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Fiesta 2010 OF F I CI AL GU I D E

de Santa Fe


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Cover photo by Jane Phillips
2010 Don Diego de Vargas
Manuel Flavio Garcia y Gonzales
& La Reina, Danielle Renee
Chavez y Romero

Cover design Deborah Villa


Robin Martin
Ginny Sohn
Rob Dean

de Santa Fe
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8 Welcome to Fiesta
10 Schedule of events
Elspeth Hilbert, Scott Fowler,
Dale Deforest, Bill Jacobi,
Enrique Figueredo


Michael Brendel, 995-3825
Gary Brouse, 995-3861
14 A lifetime of service for former
Cristina Iverson, 995-3830 court members
Alex J. Martinez, 995-3841

16 2010 Don Diego de Vargas

Jan Montoya, 995-3838
Vincent Torres, 995-3835
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17 2010 La Reina
19 Faith and Fiesta
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Assistant production director
26 The lure of Zozobra
31 Toe-tapping mariachi
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34 Fiesta parades a beloved tradition
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36 Desfiles de la Gente map
37 Parking map

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43 Learn the Fiesta song in Spanish and English
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From the Mayor From the Fiesta Council
Greetings, so much of what makes Santa Fe
Dear Santa Feans and visitors:
¡Bienvenidos a la Fiesta great, the place where all cultures
The 298th Fiesta de Santa Fe will once again come together.
de Santa Fe! Welcome to
bring locals and visitors together for historical Santa Fesinos have long been
America’s oldest
and religious pageantry, entertainment, food proud of their city’s heritage
continuing developed through the merging of
and fun. This is a special time for Santa Feans
community the Native American, Spanish, and
and all who know and love our city. Her-
man festival. Mexican cultures. The evolvement
The Fiesta gets its unofficial start Thursday and settlement of Santa Fe has
(Sept. 9), when the gloom and Fiesta de Santa
produced a tradition of colorful
doom of the past year go up Fe was established
music, vibrant dance and song,
in smoke with the burning of on Sept. 16, 1712,
Fiesta Council together with a spirit of friendliness,
Will Shuster’s Zozobra at Fort by a proclamation
President hospitality and acceptance. This
Marcy Park. At dawn on Friday H.L. Lovato
issued by city
encompasses what the Fiesta de
(Sept. 10), the Fiesta de Santa Fe officials to
Santa Fe represents and seeks to
is formalized with the mayor’s commemorate
preserve and perpetuate annually.
recitation of el pregón de la fiesta, and honor a pledge made by Don
Our community
Mayor the proclamation issued in 1712 Diego de Vargas in 1692 to the
commemoration is observing
David Coss announcing the return of settlers Blessed Virgin Mary.
its 298th year in 2010. Today,
who’d fled downriver from the Please join us in celebrating this
descendants of the orginial settlers
wrath of the Pueblo Revolt. Also pledge as we gather on the historic
are keeping the promise of Don
on Friday, the entry of Don Diego de Vargas on the Santa Fe Plaza, the commercial,
Diego de Vargas.
Plaza will be re-enacted at 2 p.m. social and political center of
Saturday morning (Sept. 11) at 9, it’s the ever- Santa Fe since 1610 when it was
popular Desfile de los Niños, the children’s Pet established by Don Pedro de
H.L. Lovato
Parade along Palace Avenue and Marcy Street. And Peralta.
President, Fiesta Council
at 7, the Gran Baile, the Fiesta ball at the Santa Fe It’s a center that symbolizes
Community Convention Center next to City Hall.
On Sunday (Sept. 12) there’s the procession
of La Conquistadora, today known as Our Lady From the Archbishop
of Peace, followed by a Pontifical Mass at the
Cathedral Basilica. Then at 1 p.m., there’s more fun Dear brothers and sisters of Santa Fe:
at the Historical/Hysterical Parade, which starts It is with joy that we celebrate the 298th Fiesta de
at DeVargas Center on Guadalupe Street and runs Santa Fe!
roughly along Palace Avenue and around Paseo de LEDE
The city is also celebrating the 400th Anniversary of
its establishment and the founding of the first Church.
Throughout the weekend you will find food
I think that the Fiesta is the best way to keep alive the
booths, a wealth of entertainment on the bandstand
rich, spiritual and cultural traditions of Santa Fe. The
and an arts and crafts fair on the Plaza.
Fiesta continues the fulfillment of the promise made Archbishop
I extend to you our hospitality and encourage
by Don Diego de Vargas to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Michael J. Sheehan
you to enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer on this
special weekend.
I invite everyone to join our religious traditions at the Fiesta Mass,
Candlelight Mass and Procession on Sunday (Sept. 12).
Que Viva la Fiesta!
David Coss,
May God bless you richly! Sincerely yours in the Risen Lord,
Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe


and you’re still
Santa Fe!
Que Viva Las

Visit the store for a wide array of

Pet Parade costumes!
And as always, it is our pleasure to continue serving Santa Fe’s dogs
and cats and their humans since 1995!

Sanbusco Market Center

500 Montezuma Ave. • M-S 10-6, Sun 12-5
982-9374 • www.tecatu.com


O F F I C I AL S CH E D U L E , 2 9 8 T H F I E STA D E S A N TA F E

Jane Phillips
Self-expression is strongly encouraged during the Fiesta parades.

