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Growing up in the 1980s you’ve got Saturday morning cartoons,

a tree fort, a boombox, a fast bike, and oh...monsters are real.

Welcome to the club.

Written By
Darren G. Miller
Written By
Darren G. Miller
Artwork By
Veronica Jones
Edited By
Tommy Brownell
Grahic Design & Layout By
Karl Keesler

The Monster Hunters Club © 2017 CCS Games.

The Monster Hunters Club and all related marks and logos are trademarks of CCS Games.
Unless otherwise stated, all interior artwork, graphics, character names, and fiction are Product Identity of CCS Games.
Published with permission by Fabled Environments.

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at www.peginc.com.
Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.
Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.
As someone much older than me has been known to say, “Welcome, boys and
ghouls.” This is the official preview document for a new setting for the Savage
Worlds Role-Playing game. In this setting, you will play kids living in the 1980’s.
This setting draws heavily on kids’ adventure and horror movies of the 1980’s, and
other decades too, such as E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies, The Monster Squad,
Super 8, Stand By Me, and Stephen King’s It (both the original mini-series and the 2017
big-screen version of It), along with television shows like Eerie, Indiana and Stranger
I was a child of the ‘80’s, and grew up riding my bike all over town, looking
for monsters to fight and mysteries to solve. The big difference here is that in this
setting, the monsters are real. The mysteries are matters of life and death.
I hope you enjoy this preview...Welcome to The Monster Hunters’ Club!
Darren G. Miller
CCS Games
September, 2017

Growing up in the ‘80’s. It’s a time of exploration and adventure. Things are not normal in your hometown of Gulf Haven.
As kids of the 1980’s, you don’t have cell phones to keep in Unexplained disappearances and strange phenomena have
constant contact with your friends or your parents. You don’t begun to plague your town. At first, you thought you were
have the world of the internet, constant source of information, imagining things. None of the adults seem to have noticed
and distraction, at your fingertips. If you want to talk to someone anything out of the ordinary.
who isn’t near you, you’ll have to call them from a house phone, A few months ago, you started hearing rumors about a kid
or find a pay phone. that saw some strange lizard creature in one of the bayous near
If you want to look up information, you’re going to have to town. Over the next week or so, a few other kids said they saw
open a volume of the encyclopedia, if you have one. If you don’t the same thing.
have a set of encyclopedias at home, you’ll need to take a trip to
Soon enough, kids started talking about their family pets
the local library.
disappearing. Then the stories started getting more and more
Let’s stop focusing on the things you don’t have. There are
wild. There were rumors of other strange creatures, tales of
plenty of totally awesome things you do have.
mysterious strangers who suddenly vanished, and still the grown-
You have freedom. Your parents are occupied with their adult ups saw nothing.
world of jobs, bills, housework, and worrying about the Bomb.
That’s right, the capital “B” Bomb. The cold war has been going A couple weeks ago, some kids playing flashlight tag found
for decades at this point. The “Russian menace” is something all what they thought was a dolphin or something washed up on the
the grown-ups worry about, at least a little, and you even think beach. It turned out to be a body… a real, human body. The kids
about it sometimes too. Anyway, your parents have enough to ran home and told their parents. Someone called the sheriff. A
worry about without being worried about where you might be whole bunch of people ended up on the beach in the middle of
at any given moment. Sure, they may give you a curfew, tell you the night looking at a body tangled up in a bunch of other stuff
to be home before dinner, to be inside before dark. As long as that washed up with it.
you aren’t out too late, they leave you free to explore and have The body was real. They said it was some teenager from out
adventures. of town. A runaway or something. The newspaper said he was
You probably have a bike, or at least a skateboard. Bikes and trying to sneak onto the amusement pier that night, fell in the
skateboards allow you to cover greater distances in a shorter water, and drowned.
amount of time. They’re your personal set of wheels, and Davey Jenkins, one of the kids who found the body, said it was
you know enough to take care of them. If you get stranded completely white, and had weird holes in its neck and a few other
somewhere, you’ll miss your curfew. If you miss your curfew too places. Davey swears it was completely drained of blood.
many times, or by too much, you’ll lose your freedom.
Your dad says fish must have gotten to the body before it
The most important things you have are your friends. Your
washed ashore. He also says you aren’t allowed down by the
friends will always be by your side. You’ve grown up together,
beach or the amusement pier at night anymore.
survived elementary school, caught lizards, traded comic books,
and watched scary movies together. You’ve played games The next night, you and your friends gathered at your usual
together: board games at first, but now role-playing games and hangout and decided, since the grown-ups weren’t going to find
even video games. You’ve spent summer nights staring up at the out what was going on here, somebody needed to do something.
stars together, imagining what’s out there. As you leave the “little You and your friends swore a solemn oath that night to get to
kids” of elementary school behind and join the “big kids” in the bottom of these strange occurrences and rid Gulf Haven of
middle school, nothing can come between you and your friends. whatever was causing them.


