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Wаупе Rimmеr
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Wаупе Rimmеr
Р €F
Gцmmаr ReVieW tenýes 0f РIопчпсiаtiоп Sound and spelling: е 4
VоеаЬulаrу Characiet, adjectives
Grаmmаr Questions
Vocabulary Trying and succeeding
EverydаyEnglishЕxpiаiningandсhесkingPronunciаtionRаoidspеeсh 6

,: Reading Ап arlicle about technology and communication Writing skills Organising an article 7
Writing Ап article about rпеапS Of tranSport
a--э:,a 2-1 s:епiпg ехtепsiоп Reading Ап агtiсlе aooul an outstanding реrsоп listening Тпе unluckiest mап in the world 8
-:,:Ё:-: эl:е,"lSlOп trФRýРflWЁft make 9

;! a: -. : : and l was Grаmmаr Narrative tenses

.: рrопчпсiаtiоп had Ьееп
:- Vocabulary Expressions with get
:з :
, - .,,: llu, don't Grаmmаr Гuture time cLauses and conditionaLs ,|1

: . VосаЬчlаrу Animals апd the environment

i: l}t*tэ gre*t shot! .',."'l,...,ЁчЬ'tуаяу.Ёhgl пgфрцЬЪfitý,апа,+.ёsЪопф':ii.ЁrЕhчllЕirtiЁ q9ttоп tags: 12
МаКе surе you know where Reading А leaflet оп orienteering Writing skills Organising guidelines lп а leaflet 13
yв.r аrе going Writing А leaflet about collecting mushrooms
haeg#Ёý*пiаge;tепsfu ],,]:t пg*п_аrttеiфоutiётiifу,lфiПtЙаЁ, "',., Lislening А news story about а missing person 14
э:, a.ý злd extension W{}ftý]Рfi\fff,Ж face 15

ЗА ,, - , -,, -=:эd in the Grаmmаr Mlu{ti-word verbs 16

- VосаЬчlаrу Aoi ity аго ach pieme,l
Grаmmаr Present perfect simp е and continuous Рrопuпсiаtiоп Syllable stress 17
VосаЬчlаrу Words соппесtеd w th sport
* 1*ha siýJtd wе iпиtеi. ,,,,.,,'.i Ечаiуаа$-яп_giiiц пý саrеtu{ sugýеýiояs рrопuпсiаtiол consonant sounds 7ý,,,=
$t ii Joesn't really matter what Reading Ап article about а Ьаr chart Writing skills Describing data 19
sрсd реорlе choose Writing Ап article about а Ьаr chart
ЭЕd*€ зd li*gliФ,ехtЁп :::,:: ýg64фДозЁiсlеаЬоut Michae] Johnson tistепifig ,conVeffiibn abol_rt schoo}dayý , ,1 : 1::.,,11.1.:1;ф

Revieш апd ехtепsiоп WФRfiРfrý\Ёýft uр 21

4д :, . -::с Grаmmаr used toand would ?2

': _.
'- --:
еr поw than she
VосаЬulаry Cause and result
lB -, -,.-laiowedtotakin Grammar Modality review 1; 0bligation and permission Рrопчпсiаtiоп Sound and spelling: 23
VосаЬчlаrу Talking а boui difficu lty
.1С - :,- . ]u, yoil've saved mу
_; Everyday English Цpressing careful disagreement Гrопчпll Нcon|rest*estге11,. ,,#
: ]i ,,-:, -.:] ]] - - '.,',:iП,iЁ
, ],:

-iB Reading А job adveпtsement Writing ýkills Givrng а positive imoression 25

,, .- ::-a a Writing А^ appl'calion email
Reading апd listening extension Reading А blog post about unwritten ruies Listening lnterviews with university graсuates 2Е
Review and extension '#'(}ftilхРfiWfii{ as 21
Unit 5 The паtшrаl world
5А .]
- ]i]lid iive to Ье а Grаmmаr Futurе probability, Рrопчпсiаtiоп /0/ and /0/ 2в
,,,.,:. VocabularyAdleclivesdescriongatttuoe
5В :. зеti пg nto my Grammar Future perfect апd future сопtiпuоus 29
accommodation VосаЬчlаrу The паturаl world
5* !Yа'rе поt mak[ng елоugh Eтeryda]|]Eilg{iýh Discusslng adyantageý and Рrопцпсiаtiвп ЪпеgiOuрs l : .i;|i1..gДg
fiопеу : ], disadvaпtages ]
, ":] l.i]il]:l:i]

5В The weather iS getting mоrе Reading An essay оп popu at on grойh Writing skills Reporting opinions 31
ехtrеmе Writing А for and against essay
Reading апd Iistening extension Reading An a,ticle about optimistic реорlе iЫепiпg А, cooT*rsatiФn aLioцtiaп unusual;suРел,Йаrkеt].Зf;
Review апd extension WSRШРfi\ffiНЁ slde 33


ýД:l l,il* ,^un:*u]ng t0 try t0 ýqe Еrаmfiаr Gеruпdsапd infinitrves Рrопuпсiаtiоп Со"Sо^опt
8,о-сs 3i+
everyth ing VосаЬшlаrу Тrачеl апd lourism
бВ About ha]f the world's Grаmmаr The passive 35
languages will disappear VосаЬulаrу Descri bing change
бе ltiý tiлtеуоu twо had;a]b,reak Everyday English lniroducing .equests; :Рrопчпсiаtiоп Сопsопз ,пt soundS . ., :, i,: 36,
togeiher Snowing you are grateful
..]...... ,,:
бD Ihe sсепеrу was lantast с Reading А travel blog Writing skills Using descriptive language 37
Writing А blog about а рlасе you've Ьееп to
Rеаdiпg.апdri пiпg ехЬпsiоп. ,,
Reading An article about language сhапgе Listening А podcast оп staycations 38
Review апd ехtепsiоп WfrRSРfiWf;R or.,/ з9

7А There's чеrу Irttle traffic Ёйilй;;;й";;Ё;; 4о

VосаЬu|аrу Describing life iп cities
7В l could have iL done Ьу а Grаmmаr Causat ve have/get Рrопuпсiаtiоп Sound and spelling: о 41
professional VосаЬulаrу Гl m and TV; Houses
7ý, We could have а ,tatlte hеrе or Everyday English lmagining how things couid Ье PronEлciaiiofi 'ýt|q .ь соЙро*по.Ёо*пЬ..-,, i i.i .42
something ::]. .,i ].]j.i:|:j, -:j
7О There is а great deal of Reading Ап еmа ] of complaint Writing skills Using fоrmаl language 4з
сопсеrп Writing An email of complaint
Reading апd listening еПепsiоп Reading Ап аrtiс]е about DIY troub|es Listening А сопчеrsаtiоп abouL living iп the city ,д4
Review and extension *t*ft*Р*,фЁ* dоtl,л 45

ýtаЛmаl.Firý,апd] Seeond]ca_ndj{i9_fia]ý. ], :-,']i_".:,-.]i]]']::..

Vo0aitllarr Молеу. and f,iпапсе : ,, , , -' ., .'. ' , -.i" -, .i...,
8В I would have opened it Grаmmаr Third conditiona1; should hаие + past рагtiсiрlе рrопчпсiаtiоп stressed апd unstressedwords 47
Vocabulary Crime
8G Youll find ýomewherв Everyday English Being encouragin8 Рrопчпсiаtiоп Wоrd grou ps 4s
8D l rеаiIу rесоmmепd it Reading А film review of Кiпg Копg Writing skills 0rganising э .€vrew 49
Writiпg А film review
Readiпg and listening ехtепsiоп Reading Ап article aoout financial comDLJter tools listHiinglA radio рrоgгаrлmе,аЬоui,1ФЁа}l сriЙе_ý 5о
Review and extension ЪtrftRfiРfiЪЧНR 1ake 51

9А What really shockg mе ]s that Grаmmаr Relative clauses РrоПUПСiаtiППýor-tnd апd,sре[iлg:, ai :l :l:." :
i,:, ..::1 ;,l,r, r, 15g
it соsts €250,000 VосаЬulаry HealLh
9в No опе knew who he was Grаmmаr Rерогtеd speech; reporting verbs 53
Vocabulary Verbs describing thought and knowledge
9с WhaГ's the big secret? Everyday English Expressing uпсеrtаiпtу ,Рrопцлцiаtiал :l-iпkiпg,апd intrusiort .,. ]..,.. .,,,'.,.,.:: l.;,,54
90 They have а long tradition Reading А^ essay abou1 lhe valr.'re оГ Sроп in keeping fit Writing skills Presenting а series of arguments 55
and healthy Writing Ап essay соmраriпg our health today and in
the past
Reading апd listening extension Reading Ап arlicle about Ceorges Мёliеs Цstепiпе А сgпчеisа]Фп.Ь,еtWееп а 66qlрr€зd:з:]рб 56
Review and extension ЪffФRВР$Wf;ft солiе 57

10А Ё miЕht not hava beefl his Grаmmаf Paýt rпоdаjý 0f deduetion 58
, рrопuпсiаtiоп word stress

]теа1 Rаmе :
V]осаЬulаrу Ad]:ectives with рrе_fiх€s:
10В l've managed to_make а Grаmmаr Wishes and regrets 59
dream come true Vocabulary VеrЬs of effort
10Е Twothrлgs to celeb,r,ate today Everyday English Describing how you fеП Рrопчпсiаtiоп Consonant groups ý0
10D lforced myself to Ье calrT Reading Ап intriguing story Writing skills Making а story interesting 61-

Writiпg А story
Reading and listening extension R€аdiФ A:blog BO9t aboilt regr€is:,] : . ListeJliпg People talking about recent eventý 62
Review апd extension WФft{ЭР8WНR wау 63
Vox рор video 64
Audioscripts 70
ДЕýwеr ke}. 78
Е Е;дпililfulдR R*чi*жr mfl"t*х"ъж*ш Е VOСДВULАRY flhжужсt*r *dj
З .__.. . -,= :эrrесt words to complete the text. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.
j;,.i"i i'
], 1 Don't Ье зо motivated l stubborn l ambitious| you know
-j€ ::-;- ::. r',,,,.,,.,,,r,,,.' 1l',..,..
,r,rl,,,,.,,' .L,j.,,.r
.,,зs walking dоwп the street whеп l what l am saying makes sense.
-паш€ fi":- ,,,=s
seertrgl.,/r ,ýёпl:.Cart .l1,ott know, 2 l wanted him to help mе, but he was very unsympathettc l

1е ;r-:-:' -. directon lwэs,r:"аltУ,exc]ted be ause,hе,,,., iпsрiriпg l passionate and didn't want to do anyth ng
]*Еs ;*+- s ./ r,vas о*Ф-
Фfl,mу,fёчоuritе;dirесtоrs fоr,:',, ,'. '. l З Margarita is а rea lу iпsрiriпg l sепsitivе l аrrоgе,, ,,, -г.ап
and an ехаmрlе to everyone.
э]i.ч :- : ,,,эiсh hjs films:a}l,tbe {;,nle ]Whаt Зis,.Ье', ,.., ']
з:, - J ;:эs he dol hýs he dопе hеrе?',l thought to
4 Susan is motivated l optimistic l passtonate абlс,.
basketball and trains every day.
myself. Тhеrе was опlу опе way to find оut. Sam'went / 5 He's rude and seпsltive l dеtеrmiпеd l аrгава,,, -: .h nks
was gоtпg / has gопе iпtо а eafe, but ] stopped hirл , he's better than ечеrуопе else.
befor"e hе EOt.inside,andlsaid, ]:Hi, Sam!' Не smiled at .
6 lf you аrе motivated l sеlf-сопftdепfl pesstmr-s;: _,,l do
mе and we started to talk outside. Ме and sam Саrtеrl things because you rеаllу want to do them.
Не always 5ls iooking / looks / has |ooked so serious iп
Complete the crossword puzzle,
sam l hаs iпvitеd / invited mе fог а coffee,
Тhеп,hе tgld mе why hе was in town: His film соmрапу
made / hаче made| / ч,lеrе making а new film and they
shave / haue hаd / аrе havtng lots of new faces in it, just
ordinary people, but they need some mоrе. 'How about
you?' Sam asked. '1Dtd you watch / Have you watched /
Дrе you wаtсhiпg апу of my films? Do you want tо Ье in
опе?' l was so shocked l lohaye dropped / was drоррiпg /
drop,ped my cup оп the flооrl The hot coffee went all
over Sam; hb screamed and r.an outside. l lost mу big
chahCeI '.,:1',,,11,1.;l
':;..,-,.: ]-',] ',i,:.| ..l,:,,' ',,, ._,,.,,l.,:

+ AcroSS
@Е Listen апd check.
1 showing firm friendship оr support
6 not listening to people's opinions оr changlng уоL_lr mind
Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the 8 thinking about the future in а positive way
verbs iп the Ьох: present simple, present continuous, 0 Down
present perfect, past simple or past continuous. 2 wanting to Ье successful
come do not finish get not have
З making а decision and поt letting апуопе stop you
4 easy to hurt оr upset
meet remember think wofk write
5 people have а good opinion of you

John iэ wоrkiпgj lп а sma]l marketing agency at the

7 having по ехреriепсе апd expecting things to Ье а right

з А What
you еvеr
апуЬоdу famous? Е pПOtluNclATl(lN s*жжd ажd sре}liжр *

В l'm а student, How is the underlined letter е pronounced in each

Shakespeare plays and poetry, and word in the Ьох? Complete the table with the words,
thousands of words in English соmе from them,
our friends for dlnner. but had to cancel сопсеrпеd desert desire dessert hclpful identity
because they were ill. -? prefer prizes rgvise sensitive service slqpt
6 Not mапу people her wel] now,
7 Не was riсh and famous, but he mапу Sоuпd 1 /е/ l Sоцпd 2 /т/ i,ýоrlпd,3./э:/...:,.1,,. 1]

8 The
9 Things _
yet, there аrе five minutes to go.
worse in the _ lii i соповrпвd

office now that lvrs Anc]rews has retired. li

10 l _ it's а great ldea to go ski ng while we've
- ".*","*.."-_,_"L-_.,"*"_,_",.-"_, L,.--.."*"*"-.,*.-_

got some snow, Ь @Е Listen and check.

Е еПДММАR qж*stimхъж Е VOCABULARY ТЪry,*жg mхъd suсс*еdiпg
? Underline the correct words to complete the ? Complete the sentences with the phrases in the Ьох.
conversati оп. There is one extra phrase you do not need.
FАВlO Hi, there. 1You have l Have чоч gotfive minutes?
GABR|ELLA Sure,2what l what did you want to talk to mе succeed in give up keep to keep it up
а bout?
manage to try out wоrМ
tАВlO Wel], l'm doing а triathion next month, З
Didп't l
Wеrеп'tуоч read mу post?
GABR|ELLA No, l haven't seen ]t. А tr]athlon, wow1,4What for? l
Fоr what? lt sounds really tough]
FАВlO lt's not easy, yeah, swimrпiпg, cycling, then
GABRlELLA 5Whatl Which of those is the most diff cu t? 1 sandra ikes to 2 simon wants to
FAB|O А l ot tnem| Е,.6wеrеп't' didл'r уо- а gooo и;ci,k сu; at the gym _а пеW
swimmеr опсе? in her unch Ьrеаk. recipe for lеmоп cake.
GABRlELLA Yеаh, опсе. What аrе you looklng at mе ike tha1
for l far thafl
FАВlO Do you think Bcould you l you could coach mе?
GABRIELLA l don't know 9whether l whаt|'че got enough
t mе
lOСал l ShallI th]nk about lt and phone you
FАвl0 No рrоЬlеm" That's great, l'll swim а lot faster
З We rеаllу need to 4 charlie's kids told him to
fast food
with уоur help,
GABR|ELLA Who 11kпоws l does kпой You might win|

еrrr Listen and check.

Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

1 а /want/do / marathon /to/you / ruп ? 5 The Sm ths didn't 6 lt won't Ье easy to
Эс уоu wапN"оо ruп а mаrаthоп? assemble this diet,
2 to /this / going / is / do /why / she ? their k tchen table,

З the / register / who / competitlon / need to / for / doesn't ? Ь Comp|ete the sentences with the phrases in the Ьох,

4 giving / why / our / aren't / tickets / they / us ?

give up Ы€-аgо keep to keep it up make an effort
manage to successfully complete try out work out
5 of / which / to do / would you / the challenges / like ?
i'd ]ike to havB а ёо at snowboarding, but l'm afraid
of falling and breaking something.
6 have / ever done / the most / you / difficuJt i what is / thing ?
То _ the course, you need to pass all four
7 for l did / hard training l whaI lth s / we do
mod u

lf you _
/ a]l ?
this training рrоgrаmmе, you'll get
back in shape very quickly.
8 the / happened / of / what / at / end / the game
l play tennis on Saturdays and l also _
or twice а week in а local gym.
9 have/think we/ of /а chance /you /do/winning ?
Му саr is п the garage and l don't know if they will
rераlr it Ьу lVonday.
10 who l уочr lwebsite / designed ?
Fred went sa ling with mе twice and he's terrible at it, but
he doesn't want to
7 Yоur writing has improved а lot this semester so

8 Would you ]ike to _ the new version of the

software, sir?
9 l know Jade isn't interested in the prolect, but she could at
lc,act t^ oet nvolved.

***Ё*nit*.,li.1,1$*iltn:iiii. ' flfi,,,,ffi


*r*аkiпg *Ёf' ж **ýъ\rфгs ffi

? Tick (/) the best way to break off the conversation,

1 Sorry, but _ поw.
аИ l rеаllу must go
ЬП | have to finish
с[ there's nothing else to say
Speak to you sооп.
а! t've nothing else to say,
Ь[ Rrе we finished?
с[ Got to go.
0к, _.
аП l look forward to speaklng to you
Ь! see you tomorrow
с[ that's enough

lalk to you later Е USГГUL LANGUAGE
Tett mе again
We'tl speak about this
Жз*рý mtхъt}зш -з m d *}ъ**А*iгtg
Can you phone later?
а[ ] This snotсогчегiепt. Put the extracts in the correct order to explain how to
Ь[ Wno's speaking?
take а good photograph.
с! Сап t ta|K just ^ow.
Wel], l must
! Rlwауs rеmеmЬеr to keep still, lf the саmеrа moves
about, you get а bad photo.
а! leave
Ь!ruп ] ts tnat clear? Do you want mе to explain any of this again?

с fl end
! But whatever саmеrа you buy, read the instructions
carefuliy. lVake sure you know what your саmеrа сап do,
Вуе, пiсе Have you got that?
а! conversation
ý VoLr don't need to get а very expensive саmеrа, These
Ь! talking to you have а lot of functicns you 1ust don't need. Do you
с [Сау understand what l mеап?
l\4ust Ье поw, but thanks fоr ca|ling. I Another thing to rеmеmЬеr is to take your trme. Only rеаl
а [ away professiona s can take good photos iп а hurrу.
о [ tnere ! Wnen you take а photo. the most imроrtапt th ng s the
с f] off light, Basicaiiy, the mоrе l1ght, the better. so choose the
right t mе of the day and р асе. Do you get the dea?

@rz,r Listen and check.

Е РПOltuNСlАТION жжрid sрffiФtr}ъ

а ФЕ Listen. Tick (/) the sentences where you hear

the final /t/ of the underlined words.
1 П rmust go and see hеr soon.
ffi" Z ! ТПе nurse said l must eat ]ess bread.
З [ We've got to have mоrе help,
4 ! Sоrrу. you can't take опе with you,
5 !
Начеп't апу of the реор е arrived?
6 [
Sаrаh said she didn't do the homework.
7 !
Claudia has been there, hasn't she?
8 [_-] Tie shop щgl^t open again,
Э f] We can't use our phones here,
10 П Children mustn't рiау bail gагпеs.
to-face texting
Е пгдвlttс А lot of реор[е think that technology brings реор[е
closer together, but I'm not so surе. Реор[е spend so
much time texting and [ooking at computer screens
Read the article. Are the sentences true or false?
that they hardly ever speak to опе another. This made
1 The woman has the same opinion as most other реорlе, , .,,,
mе think and I decided to do а [ittle experiment.
0пе day mу husband and I decided not to speak
З The ехреrimепt involved the couple not communicating for а day.
to each other at al[. We соuld email, text, etc. but
4 lt was а positive experience for them,
we couldn't асtuа[[у communicate iп words. So, at
5 Technology has made us forget our priorities.
breakfast he sent mе а text to ask if I wanted апу
6 We don't need technology.
mоrе toast and I replied that I didn't but I wou[dn't
mind another сuр of tea.
h Read the article again and tick (/) the best ending for ,.,,
the sentences, Wе both thought it was funny at first, but things got
mоrе complicated as the day wепt оп. Fоr ехаmр[е,
1 The purpose of the first paragraph is ...
а friend phoned mе about а speciaI party she was
а fi to explain the writеr's motivation.
organising. I had to text mу husband for about 20
Ь[ to соmраrе different types of communication. : .,.,
minutes to discuss everything.
с! to introduce а theory about communicatton.
The whole thing made mе appreciate that nothing
2 Themainruleoftheexperimentwasthatthey...,::i;,
сап rep[ace face-to-face communication - talking to
а ! nad to communicate as little as possible.
each other. Communication mау Ье easier because
Ь! couldn't say anything to each other.
of technology, but реор[е aren't machines. We
с fi needed to explain things very simply"
sometimes forget that simple things аrе often the
З The point about breakfast is that , ".
most important in [ife.
а [ making meals involves technology.
Ь ! it was ап amusing situation.
с ! everything was so simple.
4 The rest of the day showed that the ехреrimепt .,.
а ! needed to contlnue fоr longer.
Ь [ опlу worked unt l а friend got involved.
Е wпlTIttc
с ! was not as easy as they thought. lmagine that for one week you had to walk or cycle to
she texted her husband to discuss ... get around, rather than use а car or public transport.
а [ plans for а party, Write ап article about your experience. Use the notes
Ь! tne effectiveness of the ехреrimепt. to help you, and your оwп ideas,
с! Пеr friend's соmгпuпiсаtiоп problems,
The conclusion is that .,.
а! tne experiment was mostly а fai]ure,
Ь! technology has changed relationships between реорlе.
с! speaking is still an effective kind of communication.

Е wпlTlttG SKlLLS
Оrgmпisiпg ап аrtigl*
Read the tips (1-В) for writing an article.
ls the advice good or bad? Tick (/) the correct Ьох.
, ., ::.
, &.лiý *д
фýýi н

1 plan the structure of your article before you start wrlting it. k*

2 write the article in уоur own language first, then translate it, i týýý$ffii

include questions to engage the rеаdеr.

6 use wolds апd expressions to lо11

|1пklпв 1de9s,
7 evaluate ideas write what you think about them.
UNlт ж
Reading and listening extension
п READl1,1G Read the article again and tick
(/) the correct answers.
Nick's parents knew he would Ье Ьоrп without arms and legs.
? Read the article and tick (/) the statement that а ltrue Ь fifatse с !doesn'tsay
matches Nick's attitude to his оwп body. 2 Nick was sometimes unhappy when he was at school.
t ! lt's mоrе difficult Iiving without arms and legs поw than а !true Ь [tatse с [doesn'tsay
when he was уоuпgеr, З Nick could swim when he was just 18 months old,
Z! His physical condition mеапs he is generally worried а [true Ь ltatse с !doesn'tsay
about trying new things.
4 f,]ick uses а mouse to operate а соmрutеr.
З! Не gets оп with h]s life, ечеп though he has no arms
с [doesn'tsay
оr legs,
а !true Ь !tatse
5 Nick uses the toe on his foot to do а sport,
а !true Ь [tatse с !doesn'tsay
6 The stadiums where Nick speaks аrе full,
а [true Ь ltatse с [doesn'tsay
Write а paragraph about ап outstanding person you kпоw
or have heard about, who has helped others. Remember
to include:
о what the person does and why you аrе impressed Ьу this
. any difficulties the реrsоп has had iп their life
. how the person has helped other people.

рцt him in l

'learned tы'

club чпdеr,., ;,..

Review and е)ftепsiоп
Nl],lG *ek И the correct sец_t сеs..0оl,rеёi the.Wf, ong,.ýёntёncbs",.,,
@rrr Listen to Michael and sarah talking about Frапе i fi.iЙitаЙ titter:to comfltain а'ьЫitББ'**h*
Selak, who some people have called the unluckiest mап ! аm wгitiп4 this lеtиг to corTipiain аьочtthе эеrуiсе.
Z! ТаКе апу train. all of them go thеrе.
in the world. Put the events in the order they happened.
а'fi,l.ЦtliлК t'decided what:tФ dФ,]"'
: ; ., :,l..,',
! а plane crash ! а саr accident
4 [.}1]зу6 уOu ечеr hёаrd {tоФ hеr agajn аftеrwаrОs?
[ а bus crash ! being hit Ьу а bus
5=П-J wаs hачiпg a s_hower whеп the wаtеr turned,cýffi-.:,l',
,_,l,' ,

! winning the lottery а саr falling off а mountain

6 П
| don't know Тоm. How is he?
f а trаiп crash
7 , ГJ.Whу you'djdn't tellдe7 , ,:: ,, ,,; '., ,
,.:]',]',,:.'] l

Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers.

в fi what the сurrепсу in Тhаilапd? ,, , ,,, ,' ',
What happened to Selak when he was in the train crash?
а[ Не was very seriously injured. чOсдвUIАRY
Ьfi Не had an injury.

: ] i],. ,.'. , :] , ]] ]1;.],] ,i ,:] i|, ,,,: .

с! Не wasn't injured. ТСК.Фthe,соrr поеs;.Gоrrесt,thеЩg.зеаtёfrф,

What is true about the рlапе сrаsh that Selak survived? t! ТПеrе аrе determined subjects everyone should study.
а! Several other реорlе also survived the crash. :,1:.,1],,:l{,,hеrа.аr***t$,фпigtзЬJ*+Ё*с-rяе оrlвshЬ,uld-*Ёu$1*.1,,l.],..
Ь! Не escaped through а dооr after it crashed. 2! Don't mепtiоп iI to Laura. She's quite sensible about it.
с! Не was helped Ьу а рrоЬlеm with the plane. З[ Тrrе Мауоr is very respective in this town.

what was the cause of the bus crash?

+ [ Тrrе President gave а passionated speech about сrimе.
а! tne weather
Ь[ tne speed of the bus
6 . ý l:ve got,a рlап апd_ ГЙ goiпgto' Иеýр'.tФ,,it, , . .,-
, ., :,... ;, -, ; :1,:

сП а technical problem with the bus

what is true about the first incident with а саr that selak had?
а! Не was not driving the саr when it developed а рrоЬlеm.
ЬП The саr exploded 1ust after he got out. Match sentences 1-6 wiih responses a-f .

с! Flames came into the car frоm the engine whrle he

was driving it.
Why did his car go off the side of the mountain in the later
а f] Не was htt Ьу а lоrrу.
Ь[ Не hit а tree апd ]ost control.
с! Не had to change direction to avoid а 1оrrу.
Which of the following sentences is true about when Selak
won the iottery?
а! Не often played the lottery at that time,
Ь! Не occasionally played the lottery at that time,
с[ Не had печеr ptayed the lottery Ьеfоrе.
What is Sarah's opinion of Selak's stоrу?
а ! Sne is sure it's true.
Ь! Sne is not sure if it's true.
с[ Sne is sure it's untrue.
What does Michael say about Selak?
а ! не thinks that Selak is рrоЬаЬlу telling the truth.
Ь f] Не thinks that Selak is wrопg to invent stories.
с f] Не thinks it's strange that Selak gave away his lottery
win п ings.

Write about а time when you were very lucky or

unlucky, Use these questions to help you:
о what was the situation? what wеrе you doing?
. Why wеrе you 1ucky оr unlucky?
. How did you fee1?
. Was anybody eIse with you? How d]d he оr she feel?
. Do you think this happens to а lot of people?
Е спдммАR }ф,ваrэ,жtfrчд* t*хъж*ж Е VOСДВULАRY Нжрr**si*ms rпrith get
Underline the correct words to complete the sentences. а Complete the sentences with the words in the Ьох.
l l had l was having l had had а quick shower and rап fоr
attention away down hold involved point rid swept
the bus.
2 Sоrrу, when you calIed, l spoke l was speaking l had
1 All this grey weather is really gettlng dotvп mе
sроhеп to а cuslomer. qulte depressed,
and l feel
З Ву the time Jane аrriчеd for dinner, ечеrуопе left l had left l 2 There isn't enough space. We need to get
halleft. of allth]s rubbish,
4 Не sei/ had setl was settingIhe watch to 00:00 and
З Siгпоп is а very busy mап. You сап never get
began to run the marathon, of him when you need him.
5 The рhопе had Ьееп l was l has Ьеел ringing for about а 4 The waves аrе really big, so Ье careful not to get
minute when l answered it. away.
6 What have you dопе l had you dопе l wеrе уоч dоiпgiп
5 -..-
Let's get stralght to the and not waste time
the garage аll that time?
6 То get the waiter's -."-- iп this restaurant you
7 We wеrе Ьчуiпg l bought l had Ьееп buyingsome fruit and need to ring the bell.
went to the пехt shop.
7 lt's Ьееп а very long term. l'd like to get
8 Sоmеопе had Ьrоkеп l was Ьrеаktпg l had Ьееп Ьrеаkiпg this summer - not sure where.
the window, but we didn't see who it was.
8 Don't get _ in аll Каrеп's problems. Реорlе
9 Hi, had you waited l wеrе уоu waiting l you waited for mе? w]ll start blaming you.
10 The mапаgеr stood up апd had made l was mаkiпgl
made а speech. Complete the sentences uпdеr the pictures with the
expressions in the Ьох.
Complete the text with the correct forms of the words
in brackets, get through tеН€
get into trouble get anywhere
get the feeling get on my nerves

,, Опе ечепi.пg.sоr*е уёа,rý ag,o; t:1 (think)

.', abo'ut What to do]When п1]{ tiieild Janice рhопеd. ,. ,, ,1l :1

Janice was in а good mood because she

', z ffiniýh) all hеr exams and shеwёý ttее,
поw. She З- (come) round and we decided
to go for а walk. We а (ýо) very far when 1 That looks fun. 2 l'm not sure l'il з
we saw something чеrу unusual inside the old building How do you _ al] this this will Ье over
near the market. Years earlier the place aetto do today. quickly.
:Э=_,;--.= : {ЬgrпJ dоwп. Nо gпе,kпеW hФw]thе flre ], this?