Saturday-Monday, Sept. 4-6 Wednesday, Sept. 8 Tickets $5

8 a.m.-6 p.m. Lensic Performing Arts Theatre
Labor Day Fine Arts & Crafts Market 6:30 p.m. 211 W. San Francisco St.
Plaza Historical Lecture 3 p.m.-dusk
“The Santa Fe Fiesta: Reflecting the Burning of Will Shuster’s Zozobra
Saturday, Sept. 4 Changing Face of Santa Fe Culture,” Fort Marcy Park
4:30-8:30 p.m. Andrew Leo Lovato, assistant professor at Tickets $10 in advance, $15 at the gate,
Santa Fe Pre-Fiesta Show Santa Fe Community College 988-1234
Plaza Tickets $5, free to the Palace Guard
St. Francis Auditorium, 107 W. Palace Ave.
Sunday, Sept. 7 Friday, Sept. 10
4 p.m. 6 a.m.
7:30 p.m.
Special City Council meeting Pregón de la Fiesta
Mariachi Extravaganza de Santa Fe
City Council Chambers, 200 Lincoln Ave. Rosario Chapel
Featuring Mariachi Vargas
8 a.m.-6 p.m.
The Santa Fe Opera
6:30 p.m. Arts and crafts/food booths
Tickets ($55, $85, $125) available by
Fiestecita Plaza
calling 986-5900
Tickets $10
Santa Fe Community Convention Center Thursday, Sept. 9 10 a.m.-midnight
201 W. Marcy St. 2 p.m. Entertainment
Mariachi Matinee Plaza

10 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

Jane Phillips
The Most Rev. Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe knights Manuel Flavio Garcia y Gonzales, this year’s
Don Diego de Vargas, during a June ceremony.

Noon 3 p.m. 10 a.m.

Official opening of Fiesta La Merienda (Fashion Show) Pontifical Mass
Plaza James A. Little Theater Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
$8, $3 under 12, available at the door
2 p.m. Sponsored by La Sociedad Folklorica 1 p.m.
Entrada de Don Diego De Vargas Desfile de la Gente:
Plaza 7 p.m. Historical/Hysterical Parade
Gran Baile/Cuarenta Y Cinco See map, Page 36
Tickets: $15, $25 a couple Grand prize to be awarded to best 400th
Saturday, Sept. 11 Santa Fe Community Convention Center anniversary-themed float.
8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Arts and crafts/food booths 5:30 p.m.
Plaza Sunday, Sept. 12 Closing ceremonies
8 a.m.-6 p.m. Plaza
9 a.m. Arts and crafts/food booths
Desfile de Los Niños (Pet Parade) Plaza 7 p.m.
See map, Page 35 Mass of Thanksgiving
9:30 a.m. and Candlelight Procession
10 a.m.-midnight Solemn Procession Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Entertainment Palace of the Governors
Plaza to Cathedral Basilica
of St. Francis of Assisi

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 11

A Special Thanks to State Farm ...

for their continued support of Fire Prevention

and the Santa Fe Fire Department!
12 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 13
Luis Sánchez Saturno
Pita Tapia Gonzales served as La Reina from 1943 to 1944. Here she holds a photo of herself from the summer of 1944 at her home in Santa Fe.

A lifetime of service
Former court members reminisce about the significance of Fiesta
By Jon Sward The effigy’s face was made up of
Emperor Hirohito’s eyes and teeth,
‘It was a beautiful, When Pita Tapia Gonzales served as Mussolini’s nose and chin and Hitler’s
La Reina de la Fiesta in 1943, Fiesta mustache, Gonzales recalled.
memorable experience de Santa Fe included a few important Meanwhile, the Historical/Hysterical
that, deep in my heart, differences from the present day. Parade lacked floats that year because of
gasoline rationing.
from the beginning Though the religious celebrations at the “We didn’t really have floats, so we rode
to end, I enjoyed. heart of the Fiesta de Santa Fe remain the in convertible cars that had been lent out
same as when Gonzales was La Reina, the by a few of the local dealerships,” Gonzales
It was very enlightening Fiesta that year also bore the unmistakable said.
for me.’ stamp of World War II. When she took on the role of La Reina,
“The face of Zozobra was a combination Gonzales was a 17-year-old who had
of Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese recently completed her schooling at the
~ Pita Tapia Gonzales
La Reina, 1943-44
leader, Hirohito,” Gonzales said. “It was Loretto Academy — an all-girls Catholic
very interesting.” boarding school that later merged with
14 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
High School, said his experience serving as
Don Diego de Vargas led him to become
more connected to his hometown.
“When you have the opportunity to
portray Don Diego ... it really speaks to
your commitment to the community,”
Dominguez said. “I’ve been involved in the
community for a long time, and for me,
serving as Don Diego led me to eventually
become a city councilor. But for other
people who serve, it leads them to become
more involved in the community in other
For Carla Aragon, the 1974 La Reina de
la Fiesta, portraying La Reina meant doing
her part to keep local cultural traditions
“Growing up in Santa Fe, it was really an
honor to represent the Santa Fe Fiestas,”
Luis Sánchez Saturno
Aragon said. “And again, it’s not a beauty
Author and former television news anchor Carla Aragon served as La Reina in 1974. ‘It really helped me pageant: It’s a celebration of the culture
define who I was as a Hispanic growing up in Santa Fe.’ here and the religion here ... It really helped
me define who I was as a Hispanic growing
St. Michael’s High up in Santa Fe.”
School. Aragon went on to a three-decade
Decades later, career in TV broadcasting, serving as
Gonzales is the the nightly news anchor at KOB-TV in
oldest living La Albuquerque from 1994 through 2007,
Reina de Santa Fe. after an 11-year stint at KNBC-TV in
Yet Gonzales said Los Angeles.
she remembers Since leaving the news desk, Aragon
her time as part of has focused her attention on writing
the Royal Court children’s books. Her debut effort, Dance
almost as if it were of the Eggshells: Baile de los Cascarones — a
yesterday. bilingual children’s book — was published
“It was a by The University of New Mexico Press in
beautiful, March.
memorable Shawn Poynter The Baile de los Cascarones is a
experience that, Carmichael Dominguez, left, was the 2000 Don Diego de Vargas. ‘I’ve been traditional dance sponsored by La
deep in my heart, involved in the community for a long time, and for me, serving as Don Diego Sociedad Folklorica that occurs each year
led me to eventually become a city councilor.’
from the beginning in Santa Fe to mark the end of Lent.
to end, I enjoyed,” “It is one of my favorite traditions and I
Gonzales said. “It Gonzales went on to serve as Santa Fe grew up going to the dances,” Aragon said.
was very enlightening for me.” County clerk from 1968-1972. “I figured, why not write a children’s book
Gonzales said that when she served as In fact, several former members of the and make it entertaining, because it will be
La Reina, her coronation took place at Fiesta de Santa Fe’s Royal Court have gone the young kids who will end up carrying
Fort Marcy Park on the Friday night when on to careers in public service, including on the tradition.”
Zozobra was burned. New Mexico Democratic Party chairman It’s this desire to keep local traditions
“We were standing on top of the hill Javier Gonzales (Don Diego de Vargas, alive that has motivated so many Santa
at Fort Marcy (after the coronation), 1999), and Santa Fe City Councilors Feans to serve on the Royal Court, both in
and when they lit Zozobra all the smoke Ron Trujillo (Don Diego, 1994) and the past and in the present.
floated over toward us,” Gonzales said, Carmichael Dominguez (Don Diego,
laughing. “So, that coronation was not 2000).
Dominguez, a 1988 graduate of Santa Fe
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 15
A visit with Don Diego de Vargas
Manuel Flavio Garcia y Gonzales: Family tradition
Background: Garcia, 32, graduated from
Santa Fe High School in 1996. His father,
the late Fred Garcia, served as the Royal
Court’s Don Diego during the 1959 Fiesta
de Santa Fe. Garcia attended Arizona State
University and is the assistant director at
the Riva Yares Gallery in Santa Fe.