Kids have been having adventures on screen and on book
pages, as well as in real life, for many, many years. Arguably,
the first kids’ adventure novel was The Swiss Family Robinson,
written by Johann David Wyss in 1812. Though the
narrator of the story is the father of the novel’s kids,
the children figure prominently into the adventures
of the novel. Later in the 19th century, the kids’
adventure genre came to the forefront of literature
in novels such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures
of Huckleberry Finn, both by Mark Twain, and Robert Louis
Stevenson’s Treasure Island.
In 1927, the long running and still popular Hardy
Boys book series began publication, followed in 1930 by
Nancy Drew. The genre continued to be popular after World
War II, with now classic adventures including The Chronicles of
Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies,
and Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. During this
post-war period, elements of supernatural horror began to be RECOMMENDED
introduced, and a parallel kids’ horror sub-genre evolved by the
time Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States. VIEWING:
The 1980’s was the golden age of the genre, with movies like • Adventures in Babysitting (1987)
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Explorers (1985), The Goonies (1985), The Monster • Cloak & Dagger (1984)
Squad (1987), and many others. Stephen King led this resurgence of the genre and • Eerie, Indiana (1991-92)
continued the emphasis on supernatural horror with works such as his novella
The Body and its film version, Stand By Me (1986), his novel It, which spawned both
• E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
a television miniseries (1990) and a big screen adaptation (2017), and his Cycle of • Explorers (1985)
the Werewolf, which was adapted for the big screen as Silver Bullet (1985). • Firestarter (1984)
In the 1990’s, the television series Eerie, Indiana and Robert R. McCammon’s • Fright Night (1985)
1991 novel Boy’s Life continued the genre into the new decade. Also in 1991,
R.L. Stine published the first of the Goosebumps series of books, which also
• Fright Night (2011)
spawned a number of screen adaptations and other related media, and are still • The Gate (1987)
popular today. • The Goonies (1985)
In recent years, the kids’ adventure genre has shown new life on screens • Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
large and small with movies like Super 8 (2011) and It (2017), and the television
• It (2017)
series Stranger Things.
• Little Monsters (1989)
JOIN THE CLUB • The Lost Boys (1987)
Characters in The Monster Hunters’ Club should begin as children, about 11 • The Monster Squad (1987)
years old, in the town of Gulf Haven, Alabama. Keep in mind that kids as
• My Dog Skip (2000)
characters are a bit different than adults. Their fears, hopes, and dreams are a
bit different, as is their physical stature. In this world, kids are always looking • Now and Then (1995)
for adventure, adults are out of touch and not always available, and monsters • Poltergeist (1982)
are real. • The Sandlot (1993)
Try to have fun with the time period of the setting. Including references to
• Silver Bullet (1985)
1980’s pop-culture will enrich your game and instill a sense of chronological
place. The absence of modern communications technology should reinforce • Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
the feeling that the kids are on their own. When strange occurrences and • Space Camp (1986)
creatures rear their ugly heads, adults will refuse to believe they’re real. • Stand by Me (1986)
Pressing the issue could lead to one of the worst things imaginable: getting
• Stranger Things (2016)
Welcome to The Monster Hunters’ Club. Climb up into the treehouse. Watch
• Super 8 (2011)
the eighth board on the ladder; the nails are coming loose.


The Monster Hunters’ Club will be packed with
18 different customizable archetypes.


