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Understanding the Presidency of Duterte:

From the Lens of Local Officials in Southern Mindanao

In a political system, the presidency of a person is considered to be the highest form of
administration in a republican nation. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, commonly known as Digong, the
sixteenth president of the Republic of the Philippines, is the first President who is from the
Mindanao Islands and is known for his hard-handed ruling of Davao City, where he was the
mayor for 22 long years, was elected by majority of Filipinos who are looking forward to a great
change in the political arena. The leadership of President Duterte has been considered as one of a kind
considering his strong political will relative to rebuilding the nation. He was once dubbed “The
Punisher” by Time magazine, and is known for his iron-fisted rule and unconventional methods of
fighting crime in Davao. The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study was to explore the
reactions of local officials on his presidency in Southern Mindanao. Of the four municipalities from
one of the provinces identified, there were sixteen participants who without any doubt replied to the
Key Informant Interviews (KII) as designed. The participants were delighted with what the presidency
of Duterte has brought great change in the face of politics in the country. President Duterte’s
administration has pinned down and still continues to struggle irregularities in the society that destroys
the future of Filipino people. At the local level, chief executives are directed to do their part in
contributing to the fruition of the thrusts and priorities of his administration. Hence, programs, pro-
jects, and activities laid down by the local government units (LGUs) shall be implemented relative to
better delivery of services to their constituents such as on health, education, peace and order, security,
justice and equality, livelihood, infrastructure development, and among others. The significance of the
study serves as an eye opener for local officials to appreciate the ways of President Duterte as he man-
ages the country amidst challenges and criticisms. Some of the noticeably reactions of the local offi-
cials about him includes, his leadership style which is far more satisfying than the previous ones, his
determination to serve the people no matter what and how, his down-to-earth attitude, regardless of his
bad-mouthing. He has gone very far since the 2014 when calls about him running the presidency, He
became the most popular ordinary man on earth, the “probinsyano from Davao” attracted more the
voters during the 2016 General Elections than his much more dominant opponents.

Keywords: Political System, Presidency, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Philippines, Great Change, Strong Po-
litical Will, Phenomenological, Local Officials,
In a political system, the presidency of a person is considered to be the highest form of
administration in a republican nation. The style of his leadership shall lead to a promising form of
government that regain socio-economic development in the country. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the
sixteenth president of the Republic of the Philippines, was elected by majority of Filipinos who are
looking forward to a great change in the political arena. President Duterte’s support in the May 2016
national election primarily came from the elite groups and the middle class who seek security in their
personal lives, apart from the poorest voters who needed to uplift their way of life (Thompson, M.R.,
Being the president of a nation requires strong political will as manifested in the Duterte
administration. His platforms include poverty alleviation, better delivery of social services, justice and
equality, anti-drugs campaign, fight against corruption, accelerating infrastructure development, and
among others. Having a folksy style and bad-tough-guy image, President Duterte’s administration
assured urgent end over increasing crime, cut down corruption in the bureaucracy, as well as, giving
high priority in the infrastructure sector (Teehankee, J. C. & Thompson, M. R., 2016). In addition,
Duterte’s proposed constitutional changes were apparently focused on introducing federalism in the
Philippine government. Somehow, Duterte assures that only aggressive strongman rule can bring or-
derly administration in the country (Thompson, M. R., 2016). This would somehow realize decentrali-
zation and devolution of powers in the government. All of these and the many others concern most on
the socio-economic development of the country, giving its way to a more comfortable living conditions
of the Filipino people. Duterte’s priorities are domestic. Law and order, anti-corruption and crushing
the drug problem are at the top of his agenda. He aims to devolve power from the central government
to the provinces (retrieved from www.eurasiareview.com).
At the local level, chief executives are directed to do their part in contributing to the fruition of
the thrusts and priorities of the presidency of Duterte. Hence, programs, projects, and activities laid
down by the local government units (LGUs) shall be implemented relative to better delivery of ser-
vices to their constituents such as on health, education, peace and security, justice and equality, liveli-
hood, infrastructure development, and among others. (Pretorius, D. and Schurink, W., 2007) explains
that improving the delivery of services to constituents of the local government units requires transfor-
mation of the institution and re-organization of powers. Taking for instance in the sustainability of
health services delivery at the local level, (Pradeep, H. U. S. 2011) suggests to mobilize public partici-
pation, local officials to introduce new strategies and innovations, as well as employing a five-year
plan, enhancement of competencies for local health service staff, and encouraging private-public part-
nership (PPP).
The significance of the study serves as an eye opener for local officials to appreciate the ways
of President Duterte as he manages the country amidst challenges and criticisms. In the delivery of
services to their constituents, local officials are directed to religiously perform their tasks and respon-
sibilities as they are expected to contribute to the thrusts and priorities of the Duterte’s administration.


