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The Reasons for

Choosing this
The advertisement was
made not only to promote
the product; it was made to
touch the hearts of many
The ad teaches values and
honesty to children.
Many people said it
changed their perspective
on stains; commending the
brand for making them see
the good behind them.
Shown in this Ad
Social responsibility is the
idea that businesses should
balance profit-making
activities with activities
that benefit society; it
involves developing
businesses with a positive
relationship to the society
in which they operate.
The experiment has
imparted the message that
dirt and stains may also
result from executing some
good deeds.
Part of The Good
Experiment’s set-up were
hidden cameras that
captured raw moments of
moms waiting for their kids
after school, only to find
out they’re covered in
Their initial reaction was
only natural: the sight of
their children’s soiled
uniforms left them shocked,
speechless, frustrated, and
even annoyed.
What happened next,
though, turned everything
The experiment’s message,
“It’s easier to wash away
stains, than it is to bring up
a good child,” challenged
how people perceived dirt
and stains. Sure, stains are
tough, but parenting is
Mothers usually get unfairly judged
based on how tidy or messy their
kids are. For others, a dirty child
means an irresponsible and
negligent mom. The children’s
good deeds in the video, however,
made them feel that they are good
parents after all — that their kids
are actually picking up the values
they’re teaching them.
Good Governance
Shown in this Ad
Good governance concerns the
set of rules companies use to
make decisions and take
actions. The best qualities of
corporate governance rely on
both management and labor
engaging in ethical behavior,
open communication and
actions that align with the
company's primary goals.
Part of Breeze detergent’s
advocacy is to encourage
moms to let their children
enjoy outdoor activities. Its
goal is to encourage moms
to let their children explore
the world and enjoy their
childhood even if it means
getting dirty.
Breeze’s video encouraged
people to always see the
good in every situation, and
that dirt can be good for
children especially if it
teaches them valuable
lessons or lets them
experience life to the
It would be more interesting
if the subjects in the
experiment were college
students and if the
experiment would be done
in the marketplace.
The experiment would be
successful if they can
manage to notice the old
man and assist him even
though they were busy.
This would serve as a proof
that the values their
parents taught them are
still ingrained within them.
Group 4
Fajardo, Jeego
Fernandez, Samantha Isabel
Flores, Angeli Nicolette
Gatus, Donnalyn
Guevarra, Noemi
Gutierrez, Glydel
Aycardo, Maureen