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Valdez, Maria Yanily Ann R.


1. The paramount reason why law exists in the society is that it is

needed in order to maintain the status quo, to protect
property, vested rights, and established relationships. Law is the
skeleton of our society. It controls what we do, when we do it
and how we do it. If we choose to break this law then we are
punished. It was also made to provide for proper guidelines
and order upon the behaviour for all citizens and to sustain the
equity on the three branches of the government. If people
knew they would not be punished for their actions then nothing
would stop them for filling whatever they wished to do. It keeps
the society running. Without law there would be chaos and it
would be survival of the fittest and everyman for himself.

A system of rules is needed in society to regulate

relationships between people with conflicting interests, for
example, employers and employees, landlord and tenants and
neighbours. A legal system is the only procedure which can
ensure that human rights are respected.

Without laws our society would not be able to function

effectively. Rape, murder and theft would become everyday
occurrences which mean that children would grow up only
knowing this and to them it would be deemed normal, which is
not what we want for our future generations, this is why law is so
important to society, to ensure the safety of future
generations. The importance of laws in our society is absolutely
key to the safety of our lives. They are there to protect our rights
as human beings, to promote the goodness within ourselves.
Laws are important to the progression of society where
education and technology are protected so that they can

I believe that laws are a good thing because without

them there would be no control, however like most things laws
are also subject to abuse by corrupt individuals who are in a
position to do so.
2. Law, being a vital component in the successful integration of
people, impresses me with its in-built readiness to change in
accordance with society. This has been my longed motivation
every time I am on the verge of giving up. Only few are
privilege to enter into a law course program. Many questions
had been clouding in the mind such that “What makes law
worth studying?” “Is it worth every penny?” “Is it worth the
sleepless nights, and missed barkada getaway?” Of course no
one could answer that but you. Just look at the future, imagine
yourself standing in front of the court depending one innocent
life who’s seeking for justice and fairness, could there be any as
fulfilling as that? Maybe yes, but for a person who dream to be
a catalyst of justice, it is a big thing.
Every single citizen from the youngest to the oldest lives
within a complex legal context – with rights, responsibilities,
transactions, standards, processes, procedures, the implications
of which are often very imperfectly understood, and which are
left to the experts. And yes, indeed, you are that expert, and
that what makes studying law worth pursuing for.