The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study was to explore the reactions on the
presidency of Duterte for local officials in Southern Mindanao.

1. What are the reactions of local officials on the presidency of Duterte?
2. What are the adjustments made by the local officials in delivering their services to their con-

In this study, the researchers employed the processes of qualitative research including research
design, participants, sampling, data sources, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, trustwor-
thiness, and ethical considerations described as follows:
Research Design. This study applied a qualitative design using phenomenological tradition
which aims to describe, understand, and interpret the lived experiences of participants. Phenomenolog-
ical research is an inductive, descriptive research approach developed from phenomenological philoso-
phy; it aims to describe an experience as it is actually lived by the person. Further, phenomenological
qualitative research deals with phenomena that are difficult or impossible to quantify mathematically,
such as beliefs, meanings, attributes, and symbols; it may involve content analysis (retrieved from
Participants. The participants of this study are local officials who were elected and are active
in their duties. Excluded in this study are those appointed local officials residing in Southern Mindanao
to include Barangay Secretary, Barangay Treasurer, Committee Chairs, and among others.
Sampling. This study used purposive sampling. To save time and money in conducting this
study, the researchers opted to engage in purposive sampling that involved Key Informant Interviews
method. Retrieved from http://research-methodology.net, purposive sampling (also known
as judgment, selective or subjective sampling) is a sampling technique in which researcher relies on his
or her own judgment when choosing members of population to participate in the study. There were fif-
teen participants who courteously responded to the questions which were done on a one-on-one inter-
view. According to (Elmusharaf , 2012), in purposive sampling, researcher attempts to obtain sample
that appears to him/her to be representative of the population.
Data Sources. The data in this study were primarily sourced by the researchers using Key In-
formant Interviews (KII) and research materials downloaded from the internet such as citations, arti-
cles, journals, and among others. According to (Elmusharaf , 2012), key informants, as a result of their
personal skills, or position within a society, are able to provide more information and a deeper insight
into what is going on around them.
Data Collection. In collecting the data of this study, the researchers used Key Informant Inter-
view (KII) through constructed survey questions. The participants’ responses were primarily based on
their own understanding of the phenomenon being studied. Data collection is the process of gathering
and measuring information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables
one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes (retrieved from
https://ori.hhs.gov/ education/products/n_illinois_u/ datamanagement/dctopic.html).
Data Analysis and Interpretation. In the analysis of data drawn from the participants, the re-
searchers based them in the lived experiences of the participants through their actual responses during
the one-on-one interview conducted. The use of field notes and voice recording also supported the re-
searchers in the interpretation of the participants’ statements. According to (Savenye, Robinson, 2004),
researchers generally analyze for patterns in observations through the entire data collection phase (re-
trieved from: https://ori.hhs.gov/ education/products/n_illinois_u/datamanagement/datopic.html)
In terms of data trustworthiness of the study, trustworthiness has grown to be a crucial concept as
it enables investigators to explain the virtues of qualitative terms outside of the parameters which are
generally used in quantitative research. The purpose of trustworthiness in qualitative research is to
support the argument that the inquiry’s results are “worth paying attention to” (retrieved from
To further define the meaning of data trustworthiness, the researchers considered four compo-
nents in this study. These are the following as mentioned by DeVault (2017): (a) credibility; (b) trans-
ferability; (c) dependability; and, (d) confirmability.

a) Credibility. It contributes to a belief in the trustworthiness of data by using triangula-

tion and member checks which are commonly used methods to address credibility. This is
done by asking the same research questions prepared by the researchers to different study
participants and by collecting data from different sources such as citations, articles, journals,
and by using different methods to answer those research questions. To further assure the
credibility of this study, the constructed guide questions were evaluated by some research
experts in school who gave us the permission to pursue with the right questions to draw out
the right answers from the study participants.
b) Transferability. As to transferability, it is the generalization of the study findings to other
situations and contexts. The study results are then simplified to assure that it can be applied
to other studies, whether or not similar in nature. To attend to the concern of transferability,
purposive sampling can be employed since specific information is emphasized relative to
the context in data collection. Such that the information of this study can be utilized for fu-
ture studies.
c) Dependability. As to dependability, it seems more related to reliability which is dependent
upon validity. Sometimes data validity is evaluated by using data audit. This data audit can
be conducted should the data set is very substantial such that the auditor can determine if the
research situation is applicable. In this study, the researchers plainly depended on the views
and actual experiences of the study participants as they sincerely answered the constructed
interview guide questions.
d) Confirmability. In qualitative research, confirmability refers to the objective of the research-
ers to get the right answers of the right questions that have been prepared. The study partici-
pants give their views in the conduct of the study by way of an individual interview and have
been backed-up by affixing their signatures on the participants verification form. Likewise,
confirmability is a degree of impartiality such that the findings are generated by the partici-
pants and not of the researchers’ prejudice, spur or welfare (retrieved from:

