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Nellore project - 55MLD STP Admin building observation are listed below.

1. Construct 5KL concrete water tank on head room and water tank access.
2. Provide M10 PCC grade as per standard drawing specification (M7.5grade shown in drawings)
3. Key plan true north and GA true north direction are not matching each other.
4. Give drawing number instead of XXXX.
5. Provide continuous lintel wherever brick wall height is crossing more than 3.25m. (Example
Section s6-s6 grid A to B.)
6. Provide Aluminum glazed door with grill gate at PTU Connecting walkway location.
7. Give diagonal coordinate of the building in sheet 1 of 10
8. Provide 1m high parapet wall as per GA drawing. (0.45m shown in Numeration drawing cross
9. Add standard specification and details drawing number, Electrical DG and PMCC drawings
number, Overall piping drawing and road layout drawing numbers in reference drawings list
10. Show plinth protection
11. Provide exhaust fan at all water closet and urinal areas and ventilator at bathrooms …which are
all mandatory.
12. Provide water tap arrangement for pantry room.
13. Plastering specification are not matching with standard drawing specification. Pl change.
14. All exhaust fan should be with louvers arrangement
15. In GA drawing sheet 2 of 2, section s6s-s6 grid line c first floor brick and beam line are not
aligned. Justify it.
16. Obey building area of opening rules. Show it with calculation separately especially laboratory
room, DG room and PMCC room.
17. Roof water proofing thickness min 75mm+ Sqrt(12.77^2+8.03^2)/120=0.200m coming. In STADD
design 75mm applied. Rearrange rain water down take (RWDT) and apply actual thickness in
18. RWDT Pipe SW coroner 2 pipe given & SE nil. Clarify the arrangement.
19. In RWDT pipe MOC not followed as per L&T standard specification.
20. Provide 12Nos of RWDT pipe or provide 1 no for 40sqm area of roof
21. Exhaust fan cutout is tabulated in square pattern in schedule of joiners
22. Ramp slope is also not followed as per L&T standard specification. Maintain minimum ramp slope
1:7.5 in all cross section and plan
Drawing comment
23. In numeration sheet 4 of 10, Rolling shutter sunshade plan is not aligned to centerline
24. Add page numbers in design calculation
25. Show DG set in scale as per vendor data (actual height 2.71m)
26. In DG set
a. Height of DG set 2.71m,
b. DG set pedestal height above FFL 0.5m
c. lifting arm height rope to hold 1.2m
d. Lifting arm 0.8m
Put together minimum 5.2m room height required for installation. Justify the height of room.

27. 3m high Rolling shutter provided justify in correlation with above data.
28. DG set exhaust pipe must be terminated above office room level. Show those arrangements or
29. Show cable trench entry point and exit point cross sections with BOP details
30. Add staircase waist slab design calculation
31. Add PTU to Admin connecting walkway design calculation and drawings
32. 230mm brick wall and 3mplus high 115mm thick wall must be rested on plinth beam whereas
toilet area few brick walls rested on grade slab. Please check.
33. In CRS Sheet Specify the location of corrections made in design page or drawing sheet – C/S,
numbering etc.
34. Nellore EE comment - Maximum 2 sizes of column allowed per structures and 4types allowed per
35. Apply overall effective length factor 1.2L as per IS 456 table 28 in STADD models.
36. Cable trench dimensions are not matching electrical drawing refer section s8-s8
37. Concealed insert plate on side of cable trench walls are missing. Provide at regular intervals.
38. Number of pipe sleeves are not matching with electrical drawing
39. in sheet 6of 10 plan 13.8m level - DG room to PMCC room cable trench is not aligned to straight
40. Provide MSEP grating details
41. Process team comment - Only Column and beam are shown in numeration drawings. (No walls or
dimensional arrangement have been shown.) So incorporate actual cross-section with brick infill
and schedule of joineries etc.
42. Furnish architectural drawing cross sections
43. Provide transverse reinforcement confine zone spacing and diameter of bar design calculation.
44. GA drawing column arrangement and Numeration/STADD column arrangements are not
matching each other which creates grid lines ambiguity,
a. In GA sheet 1 of 2, Ground floor column layout drawn with 12 lines and FF& Terrance are
drawn with 9lines?
b. In GA sheet 1 of 2, FF & terrace grid lines numbering system are not matching each other
c. Add alphabetical grid for portico columns
d. And GA Grid dimensions and numeration grid dimensions are not matching each other
45. PLC room clear height is just 2.2m. Minimum 3.0 m is required.
a. First Floor TOC 18.45m,
b. Terrace TOC 21.95m
c. False flooring height 0.6m
d. Secondary beam depth 0.7m
e. Clear height 21.95-18.45-0.6-0.7=2.2m

Justify height requirement

46. Provide continuous lintel beam at ground floor ladies toilet entry location.