to drive out a demon. which cannot be explained by a nonde- place." 13 This accords with a statement
The father described his son as being monic hypothesis. / can likewise conceive in the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Com
possessed by a spirit that had robbed him of no experiment to give conclusive support mentary: "Wherever Inspiration points
of his speech. He had periodic seizures, to demonic rather than parapsychological out the cause, it declares that demon
falling to the ground, foaming at the hypotheses.'' Then he adds this warning: possession comes about as the result of
mouth and grinding his teeth, then "It also seems to me that Christians wrong living." H
becoming rigid. Jesus gave the command should not be found floundering in the Ellen White says of the demon-pos
"You deaf and dumb spirit, I command steps of J. B. Rine," 9 that is, delving sessed man in the synagogue: "The secret
you, come out of him, and enter him no into parapsychology. cause of the affliction that had made this
more" (verse 25, NKJV). The spirit then To add to the difficulty is the preva man a fearful spectacle to his friends and
shrieked, convulsed the boy violently, lence of both willful and unintentional a burden to himself was in his own life.
and came out of him. The boy was left deception. Not only is the devil a master He had been fascinated by the pleasures
exhausted. Matthew says the father of both simulation and imitation, but of sin, and had thought to make life a
described the boy as a lunatic (moon people themselves intentionally or grand carnival. He did not dream of
struck), which the NIV translates as unintentionally resort to deception. becoming a terror to the world and the
"epileptic" (Matt. 17:15). Nevius, who had considerable experi reproach of his family. He thought his
Dr. John Wilkinson goes so far as to ence in China with demon-possessed time could be spent in innocent folly.
make a diagnosis: "The boy suffered from people, remarks that "even if referable to But once in the downward path, his feet
the major form of epilepsy. This, how or accompanied by well-known symp rapidly descended. Intemperance and
ever, is not the final diagnosis, for toms of disease, simulated manifesta frivolity perverted the noble attributes of
epilepsy is a symptom, not a disease. It is tions, as well as automatic, may naturally his nature, and Satan took absolute
due to a sudden disturbance of the nerve be expected." 10 control of him." 15
cells in the brain and may have many Another problem must also be men Some Christians develop an excessive
causes." 6 Dr. Frank Ervin describes tioned. There is a tendency on the part demonology interest that can be harmful
epilepsy as "that state of impaired brain of anyone interested in demonology to both to them and to others. Such
function characterized by a recurrent, see a demon behind every abnormal interest may also indicate a personal
periodic, paroxysmal disturbance in condition. Ellen White repeatedly problem. Basil Jackson remarks: "I have
mental function with concomitant encountered and denounced overuse of noted that there is an increased tendency
alterations in behavior or thought pro exorcism. In 1908 she warned against for attraction to the occult in those
cesses." 7 the work of those who went about Christians who have a basic paranoid
ing or drawing. On one occasion a young Heinrich Kraemer, two Dominican
man who had demonstrated abnormal monks, published a book called Malleus
How can one distin behavior patterns showed me his scrap- Makficarum ("The Witches' Ham
book. Incongruous pictures alerted me to mer"), which recognized demonology
guish between the possible schizophrenia. After hours of and also linked it with mental disease.
supernatural and the counseling at a medical clinic he finally The book has been called a handbook of
agreed to hospitalizatioh. With medica sexual psychopathies because of its
purely psychological? tion he was able to live a normal life. A detailed sexual descriptions. It became
second case did not end so happily. The the standard reference work for both
person having problems showed me a church and state in regard to indictment,
painting that revealed some bizarre trial, and punishment of alleged witches.
personality structure," and that "this concepts. He agreed to see a psychiatrist, The book is not recommended read
type of Christian is often particularly but failed to keep his appointment. He ing, but it does give an insight into the
attracted to involvement in the deliver was later forcibly hospitalized after a thinking of that era. Zilboorg comments
ance ministry." 16 He goes on to warn fracas in a restaurant. on the social situation of that period:
that "a frequently stated objection to "We must not forget . . . that the whole
dabbling in the occult is that such an Social dynamics problem of witchcraft . . . was not the
activity tends to make the individual Demon possession was especially exclusive result of a miscarried psycho-
more susceptible to invasion by outside widespread when Christ was on earth. pathology or of a psychopathological
agencies. ... I always encourage Chris The spiritual reasons for this are sug bent in theology. There was a restless
tians to stay away from this kind of gested in The Desire of Ages, page 257, ness in the body social and politic of
activity." " but there were also sociological factors Christian Europe; the Malleus was a
For Adventists the tragic story of that seemed to predispose people to reaction against the disquieting signs of
Moses Hull, the Civil War era evangelist involvement with the occult. The growing instability of the stablished
who first debated with spiritualists and masses of people were poor, unschooled, order. . . . The sort of 'persecutory
then joined them, should serve as an and superstitious. The bondage of Rome mania' which was displayed by the
eloquent warning of the dangers. Early in aroused restiveness and a nostalgia for church and the state during the period
my own ministry an interest in reading the days when prophets were among under consideration was undoubtedly
spiritist papers and corresponding with them and God ruled in their midst. The due to the sense of insecurity and the
spiritist people, purely for evangelistic upper classes longed for a political growing awareness that new social forces
purposes, had to be terminated deci charismatic who would reinstate the and new spiritual ideals were about to
sively. kingdom of Israel. Restlessness, fear, rise and to threaten the very heart of the
superstition, expectation, and a longing regime which ruled medieval Europe." n
Diagnosis for national vindication provided a Although the Malleus was designed to
In the light of the diagnostic difficul fruitful ground for occult ascendancy. describe demon possession, Dr. John
ties, how can one distinguish between At other times in history similar Nemiah describes it as "one of the great
the supernatural and the purely psycho conditions prevailed. In those times textbooks of psychopathology of its time,
logical? There are no easy answers, but interest in witchcraft and demonology and in its numerous case histories one
there are several factors that must be blossomed, and along with the interest can read accurate descriptions of clinical
considered. First of all, proper diagnosis there no doubt came an increase in syndromes that are familiar today." 23
may require the counsel of several actual demon possession. Dabbling in Interest in demons and the practice of
individuals. Specialists in psychopath- spiritism often yields vile fruit. In Europe witchcraft disappeared when better reli
ology, medicine, and pastoral care may from the eleventh through the thir gious instruction became available to
each need to make an independent teenth centuries there was little growth peasants and when intellectual skepti
evaluation of the patient. in witchcraft or interest in demonology. cism increased among the ruling classes.
These specialists will need to have a The emotionally disturbed were cared for Robert Mandrou states that "the disap
thorough medical, social, and personal as a community responsibility. 18 Edith pearance of Satan was also, and perhaps
history of the patient. The background Wright maintains that, at least in most important, a disappearance of
information should include facts about France, psychosis was looked upon as a fear." 24
alcohol and drug usage, accidents curable illness, caused primarily by an Once again we live in a world of fear.
resulting in concussion or shock, any emotional upset. 19 The Canon Episcopi, The threat of war, the increase of crime,
traumatic experiences, relationships incorporated as part of the decretals for the failure of science to provide an
with family members, and most particu church law in the mid-twelfth century answer to our problems, and a realization
larly whether there has been any and made required reading for inquisi of our own insignificance all provide a
involvement with the occult. This latter tors, condemned witchcraft theory. 20 fertile field for renewed interest in the
heading should include use of an Ouija Between 1320 and 1420 there were only supernatural.
board, consultation with palm readers or 13 treatises on witchcraft and only 12 Within the Adventist Church, along
faith healers, and possibly even overem witchcraft trials in France. But the next with recent theological crises has come,
phasis on the importance of glossolalia in 50 years saw an increase in plagues and among some, a longing for new evidence
religious experience. famines. During that half century there of supernatural intervention. A vague
Sometimes insight may be gained by were 28 treatises and 120 trials. 21 myth persists that when Ellen White was
an examination of the individual's writ In the 1480s johann Sprenger and alive there was constant evidence of
God's immediate and continuing inter If permitted, evil spirits can "distract 1 John L. Nevius, Demon Possession and Allied
vention guiding the church through our minds." 2' They can "disorder and Themes (Chicago: Fleming and Revell, 1894), p.
every problem. This divine intervention torment our bodies." 30 "The senses, the 2 Kenneth McAll wrote, "I was afraid of the
set the church apart from every other nerves, the passions, the organs of men" whole subject, dismissing it as 'primitive.'" But he
denomination and gave evidence of its can be worked by "supernatural agencies found himself "quite shaken by the transformation
of some of these people who were obviously in the
mission. Even a cursory study of Advent- in the indulgence of the vilest lust." 31 grip of evil and by the fact that it was our prayers
ist Church history would explode this This type of possession calls for recogni which had initiated the cure." "Taste and See," in
John W. Montgomery, ed., Demon Possession: A
myth, 25 but fear, uncertainty, and a tion and repentance, not exorcism, and Medical, Historical, Anthropological, and Theological
nostalgic longing for a mythical past, who can doubt that this possession is Symposium (Minneapolis: Bethany Fellowship,
mixed with a basically paranoid person happening on a worldwide scale today? 1976), p. 269.
3 Lawrence E. Stager and Samuel R. Wolff,
ality, can easily develop pathological The merciless crimes that shock the "Child Sacrifice at Carthage—Religious Rite or
interest in exorcism and pseudopro- world, pointless terrorism, and drug Population Control?" Biblical Archaeology Review,
phetic gifts. January/February 1984, pp. 30-51
abuse are evidences of demonic control 4 Ellen C. White, Patriarchs and Prophets
Historically Anna Rice Phillips no of men. Can we question that those who (Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn.,
doubt supplied a felt need when Ellen are led to revere so-called mystics who 1958) pp. 650, 651.
5 Robert Cohen, "Psychotic Disorders," in
White was in Australia and the church preach self-indulgence and unbridled Alfred M. Freedman and Harold I. Kaplan,
in Battle Creek was left without a lust are yielding to the control of evil Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry (Baltimore:
prophet. She is one example of how a spirits? In a more veiled form, demon Williams and Wilkins Co., 1967), p. 682.
6 Gregory Zilboorg, A History of Medical Psy
person can become self-deceived. 26 Were influence is seen in violent outbursts of chology (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1941),
it not for correspondence and counsel temper, in obsessions, in perversions, in p. 163.
arriving from Australia providentially on ' Frank Ervin, "Brain Disorders Associated
heresies, and in compulsive criticism of With Convulsions," in Freedman and Kaplan, p.
time, she would no doubt have received church leaders. Here is a fruitful field for 796.
a good following. The Sanctuary Awak a deliverance ministry. "Intensity is 8 The SDA Bibk Commentary (Washington,
D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1980), vol.
ening movement and the infamous Todd taking possession of every earthly ele 5, p. 577.
tapes are more recent illustrations of how ment. With a subtlety gained through 9 John White, "Commentary on Psychological
easily people can be misled. Paul Tour- centuries of conflict, the prince of evil Observations on Demonism," in Montgomery, p.
253. (Italicssupplied.)
nier defines the motivating factors: works under a disguise. He appears 10 Nevius, p. 290.
"Modern man, despite appearances, is clothed as an angel of light, and multi 11 Ellen G. White, Selected Messages (Washing
less aware of his own nature and motives, ton, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1958),
tudes are 'giving heed to seducing spirits, book 2, p. 46.
and is lonelier as he faces them. We pity and doctrines of devils.'" 32 12 W. P. Wilson, "Hysteria and Demons,
the savage amid his mysterious, menac Multitudes today need deliverance Depression and Oppression, Good and Evil," in
Montgomery, p. 342. ,
ing spirits, but at least he shares his fears from racial and national animosities that 13 John Newport, "Satan and Demons: A
with all his tribe, and does not have to so aptly illustrate Matthew 24:7 and that Theological Perspective," in Montgomery, p. 342.
fear the awful spiritual solitude which is will eventually lead to the conditions 14 The SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5, p. 575.
15 Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages (Mountain
so striking among civilized people. And that obtained when Jerusalem was View, Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., 1940), p.
the primitive tribe does at least lay down reduced to ruin. And if Jerusalem is too 256.
a certain magical interpretation, which, 16 Basil Jackson, "Reflections on the Demonic,"
distant, think of Hitler in his bunker in in Montgomery, p. 259.
however mistaken, is satisfying because Berlin, surrounded by the ruin that his 17 Ibid., p. 260.
it is unquestioned. In the same way, the madness had wrought. One commenta 18 Franz G. Alexander and Sheldon Selesnick,
The History of Psychiatry: An Evaluation of Psychiat
modern fanatic, who unquestioningly tor wrote that "the inability of America ric Thought and Practice From Prehistoric Times to the
accepts all the dialectic and the slogans and the nations of Western Europe to Present (New York: Harper and Row, 1966), p. 53.
of his party, is happier than the skeptic. recognize the demonic made it impossi 19 Ibid., p. 52.
20 E. William Monter, Witchcraft in France and
And this explains the strange resurgence ble for us to assess the significance of Switzerland (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University
of the primitive mentality which we are Hitler and the Nazi movement -realisti Press, 1976), p. 17.
witnessing today." 27 21 Ibid., p. 18.
cally. " We could not "even see Hitler or 22 Zilboorg, p. 153.
.Christ's warnings in Matthew 24 the destructively demonic reality he 23 Cited by Zilboorg.
about false prophets appear to be quite represented." 33 What a tragedy if we 24 Cited by Monter, p. 62.
25 George Knight, Myths in Adventism (Wash
pertinent to the Adventist ministry and should be just as blind to demonic ington, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn.,
laity in our day. political movements today. What a 1985).
challenging opportunity to reach across 26 For a brief account of Anna Rice Phillips, see
R. W. Schwarz, Light Bearers to the Remnant
Wider aspects of deliverance the abyss of hatred and clasp hands to (Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn.,
Those interested in a deliverance bring healing and wholeness! 1979), p. 256.
27 Paul Tournier, A Doctor's Casebook in the Light
ministry should be aware that deliver What a challenge to the ministry to be of the Bibk (New York: Harper and Row, 1960), p.
ance covers a very wide spectrum of free and to provide freedom to those 104.
spiritual needs. Healing can come from caught up in the flood of hatred that is 28 See, for example, the experience of Richard
Trates in Collegiate Quarterly, First Quarter, 1986,
repentance and confession on the part of engulfing the world. Social or political p. 27.
the individual, and genuine interest and change will never bring freedom until 29 Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy
concern on the part of the minister. 28 the hearts of men and women are won to (Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn.,
1950), p. 517.
Exorcism may rarely, if ever, be neces the Lordship of Christ and the demons of 30 Ibid.
sary. It is instructive to note the vocabu hate are exorcised by the love of God. 31 White, The Desire of Ages, p. 36.
32 Ibid., p. 257.
lary that Ellen White uses in speaking of This is true twentieth-century deliver 33 Rollo May, Love and Will (New York: W. W.
demon possession: ance ministry. Norton & Co., 1969), p. 130.