Fiesta Guide: Your father served as

Don Diego in 1959 — when did you first
consider running?

Manuel Garcia: About six months before

my father died (Fred Garcia passed away
in October 2008), I talked with him
about running for Don Diego at the 2009
Fiestas, which would have been the 50th
anniversary of his serving as Don Diego.
That was the first time I had talked to
him about it, and the first time I had really
considered it. But after he passed away, I
decided not to run last year. It was just too
soon for me. Then everything kind of fell
into place this year, and so that’s why I ran. Jane Phillips
‘The Pregón de la Fiesta, which is the Mass we have to commemorate the opening of Fiesta weekend,
And here I am. means a lot. It symbolizes the answering of the promise that Don Diego made.’

FG: This will be the 298th Fiesta

de Santa Fe — dating back to 1712
— that celebrates Don Diego de Vargas’
reconquest of the city in 1692. As we
approach the 300th anniversary of Fiesta
de Santa Fe, what do you see as the
relevance of the Fiesta in the year 2010?

MG: It’s about celebrating 400 years

of the history of our ancestors. Since
1712, there has been 298 years of that
proclamation paying homage to the life Courtesy photo
of our ancestors and our city. And for me, The 2010 Don Diego de Vargas and his cuadrilla.
it’s about giving back to the city which has
Mass we have to commemorate the opening MG: In 1991, my uncle Gerard Gonzales
given me 32 years.
of Fiesta weekend, means a lot. It symbolizes portrayed Don Diego. Just coming to the
the answering of the promise that Don see the Entrada in the Plaza as a spectator
FG: From your point of view, what are
Diego made. And of course the Entrada de and knowing people out there — it was
the most important events during the
Don Diego de Vargas into the Plaza that like being part of it, that was what it felt
final weekend of the Fiesta de Santa Fe’s
symbolizes the actual reconquest in 1692. like to me.
FG: Do you have a favorite Fiesta de Santa
MG: The Pregón de la Fiesta, which is the
Fe memory?

16 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

A visit with
La Reina
Danielle Renee Chavez y Romero:
From page to La Reina
Background: Chavez, 23, FG: 2012 will be the 300th
graduated from Santa Fe High Fiesta de Santa Fe. As we
School in 2005 and attended approach that date, what
New Mexico State University, significance do you see the
where she completed a degree Fiesta de Santa Fe having in the
in athletic-training education present-day context?
last December. She recently
moved back to Santa Fe and DC: It’s just this amazing
started a job at Spine Solutions, tradition that the Fiesta
Inc. Council and the (city) have
been able to uphold for all
Fiesta Guide: You said during these years ... Fiesta de Santa Fe
your run for La Reina that is the oldest ongoing tradition
serving in the role had been a in the United States, so it
lifelong dream — what’s the means a lot and I’m honored
history of your involvement in just to be a part of that.
the Fiesta de Santa Fe?
FG: What’s your goal during
Danielle Chavez: I was your time as La Reina?
lucky enough to serve as
Jane Phillips
a pagefor Carolee Friday- DC: I think it’s important to ‘I think it’s important to educate people, not only youth but also people who
Santistevan in 1994, when educate people, not only youth are visiting our city, who are not aware of the history of Fiesta.’
I was just 7 years old. I was but also people who are visiting
afforded the opportunity to our city, who are not aware of
be a little page in her court. the history of Fiesta.
... I also started attending the
Masses for Fiestas from a FG: Do you have a favorite
very young age. Fiesta de Santa Fe memory?

FG: What made you decide to DC: I’ve always enjoyed

run for the position of La Reina attending visitations that the
de la Fiesta at this year’s Fiesta whole Royal Court would do.
de Santa Fe? It’s really amazing to see the
people who serve on the Royal
DC: It was all about timing for Court out there interacting
me. I always wanted to do it with the community, while
sooner rather than later, but I singing and dancing. It
also knew that I wanted to get definitely got me started on
school done with first, so that my decision to run, when I was
I could give being La Reina my serving as a page. Courtesy photo
The 2010 La Reina and her court.
full-time attention.

