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Amway Product Catalogue is published exclusively for Amway Direct Sellers, by Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
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helping people live better lives PRODUCTS
Helping People
Live Better Lives
Amway manufactures and sells world class consumer products in the nutrition, beauty,
personal care and home categories exclusively through Amway Direct Seller.
Globally, Amway is 60 years old, a USD 8.8 billion, manufacturer and seller of quality
consumer goods through direct selling model. Amway’s innovation and industry-leading
R&D has seen more than 1200 patents granted and another 500 patents pending.
Amway has nearly 1000 scientists across 75 research and development and quality
assurance laboratories worldwide. Amway’s Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and
dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified
organic farms**. Nutrilite owns nearly 6,000 acres of organic farm land in Washington,
Brazil and Mexico. The plant concentrates which go into Nutrilite come from these
Nutrlite Certified farms.

**Source Euromonitor International Limited;www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims

We, at Amway, are always striving to deliver great brands and high-quality products through our respected entrepreneurs.
Amway will be completing 20 successful years of its operations in India in 2018 and has emerged as the largest direct selling
FMCG Company in India. Reiterating the company’s belief in the Indian market and in keeping with its commitment to the ‘Make in
India’ policy, Amway had invested in a world-class, manufacturing facility in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in the year 2015, with an investment
of more than Rs. 600 Crore. The facility has recently been accorded with the LEED-Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.
This is Amway’s third manufacturing plant located outside of USA. Amway offers more than 130 distinctive quality products, through its
nation-wide presence with over 130 sales offices, 4 regional mother warehouses, 4 regional hubs, 30 city warehouses and a strong home
delivery network catering to over 8900 zip codes across the country.
We sell more than 130 products across Nutrition, Beauty, Home Care and Personal Care categories in India. Our products are backed by science,
technology and research. We back all our products with a money-back guarantee for 100% satisfaction of use. Amway India is also aggressively driving
innovation by entering into newer categories. Most notable among these is the launch of a Weight Management Program called ‘W.O.W.’ (Will over Weight)
which has received an overwhelming response and welcomed by the consumers in India.
Recently, Amway forayed into the consumer durables segment with the launch of a premium cookware range Amway Queen and now, Amway India has
also added a promising range of products focused on the young adult to its portfolio such as the Energy Drink (XS) and Whey Protein (XS) in the Sports
Nutrition segment. Amway continues to look for avenues of growth by expanding its product portfolio to suit the constantly changing market needs.
Moreover, it is now very easy for anyone to buy Amway products by logging on to www.amway.in and joining our PREFERRED CUSTOMER
This is our endeavor to provide you with all the information about our exciting product range. This product hand book details leading
products sold by us across all categories. We hope that you will find this booklet useful. If in case you need more information, you
may want to log on to www.amway.in.
Enjoy our world class range of products!

Anshu Budhraja
Amway’s first manufacturing facility in India is located at Nilakottai in the environmental and quality standards by following the best available
Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. India is the 4th country in the world where sustainable and energy efficiency practices. All the products sold by
Amway has invested in a plant. Amway has spent in India, more than 30% Amway in India will now be made in India.

Amway’s State-of-the-Art
of the USD 335 Million allocated for global expansion. The manufacturing
Highlights of the manufacturing facility
facility can handle a turnover of Rs. 6500 crores to meet the needs of the
The plant has one of the biggest roof-top solar plants in Tamil Nadu and
Indian consumer. A state-of-the-art R&D laboratory is being explored for
the company is targeting to conserve 30-50,000 cubic meters of rain water

Manufacturing Plant
the facility, furthering the site’s importance to Amway’s global supply
every year. This plant is amongst the few LEED GOLD Standard
chain. The plant to be amongst the few in India to get LEED GOLD
manufacturing plants in the country, and is a Zero Discharge Waste Facility.
certification for Environmental & Design Efficiency. Amway India

All in all, the world class green manufacturing facility is designed to
reiterates commitment to ‘Make in India’. In line with the philosophy of
achieve energy optimization and operational efficiency.
Indian government, this facility has been made as per the most stringent
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The map is not drawn to scale and is for representational purpose only.
NUTRILITE® has a history that dates back to the early decades of the 20th century when a man by the

name Carl Rehnborg, set out on a mission. He realized that plant based compounds played a crucial role
in nutrition. His work led to the development of a unique food supplement which could fill the nutritional
gaps in a person’s diet.
Over the years, NUTRILITE® has pioneered the plant-based approach to dietary supplementation
through phytonutrients, as they provide key health benefits. Phytonutrients are the organic compounds
found in plants that offer a range of health benefits and promote healthy ageing. They play important roles
in supporting immune, brain, bone, joint and eye health — as well as supporting energy production.
While it is best to eat whole fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible, NUTRILITE® products help
fill the nutritional gap which arises due to inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables that one needs and
what one actually is able to eat in the form of natural plant ingredients.
In keeping with NUTRILITE®’s strong belief in the goodness of phytonutrients and the use of only the best
sources, many of the plant concentrates that go into NUTRILITE® products come from its own farms or
NUTRILITE® certified farms. NUTRILITE is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow,
harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms**. Nutrilite® owns nearly 6,000 acres of
NU TRILIT organic farm land in Mexico, Washington and Brazil. NUTRILITE® conducts more than 25,000 tests each
month and more than 500,000 quality evaluations are performed each year for product purity and quality.

Today the NUTRILITE® brand offers a complete range of food/health supplements and other products
designed to address the nutritional needs of different age groups and has a presence in more than 60
countries across the world.


