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Kleenol 2

Technical Product Bulletin

Kleenol 2 ®
Alkaline Degreasing Compound

Description : Kleenol an alkaline degreasing compound suitable forcleaning iron and steel
articles by "immersion" application method. Kleenol solution removes film of oil
and grease from iron and steel surfaces.

Process : The process consists of dipping of articles in hot (75 oC to 90 oC) solution for a
period of 10 to 15 minutes.

If the surface has deposits of heavy oil and grease then it should be removed
from the surface by other means such as wiping, vapour degreasing or
processing the articles through power spray washers, before immersion in Kleenol
2 solution.Immediately after Kleenol 2 treatment, the articles should be rinsed in
clean hot water with continuous over flowing water. Kleenol 2 solution should not
be allowed to dry on the surface.

Build up, Control and Fill the tank partially and start heating. Add Kleenol 2 powder the rate of 5 kg per
100 litres of bath. Make a slurry ofKleenol 2 powder in water before adding to the
bath.Agitate the bath for thorough mixing and add water upto the operating level.
Bring up the temperature to 85 oC and maintain it within plus or minus 5
oC.Pipette 10 ml of the solution in a 150 ml conical flask. Add a few drops of
methyl orange indicator. Titrate with 0.1 N Sulphuric acid to a red end point. The
mls of 0.1 N Sulphuric acid required is the total alkali pointage.A fresh Kleenol
bath should have a total alkali pointage of 70. Maintain pointage within 65 to 70.
Add about 70 grams of Kleenol powder for each point below 70 per 100 litres of
bath.Oil, grease or scum should be continuously removed from the top of the tank
to prevent re-deposition on the articles. This is best done by providing a overflow
weir at the top which continuously bleeds the solution.Prolonged usage of the bath
results in the accumulation of impurities in the bath rendering the bath ineffective.
Depending upon the impurity accumulation, the bath should be partially or wholly
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