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1. What is copyright?
2. When is an original work or intellectual creation deemed protected?
3. What is the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works?
4. What are the works covered by copyright protection under the Intellectual
Property Code (Sec. 172, R.A. 8293)?
5. What are derivative works; state those protected by copyright (Sec. 173, 173.1,
6. What are the Requisites for a Derivative Work to be protected by copyright law?
7. What is the protection given to publishers of published editions of work (Sec.
8. What are the Works not protected by copyright law? (Secs. 175, 176)
9. What are the two kinds of rights under the copyright law (Section 177) ?
10. What are the economic rights of a copyright owner? (Sections 177– 177.7)
11. What is the Scope of Moral Rights? (Secs. 193 – 193.3; 194.4)
12. What are neighboring or related rights?
13. Who owns the copyright? (Sec. 178)
14. What is the term of protection of copyright?
15. What are the limitations on copyright and fair use? (Secs. 184, 185)
16. What is Copyright infringement; how is it committed? (Secs. 177; 217.3)
17. What are the Remedies for Copyright Infringement? (Sec. 216 – 216.2)
18. What are the Criminal Penalties for Copyright Infringement? (Sec. 217-217.2)