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Number general meaning:

1. Leadership, innovation
2. Relationship, peace, communication
3. Self expression, inspiration, creativity
4. Builder, designer, supporter
5. Freedom seeker, go with the flow, adapter, catalyst
6. Domestic, support, gradtitude
7. Seeker, mystic, psyhic
8. Material success, ambition, mastery of self
9. Spiritual mastery, perfection, compassion

11- inspiration for the good of all

22- leadership for the good of all


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53
54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71
72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
90 91 92 93 94 95 96
Destiny number:

 the purpose you came to learn in this lifetime and the role to play.
 Sum all digits from birthdate= 0+9+1+1+1+9+9+0= 3


Sum every letter by its number= 7

Expression number

 basic character and destiny; who you are; the way you act; basic nature,
common tendencies
 Sum ever letter by its number= 7 (expression number)

Soul urge

 soul’s hidden goal, dreams for this lifetime, force that motivates you to
grow through your life; heart’s desire
 Sum all vowels of your name- 1

Outer persona
 part of you that others see. The first impression you pass to others.
Hidden talents others may see but you may not. The persona you
learned to be in the world
 The sum of the consonants= 6
Number meaning in perspective

1. Leadership, independence, originality

Destiny: you driven to express your individuality in this lifetime. You are a
person who takes charge. You attract situations where leadership is required.
You are focused, goal oriented, hard worker. Must be careful not to become

Expression: you don’t like to be told what to do. You are confortable being a
leader, you are inventive and creative

Soul urge: you may be working for others, but wanting to start your own
business. You want to express your talents without others telling you how to do
it. You may need a little more space and time for yourself

Persona: people see you as a leader and innovator

Planet: sun

2. Cooperation, relationships, balancing the need of self with the needs of

others. Sensitive, diplomatic, good communicators

Destiny: you like to work in partnership, you are diplomatic and a good
communicator. you like stable relationships. You give a lot and have to be
careful to give to yourself as well not just to others. Careful not to depend too
much on others or be over sensitive

Expression: you are confortable in partnerships, keeping the peace, keeping

the lines of communication open, you are intouch with natural cycles both to
people and business

Soul urge: you will seek out relationships in your life and partnerships in
business. They may present both your greatest joys and challenges.

Persona: people may see you as dependent on others and a good

communicator. They might admire the way you work and might seek you out.

Planet: moon
3. Creativity, self-expression, flexible, personable, intelligent, social,
energetic, fun, loving, artistic, sensitive

Destiny: enthusiastic, creative, flexible, have a way with words, express your
talents, friendships are important to you. Be careful with being a perfectionist.
You might attract criticism from others because of that

Expression: friendly, likable, you prefer careers that allow you to express
yourself, you are sensitive, intelligent, prefer playfulness over responsibility

Soul urge: crave self-expression through some sort of creative work. You may
be fine alone but you will always prefer fun and friendship

Persona: people see you as creative and fun. They might want to be around
you to share some of your friendly energy

Planet: Jupiter

4. Balance, building strong foundation, calm, practical and efficient

Destiny: organized, practical life, methodical, intelligent, hard worker, you like
routine better than change, foundation builders of society, pay great attention to
details that others miss, saving money. Be careful with overworking or insisting
that others conform to your practical thinking

Expression: honest, dependable, you can get the job done, and people can
count on your word, you like security and predictability, you like to be fair.

Soul urge: you will seek security, stability, foundation, like to have your goals

Persona: loyal, dependable, in job they may give you a lot of work because
they know they can count on you.

Planet: Uranus
5. Freedom, adventure, change. Adaptable, clever, resilient. Go with the
flow easily and like variety.

Destiny: you love freedom and adventure. You don’t like to feel tied down. You
like to have a variety of friends. To keep a relationship it must be fun and
adventurous. Routine means boredom. You are idealistic. You value fairness
and equlity for all. Careful not become ungrounded or to let the adventurous
mode to interfere with practicalities. You are prone to addiction

Expression: you are going to love freedom and adventure. You are better
going with the flow than planning ahead. You like to know the news and gossip.
You are quick to readjust.

Soul urge: you may be a very dependable person. But you will always crave
freedom and adventure. You have to schedule time away from routine so you
can plan fun and travel, dream. Remember to always honor your wish for
freedom and all will be fine

Persona: people may see you as noncommittal. Or simpy as a free spirit.