* Source: Euromonitor International Limited. Based on a 2016 review of global Vitamin and Dietary supplement manufacturers, their ownership of the entire
production process, from farm to manufacturing, in addition to organic certification of products. Euromonitor does not accept or assume responsibility to
any third party in respect to this claim.
** NUTRILITE® is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on their own certified organic farms.
Goodness of
protein and

NUTRILITE® Protein Powder

NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein with Green Tea
Powder A flavored protein which provides you the goodness of protein
with green tea and helps to meet daily protein requirement.
NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder is a tri-blend of Protein is required to build, repair and maintain cells while the
Soy protein. It provides per serving 80% protein that is green tea has an antioxidant that helps protect cell damage
100% plant sourced. Protein is the building block of the from oxidants and has many other benefits.
human body and is constituent of all living cells like
muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and other body parts. Our
body uses it to build, repair and maintain such cells and
tissues. The Nutrilite All Plant Protein powder provides NUTRILITE® Protein Powder
all 9 essential amino acids and is and easy to digest.
NUTRILITE® Protein Powder is a blend of Soy and milk which provides
goodness of Soy and Milk Protein. High in protein content i.e. 8 g per
10 g scoop, it provides the synergy of all 9 essential amino acids along
with the benefits of Phytonutrients like Soy Isoflavones. It is easy to
digest and has PDCAAS 1.0*. Being neutral in taste, it can easily be
mixed and consumed with your favorite food and beverages.
*Protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) is a global
standard established by the WHO with a score 1.0 representing the Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health Supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet.
highest possible score for a quality protein source. Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.

Salmon Omega-3
Good for Heart, Good for Health*
NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 provides the body with essential
Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are known for heart and
health. It contains a blend of Omega-3 oils sourced from salmon
raised in the cold, pure waters of Norway and a proprietary blend
of additional Omega-3 sources - Anchovy, Mackerel, Saridines
Good Nutrition is a Daily Thing
from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
NUTRILITE® Daily may be the convenient way for the nutrients
*Omega-3 Fatty Acids

you’ve been looking for. Each tablet supplies 13 vitamins, 11

minerals and additional benefits of phytonutrients like
Beta-carotene from plant concentrates. It is a smart way to
support the nutrient gap in your everyday diet.

Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health Supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet.
Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.

Echinacea - citrus Biotin - cherry plus

concentrate plus Beauty from the inside out
NUTRILITE® Biotin - cherry plus contains combination of nutrients which
The Power of 3 provides nutritional support to help make hair, skin and nails beautiful.*
NUTRILITE® Echinacea - citrus concentrate plus
*Already in healthy range
contains Echinacea blend which comprises of
Echinacea purpurea root, Echinacea aerial parts
and Echinacea angustifolia root. Echinacea
helps supports the immune health.*
*Already in health range

Natural B
with Yeast
Natural way to add B-vitamins to your diet
NUTRILITE® Natural B provides 7 essential B
vitamins. It comprises an enhanced Yeast
Premix which has been enriched with B
Vitamins. It is a natural and convenient way to
support your diet.

Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health Supplements/Nutraceuticals
are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet. Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.
® ®

Cherry Plus
HCl with Boswellia
NUTRILITE® uses siberian Ginseng extracts to ensure
product consistency. Also contains Cherry concentrate,
Schizandra extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids and peppermint
extract and ginkgo biloba extract. Siberian ginseng has
Good Joints for Better Tomorrow been studied for its effect on work endurance
NUTRILITE® Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia
contains blend of glucosamine HCL with boswellia
and bromelain. Other ingredients include Bromelain,
a natural enzyme derived from pineapple and
Boswellia, a gum resin that help support connective
tissues already in healthy range. NUTRILITE®
Glucosamine HCl also contains Cherry concentrate
and citrus Bioflavonoids complex.

NUTRILITE Bilberry with Lutein


Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is a natural process with ageing

and gets accelerated due to other lifestyle factors. Poor macula causes
oxidative stress within the retina & leads to poor vision. Support your eye
functioning already in healthy range with NUTRILITE® Bilberry with lutein
that contains blend of nutrients - Lutein, Bilberry extract, Black Currant
extract, Vitamin A and spinach concentrates. Vitamin A in the formula
provides additional nutritional benefits. Lutein helps support normal visual
function already in healthy range. Vitamin A is known for eye benefits.

Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health Supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet.
Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.
d e r, da
ro tein p
ga -
(all p on ome
Thistle plus & sa
s of
t the
u to try ou ily & Salm her
Support your liver so it can support you le s y o e r, D a
d in eit
nab w d ke
le p ack e r o te in Po ts a r e pac enience in
bund ® All Plant P produ
ur co
NUTRILITE® Milk Thistle plus contains a blend of three This these ce yo
ILITE over, nhan
NUTR r e e

herbs: Milk Thistle, Dandelion root and Turmeric. These M o les to
a - 3. r bott
ingrediants help support normal physiological functioning
O Pa Omeg or smalle
h e ts u m in g the

sac c o ns
of liver already in healthy range. ing &


N u t r

Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet.
Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.
This bundle comes with:
Bodykey shakes in 3 combinations (6 N) +
NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder 1 kg (1 N) +
NUTRILITE® Daily 120 N tablets (1 N) +
InBodyBAND (1N)

W.O.W. Unique Features:-

1 Diet plans by celebrity nutritionist
Shubi Husain This bundle comes with:
Bodykey shakes in 3 combinations (6 N) +
2 250 diet plans from 21 states of India NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder 1 kg (1 N) +
y taste NUTRILITE® Daily 120 N tablets (1 N)
usive Bodyke 3 Personalised NHI assessment
en de ve lo pe d with an excl
e has be ste.
Bodykey shak you yummy ta lps fulfil your nutrition requiremden
ts along 4 24/7 hotline with Shubi to answer
nology giving
mapping tech ake, a nutritious and delicious dri ins, minerals, protein, dietary fib
nk he re an your weight management queries
dykey sh with vitam
NUTRILITE® Bo ious drink filled (mail us at nutrilitewow@amway.com)
diet. This nutrit
with balanced go “Yu mm y!”
will make you 5 Be a part of W.O.W. Community
carbohydrates This bundle comes with
Bodykey shakes in 3 combinations (6 N)
6 Inbodyband
7 Dedicated W.O.W. Microsite
Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to
be used as a substitute for varied diet. Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.
8 Yummy delicious Bodykey shakes Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to
be used as a substitute for varied diet. Products are required to be stored out of reach of children.
NUTRILITE Kids Chewable

Fruits & Vegetables
Kids Drink Fruits and vegetables are the core of a healthy diet,

especially for growing children. Unfortunately most of the
children are not fond of fruits and vegetables. Nutrilite Kids
Chewable Concetrated Fruits & Vegetables has
Phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are rich in antioxidants
which are beneficial for the body.
Growing Children need all kind of nutrients in proper
manner but at the same time they are fussy about
what they eat. Therefore, NUTRILITE® Kids Drink
provides nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates,
vitamins, and minerals. Delicious and convenient.
Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals and other
nutrients helps your child to grow up with stronger
bones and muscles, healthy teeth, hair, skin and
good vision. Available in Natural Chocolate flavour.