“Benny, why don’t you get your nose out of
that musty old book and go play outside with
your friends. Fresh air is good for you, ya know.”
“But, Mom. I’m just about to the good part.”
“No ‘buts’, Benny. Now get YOUR butt outside.”
Benny closed the book, carefully marking his
place before setting it on the desk. Through the
window, he could hear his friends playing. He
really did want to go out and play with them, but
the book was just so darn interesting. It was all
circuitry and wiring and…
Benny looked longingly at the cover one more
time as he stood up. He let out a barely audible
sigh and made his way outside. He would have
to remember to sneak a flashlight into bed with
him tonight, so he could finish the chapter on


While most other kids would rather be outside on a ball field, your Strap on your thinking cap, grab a book, and maybe a pencil and
interests lie in more academic pursuits. Where others see summer some paper, and let’s get started.
break as a chance to escape from learning for a few months, you 1. Attributes: Brains start with a d4 in all Attributes except
see it as a chance to direct your own learning without your teachers Smarts, which begins as a d6. You get 3 points to advance your
holding you back. Sure, Mrs. Harshaw was the one who loaned you attributes as you choose, except Brains may not raise Strength
her dog-eared copy of the Odyssey back in 4th grade, but that just above a d4 at character creation. The only Attribute that may
opened the door to more books, more things to learn. exceed a d8 at character creation is Smarts.
Maybe your interests lie in studying just for the sake of gaining as 2. Skills: Select the skills you wish to have at the beginning of
much knowledge as possible. Perhaps you’re a technophile, trying to play. Brains begin with a free d4 in two Knowledge skills of your
learn everything you can about gadgets and computers. Or maybe choice. You have 10 additional points to distribute between your
you like to flex your deductive reasoning skills by solving mysteries. chosen Skills.

3. Edges & Hindrances: All characters begin with the HACKER

Luck edge and the Young hindrance, which is already taken
When it comes to computers and advanced tech, you are ahead
into account in the steps above.
of the curve. You can do things with computers that seem like
You also begin play with the following:
wizardry to other kids, and most adults.
You begin play with the Scholar edge. You must have at least a You begin play with the following:
d6 in the Knowledge skills covered by this edge. You get to pick WHIZ KID
them, so choose wisely. You understand computers and other advanced tech more than you
MENTOR understand people. You gain a +2 to any Investigation or Repair
Someone has taken you under their wing and helped you rolls involving computers, robotics, and other high-end tech.
embrace the path of knowledge. It may be your scientist mother
who lets you accompany her to the lab, the librarian who makes THE MORE I LIKE MACHINES
sure you read the right books, your favorite math teacher, the Let’s face it, you just don’t understand people the same way you
detective sergeant down at the police station, or someone else. understand machines. You are awkward in social situations that
Your mentor often knows things you don’t know, or at least don’t involve you sharing your technological wizardry with a
knows where to find the answers. You must define the identity
willing audience. You begin with the Outsider hindrance.
and expertise of your mentor at the start of play. When you wish
to call upon your mentor’s expertise, you must either travel to SLEUTH
their location, or call them on the telephone. Once in contact
You are a master of deductive reasoning. You love a puzzle to solve
with your mentor, you must make a Persuasion roll to secure their
assistance. If you fail your roll, your mentor was either occupied and get lost in the search for clues. You were reading books about
with other things, wanted you to figure it out on your own, or kid detectives before most kids were reading. Then, you moved
was otherwise unable to provide assistance this time. If your roll on to reference books and criminology texts. The only problem
is successful, you may call upon your mentor’s expertise in their is, you get so wrapped up in the search for clues and evidence,
specific field of knowledge. that sometimes you miss the obvious, like that one time you
MALICIOUS ENVY were following a trail of clues and stepped off a curb into traffic.
Some of your peers, and even some older kids, are envious of your Thankfully, somebody pulled you back up on the sidewalk in time.
wealth of knowledge, good grades, or keen skills of observation. This
You begin play with the following:
makes you an easy target for bullies. When dealing with other kids,
you receive a -2 to Tests of Wills to resist being Taunted. KID DETECTIVE
4. Choose One of the Following Backgrounds: You have a keen eye for evidence and a patience for research.
Different people possess intelligence in different areas. Some When you are looking for clues, you receive a +2 to all Notice
Brains are repositories of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects,
and Investigation rolls related to the mystery at hand.
from sports trivia to trigonometry. Others are scary good with
computers and tech devices. Still other Brains have a mind for FOREST FOR THE TREES
solving puzzles and sleuthing out clues. The drawback to being so absorbed in your search for evidence
Select one of the backgrounds below: is that sometimes you miss obvious threats. When you are on the
ACADEMIC hunt for clues, you are often oblivious to dangerous situations and
You have always been good at studying. If there is a book about receive a -2 to all Notice rolls that do not relate directly to the
a subject that even mildly interests you, you’ve either read it, investigation.
or have it on your summer reading list. While other kids were 5. Derived Statistics: Use the standard equations and bases
reading comic books, you were studying mathematical equations.
for your Charisma, Pace, Parry, and Toughness as you would a
Your world is defined by logic and order. Sometimes, kids who
are not as smart as you, and most of them aren’t, want you to normal character.
tutor them. Some even want you to help them cheat on tests. You 6. Gear: Like all the other kids, you get your choice of a bike
just always seem to have the answers, no matter what the subject. or skateboard. Academics also begin play with a top-notch set of
You begin play with the following: encyclopedias, a book shelf of literary classics, and a valid library
BOOKWORM card. Hackers start with a state-of-the-art desktop computer,
While other kids are playing outside, your head always seems to complete with green screen monitor, and a 5 ¼” floppy disk
be buried in a book. It doesn’t really matter what subject material, drive. Sleuths begin with a spyglass and a mail-order detective
you just love to learn new things. Whenever you make a roll for a
kit, complete with fingerprinting powder, a case notebook, and
Knowledge skill you do not possess, you get to roll a d4 instead of
the usual d4-2. Knowledge is power. bags for evidence collection.
7. Personalize: Once you’re finished with all the steps
Due your rational and analytical approach to problems and obstacles, above, you may select either one Major Hindrance or two Minor
your brain has trouble wrapping itself around things that just Hindrances. Continue with the standard character creation steps
shouldn’t exist. You begin with the Doubting Thomas hindrance. found on p. xx.