' ,(sфtt}, but ever,sinoe .then the Blaсe,:, ,: , , -'йh.JапiJdrэ i ,:. ]


hа .,Ьееп:,еmрtу. АпуWау,:iп 0*е]of thewindows we

.,7 {ory}'because there wеrе still tear:ý i

, (get) dark Ьу then, but],.,


wе oortJ'still:see]her quite clearly. - The соmрапу 5 Не might Ali this сrуiпg

won't is starting to
/ see)that?' l whispered to Janice. We
walking into ihe
_,10 {печеr / Ье) iп this building Ьеfщапd.'
w]th th]s пеw
prod uct. house like that,
,',felt,a,bit.ýсФi,еd"b*;t:Wеr1._-.*- {go),inýideф,.],,
find the girl. She 12_(wеаr) some really -
old clothes, they were dirty and smelt of smoke- Е рпOltUNсlАТlON hrаd fug*Tt
,', 19 }'outl,s:he'said, cryiný'again
.:,,j!,was,too.tatell ЦФ. at:each other. and ., ..: .,.:1 ,:,,
а @Е Listen to the sentences and tick (/) the
I4 (run) all the way home. The place ones which include had,
i ii,,*ow э' rёstаurаfi t а п d al l ou r f riends wond еr. йhу_j-':' Sentence 1 И Sentence 6 п
Janice and l will never go there with them! Sentence 2 П Sentence 7 п
Sentence З П Sentence 8 п
Sentence 4 [ ] Sentence 9 п
с @Е Listen and check.
Sentence 5 L__] Sentence 10 п
" iffi

Ftяttдт,* **,ж* *imшж*s mнъd **жq}.itt*уъж}*s АжЁккtжtж ffi жd th* фжw,$.r#ýт,ýtrý*}"k,{"

2 Underline the correct words to complete the Fiпd eight words about animals that match these clues
conversation, 1 а set of similаr animals оr pLants
MAR|0 Hi, S]lvia, Are you com ng camping with ls? 2 а living thing that s not а р ant
SlLVlA I Ц l Whеп you stil want me to, surе. З the natural surroundlngs where we live
MAR|0 Great, lt should Ье good fun 2if ,t чпlеss the weather 4 the рlасе where ап апimаl or рlапt naturaly lives оr grows
gets bad. 5 conttnue to ] ve
SlLV|A ЗДs lопg as / /f we get а couple oi days of decent 6 animals оr plants whlch could dlsappear w thout оur help
weather, l don't mind. What do l need to take? 7 uпсоmmоп and diificult to f]nd
MARl0 The usual эIчff ,4Whеп l lf I get home, l'l] text you the 8 catch and kill ап ma]s for food оr sport
list l've made just in case. You don't need to wоrrу
А Е N R 0 N Е N т U L
about food though. i've packed enough 5iп case l
I N/ Е

provtded уоо l ke pasta. That's the easlest thing to к N с R н в Е х U D D 0 х к Е

make. х D т S t] т I с U L Е т с Е L
SlLVlA Flne,6lf l lп case we run out of pasta, l'l] take some
l с L N Y р в Е к Vi
tins and rice,
MAR|0 Good idea. 7 lf l Provided you want, bring some cards. U N а Е т D
D S R l А R N р Y .]

We could рlау at night. с L Ml R А м А 0 т о т т х к

SlLV|A l'li do that 8whеп l provtded l don't forget, Text mе
gas о Е х т т S N R 0 R т А l J Z
tomorrow lопg as l as sооп as you get up,
MAR|O ОК. Remember to buy рерреr spray because we с R Е А т U R Е 0 к Е G 0 S L

might see bears. S Е в R I t L l А N с L N н в

SlLVlA |0 lf lL]пlеss l see а Ьеаr, l'll run аl] the way hоmеl F D к I н L Е D G N т D А р L

@жl Listen and check. U F L

U с с N iý р Е с I
L р J н N F Y а т D D G А S R

Match 1-В with a-h to make sentences, в U J т J Z а к Е l в в в с

t |!] ГПопе your mum Y Z l R N/ р н А в I т А т

tt's perfectly safe

S к т S х А Z D J G в D х
ЗП | |ke lo gо [or а чwirп

+ [ tt's ideal for а holiday

5 [__] lol"e soтe sJn сrрагl Ь Comp|ete the text with the words in the Ьох.
6 П | l go оl ll^e ехсurчiог
7 [ Don't go risk creatures environment extinct
8 ! You сап go any time habitat hunt shot survive

а provided you like somewhere quiet.

Look at this
] ghоЭ, 0f а group of liопs, This might Ье а very rаrе
ь when you get there.
sight iп the futurе. Ltons are beautifuli2__-_--__.----, but they аrе vеrу
с unless you do something stupid.
mlchat З---.--=_- iп the mоdеrп world. The Еurореап lton has Ьееп
О____fоr 5

d as long as you do, ,],:i:::]Ё

2,000 уеаrs апd поw lions 0пlу in

provided you tell mе flrst.
lndia and раrts of Africa, People still Iions and оur damage
f iп case you need it.

g i{ you dol t wanl lo. to the is making it difficult fоr lions to find pIaces h live
h rl l's really wa,n. and feed, We сап help Ьу proteoting lions паturаl -.----. .,-,.-, whicl,tis
the African sаvаппаh апd the fоrеýts of Gujarat iп lndia.
йiчiхъg fi фý}зрliк}з*ýъfrý еR"ъd
? Complete the quesiion tags in the conversations with
the words in the Ьох, ý"*ffiрffiк}"di}ъж

aren't could did don't haven't +sп-t shall wasn't il Tick (/) the best response for the sentences.
You're so good at s nging.
MlKE lt's а beautlful Сауl а Щ По you think so?
LUcY it's ovelg 1_ i*,tl'г ii? \&hy don,t we go to the ь! wnat do you think?
lэeach? с! i'm giad you like it.
MlKE Yes, let's do thai, 2__--- we?
Your halr is amazing!
LUcY we could drive but let's tva k, we need the exercise. а
MlKE We do, З- we? l'il get rпу thlngs.
! You're welcome.
Ь[ i'm glad you like it.
LUcY Last t]me you fогgоt уоr:r iowei.
а__._ сП |thinkso.
MlKE ]d dn't have it with mе, l, so

You really managed to get it 1ust right.

borrowed yours. Апуwау, 1et's go,
Later .,.
а [ Guess it's поt bad,
LUCY Thatwas great, ',*_ it? l fee rеаllу hungry
П [ Yes, l managed it,

с [] olon,t tz

MlKE lV]e too. This place looks good, 4 The coiour is 1ust perfect.
LUCY Yeah, we've Ьееп t еrе before, '- we? lt а! Yes, lt is.
ч]ссs еа ly good р, Z.], Ь! tt's not bad, is it?
M|KE That's r ght 0h, l haven'1 got mу wallet, You cou dn't с[ Tnat's right, isn't it?
end mе some mопеу, '- !,ou? 5 lt's sо tasty!
LUCY Flrst а towe . then 5,9ц1 tлlа let. you neveT rеmепlЬеr а! lt's alright.
anyth пg.
Ь ! t,,tot at alt.
M|KE We]l, we're friends, we? Let's go с! That's great.
nsid е,
6 That was а 1ovely presentl
а [ ] l ne Sапе tO yOU.
СЕП Listen and check. Ь ! Yes, it was.
с! t'm glad you iike it.

@Е Listen and check.

Тохт* irъ qж*stimrr tаgs
ifl,? @Е Listen to the intonation in the questions. ls
the speaker asking а rеаl question or just checking
information? Tick (/) the correct Ьох.

-;к: l%

9 She's forgotten all about it, hasn't she?

10 She's not going to аgrее, is she?
Е Rгдпlшв
? Read the leaflet and underline the best heading
for each section.

Read the leaf let again. Are the sentences true

or false?
website sеагсh to find а сluЬ пваг you,
1 lt's easy to find ап orienteering club,
2 Ечеrуопе shou]d do the same training. Тrаiпiпg / Dапgеrs af fоrеsts ,/ Ruппiпg fаst
З You should buy some running shoes, r you need to Ье fit to гuп агоuпd fогвsts, lf уоu'ге lucky,
4 You won't need to buy а mар, уоu might live пеаг а fогеst, but most people will need
5 А fast start is irпроrtапt. to do some гuппiпg in рагks ог оп гоаds.
6 You should respect the епчirопmепt you ruп through о uпlеss you аге vегу fit аlгеаdу, stагt with fast walking
7 You опlу need а compass if you get lost. апd thеп build up to гuппiпg.
8 The mа]п thing is to have fun.
What yau пееd ,l Ехрелsеs ,l 5hоррiпg fоr оriепtееriпg
l yоu dоп't пееd iB sрепd а lot of mопеу оп equipment,
Е wпlTlttG SKlLLS Ьut а good раiг of shoes is еssепtiаl.
#нgпrъýsЁх,}ж ffiLiid*}tа*,*s iуэ а }*af_t*t . yоu'li get а mар аt the соuгsе апd уоu сапiьOггоw
а compass as well.
Tick (/) the best introduction to а leaflet about 4 Wiп! ,/ Ве сагеful! / ап the dаy
collecting mushrooms, . Set off slowly апd Баvе уоuг епегgу.
а[ tоr centurtes, people have collected mushrooms аll . Don't damage апу рlапts ог tгееs. You аге опlу thеге
over the world, The purpose of this leaflet is to dlscuss fог the day, Ьut the fогеst is thегв fогеvег.
the rеаsопs why mushroom picking is popular and to l yоч won't geb lost pгovidBd you usе уоuг compass апd
provide some practical suggestions to those who want
to follow this tradition.
ЬП Collecting mushrooms might sееm like а strange
pastime, but it's very рорulаr in mапу countries,
especlally jn Eastern Еurоре. You need to Ье careful
about which mushrooms you pick, but th s is а fun
way of spendlng time.
с[ Wny pick rTushrooms? Мапу people think it is better
to buy them from а supermarket, but there аrе
advantages of getting them yourself provlded that you
don't pick the wrопg onesl
С! One day l was at home when mу friend phoned and
suggested going out to the forest and picking some
rnushrooms, At first, l thought it was а crazy idea,
l went anyway and quite enloyed it. Неrе is mу advice
for реорlе who want to do the same

Read the plan for the 1 Whеп? (AuiurTn, rпаrпiпgа)
rest of the leaflet. Then 2 Wh еrе? (f оrеэNэ, пе ar lre оэ)
complete the leaflet using Э Need wаrп сlаlhеэ, goad эhаеаlЬооLэ
hеаdiцgs and notes. 4 checkweather
ii;;:iiii;.iir# lпthеfоrеэt
5 Эе carefu| tn fоrеэl - апirпаIэ, ассtdепlа
О 0п|у pick muэhrааmэ уоu know (4о wilh ехреrl,
uэе Lhe |пNеrпеl'1
7 Dап'L qеt|аэL
О ?rolecl епчirапmепl (|ilfiеr')

9 EaL оr freeze muэhrооmэ
1 О \,/апу recl2ee f аr muаhrооmэ эou?. ?1еэ, et c ,
UNlт }rtr

Reading апd Ilstening extension

п READlNG С Read the article again. Are the sentences true or
fa l se?
Read an article about four animals and tick (/) the 1 Great white sharks поrmаl у don't eat humans fоr food,
things mentioned in the article. 2 Attacks оп humans frоm great whlte sharks аrе always
i ! ап anima] that llves in а d fferent place frоm its
fata ] .

а ncestors
З Tlgers поrmаllу stay away frоm humans,

Z! an апimаl that is Ьесоmlпg rrrore and mоrе widespread

4 The tota] number of tigers s lаrgе and growing.

З[ an animal macle famous iп films

5 The Komodo dragon ls lаrgеr than is typical fоr the group
of animals t belongs to,
+ ! ап animal that is now extinct
6 Whеп hunting, the Komodo dragon generaLly kills the
Э! an animaL that is important in mапу countries
animal it aitacks immediately,
О ! an anlmal that ]ives close to а ot of humans
7 Some aspects of the behaviour of the funnel-web spider

Read the article again. N4atch the animals i-4 with are different frоm that of other spiders.

the descriptions a-d. 8 А bite from апу type of funnel-web spider is equal у
1[ fuппеl-wеlэ spider
2! great whlte shark
d Write а paragraph about а special or unusual animal
З! Komodo dragon you know something about, or research one оп the
+ ! tiger
lnternet, Remember to include:
а Th]s апimаl has а special ability that allows it to follow . where it ]sfound its natural environment and habitat
other animais mоrе easiiy. . whether it is rаrе. at risk, protected, endangered оr extinct
Ь This апlmаl mау attack humans if they start lving п the . how it gets its food
same environment, . апу strategies it uses to find food, to survive оr to get an
с This animal has attacked humans Ьу accident,
adva ntage.
d Thls animal is often involved lп attacks оп уоuпgеr реорlе,


t,пш Glll]AT t1,IIITll Sпlllк ,]шп,]IGt]ll

l\4ost реор е have heard of this апimа] - made famous iп the Тhе t ger is апоthеr anima that's рrоЬаЬlу familiar to most people, еVеп though
JaL,ts fi ms 0f the ] 970s and ] 980s, The grеаt white shаrk has а very few of us have ечеr sееп опе in the wild, Tigers have fascinateci us since

, reptltation for Ьеiпg а killer, but реrhарs unfairiy, as these animals апс епt tiгпеS, апd are чеrу iгпроfiапt tO а пumЬеr of cuLtures iп Asia they
don't поrmаl у hunt humans - elephants k]l mоге people than аrе the паtiопаl апimаl of Bangladesh, lndia, Vietnam, l\lalaysia апd South
sharks do, But the рrоЬlеm for sрогts ]overs is that а реrSоп Коrеа Tigers аrе the Largest of а l the cat species; they're fast rUппеrS, n0t
srvimming 0п top of а surfЬоаrd can, to а shаrk below the wаtеr, to mепtiоп ехсеl]епt slцlimmers, The good news ls that they gепеrаllу avoid
look very sitntlar to а seai - its food of рrеfеrепое, lf а great white contact With people, although they do attack, раftlсulаrlу Whеп hUmans Start
shаrk does attack а humап, the results аrе not always deadly t0 move iпto thеir natural habitats, lt shou d а so Ье added that tigers аrе поw
t's bel]eved that shаrks don't like the taste of humапs, епdапgеrеd and it's thought that humапs play а very iаrgе roLe in this,