Some call it
Editor's Note: Soon my mind was boiling over with
From belief to doubt Martin Weber, assistant to George doubts. I couldn't understand what was
and back again. Vandeman, director and speaker of the It Is happening. I had been happily baptizing
Written telecast, is an ordained minister of people into the Adventist faith I loved. I
MINISTRY editor J. R. the Seventh-day Adventist Church. During never imagined I would ever disbelieve
his 12 years of service he has been a our teachings.
Spangler interviews conference evangelist and pastor of several At first I tried to dismiss my questions,
churches. He currently does research, but couldn't. I had to be honest with
Martin Weber about writing, traveling, and speaking for the It Is myself—I had always told our audiences
Written telecast. Martin's struggle .with that there is only one reason to belong to
how he found faith doubts over certain church doctrines led him a church: all its teachings must be found
to a thorough reexamination of the scriptural in the Bible. So I had to get to the
again in the church's support for these doctrinal positions. Several bottom of this for my own peace of mind.
understanding of the of his friends went through the same struggle
and unfortunately left the ministry and the Spangler: Did the conference administra
sanctuary and church. Martin's struggle and findings of his tion know what was going on?
studies have been documented in his book
judgment Some Call It Heresy. This faith-building Weber: Yes, I told them about our study
volume needs to be placed in the hands of group and the questions we had. By this
everyone who doubts the church's doctrinal time we were meeting regularly in motel
position on the sanctuary and related beliefs. rooms to study before workers' meetings.
He also helped prepare the books What I Naturally the conference administration
Like About. . . and The Rise and Fall of became alarmed. The president asked us
Antichrist, by Vandeman. In the following to stop studying together, and admon
interview Martin places in capsule form his ished me to stay in the mainstream. He
journey from doubt to belief. told me not to chase the devil's doubts,
but to keep preaching the message and
Spangler: How did you come to question leave the questions for others.
church teachings'!
Spangler: How did you respond?
Weber: It began during a summer
workers' retreat. Several young pastors in Weber: I wanted to cooperate. I agreed
our conference invited me to study the to stop our Bible studies, but explained
Bible with them. And I was happy to join that 1 could not preach the Adventist
them. Being conference evangelist, I message if I didn't believe it. As far as the
Martin Weber wanted to get close to them so we could mainstream was concerned, I told him
work well together in our meetings. that something could be wrong with the
I soon discovered that they were into mainstream, since all these years had
some pretty deep water. They had some passed and Christ had not come.
fundamental doubts about church The president became really worried
teachings. I saw where they were headed about me. He sent me to the White
with their heresy and tried to help them. Estate to get straightened out. The
But instead of helping them, I myself brethren there were very kind and eager
became confused. to help me. But nobody seemed to
understand that I had to get my questions Weber: First, why would God jeopardize
settled from the Bible, not the writings of the security of believers by subjecting
Ellen White. them to a judgment? What is the purpose We asked him for
Outside the White Estate building I of judgment, since God already knows advice about
told my ministerial director that unless I those who are His?
could defend my faith from the Bible, I
would have to turn in my credentials.
I also had doubts about our time resigning from the
prophecies. The New Testament seemed
That hurt both of us deeply. to teach that Christ was prepared to ministry. He
come in the first century, not after
Spangler: What happened next? waiting 18 centuries for 1844. And our encouraged us to
proof of the day/year principle seemed
Weber: I searched everywhere for pretty fragile. stay in our work
Also, the book of Hebrews puts Jesus
answers. About this time there was a
ministerial conference in Takoma Park. already at the throne of God within the
unless we were made
Some of the ministers invited me to a veil. I saw nothing to indicate two to leave.
secret meeting with Desmond Ford. He separate apartments in heaven. Besides,
had an apartment on Carroll Avenue, if atonement took place at the cross, how
right around the corner from the General could we say that the Day of Atonement
Conference, where he was preparing his didn't find fulfillment until centuries Spangler: What did Mark show you?
Glacier View manuscript. About a dozen later?
crowded into Ford's living room, there in Weber: He explained that the meaning
his basement apartment. Spangler: How did you get your answers? of judgment, to the Hebrews, was
vindication. Judgment was not a threat,
Spangler: What did he tell you? Weber: Well, I took my family to the but a favor, a way to deliver the accused
Lake Union Soul-Winning Institute in from condemnation. I can't tell you how
Weber: Dr. Ford declined to discuss our Hinsdale. I knew that if anyone could much this simple insight helped regain
questions on the sanctuary. He said he help me, it would be Mark Finley, my confidence in our church teachings.
had promised the brethren to keep quiet director of the institute. Further study showed me that in Old
on the subject until after Glacier View. I asked Mark if he would come to our Testament times judges themselves
He wanted to honor his word. He did apartment and go head-to-head against a served as defenders of the accused. There
agree to talk about anything else on our doctoral student from the seminary who were no lawyers in the Hebrew legal
minds. had already given up church teachings. system. Witnesses of the crime pressed
We asked him for advice about resign Mark was not one for debating, but he charges, and judges defended the rights
ing from the ministry. He encouraged us agreed to a series of private discussions in of the accused. Today our judges remain
to stay in our work unless we were made order to help me. strictly neutral while the prosecuting and
to leave. He said that at the same time I'll never forget those Saturday' night defending attorneys do battle. But back
we should keep studying until these Bible conferences. I still have my notes then judges were required by law to be
matters were clear to us. from their discussions. biased in favor of the accused.
Mark was pretty impressive. He Of course, the judge still had to
Spangler: Did you take Ford's advice? proved from the book of Daniel that the maintain justice. If the evidence
prophecies stretched till the "time of the required it, he would reluctantly aban
end"—not the time of Antiochus Epi- don the defendant and execute punish
Weber: Not entirely. I thought it made
phanes. He also exposed Ford's teachings ment. But the whole Old Testament
sense to stay in the ministry as long as I
as a kind of preterism. system was predisposed toward vindica
was searching for answers. But if I
tion, not condemnation.
became convinced that the church was
You can see how this helped me accept
wrong, I would leave without being Spangler: So that's how you regained a pre-Advent judgment. For the first
forced out. I didn't think I deserved to be confidence in the church? time I realized that God is not question
supported by Adventist tithe dollars
ing our salvation but defending His
unless I believed Adventist doctrine.
Weber: I was beginning once more to relationship with us against the accuser
During our time in Takoma Park
see light in Adventist teachings. But still of the brethren. The celestial judgment
several of us visited you at the General
I had some basic questions. I could not does not jeopardize our security in Jesus,
Conference, if you recall. We opened
comprehend the meaning of the pre- but rather, manifests and ratifies our
our hearts about some of our questions.
Advent judgment. assurance.
You encouraged us to keep studying. You
Right at this time Mark became ill for I discuss all this in chapter 4 of my
told us that every Adventist doctrine
several days. Now, he is quite a health- book.
could be proved by the Bible and that if
minded man, who doesn't often get sick. Another thing that Mark showed me
we would be patient and keep studying
But for several days he was flat on his was a list of exciting parallels between
we would see it. That helped me quite a
bit. ' back with the flu. He used the time to the judgment scenes of Daniel 7 and
study the Bible. And when he came back Revelation 4 and 5.1 had never seen this
Spangler: just what were the doctrinal to class, he had found the basic answers I before. I consider this parallel the
questions bothering you? needed. strongest New Testament proof of the
timing of our sanctuary message. You know, the sanctuary crisis came versus they" attitude, along with a
Once I understood this connection and went, leaving most of our members persecution complex. I regret that very
between the judgment scenes of Daniel scratching their heads, wondering what much.
and Revelation, that was it. I had turned really happened. Many wonder just what Even so, during those six months of
the corner. I was born again into the went on in those "gospel" study groups. I crisis I wasn't looking for conflict. I was
Adventist faith. Other questions thought I owed it to them to share my looking for hooks to hang my faith on. I
remained to be answered, but I knew firsthand perspective. was praying for answers, and 1 embraced
then that everything would work out. them as soon as they came my way.
Chapter 12 of my book explains all this Spangler: TeR us more about the book.
in detail. Spangler: What do you wish the church
You can imagine how happy I was to Weber: The first chapter is the story of had done differently?
rejoice once more in the truth. I felt on my struggles. The next couple of chap
fire, like a new convert. ters take another look at Adventist Weber: I'm glad there were those who
history. Then comes the meaning of did not question my commitment
Spangler: What about your friends in your judgment. After that I trace the judg because I had doubts, but instead helped
home conference? ment unfolding in Daniel, Revelation, me find answers.
and Hebrews. Back then, most of the material the
Weber: While I was.away at Hinsdale In one of the later chapters I wrestle church published dealt with the crisis
they were drifting away from the church. with the question of Ellen White. How from a historical, not from a theological,
A couple of them began quietly scouting can we live by the Bible and the Bible perspective. All those warnings about
around for other jobs. only, yet honor and benefit from her Ballenger and Kellogg frightened me,
I did my best to share with them the ministry? but did not provide Bible answers for my
good news I was learning from Mark. I questions.
even bought a ticket for one of them to Spangler: Looking back at your experi Of course, since 1979 much excellent
fly to Hinsdale and study with us. He ence, what would you have done differently? material dealing with the judgment from
came, but he was unable or unwilling to a biblical perspective has been published
see the light. I couldn't save him for the Weber: When conference leaders tried by our church. For example, I think of
church, no matter how hard I tried. to dismiss our questions, my friends and I the October 1980 edition of MINISTRY. It
Each of my friends resigned or was became frustrated. We developed a "we helped me much in preparing my book.
removed from the ministry. And all of One book I bought way back in 1973
them left the church. One started his would have helped me in 1979 if only I
own "gospel" church right there in his had read it—Dr. Heppenstall's Our High
former district. The fellow I flew up to Priest, a marvelous book.
Hinsdale, my best friend, left his wife
and family and gave up religion entirely.
As you might expect, my friendship Spangler: What has your life been like
with the group came to an end. They since your crisis?
accused me of compromising my com
mitment to the gospel by staying with Weber: I've lost contact with my former
the church. That hurt. friends who left the church. I've tried to
write to them, but they haven't answered
my letters. I exchanged a number of
Spangler: When did you decide to write letters with Dr. Ford, but none lately. In
your book? his last letter he said that Hebrews 9:23
does not involve the cleansing of heav
Weber: After getting back on my feet in en's sanctuary. I say it does. And that's
Hinsdale, I was called to pastor a church where it stands.
in California. Soon after I arrived, a My understanding of the sanctuary has
former associate pastor returned to town not changed in the past six years. It has
to set up one of the so-called gospel deepened, but not changed. I marvel
fellowships. again and again to see new dimensions in
We had quite a struggle for the souls of this special truth that God gave our
some of our members. I was thankful that church.
because I myself had wrestled through I'm happy to say I enjoy good fellow
these problems, I could help my people. ship again with my former conference
So they could understand the issues, I officials. They invited me to give my
wrote the things I had learned in a little testimony at camp meeting. It was a
manuscript. Several church leaders read delight to work again with those dear
it and encouraged me to develop it into a men.
book. And eventually Some Call It At present I'm with It Is Written,
Heresy was published by the Review and assisting in Elder Vandeman's exciting
Herald. ministry. What a privilege!
f you are a caring surprises," says Norman Wright in Crisis
Ellen Bresee person, you counsel. Counseling. Some of these crises send
If you say, "I could people to their extended family for help.
never counsel!" you Christian friends who will listen and still
are really saying you love them provide reassurance and sup
wouldn't listen to port.
some heavyhearted Let me share five secrets to good
person who comes to you for help. You counseling:
Five secrets to good
may be shy. You may feel inadequate.
But Christians desire to be caring people,
counseling. and caring people reach out to hurting » Learn to listen. Many good
people rather than hiding from them, things happen when you listen to the
even if it means sharing their pain. "And counselee—especially at the beginning
the Lord make you to increase and of your first session:
abound in love one toward another, and • You show the counselee that you care.
toward all men, even as we do toward Listening flatters. It says that what the
you" (IThess. 3:12). counselee thinks and feels matters. It
Caring persons counsel successfully. proves you care, and troubled people
Researchers conducted an experiment desperately need to know someone cares.
on a university campus comparing the • Talking clarifies the problem for the
relative effectiveness of counseling done counselee. Talking is excellent therapy.
by professional counselors and that of By putting their feelings into words,
regular teachers. They found that the people move from the emotional to a
professional counselors had no more more rational level. Clothes taken out of
success in helping troubled students than a washer and placed in a basket are all
the average teacher. The professional wadded up, shapeless, and intertwined.
counselors knew more. Their techniques But hang them on the clothesline, and
may have been better. But students who individual shapes and colors come clear.
counseled with teachers chose them on Thoughts and feelings, problems and
Ellen Bresee is associ
ate coordinator o/
the basis of an ongoing relationship. needs, can seem terribly complicated.
Shepherdess Interna They came to those they knew best, Putting them into words is like hanging
tional trusted, and whom they felt cared most. them on the clothesline. Things start
People who choose to counsel with a coming clear.
pastor, and especially with a pastor's • Listening clarifies the problem for the
wife, usually choose him or her on the counselor. While you're talking you're
same basis. Such counseling tends to be not learning. When you concentrate too
successful. much on coming up with answers, you
"The journey through life is a series of may misunderstand part of the questions.
crises some of which are predictable and Listen more to learn more.
expected and some of which are total You encourage your counselee to talk
sides against the other person. If at all for sympathy. Many times the session
possible, talk to that other individual ends with a prayer imploring the Lord to
Never assume that personally. change the spouse. That may not be
what you hear from • Be as nonjudgmental as Jesus was Christian counseling at all! The Chris
toward the woman caught in adultery. And tian way to change others is to change
one side is accurate let your grace extend to the "offending"
party as well as to the counselee.
We don't want to send people out
or that the person is I learned a valuable lesson early in my feeling guilty because of all the mistakes
counseling experience. I thought I was they may have made in a relationship.
deliberately lying. saving time by meeting with a husband On the other hand, sanctification is
and wife together on their initial visit. growth in love toward both God and
Later the wife called me and told me a man. We help people apply Christianity
completely different story from the one to their problems when we help them see
she shared in front of her husband. The how Christ can change their own atti
whole picture changed. From that time tudes and behavior and how they can use
on, I have made it a practice to counsel Christian love in motivating the spouse
separately on the initial visit. Your to change.
counselee may be intimidated in the Don't try to solve people's problems.
presence of a dominating spouse. Help them to define what the problem
really is and then work their way through
* Concentrate on solutions. the process of solving it. Guide them in
Spend most of your time on solutions, not deciding what change Christ wants to
by smiling, nodding, leaning forward, problems! The first half hour of the first help them make as He works with them
and looking interested. Most counselees session ought to be enough time listening in healing the relationship.
do not feel free to go on talking unless to the problem. Some people go over and Don't do "band-aid" counseling that
the counselor gives some positive rein over a problem and refuse to work on a discourages long-term treatment—espe
forcement. As one professional coun solution. They want sympathy more cially if you tackle marriage counseling.
selor said when recruiting beginners to than they want a solution. If they solved Heavy surgery may be required! One
assist him in counseling people attending their problem, they wouldn't feel session does not usually solve marital
a stop-smoking clinic: "All I want you to important any longer. They'd lose the' problems. The danger is that when you
know is one word, I7h.-h.uh.." excuse for coming. Not only are you help the counselees alleviate the symp
During the early stages of a counseling wasting your time with such people, you toms, they get to feeling better and think
experience you should talk only to clarify are hurting them by oversympathizing. all is well.
what the counselee is saying. Sometimes You will become their crutch and may I have known couples who felt the
what you are hearing is not what he is prevent their ever walking. pressure ease dramatically after two or
saying. Sometimes what he is saying is I like the little story about solutions I three sessions with a counselor. Then
not what he is really feeling. Repeat in once heard Pastor Glenn Coon tell. He they said, "Thanks, we don't need any
question form what you think he said. and his wife had moved into a new more help." But after several more
"Do I hear you saying that when your home, and the landscaping wasn't fin months they were separated. They had
husband works late at the office every ished. When Glenn tracked mud on been too embarrassed to come back and
night you feel rejected?" The counselee their new carpet, his wife wasn't happy. say, "It wasn't enough." It usually takes a
will correct you if you're not really Finally she said that they had a problem. long time for relationships to disinte
hearing what he is trying to communi Glenn asked what it was. Her simple grate and a long time to rebuild them.
cate. answer was "Mud." Immediately they If a couple insist on ending the
• Be unshockable. If you show you're began looking for a solution. The answer counseling, at least leave them with a
shocked by what a counselee reveals, he they came up with was to place a pair of good self-counseling book. An excellent
may feel threatened and withhold fur overshoes by each door for Glenn to wear one is How to Have a Happy Marriage, by
ther disclosures. Ask God to help you to while working outside. The overshoes David and Vera Mace. This outlines a
be accepting of the person even though could then be slipped off at the door six-week program that helps a couple
what he's done may be distasteful to you. before he came in. The point is that they learn skills in communication, confron
On the other hand, you don't need to didn't spend much time on the problem. tation, and appreciation.
encourage sordid details. All it took was a simple, quick explana
• Hear both sides. Never assume that tion of it, and they immediately moved J « Help them choose a plan.
what you hear from one side is com on to the solution! Counselees find it easier to concentrate
pletely accurate or that the person is The Christian way to change others is on solutions if, together, you list various
deliberately lying, but that he is right in to change oneself. You can discover options. Then help them decide which
his own eyes. The implied flattery that whether or not you can really help a options seem best, and form a plan for
comes with his -selecting you as his person by finding out whether he is putting them into operation. Now your
counselor tends to bias your thinking in expecting to make changes in his own task is largely to encourage them to
his favor. After all, anyone who had the behavior. Too often pastoral counseling implement their own decision.
good sense to seek your counsel couldn't consists of a member coming with a black If you have a counselee who con
be too far wrong! You will tend to take story about a nonmember spouse, fishing stantly phones you and brings up the
severe conditions. Find out what
resources are available in your area so you
Many ministers and can refer cases you are not qualified to
work with. You can usually find help by
their spouses find inquiring at your county mental health
themselves dominated department. The Narramore Christian
Foundation, 1409 North Walnut Grove
by the telephone. Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770, (818)
288-7000, keeps a list of qualified
counselors and will give referrals.