Kids Chewable Iron

Children especially need Iron that helps the
blood to carry Oxygen to the cells. Along with
other nutrients, Iron plays an important role in
development of mind and body. Nutrilite Kids
Chewable Iron provides Iron in a chewable
tablet form to support daily requirement. It
contains ferrous fumerate which is easily Disclaimer: Not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Health
supplements/Nutraceuticals are not to be used as a substitute for varied diet. Products are
absorbed by the body. required to be stored out of reach of children.
Launched in March 2017, XS energy drinks are
available in three incredible flavors , Orange Juice Blast,
In 2001, XS was born in Laguna Beach California, to Apple Strawberry Blast and Cranberry Apple Blast.
deliver positive energy via great tasting products. Designed specifically for the Indian market, it is one of
the tastiest Energy Drinks
Today XS is sold exclusively by Amway in more than
• With 10% fruit juice concentrate
47 countries. More than 1 billion cans have already
• Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and Vitamin C
been sold through Amway distribution.
• With Zero Added Sugar
XS redefines what it means to live a healthy active • 22.5 Kcal only
lifestyle at the crossroads of adventure and
opportunity. The destination is the journey and we
Disclaimer: •Not recommended for children, pregnant women and
get there by drinking deeply from the experience of persons sensitive to caffeine.

each moment. It is the brand for engaging the

Generation Next of Amway business. It is the brand
for young and active and we fuel quests for people
who drink life with two straws. XS is just not a
functional beverage brand. It is a positive revolution
and business opportunity for people wanting to
create their own future.
Launched in April 2017, XS Whey Protein is

In India XS brand portfolio includes XS Energy available in two amazing Flavours – Chocolate and Vanilla
Drinks and XS Whey Protein Powder. Each scoop of XS Whey Protein contains
• 6g BCAA
• 12g EAA
• 33% of Daily Calcium Requirement
• 30gm of Protein per scoop
Contains nutrients helpful for both pre and post workout
Disclaimer: •Not for medicinal use •No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added •Product is
required to be stored out of reach of children •Pregnant or lactating women or anyone with a
medical condition should consult with a physician before using this product •Nutraceutical not to
be used as a substitute for varied diet •Not to exceed the daily recommended dosage

Ar tistr y™ brand is a skincare and cosmetics brand
that was star ted in the 1950s by a woman, for women.
Today, the Ar tistr y™ brand offers specialized skincare
and on-trend makeup designed to meet the diverse
needs of women of all ages around the world.



Seeking out the world's Create leading edge technologies Moving from ar t to
finest ingredients with innovative science ar tistr y

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2017 edition;
as per premium skin care definitions; retail value sales; UBN; 2016 data.
that includes serum concentrate, Enriching
Cream/Lotion and Enriching Eye Cream | *Based on
in vitro assay


REPROGRAM your skin’s future by increasing youth protein *

production by 280%…
of women noticed
softer skin in one use.


REPAIR past damage caused to your skin by environmental assaults…


of women saw
a reduction

in fine lines
& wrinkles in
one week.
PROTECT your skin cells against future damage…

*Based on our studies

Protecting Cream | Protecting Lotion POWER SYSTEM
Moisturizing cream and lotion shields your skin from
UV damage with a combination of SPF15 sunscreen
and antioxidants helps your skin to look younger.

Enriching Cream Enriching Eye Cream Serum Concentrate
BEEN AWARDED A non-greasy, sumptuous moisturizing Enriching Eye Cream has been created The serum is formulated with
VOGUE night cream and lotion which helps in specifically for the delicate area around the ingredients which helps to smoothen

smoothening and revitalization of your
skin for a softer, younger look.
eye. The rich moisturizing cream helps to
diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles
for a younger, more vibrant looking skin.
the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles, thus improving the overall
radiance of skin and helps it
93% of women* experienced a clinical looking younger.
reduction in visible fine lines around the eyes. *Based on our studies
ARTISTRYTM YOUTH XTEND™ Winter cherry ginseng

Grown in many of the drier regions of India, it has been used
for 2000 years in ancient Indian medicine. It is known
to revitalize stressed cells and stimulate their regeneration.
It imparts an inner glow to the skin.

The power of Red Caviar Concentrate

Silver vine fruit extract
Ar tistr y™ Youth Xtend™ Ultra’s
Fruit of the Silver Vine plant, found in the serene mountains of
Red Caviar Concentrate was discovered in the salmon hatcheries
Japan, has been used for centuries as a medicine for various
of the pristine Norwegian fjords. ailments. In skincare, it is known to improve skin’s
translucency, thus giving skin a light glow and radiance.
Red Caviar Concentrate has been analyzed by Ar tistr y scientists in
laboratories and has been clinically tested to show advanced
anti–ageing proper ties. This sustainably sourced concentrate has the Micro-X6 peptide
special ability to be strong and efficacious, yet nur turing and gentle As wrinkles deepen with age, mature skin needs
comprehensive and advanced anti-aging care. Micro-X6
to mature skin.
Peptide consists of six amino acids which help repair visible
skin damage, smoothing and diminishing the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles.
Lifting Cream

It is an intensely rich and profoundly nourishing cream
that moisturizes your skin and makes it feel soft and supple
with a rosy, healthy-looking glow. It quickly melts onto the
skin for deep moisturization that relieves dr yness.
A Non-comedogenic cream it improves clarity and provides
an overall youthful tone. Women noticed more radiant skin
with a youthful, rosy glow in just 1 week *.

Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate Lifting Essence Concentrate

A lightweight and fragrance-free pearlescent formula This essence concentrate provides a surge of moisturizer
that is nourishing and hydrates on contact. It gives the and helps lift and firm your skin’s appearance, thus providing
area around the eyes a soothing spa-like feel. After one use, a younger looking skin. In only one week, women began
women noticed the skin around their eyes firmer. noticing a firmer and more rejuvenated skin.

*Based on our studies.

SYSTEM Artistry Essentials
Balancing System offers
the Artistry breakthrough Artistry Essentials Hydrating System
Tri-Balance Complex. offers the Artistry Nourish 3 Complex
Infused with for 12 hours of moisturization.
a blend of natural It comprises of Hydrating Cleanser,
ingredients designed Hydrating Toner & Hydration Lotion
to balance the skin’s and when combined with
hydration and oil, helping natural oil extracts. It provides
control oil (sebum) and maximum benefits of not only
shine for up to 12 hours.* cleansing, toning & moisturizing
It comprises of Balancing but is also known to have exfoliating,
Cleanser, Balancing Toner hydrating and protecting effect to skin.
and Balancing Lotion.

*Based on our studies.
ARTISTRY essentials consists of streamlined daily
skincare products for normal-to-dry, sensitive, or
combination-to-oily skin. Depending on your skin’s
Found in the system products, helps provide and maintain the skin’s vital water content;
specific needs, the essentials range of hydrating
and balancing products can be coordinated for NOURISH 3

optimum benefits. Found in the Hydrating System, deeply moisturizes and replenish the skin with natural elements

Found in the Balancing naturally, equalizes the skin’s moisture-to-oil ratio. Essentials cleansers contain
oat extract, a patented exfoliation technology (oat) and patent-pending blend of aloe and perilla
to improve the cleansing experience.

An additional layer that shields the skin from environmental insults.
Artistry Essentials Artistry Essentials
Creamy Massage Polishing Scrub Artistry Intensive Renewing Peel
A luxurious, rich massage cream, which feels Suitable for all skin types, and enhanced with Eight minutes to smoother, softer, more radiant skin is
soft and light and makes your skin soft, smooth purifiers and gentle polishers that whisk away the result of a totally unique enzyme. It's called the
and silky. Its Hydrolipid Matrix and other dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant skin. mucor miehei mushroom enzyme and it is produced
moisturising ingredients leaves skin hydrated Transparent Blue Foaming Gel Exfoliator through patented 100-step process. Self-neutralizing to
and moisturized and skin texture smooth and improves skin texture and softens fine lines, stop exfoliating when skin pH reaches 5.5, it adjusts to
silky. Allergy and dermatologically tested, won’t while jojoba beads ment and help dissolve each individual's skin.
cause clogged pores and is safe for skin. sebum without harming the skin.

It contains natural Jojoba, Avocado, Meadowfoam Tangerine Berry fragrance leaves skin with a

Seed Oils and Shea Butter to aid in the massage clean, fresh scent.
and leave skin feeling smooth.
Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence

This silky fast absorbing concentrate delivers brightening
power, provides instant skin radiance and shown to help
in significant reduction in melamine production.

Artistry Ideal
Radiance Range
Discover 3D Skin
With ArtistryTM powerful yet
gentle brightening system, skin
is brighetened, soothed,
hydrated and protected. It
Ideal Radiance Spot Corrector
targets the 3 depths of the skin’s
It targets the dark spots at the very core and helps
surface to help even tone and diminish the dark spots for an even skin tone.
diminish visible dark spots.*

*Based on our studies.

The Be Bright brightening range
from Attitude, with Brightening
Complex that leaves you with visibly
fairer, glowing skin in just 4 weeks*
• Significantly lightens facial skin color and luminescence
• Significantly improves facial gloss
• Significantly hydrates facial skin
• Significantly improves firmness and elasticity of facial skin as
compared to initial state
• 98% of subjects agreed that there was a visible lightening
effect on the face
• 100% of subjects agreed that skin felt well hydrated and
firmer and that there was a visible glow on the face

*System Claim: System includes the products Attitude Be Bright Day Cream, Attitude Be Bright Night
Cream, Attitude Be Bright Face Wash, Attitude Be Bright Face Scrub and Attitude Be Bright Face Masque.
# Basis study conducted on healthy volunteers.
Helps absorb excess oil and leaves your skin
Water based gel with mild surfactants and a 100% soap-free
formulation that helps to gently and effectively remove dirt, glowing. Invigorated with blends of Botanical
ATTITUDE Be Bright Day Cream and Night Cream is specially formulated with the
grime and excess oil. Extracts and Natural Fruits, which provide bright Brightening Complex that results in visibly fairer glowing skin in just 4 weeks*.
It has extracts from Lotus root that helps to provide a bright and and even toned skin. The products contains Brightening Complex comprising of:
even toned skin. Vitamin A and E helps to keep your skin look Face Masque has Brightening Complex **LUMISKINTM, a skin lightening agent that works both on the surface and from within. It decreases the melanin production causing
youthful and radiant. comprising of:
reduction in dark spots and blemishes.
• Lumiskin: Skin lightening properties
• Lotus Japonicas Symbiosome Extract-helps
keep skin brighter and even toned
• Vitamin A, E-Antioxidant that protect the skin
against free radicals and works towards
younger looking skin

ATTITUDE Be Bright Face Scrub

Water based gel with scrubbing micro particles which help • VITAMIN A, C, E along with Aloe Vera and • LOTUS JAPONICUS SYMBIOSOME EXTRACT -
provide efficient skin exfoliation. Rosemary extracts help to nourish your skin and helps skin get brighter and even toned
It has triple action that helps to make your skin look fresh help to restore the natural glow of your skin
• VITAMIN A, E - Antioxidants that helps to
and glowing:
• Helps to improve epidermis turnover for healthier skin • SUNSCREEN agents with SPF 15 helps to protect protect skin against free radicals and works
• Helps to remove dead cells and smoothen skin surface the skin from sun and environment toward young looking skin
• Helps to unclog pores for deep skin purification
*System Claim: System includes the products Attitude Be Bright Day Cream, Attitude Be Bright Night Cream, Attitude Be Bright Face Wash, Attitude Be Bright Face Scrub and Attitude Be Bright Face Masque.
**LUMISKINTM is registered Trademark of Sederma SAS France.
Present in Red Seaweed
extracts, helps in
revitalizing the skin.