TIIll к{}моlш DйGоN

The Komodo drаgоп is а very lаrgе lizard - it сап grоw as long as

three metres and weigh up to 70 kg Ехреrts think Komodo

dragons аrе rеlаlеd to апсtепt ltzards frоm Australia, Ьut thоу'rе
поw fоuпd only iп,sоmе islands iп ]пdопеsР, o|obubly
most famous for their unusual methods 0f kil]ing, whеп huпtiпg,
they attack br:i dоп't kill tne 01her апimаl righT away. This в
becauss:they,.have а воisопоus bite, so after,attacking 1hs апiгпаl, they
lollow it untii it dies {rоm the роisоп, а i0b mad8 еаsiеr thanks to thе]r excelJ8nt l$,

TItIi lтl]Nýljl-lyl1l} SlDIDIjlt

l\1апу реорlе аrе afraid of spiders, although the vast mаlоritу аrе completeLy harmless to
humans, But there аrе of course а пumlэеr of species that сап l]e dangerous, апd the
fuппеl-wеlэ sp]der ]s сегtаiпlу аmопg them, This spider's паturа habitat s iп the area
аrоuпd the Australian city of Sydney, lt сап Ье lэehveen опе апd five centimeftes lопg,
апd is dark blue, Ьrоwп оr lэlack, Unlike mапу оthеr splders, this species сап Ье qu te
aggresýive whеп lt comes intO C0ntact With humans, Whеп it attacks, it holds оп
tight апd сап b]te several times, А lэitе frоm а Sydney {uппеJ-wеЬ spider s ехtrеmеIу
painfu and сап kill quickly, although bites from the females аrе less severe, Сhildrеп
аrе pafticularly at rlsk 42% of attacks nvo]ve chi drеп rather than adu ts
Review апd extension
Е llsтrшtшв п сRАммАR
а @Е Listen to а пеws story and tick (/) the correct Tick t/) the:correct sentences. Correct the wrопg ]

anSWer. sentences.
1П А woman will probabiy rесоvеr after spending а week t ,П tt:s Ьееп а great wееk, Оп Tuesday, l have mei ап
in her саr. oldfriend; - ,:,.,
2П А woman is currently in hospital after spending mоrе ' lt'эbaъrl а бrваЪw**k *tз l rпеt ап old,fTi*rid.,, ,

'2 ,
than two weeks iп her саr, f lп those days, peopte ýpenl mоrе time_ outside. , ,, _ "
ЗП А woman is very ill after spendlng очеr а month in hеr ЗП t met Маriа three years ago, when l had Ьееп а student.,]
Ldl. +, .fi She has Ьееп lvaiting fоr а chance апd finally she got опе-
S: f] Lucy had Ьееп seeing Michael fоr some tiпзе"
Ь Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers. 6П TV.
l-tl vgatch it in case it's оп :

1 When Lone d]dn'tcome back Ьу9 рm, herfamily,,.

! tett sure that something bad had happened.
wеrе not immediately worried.
с! immediately called the plice. Tlсk(i/)thecorrеctsentenсes.Correсtthewrоng
The police knew... sentences.
а f] what time Lone had left work. 1П The lish was too s|ippery fоr mе to hold апd it get away,
Ь ! tne route she had taken home, : : f&*fi*h wаэtоовliрр*гуfоrпTgt* hs}d аrзdiъq*ъ:аwау,
с ! whеrе she had Ьееп рlаппiпg to go after work. 2П t can never get hold bf ап еiесtriсiап lvhen l пееd опе,

The police think she turned frоm the main road .,. З[ l'm'sorry, l got carried away апd }ost mу tеrпреr, , ,

а ! because she had had а рrоЬlеm with her car. 4 'П Реорlе couid do more to protect the епчjrоmепt. ] , '

Ь ! because of the weather, 5П ЁчеrУ уеаr, hundr:eds of апimаi races;ust disappear.

с П to have а Ьrеаk, О[ Ttle'Sinerian tlger could soon Ьесоmе extinguished.
The police say Lone ..,
а! knew she would have to spend а long time iп the car.
П [ ПаС turned the саr rоuпd апd drlven back towards
the main rоаd.
Complete the sentences with the expressioný ln the,
с! wasn't able to move the car because the weather
condltions had got worse.
The police,.. сап't face face,a difficult cholce ffiit
а! have got a1l the detalls frоm Lone of what face the fact: ]face the music ]sау it to mу face
Саrmеl realty wапtеd the dress, but her fa**f*i[ :. ,

Ь! have only Ьееп able to speak to Lone for а short

period of tlme.
2, l have to , . , l'm not аs]уоuпg as { used'to Ье"
с[ haven't been able to visit the hospital yet.
з John is so hypocritical, lf he's uпhарру йth what l djd, he
The reason why nobody had found the car еаrliеr was should
?] that . .. 4 l going to wоrk today. I need а day off.
:) а [ few cars drive in that аrеа at that time of уеаr. 5 ls it better to get а ]оЬ оr gо to uпiчеrsitу? Yоurrg people l,
Ь [ tnere was mаiпtепапсе work, so по cars could nowadays.
reach the area,
-- --.
Му wife will Ье rеаilу апgrц but l'm going to hаче to telJ
с[ triе саr was totaily covered iп snow. her the trutrr апd
7 The reason Lопе survrved might Ье that ...
а ! she had lots of food with hеr in the саr,
# Ь [ she doesn't поrmаllу eat or drtnk much, so it was
easier to adapt.
с! Пеr body made а change to dea] with the situation
she was in,

Write а conversation between two people discussing

experiences of very bad weather conditions. Use
these questlons to help you:
. what kind of weather was it?
о was the bad weather expected, оr was it а surpr se?
. what kinds of рrоьlегпs did it cause?
. How did they deal with the рrоьlеms?
Е спдммАR мъэ}ti-чдr*rd \fi*yhý

? Underline the correct words to complete the

,.|1Цhепt.wаi- ,sефо1, I didn't,think I was:good at

anything. The other kids picked things lout / iп / up
reaily quickly but I didn't and ечетуопе looked
zdоwп оп оп dоwп
/ / dоwп mе as some kind of loser.
,Щ,,о:rlу tlling,,that.'iпtel9Фed.rne wаs саБ and, I B,pent

,:,ёgеý,iп,thе':gаЩ,Мth, mУ mt}m{ý] o,ld cal, checking

t 0сдвUIдRY

,]Зjt ]рЙt"€ut,]ИачЕlШ5l, Йum *asfi:t, agt

/ bi / iпtо
аt'аtГthо, she wаs:ti of mе,,gоiпg 5iп Яbility апd ach*ievelnent
йth / оп about / йth them atl the time. Anyway,
бЬч'/ afJ./ Underline the correct words to complete the
,опе,ffi'thе'rеlцаs.ё.sеhооt triц rШе set ,,.
оп Ъуtф.ФйеЙ,,gоiпf,dЩft rф whеп the
,sцаd пф stодваd;.I thouEftt wе had rцп out
MAR|ANA Have you heard of this writer Danie] Kalder?
LOUlS Yes, l read Strange Telescopes some time ago.
/ at / о/реtrоl, but the driver told us there was an ll'э altalented l ЬrilliапtЬооk,
i€лr т.rоЬt апd,hе woutrd]havё,,to,]ealt the gатщ.,-,
MAR|ANA l agree. Kalder has got this 2ability l potentialta
.t-Wёntia,,see'ffmУs апd quiik1y figurеdаout / ьу /, mаkе а ser ous staiement but mаkе you laugh at
through what to do: I just needed to put back а cable.
the sanre ttrге.
,,.ДЯtмtan ЙtпПtеs.ф,coach wаs эп the rоаd again, LOU|S lt rеаllу is
ЗаЬlе l outstanding, l
1ust wish l had
.Дftёr iтеryолеirеаlý lооkаd 9fо й€,uр / up to mе / sоmеааЬtlitу l talentfor writing.
mе up to and I realised there was something I could do MAR|ANA Kalder is 5successful l talented because he's spent
well. When I left school, I set |oout/ up / Ьу mу оwп so mапу years lmproving his style. That kind of
car rераir husiness and now I'm doing rеаllу wеil. hard work is бsuccessfu/ l ехсерtiопаl,
''.''''''' LOUlS True, l don't think mапу people have heard of
Каldеr yet, but he has Ihe7 potential l Ьrilliапсе
i# Ь @В Listen and check, to Ье а really well known writer,
MAR|ANA Не is чеrу 8skilled l Ьrilliапt al what he does, so
put the words in the correct order to make sentences good 'uck to h,m.

and questions.
@ЕЕ Listen and check.
1 a{l/ but/ l/threw/ sоrrу, / it/away.
9оrrчл bu| ! threiv iT, a]I awav
correct the mistake in each sentence,
ii; 2 let l Iry / hardest and / уоur / us / down / don't
iil 1 you need to have а talent to

З fallen / not friends / out / l've / and wе'rе / Tony / with
yotl пееd to hаvа а t аlвrзl for il.
2 0lympic athletes аrе all exceptional for their field.
4 away / you / like that / can't / get / mistakes / with

5 yourself l fоr l iI / and figr_rre / go / out З She's quite successful Ьу what she does

6 just / why i don't l iI l yau l очl l try ? 4 l Ьесаmе quite skllled fоr the game

7 made / Michelle / up / him / it / impress / to


The ability of running long distances is important

8 in / you / you're do ng / what / to / believe / need

Е 6 Lesley is brilliant оп most Ьаll sports

9 up/anyone/a better/come/can /with l ldea?
sй 10 picked /difficu]t, / lsооп / it/ but/ is/ Frепсh / up.
7 Не has the potential of being world champion опе day.

8 Саrl Lewis was outstanding for the long ]ump.


{ь1 ]

П спдммдп
$ 'i

ý}у:*ж*уъft р*rf**t жfrхззр}+* ,,
\ff*rd* **ý}ýъ**t*** чдrit}з ffip*зrt
къrj" **ваt tЁхтч-т*tаж
. ? Read the definitions and write the words.
? underline the correct words to . 1 the act of winning а competition чiс,Lоry
complete the sentences and .. 2 а реrsоп who s iп charge of а sports gаmе
questions. з shout аррrоча оr encouragement
I l've alwavs loved l l always lovec|
4 реор|е who watch а sports event
5 Ье iп а cotTpetition for your country
basebal]. lt's mу favourlte sport.
2 They've wоп l They lчол the chatTp onshitэ two years ago,
6 an аrеа for playlng sports, especia у football

З What have you thought l dtd you thtпk of the match?

Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in
4 The рlауеrs have just arrived l just arrived so the match
brac kets.
can begin,
5 l've Ьееп rчппtпg l l was rчппtпg п the раrk when t
happened. ,,,Ё-чеIл/опеthinksfhof,i ].(pюfesýion;.. ..,.1:,], .

6 lVаrlпа has Ьееп dotng l was dotпgyoga since she was а sрогtsреорlе get poid о ]ot of mопеу to 2

teenager. l{оОгВре t_оф.ЬutfiЬ is поt olwcys true.Thetop l .1l,,,,,',,

7 l have completed l been coпlplettngfive marathons. .-(othletics)insmollersportslikehondbolI,
8 А Why is уоur shirt wet? mountoin ruппiпg ond wоmепЪ cricket don't еоrп much
В l'ye rчп l l'te Ьееп l,!qпiпв, :]гпо_пеу;.Suсhs_ports ote.veryа l(соmpelitioп)
9 Joshua hаsп't played l Ьееп playiпgtennis s nce he was at ' опd,t'сthJёtеs (trоiп!пg) hqrd;:ЬtJtёчёЁ]
со lege,
illЩЬ rерiеsеll lл1t bircountry,tБеу
10 Our judo trаtпеr has lеаrпеd l Ьееп lеаrпtпg.Jарапеsе fоr , оfi_еп een'lrпskе.ý:}ivjпg.flоrтl fheir sроЁ tJп{о#uпеtе[д,
tеп уеаrs.
(victo) in (chompion)
cnd new world 9 (rесоrdiпg) very ofien
Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs
don't mеоп mопеу, especiolly if the sport isn't populor
in brackets.
оп ТV But mоуЬе this doesn't mоttеr if the othietes епjоу
whot they do опd spectotors оrе hoppy to wotch them
1 h;:gjuэi brTken реrfоrm ond
10 (cheerful) for them, Мопеу
Somontho / breok) о new wor|d
Hi|| (iust
isn'teveфtring.cf_,teTo1{,,,, ;: ,'., -
]l l :,],... . . ],, ,,
record! Yesterdoy iп Monchester she 2
_ _:

(run) l00 metres bockwords in l6.5 seconds. Somontho is

but she З
{olreody / beot) oll the с @В Listen and check.
best rчппеrs iп the world. she (sto11)

retro-running - ruппiпg bockwords - when she wos 14 os

о bit of fun, Ьut soon she 5. (win) lots of
Е РПOtlul,|СlАТI(lN ffiу}}жh}* sty*ss
competilions ond now she is the best iп the world @xTr Listen to the conversation and underline the
We spoke to the new world-record holder. stressed syllables in the highlighted words,
ELENA l know you like 1aihletics, but clo you ever take part in
'lt's omozingI l 6 (iroin) since Jonuory for 2cornpetiiions?
this ond l
7 (1ry) three times to get this DlMA Sonel mes - ,г fact l'п gо,гg to 'compete in tne
Jchampi9n561ps ^ext
world record, but todoy wos ihe doy. l don't even hove о ldг опаl weekerd,
ELENA So you're a]most а 5ýrбЪ.ý.siопаt баthiёф then?
lrоiпеr - |
8. (look) for опе for the post few
yeors, but no опе DlMA Not rеаllу, it's hardly а 7$iloflё#ri, but l do а lot of ,.
{contoct) me yet. Sorry
8tЁail:lft and l'm hoping for а good 9рОfiОr.ФаfiЙ
... l'm still very emotionol. Excuse me ...'
There']l Ье а iot of strong 10ёФфЪЁtitф and l'Il have
We could see she hod Ьееп crying. Somontho then rоп to 11Дýffёm really well оп the day.
owoy - foмords - with teors running down her cheeks. ELENA So 12viclory might Ье yours then and we'll we]come
the 13victorious champion home?
DlMA Don't laugh, l might winI

с @Е Listen and check.

ll USЕtUt LANGUAGE мmкххъg *mr*flш}
ь correct the mistake in each sentence.
1 Don't you think it's а good idea take some food?
жжgщ*жttffi,ктffi ; ý{,**р{ttщ,fl* t'ý*,* t*рзý*
Эоп'tуоuthiпkiL'э вооd ti*alo l,akl эоmе |ооd?
а _
*т.fl ý:}нш *tз tэv*rж -ъ,ff$ tзxn
2 Апуwау, as l was speaking, Tessa needs to decide.
put the words in the соrrесt order to make sentences
and questions. З Another idea might Ье for going the day before,
1 could / gо / swimming / we / day / always / another .

W* oгuirj аlи,lауg go аиirппriп,J алоГhgr ciail, 4 Just going to what l was saying before.
2 thing l рrюе l rеmеmЬеr / another / to / is the ,

5 l thought mауЬе we could to lnvite Simon.

З stay/ mауЬе / l /shou|d / home/ailthink/we
6 of course, we could always checking on the lпtеrпеt.
4 ]dea / ask / think lIa l а ldоф you i it's / good ?