J Practice strictest confiden

tiality. When someone opens to you the
depths of his heart, you have a grave
responsibility to practice the strictest
confidentiality! If you cannot keep con
fidences, don't counsel. It would be
better for you to tell the person who
comes to you that you have trouble
keeping a secret, that it sort of bubbles
out at the wrong time. I knew one
same old problem, ask, "Did you try what minister's wife who said she asked her
we decided on?" If he hedges, encourage husband and others not to tell her any
him to try it before you discuss the secrets. That way she didn't accidentally
problem again. Assure him of your give them away. New Emphasis:
continuing concern, then pleasantly but Beware of the busybodies. They tend
confidently close the conversation and to go fishing a lot. For instance, one Expository sermons, instructive semi
hang up. If he won't help himself, you might say to you, "I understand Mary is nars, thought-provoking interviews,
cannot help him. thinking about a divorce." This busy helpful reviews, and faith-building
Many ministers and spouses find body saw Mary counseling with you in stories you can use.
themselves dominated by the telephone, the church office, and she's noticed
and valuable hours that could be used in Mary's husband hasn't been around
soul winning are lost. If you find this a much lately. She doesn't really know New Easy Payment Plans
problem, try a class on assertiveness that Mary is thinking about a divorce,
training. In a paper entitled "Why Do she's only hoping to find out! If you Choose one:
Clergy Wives Burn Out?" Roy Oswald, surmise she knows and answer yes,
D Four easy installments of $11.50.
of the Alban Institute, suggests that you've blown it.
clergy spouses often believe the congre Don't be surprised if a person whom D Pay $45.00 upon receipt of first tapes.
gation expects them to be passive and to you counseled avoids you later. Your D Pay $44.95 in advance—your mem
ignore their own needs. Passive behavior relationship has changed. This is espe bership begins the month following
eventually leads to losing control over cially true of a person who has seldom receipt of your check.
one's life. Aggressive behavior means shared his feelings with another human
exploiting or coercing another. Chris before. I remember one lady who would
Satisfaction guaranteed.
tian assertive behavior is feeling clear cross the street when she saw me coming.
about who you are and what you can and I wondered whether I had offended her. Keep abreast of the best in Adventist
cannot contribute. You can be pleasant Later she told me how much she had preaching, teaching, and professional semi-
and receptive to the chronic phone appreciated my help. She was just
caller and yet not let someone else's embarrassed because she knew that I
agenda dominate you. knew.
Offer to pray with the person you are NOW, MORE THAN EVER,
T*# Know when to refer. While counseling. Prayer focuses his attention YOU CANNOT BE
listening, watch for such inappropriate on the real Source of help—God. WITHOUT MINISTRY
responses as illogical verbalizing, uncon If you care, develop good counseling TAPE-OF-THE-MONTH.
trollable emotions, staring into space or skills, and have time for counseling, you
inattentiveness, extreme depression, can be a great help to your husband. The
inability to make simple decisions, belief counseling you do just might mean a
that others are out to get them, and loss lighter load for him. Perhaps you can
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of control in eating and other habits. bargain with him, getting him to agree to MINISTRY Tape-of-the-Month
These can be psychotic symptoms, and spend with you and your family some of Box 217, Burtonsville, MD 20866
people who exhibit them should be the time you save him by counseling
referred to a professional counselor or members. If counseling is a gift God has
psychiatrist who is trained in treating given you, use it to glorify Him.
NAD evangelism

s public evange This was a time of the best of

Mortenjuberg lism in the Adventist Adventist preaching, with a morning
Church dead? prayer and praise session getting under
One would not way in the early dawn (7:15 a.m.) and
have gotten that with meetings continuing through the
Evangelism is alive impression at the evening.
Specialized seminars were held for
North American
and bursting with Division evangelism council that met wives, administrators, and the evange
recently at Daytona Beach, Florida. lists, while some 30 exhibitors displayed
energy on Planet Some 600 evangelists, administrators, wares as well as helpful information. The
pastors, and departmental directors and planning for the council had its begin
Earth. their spouses convened to discuss public nings at the 1985 General Conference
evangelism, the first such far-reaching session in New Orleans. At that time
session in a decade. They studied, Charles Bradford, North American
prayed, sang, and listened to the cream Division president, met with evangelists
of Adventist evangelists. in attendance to plan the meeting.
Russell Burrill, a former Upper Good humor sparked many of the
Columbia pastor, noted, "We would presentations. Frank Sherrill, president
have few accessions to the church if it of the Arizona Conference, told how he
weren't for the evangelist." Burrill now was called out of a church service by
heads the North American Division police who needed his help.
Evangelism Institute, based in La "We picked up a man walking naked
Grange, Illinois, which provides addi on the turnpike, and he refuses to put his
tional training in public evangelism for clothes on until he talks to an Adventist
seminary graduates. preacher," they told him.
Evangelist Ron Halvorsen told the Sherrill related how he visited with
audience that no meeting is a failure in the man, who did don his clothes. He
the sight of God. He recalled a large was sent to the state hospital for obser
campaign held in New York City's vation and treatment. Later he was
prestigious Carnegie Hall some years released and was baptized along with his
ago. mother, sister, and her husband.
"It was expensive and.the baptisms "Because of the shame of my nakedness,"
Marten Juberg is the were few," he said. But to those who he told Sherrill, "they all joined the
communication director would criticize such meetings, he church."
for the North Pacific pointed out that among the few baptisms Canadian evangelist Henry Feyera-
Union Conference. were James Londis and Halvorsen him- bend said that as a youngster he prayed
self. Both of the new members went on for a handsome face like George Vande-
to become pastor-evangelists, and man's and a voice like that of H.M.S.
between them they have brought 5,000 Richards, Sr.
converts into the church. "Somehow the order got mixed up,"
"Why do we watch the dead, those he said. "A friend told me that he had a
who have left the church after meet- burden for me to be on the radio."
ings?" he said. "Why not rejoice over "But I don't have a voice for radio,"
those who were saved?" Feyerabend replied.
Seating was at a premium in the evangelism council meeting hall.

"You do have a face for radio," the doctrine of grace. "Have you ever held meetings in a
friend responded. Pointing to the Adventist diet, he place where the people said, 'It is easy
In a challenging presentation, those said, "If you have the moxie and guts to here'?" Jaecks asked. "We don't let the
in attendance heard from Carl George, a eat the right way, why apologize for it?"' hardness of the territory influence the
church-growth consultant from Fuller One of the more provocative presen program. It's hard anywhere. The devil
Theological Seminary, who has made a tations—"Slogans and Myths That Are will make sure of that."
study of Adventists. He called Advent- Killing Public Evangelism and What We North Pacific Union president Bruce
ists the "silent kingdom," not generally Can Do About It"—was given by Lenard Johnston, who chaired one of the
understood by other denominations, and Jaecks, president of the Washington sessions, told the audience that he
chided those present for failure to take Conference. Among the myths he gained three impressions from attending
full advantage of the blessings God has referred to is the one called "It Is Hard the meetings.
given. Here." "I am impressed with how early
"You have the same dangers of being evangelists like to get going in the
institutionalized as other churches that morning [he was referring to the early
have lost their first flush of enthusiasm," meeting time]. I'm glad to see the
he said. "Your reward system causes number of young evangelists coming on
people to look toward a higher level than the scene, and I'm impressed with the
the local church, and you are siphoning number of wives in attendance."
off key staff to local and union confer Though now in administrative work,
ences." Johnston told the audience that he held
He noted that the church has been his first public meeting 40 years ago and
inconsistent in handling Ellen G. that he has held an average of two
White, saying, "You have a prophetess, crusades each year since then.
but you put her writings in the same Russell Burrill concluded his presenta
status as Scripture." tion, "The Process of Public Evange
Referring to the continuing contro lism," with a five-part challenge.
versies about Mrs. White, he added, "We need to increase the number of
"You need to stop arguing and look for people brought to meetings by members.
Jesus' coming." Advertising isn't the main means of
Dr. George commended the denomi attracting visitors," he said. "We must
nation for five main points of belief, Music coordinator Raymond Saunders develop plans by which members make
including the Sabbath, biblical diet, from the Northeastern Conference leads friends of those attending the meetings."
tithing, Christian education, and the forth with gusto. Burrill said that the church needs to be
constantly evangelizing in the commu
nity and should not depend on the Get the inspiration and the information!
evangelist to do all of the work. You can get iaiidiocassette recordings of the seminars conducted at the North
"We must emphasize to members that .American Division evangelism council. The, cassettes are $3 each or $104. ,50 for the
evangelism is a way of life and not a entire set (a discount or almost 10 percent). ,
special program," he added and, turning , Order.ftom: Ministerial Association, Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-
to the administrators present, con day Adkentists, P.Ce'Box 6127, Lincoln, NE 68506,, Include a check-or money order
.with sufficient funds to cover the cost of shippirig and handling, as well as of the
cluded, "You must be willing to fund cassettes, AH payments must be in U, Si funds;
evangelism as a process and not a special , For shipping yia. UPS (the rfecornmended rflode within the, 48 states); add $2 per
crusade." "ship "to" address for orders np to $25, add,$3;per address for, orders of $25'.01 ti> $50, $4
There were constant references to the , for prders-of'jSaOl to,$100,: $7 .for orders of $100.0! to $200, and $10for Prefers of
blessings of public evangelism. Jack '$200.01; ;6r more? •', - '•„ ",'' _•] ' '' ;,-/."" * "; "" ,.• ..'.-' ' - 7, '" " • ..
Bohannon, now secretary in the Chesa • .;V;E<)ir'^IiipfBB^,^fe;^^ |U.,S.A. only);, l-'cassette,' $.75;
peake Conference, told of two cam ,,.2-9 'casseaes"/: '$f50',ifqt' the-fet 'and $.25 for each additional; ,10 or more cassettes, no
'shipping: ehaige.'. i ,/, ."•""•".';',' ; 1 •'• " : '.., '••''.'"'''.",',•.•>'"""";'.•..."'' , .. '."'•'..-•"'•"'-..-•„•'" ,' •
paigns that could be regarded as failures.
As a 13-year-old boy in Titusville, ,,,•' -PirSt 'Glass-W-S . Ai. and Canada) : ,1 cassette," $1:; "2-9 cassettes, $.75 ,'for trie fast- and
'$..5Q"<fbr«a£$.' additional. ,"•,..„.-• '' ' ..- •'- '; ,;••>-' •'• ',.'••"' 'v •"-""'.- • -'•'"'"',- ., " '
Florida, he watched a tent being pitched
All - overseas" shipping"will, be charged actual cost via air.br surface.:,,Please include
by William Hatch and attended the . Excess payment \vilj Ije'-creditecl
meetings. '
"I had never heard of Adventists '",'• '.:,::•"- ''•.'";,'::*"':"'" '.",;-'-""'- Sennnats .
before, and I was the first candidate , ,;: SE1 . ^Tiairiing, La«y 'to. Minister in Prepa'rati«rrforlS4£«ings; ,. ,..'..'.....„ Don 'an^Kfatge, Gray'
baptized," he recalled. , j,SE2 ' -1Markefli\g-|?tibffc''E5faBgeiismpit0''tKe SesiAar' Hipd:1.'.'?.,'..,,,..1;. .'!'.„. .,,„-/.. .':.'.,.,,;Tjac Colon1 '
In the same year another evangelist ",-SE3i ' "'Ho^>Maftet:^gi'Meii^c^SiGan"'EnguK'Soul'iwiAnih§ Efficiency, •• " , ,vii - » "* '."^ ;>• ""• _ , -
holding meetings in Plainview, Texas, - ; : ;-;»,-« *. '"';;- * 4- i1'1' '''''*j^'sfeJt i1.^'; s». :< .'?J'..;y«*T»,^j,,^.JL Jv". 5 .1» .": .* ^^
had only one nonmember in attendance. ' 'SE4. -i'i !lScx3iMiping,'3ie[^seJ'of.tke;Remnapt:!€lJiur<Jk-an Sschaifdlogy .
;, !SB5 .,_ ,l?feSenting''|Be &«i;an3 tlhe-.OoS]pel-to"Pti81ic Esraiilelisra:^;!.".! ,
"He brought his three kids to the , -SE6 ", ,i?Fejfaring'fiaii3idate&'for Bapsism and Active Ciostcn Membership j.r:'; : . ...Jay Galliijiore "
meeting, and they were all baptized, ,§E7" Presenting Es^fiatofogical 1 Events to'the..piSF*iisftti,oBal Mih,d; j.-U. Saoraete ftescMocchi
including his daughter Donna, who later . ,SE8p< ", jtlafciB'jfElFective Callj -TKat Kjlptivdte People Toward Decision.'1.. I. .l..j~% K. S,- Wiggins
became my wife," Bohannon said. "I ' 'SE9 • * How EfemograpMcfs a'ndj Advertising Can Help" the Tatget 'Aiidferice •; , "', ,-?' "
••'"' ' ,, .v"" "'"I,, « '' '" ,_.»-- '.'...'-'. .,-..-.. '•'.. ;.. ,..,,',...".. -,k.;, :'...'. ".,.. :W; Benny Modrer GeOrge Eowell
don't call these failed campaigns."
Kenneth Cox, from the Southeastern ,! "••, , ., ." '<•' .,,»'' " . ..,, -Senunajs' for Evangelists' Spouses ' '" ' „,«••'" . „„ •• ., .•
California Conference, drew lessons '..,,SpSf ^;p^elSp^rig-,1a;f^prJQ^t;.Sfste^l fo^4Sin^^e:^
from the story of Jesus' calling Simon ' • ' SJSB "" ' M^iSiijg'tfe-Sp&'ial Needs': "of ChtMfen' Wbo ;iifavel". .":".'... '.: ..'„. . : Ted (and t)arla; Sifiihtz
Peter to be a fisher of men. " : -SESl-' '"- lqiiif|pjng"laity-'4s ' S'uEPprt , SfitF fpF 'iPftBIic;:k|eelings ... .;.'.'.'....;„.. I'.'.'l ... r . .-Antedia Brown ,
•-'SES;4, ~C^»od4^tfi^>',t5fe^'E^si^Bm;)Wifty^-WJdtfSjblp M^etingSrtT^v..^'..^.; IdsirJEfatier' •
Speaking on the practicality of public ..' SES5 , ,,Tlie EvangBBst's ;Spfe«se as a .Role. Model for Jviintstering, Women....;.-.. LoisY.' Scales"
evangelism, he said, "You'd better be , , ;SES6 .'ysiril.'PeJKjnaJ'-Siiuli-wi'nijing Siills in Public .Evaag"felisni. . .^'.-. ...... ..-.. A . Rosalie',' H. Lee-
learning what fish do. There is no greater ,SBS7 Infegtating.:Hesiltt-EwBgeIism Into Public1 Evangelism ... .,.';;..........,..:.!.. Qwen'I?oster
science than that of soul winning. Study " .'SES8''";'l3e>jelt>pmg^Mtisical Program ,to "Support.public 'PreacMng .,..»..•...'...,.,,.; Bemie Paalson'
men and women."
' ;. f '-i r ! "' ";•-,',; .•'«' : ,.' Seiiiiii^iS fe 5f»ul-witti»^ AiiiiiiiAtraiois .'''/'; C.v.% '-. .';,•=',
Charles D. Brooks, general field secre
' ' ' SS^p't-'D'ettekipittg Laity ''Sippprf J6f PtibliB "EvangeBsrtf tA ' tiife Goftfeience- 1 U ..-,.,; Cyril "Kdjliei
tary of the General Conference and • - '-SSAIJ2 "liiproyiMg* Woifetif "Relationships .Between -PaStiD»,aad' Evangelists-"^, r. . .,;|o|itt,Rhodes-
speaker for the Breath of Life television ,, SSADj , loipact Evad|;elisni;as'an Aitern'ativ'e,,to' Cliutch;-0rbwth Evangelism.'-.,. ,./,.,«KeftCcix-'
series, called evangelism a gift of God , ;SSAf)C. Meeting .tlse' tfniijue 'ScfveSaling 'and -EliSancM ble&ls- of Evaageliste iv;.-; . . . . : ;fcee'Allen
that has to be exercised. SSAB5' ' DeveKping and' Training- future, Bifclic Eyangelistj,,;,,i.v'i ..'..... ..^. ........... J. .•';' Jim Cress'
'SSADfr CapitaHziri'g ,pn.,Ouf Greatest OppOTlaruty-1r~Dev'e!opiBg Outreach • '" '' ,-, • " . ,:.
"Peter wasn't ready for the sermon on - '' t , ,, '•' ' Ministries tffiHispanics. ,'".';.„.,.;. .I'".'.... .,»..:.-^., .,..„„.;,'.'.. ..,.,. .,:... . Manjiel'Vasquez
the day of Pentecost until he had the vl SSADZ^Encoiiraguig "Pastors td Lead,-Their Members in Evahgelistn"..'.'.....,,,,..T: A.;MeN'eatey
Pentecostal experience," he noted. SSATJS GBorch, .OroWtK and Eviitgelisnl': A, Marriage, tOi.Siip'p6i;r,-Duf Mission-; . ".'Don Jacobsen
With the topic "The Prerogative of
-•' "''. , ,,-.' '' " ;-,., '''"' General §esstons aatf Setnlaars '.-.'• ''' _• ,' " ' •, ,, ,-" v'
Public Evangelism," Brooks affirmed his
belief in the message of the church. DSS 1' . The Priority 'ofPublic lE^angelism ?.'.'....,, •.>, .?, ;' ... „ j. ,;. .'. '.'..., ... .:-. .:'.'--.... .-.. , -JCJ2 E.' Bradfprd
'": '.pGiS2' ',Tne11 Pririiacy,of. PtiBliCg.Evangdisitt'. :.'..'.. ..,,»,:".."... ..-.^'.a. ",.*..'.. ..,.«.";'.'.'•.. ..Ro'nf'Halvorsen'
"Every time I go to preach this truth, I !" PQS3" - rTjie .Purpose ,of="Public,.E*angelis!ji-;. ;:'. :'.",..., ...v. . . '.', .„...»;:: '.".. . T,5 ™,-; .*..". E. E. ^Cleveland
feel grateful." Then he asked, "Could ¥-iXJ§fe''vAe P«ice4'ofpaMic Evarigelism r .>'5.'i'.^- v'-f-i— -V ••-•?• A....,.;; «.X™ Russell :lurrill
the foundations suddenly turn rotten? I ^B6|5s ;jThe'l^s.sMiSes,'0fWryi(:;ETOngy W: 'C._ Scales,,' Jr. ,
answer to myself, No! A thousand times „ BG§6, ",.Ther-P|erogat!ve,o£Put)lic Eyangellsffi .u. ."...'.,.,.,.. J::':. ....„.,,•».:'.'..'.. ..JV B..-.".' C. ,!>., Brooks
,'PCJS?: Tjl^I^ims6,,s>f^i>^$vai(gefcra
no! In the vernacular of what I read in a f;W^'!''^$ai^e^itt:i^^d?entists: Cy-'^r^ndJl^t^vehtlHaay.'''-'''^^-'1';'^ .7'."-•'!.•:•• ;' ' '
sports magazine, 'If it ain't broke, don't ".', ; '/','" ',,"'iA;d)?eiitista,(paa j£Snp.A^....j-,lvr«JV"*-?^ •'»>*"•'•• •.-4y:.^'*,-'; -^-"-'»"-'^-:'v ,Garf"P-»Geprge •-
fix it.'" * ;iX3S9- ^Utilising' -tftfe'Cliittcli's''^^^!!^? 'to,A^lifiiliateiMej^' Members;:. -^ U. ^41 4:-:-.' Lyg,i|.Martell !," .
Is public evangelism dead?
Judging by the reactions of those ,,,,,,lMiSg^P\s|jJtc'^ «..", ,''-'»'"'""!
present, and by plans revealed for the
future in local conferences, public evan ' '''"
gelism in the Adventist Church is alive.
From the Editors

