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1st Log 1st Log 1st Log 1st Log

Sunday, September I drove to Kennesaw While I was explaining

24, 2017 State University to my experimental design,
12 pm-1 pm, meet with my which was to use
1 hour facilitator, Mr. different substances to
Crocker who’s an with varying acidity
assistant professor levels to measure the
there. On that day, growth of yeast, Mr.
he lectured me on Crocker pointed out a
how to correctly major problem with that
format my research design. He explained that
paper. He provided if I use different
me topics to substances, such as coke
research on and and vinegar, an
gave me a briefly ingredient in that
ideas to focus on substance could have
while researching. impacted the growth of
yeast instead of the
acidity. Therefore, we
had to change the
experimental design to
reduce cofounding

Sunday, September I met with my When I got home, I

17, 2017 facilitator, Mr. realized how many
12 pm-1 pm Crocker, for the first options I have on where
2 hours time. That day, we to begin with my
asked and answered research paper and what
questions about each to base my experiment
other and got to on. Thanks to Mr.
know a little bit Crocker’s explanation
about each other’s about ksu’s library page,
personality. He I knew exactly where to
taught me how to begin and where to find
navigate through the information I am
Kennesaw State looking for.
University’s library
page to help me find
useful information
on where to begin
with my research

Wednesday, On that day, I spent At home, I spent about

October 4, 2017 some time at the 30 minutes researching
1:20 pm – 2:10 pm school’s library on different way to
6 pm – 7:10 pm attempting to find improve my experimental
2 hours books related to my design that’ll ensure my
research, books safety and that I finish
particularly based on my experiment on time.
cell growth, The reason the previous
chemistry and experiment had a safety
astronomy. Later at caution was because it
home, I used the dealt with possible
information I found hazardous chemicals
in some books to therefore my facilitator
build on the outline advised me to refrain
for the research. from performing that
2nd Log 2nd Log 2nd Log
2nd Log
Wednesday, While searching for While researching, I
November 1st, 2017 articles for the expected I would locate
7:00pm – 9:30pm research part of this relevant articles with
2 hours, 30 minutes project, I stumbled ease, yet when I started
upon a scholarly researching, I found it a
source which bit challenging.
explains how ph
levels, and other
factors, affect cell
This reveals part of an article about how different
factors affect cell growth.
Saturday, Because yeast will As thought about it, it
November 4th, be the subject for the became clear why it is
2017 experiment, my easier to use yeast as the
10:00am – facilitator advised experimental subject.
12:00pm me to research about Because they are similar
2 hours yeast and include to a human cell, therefore
background I can relate the results of
information on it in the experiment to human
my research paper. cells and make
conclusions about the
impact of ph on human
cells based on the impact
of ph on yeast cells.
Written by NASA experts, this article provides
background information about yeast.

Sunday, On that day, my I did not realize how

November 12th, facilitator, Mr. specific I had to be in
2017 Crocker, and I creating my experimental
4:00pm – 5:00pm discussed about the design until I began
1 hour basis of my designing it. Also, Mr.
experiment. Mr. Crocker informed me
Crocker helped me about a key variable that
decide which I did not account for: The
substances yeast conductor of the
should grow in, how experiment must remain
to measure the oblivious to which
growth, substance is which due
observational and the fact that the
taking mass, and conductor has to identify
realize that I need to each substance by
specify every detail. observing the growth of
The notes I took yeast from decreasing to
served as the basis increasing.
for my experimental
Based on the notes I took while Mr. Crocker
spoke, I designed my experiment.
Tuesday, While I waited Mr. While I was looking for
November 14th, Crocker to approve vinegar, one of the 4
2017 or change the 1st substances in the
5:00pm – 5:30pm draft of my experiment, I felt
30 minutes experiment, I knew ambivalent because I
what materials I could only find distilled
needed to execute vinegar therefore I was
the experiment unsure if that would
therefore I bought contain the right amount
them. of acidity (it contained
5%). It was challenging
to find ammonia, but
Walmart proved to be my

I bought the materials I needed for the

3rd Log 3rd Log 3rd Log
3rd Log
Thursday Today I began my During this, I worried
December 7th, experiment as part about pouring too much
2017 of my research into the container
7:30 am to 8:10 am paper. I measured because then I would
40 minutes out the correct have to carefully remove
amount of sugar I some substances to get to
needed for that part the true value of the
of the experiment weight of the substance I
using a weighing need to use in the
machine as this will experiment.
give accurate
results. Scientists
need to get the same
results over and over
again to confirm the

To gain accurate and consistent results, I had to

use a weighing machine to measure out the
correct mass in grams.
December 8th,
7:45am to 8:10am
40 minutes

I used the thermometer to sustain the temperature

at a certain degree and record if any changes
occure at a specific temperature.
Monday I used the format of While researching, the
January 1, the research paper, only thing I struggled
2017 provided to me by with was finding
5:30pm to 11:30pm my facilitator, to scholarly or creditable
6 hours begin writing my resources.
paper. I finished half
and left half for
when I get the
results from my

I worked on the introduction part of my research

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