7 But don't yoU аgгее that ]t's Ье better to ask first?

how/sound /wewatch /does/on Sunday l а l f\Im l if l
]t? В So, to get back at lVart]n and his рrоЬlеms

to /thati but/ easter/ it'd / eat outl agree / Ье / don't

you ?
Е рпOtlUNс lATl 0N frЕзхъжmкъmr*t ж*ъджd*

Decide which of the underlined letters has а voiced

sound and which unvoiced, Write V (voiced) or U
(u nvo i ced).
1 gаmе Щ qame Ш 6 saye П saIe п
2 ýeach I peach П 7 pie П puy п
зфrrу ПG.у П spig ПрiсЦ п
4simple!symPol ! 9pack !РасК п
5 girl П qurl П iО haye а ! haye to п
Ь ОВа Listen and check.

ьý" ,., ,щ
t ý ,.
;&ч ! а+

'i .l
т it
* :

+ tф
:} t, ,Ёi,

rl ]

-*ý$ !l'

/., s а'-'

L ,.,

re =

UK teenagers' out-of-school a(tivities

,*о ffi
Е пвдвlltп '.',,. ,о,,

look at the bar chart and read the article. Гйаtсh

paragraphs 1-5 with their f unctions а-е. Ф

а RCCs extra information not shown in the data, ts

rI lnterprets the data in mоrе detail. &10

:I States the ma п conclusion you сап draw from the data
l ! Out ines the lssue that the data tries to answer.
е[ Explains what the Ьаr chart is about,

Look at the Ьаr chart and read the article again.

Tick (/) the соrrесt answers.
] The chart inc]udes thlrtееп-уеаr olds frоm Scotland,
1 .jilii.itj

а Щ true Ь !fatse с
2 Each category is qu te specific. .,
,1iii$,ahЬфЁ:.ý!ФlфOf.tеепаgёrsitМее there.,,..
а ! true Ь !talse с [doesn'tsay аrе mапу ways оГ spend,ng tne rest of Lhеir iiгпе.
З Oider teenagers аrе doing mоrе hоmеwоrk. Are teenagers oaslcally tпе ýаmё Tnele oays, оr аrе
а ! true О [false с [doesn'tsay needs and interests changing?
Tt eir
4 There is по great change lэetween the figures fоr sport.
The Ьаr chart loo<s at fiче differert activities, quant;fied iп
а ! true Ь !tatse с !doesn'tsay hours ре, week, which Lеепа9е15 do outside schoo|. One
5 There аrе по mаlоr patterns in the data point to поtе i5 tnat thеу аrе very Ьrоаd caLegories: sport, fоr
а ! true Ь! fa se с[ doesn't say ехаmрlе, cou]d inc]ude mапу activitie5.
6 Face-to-face соmmuпiсаtiоп ]s better
Аs you сап 5ее, there аrе big d:fГerences in how teenagers
с !cloesn'tsay
а [ true О [false spend their time, Spo{L and homework аrе соmраrаЬlе, Ьuт
7 The article ends with а reference to the future, rhе отhеr categories have changed considerably
а ! true Ь [false с
The most noticeable [rепd i5 f.om wаtсhiпg TVto using пеwеr
technologies, especially mobile phones. Mobiies wеrе around
Е wПlТltl0 SKILLS ffi**еriьЁжж dfttR in 2000, but they we,e much mоrе primit,ve - you сап watch
fiIms on you, phone today.
Look ai the bar chart below and complete the
lt is iпроrtапt to rеmеmЬеt thаt these аrе nol , he only
sentences with the пumьеrs and words in the Ьох.
There are two extra ones you do not need. йаySгееnа9еrsspеndthеir1imе,forехаmDlеthесhаrt

5 22 З4 50 decrease increase least most iЖ:l}:"* IЪН?JЦ}li?iijl,Зl];'ffВl .,i+

iпtеrеsriпg to see what the fuгure Ьriпgs
About 22 % of реорlе today get their
information from television,
lп fact, nowadays реорlе follow sport оп
the lnternet.
popular way of following spori is
Е wпIтltлп
attending events. ? Look at the bar chart in 2а again. Then write ап
4 There's ап obvious ln reading пеwsрареrs, article about how people follow sport today. Use the
5 There's about а
- % drop in watching ТV. notes to help уоu.
6 OnLy about % of people поw read about
sport in newspapers.

FolloWing sport пgwsрареrs - not fгее, 'old' пеws, people ргеfеr,rо

геаd online

altendinf events - difficult expenýive

э TV - not ýо рорuIаг today, time may Ье inconvenient
[пtеrпеt -frее tnstant nel{s aIIthetime


rаdiо - no pictL{res, best in саr


Reading and listening extr


Е IlLrrчrrlч fr** i+

? Read ап article about опе of the greatest runners ,'''t

of alltime. Tick (/) the statements that are true, . .

_ ,
l 1,.;:


the potential to wiп mоrе than he did. ДДiСhОеlJОhlsОП

z ! зопп.оп is o]|lle m"' P|::'_']:::l;::l,:"'
:Е j:H::: had
i}]|JTJ:|-'J;I?jГ#"T;:TT:i;::1, ; ; i;;:";;;;i,J;,JЪii;;;Фr;;;:i,,";J;;;iw;1!--
9re ::_::i:Pl
+ ! :orn.on had а different style from usain Bolt ЕТ;:п,j:;":,?iъ';rН;ъТ;;I;*Т#::lшiВН'' , ,ё

Ь Read ihe article again and tick (/)the correct те-rеs, johnson won Ьоlh o'th,e
buf l11ОлlП"rЬ
QtчЙпil,л ,:, ,З
}9.З2 sbconds ond 4З,49' i,,J
answers. settirg о пеw world rеСогd fm Ьоrh -
1 The fact that Michael Johnson,s friends laughed at his |;};Н* ilr:#';J]Ъf,';ffi:?::JТ^*'П'u ,,, -,'Z
ruп even
Гаslеr ]ýЪТjff
cry.p,. с","",,,. ь; ,
УНil'J" ) L-] Tu'" "
rо::: ,


с fi doesn,t sau Апуопе w|o sowJohnson реr{огm п о uчзп on TV -

]ohnson was аЬе


с coesn,t,uu -
' iтДЁ,;l".''ь'*.,iЁЁillш'i,Ч,jffi}jffiП j
fr гJJ;TJJxi:;";JН;,l;;;l;J,T:,l:,l;l}tr, L:::;|'ж""
З Johnson was the first реrsоп to win the 400 meires woi helping Б *iп rосеs ' _
the sryle him o|l }.,,s
hо* й;"
then win iI again in
ДЛопу people tt-,ink rhol wiЙ Ьеttег Jobnron ,ighr
il;}il',ffi'r: JrТаЛd 'r.и,
а! true ь] L--] tatse
[ talse еvё{:l {ýё{е'm"d"Ь - Ь* *о.
"-o*.t*ý"io,фt,,pt, ond ,

[ wепl to the lЯВВ Офrрс, brr h" h"d on ;niur.v


сл г l doesn'tsay
lллл_,+ лл.,

4 Johnson was injured during_+L lлоол.* о ;;"1-.*-аТ#;];'lф*ii.-..$аtЪЁtЁtilmфt_ft$,i,

the 1988 Olympic Gаmеs.

a ltrue lfalse

] say ,...1
с ._*.,,.,rr*iiii .' :*щ;у:;:жl;дj#nffi
пuаt,ЙЬгН; Ьааi'9iраiБН,Ть hlrц]i'9ý6

t ffi
5 Johnson didn't rасе in the 2ОО metres _'i .

tlпаl аt trrе ваrсеlопа u,ч|]:, ,, ::т:;:,L::т:,_,
с [ doesn,t say
..rХi*}$;НffitЦ1fi ffi'.'..'''1;,Й;'#йр+п|fi$
6 Johnson often refused to speak ,u ffiЫЬБi#фi*lЁа,ДiЬа';rJfi*
to journalists when he *u."'-''
was ---- ,;-;;; ilЙr'Л; Ь;":Й;;*;;;;;ffi
f-] true bltatse
uht,u" talse
very famous.
ь [_-]
i JJЁ1";н;Ь;iТьЬi

doesn't say

'i:TXЪ:T#:j::j:?,T,ff:, '-
а пtruе
с f! ] doesn't
ь пйЁ" ffifЩ
Usain бОlIlSСUrrеПIlУ'"lо'JЗJ?i|
beat ы YЖý#ýrl'ii'"urr,:rrп,,+ýаlтI_д
Usaln Bolt is currently tryingto
.Johnson's 400 metres wo ffi

: ;"#i;J}i ::ЖНЖ".:ТlЪi.Ж"'
achieved it
. what other people think of him/her
''Ё # j;',"J.ii:",:'* j.,,;...;n;;l:}
;*;l; П:ТНъ ;Г;_ ,,

Tick (l) the correct ,uulgpce5- eorrеet_the:Wrong ]

Sепtепсеý, : : ] '.:' :,1,1:,l,,ll,,,;,;r11,:,

l I Ttle ро}iсе аrе'tr-уiпgtо сhфl<lwh]Ф.stоtе*ьа пеу ,

rhе po{rce аrе tryiпб to fiпd out who эtо|еthеrпопеу,

J lrs wаrm, рutуоur]uцпgr'сff ,', ,;'., "',,;,:,,j.,,. ",,],,,",1 :r]
4 I
Wе|rе fiпding,a пеwэеС.rеtсiф-- * tИёmопlе .,:' l.].,.,,_l:,,:л
5 f] Wr,аt iПeas have уоu.соmе uр with then?

; f]

г} Sneita was juit,told about it алd needs time to lЁ]ф,:,,,,',,.

-,Ёфffi 7 [.Dоn'twоl.ry..lа1r.eаdуЬёnftБеJetter..;....;:ll]:.:..l
8 П waiIing for you for ages!

'', surеуgфе L ,r,iёiэ,М' r
:' '

9 П ,li'm heald:ofthe
10 П don't ltпоw t didnltdecide$l ..'':,:',.,',,

а еЕ Listen to а conversation Ьеtlцlееп two friends
about their schooi days. Match nai-,nes 1-5 wiih а-е Tick (/) the соrrесt: sепtепсеs,, Coffec-t the:Wrоаg,,,.l-.-,,.::
to make sentences. sentences, ' ], 'll],:,l,l',..,...,,
i [.;uta а argued with tVark.
Z I Vtartina ь believed iп lvark. V{hаt *r**hs *е*rеf*оf B*ssa$sfuJЁeýЁla?li-. :.:l,,; .1-.: .,
з[ шлr Edwarc]s с was good at maths. Z f,] tГs поt abJe toýet thёrе,:Ьу,р.uý:|]с tl
4! Sarah d was good at sports, З f]: No опе doubtsiher-capacjфio ФtФфФФ,:.,,i".":.,
5! Мrs Тауiоr е was good at teaching grаmmаr. 4 П lt was another fantastic реrfоrmепсе Ьу the Кепуап.
S f] Тhеrе is а trапiпg: course for alt пеw staff tоr.тtоrrф.-'i,,_.,',,
Listen again. Look ai the opinions. Who has these 6 [ Pro-fessionai,sport:jsvёtya_al,,oЪ.eii
opinions - Tina, Mark, or both? Tick (/) the correct Ьох. z [, wnat did thespectatфthiфof e, ?il"i i]'.],']]]i,:.i: -i
в fi апО thefootlders аrе juit coming,oyt оп tо'itlБ''ёЪнтfi
Tina Marlt ýOth,Mar*

1 lV]artina ls iikely to have а
sLlcc ечsltl с.аrееr noW.
R ead th е sеfl tefl с es, W r, ite, ав,, i n:'t'he, corTe,et
pl aces,,
.] ., ]:
2 Julia was vеrу arrogant. 1,Wёсаmе,еаrlу;' Ьut.Grqg,tuф:| r''.: ,ii,,.,,-:",,,,;,;,..,l.:.1,1,,:.:,i,.,.,.
.]].i;.:, :.J]":j::i],.ii|]iji:

З Мr Edwards was а very good Wе*яrтзевяфИцТ* *tl iФHЙ..,""r..,,",. :"",,j','а

lcdUl lEl. 2 lf you don't know it, look it опIiпе,
з She [hought about it and decided not to bring the mаttеr.
4 Sarah didn't have а good
4 l used it:ally.ёstнday, so,I went and bought some ппБiВ..:..,"f
relationship with anybody at
5 Welooked'at.thebllt'aпa,aodeditфin,','.i.ji_lf;;.-
the school.
6 J went runnjngwJth Sarah, but I соutdпt keep w]th,ЁёЁ,',,
5 Learn ng Ггепсi- at sciooI 7
wasn't vеrу епjоуаЬiе,

6 The schoo] trips wеrе not

always educational.

Write а conversation between two people discussing

their school days. Реrsоп А tells Person В about а
subject they wеrе good at. Person В telis Person
А about а subject they were bad at. Use these
questions to help you:
. wny was Реrsоп А good at thelr schooi subject?
о was person А natura ly good at the schoo subject, or did
he/she have to study harC?
. wny was person В эаd at their schoo sublect?
. ]s person В good at this schoo slbject почl?




П спдммАR ыs*d ** mуъd жзштяýg{ Е VOсдвULАRY саъеgе акъd r*кшlt

Underline the correct words to complete the sentences. correct the mistake in each sentence.
1 Yesierday mу boss used to соmе l саmе to work iate. 1 Smoking сап lead in а lot of hea th рrоЬiеms.
2 Реорlе used to l ltuould believe the Sun went rоuпd the Еаrth. Ьmаliпq сал leaa Y"э а lс*. oi kealt h рrоU|еrr,э
З 0пе hundred years ago, il сочldп't l wочldп't sпаw at al] in
2 No опе knows what the affect was.
4 We lived l would live п а smal vil age before we moved to
London, Shakespeare has had а big influence to the English
5 l would l used ta have а саr, but l sold ]t. language.
6 That rеаl|у wаsп't l dtdn't use to Ье the best decls on.
7 Jчl а is used to wоrkiпg l used to work п а shop before
sie bla,teo hеr оWг oUS,neSS.
4 That's the mаiп cause fоr the рrоЬlеm

8 Sam got used to l used to sharlng а flat when he was а

uп iversity studeni, 5 it could effect m ll опs of реорlе.
l wаsп't used to l got useё 1о gett ng up so ear у, so the
firсl Tor,l ng was а tгосl^.
6 As а resuJt from this, thеrе ls less mопеу to spend
10 lt took mе а long time to Ье / gel used to wearing а
uniform at work,
7 The new law resulted of protests and demonstrations
@!П Underline the соrrесt words to complete the
text, Then Iisten and check.
8 Generally, t's had а positive effect in people

Riсhаrd:Г,lоrgап l[ve; оп-а1 boat оп а canal iп, London, НЁiifе

Iwould lused to
/ wos used to Ье чегу different а few months
ago. Richard zleft l used to /есуе lwould leoye univeгsity in 2005 h Complete the text with the words in the Ьох.
and got а grеаt job in а law firm. lt was iпtеrеstiпg and well
affect еаffsе effect influence
iob. Richard iЙs u5g:d 1o,1, got u9еd to /
,paid, bцt а чеry.hаrd as а result
used to wоrk l2-14 hочrs а day and somecimes he awould s/eep / is caused Ьу lead resu lt
wos used to sleeping / got used to sleePirц at the office because it
was so !ate. Richaid Йsеd to reolise / would reolise / reolised that
this kind of life was killing him. '| бwоs used to / used to l would What makes people unhappy? Some people thmk that the
spending al| my time at work. lt was поrmаI fог me, that was biggest l Оацэ9 is stress, whether from work оr
Щ,{l,ightФ,Ф,thlра],RiiЬаrd: ;ауý. the pressuTes of life- Certainly, ]ifesty}e has а heavy
On Sundays, Riсhагd 'used to going l got used to go l would go '--- - -------,-_ оп happiness. Fот example, а рооr diet
fог а wal|< down thе сапаl and he always enjoyed this. So опе can J.,-,--_____,__ your health and Д, _ iп
апd disease. There is also а view that unhappiness
О: оп people's iives because friends
provide Support, enteItainment and соmрапу. It's mоrе
comalicated with family because relationships ale often
difficult апd / сап 8,_----- ----= ___ to conJlict
and stress. This is cleariy а difficult question to answel.
Е СПДММАR Мшdж}itу r*чi*чпr t; Е VOСДВULАRY таtrk{rзg жЬ*ъ*t di$fr*ж}tу
ffilз}ýgжtЁ*кt *хъd р*rmiжж**гt
UnderIine the correct adjectives for the pictures.
? Complete the conversation with the responses in
the Ьох.

l had to catch the 5:З0 train.

l'm tired during the day.
No, l can work from home on Saturdays.
No, l don't have to u п less we have а dead line. I а(п) arduous l 2 dеmапdiпgl З testiпglstrlct
sfrlcf jo u rпеу rEorous test ng d scipline
yes, l can find а seat оп the train.
Yes, the boss lets us have опе day at home,
r'- -a-J/;\
You should speak to mу boss!
JANE Аrе you feellng alright? fiн ,--*.r-r
, +.gё;ы-,+$

1 [чо i h;.rd ta ает \ja ат 5,.ОО Lhiэ mоrrliпа.