Ethical Considerations
As a way of adhering to ethical standards in conducting research, the researchers prepared in-
formed consent form where the participants affix their signatures. There was no naming of names for
the participants, only codes are used, to assure that their credibility and privacy are being protected.
Everyone who participates in your study should have freely consented to participation, without being
coerced or unfairly pressurized. Likewise, confidentiality is the utmost priority of the researchers in
dealing with the study participants. Beforehand, the researchers asked the participants of their willing-
ness to participate in the study and assured that their identities are of paramount anonymity. Yet, con-
fidentiality is not always easy or even possible to measure the dangers of a certain context to a given
population, let alone to individuals. It is therefore essential to protect the identity of the person from
whom you gather information (retrieved from http://fieldresearch.msf.org/


Significant Statement Code Formulated Meaning Theme

Strong political will, ac- P3 President Duterte un- Strong Leader, Has
tion dayon ang gusto doubtedly is "The Man Strong Political Will; De-
mahitabo with Principle", very cisive; Quick; Has Word
strong and has a political of Honor; Visible
Strong personality; man P4
will. The most fruitful
of words
success strategy is to
Himoon gyud niya iya P2
begin with leadership
gusto kung unsa kaayu-
tools, including a vision
han sa nasud.
of the future, cement the
Dli mag agad pag daghan P11
change in place with
pang mga adviser nga
management tools, such
mao na..ang akng na-
as role definitions and
gustuhan sa iyaha nga
control systems and use
dretso2x nga mokuan jud
the pure power tools of
mo desisyon jud sya.. wla
punishments as a last re-
nay daghan istorya..
sort, when all else fails
pareha anang daghan pa
(Belias, D., & Koustelios,
kaau mga advises sa cab-
A., 2014) It has been
inete unsay iyang mga
grounded that the institute
buhaton, pero sa iya lahi..
Sa iyang leadership, ka- P16 of presidency is aware of
nang kuan kaau sya dli ta ethics’ critical necessity
moingon nga istrikto pero in cultural sphere. How-
kanang makita nato na ever, there is still a lot to
kanang kng unsy angayan improve. First, State or-
para sa tao kinsay masa- ganizations must under-
gasaan gkuan jud niya; dli stand ethics as a social
gani sya magpa apekto esponsibility,
nga kinsa ng mga ta- to which it is obligated.
whana ang masagasaan No matter how, it is un-
nya; kusganon kaau sya acceptable to hurt others
mao na kami pud sa ba- for personal gains.
rangay kng unsa sya ka (Skic’, S. V., 2016)
agresibo, support jud mi
sa iyaha.. mo participate
jud 100%
Ang atoang makuan karn P16
nga hinanali kanang gusto
nya kng unsay angayan
mabuhat jud dli lng ta
taman sa istorya; Makita
man sad gud sya sa ka-
tawhan kng asa gani tng
naay problema magpakita
jud sya; pero karn lahi
kng asa tng maski sama-
ran lng muadto jud c
Ang akng nauyonan jud P14
niya sa iyang pagka pres-
idente ang iyahang pagka
matinud-anon, nga wa jud
syay giingn nga gpili bsan
paman ug pinakasuod nya
basta kng nakasala ka,
may desisyon nga nakasa-
la ka jud..mao man nay
insakto na tawo, nga
bilang pangulo kabalo ka
mo disiplina sa imong
mga katawhan; oh sa
leadership na engganyo
jud mi.. kay lain man
kaau nga ikaw magpalain
oh magdinaug ghapon ta,
nga imong pangulo nga
abtik kaau nga gusto nga
ang iyang tumong alang
sa kalamboan
Transparent c president.. P11
wlay gnatagoan na kuan
wlay gnatagoan na unsa
dha ang iyaha gusto nya
nga makapadayag ngadto
sa katawhan
Maau jud sya kay ang P11
tanang nga gkinahanglan
sa tawo murag naa na ni-
ya, ang tanan nga gna-
Criminality lower (kawat P1 It could be called a Duter- Benefits / Developments
motor), 2 cases per year te Effect or not, what is
I can say that the presi- P4 obvious here is that his
dency of Durterte con- administration really have
tribute to the develop- a big impact as to the de-
ment of the country livered services through
Daghan benepisyo, P3 the local officials to the
hapsay panimuyo (no fear public causing the posi-
sa hold-up, safe na sila) tive effects on the public.

