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Proposal Submitted Under Research Promotion Scheme (RPS).

S. Name of The Title of the Project Name of the Faculty Estimat

No. Department Member Involved ed
1 Department of Design & Implementation of Intelligent Principle Investigator: 17.6
Electronics Image Segmentation & Facial Emotion Prof. S. D. Giripunje
Engineering Recognition
Co-Investigator :
P.M. Palsodkar
2 Department of Modeling & Verification of Principal Investigator: 19.147
Electronics Performance of Multi-Core Embedded Prof. M.M. Khanapurkar
Engineering Controller & Automotive Black Box
Using Vehicle Networking Protocols
For Intelligent Transportation System Co-Investigator
Prof. D.V. Padole
3 Department of Computational Capacity of Vehicle Ad- Principal Investigator: 18.15
Electronics & hoc Network Prof. S.S. Dorle
Communication Co-Investigator
Engineering Prof. S.S. Kurumbanshi
4 Department of Design & Implementation of Fuzzy 16.27
Electronics & Logic based Systems with VLSI Principle Investigator :
Tele- approach for optimal performance with Prof. A.Y. Deshmukh
Communication Application Specific Hardware
Engineering Accelerators
5 Department of Evolving Intelligent Methods & Principle Investigator : 10.0
Computer Systems for Gene Data Prof. S.A. Chhabria
Science &
6 Department of Study & Analysis of effectiveness of Principle Investigator : 14.25
Computer Optimization Parameters in wireless Dr. M.U. Kharat
Science & Networks: A Virtual Class Room
Engineering Approach Principle Co-
Mr. S.V. Gumaste
7 Department of Evaluation and Enhancement of Principle Investigator : 15.5
Computer Networking Protocols for Wireless & Prof. K.N. Hande
Science & wired Networks Principle Co-
Engineering Investigator:
Mrs. G.J. Tripathi

8 Department of Development Of Diesel Particulate Principle Investigator : 20.6

Mechanical Filter System For A Stationary C.I. Mr. M.S. Deshmukh
Engineering Engine
9 Department of Heat transfer in a Sound Assisted Principle Investigator : 16.4
Mechanical Fluidized Bed Mr. U.S. Wankhede

10 Department of Performance Augmentation of Process Principle Investigator : 9.5

Electrical Machines using Input Power- Prof. (Mrs.) M.V.
Engineering Monitoring and Advanced Energy Palandurkar
Storage Principle Co-
Dr. S.G. Tarnekar

11 Department of To Investigate Role Of UPFC In Principle Investigator : 14.0

Electrical Damping Power System Oscilations In Prof. P.P. Jagtap
Engineering Multimachine Systems Principle Co-
Dr. V.K. Chandrakar
12 Department Of Improved Direct Torque Control Principle Investigator : 10.0
Electrical Induction Motor Drive Prof. J.G. Chaudhari
Engineering Principle Co-
Dr. V.K. Chandrakar
13 Department of Computerised flame analyzer from Principle Investigator : 14.7
Information Combustion Systems : A tool for energy Prof. Mrs. A.R. Mahajan
Tech. conservation

Approx cost 196.117 Lakhs

G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence in Technical Education

(MODROB) Project

Sanction by AICTE

2008 – 2010

File No : 8024/RID/BOR/MOD-47/2008-09

Date of Sanction : 04/12/2008

Project Coordinator : Prof. K. N. Hande

Project Co-coordinator : Prof Ms V P Bhute

Project Title : “Up gradation of Existing Computer Network Laboratory”

Date of Commencement : 01/01/2009

Of the Project

Duration of the Project : 1.5 Yrs.

Amount sanction By : Rs. 4.00 Lakhs


Proposal Submitted Under Modernization & Removal of Obsolescence in Technical Education


S. Name of The Title of the Project Name of the Faculty Estimated

No. Department Member Involved Budget
1 Department of Modernization Of Computer Co-ordinator : 9.10
Electrical Applications Laboratory Prof. S.R. Vaishnav
Engineering Co-Coordinator :
Prof. M.B. Gaikwad
2 Department of To Develop Automated Power Co-ordinator : 12.0
Electrical Distribution Laboratory Prof. S.R. Vaishnav
Engineering Co-Coordinator :
Prof. Ms. S.P. Kanojia
3 Department of Advance Wireless & Network Co-ordinator : 17.243
Computer Communication Prof. Mr. A.N. Jaiswal
Science & Co-Coordinator :
Engineering Prof. Mr. G.B. Bhoyar
4 Department of Modernization of Automation in Co-ordinator : 14.85
Mechanical Production Laboratory Dr. V.M. Kriplani
Engineering Co-Coordinator :
Prof. S.S. Khedkar
5 Department of Soft Computing Laboratory Co-ordinator : 14.76
Electronics & Prof. A.Y. Deshmukh
Communication Co-Coordinator :
Engineering Prof. V.R. Rathee
6 Department of Up graduation Of Geotechnical Co-ordinator : 16.3125
Civil Engineering Dr. P.B. Nagarnaik
engineering Co-Coordinator :
Mr. P.P. Dahale
7 Department of Multimedia Laboratory Co-ordinator : Mr. N. 14.0
Information V. Chaudhari

Total Cost 98.2655 Lakhs