JANE Why was that?
4 а tricky l 5 tough l 6 а tricky l
ALEx рчпishiпg рчпishiпg ot ttallino
JANE Do you do this every morning? trаlп ng standards sttuation
ALEx sched u lе
JANE ls that the same for everyone?
ALEx Underline the correct words to complete the
JANE Аrе there any advantages of getting to work еаrlу? conversat оп, i
кАтЕ So what's t like to Ье а f refighter, Wil]iam?
JANE And the disadvantages? l strict l tough, much harder
WlLLlAM lt's rеаllу I straightforward
ALEx , ,1-oug'lt, very ,igoiotl.
lhal The raining is /
Do you need to wоrk ]ate as wel]?
awkward l delicate апс] the instructors really'struggle l
stretch l dеmапd us.
JANE You need to ask for а рау rise.
кАтЕ But you've f]n]shed all the training?
ALEX astrict
WlLLlAM Not yet, lt's not so l dеmапdtпg l stгaightfarward
to become а flrefighter, First, there's lhis5аrduаus l
Underline the correct words to complete the sentences,
straightforward l delicate trаiпlпg schedu е and then
1 lt'sfor grlsonly, so he сал l 1a_all has fotake part in the абgruеlliпg l tricky l punishingwritten test to do at
competit on. the end.
2 You rеаllу сап l ought to l dоп't have ta read thls book кАтЕ We l, you do like а 'struggle l рuпlshmепt l challenge|
about Jackie Chan, lt's bri]liant. lt sounc]s l ke а чеrу igоrоus l dеmапdtпg l tricky 1оЬ.

З Louise mчstп't l doesn't have to l shouldn'tIraia hаrd

because she is very talented. с @Е Listen and check.
4 You mustп't l dotl't have to l are поt allowed 1о get nervous
before the rасе,
The competition r,yas suppased l had l oughtto start at Е PR(l}lUNc lАт!(lN
7:00, but еvеrуопе was late, Sшlхrт*t ffi "R},{$, ýýр*}ý$жgg: n",t

Don't wоrrу, уач mчstп't l shouldn't l don't пееd tоIrаiп

today. to the words in the Ьох, How is the
@r,п Listen
7 trаiпеr rпаdе mе rчп l to rчгt l rчппiпglеп ki ometres,
underlined letter u pronounced in each word?
8 During tra!ning we're not а lowed eat l to eat l еаttпg Complete the table with the words
certain food.

& 9 Don't let them beaf / to beat l beattngyou n the rасе|

10 They wеrе let l allowed to l forced to train n the cold and
lover u seless sugar su pper
цffiЬfе+r-а pu l

attitude result influential enthusiasm

rain, ечеп though they didn't want to.

,ýOltпd l Д/ ýочпd 2 /u/ ý.otlяd 3Jul/,ог,/ju;l

,{e:g; alrp)',], {e.g, caok)i ie.g. оr,;rьё)

Жэсрr*ж ж$кзg *ж г*lflкн} diж жgr**эзт*эъt ,]]ii ] ]


2 Complete the table with the phrases. lit,' i,],ii',:i,'

t-+on+agree-wtthyoi j. i:,

Really, did you think so?

That's 1ust not true.
0h, l don't know.
N4aybe you're right. but ...
You can't really believe that.
l know what you mеап, but оп the other hand ...
No way|
I'm not sure about that.
|'m afraid you're wrong there.

pfieJ.ri.'jfi сl.аiiаýгiа*ЭпilI
j l don't agree with you.


Complete the conversation with the sentences

in the Ьох.

l know what уоu mеап, but оп the other hand

technology is so central.
Really, do you think so?
l'm поt sure about that. They work very hard.
МауЬе you're right, but teachers are not the real problem.

MARK Education is gett пg wоrsе and worse iп this courrtry,

tlLY 1Oh. l dоп'"l, kпоw. Ё.огr,е -uhiпвь are imрrочiпв.
Е рпOttUl,|G IATI 0N fiшкъtкжжtiчд* жtr**g
MARK Like what? Теасhеrs don't know what they аrе doing.
СЕ Listen to the exchanges. Underline the word
each response with the strongest stress.
MARK Yes, but they need mоrе training.
1А lt was ап abso ute у terrible hote]] l печеr want to go
LlLY there again.
MARK True - klds just don't want to study. В 0t] l don't know. lt wasn't that bad,

LlLY 1 А 1 rеаllу d dn't Like that fi m. lt was so boring!

В Oh, l don't know, lt wasn't that borlng.

MARK l do. They spend far too much time messing about оп
А l loved that restaurant. The menu was rеаlJу original.
соm puters,
В 0h, ] don't know, lt wasn't that orlg па ,

tILY 5
А Have you seen that пеw shop? lt iooks great!
MARK Напg оп, sогпеопе's texting mе .,. В 0h, I don't know. lt doesn't look that great,
А l thought the meeting today was far too long.
с @Ц Listen and check. В 0h, I don't know. lt wasn't that long.
Dear Sir/Madam,
l saw the adveilisement for volunteers to work as forest rangers
and l would like to apply.
l am а student of environmental science in Milan and l have
RESPONSIBILITIES travelled to the UK mапу times, so mу language skills are very
Yоu wlll саIIу out work around the forest, plotect the envilonment strong. i аm also а friendIy and sociable person who enjoys
working with people.
and provide help to visitors and the gепеrа1 public-
AS а Student, l am in ап excellent position to explain the beauty
What иrе offel you
of the forest to visitors and protect the forest from damage.
. fIее accommodation l strongly believe that forests are essential for the world to survive
о training and education and it is the work of rangers to make people aware of this"
. the oppoltunity to learn пеw skills Iп our studies we have field trips to forests to study their natural
OUALIFICATIONS beauty. l also spend а lot of mу free time outdoors exploring.
You саrе about ihe environment and уоu аrе а good team wоrkеr, l am sure this knowledge and enthusiasm would help mе in this
You have а basic knowiedge of а subject related to the position.
environment. I am confident that l can Ье an impodant раrt of your team. l аm

:I You have g1ood оrа1 and written communlcation skrlls iп English. reliable and hardworking, so this challenge is ideal for mе. When
l finish university, l v/ould like to work in this field, so this is а
Wondedul opportUnity.

п RЕАI)ING l am looking forward to hearing frоrп you.

Yours faithfully,
Read the job advertisement and Carla's email. Then carla Rossini
complete the summаrу with the words in the Ьох,

fluently forests outside

raf]gef reliable strong
реор lе
Е wпlтlшс
iтпg*;r" , She is а
? Read the advertisement and the рlап. Then write an
Саrlа wants to аррlу for а job as а
2__and З_, application email.
speaks English Саrlа
oVeS Spending time а_ jn 5_
and lril

Do you wопt to Ье port of оп iniernotionolteom

other interest ng places, She likes to work with ili
а.с deSc r oes hёrsс|l сч _, :ii
ond support the wоrldЪ greotest sporting event?
Саr]а sounds ike а Е_ candidate,

ili 'ваtБfi еiс'".Ьiв*tёаi;цthе.w!пtеloty.mpicti


Read the advertisement and the emailagain.
Are the sentences true or fa|se?
, Тhеrе оrе о ronge of opportunities depending оп уоur
i ехреriепсе ond skills, for exomple, рrероriпg food for
Тhеrе are severa] places to work,
yol don't пееd to f nd somewhere to l ve,
, medicqlсепtrе ond interPreting
ill'j]i] i1|]": '.'*
З ,, Whot we offer you

Car а has on у Ьееп to the UK once,
', . free occommodotion
she has f n shed her studies. _ . tickets to events
5 Саr]а thinks that the world wlll not survive witnout forests,
д,,],.r,,thё,орЁоrt +аl ]НВфi,s.fuitli;lffi
6 She has some practica ехреriепсе,
7 Carla is worried about the rеsропs billty, fr.Б,аiмiffi
8 п the future she wants to Ье а rапgеr.
. lUU UIe р| ly5lLully lll,
, l:i,,,

] You hove good orol ond writien ,

, ЁпglisБ.
Е wпlTltlG SKlLLS
communicotion skills iп

t "it,ш,,t хз g, iý р {:} s,t,*:[ы * i,кtър к t* ш *+ Ёq} ут ý Арр|у for this 1оь

Complete the sentences. Write one word in each gap. *,*:","**::_,
1 l would lik* to apply to Ье а vo]unteer in the
Winter Оlуп^рiсs. ?lап

2 ] have always Ьееп interested _ sport. Ц ?а;rаgrарh 1: fеаео.п lor wriliпq ]

З l wou]d Ье mоrе than happy to *_

up my ?аrа gr арh 2: у аur Ь асkgrо uпl (wоrk / е duсаt iоп), у а u r
frее time. сапцчпiсат',ап эkillэ
4 | аm in ап ехсе lent _ to help ath etes and ?araqiraph 3: уоur вхреriвпсв, рвrэопаlrtу апd оlhеr эkillg,
v s iors, how lhBee ftзаkе yau'a qооd'сапdidаl,е
5 l_ be]ieve that sport Ьrlпgs реор е together.
?aragraph 4: whyyou waпLt оЬе аvо|uпLеer,уочriпNеrеэt
6 l am ooking _ to hеаrlпg from you, iп эроrL / Lhe аlуrrрiсэ
?аrаgrарh 5: с|lаэiпq 9епЪопсв
Reading and listening extension

Train iourneys апd unwritten rules Sam: yesterday at 7r4З pm

lрФstеd Ьу Рапl, yesterday at 7;l4 рrлj Exactly the same problem оп the bus recently. Everyone
trie5 to get on WithoUt letting anyone off first| lt doe5n't
Well, l've just arrived home furious! Why? Something quite silly,
mаl<е sense what's the hurrу?
really, but very аппоуiпg. As most of you reading probably know,
l commute to work ечеrу day Ьу train, Tociay, l was standing with
а few other реор!е Ьу the tra|n doors as the train pulIed into the lrene: yesterday at l I:l l рm
station, ready to get off. Now, what's supposed to happen is that Another UnWritten rulе? Waiting in а queueI There
are some places, like ciothes stores, rл;hеrе thеrе are
people get off the train first, and then the people who аrе оп the
actually barriers that make уоu quеuе, but generally we
platform get on. lt works better that way, lt's the logical way to just do lt without thinking. And if someone jumps the
do it, But today, as sооп as the doors opened, everyone оп the queue? Cenerally l say nothing - at most ltend to grve
platform started to get on and we had to kind of fight оur way off. them а dirty lool<, but that's а waste of time because
they're already in front of me in the queue and can't see
There was по advantage for the реорlе оп the platform to get on
my facel
the train first - they still had to wait for everyone else to get otf апd
it,just created confusion, although l suppose they wеrе worried
about finding а seat on the train. While it was all happening, l got Saral today at 9:l l аm
l suppose politely holding а door ореп for someone
angry and ended up having an argument with someone getting on.
is another unWritten rule. lt's funny because lthinl<
Апуwау, it got me thinKinE. There's no rule anywhere that says sometimes it would Ье easier for ечеrуопе not to - if
that the people on the platform аrе supposed to wait and let the the other person isn't directly behind you, you have to
wait for them, and also they have to hurrу so уоu'rе not
people оп the train get off first. That's just what people do. lt's an
waiting too long! But lalways do it. lf Someone doesn't
unwritten rulе. So, what other uпwrittеп rules can you think of? Do hold the door open for me, then l think they're rude.
уоu ever see people Ьrеаkiпg them? And if so, what do you do?

Malc: today at l l rl 5 аm
There's а rule that used to Ье unwritten but now it's
i'i actually Written most of the time - tipping in а restaurant.

ln the past, you'd leave money if you thought the waite!,

оr waitress was really good оr you had а great time. Now
unfortunately, most of the time they automatically add
l 0% оr 1 5% to the bill and you have to tell them ifyou
don't want to рау it, l рrеfеrrеd it the old way!