Daghan investment; work P3

Dli pud magpana gana P16
ang mga investors nga
moari ky makita man nila
kng moari safety
I believed and aware that P4
the laws imposed by our
president help so much
Modaku ang taxes sa mu- P1
nisipyo, negosyo, daghan
manarbaho sa tourism
I liked most of his gener- P4
osity and desire to im-
prove our nation better

Garbage disposal, dati P3

walay naga pick-up; wa-
lay klaro dumping site
Mangrove planting, P1
coastal clean-up kaupat
kada tuig
As barangay captain, P2
maintain kahayag sa ba-
rangay. Suga provided
para street lights. Conduct
CEBAC, limpyo sa road,
drainage canal, coastal
Peace and order ug ialabi P7
na sa ekonomiya. Daghan
na ang mga nasud na gus-
to mu invest sa atoa ug
mga dinagko pa jud kini.
Siguro mga 3 years from
now, dako na kaayo ug
kabagohan ang Pilipinas
sama sa Singapore.

Peace and order, ok na.. P12 In order to achieve peace, Peace and order
naay kausaban kanang observance of the rule of
about anang kawat2x, law and abiding by the
mga carnap ug motor, values set in a particular
pero karn wala na society is necessary.
Kawat-kawat decrease, P5 Crimes can be considered
naa gyud kausaban petty such as theft or it
Na minusan na karn, na P14 can be heinous such as
minusan ang kawat .. kidnap and murder.
Peace and order, ok na.. P12 Therefore in order to min-
naay kausaban kanang imize the occurrence of
about anang kawat2x, crimes, maintaining peace
mga carnap ug motor, and order is essential.
pero karn wala na This is where the role of
Sa peace and order, naa P2 the police and military
regular gapatrol mga po- comes in. These organiza-
lice monitor. Duna pud tions are the hands of the
barangay tanod gaduty government in handling

Peace and order, econom- P3 the maintenance of over-

ic growth all peace and order in the

Importante nga c presi- P16 country. (Estonio, M. C.

dente iyang g-cguro ang A. P., 2014)

peace and order; so kuan

kaau istrikto jud sya sa
peace and order
Ah sa atoa lng na ob- P13
serbahan karn ang atoang
kalinaw, kalinaw sa atng
nasud karn nausab najud,
nga daghan jud sya pud
bahin sa mga badlongon
na tao, ah sa pagka akrn
nagkuan jud cla nagkinto
najud cla, kinto najud
Kuan kaau istrikto jud sya P16
sa peace and order.
Kining karng atong P11
sistema sa peace and or-
der number 1 ah kining
pag declare nya ug mar-
tial law, dli pareha sa una
sa martial law pareha sa
nahitabo ka Presidente
Marcos nga perti man to
pag kuan sa mga sundalo,
unya karn sa iyaha murag
ma compare nimo ba
maayo baya ang martial
law basta maau lng ang
Usa pud mi sa tugot aning P15
martial law kay para kani
pud atoang ah barangay
ma peaceful pud ba uban
sa among lungsod, uban
pud didto sa syudad, sa
province, kauyonay pud
mi nga maisa..kauyon
pud ko nga magkauyonay
lng ang tanan para peace-
ful ang atoang Davao del
Sur; among barangay wla
jud makaduol nga bsan
kinsa nga makalikay ta
atng mga Maute..
Dako kaau kausaban sa P11
peace and order, grabe
man ning patay dri sa una
maam, kawat-patay ana
sunogon pang balay,
Daghan mga illegal nga P8
na undang pareha atong
kay de Lima. Na lessen
jud ang crime rate sa
among barangay. Sa
amoa sad nga part, mas
nagtarong mi kay nain-
spire mi nga magtinarong
kay strikto kaayo atong
Sa una naay mga NPA P14
mag agi2x dinhi, pipila,
nga kanang mga naa sa
pikas, pero sa pagka ka-
ron nga naa nay kuan cur-
few naa nay duty among
mga tanod, kaming mga
barangay officilas nag
monitor pud kanunay,
wala na.. dli na
Sa una ang among curfew P13 It is contended that these
hour dri alas dyes..sa una curfews were as much
kanang mga orasa daghan about enforcing a particu-
pa kaayog mga badlon- lar notion of `parental re-
gon.. murag nikunhod sponsibility' as control-
najud sya maam gumikan ling young people them-
sad aning sa pagpadagan selves. (Collins, D. C. A.,
sa pamalaud ni president 2001)
duterte.. daghan najud
nahadlok karn..

