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Intermediate Writing

English Language Program

Spring 2018

Instructor: XXX Room: XXX

Email: XXX Class time: XXX
Class online platform: click here Office hours: XXX

Course Goal

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
Course Materials
 Strunk Jr, W., & White, E.B. (1999). The elements of style (4th ed.). NY: Pearson.
 Articles and short essays
 Instructional videos

Course Requirements
1. Class participation (15%)
This includes class attendance and participation (both in-class and online).

2. Weekly online discussions (20%)

Reply to writing prompts posted in the class’s Google+ community. All students are required to
respond to at least two other posts published by their classmates. All online discussions must be
submitted by Sunday, 11:59 PM.

3. Assignments (50%)
Throughout the course, each student submits the following assignments to the instructor online:
1) Bio
2) Text analysis
3) Descriptive essay
4) Comparative essay
5) Cause-effect essay
6) Classification essay
7) Opinion essay

4. Final project (15%)

Students work in groups to collaborate on a longer piece of writing as part of a class project.
Each group is responsible for producing a type of essay learned in this course, centering on an
overarching theme to be decided by the class. During the last week of class, the essays will be
compiled together as a class journal to be reviewed and published.

A+ 97-100% Rare performance.
A 94-96% Outstanding achievement.
A- 90-93% Excellent.
B+ 87-89% Very good.
B 84-86% Good.
B- 80-83% Acceptable achievement.
C+ 77-79% Fair achievement.
C 73-76% Low performance.
C- 70-72% Very low performance.
F 69%~ Failure.

Tentative Schedule
Week Topic(s) To Watch/Read Assignments Due*
1 Sentence construction Watch: Punctuation Online discussion 1
Punctuation Read: EOS pp. 13-25 Assignment 1: Bio
2 Writing paragraphs Watch: Coherence Online discussion 2
Relevance of ideas Read: EOS pp. 26-40 Assignment 2: Text analysis
3 Description Watch: Descriptive essay Online discussion 3
Read: “My Room” Assignment 3: descriptive
4 Comparison Watch: Comparative essay Online discussion 4
Read: “British English vs. Assignment 4: comparative
American English” essay
5 Cause-effect Watch: Cause-effect essay Online discussion 5
Read: “What Causes Low Assignment 5: cause-effect
Self-Esteem?” essay
6 Classification Watch: Classification Online discussion 6
essay Assignment 6: classification
Read: “Baseball Fans” essay
7 Opinion Watch: Opinion essay Online discussion 7
Read: “Why Youths Assignment 7: opinion essay
Should Live Separately
from Parents”
8 Writing workshop Watch: Review Final Project

*All writing assignments are due online before Sunday, 11:59 PM