People may be inspired to be around you because you represent the freedom
they desire.

Planet: mercury

6. Home, harmony, dependability. Honest, reliable, supportive of others.

Family and home are important.

Destiny: home is your castle. You seek beauty, idealism and you really care
about people. You are honest and responsible and trustworthy. You like the
idea of family and marriage but may be a little too idealist about it. You do really
well in group and support them when they need you. Learn to love yourself so
you can support others from an authentic perspective, then allow others to be
themselves. Careful not to make your idealism make you stubborn and prideful.

Expression: you tend to give easily to others and you are very just. You are
generous and dependable. You help others to stabilize, and you seek beauty
because of your artistic side. Your home is important to you. You are

Soul urge: you will want your surroundings to be beautiful and comfortable.
You will want others to recognize that you are helpful. You will want
aknoledgement for all the support you give. You make a great friend and you
have a sympathetic ear, but you want gratitude for these talents. You make
seek out recognition for the good you do
Outter person: people will see you as supportive and nurturing. They will want
you to be their friend. They will love to visit your home and they will count on
you in a pintch.

Planet: venus

7. Mystical wisdom. Philosophicals, intelligent, seeker and explorers.

Persuade knowledge and truth

Destiny: you are seeker. You observe everything and analyze it, testing to see
if it contains truth. You are intelligent and intuitive, perhaps even very psychic.
You much prefer a job that involves intellectuality than physical labor. You may
like to be alone but you feel like you have to share your wisdom in order to own
it and be happy. You tend to be a teacher and spiritual leader, and you may feel
misunderstood at times. Careful not to isolate yourself. You will find your soul
family when you your truth. Try not to be impatient with those who aren’t as
advanced as you.

Expression: you are a seeker. Preferring mental to physical pursuits. You want
truth in all cases. You want understanding and you will analyze the situation to
find these equalities. you are interested in spiritual pursuits. You live according
to your own rules. Rather than institutionalized thinking.

Soul urge: you will be committed to growth, evolution, truth and mastery of this
life. You will want to evolve to live the perfect life and experiment all that is
available. You want to share all you know with people and you need to respect
your need to rest in order to remain grounded

Outter persona: spiritual seeker, if you are not careful to remain grounded,
they may doubt your ability to succeed in material plane. If you do remain
grounded they will seek out your wisdom.

Planet: Neptune

8. Success, abundance through true leadership. Materialistic, focused,

tenacious and not afraid of hard work to reach their goals.

Destiny: driven work towards a goal. You are not afraid of hard work and you
like to lead. You’d make a great entrepreneur. You are ambitious and you like to
share what you learn. You are also interested in spirituality because everything
that is related to power interests you. Careful to remember the reasons for your
goal so you don’t get caught up in the pursuit for wealth just for the sake of it.
You have to make sure you use your personal power wisely.
Expression: you are going to want accomplishment and success. You need to
be in leadership and you need to be in monetary reward. You can do great in
the world with your personal power if you don’t seek power just for your own

Soul urge: you want to pursue big goals. You will be happy with your
accomplishments. You will like to plan, to lead. You must guard against pushing
yourself too hard.

Outter persona: you are successful, and ambitious leader. This is not
necessarily negative. They may honor and be inspired by your success if it
serves the good of the whole.

Planet: Saturn

9. Spiritual mastery. Spiritual, unconventional, successful, impulsive. They

love easily, seek harmony, and work to live according to spiritual truth.

Destiny: compassionate, soulful, wants to help others evolve. Perfectionist,

great counselor, inspire others. Be careful when being compassionate to others
and try not to doubt yourself. Guard against judging people, own your truth,
allow others the freedom to follow their own path

Expression: you tend to be loving, compassionate and tolerant. You are

happiest when you are able to inspire others and free to express yourself. You
will be popular, but you must remember this popularity is a gift from spirit so
others will honor your wisdom. Don’t let it go to your head.

Soul urge: you will always want to help others. And have other people knw that
you are kind, generous and caring. You may be interested in healing arts or
help professions. You desire love and gratitude in return but this is not the real
motivation for helping others.

Outter persona: people will see you as compassionate, loving and giving
person. You are wise.

Planet: Mars

11 inspiration and enlightment. Visionary energetic, intuitive, inspirational,

creative. They seek mastery via services to others.

