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To create awareness about career guidance and development for the underprivileged student
through discussions and various activities.


The study is confined to the mentoring sessions provided to the mid and high school students with
regards to their career. Hence, the universe of the study is to create an awareness of the career
guidance and development support. The social concern project at Sukrupa was carried out on 13th,
14th & 16th of November 2017 for a duration of 5 hours on each of these days, on educating the
underprivileged students about various career opportunities after completion of their schooling.
The major objective was to engage the students by discussion and various activities for the
SUKRUPA’s cause of transforming the lives of young underprivileged children and their families.


Conducted sessions for the mid-level and high school students. Engaged the various batch of
students in sharing a two way platform about the career opportunities through following ways:

Standard 6: Knowledge and Skills to Achieve Career Goals/future ambitions

Students were made to understand the relationship between personal qualities, education and
training by classroom discussions, activities and through relevant videos. Wherein, the students
were made to take part in mathematics related activities, how interests, abilities and achievement
relate to personal, social and educational goals. Importance of listening and teamwork skills in the
academic setting and career exploration.

Standard 7th, 8th and 9th Grade: Personal and Social Development. Self-Knowledge and
Interpersonal Skills to Achieve Career Goals/future ambitions

Actively conducted sessions for the students about the attitudes, knowledge, and interpersonal
skills to help them understand and respect self and others through a movie, Mulan (i.e. based on
the importance’s of valuing gender differences) and also by classroom discussions. Wherein, I
made them express their interests in an appropriate manner, examine behaviour, suggested them
to develop communication skills by reading their English text books or newspapers on a daily basis
and establish meaningful relationships with family and friends. The 8th and 9th grade students were
also directed with discussions about career decisions, goals and necessary action to achieve goals.
Discussed about setting of goals relative to one’s interests. Developing a plan to achieve short and
long term goals and developing a plan for academic success in a specific subject.

Apart from the above stated activities, I conducted a few fun filled activities too. Such as dance
and signing to keep the sportive spirits of the students up.

 The time duration of the project was too short to follow up with the organisation and
students for further communications.
 Dealing with various batch of students and explaining to them in the ways which they feel
 Fixing the slots/sessions to interact with the students as per my schedule.



 The societal project was really helpful in getting to know the various dimensions of an
NGO and utilising my academic learning in practically delivering valuable lectures to the
underprivileged school children for the various grades within the organisation.
 The project gave a lot of exposure in the way the organisation is administered.
 It has helped me in applying my knowledge which I have acquired during the classroom
lectures in a real life scenario.
 The project has also enabled me in getting to know various aspects of an NGO and closely
working with the team of Sukrupa has created a sense of social concern within me and to
be sensitive to the people around us.
 It has both contributed towards my academic and moral experience.
 It provided me with a unique experience of employing the knowledge for the social welfare
of the backward children. It was also a challenging experience to work in an NGO to gain
vital knowledge and practical exposure to new learning.
 It has enabled a great sense of being socially available by allocating sometime of my life
for the welfare activities and engaging in meaningful contributions for the society. Thus
the project was an ennobling experience towards new learning experiences by combining
both academic and practical learning for a social cause.


 Library facility for students to inculcate a reading habit

 Gradually adopt to digitalisation of processes in terms of record keeping and maintenance
(Single Database).


Overall, the social concern project has enabled me to employ the classroom learning skill to a
practical scenario by being part of this wonderful NGO. The whole tenure of the stint was a joyful
learning experience. The project handled was specific to my domain of specialization. There were
many skill developments like, communication usage, pitching the right thing to the right audience
at the right time, different modes of engaging the audience, learnt and tried to implement the whole
of motivation and engaging concepts.

The connection with the students motivated me to work for the projects with the highest of my
abilities, and thus provide something which is of value and can be carried forward.