Enhanced with Vitamins and

Natural fruit Extracts
Vitamin A & E
Anti-oxidants that
protect your skin
Fortified against harmful
UV radiation.
with Triple

Natural Fruits Extracts
Helps nourish and
moisturize your skin.

It is a water based gel and a 100% soap-free formulation that traps oil and
gently foams it away. It helps remove dirt, excess oil and reduces the surface Fortified with Triple Advanced Complex. It has vitamin A & E that works as anti-oxidants to
sebum levels that can clog pores. keep your skin looking youthful. With the goodness of Apple, Sweet Almond & Orange extracts
Attitude Face Wash rinses easily and its fresh floral fragrance leaves the skin keep the skin nourished. Also contains OSMOGELINETM* that helps in revitalizing the skin.
feeling energized, clean and soft. It has Vitamin A, C, E, Natural Fruit & Botanical
Extracts that helps to keep your skin youthful, radiant and nourished.

With Grape fruit extracts,
FOR DRY SKIN specifically designed for dry skin to
With Grape-fruit extracts,
keep it soft, supple and smooth.
helps gently cleanse and
nourish the skin.
FOR OILY SKIN with Kiwi extracts
With Kiwi extracts, helps specifically designed for oily
deeply clean the face skin helps maintain the
without over-drying. right moisture levels.

*OSMOGELINETM registered Trademark of BASF USA.



A range of vibrant Nail Paints that
will go well with any look you carry A fabulous range of Lipsticks
that will help you stand out on
every occasion

Compact Powder
An oil-free, shine absorbing pressed powder.
An ultra-sheer texture that give a perfect matte
appearance to the skin. It provides
sheer-to-moderate coverage. It glides on
effortlessly, camouflages, hydrates, and blurs
fine lines, never settling into them.
Attitude Clear Activ Pimple
Control Face Wash
• Effectively cleanses • Remove oily shine
and stickiness • Not overly drying • Helps to
clarify skin by drying out existing pimples &
restricting new break out


Attitude Clear Activ
Pimple Control Spot Corrector
Get ready to steal the spot light! The botanical
extracts of green tea, licorice and meadowsweet work
together to keep the pimples at bay. And gives you
back the confidence to face the world.

With Triple Action Formula

for visibly reduced pimples in
Promotes Remineralization
Whitens Teeth
Removes Plaque with
Regular Brushing
GLOBALLY Fights Cavities
Freshens Breath
Tooth Paste with

Protect your teeth with the 7 benefits of Glister Toothpaste. Its Reminact Advantage
multi-action formula repairs early cavities, removes stains and polishes
teeth to a brilliant shine. With 50 years of exper tise,
Glister gives you healthy teeth you can feel with every smile.

ReminactTM advantage helps redeposit essential minerals back onto the enamel to make
teeth stronger and more resistant to decay as compared to a no fluoride toothpaste.
Winning smiles
for little mouths
Strengthen and protect Deodorants
young teeth Dynamite and Attitude
Deodorants have Triclosan
Clean and healthy teeth feel nice, look which is a well known
great and give kids fresh breath with a deodorizing agent. Leaves
sparkling smile. you feeling fresh.

GlisterTM Kids is a strawberry – Dermatologically Tested.

flavoured Fluoride toothpaste which is: Safe on Skin.

• Formulated for children ages 2 and up

• Sugar-free gel
• Enamel-safe formula that gently cleans
developing teeth
• Cavity-fighting gel strengthens and protects
developing teeth with fluoride
• Exclusive REMINACT™ formula is proven
to replenish essential natural minerals in
teeth such as calcium and phosphorous
• Remineralization results in healthier,
stronger teeth



PACK Product name : G&H Nourish Body
Product name : G&H Refresh Body
Wash Gel
YO U R S K I N W I T H C A R E Description : Boost skin’s moisture for Description : Gentle, soap-free cleanser
24 hours with rich, nourishing lotion. refreshes and soothes skin, leaving it
feeling lightly hydrated.
• Instant moisture: Improves moisture
level by 129% - you can see the • Leaves your skin feeling clean, soft,
difference. and lightly hydrated.

• Helps relieve and soothe dry skin. • Non-drying formula helps safeguard
skin’s moisture barrier.
• Skin feels softer, looks healthier.
• Includes a patented non-irritating
• Helps build skin’s moisture level.* complex to help keep skin calm.*
Active ingredients: Active ingredients:

24 Hrs
Orange Blossom Honey - known to
provide nourishing moisture that
Aloe - Cooling and hydrating properties
that helps soothe skin.
hydrates and softens skin.
Grapes Extract - Powerful antioxidant
Shea Butter - is naturally rich in that helps protect and refresh skin.
Vitamins & incredibly nourishing for Green Tea Extract - Rich in antioxidants
the skin. known to help protect skin against
Pumpkin Seed Oil - an antioxidant environmental damage to help energize
known to help protect skin against skin.
environmental damage. How to use : Dispense a suitable
How to use : Pump desired amount amount into the palm of one hand, or
onto fingers. Smooth over skin and directly onto sponge. Massage into a
massage in. FORMULA
lather, then smooth over skin. Rinse.