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 17

New Mexico’s 6th Annual Celebration
of World Music and Culture
SEPTEMBER 24 - 25, 2010

Discover the World on 3 Stages Over 2 Nights

EMELINE MICHEL (Haiti) • KHAÏRA ARBY (Mali) • DEOLINDA (Portugal) • OREKA TX (Spain)
PIETRA MONTECORVINO (Italy) And many more still to come!

The Global Village of Craft, Culture and Cuisine

Kenyan/East Indian, Brazilian and Ethiopian food. Crafts from around
New Mexico and the world. Open through the entire festival.

FREE Global Fiesta

Sat, Sept 25 • 10:30 am - 4 pm
Bring your friends and family for:
• international dance & music workshops
instrument building • lectures
• crafts • food • demonstrations


18 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

Honoring a promise
Roots of Fiesta a symbol of faith
By Jon Sward ð Photo by Jane Phillips

Whether appreciated through the lens

of history or from the perspective of
its symbolic power in the annual Fiesta
de Santa Fe celebrations, Don Diego de
Vargas’ reconquest of Santa Fe in 1692
stands out as an exceptional event.
As in years past, this year’s 298th annual
Fiesta de Santa Fe will celebrate de Vargas’
return to the city, with festivities unfolding
from Sept. 4-12.
The Fiesta de Santa Fe, reputed to be
the longest-running annual tradition in
the United States, will see Santa Feans
and visitors alike descend on downtown
for a crowded schedule of events that pay
homage to the return of the settlers after
the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.
Viewed from a historical vantage point,
de Vargas’ return proved to be a pivotal
moment in terms of the Spanish Crown
re-establishing a presence in New Mexico,
which at the time constituted a remote,
northern outpost.
The reconquest materialized on
Sept. 13, 1692, when de Vargas and a
party of Spaniards negotiated a tense
peace with the Pueblo Indians who had
occupied Santa Fe for more than a decade
following the Pueblo Revolt, which saw
New Mexico’s colonial government driven
to exile in El Paso.
One day later, on Sept. 14, 1692,
Franciscan priests who had traveled with
de Vargas to Santa Fe celebrated Mass
in the city’s Plaza, baptizing children
who had been born in the intervening
years between the Pueblo Revolt and the
The Spanish resettlement of New
Mexico had begun.
In 1712, eight years after de Vargas’
death, city officials signed a proclamation

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 19

to establish an annual commemoration of
the reconquest, and the Fiesta de Santa Fe
was born.
The earliest versions of the Fiesta de
Santa Fe focused on religious festivities
and paid particular homage to the La
Conquistadora, a small statue of Nuestra
Señora del Rosario. La Conquistadora —
now known as Our Lady of Peace — still
holds the starring role in La Fiesta de Santa
Fe. The image arrived in Santa Fe in 1625,
was evacuated during the Pueblo Revolt
and later returned to the City of Holy
Faith in 1693.
“The first Fiestas would have had
Masses, vespers and processions,” Santa Fe
Fiesta Council President H.L. Lovato said.
“Were there corndogs on the Plaza? No.
That (the religious dimension of the Fiesta
de Santa Fe) is the core of the promise Jane Phillips
Fiesta culminates with a Mass and candlelight procession to the Cross of the Martyrs.
made by Don Diego, and that’s what we
uphold to this day. As the Fiesta continues
to exist, it will continue to exist in that
‘When you compare With this in mind, Lovato said the
Fiesta Council is looking for new ways
De Vargas’ peaceful reconquest of us to other parts of the world to communicate the message of peace at
the city in 1692, however, stands in
marked contrast to an otherwise bloody
where people have been unable the center of Fiesta de Santa Fe festivities,
especially as the tricentennial celebration
epoch characterized by clashes between to get along with each other of the reconquest approaches in 2012.
Spaniards and Pueblo Indians.
The Pueblo Revolt, which saw heavy
for thousands of years, what While the traditions of Fiesta de Santa
Fe remain rooted in Masses, processions,
casualties and the destruction of the we have in Santa Fe is and events such as La Merienda — the
Spanish settlement in Santa Fe, was
followed by a failed Spanish reconquest in
pretty significant.’ Fiesta weekend fashion show — the Fiesta
Council has been exploring new, web-
1681 and bloody Spanish incursions into ~ H.L. Lovato based media as a way to educate people
New Mexico at Santa Ana Pueblo in 1687 Fiesta Council President
about the Fiesta de Santa Fe.
and Zia Pueblo in 1689. In fact, Fiesta de Santa Fe has pages on
Despite the peaceful nature of de significant — because the event marks a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Flickr,
Vargas’ September 1692 reconquest of cornerstone upon which a more multi- and the Fiesta Council has been exploring
Santa Fe, peace did not last long. De cultural community was slowly built in web-based advertising in an attempt to
Vargas ultimately returned to El Paso in Santa Fe in the centuries following de find and educate new audiences.
December of 1692, determined to return Vargas’ return. “It’s a way for people who live in another
and resettle the city with Spanish families “It is a more genuinely multicultural part of the country or the world to learn
in tow the following year. community than a lot of other places,” about Fiestas, and it’s a way for natives to
However, the arrival of de Vargas and Lovato said of Santa Fe. “And when you stay connected to what’s going on,” Lovato
a party of Spanish settlers in Santa Fe compare us to other parts of the world said.
in December 1693, though welcomed where people have been unable to get Even in a web-based age, however,
by some Pueblo Indians, was met with along with each other for thousands of de Vargas’ achievement of the bloodless
resistance by many of Santa Fe’s Indian years, what we have in Santa Fe is pretty reconquest of Santa Fe remains the kernel
inhabitants. significant. of hope that gives the annual Fiesta de
After a two-week standoff, around “I mean, it’s not all roses here, but people Santa Fe celebrations their driving force.
70 Indian warriors who refused to have managed in some way to respect In thanksgiving for their return, the
surrender to the Spanish were executed. other people and their beliefs. I think that’s earlier settlers promised to pay homage to
Yet this bloody history arguably makes the thing that intrigues people when they the Virgin Mary — a promise they have
the peaceful reconquest of 1692 more visit.” been fulfilling for centuries.
20 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 21
22 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 23
comprehensive compassionate