Gna monitor pud sa mga P13

ginikanan anak ingn-
anang mga orasa wla pa
mouli ila na ng apason,
tagam pud cla sa una
gpatawag namo ang mga
bata then gpasunod pa-
tawag usab kato napud
ilang mga ginikanan sa
among mga nadakpan, oh
aron cla napud mga gini-
kanan ang hinay2x napud
ug pitol sa ilang mga
anak nga badlongon
Kng wla kay binuhatan P13
nga dautan, gawasnon
kaau ka ba, free kaau ka
asa ka moadto, murag
imong kahadlok wla, wla
kay kahadlok imong gbati
sa karng panahona.. sa
una murag dli jud kaau ka
kuan ato secure kaau ka
oh daghan man mga da-
ghan man mga maldito
ato, karn naay mga mal-
dito pero kunhod na unya
ang gawas karn ang mga
nahadlok kato raman pud
naay dautang binuhatan
Kining ug wla kay binu- P13
hatan nga dautan,
gawasnon kaau ka ba,
free kaau ka asa ka
moadto, murag imong
kahadlok wla na, wla kay
kahadlok imong gbati sa
karng panahona..sa una
murag dli jud kaau ka
kuan nga secure kaau ka..
oh daghan man mga mal-
dito ato, karn naay mga
maldito pero kunhod na
unya gawas karn ang mga
nahadlok kato raman pud
naay dautang binuhatan
Ang presidency ni Duter- P1 Legal policies on drug War on Drugs / Anti-
te campaign on drugs trafficking, whether re- Smoking Law
(shabu) strictive or non-
Taas ug panghunahuna sa P2 restrictive, have no rela-
war on drugs tion to drug trafficking.
Anti-smoking, war on P3 Surprisingly, countries
drugs, with high GDP and coun-
Sa iyang pamalaud karn, P12 tries considered as clean
about droga na mawala na (no corruption) show
hinay2x ug kawala hang- higher drug trafficking
tud nga mawala na dri sa rate. With higher purchas-
barangay ing capability, countries
About sa kuan drugs..sa P11 with high per capita in-
kani sa una maam kaning come become targets for
akoang barangay grabe sa drug trafficking. The ab-
drugs ni; tng kuan tng sence of corruption is not
tokhang na programa, much of a factor as it is
gsunod jud to namo, ni- purchasing power that
suporta jud mi ato.. nakita lures the illicit trade of
nato na murag na change drugs in these countries.
na jud.. gahitak ni akoang As other studies have in-
barangay dri sa una maam dicated, bloody campaign
sa drugs.. hapit nani karn to eradicate the problem
ma drug-free barangay of illegal drugs has been
Nagustuhan nako sa P5 found to be ineffective as
iyang pagkuwan sa drugs, compared to drug treat-
kuyaw gyud kayo; well ment. Reyes, E., Velez,
implemented J., & Benitez, M. (2017).
Ok man maam wla may P11
kuan ang mga tao..wla
man maam wla man silay
mga reklamo.. cguro kng
naa may naguol cguro
kato lng mga nag drug-
dependent pero ang mga
kuan mga ginikanan ok
kaau cla, control jud, na
control jud ang mga drug-

Ang presidency ni Duter- P1 Corruption involves a Corruption

te campaign on ... graft process of communica-
and corruption.. tion preference for brib-
Dako jud kaau kausaban P11 ery, as well as the negoti-
sa atng nasud; number 1 ation and agreement be-
nga giganahan nako ni tween drivers and appre-
presidente ang kaning hending parties. These
corruption ky sukad pa sa processes are all backed
unang panahon wla ta up by different sets of
kabalo diay nga ang atng motivators and ethical
nasud puno diay sa ku- considerations in the de-
rakot, karn nalng ta naka- cision making of drivers,
hibalo nga mao diay nay and the changing configu-
dagan sa atng national na ration of support shown
panggamhanan to state authorities by
Dako jud cguro kayo ug P13 their connections. (Nolas-
kalamboan maam pareha co, L., Sevillano, K., Re-
aning kurapsyon, iyaha gala, A., Tieng, D., 2014)
naman jud na jud ma silbi
murag ma magamay jud
ba ang kurapsyon, iya
man jud ng bantayan jud..
Ang presidency ni Duter- P1 Amid the escalation of Martial Law / Terrorism
te campaign on … crimi- conflicts in Mindanao and
nality; Nagustuhan nako recent clashes in Marawi
sa presidency ni Duterte City related to the Maute
ingon sa iya SONA, Group, incumbent Presi-
terorista sa Marawi ug dent Rodrigo Duterte
mga NPA dili pasayloon placed Mindanao and its
Martial law implementa- P5 nearby islands under mar-
tion, against rebellion tial law at 10:00 p.m.
(UTC+8) on May 23,
2017. (Retrieved from