Destiny: you will be in public one way or another. You are psychic and
ambitious but you have to use to the service of others. You will know you have
talent. Use it for higher good. A wonderful gift with an immense spiritual
Expression: you probably will want to be in the spotlight, public and in the
position where people will accept what you have to offer. You are likely to be
psychic. You mix your intelligence with your emotions quite well. Idealism
comes easily. Practical details can be attended but they are not as much fun.

Soul urge: you will seek out ways to inspire people, mysticism and spiritual
development. you can also be a leader.

Outter persona: people will see you as an inspiration.

22 spiritual leader. Successful, master spiritual service through leadership for

the greater good of the whole. They seek to embody universal love.

Destiny: you will want to lead projects that benefit many people. You teach the
teachers and lead the leaders. You know you are here to empower people. You
have to be careful to use your talents not just for yourself but for the good of all.

Expression; you are likely to be living as a leader already or become one. You
like to teach the teachers and lead the leaders. You desire service for humanity.

Soul urge: you will want to do things in a big way, but for the sake of some
greater good.

Outter persona: people will see you as a leader nad will want you to be in
charge of projects
0- white
1- Sun- red- leo- fire- sun
2- Moon- orange- cancer- water- mon
3- Jupiter/mars- yellow- sargitarius- fire-thu
4- Uranus/mercury- green-
5- Mercury/jupiter- blue- wenesday
6- Venus- indigo- Friday- cancer, libra, pisces, taurus
7- neptune- violet-
8- saturn- rose- sat- capricorn
9- mars- gold-









0. transformation , change, limitless
1. unity; aggression; action; ambition- strong will, positive, pure energy, new
beginnings, purity, physical and mental, the creator
2. balance; contrast, oppostite- kindness, balance, tact, equalization,
duality, quiet power of judgment, need for planning, partnership,
harmony, rivalry, communication, indecision,
3. talent, versality, joviality- magic, intuition, fecundity, advantage,
expression, creativity, past present and future, new adventures, success
4. stability, solidty, endurance- grounded nature of all things, four seasons,
four directions, four elements, calmness, home, get back to roots, center
yourself, persistence
5. expansion, adventure, travel- motion, instability, unpredictability, radical
changes, wonder of life, appreciate the perception of chaos around us,
primitive, erratic,
6. tolerant, dependable, sincere- legend, harmony, balance, sincerity, love
and truth, elightment, mental balance, forgiviness
26. Mystery. Study, knowledge- magical forces, esoteric, mystery, conscious
thought, awareness,
27. success, opportunity, strength- business, success, wealthy, continuation,
repetition, cycles,
28. universal influence- high vibration of frequencies, attainment,
satisfaction, accomplishment, intellectual power, inventiveness, influence
over situation and things,

2 digits

11 intuitive, illumination, channel to subconscious, insight without rational

thought, sensitivity, energy, shyness, impracticality, dreamer, charisma,
leadership, inspiration, inborn duality, dynamism, inner conflict, when not
focused on some goal can create fears and phobias, edge between greatness
and self distruction, potencial for growth, stability, acceptance of intuitive
understanding, spiritual truth, faith, psychic

22 the most powerful of all numbers, master builder, can turn the most
ambitiouts dream into reality, most successful of all numbers, has the
inspirations insight of number eleven, unlimited, disciplined, archetypes, big
ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, self confidence, if not practical It loses
its potencial, it can turn into interior pressure, work towards a realization of a
goal that are larger then personal ambition, the 22 serves the world in a
practical way

33 the most influential of all numbers, master teacher, combines the 11 and 22
brings their potencial to another level, focus considerable abilities towards
mankind’s spirituality groth, sincere devotion, seek understanding wisdom,

Karmic past lives

13 work very hard to accomplish an task, one might feel frustrated, there may
be a desire to surrender, can fall to laziness and negativity, efforts are not futile
and reqard will come, one must simply work hard, usually a person with 13 debt
divides its energy into several tasks, temptation to take short cuts, successful
people (business, artistis) walk in this number, poor self image, belief that one is
uncapable of reaching so much



0. transformation
1. leadership
2. balance
3. creativity
4. stability
5. adventure
6. trust
7. knowledge
8. success
9. accomplishment


1. confidence, leadership, efficient, controlled, capable, not be pushed

around, fashionable but have own style, overweight contradicts your
personality, pioneer, own ideas, own way of doing things, original, can
seem aggressive or unreceptive, intimidate people,