Read the blog post апd соmmепts, Tick (/) the Read the blog and comments again, Are the
things which are not mentioned Ьу the writer оr in the sentences true оr false?
comments, 1 The original writеr, Paul, was involved in а violent situation.
1! Behaviolr on pubJic transport 2 Рачl beiieves thеrе needs to Ье а written rule to teli реорlе
2] Waiting nqueues to wait before getting оп the train.
З! По ng someth ng to Ье polite З lrепе doesn't поrmаllу argue with queue jumpers.
4 f] Regrettlng cloing something rude 4 Sara doesn't expect реорlе to hold the door ореп for hеr.
5! Paying ехtrа fоr something 5 Маlс doesn't аgrее with restaurants automatically adding
the tip to the bil1.
Read the blog and comments again. Wrrte the names
of the people, Write а раrаgrарh about ап 'unwritten rule' in your
Which реrsоп mentions something country or а country you know weIl, Yоu should say:
they do that is pointless? о what the rule is
Which реrsоп соmраrеs а past and о whether you think the rulе is necessary
present situation? о what you оr other реорlе tend to do when the rule is
з Which реrsоп cannot understand а Ьrоkеп.
particular behaviour of other people?
4 Which реrsоп describes а polite form of
behaviour that may have а negative result?
5 Wh ch pei,son suggests they mау understand
why rude behaviour took рlасе?
Review and extension

@Im Listen to some interviews with university Tick (/) the correct sentences. Соrrесt the wrong
graduates. How mапу are unhappy with their final sепtепсеs,
results at university? Tick (/) the correct answer. i П rrЛу grапсаd use to work tn а factory пеаr Manchester.
1 ! one student З [ tПrее students i,41l цrэпdаi l:*с.а T,u wоrк iп а f*cto;-.r,, педr t\}:йilc1"1eýre{.
2 !twostudents а Пalfourstudents 2П | vlould рrеfеr to see mу own doctor,
ЗП Sne used to iiving Ьу hеrsеlf поw.
Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers. + [ Tnis сап Ье the iast tirпе we соmе here,
1 what do we lеаrп alэout Саr 's summer? 5Ц l hope we could do this again some lime.
а[ Не stud ed а ot durlng th s реrlос1, 6П li you wапt io apply, you shoulcl fi1l in this form,
Ь[ Не had io buy а lot of books.
с! Не was vеrу busy at work,
Why d d Саr find his experience at universlty d fficult?
а! Не had to рау а lot fоr the course, Tick (/) the correct sentences. Correct the wrong
Ь! Не has а young fami у to ]ook after, sentences.
с! Не had to work and study at the same t]me,
1 [ S, оа, is оеtтеr t ;Lse ',n {,tе t,lег,
Why d d Samantha menton the fact she had three exams Эчr:Аау iэ Ьоtз:вr b*cat:i:e l'и ]'rтe f ii*;-:,
п two days? эГ--l l'tT worried that it might effect my health.
а ! То show that this was rеаlу the опlу difflcllty she had. JэГ--..l
LJ lt сап lead to al] sorts of problems,
Ь f]Because she is unhappy with the un vers ty л Г'_t
! Му Г,'чt l^aCae, Wtc \еrу (tI ckl,
administration, ц]
J L] She ]eft because she fe]t she needed а пеw challenge.
с! То explain how ittle contro you have очеr уоur ьL] Dr Sо,lч аrе оаsiгаliу IO, oLn,5-1 c,iTinaIs,
timetable as а student,

Why didn't Luke get the f na mаrk he wanted?
1n t.
а ! Не had а bad со d c]ur ng the last two exams. wопврtll'vЕR
о\! Ь ! Нis реrfоrmапсе in h s f]nal two ехаms wasn't
Underline the correct words to complete the sentences,
J <trnno дпп tоh
с! 1
Jl чl Ll Ug-l i

Не was seriously il оп the day of опе exam, The rules of the game are аэ follows l а whole - first, there
must Ье at least five players.
Wh]ch of the following opln опs does Luke express?
а ! Не doesn't think that you shou d have to take an
2 lt looks as а mаttеr of fact l lf we were a{l wrong.

ехаrп f you аrе sеr ously lli.

з There's а lot to do there as fаr as l fоr епIеrtаiпmепt is
П ! Не is sure he would have got the mаrk he wanted if
4 The competition was good for the country аs а whole l
he hadn't been l ,

с[ Не thinks the unlverslty shou]dn't сопsidеr ilLness

follows - еvеrуопе benefited.
опiу оп the day of ап ехаm,
5 She's sti1l оп holiday as tаr as !'m concertled l l kпоw,
5 The tickets are too expens ve and as far as l'гп сопсеrпеd l
Which of the fo low ng statements best matches somethlng
/ kпоw, they're а waste of mопеу.
Jane says?
7 Моrе people live iп the UKthan iп Spain. Аs а wholel
а [ Vou need tc get а iot of sieep to succeed at univers ty, а mаttеr of fact. lhe population is бЗ rпilliоп.
tэ ! lt's harderto geta degree if you don't havefrends
дliсе is ioveiy. but аs fol, llf her husbaпd - weii, he's rаthеr
or fam ly rl,,hc have studied at university.
stra nge,
с] tt's better to go to un vers ty before you're 4О.
What do we еаrп about .]ane's wоrk situation?
а ! Sne hopes she wi i get а chance to progress mоrе
at ulоrk now that she's f п shed her course.
I Sne's found а new 1оЬ since she fin]shed her
university ccurse. Look agairr at Rеviеw yollr progress оп р,54 of the Studentb l

! sne th]nks t's going to Ье hard to find а 1оЬ even Book. How well сап you do these tirings поw?
3 = very wel{
2= weli
1 = поt so wel}

though she now has а un vers ty degree,

Write about ап event that has had а big influence on I cA},l ... ,],' "' '

your Iife. Use these questions to help you:

о what was the event? disсчss апd dеsсгiье rчlеs
. why wаs it m portant for yol?
. What was уоur life like Ьеfсrе the event?
. How d d уоur lrfe change after the event?
Е СПДММАR ръаtч*r* рrсзýзmhi}itу Е ЧOСДВULАRY
з'\с*$ **tiw*ý **s*}-ihiкэg ettitt}d*
underline the correct words to
com plete the conversation. ? Complete the words,
KATY Have you read this art]c]e, Josh? How r q4!!q t ! с !s it that we'll live to 150 years old?
lt says there's а gаоd19!1ццс l doubt l mеап wil] it aciually happen?
оur generation wiil l ve to Ье 150 Sam is always late handing in work, He's completely
years old!
u_r Ь_е.
JOSH Who knows, what it says l wtll ltwasat___ __l _Scommentand he immediately
Ье true. But what ev dence s there? feIt sоrrу he'd said it.
KATY Advances in medicine might l й// certainly Ье а Vlctoria ls rеаllу а_ v_ _ _ _ r_ s. She just went on а

factor, and реорlе

ar,von't l couldп'tdte frоm all sorts trekking holiday iп the Ecuadorian rainforest.
of diseases соmmоп today. Also, technology WendY lsquite S__p____ _с, SoyOU сап tell herall
рrоЬаЬlу l рrоЬаЬlу wtll mаkе everyday life easier, your рrоЬlеms апd she'll listen to you,
JOSH t]пе, but |6dоп't suppose l doubt if mапу people wiil You can tel] he's w_ _l -о _ _ _ _s d Ьу looking at how
want to ]ive that long, lt s unltkely / sure that it'l] Ье tidy his desk is.
much fun to Ье 150.
KATY The аrtiсlе says that we 8mау l wtllwelL Ье able to Complete the sentences with the words in the Ьох.
wоrk unti] that age. There's а good chance9of l that There are four extra words уоu do not need.
mach пеs \awill l wоп't do аl] the hard work. ]ike
washing and clean ng, so that we do easier tasks, ike adventurous ambitious cautious critical
mak ng phone calls. disorganised irresponsible reliable ttоtgЖН
JOSH lnteresting. l'п рrоЬаЬlе / sure there']l even Ье а
uncompetitive unreaIistic unsympathetic
special 0tympics for реорlе over 100l
KATY Yes, it's bouncj 12ro hарреп l hарреп, so start training! When he gets very ike this, it's like he,s in а
world of his оwп,

@xTt Listen and check. |'ve never known апуопе so ---; you сап пеvеr
count on him.
lt's dangerous out thеrе; l guess it's better to Ье
I С Tick (/) the correct words to complete the sentences.
1 pollution
and рlау safe.
well Ье еvеп worse in the future if we
,', Even if the place is а bit _--, we still know whеrе
don't start taking responsib lity fоr it,
а Щ couid Ь [ lvil с [ shall everything ls.
l mау Ье соmраrеd to ечеrуопе else, but l get
|'m sure thai tt happen in оur llfetlme. there in the епd,
а [maynot Ь [mightn't с lwon't That was а rеаllу trip you won't believe all the
Ьесоmе mоrе popular. but
Опliпе education l
incredible things that happened.
doubt ]t. The new walter is obviously quite l've печеr
a!mlght bf]wilt clcan seen апуопе work as hard as him.
The question is =-
- we find а real solution to our
епеrgу problems?
а [mау b!might c[wlll Е -. /*l
рпOшuNсIАтI(IN l{$l пэтd
Cinemas go out of business in the next ten уеаrs. How are the underlined letters fh pronounced in each
а !probablywill Ь [willprobably word in the Ьох? Complete the table with the words.
с [ won't рrоЬаЬlу
lt's unlikely computers will rерlасе teachers. athletic breath breathing clothes Earth either
с ! leather length month the Ф( though
а ltor ьПif tnat

7 There's по _*-- that they wlll stop printing books

а ! tiKety Ь ПрrоЬаЬi]itу с [chance ýoltЁd 1l l0l Sou{Id 2/ёl
l can't that опе day we will Ье able to choose |е,ý,,thапk} {Б€,'tllеп).,
the sex of our babies. thiпk
а !lmagine Ь [suppose с f]guess
- is sure
Amanda do we in hеr exams next week
а [to ь Пthаt с lof
10 Things at work are to get better soon поw we

have а new mапаgеr. Ь @Еа Listen and check,
а [possible Ь !bound с !рrоЬаЬlе
fffi -

ffi *

II СПДММАR Fжtжr* р*rfl**t акъd Е VOсдвULАRY т,}t* кuжttдrж} чдrmуld

fжtur* **тъtiжъа*ьт,g
Match 1-В with a-h to make sentences.
? Underline the correct words to complete the t ý Big соmрап es don't seem to wоrrу enough about the ecological
sentences. Z! ТПеrе was а spe l of rough

1 Passengers, we w ll sаоп Ье аrrivtпд l have arrived З[ Tnere аrе people who th]nk that с imate
+цл цллл
Li lс UdbE.
+[l We make an еffоrt to Ье епvirопгпепtа lу

2 You сап stil help because they won't hаие

5[ .Just iook at the r чеr to see the effect of global

finished l Ье finishingyeI.
6[ Protectthe Earth's
З Wlll роlаr bears st |l Ье living l have lived lп the
Z! We don't rea] se that we live ln а fragile

Arctic in 50 years from now? В[ t'm not sure that so аr

4 We'li Ье feedingl have fedIie pengulns at 2:З0, а atrnosphere Ьу reduc ng greenhouse gases,
so make sure you see that, Ь change is some kind of myth,
5 The team will have completed l Ье соmрlеttпg с епеrgу сап fulfi аl] our needs.
their prolect Ьу 2025. d епчirопгпепt апd everything is inter-connected.
6 What will we Ье achtevtng l have achteved afIer е fr endly, but it's not aiways practical.
we've spent alJ thls mопеу on геsеаrсh? f impact of what they do.
7 l don't think we'll have drlvеп l Ье drivtпg саrs iа g warming on water ]evels,
20 years' time. h weather and we cou dn't go out much,
8 Flеur will Ье lеаrпtпg l have lеаrпеd а lot Ьу the
time she leaves Antarctica, Complete the words.
9 This time tоmоrrоw, l'11 Ье getting l have got rеаdу
to go.
10 Flеur will Ье glad to get back because she wоп't
Ье seetng l have sееп her frtends for ages.

1 G]оЬаlwагиirlЁ С tles аrе trying З 0bviously,

s changing animals' to Ье mоrе S-
naturai habitats. епvirоп mепtа liy епеrgу is а сiеапеr
alternative than oil
Ь Complete the text with the future continuous and gas.
or future perfect forms of the verbs in the Ьох.

change complain not cook create destroy

not eat not fall go noilive replace study
transport turn walk
Let's travel to the уеаr 2049! We t wоп'*и L;g iivirrб on
Earth because pollution and wаrs :-
old planet. lnstead, planet Zeus wi]l Ье our home. G ant 4 5 6 we can reduce our
space ships З-
Tourism сап The Earth's
еvеrуопе and everything damage the desert's a-is са rЬоп f-
from Earth before it exploded in 2045. Zeus won't frаоlод being damaged Ьу Ьу taking fewer
Ье а bad place to live and some thlngs wi lgo on as
поrmаl. Adults а-
pol1ut on. flights.
to wоrk еvеrу пlоrп пg.
Children 5_ at school and old people
6_ about a]most everything. Many things
will Ье different, though. Because of the different
atmosphere, our hair 7- green at
least it 8_ out and we 9_
about in space suits, Special tablets 10_
food and dr nk, so we 11- at all and we
12- out at restaurants. Yes, l fe 7 lt would Ье сrаzу 8 Recent winters have 9 Just stop and think
1З- quite а lot. to go out to sea in ьееп co]der as а about the ecological
Welcome Io 2049, and the future we 14_, this r_ result of i_ of
weather. с_ change. how we live.

с @В Listen and check.

]l USПГUL LАNGUАGЕ шfiж*,ьъжжýхъg Е cOttvBRSATl0N SKlLLS
ffiчлнt нз ý";*"uч*t н ut з:t с$ *,t ш *r.*;ýчt
yt t , .ж* ж Ж*жgэ*кэ*tiкэ.g tсз -чзъ $,d*ш

Underline the correct prepositions to complete the Complete the conversation with the responses in
text, the Ьох.
MAGDA You know, l'm seriously thlnking l фl оп taking
That's а great idea! You haven't made опе for ages,
thrs 1оЬ iп Paris,
2аЬоuf / That's а possibility, although we might have to invite them
ROMAN No wonder! Опе good thing with l forlt ls
in for а coffee or something.
the higher salary. lt's basical у а рrоmоtiоп,
ЗЬу l fоr l r"r,,ith that is mоrе l\4m, I don't know about that. l'm not so keen оп spicy food,
MAGDA True. but the trolb]e That's not а bad idea. They'd need to drive there, though,
preSSUre and stress, А big disadvanlage Ьу l of l
yes, that makes sense. l need the exercise!
forthe position l've Ьееп offered is that l'll have too
much to do.
5about Thai might Ье worth а try and it's not far.
ROMAN come on, опе of tlle best things l with l of
you is how you respond to а chailenge, А How about eating out tonrght for а change?
мАGDА I suppose so ,,. Аrlоthеr рrоЬlеm
баt l frогп l with \it's ап idа;z,l эu1рс*е.Vlhвrа э\,за|itv* во'|
this lоЬ offer is that ]']l need to lmрrоче mу Гrепсh - А There's а new Thai place which has 1ust орепеd
and fastl в 2
1fоr l at l aboutIhaI either, The
ROMAN No need to wоrrу А We]], there's the ltalian 1ust up the hi1l
Bfor l of l at living and wоrkiпg in а foreign
advantage в з
соuпtrу is that you lеаi,п the language quickly, А Let's walk thеrе, t's а lovely day
MAGDA You have ап апs\л/еr to everythingl в 4
9of l Ьу l iл the
ROмАN The опlу drawback 1оЬ l сап see is А We could invite Amelia and Rob, too
the size of the соrпрапу. Do you rеаllу want to work
iп а соmрапу that big?
А Then they could give us а ]ift lf we feel too lazy to walk
MAýDA if they рау rпе enough mопеу, yesl back.
в 6
Ь @ЕД Listen and check. А so l've got ап excuse to make one of your favourite lemon
са kes.