Net Content : 250ml Net Content : 250ml

Dermatologist tested, allergy tested.
Dermatologist tested, allergy tested.

* Demonstrated by improved hydration and improved *U.S Patent 8057830

smoothness, softness and a moisturized feel.
Persona Soap Persona 100% Pure
Amway Persona Soap is a premium moisturizing soap
that beautifully nourishes your skin. Enriched with the Coconut oil
goodness of Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin and Vitamin E Persona 100% Pure Coconut oil is prepared
where Sweet Almond Oil provides soft and smooth from superior quality coconuts from Gods
skin while the Glycerin acts as a humectant that own country.
moisturizes your skin and keeps it locked in. Vitamin E
acts as an anti-oxidant defending your cells against
damage and keeps your skin nourished.

Persona Advanced Persona Talc Persona Amla

Toothbrush Persona Talc is the one of finest talcum Hair Oil
powder. Its deodorizing effect provides Give your hair a rich natural
Persona Advanced Toothbrush shine with Persona Amla Hair
sweat absorption, helps avoid body odour
provides superior cleaning of teeth Oil. It is enriched with goodness
and has a cooling effect. It has contempo-
and gums. of Amla which helps strengthen
rary and attractive packaging with an easy
grip. Moreover it has added fragrances of hair roots. Regular usage may
Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rosewood prevent dry scalp. Also, it
along with Rose and Jasmine to keep you conditions your hair so that
smelling fresh. they look good and nourished.
Satinique 2 in 1 Satinique Hairfall
Conditioner Control Shampoo

satinique The Satinique Collection

of Hair Care products is
created for a world of hair needs,
to elevate hair to its full potential.
The Satinique 2 in 1 conditioner is the
ideal way to give your hair a balanced
nourishment and gentle caring. It is the
single-step solution for any hair type.
This shampoo pampers your
hair by reducing hair loss due to
breakage. It stimulates the scalp
and energises it.

Saves upto 1800 strands

Breakthrough technology using blended Borage seed oil conditions your hair
a month
botanicals and nutrients join with ENERJUVETM Vitamin E is an antioxidant which
Blended with Mulberry
protects from environmental stresses
to bring a new dimension of health to hair. Leaf Extract and Ginseng
Gently cleanses and conditions with
It powers all Satinique shampoos and conditioners each use Satinique
and select treatments. Leaves hair feeling soft, easy to comb Glossy Repair
and healthy looking Conditioner
Get the gloss back with
strengthens lipids
E N E R J U V E TM reinforces creatinine

a patented breakthrough smoothens 18-MEA Helps improve hydration

technology Provides smoothness and
shine of your hair
Helps protect and repair
damaged hair
Satinique Satinique Glossy
Anti-Dandruff Repair shampoo
Shampoo Give your damaged or colour-treated
The anti-dandruff shampoo is hair the care of Satinique™ Glossy
a boon to itchy scalp. It helps Repair Shampoo. It contains ENERJUVE™
reduce dandruff and provides and blend of Pomegranate extract and
moisture to dry scalp. Grape seeds extract that repairs and
revitalizes hair to a good-looking state.
Blended with Avacoda Leaves hair feeling soft, easy to comb and
and Vitamin E healthy looking
Relives dry scalp Sulfate free formula helps protect color from
Reduction in dandruff fading for up to 45 washes
in 4 weeks Pomegranate and Grape seed extracts
support strength and vitality
Why switch to Amway Home products?
• High performance cleaning products, trusted & used by families all over the world for more than 50 years

• Contains active ingredients derived from natural sources to help maintain a cleaner, healthier home

• Great value and economical, because the products are concentrated, meaning you use much less for the
same cleaning

• Biodegradable products, which clean without compromise - safe for family, home and environment

Powerful | Concentrated | Biodegradable | Dermatologist-tested

let your clothes look new
Amway Home SA8 Liquid
Amway Home SA8 Delicate

SOLUTION Amway Home SA8 Delicate is a liquid laundry detergent
for gentle yet effective cleaning of your woollens, silks and
expensive clothes.
Specially formulated to remove body oils and oily cosmetic
stains. Easy to rinse due to low foaming formula that saves
Pretreats Cleans Softens Brightens water, time and energy. It is dermatologically tested and
Amway Home SA8 Liquid digs deeper to remove tough stains leaves no irritating residue behind on the clothes.
and leaves no harmful irritating residue on clothes. Natural Concentrated formula for economical cost per use (one
softener based on coconut derivatives keep clothes soft after
500ml pack of SA8 Delicate gives you 100 bucket washes).*
every wash and fluorescent whitening agent helps keep colours
from fading. Easy to rinse due to low foaming formula that saves To be used on: Silks, Chiffons, Wool, Lingerie, Hand Knitted
water, time and energy. Cleans effectively even in cold water. Woolens etc. Cleans effectively even in cold water.

1 Litre of SA8 cleans upto 100 wash loads.* 1 Litre of SA8 cleans upto 100 wash loads.*

*Quantity taken as per usage directions of the product

Amway Home L.O.C.
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Disinfectant Cleaner
Powerful and versatile surface cleaner that gets every
washable surface effectively clean- floors, sinks, Pursue is a ‘one-step’
worktops, plastic furniture, appliances, washable walls, cleaner-disinfectant-sanitizer
woodwork, windows and it can be used to clean even virucide-deodorizer. It sanitizes
your hands. Contains natural cleaning ingredients hard, non-porous food contact
derived from plants and minerals. surfaces, without rinsing.

Amway Home Dish Drops Zoom

Amway Home Dish Drops is a concentrated hand dish washing liquid which cuts Zoom is a concentrated all purpose
& dissolves stubborn grease from your dishes effectively. The Triadic Detergency spray cleaner and degreaser which
System in Dish Drops cuts easily through animal, dairy and vegetable fat, making is effective for spot cleaning
your dishes shine like a mirror. It contains Aloe-Vera, Sisho & Alpha-hydroxy acids tough-to remove greasy dirt.
which takes care of your hands while doing your dishes.

