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Pioneering motion capture since 1984.



Specifications Designed and driven by flexibility, of view, giving optimum performance with
a wide range of lenses. This makes set-up
accuracy, and industry-leading simple and smaller markers in large volumes
All T-Series Range
resolution, Vicon T-Series and can be easily identified, which is useful
Frame Rate Range 30 - 2000 fps T-Series S Edition allow you to whether you’re capturing markers on the
Outdoor Capable Yes face and hands or on insects.
Shutter Type Electronic freeze frame shutter capture any object in almost
any environment. Along with the Avalon and Vegas-S sensors,
Vicon has custom-built several lenses for
Resolution 16 megapixel (4704 x 3456) motion capture. Off-the-shelf C-Mount
From capturing the smallest details with
Frame Rate at 120 fps lenses have limited resolving power; this
Full Resolution the T160 to the fastest movements with the
is especially true with small markers. To
T10S, the T-Series range has a camera to fit
combat this, the Vicon lens was designed
T40S your needs.
and built with a high resolving power.
Resolution 4 megapixel (2336 x 1728) Vicon cameras use every pixel of grayscale
Frame Rate at 515 fps Powerful
information to locate the marker’s 2D center
Full Resolution Gigabit Ethernet makes the T-Series 10
and calculate its radius - not just edge
times faster than previous Vicon cameras.
T20S grayscale information. By using every pixel,
This increase in bandwidth means more
Vicon cameras fit a circle more precisely
frames, more cameras and more markers
Resolution 2 megapixel (1600 x 1280) around the marker image significantly
can be seen than ever before.
Frame Rate at 690 fps improving system accuracy.
Full Resolution
By sending additional 2D tracking
T10S information to your PC, high quality 3D
It’s no secret that T-Series cameras can be
data can be extracted in a way not possible
used anywhere. Capturing data outdoors
Resolution 1 megapixel (1120 x 887) with any other motion capture camera,
Frame Rate at 1000 fps gives patients, athletes or actors the
improving reconstruction and labeling.
Full Resolution freedom to walk, bowl or fight in a
This is especially helpful when markers are
natural environment.
moving fast or undergoing extreme changes
in velocity such as sports moves or impact
T-Series strobes give an even spread of
Resolution 1 megapixel (1120 x 896) tests in vehicle manufacturing.
light across the capture volume, which
Frame Rate at
Specifications subject to change without notice. Vicon acknowledges all trademarks.

250 fps
Full Resolution means the cameras are less susceptible
No matter how much data you need to
to uncontrollable ambient lighting in your
capture, T-Series won’t slow you down.
studio, laboratory or outside. Our custom
strobe LEDs have three different angles
All images copyright Vicon Motion Systems 2014.

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