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Sample Question Paper

1. Section I, II and III consists of objective type questions. Section IV consists of subjective
type questions.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. There is no negative marking.
4. If the candidate is found copying/ receiving /offering assistance, they will be
5. No gadgets are allowed in the examination hall. Candidates who are found
possessing mobile phones and other unauthorized electronic gadgets during the
examination, whether in use or not, will be deemed to be using unfair means and
would be banned from future examinations conducted by GRIHA Council.
6. GRIHA Council will not be responsible for the loss of any belongings.

Section – I, II and III (Objective Questions)

Tick the correct answer

1. Which one of the following is a correct sentence :
a. The existing trees on site is barricaded with hessian cloth.
b. The existing trees on site were barricaded with hessian cloth.
c. Hessian cloth has been used to barricaded the existing trees.
d. All sentences are correct, different ways of writing.

2. If the evaluator denies the request to evaluate project for ………… consecutive times,
then he/she will be removed from the list of evaluators.
a. two
b. three
c. one
d. five

3. Which of the following is not a requirement under Criterion 22- Avoid post
construction landfill?

a. Provision of multi coloured bins

b. Contractual tie ups with scrap dealer

c. Submission of photographs to demonstrate dedicated and segregated
storage space for different wastes.
d. Provision of organic waste management on site.

Section – II (Subjective Questions)

There will be 3 questions; each will be worth 20 marks. Additionally 20 marks

are dedicated for evaluating the writing aspects of the comments, i.e.
language, grammar and articulation of comments

Question 1

For a project registered for GRIHA certification, following are the site photographs taken
during construction. Review the photographs and comment on how each of the given
photographs demonstrates compliance/noncompliance with GRIHA Criterion 24: Labour
safety and sanitation.

Picture 1: Labour safety at site.

Picture 2: Labour safety at site.

Picture 3: Labour accommodation with drinking and toilet facility.

a) Review and comment on the documents in the format below indicating its relevance/
adequacy/ inadequacy as evidence for compliance/ non-compliance in support of the
mentioned GRIHA criteria.

Answer 1

b) Award points for the sub-criteria/ criteria as listed and indicate the basis for such
GRIHA Description Points awarded
24.1.1 Ensure compliance with the NBC (2005) safety norms
for providing the necessary safety equipment and
measures for construction workers – Mandatory
24.1.2 Ensure provisions for drinking water, hygienic
working & living conditions and sanitation facilities
shall be provided for the workers – Mandatory
24.1.3 Provide a crèche facility for children of construction

Sample documentation will be provided to the candidate for reference.

Answers :
1: b
2: b

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