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1. Declare Attack 3. Attack Roll 5. Apply Penalties and Defenses 7. Calculate Raw Damage 9.

Use Charms as appropriate, Attacker rolls his Accuracy pool Remove external penalties and DV Add remaning successes to Base Execute a Counterattack. No
declare if unblockable/-dodgable. minus internal penalties. from attack. Damage of weapon. Counter-counterattack possible.
2. Declare Defense 4. Attack Reroll 6. Defense "Reroll" 8. Calculate Damage 10. Apply Damage and Effects
Choose Defense Type and use If a reroll Charm is used by the Use reroll charms to improve If Raw Damage is bigger than Roll damage and check for
defensive Charms as appropriate. attacker, apply effects. defender’s DV as required. Hardness, apply Soak to Damage. Stunning & Knockdown.

Combat Actions Flurry Penalties DV Calculation Movement Stunning

Join Battle ( Varies / -0 ) Actions Two Three Four Five PDV (Dex+Ability+Weapon+Item)/2 Move Dex-Wound-Mobility yd/tick Characters who suffer more health
Ready Weapon ( Weapon / -1 ) DDV (Dex+Dodge+Essence+Item)/2 min 1 yard, reflexive action levels of damage than their Stamina
1st -2i -3i -4i -5i
Attack ( Weapon / -1 ) need to succeed at a reflexive
Coordinate Attack ( 5 / -2 ) 2nd -3i -4i -5i -6i 1st Excellency adds rolled successes Dash Move Speed+6 yd/tick
(Stamina + Resistance) roll with a
Simple Charm ( 6 / -1 ) 3rd -5i -6i -7i 2nd Excellency adds paid successes min 2 yards, may not parry w/o stunt
difficulty of (Damage – Stamina) or
Guard ( 3 / -0* ) 4th -7i -8i 3rd Excellency adds 1/2 ability to DV Climb/Swim Move Speed yd/tick be stunned until their next action.
Aim ( 3 / -1* ) 5th -9i Min 1 yard, always requires roll
Move ( 0 / -0 ) DV Modifier Knockdown
Dash/Climb/Swim ( 3 / -2 ) Grappling
Action Penalties Action DV Penalties -X If an attack deals more raw damage
Jump ( 5 / -1 )
Wound Penalties -X Pin or clinch enemy in a hold. May than (Stamina + Resistance),of the
Rise From Prone ( 5 / -1 ) Multiple Actions -Xi*
Onslaught Penalty -X use Strength instead of Dexterity for target, check for Knockdown. Roll
Misc. Action ( 5 / Varies ) Wound Penalties -Xi*
Coordinated Attack -X attack roll. Grappled victim goes (Dexterity or Strength) + (Athletics or
Inactive ( 5 / Special ) Off Hand -1i
Botched attack last action -2 inactive, attacker may: Resistance) (Difficulty 2) reflexively to
Stunned / Distracted -2i
* Aborting does not refresh DV Unstable Terrain -(1-3) resist falling to prone.
Impaired Senses -2i Break Hold: Throw victim prone or
Steps/Gentle Slope/Mounted +1*
Blind -4i Strength yds with knockdown check.
Steep Slope/In Howdah +2*
Join Battle Mobility Penalty -Xi** Healing Times
Too steep to climb/Ladder +3* Crush: Attacker rolls damage, adding
Roll Wits+Alertness for all combat- Fatigue (per failed roll) -1i Exalted at rest active
Mobility Penalty -X** the remaining successes of the clinch
ants and compare. Most successes Prone -1e Surrounded -2** any B HL 3 hours 6 hours
sets the reaction count. Everyone roll. This damage is piercing.
Mounted without ride ability -1e melee ranged -0 L HL 6 hours 12 hours
else goes their difference in Attacking up to 2x range -1e Buckler +1 - Hold: Attacker pins victim motionless
successes ticks later (max 6 ticks). -1 L HL 2 days 4 days
Attacking up to 3x range -2e Target Shield +1 +1
Attacker must renew the clinch each -2 L HL 4 days 8 days
Joining a battle at a later date Poor Vision -1e Tower Shield +1 +2
tick that he can act on. -4 L HL 1 week 2 weeks
compares to set reaction count. No visibility / Invisible target -2e 25% Hard Cover +1 +1
Helpers roll to attack, and if success-
In water above ankles -1e** 50% Hard Cover +1 +2
ful add one die to the leader’s roll. Mortal at rest active
In water above waist -2e** 75% Hard Cover +1 +3
Aim In mud above ankles -2e** 90% Hard Cover +2 +4 any B HL 12 hours 24 hours
Pick a target. If you abort to attack Called Shots -0 L HL 1 day 2 days
Underwater -2e**
that target, add an extra die to the * Long weapons can offset modifier
Disarming -2e / ranged -4e -1 L HL 1 week 2 weeks
attack roll per tick spent Aiming, max * Can reduce dice pool beneath Ess. Also applicable as penalty on foot
If the attack hits, deal no damage but -2 L HL 2 weeks n/a
+3. If you abort to do anything else, ** only some Dexterity based actions ** Only applicable to Dodge DV
victim rolls (Wits + Ability) at
-4 L HL 1 month n/a
subtract two dice from those rolls. (Difficulty net successes). For every
Called Shots Called Shots success not met by the victim, the Aggravated Damage heals like lethal,
Coordinate Attack Pulling Blows -1e Showing Off -(1-4)e weapon flies one foot away. Victim but may not be treated magically
Inflict Bashing damage instead of Used for dramatic purposes such as rolls (Dexterity + weapon ability) at
Pick a target and roll Charisma + War
Lethal or Aggravated damage. gracing and marking attacks. (Difficulty 1) to retrieve it.

difficulty (Half the # of participants,
round down). During the leader’s Fierce Blows -1e Coup de Grace -1e Sweeping -1e
next tick, reduce the target’s DV by Sacrifices accuracy for damage. +2 If the attack would kill the target, the If the attack hits, the target must
the number of successes rolled. Lethal, +2 Aggravated, or +4 Bashing it may instead inflict less damage check for knockdown. Even if it
Second Edition Combat Sheet
(max DV penalty is # of participants) damage respectively. and permanently maim the target. succeeds, the target is stunned. by Democritus (www.dcs-designs.de)

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