Are our tithe policies

ithe goes only for the troubled by the indebtedness that has first adopted by Sabbathkeepftig
support of the gospel overtaken this denomination, especially Adventists (in 1859) consisted of the
minister! This is in North America. We live in an age setting aside of a weekly offering of from
what I -tho'ught and when debt has become a way of life for 5 to 25 cents for men and from 2 to 10
taught in the early individuals and companies. Borrowing is cents for women. 2 In 1864 this system
years of my ministry. made easy and appears so attractive . . . expanded to include a weekly gift of
Actually, I gave lit As we start this new year, as we think of 2 cents for each $100 worth of property
tle thought to the source of operating the theme of renewal, I am calling for each member possessed. It was not until
expenses for the local, union, and Seventh-day Adventists, both person the late 1870s that emphasis was placed
General Conference offices. I was sur ally and corporately, to change their on giving the tithe as a percentage of
prised when I found that the tithe was ways. I am calling for us to break off theincome.
used for virtually any and all conference shackles of debt that are holding us at Prior to 1880, the instruction we have
expenses, including maintenance and risk, personally and as a denomina from the Spirit of Prophecy does not
the truck drivers' salaries. tion." 1 delineate precisely how systematic
Another surprise came when I learned As I read this appeal, questions benevolence was to be used—nor were
about tithe exchange. In this process a haunted me. Could the way we as a restrictions imposed until later years. We
conference with excess tithe funds church handle the sacred tithe be in any do know, however, that in the church's
exchanges some of the tithe it receives way related to the financial problems we infancy, neither the medical, the pub
for nontithe funds through the General face? Do not the guaranteed blessings lishing, nor the educational branches of
Conference office. The conference and cursings involving tithing apply to the work were regular recipients of tithe
would then be free to use these nontithe the corporate structure as well as to the funds.
funds for building churches, paying individual? (However, Ellen White did write a
school subsidies, and so forth. In the Our General Conference archivist testimony in 1879 in which, referring to
seventies, lively discussion at an Annual says that research shows that in the late the erection of churches and the estab
Council revealed that accurate figures nineteenth century, tithe reform seemed lishing of schools and publishing houses,
were not being kept on tithe exchanges. to be related to financial crises in the she said: "These institutions are
This revelation led to a monitoring ordained of God and should be sustained
world and/or in the church. If this is true,
system to ensure accuracy. as ministerial leaders we should become by tithes and liberal offerings." 3 This
When we view carefully the church's acquainted with the policies that govern testimony gives an overall view of God's
financial situation, we must admit it has the use of tithe. requirements in the area of stewardship.
faced, is facing, and may in the future Giving was to far exceed the tithe. Ellen
continue to face serious problems. The Early Adventist tithe-use practices White refers to a "conscientious few" in
Davenport predicament, the Harris Pine What did our church in its early years Old Testament times who gave one third
Mills bankruptcy, the Lake Region understand about how the tithe was to be of all their income.)
Fiasco, the large and perhaps excessive used? Apparently their understanding of In the January 15, 1880, Review and
indebtedness of some of our medical, the basis on which believers gave tithes Herald, James White wrote, "A tithe is
publishing, and educational institu and offerings and of the precise use of the Lord's. Since the Fall of man it has
tions, are a real concern to leadership. these funds underwent a gradual devel been necessary that there should be men
In an article in the Adventist Review, opment. We can summarize by saying, devoted wholly to the service of God. It
our General Conference president made though, that in our early years both appears that from the very beginning the
an appeal (under the subhead "Lesson to tithes and offerings were channeled Lord taught His people to devote one
Learn") that touched a responsive chord almost exclusively toward ministerial tenth to the support of His ministers." 4
in many hearts. He wrote, ''I have to support. An action taken at the General
honestly confess to you that I am deeply The form of systematic benevolence Conference session that same year indi-
cates that some local churches were portions of which were to form a part of
using tithe funds for church expense. the counsels that eventually were pub
The action reads: "Resolved, That no lished in Testimonies under the title
church should devote any portion of its The White Estate lists four papers "Faithful Stewardship." One paragraph
tithe to the erection or repairing of its that are available to those wishing reads: "One reasons that the tithe may be
church, without the free consent of the to study this question more com applied to school purposes. Still others
state conference committee." 5 pletely: , ." • " reason that canvassers and colporteurs
should be supported from the tithe. But a
Butler liberalizes tithe policy "Highlights of the Beginnings' of great mistake is made when the tithe is
While the concept of the use of tithes the Tithing System," 28 pages, drawn from the object for which it is to
was evolving, it was generally under $.80, ' ' -, •• .. : , ./-• be used—the support of the ministers.
stood at this time that tithe funds were to "Mrs, Ellen G. White and the There should be today in the field 100
be reserved for the gospel ministry. Tithe," 20jpages,,$.80;- " , ,- " '- . well-qualified laborers where now there
Shortly thereafter, this practice was "The Useof the Tithe," 18pages,: is but one." I6
liberalized. According to an undated '$.70:--:•-,:;• •"-.;. . ,..,.• .";'•.; Much more could be written on this
pamphlet (possibly 1884), General Con "Ellen G. White Comments on important subject. Several documents
ference president G. I. Butler believed the Use of the Tithe" (most recent, are available for study from the Ellen G.
that the many demands facing the document), 14 pages, $.75. White Estate (see box).
church legitimized using the tithe for As editors we felt it expedient to share
auditors, tract and missionary state with our church leadership the latest
, You may obtain', these by ordering; -•*
secretaries, colporteurs, and so forth. them1 from: ^The Ellen Q- White Annual Council voted policy on the use
Butler acknowledged that in some cases Estate1 ,' 6840 Eastern Ave.^ N%,'.. of tithe. Over the past several years, an
the gospel ministry suffered because of a Washifigtettf fj;CC 20012. -(Brfees,' enormous amount of time on the part of
lack of funds, but -concluded, "We include^, postage.'), ,» "•"'" '", "; -'^'. • ".. committees and individuals has been
believe the tithing is designed of God for invested in a study and revision of our
the support, as far as it will go, of all use-of-tithe practices. The most recent
laborers who are called by the cause of committee, composed of 35 to 40
God to give their time to His work. We administrators, treasurers, departmental
know of no other special system for this designs that it shall be held sacred to this personnel, pastors, and laypeople,
purpose." 6 purpose." 10 refined the document that was passed at
The extent to which Butler's opinions Six years later she reaffirmed this clear the 1985 Annual Council and appears
affected the working policies of the position: "The tithe is to be used for one following this article. We trust our
church is a matter of conjecture. How purpose—to sustain the ministers whom readers will carefully and prayerfully
ever, some time thereafter in a special, the Lord has appointed to do His examine its contents.
separately published pamphlet, Ellen work." 11 This counsel included both It is unfortunate that we did not
White clarified the use of tithe: "The men and women. In 1899 she wrote: present this material several years ago,
light which the Lord has given me on "The tithe should go to those who labor asking for readers' input. However, we
this subject is that the means in the in word and doctrine, be they men or still solicit any helpful comments and
treasury for the support of the ministers women." 12 concepts for future reference.—J. R.
in the different fields is not to be used for In statements that appeared in late Spangler.
any other purpose." 7 1900, she advocated using tithe for Bible
She spoke against the practice of some teachers in our schools. She wrote: I Neal C. Wilson, "The Loss of Harris Pine
church leaders in using the tithe for "Those who minister in our schools, Mills, " Adventist Review, Jan. 1, 1987, p. 8.
other expenses: to keep up the meet teaching the Word of God, explaining I I have gleaned this and most of the following
data from Arthur L. White's paper "Highlights of
inghouse or for some charity. Instead, the Scriptures, educating the students in the Beginnings of the Tithing System." This paper
she urged that "house-to-house labor be the things of God, should be supported is available from the White Estate—see box
done in setting before the families in by the tithe money. This instruction was accompanying article.
3 Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 464.
Battle Creek and Oakland their duty in given long ago, and more recently it has 4 "Tithes and Offerings," Review and Herald,
acting a part in meeting these expenses, been repeated again and again." 13 Jan. 15, 1880, p. 35.
5 "General Conference of Seventh-day
which may be called common or secular, Emphasizing the Bible teacher's role as Adventists, Nineteenth Annual Session, Oct. 6,
and let not the treasury be robbed." 8 a minister, she said: "The best ministe 1880," Review and Herald, Oct. 14, 1880, p. 252.
Yet she allowed for exceptions: rial talent should be employed in teach 6 G. I. Butler, An Examination of the Tithing
System From a Bible Standpoint (Battle Creek,
"There are exceptional cases, where ing the Bible in our schools. Those Mich.: Review and Herald, n.d. [c. 1884]), p. 72.
poverty is so deep that in order to secure selected for this work need to be 7 Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers,
the humblest place of worship, it may be thorough Bible students and to have a Series A, No. 10 (n.p., n.d. [1897]), p. 18.
8 Ibid., p. 19.
necessary to appropriate the tithes." 9 deep Christian experience, and their 9 Manuscript 24, 1897.
The next year Ellen White unequivo salary should be paid from the tithe." 14 10 Manuscript 139, 1898.
11 Manuscript 82, 1904.
cally restated the concept that tithe is to As to the maintenance of church 11 Evangelism, p. 492.
be used for the gospel ministry. "God's schools, she advocated, with qualifica 13 Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 215.
ministers are His shepherds, appointed tions, using a second tithe. 15 "Ibid., pp. 134, 135.
15 Manuscript 67, 1901; see also letter 167,
by Him to feed His flock. The tithe is His Finally, she wrote a very significant 1904.
provision for their maintenance, and He statement on the use of tithe in 1904, 16 Testimonies, vol. 9, pp. 248, 249.