“Hey, Guys! You’re never gonna guess why I’m
“No, but I’m sure we’ve all heard it before.”
“I’m sure we’ve all heard your mom before too,
“Chuck, leave my mom out of this.”
“Awww, come on, Jimmy. No hard feelings,
okay? Let’s shake on it.”
Jimmy reached out his hand even though he
knew better. Sure enough, the shock of Chuck’s joy
buzzer made him jump when the pressure of their
handshake set it off. The other kids laughed when
they saw Jimmy recoil from the buzzer. Everyone
knew it was coming, but it was still funny.
Chuck looked only mildly ashamed of himself.
That look was endearing, really. It was awfully
hard to be mad at Chuck, no matter what stupid
practical joke he was pulling at the time.


Your sense of humor is inescapable. You could no sooner be totally Come on, wise guy. Quit joking around and follow the steps.
serious about something than a skunk could shed its stripes. Being 1. Attributes: Clowns start with a d4 in all Attributes. You get
funny just comes natural to you. It’s a lot easier to turn something
3 points to advance your attributes as you choose, No attributes
into a joke than it is to actually deal with some stuff.
may exceed a d8 at character creation.
Each clown has a specialty. Maybe yours is telling jokes or zinging
one-liners. Some clowns find the use of props makes things even 2. Skills: Select the skills you wish to have at the beginning
funnier, for you at least. And there are other acts under the big top of play. You begin play with a free d4 in Perform (Comedy) or
too. Perhaps you’ve learned the art of magic to thrill and amaze your Perform (Magic). You have 10 additional points to distribute
audience. No matter your specialty, you are a born performer. between your chosen Skills.