ver the past 145 years, CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Here is a just small sample of the improvements and
Regional Medical Center had worked to solidify additions that are complete or underway:
its place in the rich and storied history of Santa
Fe. During the past year, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has Quality And Infrastructure
implemented a variety of new programs and services,
• Sports Medicine: A New 10,000-square-foot facility
expanded access, and invested in the technology and
featuring, pediatric therapy, speech-language therapy,
people necessary to fulfill the ever-changing needs of occupational and hand therapy, integrative medicine and
our community. Our Journey to Excellence continues physical therapy.
to propel our organization forward into the future
• Surgical Services: Completed a $16 million remodeling
as we strive to build on our heritage of caring and
and renovation of our Surgical Services Department.
commitment within our community.
• da Vinci Technology: We now offer state-of-the-art surgical
technology that allows for faster recovery for our patients.
• After-Hours Care: Launched an After-Hours Care pro-
gram designed to allow patients to obtain non-emergent
care after normal business hours.
• Green Efforts: Instituted organization-wide
Recycling Program.
• E-MED: Completed Phase 1 of our
Electronic Medical Records Implementation.

Service And Community

• Conducted comprehensive assessment of Behavioral
Health Care needs in Northern New Mexico.
• Assumed operations of the Care Connection, which
includes the Assessment Center and Sobering Center.
• Donated more than $16 million to smaller
community non-profits that provide a safety net for our
community in areas such as substance abuse, behavioral
health, and health and wellness.
• Participated in dozens of health events and conducted
screenings for communities, pueblos and partner

24 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 455 ST. MICHAEL’S DRIVE SANTA FE, NM 87505 505.913.3361 WWW.STVIN.ORG
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 25
Gloom, begone!
26 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
Screams of ‘Burn him!’
are de rigeur for the
annual execution of

Clock ticking on Zozobra’s death sentence

By Melissa Martinez ð Photos by Jane Phillips

There’s a bad guy out there. City officials have been looking
for him for years. According to the warrant for his arrest,
he’s wanted for scaring the kids and making the dogs of
Santa Fe howl all night. This is one bad dude.
Zozobra, aka Old Man Gloom, could be hiding out in the back
of your favorite hardware store. Or sitting brazenly at a table at
the local pizza joint. Chances are you’ve spotted him already. And
you didn’t even know it, did you?
Every year Zozobra, a giant marionette of sorts, goes up in
flames, taking with him the gloom and sadness of the past year
and unofficially ushering in Fiesta de Santa Fe.
This guy’s a master of disguise. He could be anywhere. Thing
is, you don’t really know you’re looking at him until you’re staring
him right in the eye, and by then it’s too late.
Ray Valdez, a builder by trade, has been in charge of bringing in
this 50-foot tyrant since 1994.
“I start out at the local hardware stores in the early summer,”
said Valdez, 45. “I’ve got a whole shopping list — wood, wire, nails, Zozobra
screws, duct tape, pulleys, pizza pans, stuff like that.” devotees
Valdez said work on “the beast” begins in his garage in late July. start young
As Zozobra increases in size, he is moved to a warehouse on the ~ and

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 27

In a spectacu-
lar conflagra-
tion of flames
and fireworks,
Zozobra goes
~ admittedly,
with protest
~ to his death
every year.
Jane Phillips

south side of town. There, it takes a small Mad Gloom ready for his swan song. Valdez said he has been witness to the
army of volunteers about 57 days to make “There’s a lot of trepidation, a lot of execution of Old Man Gloom for a long as
Old Man Gloom a bit more presentable for anxiety in the days leading up to the burn,” he can remember.
his nearing execution. Valdez said. “I can’t really relax until he’s “I’ve been going to the burn since I was
Zozobra has made some futile attempts up there.” a kid,” he said. “I think I missed it maybe
to alter his identity in the past — his hair And then there’s the waiting — waiting once in my life.”
color changes year after year; he often to see if September’s fickle rains will Today, he doesn’t get to watch the burns
sports a different tie — but to no avail. rage into town a few hours before the like he did when he was a kid. Now he’s
“We try to add a few different things burn. Sudden downpours can add about behind the scenes, keeping things running
each year,” Valdez said. “He’s only had 900 pounds to “the beast” and can slow smoothly throughout the night.
pupils in his eyes for the past few years. Zozbra’s burn time to a steady crawl. “I just can’t leave his side until the
This year, we’ve got a few more surprises Rain or shine, every year Zozobra goes whole thing is over,” Valdez said. “This has
in mind. down in a moaning, flailing blaze of glory, become my life and my summers, all of
“A lot of those changes are in the hands shaking his fist at the crowd to the bitter them. I always ask people to wake me up
of Ray Sandoval, main pyrotechncianl end. Valdez said at least 25,000 people again when September’s over.”
and head artist for the event,” Valdez said. have attended the event in the past. And a few months later the process
“It was his idea for Zozobra to wear that “We had film teams over here doing begins all over again. We’ve haven’t seen
patterned tie a few years back.” documentaries for the Discovery Channel, the last of Zozobra. He’ll be back next year.
But getting Zozobra, who weighs in at a for the Travel Channel,” Valdez said. So next time you’re at the lumberyard,
whopping 1,700 pounds, to the scene of his “We’ve had national coverage, stories in remember — never turn your back on the
demise is no simple feat. The New York Times and in The Wall Street two-by-fours.
It takes a couple of flat-bed trucks, massive Journal. This whole thing just kind of
machinery and some long hours to get Old exploded last year.”