CPA expresses opinion

on tithe policy
One member of the General Conference tithe is the Lord's, and those who meddle by the Lord"—specific things. It
ad hoc committee dealing with the use of tithe with it will be punished with the loss of appeared to me that some committee
was Jerry E. Bartram, an Adventist certified their heavenly treasure unless they members were saying, "We are going to
public accountant who spent considerable repent. Let the work no longer be hedged have to qualify Ellen White's statements
time studying the question of how the tithe up because the tithe has been diverted on the use of tithe."
should be used. He recruited a retired into various channels other than the one In my opinion, Ellen White never
minister to help him in his research. After to which the Lord has said it should go. varied from the position that tithe was to
reading his personal testimony and studying Provision is to be made for these other go to support the ministers. That might
our present policy, others may have convic lines of work. They are to be sustained, include the ministers' wives who were
tions as to whether or not any further but not from the tithe. God has not involved in Bible work. It might include
changes are needed. We invite you to send in changed; the tithe is still to be used for the publishing directors. You have to
your succinct comments and we will publish the support of the ministry. The opening study her statements carefully.
as many as we have space for.—Editors. of new fields requires more ministerial According to Ellen White, using tithe
Although the invitation to be on the efficiency than we now have, and there for purposes other than supporting the
Use of Tithe Committee came during a must be means in the treasury" (Testi gospel ministry would detract from the
crucial time in my practice—the middle monies, vol. 9, pp. 249, 250). ministry. Because there was no chance
of tax season—I took off a couple of Statements such as these led me to for employment, qualified men would
weeks and dived into this thing head vote, along with some others on the leave the ministry . or not take up
first. I searched the Loma Linda Univer committee, for revising the current tithe ministerial work in the first place.
sity library for everything I could find on policy. I believe, for example, that Certainly that has happened. And that
tithe. I read materials from the General neither literature evangelists nor makes you sit up and think! This little
Conference archives. The more I got teachers who do not teach Bible full- lady was predicting something way down
into it, the more convicted I became that time should be paid from tithe. How the street.
this was an area of tremendous impor ever, the majority felt that making these As to tithe exchange, I believe Ellen
tance. One historical study showed that changes would destroy the system. They White's concept was that tithe belongs
in the late nineteenth century tithe repeatedly asked, "Where will you get to the ministers in the entire world field.
reform seemed linked with financial funds?" It is not proprietary to a conference, for if
crises in the world and/or within the But the more I studied, the more a conference was flush and had a lot of
church. evident it was that the little lady who tithe, they could put in a lot more men
My understanding is that the Ellen penned so many words on tithe either than they could use. Rather than a tithe
White statements regarding the use of had an incredibly perceptive mind or she exchange, there was to be a tithe
tithe and the diversion of tithe funds was inspired. Her concepts had the sharing—the tithe from a rich field was
were intended to ensure that there would potential to bring a subtle balance and to be shared with a poor field [see letter
always be ample funds in the treasury to control to the church. 81,1897—Eds.]. But it was to be used for
pay the ministers adequately and to After the first committee meeting, I one purpose and one purpose alone: to
support a strong evangelistic thrust put in a night of soul-searching. The provide financial support for ministers.
throughout the world. For instance, she next day I didn't even show up until This would include anything that would
wrote: "There should be an abundant noon. Basically I couldn't handle it. go under the support of the ministers.
supply in the Lord's treasury, and there When you deal with tax controversies, No conference could use that money
would be if selfish hearts and hands had you keep smiling and banging away; you for any other purpose than direct evan
not' withheld the tithes or made use of don't get totally carried away. But this gelistic work and paying the ministers'
them to support other lines of work. struck a nerve in me. I realized how salaries. And when they had as many
"God's reserved resources are to be deeply I cared for my church. What ministers as they could handle, the
used in no such haphazard way. The bothered me was that an action was excess tithe money was to be shared with
about to be taken that I perceived to be whatever field needed it. Basically it
Jerry E. Bartram is a Seventh-day Adventist contrary to inspired counsel. Ellen would be up to the General Conference
certified public accountant who lives in Yucaipa, White made statements beginning with to allocate it to the world field.
California. the words "I was shown" or "I was shown (I understand that tithe sharing on the
part of the local conferences in North and departmental personnel on all levels into the storehouse, that there may be meat
America used to be on a voluntary basis. would have to go around and hustle in mine house, and prove me now herewith,
For several decades now, 20 percent of appropriations to pay their own secre saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you
the local conferences' tithe has been sent taries, to pay the utilities for the office, the windows of heaven, and pour you out a
on to the General Conference for its use. and to cover the necessary operating blessing, that there shall not be room enough
to receive it" (Mal. 3:10). "The tithe is
Undoubtedly, part of this is involved in expenses, just as the local church con
sacred, reserved by God for Himself. It is to
the tithe sharing.) gregations have to do. be brought into His treasury to be used to
This would mean that our presidents sustain the gospel laborers in their work"
Incredible system of checks and would have to be out in the field; the (Gospel Workers, p. 226).
balances church ministries director and everyone T 20 10 Use of Tithe—1. Philosophy-
How should the church pay for its else in the office would have to justify to Through the Bible and the ministry of Ellen
support system: secretaries, office build the people who are going to fund them G. White, God gives inspired counsel and
ings, and so forth? From what Ellen for the next year's operating budget why valuable guidance on many matters. This
White says about the Battle Creek they were needed. But never at any point enables the church to develop sound policies,
church I infer that she believed these would their job be in jeopardy in terms of the application of which will be in harmony
needs should be met out of nontithe their salary, because it would be paid for with our understanding of God's revealed
funds (Special Testimonies to Ministers and out of the tithe. The subtlety of that will.
Workers, Series A, No. 10, p. 19). check and balance hit me as one of the 2. World Mission of the Church—It is
A council action taken in South most beautiful revelations that I have essential that the leadership of the church
carefully study and apply the principles and
Lancaster (found in the Atlantic Union ever heard. concepts involved in the use of the tithe so
Gleaner, Aug. 2, 1905) says: "We On this point, no one else on the that the church can effectively meet the
recommend that a general fund be committee agreed with me; I stood needs and challenges of carrying the gospel
allocated to meet the general expenses of alone. I think one agreed that in theory and in proclaiming the three angels' messages
the conferences." Clearly someone back that is what she said. They all agreed it to the whole world. In planning the use of
then said that there is a difference would be a tremendous balance. these sacred funds, conferences must con
between what funds pay a minister and I would like to make it clear that I feel tinue to regard the gospel outreach in
what funds support a minister. there should be no cutting back on our soul-saving evangelism as a priority of the
When that first hit me, I said to educational system. Rather, a greater greatest importance. In pursuance of this
part of our schools' financial burden ideal, this policy for the use of tithe has been
myself, "That will never fly. We can't do
it!" And then it suddenly struck me— should be carried by our members. This T 20 15 Purposes for Which Tithe May Be
this lady was under inspiration. It brings would have the positive effect of causing Used—1. Support of Pastors, Evangelists,
in an incredible system of checks and our schools to be more responsive to the Ministers—The tithe shall be utilized to
balances. needs of the members who are funding support salaried personnel directly engaged in
Every year the church administrative the major portion of their budgets. pastoral and evangelistic soul-winning
endeavors. "The tithe is to be used for one
purpose—to sustain the ministers whom the

Use of Tithe Policy

Lord has appointed to do His work. It is to be
used to support those who speak the words of
life to the people, and carry the burden of the
flock of God" (Manuscript 82, 1904).

Revision 2. World Missions—The Sharing of the

Tithe Policy (T 10) shall be followed. This
policy is the church's response to the biblical
Voted, To adopt a new policy NAD T 20, church at Corinth, Paul gave the believers principle of the strong helping the weak, and
Use of Tithe, to read as follows: instruction regarding the general principles Ellen G." White's counsel on sharing tithe.
T 20 Use of Tithe underlying the support of God's work on "More and more we must come to realize that
T 20 05 Seventh-day Adventist Plan of earth (1 Cor. 9:7-14; Counsels on Stewardship, the means that come into the conference in
Church Finance—1. Sources of Funding— pp. 65-79; The Acts of the Apostles, pp. the tithes and gifts of our people should be
God's plan for the support of His work on this 335-337). Ellen G. White confirmed that the used for the support of the work not only in
earth is through the tithe and freewill tithing plan is of divine origin, is for all time, the American cities, but also in foreign fields.
offerings of His people. The tithe is the main and is anchored in the biblical plan of tithes Let the means so zealously collected be
source of funding for the total proclamation and offerings. unselfishly distributed. Those who realize the
of the gospel to all the world by the 3. Financial Support—The world task needs of mission fields will not be tempted to
Seventh-day Adventist Church. This entrusted to the Advent movement calls for use the tithe for that which is not necessary"
includes a balanced and comprehensive both sacrificial and systematic financial sup (Manuscript 11, 1908). The benefits to
evangelistic outreach to the public and the port. In recognition of this fact, the church in worldwide missions under this plan have
spiritual nurturing of church members. its formative years was divinely led to adopt been considerable. Because of the church's
Because the tithe is reserved for a special the biblical plan of tithing as the financial worldwide operations, determination of the
purpose, freewill offerings must provide the basis of its outreach "to every nation, and percentages of tithe contributed as tithe of
funding for many functions of the gospel kindred, and tongue, and people." tithe and additional tithe percentages shall
work. 4. Storehouse—Only conference organi continue to be set by the General Confer
2. Tithing Plan—Through benevolence zations are authorized to make allocations ence/division committees. It is not the
and liberality the Lord sought to teach His from tithe funds. The tithe is the Lord's and prerogative of churches/missions/confer
people that in everything He must be first. should be returned to the storehouse, the ences/unions to decide these percentages
Building on this in his first letter to the conference treasury. "Bring ye all the tithes unilaterally.
3. Soul-winning Support Personnel— of tithe support. to the divine precepts of the Scriptures. It has
The tithe may be utilized- to sustain other d. In her practical counsel for the also been concluded from the Ellen G. White
personnel who, in a supporting role, directly administration of the church, Ellen G. writings that she broadens the use of tithe to
relate to the work of soul-winning agencies, White often reveals deep concern lest a permit the support of certain aspects of the
whether directed by the General Confer variety of ways be found to divert the tithe educational program.
ence, the division, the union, or the local from the special purpose for which it is f. By applying the lessons to be learned
conference/mission. Included with such per designated, namely the support of the from the Bible and the statements of Ellen G.
sonnel are departmental directors and their preaching, pastoral, evangelistic ministry; White, we believe that under properly
staffs that are engaged in evangelistic and the priestly duties of the minister of the established guidelines, which would safe
nurturing ministries. gospel; and the support of Bible teachers. guard the support of the work of the ministry,
4. Conference/Mission Operating Ex e. On the other hand, a careful consid tithe funds could be used to support certain
pense—The tithe may be utilized for operat eration of the Scriptures and of the Ellen G. activities of selected individuals. These are
ing expenses of conferences/missions and the White writings seems to indicate that as long individuals who serve in- a clearly identifiable
facilities used by the personnel outlined as the sacred tithe, which God has reserved support role in educating in the things of God
above (see paragraph 3). for Himself, is faithfully employed for the and who sustain a relationship to the work of
5. Literature Evangelists' Benefit Fund— support of His work, such use is not contrary the gospel minister.
The tithe is considered to be an appropriate
source of subsidy for the conference portion
of the Literature Evangelists' Benefit Fund.
6. Subsidies for Specified Activities—The
tithe may be utilized for conference/mission
operating subsidies for such programs as
youth camps and camp meetings, as part of - our homes
the evangelistic thrust of the church. - our churches
7. Evangelistic and Conference/Mission
Office Equipment—Tithe funds may be used
- our world
for the purchase of evangelistic equipment will be revolutionary evangelism
and conference/misson office equipment. All
other equipment shall be purchased with "If we would . . . be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and pitiful, there would be
nontithe funds. 100 conversions to the truth where now there is only one."—Ellen G. White.
8. Bible/Religion Teaching and Support

Personnel in Schools—(see T 20 20 below).
9. Retired Employees—The tithe may be
used for the retirement benefits of denomi

national employees (except those who are
otherwise provided for, e.g., health-care
T 20 20 Use of Tithe for Education—
1. General Principles—
a. In view of the Ellen .G. White Made Easy
counsel restricting the use of tithe "for school by
purposes," our system of education must be Patricia B. Mutch, Ph. D
funded largely from other sources. Mrs.
White does, however, make an exception in
connection with Bible teaching in our Lessons Include
schools. In the chapter entitled "School
Management and Finance," in Testimonies * Biblical Models and Metaphors
for the Church, volume 6, pages 206 to 218, * Nurturing the Gift
* Winning Conversations
there is a section about the opening and
* Hospitality Management
operating of schools. It was written about the
year 1899 and specifies certain individuals * Creative Church Parties
* Hospitality Evangelism
who could be paid from the tithe:
b. "Our conferences. . . should give the "I predict that before you finish the last chapter, you
schools a most hearty and intelligent support. will dust off the welcome mat, invite some company,
JHCM-7174 Christian Hospitality
warm up the oven, and wait with anticipation for God
Light has been plainly given that those who and your guests."
*J. Allan Petersen, President Family Concern, Inc. Made Easy $16.95 _
minister in our schools, teaching the Word of
God, explaining the Scriptures, educating Through the avenue of social interaction, the love of Total Enclosed (U.S. funds only) _____
Christ is made manifest and can renew and nurture your
the students in the things of God, should be church community, and so witness through sharing with Name _
those who are uncommitted.
supported by the tithe money. This instruc
If you could make this course a
tion was given long ago, and more recently it requirement for your church mem
Address _
has been repeated again and again" (Testi bers, the family love, fellowship, and
ministry of your church would be
monies, vol. 6, p. 215). revolutionized. City/State/Zip _________________________
c. Our total school system is religious in CHRISTIAN HOSPITALITY
(Make check payable to Continuing Education for Ministry.)
its motivation, but it is recognized that Bible MADE EASY includes a study guide,
a textbook, and three cassettes, and Send to: Continuing Education
teachers exercise a more specifically spiritual offers you 2 CEUs—all for only for Ministry, c/o CDS,
and ministerial role by instructing their 6840 Eastern Avenue NW.,
students in the Word of God and by leading Washington, DC 20012
them to the Saviour. Such service is worthy