3. Edges & Hindrances: All characters begin with the TOUGH ROOM

Luck edge and the Young hindrance, which is already taken No matter how funny you think you are, there always seems to be
into account in the steps above. somebody who doesn’t find the humor in your routines. When
You also begin play with the following: confronted by kids who are hostile to you and your friends, one
CLASS CLOWN of them has it out for you because of some practical joke or gag
You’re the kid teachers hate to see on their class rosters at the you played on them. That kid gets +1 to all Trait rolls against you
beginning of the year. You make keeping order in the classroom in this scene, and will always come after you first.
an everyday challenge. You suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma when JUNIOR HOUDINI
dealing with authority figures like teachers, shopkeepers, and cops.
You don’t just want to make people laugh. That’s for amateurs.
SLAPSTICK You also want to entertain and amaze your audience with sleight
You love a good laugh, even if it comes at someone else’s expense. of hand and other tricks. As a magician, you would never reveal
Especially if it comes at your enemy’s expense. You get +1 to all your secrets.
Tricks during combat. You may use your Perform (Comedy) or
You begin play with the following:
Perform (Magic) skill for this roll. Describe the Trick, specify the
type of trick (Smarts or Agility), and make your roll. ESCAPE ARTIST
4. Choose One of the Following Backgrounds: There You have a knack for getting out of traps, restraints, and other
are a wide variety of clowns under the big top. Select one of the confinement. You get a +1 to all Lockpicking rolls. If you have
backgrounds below: Lockpicking tools concealed on your person, you can wriggle
around enough in your restraints to reach them with a successful
Agility roll.
You never miss the opportunity to tell a joke. You’re always looking
for new material. You would hate if your routine got too stale. PRESTIGE
You begin play with the following: You believe you are the greatest magician around. You like to add
a moniker like “the Great” or something similar to your name.
ALWAYS FUNNY You gain the Overconfident hindrance regarding magic tricks.
You are a barrel of laughs, even when it’s not appropriate
Sometimes, this gets you in over your head. Your parents or
to make jokes. It’s just how you deal with things. You’d never
friends have had to rescue you from a trick gone wrong before,
admit it to your friends, but serious situations make you intensely
but that’s okay. They won’t laugh at you next time. Next time will
uncomfortable. When you become uncomfortable, you respond
be the most spectacular performance of that trick anyone has
the only way you know how: with humor. Even at funerals. This
ever seen.
is not always an endearing trait. When faced with a serious
situation, make a Spirit roll. The GM may impose bonuses or SLEIGHT OF HAND
penalties depending on the circumstances. If you fail your roll, The hand is quicker than the eye. You are good with sleight of
you cannot help but try to lighten the mood. This gives you a -2 hand tricks like making things appear and disappear, or fooling
penalty to your Charisma for the remainder of the scene. They people with card tricks. You receive a +1 to all Stealth rolls for
may even ask you to leave. This is not a good way to go unnoticed. sleight of hand tricks, including card counting, palming objects,
HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT? picking pockets, etc. If you have the props on hand for a particular
You are a constant stream of jokes. Once per scene, you may trick (a marked deck, a box with a false bottom, etc., you gain an
tell a new joke and interrupt any action taken by another kid, no additional +1 to your roll.
matter what either of you drew for Initiative. Make a Perform 5. Derived Statistics: Use the standard equations and bases
(Comedy) roll. The kid whose action you interrupted must make for your Charisma, Pace, Parry, and Toughness as you would a
a Spirit roll to oppose your roll. If their roll fails, they lose their normal character.
action this round. This counts as your action for this round.
6. Gear: You begin play with your choice of a bicycle or
PROP COMIC skateboard, just like all the other kids. Jokers also start with a joke
Some clowns don’t just rely on their words for humor. Sometimes book they can use for new material. Prop Comics begin with an
having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in the assortment of props and gags, from fake vomit to plastic “ice
world. cubes” with bugs inside. Use whatever you need to make them
You begin play with the following: laugh (at the GM’s discretion). Junior Houdini’s start out with a
magic kit ordered from a catalogue. The box came with marked
You always seem to have just the right prop for your next gag or cards, trick handcuffs, a book of tricks, and a few other small
practical joke. If you need a simple comedy prop, like that joy props.
buzzer in your pocket, the whoopee cushion in your book bag, 7. Personalize: Once you’re finished with all the steps
or the fake poo in your lunch box, you have it (GM’s discretion). above, you may select either one Major Hindrance or two Minor
These props add +1 to your Perform (Comedy) roll. This can Hindrances. Continue with the standard character creation steps
combine with Slapstick. found on p. xx.


Kids have to get around town, and sometimes they have to move
fast! While they may not have access to the family car, and their
parents may not always be around to chauffeur them to where
they need to go, kids always have their trusty bicycles (often with
nicknames) and/or skateboards to carry them quickly from one
side of town to the other. These vehicles use a character’s Riding
skill instead of their Driving skill to maneuver successfully.