Gawas pa sa kalamboan, P13 Numerous projects and Projects / Programs

murag pabor tang taga programs are being en-
Mindanao ky kaugalingon joyed by the public in less
man jud natong president than six months of the
naa man dri sa Davao.. presidency of Duterte.
kining sa mga istraktura, Duterte admin's goal is to
projects murag kita jud 'build, build, build' (Re-
maoy una mahatagan nya trieved from
ug kaning kuan kining http://bit.ly/2vtu3qX);
maoy mauna ug kuan sa Another key reform that
iyang intention ba the Neda will undertake
Dunay 14 million nga P1 starting next year is to
concreting project bahi- also monitor the cost
non sa mga barangay para overruns incurred by PPP
sa 2018 implement; projects. Under the cur-
dunainspecting sa Bawing rent set up, Neda only
area para tourism site. monitors big-ticket pro-
Duna pud proposal para jects funded by official
sa mangrove site para development assistance.
planting (Ordinario, C., 2016)
Daku kausaban sa P2
karsada, dati road con-
creting man lang. lately,
widening na; less hassle
sa traffic
Since president is from P3
Davao, priority ang Min-
danao. Ningkamot pud
ang barangay makabene-
fit pud. Unlike dati lim-
ited ang progress sa Min-
danao. Mas focus karon
and Mindanao. Infrastruc-
ture projects (sama sa
train, hospitals – facili-
Infrastructure – road- P5
ways, construct to 6 lanes
; bridge patas-an to pro-
tect disaster (e.g. flood)
Infrastructure such as P4
buildings. Roads, goods
and other supplies for the
good of our citizenry

Daghan na kaau maam, P13

pareha aning (FMR) farm
to market road, kasagaran
aning iyang gnauna jud
ron ug kaning pa palambo
kaning mga karsada pad-
ulng ug bukid, sa akrn
gani naa nay gnabuhat dri
na farm to market road
gkan kiblawan padulng sa
bukid sa matanao lapus
na dri sa bukid sa tacu-
rong.. mao nay iyang gna-
tutukan karn
For the agriculture, the P4
government provides
more seeds, other sup-
plies for the good of the
Gilunsad na livelihood P2
projects sama sa bead
works, animal dispersal
Dako jud kaau ug kining P14
kuan kausaban kabahin sa
iyang panglantaw pinaagi
sa programa ug proyekto;
pag ayuda nya aning mga
kuan sa kalamidad; pa-
ghatag nyag assistance
kabahin aning kuan naipit
sa gyera sa marawi
Bloodletting mobile twice P5
a year; benefits pag ma-
admit pwede makahiram
with permission sa health
center/blood coordinator
Barangay services sama P1
sa medical mission
(check-up, opera sa cyst,
tuli, bloodletting) with the
province, MVPI, national
hospital) kada tuig
For the senior citizens, he P4
gives incentives to the
seniors for 1,000 per
month increase; for the
education, our president
offered free education to
all levels in support to our
K-12 programs
Sa health, BHW roving P2
monthly, mga bata tim-
bang, deworming, tagaan
vitamins. Duna gaduty
nurse sa barangay, medi-
cal mission/ immersion,
4Ps gipadayon cash assis- P3
tance, Philhealth gipala-
wig, free hospitalization,
social pension, TESDA
4Ps, Philhealth, increase P5
subsidy sa pension sa sen-
ior citizen; naghatag in-
crease salary sa men in
uniform; education –
scholarship/skills training
sa TESDA para maka NC
II, out of school youth
benefited; nutrition sa
kids – feeding program sa
nursery to combat malnu-
Sa mga 4Ps g additional P16
man pud na niya ug
katong rice gani subsidy,
dli lng tong cash grant;
kanang nakita nya sa mga
4Ps maau nanlgn pud sa
uban ky nagamit sa mga
Regarding sa mga 4Ps, sa P11
akoa lng daan barangay
daghan kaau nga mga
4Ps, gdagdagan nya mga
financial para sa atng mga
kabus..dli iyaha gpadayon
nya then gdagdagn nya ug
mga benefits.. tng sa
unang panahon mura man
ug sa cash assistance karn
nagdagdag napud ug sya
rice assistance sa mga 4Ps
Dako jud kaau ug kining P14
kuan kausaban kabahin sa
iyang panglantaw pinaagi
sa programa ug proyekto;
pag ayuda nya aning mga
kuan sa kalamidad; pa-
ghatag nyag assistance
kabahin aning kuan naipit
sa gyera sa marawi
Kaning 4Ps nabati na nila P14
nga sa una 600 pesos lng
ang para sa bugas g-
double niya na 1,200 na
pang bugas jud na, o di
syempre dako na kaau na
nga hinabang na