2. Use of Tithe in Schools—The tithe
maybe used in support of the various levels of
the church's schools, as follows:
a. Elementary Schools—Subsidies of

of Bible Study
.ip to 30 percent of the total salaries and
allowances of principals and teachers may be
granted by conferences from tithe funds. It is
believed that this figure should be a maxi
mum because it represents a reasonable basis
on which to evaluate the time devoted by Action voted at the 1986 Annual Council.— 2. Presuppositions Arising From the Claims
elementary teachers to Bible instruction and Editors. of Scripture
spiritual nurture. To increase this percentage VOTED, To record the Methods of Bible a. Origin
would detract from the use of tithe for its Study committee (GCC-A) report approved 1) The Bible is the Word of God and is the
primary purpose, the evangelistic ministry. by the 1986 Annual Council, which reads as primary and authoritative means by which
b. Secondary Schools—The equivalent follows: He reveals Himself to human beings.
of the total salaries and allowances of Bible Bible Study: Presuppositions, Principles, and 2) The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible
teachers, residence hall deans, and principals Methods writers with thoughts, ideas, and objective
may be granted by conferences/mis information; in turn they expressed these in
sions/unions from tithe funds. 1. Preamble their own words. Therefore the Scriptures are
c. Colleges and Universities—An This statement is addressed to all members an indivisible union of human and divine
amount equal to the total cost of Bible of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with elements, neither of which should be
departments, residence hall deans, presi the purpose of providing guidelines on how to emphasized to the neglect of the other
dents, and deans of students may be granted study the Bible, both the trained biblical (2 Peter 1:21; cf. The Great Controversy, pp.
by unions/divisions/the General Conference scholar and others. v, vi).
from tithe funds. Seventh-day Adventists recognize and 3) All Scripture is inspired by God and
T 20 25 Purposes for Which Tithe Shall appreciate the contributions of those biblical came through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Not Be Used—1. Capital Expenditures for scholars throughout history who have devel However, it did not come in a continuous
Buildings and Facilities—Capital expendi oped useful and reliable methods of Bible chain of unbroken revelations. As the Holy
tures for buildings and facilities shall be study consistent with the claims and teach Spirit communicated truth to the Bible
drawn from nontithe funds. This includes ings of Scripture. Adventists are committed writer, each wrote as he was moved by the
such items as conference/mission offices, to the acceptance of biblical truth and are Holy Spirit, emphasizing the aspect of the
camp meeting facilities, youth camps, ele willing to follow it, using all methods of truth that he was led to stress. For this reason
mentary schools, academies, church build interpretation consistent with what Scripture the student of the Bible will gain a rounded
ings, welfare centers, and college and univer says of itself. These are outlined in the comprehension on any subject by recognizing
sity facilities. presuppositions detailed below. that the Bible is its own best interpreter, and
2. Equipment—All equipment except In recent decades the most prominent when studied as a whole it depicts a
evangelistic and conference office equipment method in biblical studies has been known as consistent, harmonious truth (2 Tim. 3:16;
shall be purchased with nontithe funds. the historical-critical method. Scholars who Heb. 1:1, 2; cf. Selected Messages, book 1, pp.
3. Local Church Operating Expense— use this method, as classically formulated, 19, 20; The Great Controversy, pp. v, vi).
Maintenance and other operating expenses, operate on the basis of presuppositions that, 4) Although it was given to those who
including the local church employees, such prior to studying the biblical text, reject the lived in an ancient Near Eastern/Mediter
as secretaries, maintenance personnel, bus reliability of accounts of miracles and other ranean context, the Bible transcends its
drivers, and others whose remuneration is supernatural events narrated in the Bible. cultural backgrounds to serve as God's Word
being funded by the church, are to be Even a modified use of this method that for all cultural, racial, and situational con
provided from church expense funds. "The retains the principle of criticism, which texts in all ages.
tithe is not to be consumed in incidental subordinates the Bible to human reason, is b. Authority
expenses. That belongs to the work of the unacceptable to Adventists. 1) The 66 books of the Old and New
church members. They are to support their The historical-critical method minimizes Testaments are the clear, infallible revela
church by their gifts and offerings" (letter 81, the need for faith in God and obedience to tion of God's will and His salvation. The
1897). All tithe shall be paid into the His commandments. In addition, because Bible is the Word of God, and it alone is the
conference/mission treasury, and under no such a method deemphasizes the divine standard by which all teaching and experi
circumstances is it to be retained in the local element in the Bible as an inspired book ence must be tested (2 Tim. 3:15, 17; Ps.
church for its use. (including its resultant unity) and depreci 119:105; Prov. 30:5, 6; Isa. 8:20; John 17:17;
4. School Operating Expenses—The ates or misunderstands apocalyptic prophecy 2Thess. 3:14; Heb. 4:12).
maintenance and other operating expenses of and the eschatological portions of the Bible, 2) Scripture is an authentic, reliable
elementary, secondary, and higher education we urge Adventist Bible students to avoid record of history and God's acts in history. It
institutions shall be funded from nontithe relying on the use of the presuppositions and provides the normative theological interpre
sources. the resultant deductions associated with the tation of those acts. The supernatural acts
T 20 30 Continuous Monitoring of Tithe historical-critical method. revealed in Scripture are historically true. For
Use—Administrators on General Confer By contrast to the historical-critical example, chapters 1 to 11 of Genesis are a
ence," division, union, and local levels, method and presuppositions, we believe it to factual account of historical events.
accountable as they are to God for their be helpful to set forth the principles of Bible 3) The Bible is not like other books. It is
stewardship, shall give continued earnest study that are consistent with the teachings an indivisible blend of the divine and the
study, in the light of the Bible and Spirit of of the Scriptures themselves, that preserve human. Its record of many details of secular
Prophecy counsels, to the purposes and their unity, and are based upon the premise history is integral to its overall purpose to
proportions in which tithe funds are being that the Bible is the Word of God. Such an convey salvation history. While at times
used in the organizations for which they are approach will lead us into a satisfying and there may be parallel procedures employed by
responsible. rewarding experience with God. Bible students to determine historical data,

the usual techniques of historical research, Trained biblical scholars will use the Greek
based as they are on human presuppositions
and focused on the human element, are
and Hebrew texts, enabling them to examine
variant readings of ancient Bible manuscripts The revelation of God
inadequate for interpreting the Scriptures,
which are a blend of the divine and the
as well.
b. Choose a definite plan of study, avoid in all nature, when
human. Only a method that fully recognizes
the indivisible nature of the Scriptures can
ing haphazard and aimless approaches. Study
plans such as the following are suggested: properly understood,
avoid a distortion of its message.
4) Human reason is subject to the Bible,
1) Book-by-book analysis of the message
2) Verse-by-verse method is in harmony with
not equal to or above it. Presuppositions
regarding the Scriptures must be in harmony
3) Study that seeks a biblical solution to a
specific life problem, biblical satisfaction for a the written Word.
with the claims of the Scriptures and subject specific need, or a biblical answer to a specific
to correction by them (1 Cor. 2:1-6). God question
intends that human reason be used to its 4) Topical study (faith, love, Second
fullest extent, but within the context and Coming, and others) k. In connection with the study of the
under the authority of His Word rather than 5) Word study biblical text, explore the historical and
independent of it. 6) Biographical study cultural factors. Archaeology, anthropology,
5) The revelation of God in all nature, c. Seek to grasp the simple, most obvious and history may contribute to understanding
when properly understood, is in harmony meaning of the biblical passage being studied. the meaning of the text.
with the written Word, and is to be d. Seek to discover the underlying major 1. Seventh-day Adventists believe that
interpreted in the light of Scripture. themes of Scripture as found in individual God inspired Ellen G. White. Therefore, her
3. Principles for Approaching the Interpreta texts, passages, and books. Two basic, related expositions on any given biblical passage
tion of Scripture themes run throughout Scripture: (1) the offer an inspired guide to the meaning of texts
a. The Spirit enables the believer to person and work of Jesus Christ; and (2) the without exhausting their meaning or pre
accept, understand, and apply the Bible to great controversy perspective involving the empting the task of exegesis (for example, see
one's own life as he seeks divine power to authority of God's Word, the Fall of man, Evangelism, p. 256; The Great Controversy,
render obedience to all scriptural require the first and second advents of Christ, the pp. 193, 595; Testimonies, vol. 5, pp 665,
ments and to appropriate personally all Bible exoneration of God and His law, and the 682, 707, 708; Counsels to Writers and Editors,
promises. Only those following the light restoration of the divine plan for the uni pp. 33-35).
already received can hope to receive further verse. These themes are to be drawn from the m. After studying as outlined above, turn
illumination of the Spirit (John 16:13, 14; totality of Scripture and not imposed on it. to various commentaries and secondary helps
1 Cor. 2:10-14). e. Recognize that the Bible is its own such as scholarly works to see how others
b. Scripture cannot be correctly inter interpreter and that the meaning of words, have dealt with the passage. Then carefully
preted without the aid of the Holy Spirit, for texts, and passages is best determined by evaluate the different viewpoints expressed
it is the Spirit who enables the believer to diligently comparing scripture with scripture. from the standpoint of Scripture as a whole.
understand and apply Scripture. Therefore, f. Study the context of the passage under n. In interpreting prophecy, keep in mind
any study of the Word should commence consideration by relating it to the sentences that:
with a request for the Spirit's guidance and and paragraphs immediately preceding and 1) The Bible claims God's power to
illumination. following it. Try to relate the ideas of the predict the future (Isa. 46:10).
c. Those who come to the study of the passage to the line of thought of the entire 2) Prophecy has a moral purpose. It was
Word must do so with faith, in the humble biblical book. not written merely to satisfy curiosity about
spirit of a learner who seeks to hear what the g. As far as possible, ascertain the histori the future. Some of the purposes of prophecy
Bible is saying. They must be willing to cal circumstances in which the passage was are to strengthen faith (John 14:29) and to
submit all presuppositions, opinions, and the written by the biblical writers under the promote holy living and readiness for the
conclusions of reason to the judgment and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Advent (Matt. 24:44; Rev. 22:7, 10, 11).
correction of the Word itself. With this h. Determine the literary type the author 3) The focus of much prophecy is on
attitude the Bible student may come directly is using. Some biblical material is composed Christ (both His first and second advents),
to the Word, and with careful study may of parables, proverbs, allegories, psalms, and the church, and the end-time.
come to an understanding of the essentials of apocalyptic prophecies. Since many biblical 4) The norms for interpreting prophecy
salvation apart from any human explana writers presented much of their material as are found within the Bible itself: the Bible
tions, however helpful. The biblical message poetry, it is helpful to use a version of the notes time prophecies and their historical
becomes meaningful to such a person. Bible that presents this material in poetic fulfillments; the New Testament cites spe
d. The investigation of Scripture must be style, for passages employing imagery are not cific fulfillments of Old Testament prophe
characterized by a sincere desire to discover to be interpreted in the same manner as cies about the Messiah; and the Old Testa
and obey God's will and word rather than to prose. ment itself presents individuals and events as
seek support or evidence for preconceived i. Recognize that a given biblical text may types of the Messiah.
ideas. not conform in every detail to present-day 5) In the New Testament application of
4. Methods of Bible Study literary categories. Be cautious not to force Old Testament prophecies, some literal
a. Select a Bible version for study that is these categories in interpreting the meaning names become spiritual, e.g., Israel repre
faithful to the meaning contained in lan of the biblical text. It is a human tendency to sents the church; Babylon, apostate religion,
guages in which the Bible originally was find what one is looking for, even when the etc.
written, giving preference to translations author did not intend such. 6) There are two general types of pro
done by a broad group of scholars and j. Take note of grammar and sentence phetic writings: nonapocalyptic prophecy, as
published by a general publisher above construction in order to discover the author's found in Isaiah and Jeremiah, and apocalyp
translations sponsored by a particular denom meaning. Study the key words of the passage tic prophecy, as found in Daniel and the
ination or narrowly focused group. by comparing their use in other parts of the Revelation. These differing types have differ
Exercise care not to build major doctrinal Bible by means of a concordance and with the ent characteristics:
points on one Bible translation or version. help of biblical lexicons and dictionaries. a) Nonapocalyptic prophecy addresses

God's people; apocalyptic is more universal errors of copyists (Selected Messages, book 1, recorded in the Bible.
in scope. p. 16), or may be the result of differing The Scriptures represent the unfolding of
b) Nonapocalyptic prophecy often is con' emphases and choice of materials of various God's revelation to man. Jesus' sermon on
ditional in nature, setting forth to God's authors, who wrote under the inspiration and the mount, for example, enlarges and
people the alternatives of blessing for obedi guidance of the Holy Spirit for different expands certain Old Testament concepts.
ence and curses for disobedience; apocalyptic audiences under different circumstances Christ Himself is the ultimate revelation of
emphasizes the sovereignty of God and His (Selected Messages, book 1, pp. 21, 22; The God's character to humanity (Heb. 1:1-3).
control over history. Great Controversy, p. vi). While there is an overarching unity in the
c) Nonapocalyptic prophecy often leaps It may prove impossible to reconcile minor Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and while
from the local crisis to the end-time day of the dissimilarities in detail that may be irrelevant all Scripture is equally inspired, God chose to
Lord; apocalyptic prophecy presents the to the main and clear message of the passage. reveal Himself to and through human indi
course of history from the time of the prophet In some cases judgment may have to be viduals and to meet them where they were in
to the end of the world. suspended until more information and better terms of spiritual and intellectual endow
d) Time prophecies in nonapocalyptic evidence are available to resolve .a seeming ments. God Himself does not change, but He
prophecy generally are long, e.g., 400 years discrepancy. progressively unfolded His revelation to men
of Israel's servitude (Gen. 15:13) and 70 years p. The "Scriptures were written for the as they were able to grasp it (John 16:12; The
of Babylonian captivity (Jer. 25:12). Time practical purpose of revealing the will of God SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 7, p. 945;
prophecies in apocalyptic prophecy generally to the human family. However, in order not Selected Messages, book 1, p. 21). Every
are phrased in short terms, e.g., 10 days to misconstrue certain kinds of statements, it experience or statement of Scripture is a
(Rev. 2:10) or 42 months (Rev. 13:5). is important to recognize that they were divinely inspired record, but not every
Apocalyptic time periods stand symbolically addressed to peoples of Eastern cultures and statement or experience is necessarily nor
for longer periods of actual time. expressed in their thought patterns. mative for Christian behavior today. Both
7) Apocalyptic prophecy is highly sym Expressions such as "The Lord hardened the spirit and the letter of Scripture must be
bolic and should be interpreted accordingly. the heart of Pharaoh" (Ex. 9:12), or "An evil understood (1 Cor. 10:6-13; The Desire of
In interpreting symbols, the following spirit from God" (1 Sam. 16:15), or the Ages, p. 150; Testimonies, vol. 4, pp. 10-12).
methods may be used: imprecatory psalms, or the three days and q. As the final goal, make application of
a) Look for interpretations (explicit or three nights of Jonah as compared with the text. Ask such questions as "What is the
implicit) within the passage itself (e.g., Dan. Christ's death (Matt. 12:40) commonly are message and purpose God intends to convey
8:20, 21; Rev. 1:20). misunderstood because they are interpreted through Scripture?" "What meaning does
b) Look for interpretations elsewhere in today from a different viewpoint. this text have for me?" "How does it apply to
the book or in other writings by the same A background knowledge of Near Eastern my situation and circumstances today?" In
author. culture is indispensable for understanding doing so, recognize that although many
c) Using a concordance, study the use of such expressions. For example, Hebrew biblical passages had local significance, none
symbols in other parts of Scripture. culture attributed responsibility to an indi theless they contain timeless principles appli
d) A study of ancient Near Eastern vidual for acts he did not commit but that he cable to every age and culture.
documents may throw light on the meaning allowed to happen. Therefore the inspired 5. Conclusion
of symbols, although scriptural use may alter writers of the Scriptures commonly credit In the introduction to The Great Contro
those meanings. God with doing actively that which in versy, Ellen G. White wrote:
8) The literary structure of a book often is Western thought we would say He permits or "The Bible, with its God-given truths
an aid to interpreting it. The parallel nature does not prevent from happening, e.g., the expressed in the language of men, presents a
of Daniel's prophecies is an example. hardening of Pharaoh's heart. union of the divine and the human. Such a
o. Parallel accounts in Scripture some Another aspect of Scripture that troubles union existed in the nature of Christ, who
times present differences in detail and the modem mind is the divine command to was the Son of God and the Son of man. Thus
emphasis (for example, compare Matt. Israel to engage in war and execute entire it is true of the Bible, as it was of Christ, that
21:33, 34; Mark 12:1-11; and Luke 20:9-18; nations. Israel originally was organized as a 'the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among
or 2 Kings 18-20 and 2 Chron. 32). When theocracy, a civil government through which us.'Johnl:14"(p. vi).
studying such passages, first examine them God ruled directly (Gen 18:25). Such a As it is impossible for those who do not
carefully to be sure that the parallels actually theocratic state was unique. It no longer accept Christ's divinity to understand the
are referring to the same historical event. For exists and cannot be regarded as a direct purpose of His incarnation, it is also impossi
example, many of Jesus' parables may have model for Christian practice. ble for those who see the Bible merely as a
been given on different occasions to different The Scriptures record experiences and human book to understand its message,
audiences and with different wording. statements of persons whom God accepted however careful and rigorous their methods.
In cases where there appear to be differ but were not in harmony with the spiritual Even Christian scholars who accept the
ences in parallel accounts, one should principles of the Bible as a whole, for divine-human nature of Scripture, but whose
recognize that the total message of the Bible example, incidents relating to the use of methodological approaches cause them to
is the synthesis of all of its parts. Each book, alcohol, polygamy, divorce, and slavery. dwell largely on its human aspects, risk
or writer, communicates that which the Although condemnation of such deeply emptying the biblical message of its power by
Spirit has led him to write. Each makes his ingrained social customs is not explicit, God relegating it to the background while con
own special contribution to the richness, did not necessarily endorse or approve all that centrating on the medium. They forget that
diversity, and variety of Scripture (The Great He permitted and bore with in the lives of the medium and message are inseparable and that
Controversy, pp. v, vi). The reader must patriarchs and in Israel. Jesus made this clear the medium without the message is as an
allow each Bible writer to emerge and be in His statement with regard to divorce empty shell that cannot address the vital
heard while at the same time recognizing the (Matt. 19:4-6, 8). spiritual needs of humankind.
basic unity of the divine self-disclosure. The spirit of the Scriptures is one of A committed Christian will use only those
When parallel passages seem to indicate restoration. God works patiently to elevate methods that are able to do full justice to the
discrepancy or contradiction, look for the fallen humanity from the depths of sin to the dual, inseparable nature of Scripture,
underlying harmony. Keep in mind that divine ideal. Consequently, we must not enhance his ability to understand and apply
dissimilarities may be the result of minor accept as models the actions of sinful men as its message, and strengthen his faith.