Bicycle, off-road 8/20 8 (2) 1
(+ 4 Toughness vs.
jumps; off-road)
Bicycle, 10-speed 8/24 6 1
Skateboard 8/16 6 1
(+4 Toughness
vs. jumps)


There are several Arcane Backgrounds available to members ARCANE BACKGROUND (STORYTELLING)
of the Monster Hunters’ Club, including Belief, Gadgetry, Arcane Skill: Storytelling (Smarts)
Psychokinesis, and Storytelling. Each Arcane Background has its Starting Power Points: 10
own customizable archetype, making it easy to jump in and play Starting Powers: 3
these special children. Powers Available: Boost Trait, Confusion, Fear, Slumber, Stun, Succor,
INNOCENCE Warrior’s Gift.
Magic is powered by a child’s innocence. As they gain in experience Storytellers are gifted with an incredible imagination and a way
and rank, their innocence decreases. For each rank above Novice, with words. They can captivate others with tales of distant times
characters gain a -1 penalty to all arcane skill rolls. When a and lands. They can make their audiences laugh, cry, recoil in
character reaches Legendary rank, they can no longer use magic. fear, relax, or rejoice. The range of a Storyteller’s power is a
Don’t worry, there will be an Edge that allows children to hold number of squares equal to their Smarts die. All targets must
onto their Innocence as they get older. be in range, and be able to hear and understand the Storytellers
words to be affected. The number of targets is limited only by
these factors.
For every adult witness that is in visual or audio (for magic that
makes noise) range of a Power, there is a -2 penalty to the arcane When the Storyteller wishes to use a power, they must make
skill roll. Adults lack innocence, and don’t believe in magic a Storytelling roll. If the roll is successful, the power functions
anymore, so their presence dampens its power. normally. If the Storyteller rolls a 1 on the skill die, they are
automatically Shaken, and the attitude of any non-player
ARCANE BACKGROUND (BELIEF) characters in the Storyteller’s audience decreases by a step. On
Arcane Skill: Belief (Spirit) a critical failure, the attitude of the non-player characters in the
Starting Power Points: 10 (see below) Storyteller’s audience decreases by two steps (see Persuasion).
Starting Powers: 1
Powers Available: Armor, Banish, Barrier, Blast, Blind, Bolt,
Boost/Lower Trait, Burst, Damage Field, Deflection, Dispel, Entangle, Fear,
Greater Healing, Havoc, Healing, Intangibility, Invisibility, Light, Pummel,
Quickness, Smite, Speed, Stun, Succor, Summon Ally, Warrior’s Gift.
Daydreamers have strong belief in magic and miracles. Their
flights of fancy are filled with wondrous things. Daydreamers can
call upon this belief and channel it into an item, imbuing that
item with a magical effect. If the Daydreamer believes the item
has power, it does.
When a Daydreamer discovers an item they believe to have
wondrous powers, or decide an item that is already important
to them has power, they make a Belief roll to confirm their faith
in the item. If the roll is successful, the item is imbued with the
power the Daydreamer believes it to have, with a number of
Power Points equal to the Daydreamer. All of the Daydreamer’s
Power Points are now invested in that item. The Daydreamer
may only imbue an additional item if they take the New Power
edge. These items regain Power Points just like characters. If this
initial roll to imbue an item fails, the item is normal and not at
all magical.
When the Daydreamer wishes to use an imbued item, they
must make a Belief roll. If the roll is successful, the item functions
normally. If the Daydreamer rolls a 1 on the skill die, the Belief in
that item is shattered and it is no longer imbued with any power.
The Daydreamer may imbue an additional item when they find
one they believe has power.

Something strange is happening in the town of Gulf Haven.
Horrible creatures are coming to life. The adults seem blind to the entire thing.
It’s up to you to find out what is happening, and stop it before it’s too late!
Growing up in the 1980’s…
You’ve got Saturday morning cartoons, a tree fort,
a boombox, a fast bike, and oh…
Monsters are real.
You heard me.
Don’t bother telling your parents. Grown-ups can’t see ‘em.
When something gets smashed up, they blame us. When somebody goes
missing, they blame someone from out of town, or maybe the Russians.
The monsters are real though, and it’s up to us to do something about it.
That’s right, between babysitting your little sister, dodging bullies like
Scotty Mangrum, and surviving middle school, you also have to figure out
how to fix the monster problem.
You can’t phone home, and there’s nobody you can call.
It’s up to you to save the town, and maybe even the world!


• Eighteen detailed, customizable archetypes
• New Edges and Hindrances
• Four Arcane Backgrounds
• The detailed town of Gulf Haven,
Alabama as it appears in the mid-1980’s
• A complete plot point campaign with savage tales
• An adventure generator
• Setting Rules to help capture the feel of
80’s Kids’ Adventure movie