28 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

Kiss your
gloom goodbye
Zozobra faces the flames Thursday
(Sept. 9) at Fort Marcy Park. The fire starts
around 9 p.m., but there will be plenty to see
and do in the park before that. A number of
local bands are set to play for the event. Food
vendors and merchants also will be on hand.
Drop boxes for your gloomier items — pink
slips, divorce documents, bank statements
— can be found all over town in the weeks
leading up to the burn. For those of you
hoping to drop off last-minute miseries, a box
will be set up the night of the burn in near the
stage at Fort Marcy Park.
Keep in mind that parking is virtually
nonexistent near the venue. However,
40 handicapped parking spaces will be
available at the site on a first-come, first-
served basis.
Santa Fe Trails will run the usual routes
from Santa Fe Place into Sheridan Transit
Center on Thursday for the burning of
Two extra buses will take passengers
beginning at 5:45 p.m. from South Capitol
Station, off Cordova and Pen roads, to
Sheridan throughout the evening.
South Capitol Station is the best place to park
to have a stress-free ride and no-hassle, free
parking. Final pick-ups at Sheridan will begin at
10:30 p.m. to get riders to South Capitol Station
and Santa Fe Place. Round-trip is $2 for adults,
$1 for seniors and youth to 18 ride free.
For out-of-town Zozobra goers, the New
Mexico Rail Runner Express will run a later
train. Instead of the last train at 9:30 p.m., the
last train will leave at 11 p.m. from the Santa
Fe Depot.
More information can be found at
Tickets are now available at the Lensic box
office or online at www.ticketssantafe.org
and are $10. You can also purchase tickets
at the gate on the day of the event for $15.
Either way, children under 10 get in free. For
additional ticket information, call 988-1234.
For more information on Zozobra, and what
it takes to bring him to life, Twitter Old Man
Gloom. Updates will be posted on a regular
Jane Phillips
Zozobra veterans know that accessorizing is fun and almost mandatory. basis.

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 29

30 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
Courtesy photo
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

Toe-tapping mariachi
By Sandra Baltazar Martínez
The sones and the canciones that only the
combination of trumpets, guitars and violins
can transmit will be at their best when the
internationally known Mariachi Vargas de
Tecalitlán, sets foot in the Santa Fe Opera on
Wednesday (Sept. 8).
The evening has been dubbed Mariachi Extravaganza
de Santa Fe, because several mariachi groups, including
Mariachi Mujer 2000, Mariachi Sol de Mexico and Santa
Fe’s own Mariachi Buenaventura, also will perform.
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, like Santa Fe’s history,
is created from a fusion of European and indigenous
traditions and talents. The mariachi group was formed
in Jalisco, Mexico, in 1898 by four musicians and led by
Gaspar Vargas and later by his son, Silvestre Vargas.
Under Silvestre’s guidance, the mariachi made itself
known and competed against the most popular orchestras
in Mexico by combining 10 instruments: a harp, four
violins, a trumpet and four different types of guitars:
guitarrón, vihuela, guitarra and guitarra de golpe. Silvestre
also hired a trained musician, Ruben Fuentes, to be the
group’s musical director. Fuentes composed many pieces Mariachi
that gave Mariachi Vargas stellar recognition in the Buenaventura
Courtesy photo

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 31

‘I have seen Mariachi Vargas in Guadalajara
and Los Angeles, but now it’s going to be pretty
spectacular to see it in my own home.’
~ Manuel Flavio Garcia y Gonzales
Don Diego de Vargas, 2010

country. But his insistence that group his father, Fredo Garcia
all Mariachi Vargas musicians y Gonzales (Don Diego 1959),
learn to read music helped helped start — Los Niños
push them further into the Cantores de Santa Fe. Garcia
world of music. y Gonzales played the guitar,
“In our fiestas, whatever the vihuela and the guitarrón,
version it is, Spanish along with his older brother,
or Mexican, music is a Alfredo Garcia II.
very integral part of (the To see Mariachi Vargas
celebration),” said H.L. Lovato, live means a lot to Garcia y
this year’s Fiesta Council Gonzales.
president, who said that “I have seen Mariachi
council members have tried Vargas in Guadalajara and Los
for 10 years to bring Mariachi Angeles, but now it’s going to
Vargas to Fiesta. That didn’t be pretty spectacular to see
happen until this year because it in my own home,” Garcia y
of scheduling conflicts. Gonzales said.
Featuring Mariachi Vargas For Chavez y Romero,
for Santa Fe’s cuarto centenario mariachi music has also been
was important because, “They around her home since she
are the best in the world,” can remember, she said. Her
Lovato said. grandfather Mariano Romero
Mariachi music resonates was a mariachi and still plays
with many in Santa Fe, but the violin when he’s invited
especially with this year’s Don to an event. And Chavez y
Diego de Vargas, Manuel Flavio Romero’s cousin, Sara Esquibel,
Garcia y Gonzales and La is a violinist with Mariachi
Reina, Danielle Renee Chavez Buenaventura.
y Romero. “It’s just a very big part of
Garcia y Gonzales started our culture,” Chavez y Romero
playing mariachi music at 5 said. “Without it, it wouldn’t be
years old with the mariachi a complete Fiesta.”

Details More mariachi

Mariachi Extravaganza For people who cannot attend
de Santa Fe the Mariachi Extravaganza,
the Fiesta Council has
7:30 p.m. Wednesday (Sept. 8)
at the Santa Fe Opera
organized a Mariachi Matinee
Tickets are available by calling for Thursday (Sept. 9). The
986-5900 or 800-280-4654 concert is at 2 p.m. at The
or visit www.santafeopera. Lensic. Tickets are $5.