Jewelry: A Clarification
and Appeal

Action voted at the North American The Annual Council of the same year imperative, we have no burden to
Division 1986 annual meeting.—Editors. also stated very clearly its position on condemn those who have their marriage
personal adornment as follows: ring; let them wear it if they can do so
At the 1972 Annual Council the "That in the area of personal adorn conscientiously" is now applicable in
General Conference officers gave coun ment, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, North America.
sel regarding the wedding band in North and rings (including engagement rings) Across the division the position con
America. An examination of this state should not be worn. Articles such as cerning the wedding band has not been
ment reveals the following salient watches, brooches, cufflinks, tie clasps, uniform, and possibly it never will be.
points: etc., should be chosen in harmony with However, there has developed an
the Christian, principles of simplicity, ambivalence on the part of many, and
1. Ministers were counseled not to modesty, and economy." the lack of consistency has caused
perform ring ceremonies since the wear It seems, therefore, that in 1972 the embarrassment and even hardship and
ing of the wedding band still "is not church had a strong desire to maintain a misunderstanding. It has also obscured
regarded as obligatory" or an "impera high standard in the matter of personal the church's position on the wearing of
tive" custom in North America. adornment. Yet it also recognized the jewelry.
2. Pastors, evangelists, and Bible simple wedding band as being in a In the light of these and other factors,
instructors were urged to present to category distinct from that of jewelry it is
candidates for baptism the biblical prin worn for ornamental purposes. VOTED, 1. To reaffirm the princi
ciples regarding display and ornaments, The Church Manual likewise states the ples regarding personal adornment as
encouraging careful self-examination principles involved in the matter of outlined in the Church Manual, the 1972
concerning the motives involved, in personal adornment (see pp. 145, Annual Council action, and the General
deciding whether to wear the wedding 146—"Dress"). Included in this particu Conference officers' statement of Octo
band. lar section is the following statement: ber 2, 1972.
3. Baptism was not to be denied to "In some countries the custom of 2. To affirm that the wearing of
converts who conscientiously felt they wearing the marriage ring is considered jewelry is unacceptable and is a denial of
should wear the wedding band. imperative, having become, in the the principles enunciated in the Bible
4. Church officers, ministers and minds of the people, a criterion of virtue, and the Spirit of Prophecy concerning
their wives, teachers, and other SDA and hence is not regarded as an orna personal adornment.
workers were urged to give strong support ment. Under such circumstances we 3. To recognize that, in harmony
to the standards and principles that have have no disposition to condemn the with the position stated in the Church
distinguished the remnant church. practice" (Church Manual, p. 146). Manual (pp. 145, 146), some church
During the intervening years large members in the North American Divi
numbers of members who have come sion, as in other parts of the world, feel
from areas in the world where wearing a that wearing a simple marriage band is a
wedding band is an accepted and neces symbol of faithfulness to the marriage
sary symbol of marriage have joined the vow and to declare that such persons
church in North America. A growing should be fully accepted in the fellowship
Lack of consistency number of employees from such areas and service of the church.
have also come to serve the church at all 4. To make an immediate appeal to
has caused levels. In North America there are many our people for a commitment to simplic
loyal, clear-thinking members who ity in lifestyle and by pen, voice, and
embarrassment and believe that conditions have changed example to halt the rising tide of worldly
greatly since 1892 when Ellen White's attitudes and practices that have made
even hardship. counsel was given and that her statement their subtle appearance within the
"In countries where the custom is church in recent years.
Health and Religion

Is Adventist health
reform scientific?
Galen C. Bosley

hrough hearing, see and affects the inmost life. Whatever The greater the intake of alcohol, the

ing, reading, and hinders the circulation of the electric greater the decrease in decision-making
touching, we grow in current in the nervous system, thus power. 6 Furthermore, as alcohol intake
faith. As Scripture weakening the vital powers and lessen increases, the involvement in religious
says, we are eyewit ing mental susceptibility, makes it more activities decreases, even at the lowest
nesses. John, the dis difficult to arouse the moral nature." l consumption levels. 7
ciple who was closest God gave the health message to Alcohol distorts perception of what is
to Christ, says: "It was there from the prevent the physiological effect of a actually occurring. Studies for a number
beginning; we have heard it; we have fleshly electrical communication system of years were unable to find any problem
seen it with our own eyes; we looked being short-circuited, resulting in a atic effects from one or two drinks of
upon it, and felt it with our own hands; weakened moral nature. Inspiration alcohol. Tests on individuals' abilities to
and it is of this we tell. Our theme is the classifies such common indulgences as do certain tasks requiring the use of the
word of life. . . . What we have seen and tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol (we senses showed no difference between
heard we declare to you, so that you and would also include street drugs) as agents abstainers and moderate drinkers.
we together may share in a common life, "that exert a pernicious influence upon Humans have the ability to concentrate
that life which we share with the Father moral character. The earlier these hurt enough mental power on a given task to
and his Son Jesus Christ" (1 John 1:1-3, ful habits are formed, the more firmly overcome the degrading effect alcohol
NEB). will they hold their victim in slavery to has on their senses and coordination as
After His resurrection Christ lust, and the more certainly will they long as they have only one task to cope
appeared to the disciples in the upper lower the standard of spirituality." 2 with.
chamber. They thought they were seeing For example, after five or six drinks,
a spirit, but Christ's response to their Caffeine affects spirituality experienced airline pilots under simu
astonishment and fear was "Look at my This counsel is echoed in present-day lated conditions can maintain their
hands and feet. It is I myself. Touch me scientific studies. Researchers have aircraft on correct flight paths as long as
and see; no ghost has flesh and bones as found, for example, that as coffee users this is their only task. When it comes to
you can see that I have" (Luke 24:39, increase in age, their consumption also watching for other aircraft or .listening to
NEB). Through their physical senses the increases. 3 On a spiritual plane, increas air traffic controller instructions in addi
disciples were called upon to evaluate ing consumption of caffeine accom tion to maintaining a correct flight path,
the holy as well as the unholy. panies a concomitant decrease in reli control begins to come apart. Major
These .senses work by way of nerve gious involvement. This effect is shown errors occur, such as attempting a
fibers that lead to and from the brain. in Table I. 4 landing without the landing gear down
"The brain nerves that connect with the In social drinkers the use of alcohol or turning the plane into the flight path
whole system are the medium through seems to cause small amounts of brain of another plane after the controller has
which heaven communicates with man shrinkage in the frontal lobes, the center just notified the pilot of the other
of moral discernment. 5 When social aircraft. 8 See Figure I. 9
Galen C. Bosley, D. H. Sc., is research associate drinkers are given psychological tests, But it doesn't take five or six drinks to
of the Department of Health and Temperance of researchers find that the drinkers' deci do this. As little as one drink can delay
the General Conference of Seventh-day Advent- sion-making ability, the higher order of and distort the ability to handle and
ists. thinking, is impaired even when sober. interpret information quickly and
accurately. The precise mechanism isn't
known, although there appears to be
good evidence that the distortions are
occurring at both the sensory level—the *_!|J^ '
eyes, ears, nose, etc.—and the cognitive PS:;; '^ ::$S^ "r' 7;":' : - ''''*::';,/.
level—:the brain. 10
Caffeine too causes a distorted per
ception of the world. Once coffee is '"«v.Q ' JJiviided attention ',-.'"~^ ''
ingested, for example, people perceive
that they are rejuvenated and ready for
action. In reality, the body and mind
may still need rest. Anorexics sometimes
drink large quantities of caffeine-con
taining beverages. They use drinks such
as coffee and diet colas to maintain a
feeling of not being hungry and to pep
themselves up when their bodies are
actually starving and have little vigor."

Exercise and decision-making ^^»^|&S^^;v!'-0

Another example of health habits
affecting the ability to think concerns
getting proper exercise. In a group of 20
individuals who had exercised three Galatians 5:22, 23, "joy, peace, long- the children of Israel that which would
times a week for six months, it was found suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, weaken them physically and therefore
that not only were they 20 percent fitter meekness, temperance," one can see interfere with their perception and
but they were also 70 percent better at that even meat consumption can posi understanding of spiritual truth.
making decisions than before they tively affect one's Christian experience.
started exercising. 12 Ellen White states, We are told that flesh was restricted in Results of intemperance
"Physical inaction lessens not only the diet of the children of Israel for their One of the most fearful stories in
mental but moral power." " This may be own good. "God brought the Israelites Scripture concerns the two Gadarene
the reason the Lord said to Adam, from Egypt, that he might establish them demoniacs. These men were so perverted
"Cursed is the ground for thy sake" in the land of Canaan, a pure, holy, and and wild that Satan had nearly oblit
(Gen. 3:17). God gave exercise to be a happy people. In the accomplishment of erated in them all likeness of man. In
blessing, not a curse, so Adam and Eve this object He subjected them to a course like manner Satan wants to debase the
could enjoy better health in order to of discipline, both for their own good whole human race. His method of
discern spiritual matters more clearly. and for the good of their posterity. Had accomplishing this is to prevent us from
Even the ingestion of .flesh foods has they been willing to deny appetite, in listening to the Holy Spirit. The Holy
an effect on spirituality. "A meat diet obedience to His wise restrictions, fee Spirit is God's means to lead us into
changes the disposition and strengthens bleness and disease would have been truth. He is the agency through which
animalism. We are composed of what we unknown among them. Their descen we are enabled to obey, able to live a
eat, and eating much flesh will diminish dants would have possessed both physi sanctified life.
intellectual activity. ... A religious life cal and mental strength. They would Yet man is not always receptive to the
can be more successfully gained and have had clear perceptions of truth and Holy Spirit. Like the Gadarene demoni
maintained if meat is discarded, for this duty, keen discrimination, and sound acs, we can lose the ability to discrimi
diet stimulates into intense activity judgment." 16 In His effort to save every nate between truth and error. Satan uses
lustful propensities, and enfeebles the possible soul, God refrained from giving unhealthful habits and practices to
moral and spiritual nature." M