Magmura lng but habit P2 Despite the president's Frank, Straight forward,
tungod sa kalagot makas- bad-mouthing, majority, Bad-mouthing / cursing
ulti bad if not all, understood etc.
Ok man pamalakad, kuan P3 him.. Its just his way, just
lang sa inistoryahan ug like that..
pamalikas; malain ug
sabut ang wala naanad
nga tao kay sagulan pa-
malikas; ang foreign in-
vestor mahadlok nuon
kay lahi ila pagtan-aw
Kay Duterte the way P5
mostorya kabalo baya ka
nga prangka siya maayo
ug dili maayo; ang reli-
gious malagot; bad kaayo
sa tanan
His attitude the way he P4
talks; ang pagmumura
niya sa harap ng
maraming tao, yan ang
dapat iwasan. Pero ugali
na niya mahirap sa
kanyang katauhan
Ang maistorya nako mu- P16
rag ana nalng jud na cgu-
ro murag expression dli
gud ingn nga kuan
Oh mag yawa2x ah wla P15
jud nakuan nana sa ako-
ang huna2x natural mana

Ah normal na, normal na P14

bilang usa ka amahan sa
imong panimalay dli jud
na malikayan naa nay bal-
ikas oh bsan kinsa

Ganahan ko ni presidente P13

ky kuan jud sya kangng
moistorya punto por
punto jud sya; Aw kanang
usahay kanang mamalikas
sya, mamalikas sya pero
mura nalng man gud na
ug expression lng gud na
nya kay sa una paman jud
sya ana katng mayor pa
sya mao naman jud na
iyang batasan jud pero sa
katng wla ka gets sa
iyang batasan murag
mabag-ohan jud cla sa
iyahang kuan.. oh murag
in-ana man jud na sya,
mao na mga tagalog sa
Luzon d man kaau cla ka
sweto sa batasan ni duter-
te kita kay kasabot man
Kanang pagsulti nya P11
anang sa kadaghanan
kuan lng ba regarding sa
atoang kanang ingon nga
“patay” ana, “murag bu-
ang” ana murag dli na-
man cguro na sya maau
murag iyang habit maam
murag.. oh in-ana mga
bad words na ituhog nya
sa mga, murag lain lng
paminawon mura man
pud ug hawd na pud kaau
sya.. haha hawd man jud
hinuon pero murag dli
nalng gud unta na.. haha-
Sa tinuod lang wala man P9
kaayo. Honestly na.
Maski sige siya pa-
malikas at least ginabuhat
niya unsa iyang ginas-

If people cooperate, coor- P5 Response were over- Reactions / Comments /

dinate relative to Duterte whelmingly positive. Suggestions
programs/projects walay People cooperates, fol-
makadaut; dapat human lows..
election walaon na die-
hard magdumot so dili na
maimplement hinuon; dili
sige ingon political divi-

To educate our constitu- P4

ents by asking them to
participate involving
green revolution activity
and preserve our envi-
ronment through waste

