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CHAPTER 1: RATE OF Exp 1 :Effect of surface area on the rate of 09.01.17
REACTION reaction- Group
Exp 2 : Effect of concentration on the rate of
reaction- Group
Exp 3: Effect of temperature on the rate of
reaction - Group
CHAPTER 2: CARBON Scientific Exploration 1 : Compare and contrast 06.02.17
COMPOUNDS alkanes with alkenes -Individual

Scientific Exploration 2: Preparation of ethanol in 03.03.17

the labarotary (Teacher demonstration)

Scientific Exploration 3: Preparation 27.03.17

of ethyl ethanoate ( Teacher demonstration)

Exp 1: Compare and contrast the properties of 17.04.17

vulcanised and unvulcanised natural rubber
CHAPTER 3: OXIDATION Scientific Exploration 1: Analyze conversion of 15.05.17
AND REDUCTION iron II to iron III and vice versa-Individual

Scientific Exploration 2 : Analyze use of a more 22.05.17

electropositive metal to control metal corrosion
- Group
Scientific Exploration 3: Analyze transfer of 13.06.17
electron at a distance- Group

Exp 1: Effects of other metals on rusting - Group 19.06.17

CHAPTER 4: Scientific Exploration 1: Determine the heat of 10.07.17
THERMOCHEMISTRY precipitation for a reaction-Individual

Scientific Exploration 2: Determine the heat of 21.07.17

displacement for a reaction- Group

Exp 1: Determine the heat of neutralization for a 25.07.17

reaction- Group

Exp 2 : Determine the heat of combustion for a 31.07.17

reaction- Group
CHAPTER 4: CHEMICAL Scientific Exploration 1: Prepare soap through 07.08.17
FOR CONSUMERS saponification process-Individual