Meat eating promotes hostility

Research bears this out. In tests of ^
vegetarians who were willing to consume
meat for testing purposes, during the
meat-consumption period anxiety,
depression, hostility, confusion, and • .
;> ^'^l^iS'1 !)!^ ' :'"*,.„ " ; '",;-;;
fatigue increased, whereas vigor • " */ 2:&£if, Sih,%sets> "••:• ,:' • 1- ' ~ "'• '• 'actenn lellicjos 'acttvtt' ' ""•"- - ' <-" • : ""• '
decreased. And this effect was observ
able after the consumption of only three
ounces of beef—one hamburger patty—
'-";.,,' of CaffeinSare minimally- Otinpt-active'> ;:'.;'.-. I
per day. 15 Considering the inverse corre ;•; ,';-.,"-'-• inreligipus'activity., ••"•_•• '".'":, , :'_'"••'".• ",'.•,"."}
lation of these negative moods or dispo
sitions with the positive dispositions in
Biblio File
benumb the moral sense. The ability to
separate truth from error is of utmost
importance to spiritual safety. It is vital
for the growth of moral discernment.
Health reform is the avenue by which
God preserves His communication lines
through the Holy Spirit. The Lord Ludwig Richard Conradi, Missionar decisive turn. A gap began to develop
designed that the restoring influences of de Siebenten-Tags Adventisten between his understanding of the sanctu
health reform should be part of the last Daniel Heinz, Archives of International ary doctrine and the classical Adventist
great effort to proclaim the gospel History, volume 2, Verlag Peter Lang, position. Other factors such as his
message. Frankfurt am Main, Bern, New York, position on bearing arms in World War I
The health message given to this 1986, 131 pages, $11.00. Reviewed by also seem to have contributed to his final
church is to be a spiritual advantage. The Herbert Kiesler, Biblical Research Institute, break with the church. But in spite of the
additional benefits of less sickness, less Washington, D.C. ambivalence that characterized him
medical-care expense, better health, Ludwig Conradi, the illegitimate son throughout his life, he has gone down in
and a more rewarding and longer life are of Ulrika Elizabetha Conradi, was born history as an epoch-making missionary of
only part of the blessings of obedience. in Karlsruhe, Germany, on March 20, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
1856. He apparently had a difficult And Daniel Heinz has captured
1 Ellen G. White, Education (Mountain View, childhood and was frightened by his Conradi's life well in this biography.
Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., 1952), p. 209. mother's threats to send him away to
2 ————, The Sanctified Life (Washington,
D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1937), America if he didn't live up to her Helping Women in Crisis
p. 28. expectations. Finally he became so Kay Marshall Strom, Zondervan, Grand
3 J. F. Greden, P. Fontaine, and M. Lubetsky, frightened that he ran away to America Rapids, Michigan, 1986, 170 pages,
"Anxiety and Depression Associated with Caf-
feinism Among Psychiatric Patients," American on his own. $7. 95, paper. Reviewed by jerry Lasting,
Journal of Psychiatry 135, No. 8 (1978): 963-966. From these inauspicious origins he director of communication and trust ser
4 B. S. Victor, M. Lubetsky, andj. F. Greden, went on to become a preeminent vices, Indiana Conference of Seventh-day
"Somatic Manifestations of Caffeinism," Journal of
Clinical Psychiatry 42, No. 5 (1981): 185-188. Seventh-day Adventist evangelist in Adventists,
5 L. A. Gala, B. Jones, P. Burns, etal, "Results North America, Europe, Africa, and Counseling, especially in a time of
of Computerized Tomography, Psychometric
Testing, and Dietary Studies in Social Drinkers, South America before breaking with the crisis, is serious business. Strom says,
With Emphasis on Reversibility After Absti church and becoming a Seventh Day "Good advice is essential in domestic
nence," The Medical Journal of Australia 2, No. 6 Baptist at age 76. Daniel Heinz has violence. Bad advice can be deadly. Be
(1983): 264-269.
6 D. A. Parker, E. S. Parker, ]. A. Brody, and written, in German, a well-researched careful. Out of ignorance or oversight,
R. Schoenberg, "Alcohol Use and Cognitive Loss and gripping biography of this great man. we may do more harm than good."
Among Employed Men and Women," American It is refreshing to see that Heinz faces Strom deals with several prevalent
Journal of Public Health 73, No. 5 (1983): 521-526.
7 A. M. Eward, R. Wolfe, P. Moll, E. Harburg, the critical issues of Conradi's life, right crisis problems facing pastors today,
"Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors Differen up to his tragic break with the church, sharing the causes and showing how to
tiating Past Drinkers and Lifelong Abstainers,"
American Journal of Public Health 76, No. 1 (1986): squarely. He makes no attempt to cover handle them legally and emotionally.
68-70. up any shortcomings, but he also shares Chapter topics include incest, rape,
8 C. E. Billings, R. L. Wick, R. J. Gerke, and many of Conradi's triumphs. Conradi's child molestation, infidelity, suicide,
R. C. Chase, "The Effects of Alcohol on Pilot
Performance During Instrument Flight," Report monumental accomplishments make us and wife abuse.
FAA-AM-82-4 (Washington, D.C.: Federal pause and marvel at the mighty work The well-chosen examples and lists of
Aviation Admin., 1972).
9 H. Moskowitz, "A Behavioral Mechanism of that God wrought through this human materials for further reading, along with
Alcohol-related Accidents," in M. E. Chafetz, instrumentality. lists of do's and don'ts, make this book a
ed., Proceedings of the First Annual Alcoholism Conradi's connection with the church valuable ready reference. The author
Conference of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse
and Alcohol Alcoholism: Research on Alcoholism: began with a genuine conversion experi relies on biblical principles in presenting
Clinical Problems and Special Populations (1973), pp. ence while he was boarding with an solutions to problems. This is indeed a
311-323. Adventist farmer in Iowa. Conradi helpful handbook for helpers.
10 H. Moskowitz and D. DePry, "The Effect of
Alcohol Upon Auditory Vigilance and Divided developed strong devotional habits and
Attention," Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol wanted to share his faith with others, so Slaves, Citizens, Sons: Legal
29 (1968): 54-63.
11 J. A. Sours, "Case Reports of Anorexia he found his way to Battle Creek College Metaphors in the Epistles
Nervosa and Caffeinism," American Journal of and took the ministerial course. After Francis Lyall, Zondervan, Grand Rapids,
Psychiatry 140, No. 2 (1983): 235, 236. graduation he began doing evangelistic Michigan, 1984, 288pages, $9.95, paper.
12 "Decision-making: A Boost for Thought,"
American Health, November/December 1983. work among the German-speaking peo Reviewed by Wayne Willey, pastor, Ames-
13 White, Education, p. 209. ple of the Midwest. From there he went bury, Massachusetts.
14 ————, Counsels on Diet and Foods (Washing on to successful work in many other parts This is not a book you will read
ton, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1976),
p. 389. of the world, most notably Europe. through at one sitting. In fact, even
15 F. M. Sacks, A. Donner, W. P. Castelli, et While Conradi had strong convic though I have a graduate degree in law
al., "Effect of Ingestion of Meat on Plasma
Cholesterol of Vegetarians," Journal of the Ameri tions on most doctrines of the church, and thus a more than passing interest in
can Medical Association 246, No. 6 (Aug. 7, 1981): and above all, on the doctrine of the law and legalisms, I found the book so
640-644. second coming of Christ, he entertained tedious that I wondered whether I would
16 Ellen G. White, Patriarchs and Prophets
(Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., doubts about Ellen White's prophetic ever finish it. After struggling all the way
1958), p. 378. mission. After 1898 his thinking took a through, I wondered whether my effort
had been worthwhile. husband, and a father and has written his are excellent sources for further study on
Lyall proposes that one cannot rightly book to help improve marriage in Chris the topic of aging.
understand the legal metaphors used in tian homes. He presents a number of
the Epistles without understanding the ideas in lists that if implemented could Christian Peacemaking and Interna
distinctions between Greek, Jewish, and solve marriage problems. His lists tional Conflict, Duane K. Friesen, Herald
Roman law. While Roman law is seen as include five steps to firmer marriage Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1986, 304
the source of most legal metaphors in the bonding, seven ways to be a winning pages, $19.95, paper.
Epistles, Jewish law is seen as the source wife, and six ways to be a huggable With the issue of peace prominent
of those metaphors dealing with redemp husband. today, this is a worthy book, but it is
tion. The book demands careful reading in tedious reading of a scholarly quality. It
The material in this book may be of the area of husband and wife roles. It can is thorough and persuasive, but only
value to those who need to understand easily be seen as another emphasis on those who have exceptional interest in
the finest distinctions in the cultural submitting for the wife and loving for the the issues it raises would put forth the
background of the Epistles, but pastors husband. Unfortunately, the submitting effort to read it.
who have grown up in Western cultures is easier to write rules for and to evaluate Sermons on Prayer, Ronald E. Wall,
and are familiar with Old Testament than the loving.
Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michi
imagery should have an adequate under I wish that the chapter "The Plan for
gan, 1986, 176pages, $6.95, paper.
standing of legal terms and would find Man and Woman" could have pointed to
This book's simple, nontechnical
this book of limited value. the original Edenic equality of man and
style has merit for the layperson as well as
woman as God's ideal, and made an
the minister who desires to study what
When Religion Doesn't Work appeal to return to and grow into this
Christ said about prayer, and also where,
Marvin Moore, Review and Herald, ideal, rather than giving up and settling when, what, and why He prayed.
Hagerstown, Maryland, 1986, 30 pages, down into the "second plan."
$1.25, paper. ReviewedbyEllaRydzewski, Price makes a glaring error when he East Comes West, E. Alien Richardson,
editorial secretary, MINISTRY. states that only 2 percent of sexual Pilgrim Press, New York, New York, 1985,
We have all heard tales of disillu incompatibility cases stem from physical 212 pages, $8.95, paper.
sioned church members whose unan causes, while 98 percent come from This book provides a good overview of
swered prayers or unrealistic expecta mental attitude. This statement could four major Eastern religions that are
tions of other Christians have led them cause some couples to give up on seeking growing in popularity in the United
away from the church. Moore shares medical help. Some authorities suggest States: the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and
several tales of woe, then suggests ways that at least 15 percent of problems may Muslim religions. The author's chief
in which we can be sensitive in our be medically discoverable and treatable. interest is to give an account of how
interactions with others, especially with these religions are being transplanted
idealistic new Christians. Recently Published through immigration of adherents,
In the last chapter the author points to Building Teen Excitement: A Youth rather than with the impact of Eastern
church members' responsibility for the Worker's Guide, Shirley Pollock, Abing- religion on Americans.
disillusioned. "The reason we share the don Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1985, 80
responsibility for their failure is that pages, $8.95, paper. How Jesus Treated People, Morris L.
without realizing it, in our casual talk This is a sequel to an earlier book on Venden, Pacific Press, Boise, Idaho, 1986,
about religion, or in our teaching or successful youth work. For this volume 142 pages, $6.95, paper.
preaching, we gave them the assump the author gleaned proven things from Morris Venden has the gift of building
tions that caused their downfall." There youth groups all across the country. The picture windows and letting in the light.
is truth in this, but Moore does not give activities, worship celebrations, sugges In this book, doctrines come to life in the
adequate coverage to the influence of tions, and ideas in the book are unique, spotlighted arena of New Testament
various personality factors that may interesting, and, best of all, have experience. For those seeking to do
make it more difficult for some people to worked. For the youth worker who feels a evangelism in the Caring Church way,
be understanding and accepting. bit stale and out of new ideas, this book Venden's book presents the ultimate
The book makes valuable reading for may be just the tonic the doctor ordered. Model in action.
new members to help them see and avoid
certain pitfalls, but it ought also to be Ministry With Older Persons: A Guide His Healing Love, Dick Winn, Review
read by pastors and other members of for Clergy and Congregations, Arthur H. and Herald, 1986, 374 pages, $7.95,
long standing to help them prevent Becker, Augsburg Publishing, Minneapolis, hardbound.
disillusionment. Minnesota, 1986, 221 pages, $12.95, This senior youth devotional book for
paper. 1987 is filled with practical applications
Tenderness and 24 Other Ways to The author gives extensive space to of Christian principles.
Make a Marriage Work the dynamics of aging as they relate to Bible credits: Texts credited to NEB are from The New
Nelson Price, Fleming H. Revell, Old the individual, family, church, and English Bible. © The Delegates of the Oxford University
Press and the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press
Tappan, New jersey, 1986, 158 pages, pastor. Two chapters give specific sug 1961, 1970. Reprinted by permission. Texts credited to
$9.95, paper. Reviewed by Alberta Mazat, gestions as to how to minister to elderly NIV are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.
professor of marriage and family therapy, members. Becker's insights are based on Copyright © 1973, 1978, International Bible Society.
Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. Texts
Loma Linda University. study and practical experience. His credited to RSV are from the Revised Standard Version of
The author is a counseling pastor, a footnotes, bibliography, and appendix the Bible, copyrighted 1946, 1952 © 1971, 1973.


Adventist Ideals Department of Loma Linda Within the first three study guides, and sugges
Joseph Espinosa has pre University, La Sierra cam minutes Barbara heard two tions for further reading,
pared an Adventist maga pus. "This lack of belonging phrases that were com the course will be made
zine similar to Ideals, the often leads new members to pletely foreign to her. One available to pastors to help
proceeds of which will ben leave the church within had to do with the GC. The orient their prospective or
efit evangelism directed to their first year of member other dealt with the Great newly baptized members. In
the deaf, Jews, and Native ship." Disappointment. Had she individual Bible studies,
Americans. Barbara Morgan's experi slept through something? prayer meetings, pastor's
This issue, entitled "How ence is typical. Had she missed a meeting or Bible classes, or baptismal
to Develop and Reflect the Barbara squeezed into the failed to read a chapter? classes, pastors will be able
Character of Christ," second row from the front Barbara looked around at to lead these people into a
focuses on the primary on the left-hand side of the the other members. They deepening appreciation of
needs of the people waiting church. She was 10 minutes nodded their heads in com the Adventist Church.
for His return. Its 64 pages early. This was the morning plete understanding. "I think it's a wonderful
feature large print and beau she had been waiting for. Apparently she was the only concept," says Lynn Mal-
tiful colored photos. An extra-big smile lit up her one who didn't know what lery, pastor of the La Sierra
face. It was her first Sabbath the superintendent was church in southern Califor
as a Seventh-day Adventist. talking about. nia. "Last year we baptized
While the organ was The mission story intro 182 people, and I would
quietly playing a few duced another new phrase. have used this new course
hymns, Barbara had time to And the mission offering with every one of them. In
think about the events of brought still another. By fact," Mallery continues,
the past few months that the time the lesson study "we'll probably order 300
had brought her to this was over, Barbara had for our church as soon as
place. Barbara's next-door begun taking notes, writing they're available."
neighbor Marcia was an down every phrase that was Welcome to the Family!
Adventist. Through the strange to her. By the end of is being written by members
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held an evangelistic cam lenge of helping Barbara Daily. The course will be
Establish your new paign, Barbara accepted and the thousands of other available from HSI this
members Marcia's invitation to new members like her spring.
As often as there's a bap attend. During the meetings become better acquainted "It's our prayer," reports
tism, there's a new member she decided to join the with some of the unique George Babcock, president
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And more often than not Last Sabbath had been Adventist Church family. church pastors in this deli
that new member spends a beautiful. It seemed every HSI will soon introduce a cate and essential work of
great deal of time won single member stayed after new course entitled Wel welcoming new members
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are talking about. just about everyone told her course, currently under
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V. Bailey Gillespie, "simply afternoon baptism. She'd such as Adventist lifestyle, In the past three years
because they're not yet able never forget it! Adventist heritage, the spe- education in the United
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words and phrases used by a member. She'd even beat reward of Adventist educa scrutiny by a variety of pres
people who have been Marcia to Sabbath school. tion, and the organizational tigious organizations. All of
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longer period of time." Gil to begin the program. Written in a "popular demands for reform.
lespie is chairman of the That's when Barbara style," using stories, anec Like public education,
Church and Ministry began to have questions. dotes and humor, creative many church-related educa-
tional systems are examin icate to the effect that ho questions asked as to the rity offices since they may
ing their vitality and viabil because of conscience or basis for their former deci not be able to get in enough
ity. In many cases, religious reasons he is sion. quarters of active service
confrontation with demo opposed to the acceptance A minister who wishes before retiring to qualify.
graphic and economic of any public insurance that his Social Security work The Seventh-day
changes appears to threaten makes payments in the credit to begin with the year Adventist Church holds no
their very existence. event of death, disability, 1986 must file IR5 Form teaching that opposes plans
With inspired counsel, old age, retirement, or for 4361 with the Internal Rev such as Social Security. We
the educational program of health care (Medicare), a enue Service and pay the urge all those who pre
the Seventh-day Adventist minister can opt out of the applicable self-employment viously opted out (for what
Church has grown from its Social Security program. tax by April 15, 1987. Or if ever reason) to give serious
first home school, estab- - Some ministers now real he wishes to delay getting consideration to obtaining
lished in 1853, to a system ize that exercising that into the program until this valuable protection for
that now includes 4,450 pri option was a mistake. The 1987. he has until April 15, themselves and their fami
mary and elementary Tax Reform Act of 1986 has 1988. to complete this. lies.—Robert E. Osborn,
schools, 901 secondary opened a window that Ministers in their mid- Associate Treasurer, Gen
schools, and 94 colleges and enables such individuals to 50s and older should con eral Conference of Seventh-
universities. get into the program with tact their local Social Secu day Adventists.
Ari ancient philosopher
said that "the fate of
empires depends on the
education of youth." Cer
tainly most of us would Join the SUMMER SEMINAR

'" Jerusalem
agree that our schools are
the most important mission
field in the world.
We must ever keep in
mind that the Adventist
educational system is facing
most of the serious chal with
lenges that confront
church-related systems at William H. Shea, M.D.,
large. To meet these we Ph.D.
must pursue all means that
will enable our schools to Director & Lecturer
remain vigorous.
Sabbath, April 25, 1987, Internationally recognized
the denomination brings
author & authority in the
the special needs of its edu
cational programs to the Bible & the ancient world
church at large and solicits a
special offering on behalf of
these needs. On that day
let's remember the rich her
AUGUST 12 - SEPTEMBER 10, 1987
itage of Adventist educa • Enjoy the home-like comfort and good food of the
tion and the sacrificial com newly-remodeled Jerusalem Center
mitments that have made it
strong.—Gordon Madg- • Join the extensive tour program of important biblical sites
wick, General Conference
Department of Education. • Update yourself on latest discoveries in biblical archaeology
• Earn continuing education units
Social Security opening
for those who opted out
Ministers in the United
States who opted out of
US$ 1,695 For details & applications write or call
Biblical Research Institute
Including round-trip
Social Security can get into airfare from New York General Conference of S.D.A.
that program if they inform 6840 Eastern Ave., N.W.
the Internal Revenue Ser
vice of their change of mind US$ 1,020 Washington, D.C. 20012
by April 15, 1988. Without airfare Phone (202) 722-6790
At the beginning of his
ministry, by signing a certif
Have you ever watched a new Adventist try to understand what
we're talking about? Or helped a new convert struggle with the
practical aspects of being a Sabbath keeper?
Have you ever had to explain why the roots of our "Great Advent
Hope" are found in "The Great Disappointment"?
Have you ever assisted a new member meet the financial challenges
of an Adventist education? Or searched for the most helpful answer
about Adventist lifestyle?
Well, search no more.
Home Study International is pleased to announce the creation
of "Welcome to the Family," a course designed especially for
newly baptized Adventists.
In seven friendly lessons, pastors can now guide new members
through topics that often cause confusion and questions.
Here's the reaction of people who have already seen the course:
"It's about time!" Conference Church Ministries Director
"We'll order 300 of them!" Pastor
"Best new idea of the year!" Conference President
"I could use eight of them this week." Pastor
"It's a breakthrough!" Conference Evangelist
Prepared by the Department of Church and Ministry, Loma Linda
University, "Welcome to the Family" is available this spring from
Home Study International, 6940 Carroll Avenue, Takoma
Park, MD 20912-4481.

to the, famih)
See the article in this issue of Ministry for more information. **