32 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 33
Jane Phillips
Every pirate needs a parrot ~ or, in a pinch, a chicken will do, particularly at Desfiles de Los Niños, Fiesta’s Children’s Pet Parade. Don’t let the name fool you,
though; neither children nor pets are strictly required for participation.

Walk this way ... or that ...

Fiesta parades a cherished tradition
By Cassie O’Shea the adorable event has caused it to grow participating in the Pet Parade because of
dramatically. soccer practice, track meets or the general
Perhaps to make up for lost years, Last year, the Desfile de los Niños wildness of our pets. I did enjoy watching
my father is threatening to take his included 1,112 children, 658 adults, and the Historical/Hysterical Parade with
enormous and dubiously behaved an uncountable number of dogs, felines, my parents, and with friends when I got
puppy to the Pet Parade this year, bunnies, pigs, poultry and other creatures older. One year we found a prime position
dressing the Bernese mountain dog great and small. Perhaps in these troubled on a rooftop downtown, and I clearly
economic times, people have turned more to remember being perched on the ledge, legs
mix as a kangaroo. I affectionately call the catharsis offered by cuteness than by the swinging freely in the hot sun, watching
this creature “the crocodile with fur,” so political mockery found in the Historical/ the spectacle below.
I am not sure this is the best plan. Hysterical Parade. Of course, the Desfile de la The Fiesta parades have inspired
However, he is probably not the only Gente continues to be a popular Fiesta event, countless memories for Santa Feans over
adult considering a first entry into the drawing as it does on the creativity and flair the years. The perspective and scope of
Pet Parade this year. The popularity of for satire enjoyed by many Santa Feans. these memories differ greatly from person
Unfortunately, as a kid I missed out on to person, as have their own unique role.

34 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

route, or however long it
was, to catch up — sprinting
to catch our float,” he said,
For anyone who hasn’t run
long distances in cowboy boots
on a warm September day, it
can be rather uncomfortable.
“I was so hot and out of breath,
I thought I was probably
convincing people not to vote
for me.” It turned out well
for Egolf though, and he was
rewarded when people thanked
him for his efforts. “One voter
told me, ‘My granddad met
you at the parade and really
appreciated you saying hi.’ ”

The children
For the kids in Santa Fe,
watching the Pet Parade is fun,
but getting to participate in it is
a treat. Pojoaque native Alicia
Bustos recalled participating
years ago. “I did it when I was
super little,” she said. She had
Jane Phillips a great time, but remembers
Brightly festooned pets and owners are the star attractions of the Pet Parade. the walk being quite long. “The
chickens were upset by the
The politician end of it. We were chicken and
dumplings. Yum!”
Children's Pet Parade State Rep. Brian Egolf Kate McCarthy, who grew
has fond memories of the
(Desfile de los Niños) Historical/Hysterical Parade
up in Tesuque, loved going to
the Pet Parade and creating
over the years. In particular, imaginative costumes with

he remembers the first year


her family. “One year my


he attended as a campaigner.
nt A


sister and I decided to go to



“It was my first experience in



the Pet Parade dressed up in a


handshaking retail politics. Our

o e

Mexican food theme. Our dog



Pe campaign had a float and I had


Ma ra was going dressed as a taco and


rcy lta

Stre the best time,” he said.

et we were going to take our three


But it ended up being a bit brown hamsters and have them


of a trial by fire. Egolf had not be a three bean salad,” she said.
ce A fully considered the logistics However, one of the hamsters
S an ven
Fran ue of stopping to talk to people had a surprise in store for the

cisc PLA


tree during a moving parade. To his unsuspecting McCarthy sisters.


dismay, he realized that as he “One gave birth the day of the

ter Registration
paused for conversations, his parade and we had to go with a

float would gain considerable


two-bean salad!”


distance on him, and he was


McCarthy feels lucky to have


wearing cowboy boots. been able to participate when

(La Residencia
Parking Lot) “So, I was foolishly running she was little. “The Pet Parade
eda S
The New Mexican along the entire three-mile is always one of my favorite

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 35

since,” she said.

The parent
Parents know all too well
the inherent difficulties
in corralling children and
costumed pets in public. Some
have attempted the feat and
vowed to never try again.
Others have found great joy
in participating with their
children. Pamela Seaworthy,
whose daughter is now a
mother herself, said that the
Pet Parade is the most fun part
of Fiesta for her.
“My fondest personal
memory is the Frito pie,
burrito, Blue Sky combo. They
were so cute, but they didn’t
win, alas.”
She acknowledges that the
logistics can be tricky.
“Amazing that it can all
Shih Fa Kao happen every year without any
The Historical/Hysterical Parade brings out the best in just about everybody. major dog (cat-, rabbit, donkey-)
fights, and those little animals
things about Fiesta. As a child, The veterinarian While the mental image of
tolerate their costumes so well,”
just getting the chance to be the tiny blonde girl trying to
Years before she would Seaworthy said.
in a parade is pretty amazing, control the enormous white
fulfill her childhood dream of
but add the fact that you get to dog is adorable, Vrabely was
becoming a vet, local Marie
dress up, bring your pets and at sufficiently thwarted from
Vrabely attempted to walk
the end everyone gets ice cream, future parades. “I honestly
in the Pet Parade. Whether
now that is awesome,” she said. don’t even know if I’ve been
the failure of this venture
The performer had anything to do with her
eventual success of attending to
Rachel Harrington attended
the medical needs of animals,
Historical/Hysterical Parade
both parades when she was
younger, although not entirely
one can only wonder. (Desfile de la Gente)
“I was probably about 10 or
of her own volition. “I was in the DeVargas Center
11 and I was going to take Dad’s
marching band for Santa Fe High Start
big Great Pyrenees, Osito, in
School. I was the flag girl and had
the parade. We put a bandana Finish
to wear the full band outfit,” she
around his neck and went to the
said of the Historical/Hysterical