1 Litre of Dish Drops cleans more than 30,000 plates.*

*Quantity taken as per usage directions of the product
APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray Car Wash
APSA-80 is an all-purpose spray adjuvant that when
Concentrated Liquid
Car Wash is a concentrated liquid for
mixed with pesticide (insecticide, fungicide and
cleaning automobile exteriors. It contains
herbicide) or foliar fertilizer helps improve their
wetting agents which help improve water
effectiveness leading to increased crop yield for the
penetration and help loosen dirt.
farmer. It contains biodegradable surfactants that
Formulated to protect the paint, shine
reduces surface tension of water and improve its
and protective polish of automotive
spreadability and penetration into the soil and thus
surfaces. Car Wash does not leave any
also acts as an irrigation aid for the farmers.
spots, streaks or film behind.

Silicone Glaze Auto Polish

Silicone Glaze is a polish for your car, appliances,
laminated counter tops, ceramic tiles, bathroom
fixtures and aluminium fixtures. It is formulated
with silicones to give both high gloss and excellent
durability. It is versatile and can be used on many
surfaces and not just automobile exteriors.
Amway Queen Stainless Steel 5 piece Cookware Set is a perfect and versatile cooking partner to meet your everyday cooking needs.
Stainless Steel Cookware Components
Amway Queen is a trusted cooking partner in millions of homes around the globe for more
than 50 years. Amway India entered the consumer durables segment with the launch of Amway Ideal for vegetables, soups, lentil, rice, non-veg dishes, custards
Queen in January 2017. The premium quality Amway Queen Stainless Steel Cookware is both • 1.5 LITRE SAUTE PAN:
elegant and convenient. Amway Queen offers superb cooking performance, versatility and a Ideal for roasting, egg dishes and dry dishes & for frying with less oil
look that will last for years to come. It comes with a VITALOK™ technology that helps locking • 4 LITRE STOCK POT WITH LID:
the moisture which helps to preserve the taste and nutrition of the food. Amway Queen Ideal for soups, pasta, curries (veg/non-veg) and hard vegetables
enables cooking with much less water as compared to a conventional cookware range. Further,
the OPTITEMP™ technology helps in improving heat distribution on every kind of cooktop. Its
multi-layer structure and OPTITEMP™ base makes almost Zero Oil cooking possible. The
Use with 4 litre stock pot for steaming foods and as a
food cooks evenly and quickly over medium to slow temperature, saving time and energy.
colander for rinsing fruits & vegetables. Ideal for making
Amway Queen is backed by 30 years warranty. steamed chicken, fish, vegetables, momos etc.

The superior craftsmanship and technology of Amway Queen products provide a lasting
foundation for tasty nutritious cooking and the brand promises customers “Healthy Cooking
for Generations.”
Can be bought separately. Interchangeable usage, both
with stock pot and sauté pan.

Do you know steel is one
of the best material to cook in?

Nutrilite W.O.W Super Advanced Pack 31,345 Nutrilite Daily (60 Tablets) 1,309 Nutrilite Ginseng Cherry Plus (100 tablets) 3,009 Nutrilite Kids Calcium Magnesium Cocoa (100N tablets) 895

Nutrilite W.O.W Advanced Pack 17,345 Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 (60N softgels) 1,449 Nutrilite Echinacea-Citrus Concentrate Plus (60 tablets) 1,704 Nutrilite Kids Chewable Concentrated 1,669
Fruits and Vegetables (60 tablets)
Nutrilite W.O.W Basic Pack 11,094 30 Serve Pack (PDO) 3,000 Nutrilite Alfalfa Calcium Plus (90 tablets) 720
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP) Nutrilite Kids Chewable Natural C (100 tablets) 1,679
Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder (1 kg) 4,019 Nutrilite Cherry Iron (90 tablets) 947
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP) Nutrilite Fruit Drink Mix 490 Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron (100 tablets) 729
(Pack of 10 sachets) Nutrilite Biotin -Cherry Plus (60N tablets) 627
Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder (500 g) 2,387 InBody Band 14,000
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP) Nutrilite Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables (60 tablets) 1,819 Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy (90 tablets) 1,235
XS Energy Drink Apple Strawberry 440
Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder (200 g) 1,139 Nutrilite Fiber (200g) 989 Nutrilite Milk Thistle Plus (60 tablets) 1,709 Pack of 4 250ml Each
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP)
Nutrilite Natural B with Yeast (100 Tablets) 885 Nutrilite Coenzyme Q10 Citrus Concentrate (45 tablets) 1,069 XS Energy Drink Orange 440
Nutrilite Protein Powder (1 kg) 4,019 Pack of 4 Of 250ml Each
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP) Nutrilite Natural C (100 Tablets) 899 Nutrilite Bilberry with Lutein (60 tablets) 2,159
XS Whey Protein Powder - Chocolate (750g) 4500
Nutrilite Protein Powder (500 g) 2,387 Nutrilite Garlic (60 tablets) 845 Nutrilite Multi Carotene (90N softgels) 1,389
(Inclusive of 10% discount on DAP) XS Whey Protein Powder - Vanilla (750g) 4500
Nutrilite CH Balance (60 tablets) 2,989 Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour 500 g 1,080
Nutrilite Protein with Green Tea (500 g) 2,275
Nutrilite Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia (120 tablets) 3,089 Nutrilite Kids Chewables (100 tablets) 1,299
Nutrilite Daily (120 Tablets) 2,229

Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured
products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in

Artistry Essentials Hydrating Cleanser (135 ml) 1399 Artistry Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate (30ml) 4789 Attitude Compact Powder - Light (9g) 699 Attitude Be Bright Face Masque (100ml) 490

Artistry Essentials Hydrating Toner (200ml) 1399 Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Eye Cream (15ml) 2699 Attitude Compact Powder - Medium (9g) 699 Attitude Be Bright Face Scrub (100ml) 490

