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GOLDFINGER Goldfinger Words by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley. Music by John Barry Shirley Bassey, who never knew how to give less than her all, outdid herself with this dramatic Bond theme. Of the many Bond movie songs, this is probably the most famous and almost certainly the loudest. Hints & Tips: In this song there are some rather surprising chord changes. Look out for the accidentals. fin - ger, he’s theman, the {man with the Mi - das spi - ders Beck-ons you en - ter his web of E Am, F/A Amé F/A But don’t go (© copy 1966 Sony Sans LL. USA, ‘Sonya Muse Pbshng (U8) Unites _ igs Reser ntarational Caprghe Secrd 44 Em Br Em Bm? he will pour in your his | ies can’t dis- guise what you | fear, E cm Gm Dein? ~ |bo gold-en girl knows when he’s kissed her, It’s the kiss of | death from Mis - ter of this heart of heat is 45