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The Thermal Decomposition Process That Generates Pressure for the Powered Car

Chemical engineering car ( chem-e-car ) is the prototype car that uses a chemical reaction
as a prime mover with automatic stop at a distance and load certain.When it has been much
held kompetisi-kompetisi to give opportunity to students especially students of chemical
engineering of to show his quality in the application of the science of engineering
especially in understanding the concept of a chemical reaction adapted to design system
car.Based on some aspects of this assessment, starting from the accuracy of car stopped
with a certain distance, creativity design car, the safety aspect and environment, as
economic factors.

In this research used hydrogen peroxide as the main type of fuel of the car .Hydrogen
peroxide or name its chemical reaction is H2O2 is a clear the chemical fluid , but somewhat
more condensed than water , and classified as a strong oxidizing agent .Of the nature of an
oxidizing agent is used human being as bleaches ( bleach ) material , a disinfectant , an
oxidizing agent , and was the rocket fuel .
H2O2 –> H2O + O2 + Energy

The energy generated large enough, with cost relatively small.This matter become one of
the factors why car hydrogen fuel cell peroxide interesting.In addition, sound that it is
unique.A process that happens in the machine are as follows.Hydrogen peroxide distributed
into the fuel, where in which there is the sieve made of silver or platinum, that serves as a
catalyst.In the event of contact, H2O2 will decompose at temparatures and generates large
enough to move car.And one more excess car hydrogen fuel cell peroxide it is free
pollution.No carbon monoxide ( CO ), oxide nitrogen ( of NOx ), oxides of sulphur or lead
( Pb ) issued.There are only oxygen and water.Really environmentally friendly and not
posing a human health.

The catalyst used in research this time is in the form of medicine , and the medicine is
sangobion .Sangobion is the cure sangobion is a supplement iron and vitamin that is used to
specific conditions one of which is iron deficiency anemia in adults and children .This
medicine containing iron ( Fe) and levels manganese ( Mn ) a fairly large enough .Ferrous
gluconate 250 mg and Manganese sulfate 0.2 mg .

The result of both reactions results in a redox reaction in which the oxidation and reduction reaction
to H2O2 with Sangobion, this causes the sangobion which has Fe and Mn levels which can oxidise
H2O2. The by-product of this reaction is the production of oxygen (O2) and air (H2O) gases, which
are characterized by bubbles in the reaction mixture.