big park next to the cathedral to

Parade. While it was fun to be
lupe S

get lined up,” she said. Events did

part of the scene, she suffered in

not go as planned for the little


the heat while wearing the stiff,

o e

girl and ‘little’ bear. “He was



heavy uniform and marching ra

super scared of all the people

the length of the route. Luckily,


and all the commotion and just


the format was much more


wanted to get away. I think we


casual and comfortable for the S an

l St

made it like half a block in the cisco PLA Pala


Pet Parade. “We got to wear Stre ce A

et ven
parade before he just pulled me u

Hawaiian outfits,” she said with Ala
away and we gave up,” Vrabely da
a grin. ee
The New Mexican

36 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

Parking in Downtown Santa Fe
Parking is a challenge, particularly during special events. Try taking the F
bus, riding your bike or motorcycle, walking, or carpooling.

a os H
Old T
Paseo de Peralta

Catron Pos D t Rd.

Pub t Offic

Par lic W e
Staab (Th king orks SCOTTISH
ird O
Flo ffice
San or) s RITE
Com ta Fe


McKenzie Con mun CC S. Fed

ven ity City era
tion Hall l.

Tra ta Fe T ant
Cen ails
John Mar

G u a d a lu p


Sh rte
n cy





tory exico



ri S

Nus Library


F ou

b au



A San t.

Agua F ZA

r ia co










S t.

Paseo de



r ke


Mon W.
Don C
Ma tezu De

att Va

an rga

ral Pl.
lia Garfi

mi eld

a C


al d
Pla lyard

E. Ala


d za d Read meda
m ino ar ge
ily ra
Ra g Ga




o S. C

T kin
Li n


r apito


Pa . State


d Rd 8 Can

e Pera Capitol
l ta los y on
t a Fe
ar rd

gG a

in ily
rk Ra

Pa To

T ra i l

o de
Per alta

Road Pase
Cerrillos o de P


A. SANDOVAL GARAGE M-S, 6a-10p; Sun 7a-10p B. WATER STREET Downtown District
Entrance on San Francisco 400 spaces Entrance on Water St. 158 spaces
The garage will be locked after hours. .$90/half-hour; $1.80/hour; $9 maximum/day
Vehicles must be retrieved prior to closing. Guadalupe District
.$90/half-hour; $1.80/hour; $9 maximum/day
Entrance on Cathedral Place and E. Alameda District
CC. SANTA FE COMMUNITY RV and bus parking 418 spaces
CONVENTION CENTER M-Sun 6:30a-10p .$90/half-hour; $1.80/hour; $9 maximum/day The Railyard
Entrance on Federal Place 500 spaces
.$90/half-hour; $1.80/hour; $9 maximum/day D. MONTEZUMA LODGE LOT
Entrance on Paseo de Peralta 98 spaces
RY. RAILYARD M-S 5:45 a-10p; Sun 10a-7p RV and bus parking weekends and special
Entrance on Camino de la Familia 400 spaces events. $4 per day P
from Manhattan or Paseo de Peralta City of Santa Fe
$1 all day Sat. & Sun. $5 max/day M-F E. CANYON ROAD Parking Division
Entrance on Canyon Road. 50 spaces
All rates include sales tax. Pay station in force 24 hours per day. 505/955-6581

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 37

Clyde Mueller
People meet and greet ~ and eat and eat and eat ~ on the Plaza during Fiesta.

38 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 39
40 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 41
42 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
Natalie Guillén
Los Caballeros de Vargas and members of Don Diego’s cuadrilla march down Lincoln Street during Fiesta.

Santa Fe Fiesta Song

English Spanish
Music by Billy Palau Music by Billy Palau
English lyrics by Avalee Turner Spanish lyrics by Johnny Valdez Jr.

In old Santa Fe we have La Fiesta Santa Fe, tus fiestas de septiembre

’Tis the time for singing, dance and play Se celebran en la capital
On this day we do not take la siesta Con Zozobra quemando las penas
While Zozobra burns the gloom away Ya las fiestas van a comenzar
Steel guitars are softly strumming music Tus mujeres llenas de alegría
Señorita, come along with me Pregonando van su nuevo amor
Luminarias all are shining brightly A luz de grandes luminarias
At the baile, fancy costumes you will see Van cantando con placer esta canción
Si Señor, como no, let’s go out and have some fun Si Señor, como no, vamonos al vacilón
And we’ll see Santa Fe in Conquistadores’ way. A bailar y gozar de esta linda población.

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 43

44 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 45
46 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE
Experience the many facets of this jewel that is Santa Fe. Our thanks to
the City of Santa Fe and all its citizens for support in developing these wonderful
projects for the people of Santa Fe and future generations of Santa Feans.
Join us in commemorating 400 years of Culture!

Be a part our 2010 Special Projects:

All Trails Lead to Santa Fe Anthology
White Shell Water Place
- Native American Anthology
Santa Fe Beyond 400
Symposium and Publication
The Santa Fe 400th
Symphony Premiere
Premier of Native American Arts
Documentary Film
1680 Colloquium
400th Commemorative Plaque Installations

Check out:
www. SantaFe400th .com
for the latest news on events!

2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE 47

KEEPING †ra∂itions ALIVE...
Congratulations to the Santa Fe Fiesta Council on its 298th Fiestas de Santa Fe,
the oldest community celebration of its kind in America.
Thank you for contributing to the vibrant culture of our Santa Fe!

Check out:
www. SantaFe400th .com
for the latest news on events!

48 2010 FIESTA de SANTA FE

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