Artistry Essentials Hydrating Lotion (75ml) 1859 Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence (30ml) 4949 Attitude Mascara (8ml) 599 Attitude Lipstick Mauve It Over (4.5g) 389

Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser (135ml) 1399 Ideal Radiance Spot Corrector (15g) 3149 Attitue Eyeliner - Black (1.2g) 599 Attitude Lipstick Orange Pop (4.5g) 389

Artistry Essentials Balancing Toner (200ml) 1399 Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder - Light (25g) 3999 Attitude Eyeliner Pencil Kajal (1.2g) 399 Attitude Lipstick Rusty Red (4.5g) 389

Artistry Essentials Balancing Lotion (75ml) 1859 Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder - Medium (25g) 3999 Attitude Sun Screen Cream SPF 30 (100g) 449 Attitude Lipstick Intense Pink (4.5g) 389

Artistry Essentials Polishing Scrub (125ml) 1499 Youth Xtend Ultra Lifting Cream (50ml) 6099 Attitude Face wash Oily Skin (100ml) 325 Attitude Lipstick Flamingo Fuchsia (4.5g) 389

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel (20ml) 4149 Youth Xtend Ultra Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate (15ml) 4200 Attitude Face wash Dry Skin (100ml) 325 Attitude Lipstick Flirty Pink (4.5g) 389

Artistry Essentials Creamy Massage (100ml) 1649 Artistry Exact Fit Foundation - Buff L1W1 (30ml) 3099 Attitude Moisturizer for Dry skin (45ml) 599 Attitude Nail Enamel Coral Burst (8ml) 206

Artistry Youth Xtend Protecting Lotion (50ml) 4239 Artistry Exact Fit Foundation - Soleil L3W1 (30ml) 3099 Attitude Moisturizer for Oily skin (45ml) 599 Attitude Nail Enamel Royal Red (8ml) 206

Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Lotion (50ml) 4239 Youth Xtend Ultra Lifting Essence Concentrate (30ml) 6599 Attitude Hand & Body Cream (100g) 370 Attitude Nail Enamel Bridal Maroon (8ml) 206

Artistry Youth Xtend Protecting Cream (50ml) 4239 Attitude Be Bright Night Cream (50g) 549 Attitude Foot Cream (75g) 370 Attitude Nail Enamel Pink Voltage (8ml) 206

Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Cream (50ml) 4239 Attitude Be Bright Day Cream (50g) 549 Attitude Be Bright Face Wash (100ml) 349
Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured
products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in
G&H Nourish Body Lotion (250ml) 440 Dynamite Shaving Foam (200g) 320
G & H Refresh Body Wash (250ml) 440 Dynamite After Shave Splash (100ml) 385 Dish Drops (1 L) 645 Zoom Conc. (500ml) 280
Nature Show Crème Hand Soap (250ml) 440 Dynamite Hair Cream (150g) 90
Dish Drops (200ml) 160 Car Wash (500ml) 285
Satinique Scalp Tonic (80ml) 1590 Dynamite Shaving Cream (Pack of 2) 100
Satinque Styling Gel (150g) 325 Dynamite Face Wash (100ml) 285 Dish Drops (500ml) 381 Silicone Glaze (500ml) 555
Satinque Revitalizing Hair Mask (150g) 450 Dynamite Whitening Cream (50g) 345
Satinique 2 In 1 Shampoo & Cond (250ml) 460 Dynamite Deodorant Fire (150ml) 260 LOC Multipurpose (200 ml) 125 Ollivaando Olive Pomace Oil (1 L) 799
Satnique Glossy Repair Shampoo (250ml) 460 Dynamite Deodorant Ice (150ml) 260
LOC Multipurpose (1L) 494 APSA -80 (5 L) 5045
Satnique Glossy Repair Conditioner (250ml) 460 Dynamite Deodorant Earth (150ml) 260
Satnique Hair Fall Control Shampoo (250ml) 460 Attitude Deodoran Fantasy (150ml) 260 LOC Multipurpose (500ml) 300 APSA-80 (1 L) 1183
Satnique Anti Dandruff Shampoo (250ml) 460 Attitude Deodorant Enchant (150ml) 260
LOC Sachet (8ml) 7 APSA-80 (500 ml) 726
Glister Multi-Action Tp (100g) 150 Attitude Deodorant - Spell (150ml) 270
Glister Mint Refresher Spray (8ml) 237 Dynamite Deodorant - Air (150ml) 270 Dish Drop Sachet (8 ml) 7
Persona Deotalc (350g) 215 Satnique Glossy Repair Shampoo 4ml (One Sachet) 7
Persona Deotalc (200g) 145 Satnique Glossy Repair Conditioner 4ml 7 Pursue Disinfectant (5L) 2079 COOKWARE
Persona Amla Hair Oil (200ml) 80 (One Sachet)
Satnique Hair Fall Control Shampoo 4ml 7 Pursue Disinfectant (500 ml) 299 SKU DESCRIPTION MRP*
Persona Advanced Family Toothbrush (Pack of 3) 125
Persona Junior Toothbrush (Pack of 4) 120 (One Sachet)
SA8 Delicate (500 ml) 460 Amway Queen 5 Piece Set 30000
Persona Classic Family Toothbrush (Pack of 2) 52 Satnique Anti Dandruff Shampoo 4ml 7
(One Sachet) SA8 Liquid (1L) 885 Amway Queen Lid 2800
Persona Crème Moisturising Soap (Pack of 3) 153
Satnique 2 in1 Shampoo & Conditioner Sachet 4ml 7
Persona Coconut Oil (500ml) 190
(One Sachet) SA8 Liquid (200ml) 210 Amway Queen Steamer Inset 4000
Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured Disclaimer - All prices mention above are in INR. The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication and is inclusive of all taxes. For current MRP of the featured
products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in products, please contact your nearest Amway Office / Tel - 080 - 39416600 or log on to Amway.in