The response were very P1 Generally, reactions are Response

positive. According to positive about the presi-
constituents… good dent..
work, keep it up.
Daghan nalipay sa nada- P3
wat gikan sa gobyerno
Mas maminaw cla karn P12
kontra atng mga nangagi
dli cla magpakabana, dli
motuo..karn focus jud cla
ug unsa among mga
gpanghatag sa ilaha.. amo
lng gpahibalo sa ilaha dli
jud ingn na among g-
pressure na cla.. puro gus-
to cla; Aw saludo jud cla,
ok jud cla ato.. ma-
linawon among barangay
Daghan changes, nalipay P1
sila sa systema sa presi-
Oh mutabang jud sya P16
maam dali rapud sya duo-
lan dli pud sya kanang in
anang; inato ra pud sya ba
the way sya mokaon; un-
say pang damit nya
Dli gusto? Kanang wla P12
nako naganahan? Ah dli
man cguro na mahitabo..
kauyon jud ko wla juy
ingon nga wla koy gi-
ganahan sa iyaha
Wla koy wla nauyoni sa P14
iyaha kay sya isa aka
matinud-anon na pangulo,
ug sya angayan nga sun-
don nga pagka tawo
gumikan sa iyang prin-
sipyo..dli man pud sya
ingn nga dautan.. duna
pud sya kahadlok sa
Makita nato nga satisfied P11
jud ang mga tao sa iyang
Ang mga positive feed- P10
backs sa akong mga
botante sa akong baran-
gay ang naghatag ug in-
spirasyon sa akoa nga
buhaton unsa dapat ang
buhaton sa usa ka kapitan
sa barangay. Isa pa, sup-
porter ko ni Digong mao
naningkamot sab ko
mahitabo unsa iyang mga
Misuporta sab sila sa mga P8
programa ug pamalakad
sa among barangay kay
kahibaw sila nga para ra
pud ni sa amoa tanan.
Sa peace and order jud ko P6
nagfocus ug taman kay
mao man iyang priority
sad. Tapos ang PNP nato
very active sad.

Strong Political Will. President Duterte undoubtedly is "The Man with Principle", very strong and has
a political will. The most fruitful success strategy is to begin with leadership tools, including a vision
of the future, cement the change in place with management tools, such as role definitions and control
systems and use the pure power tools of punishments as a last resort, when all else fails
(Belias, D., & Koustelios, A., 2014).

“Ang akng nauyonan jud niya sa iyang pagka presidente ang iyahang pagka matinud-anon, nga wa jud
syay giingn nga gpili bsan paman ug pinakasuod nya basta kng nakasala ka, may desisyon nga nakasa-
la ka jud..mao man nay insakto na tawo, nga bilang pangulo kabalo ka mo disiplina sa imong mga ka-
tawhan”, P14, Q1.2. “What I like about the president is his being True, he treats everyone equally no
matter how dear someone to him, if he commits mistake, he will bear the consequence.. That is what a
a man should be, that being the president he knowa how to discipline his followers”

War on Drugs – well-implemented. Among all the many benefits enumerated, this drug-war was the
most popular. Since taking office on June 30, 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has carried
out a “war on drugs” that has led to the deaths of over 7,000 Filipinos to date, mostly urban poor. At
least 2,555 of the killings have been attributed to the Philippine National Police. Duterte and other sen-
ior officials have instigated and incited the killings in a campaign that could amount to crimes against
humanity. (Human Rights Watch | 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor | New York, NY 10118-3299 USA | t

“About sa kuan drugs..sa kani sa una maam kaning akoang barangay grabe sa drugs ni; tng kuan tng
tokhang na programa, gsunod jud to namo, nisuporta jud mi ato.. nakita nato na murag na change na
jud.. gahitak ni akoang barangay dri sa una maam sa drugs.. hapit nani karn ma drug-free barangay”,
(P11, Q1.3). “About the drugs, before my barangay was very prominent into drugs; that Tok-Hang
program, we supported that.. I have seen the changes visibly, if before this was very infected, now it is
nearly a drug-free barangay”.

Bad-mouthing, Ill-tempered President.Despite the president's foul-mouth, majority, if not all, under-
stood him or even accepted that flaw about him. According to most,

It’s just his ways, just like that, well everybody said it. The European Union: Giving an entire eco-
nomic bloc the middle finger might seem odd, but Duterte did just that to the EU, during a speech in
Davao this week. For extra clarity, he also said “f*** you” not once but twice. (Retrieved from

“Kuan lang sa inistoryahan ug pamalikas; malain ug sabut ang wala naanad nga tao kay sagulan pa-
malikas; ang foreign investor mahadlok nuon kay lahi ila pagtan-aw”, P3, Q1.5. It is just in his ways in
uttering those bad words; he could be misinterpreted by those who weren’t used to it..then added more
violent language, he scared away foreign investors, they were turned-off”

The centerpiece of Duterte’s campaign platform was suppressing the three so-called evils:
crime, illegal drugs and corruption, which he believes are undermining security across all sectors and
hampering the growth of the domestic economy. He pledged to instill discipline with an iron fist for
everyone to adhere to the rule of law and strengthen the country’s justice system (Manhit, D., 2016).
These things were the issues he was and still very mad about stopping, no matter what the cost is. Even
before when he was still the Mayor in Davao for 20 years or so, these are his priorities, too, along with
the 911, No-Smoking and Speed Limit Policies.
The mayor’s mass appeal and quirky sense of humor brought him to the Presidency, that’s for
sure, we can now conclude that after all the interviews we conducted to the different local officials
from different places in Southern Mindanao.