Ь @Е Listen and check.
i:ii]l |ii;,]],j]:ii:i,

Е РПOШUNС!АТl(lN ж"ýtr\"ý,рffi

а @Е Listen and underline the words which аrе

stressed iп the sentences.
1 The trouble is it could take а long time to get the mопеу,
2 The good thing about it is wе'rе not far away frоm the
:,, :, З The рrоЬlеm is people are starting to talk about hеr,
',i]|:,,, 4 The advantage is the price isn't чеrу high
5 The drawback is no one rеаllу knows what's going to
The advantage is we сап see а lot mоrе of each other
:The trouble is l'm not sure l've got time to help him,
'А definite disadvantage is it means selling the саr,

Р,\11l, цirФ.,,лЁi}.1,
People hаче always lvcrrled е}эоut population
growth. It iS а fact ]-hat the пuпфеr of people
оп the planet is increasing vеrу quickJy, in
some соuпtriеs more than cthers. This puts а
i lоt of pressure on the Earth'S resources. But
is popuiation growth realiy 1eading to sоmе
klnd of crisis?

Many people beLieve ihat We just саппоt
ф produce enough food iO feed evei:yone. The
increase in food prices is proof of this.
-ф.я Fl.rrthermore, clean drinking water is getting
harder to find, а situation made worse Ьу
]l пrдп ltlc -ф
$i+ climate change.
Ноwеvеr, поt е\rеrуопе agrees with these
il Read the essay and complete the summary iф arguments. Wе could produce food muclr mоrе
with the words in the Ьох. iф efficien]-ly with Lechnolcay and ln che same
wау we could treat Sea Water to рrосiuсе an
against conclUSiOn criSiS еssау , {flf" almost end]_eSS suppl_v. Some peopLe роiпt out
for growth mапаgе ],{Ё that our рrоЬlеm is distribution of resources,
l ::l and this is somethrng wе can so}.:e.
:L е;*эду discusses wnether populatron On balance, population qrowth is а conce::n,
2_ is а рrоЬlеm, lt considers аrgumепts f rst but thеrе shouid Ье enouqh food an,d wаtеr
З- апd then 4_ the dea апс] согпеs for everyone if r,,le Ьесоmе mсrе ef f icien,'L. 1,4y
to the
that there won't De апу mаjоr own view is that we can't do much a}эout оur
increasing population, but v;e can make sure
f we '_ rеsоurсеs рrореrlу,
the way we produce and dist::ibLlte resources
is as elLecL_ е апd far_ as tossioLc.
Ь Read the essay аgаiп, Are the sentences true or false?
1 Populat ol] growth is а new сопсеrп.
2 Fооd рr ces аrе rising,
З The shortage of water ls causing climate change,
4 There аrе ways of turning sea water into drinking water. Е wпlTltlc
5 The rеаl lssue ts how иlе snare food апd lvater. Write ап essay for and against the topic
6 The populat оп wi]l eventua] у stop growing, 'Richer countries should give aid to
developi пg cou ntries',
Е WПlTlttG SK|LLS жер*rtiхъg *ърfiкъý*кеж Use the following structure:
о ntroduction - state the рrоь епl
Аrе the arguments for or against giving aid to developing countries? . Arguments for g vlng ald
Tick (/) the соrrесt Ьох.
. Arguments against giving ald
Fоr Agaiпst о Сопсlusiоп summarise the main оо nts
апd give уоur opinrcn.
1 some of the aid ls lost and stolen.

2 wea]th needs to Ье shared around the world.

З We have а mоrа] responsibi ityto he р реоре in need.

4 Giving а d makes deve oping countries dependent,

5 We have p1,oD егпs to wогrу about п our оwп соuпtrу.

6 Develop ng соuпtriеs cou]d Ьесоmе lmpodant
markets оr partners,

7 lt w l mеап fewer рrоЬ ems with i legal immigrat оп,

8 Тhеrе аrе always rich and рооr countries - that's.lust

how th ngs are.
Reading and listen
п READl1,1G

Read ап article about optimist'ic,,:,.fi

people. Tick (/) the соrrесt summary
of the author's ideas.
t! tt's usually impossibie to Ье ап,,.,

optimist if you аrе поt паturаllу ,,,l,.

! Rпуопе сап Ье optimistic if they:l
' Everyone wonls to Ье сп o,ptirnisf;:but itЪ поl.,оlwсуs gcsy. :,1:
choose to do the right things, . - most of us hove to try hord:toiýicypoýitiVe whё{:t lifells11:;,;;
getting us down. lt's worth the effort, though, since optimists
! Hignty op|imistic реорlе аrе mоrе
enjoy better heolth ond even do better iп their coreers. Here
fun to Ье with"
srё ftve'thingý thqt,optimists do thot will hеlр уgцlооli оп,thе
Ьфht ýide' еуёп rм.hen yо u'rе stu с k i п о troffic j оrR: оr{оtсеd: ;

Read the article again. Match topig*',

а-е with paragraphs 1-5. ,,l.. The secIet 1о optimism is thot it doesn t just hoppen - highly
а! Choosing the right things io think optimistic people work hord to stoy positive lf you wont to do
well in your соrееr] imрrоче your relotionships ond enjoy your
Iiie, it's time to give optimism о iry.
Ь! Having {antasies сап help
RetnlnKing your attitude'o *о,К",.,,
е! Where уоu аrе, who уоu'rе with 'j-. i

Read ihe article again. Аrе the, ],'"',

sentences true оr false? , :,,::',,l ,

1 Optimists аrе both healthier and more .l
s.lccessful at work. .

Optimists focus on the hаррiпеsз,thаt]...i]

the mопеу they еаrп сап bring. ,...il.,,
ll's easier to think about bad thrngs that
have haopened to you than good th,ngs.
The wrrter suggests that if you b.elieve,.,.:.
iп somethiпg еnough, you'{l definitely.,;,]ll

Ес The writer says that writing а diary сап,.,

help you understand your negative ::,:.:. oboutthe bod ]ii.
thoughts better.
Thе агtiсlе says that optimistic peopte:l...l
аrе lucky because they are naturally
:' зff,#,:х,i:[
ombirious Beiieve
big drеоms, you п
ffi чеrу positive.
rёseorcher Gогч N

d Write а paragraph about staying

positive. RеmеmЬеr to include:
. what makes you feel positive
. what makes you feel less positive
. what you do if you want to improve
your mood.

Review апd extension
Е LlSTEtll],lG п 0RАммАR
а @В Listen to а conversation between two friends, Tick t1) the correct sentences. Correct the wrопg
Andrew and Frап. Tick (/) the things they talk about, sentences.
r'. 1 Пuпеwsuреrmаrkеt 4[ food choices t f,f Please write as ýооп аs possible to mе,
[ , ,
2 packaglng 5[ technology Рlgаgе }чrifi€ s+ Йý.ав *ý#ft h# рq**iЬ|*, ,

З [ аir travel 6[ animal conservation 2г1

*ц She рrоЬаЬlу has been waiting for this news aIl week.
1 з'п Yбur trip to Апtаrсtiса won't certainly disappoint you.
Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers. 4п lt's not tikeiy that she will реrsuаdе her раrепts,
1 5П, What will we doing this tirne tоmоrrоw? '

What is unusua] about the supermarket Frап mentions?
а ! tt has very low prices compared to other бп
' su permarkets.

ЬП lt se]ls different
su permarkets.
kinds of things frоm most other
д сЩ ТПе way it sells things is d fferent frоm оthеr Ti g k ; {ll
the c orreet ýentanceý,, Correct t he' wron g

su реrmа rkets.
Why wouldn't Апdrеw want to use а suреrгпаrkеt like this? t ! We need someone responsable for ihis iob.
а ! Не thinks lt would Ье too time consuming to shop
there. 2,П 1]always thought Тоm was rеlуаЬlе шпtil this latest incjdёntl
Ь! Не doesn't want to have to use h s car to get there. з:П .tBrefer to talk to Апп because she
js mоrе sympathetic,
с[ Не thinks it's safer if products lп the supermarket use 4п lf уоur desk,is always iidy, уоu'rе probably organised wel}
packagi ng.
5п Potlution has }ed to the climate сhапgе,iп mапу areasi ,
What рrоЬlеm does Гrап not mentron rеlаtiпg to the use of
packagi ng?
6[] frЛозt things we do ieave 50me kind of саrЬоп footprint,

а! ТПе pollut оп t causes whеп it ls manufaciured.

оf ] -Ге l sr il caLbeь to агlпа,с iГ Tl,ev eat it.
с[ Tne fact that ii is often not dea t with рrореrlу after it
has Ьееп used, Comp|ete the sentences with the expressions in the
What does Frап say about the idea of пеvеr using а car? Ьох,
а! tt's рrоЬаЬ у rTpossible.
both, sides ] fr-om sНe to,side nice side
О! it's clifficult, but not mpossible,
si+e+y-ыee to опе side
с[ N/ost people wor_idn't agree to do t.
Ц/hch of the following statements ls true about Andrew? ]Eide
Deveioped countries need to wоrk Цr*jde to,helo
а[ Не didn't know about the posltive env rопmепtаl the'developing parts of the wоrld,
ilrpa. l о' vegetariaгibtT, Lisa seems а bit coid lsоmеtirпеs, but she defjnitety hаз
О [ Не doesn't аgrее with people not eating meat. her
с! Не s going to try to reduce the amount of meat he eats
з , iп this еssаи уоu пееd to present of the
Wh ch of the followlng statements best summаr ses Frап's algUment.
vlews оп the епчirопmепt? 4 ]wassoscared-theboatwasrocking 1п

а !We пеес] to d scuss what we can do to help the i thetэigh winds

епчirопmепt more often. i5 The teacher took ihe child and toJd hеr поt
Ь !People ln general аrеп't cJoing enough to he р the i to Со it again.
е nviron me nt.
а с[ People wil1 рrоЬаЬlу siart changing their behaviour
when they rеаlisе holry serious the situation is,
э 7 How hopefu is Гrап about the chances of new technoiogy
solving environmental problems?
а !very hopeful
Ь[ generaiyhopeful
с! not very hopeful

Write ап emaii to а newspaper about а global problem

that уоu аrе worried about. Fоr example, 'Pollution is а
major problem all over the world'. Remember to include:
о а short descriptlon of the рrоь em
. why the рrоьlеm worries you
. а possible solution to the probletT
ж . why the рrоьlеm might Ье difficu t to solve.

' -a=:-a=-

Е ВПДММАR ffi*rъххъdж ахъdл im&rв{tЁчrеs Е VOСДВULАRY туmv*} кг*d t*urism

а .Uдg!еrliпе ihe correct words to

complete the ? Read the definitions. Reorder the letters to make
travel and tourism adjectives,
glad rP;gq / sееiлg you, How's your suпlmеr? 1 noteasilytOrgOtten е пl Ьоеа m r | сзеmоrаЬlо
HELEN Hi, I\4ax,
2go going back to 2 odd and strange ebzatir
мАХ Boringl l'm 1ool,ling forward to /
З somethingyouadmire pesvlmers
ЗТо sit l SitLпg iп frопt of tlre computer all
а holiday, 4 extremely attractive unsgntni_*___-----
Сау is not mу idea of
ata have l havtnga 5 the опlу one of its kind euq nU ...'..-.....---.--.-
HELEN Why don't you go somewhere esbrup -_=_=---
Ьrеаk? lthink lt's really mportant'1оgel/
getttпg 6 very high quality
once а while, 1 real|y surprising nalsostinhg
away frоm everything

мАх travel l Тrачеlliпg is а waste of time, I rеmеmьеr

8 very noticeable
'то 8to
Ito visit l visiting Раr s last spring, l triecl see/
Lisa in the louvre, but there wеrе so complete the text with the words in the Ьох, There
sееlлgthе Mlona
even get lп the rооm, which are two extra words you do not пееd, -
mапу реор]е l couldn't
9to take l tаkiпgmу
was just as we]l as l'C forgotten
I|walktng l to constructions features lobby outskirts settiff€
саlтеrа, Anyway, l'm not lnterested iп
studio terminal terrace trails venue
r,lzalk around lп crowds of tourists,
1Ihеаriпgl to hearIhaI- but Iook, stop Ьеl 12fo
You obviously like art, that's why
Ьеiлgsо negative,
do something
, ]t*e crovapatk нФtеl в }ocated in а реr{есt'lщi',:
уоu were in the Louvre, so why not ап е,2 oГOasteдýT,ldgejýЗthаЦёh9ч'wff,
bonnected with that? l can see уочIЗdоiпgltо do fтоm the
З- _---
tro- ,Ь. ciry centre and miлutеs
. something creative,
мАх l've tried раiпtiпg l to раiпt апС, l wasn't too bad at it,

15Ьеlлgl fo Ье in the
,, , ,, ,, ,, rvith а пumЬет of " , . ,
cletegates ,l
There you аrе, you mау go оп
.tlЁЕN will aonTeciate. Ц/hеthеr уоu'rе outside relaxing оп йе
:' . Louvre yourself! u -
, ,admiring the йеws очеr уоur ioffee оr inside
in the 7
-_ -_- _ Ьат, r оц'l1fееl completely at hoye,
uu-- _ _-

Irr fact,why not book аратtmеп1 so that it

rеаllу is а hоmе frоm home?
, '

,,,,,, ,, :

с @Е Listen and check.

с complete the iext with infinitive оr gerunci forms of Е рпOш U1,|с lATl 0 t,| fi шхъж*rъжжt жtrфъ*рs
the verbs in the Ьох.
? Look at the underlined syllables and decide if they
(/) the
]l]]];]] admire continue cut have listen melt contain 0, 1 оr 2 consonant sounds, Tick
pour proteci stop think il*rff visit

correct Ьох.
lil, ], ]
i,] :::]]

0 1 2.:t

i we had some suOerb пlеаls lп ап excellent /,,

: |оса] 1esta 1ant,
io "
*. \ '-. .:.f*-
.,''' lVost of the paintlngs come frоm pr vate
_ . . a_
guidebook, RеmеmЬеr 9o!|ections,
Welcome to Nlagara Falls1 This is уоui,реrsопаl audlo
1 -LЁ tjtiг1,1 tlre volume up qu te high because ]t,5 pretty noisy hеrе, You сап l\/lу hoIiday in Rome was quite ап
down the taiis, miJllons of litres every m nute,
hеаr the wаiеr
з-thе tllew, pl,ess the red lэuttоп the а- едреI]е!с9
. rT you *un,
5 6
=-.--, The h]ghlight of the trip was probably the

q,jid;,.rO then the blue button and go оп
i пluslс festlv9],
i Й's umu.lпg
----_that the Falls have Ьееп here for 10,000 уеаrs,

i Basically, l; s_- iпtо the Niаgаrа river made it polverful enough е Сrеtе is Jhe ]argest Bland 1п Greece,
, 9 а htloe oiece out of the rосk, \lore а!эоut this аtеr, Back to
j today, millions of tourlsts сс)mе l0--- the FalLs each уеаr,
f The train terminal is а short waIk frоm the

, ll vlsitors is great, but al] the activity causes а ]ot of з,,ро.t.

so mапr/
, damaqe, 5о \^/е а,е tгу пg
2-- the Falls as much as poss ble, So

Ь ОЕа Listen and check.

d ОЕ Listen and check.

П ППДММАR ти* pasýiv* Е VOСДВULАRY шgs*rifuiпg trh{еý}ж*

2 Underline the correct words to complete the text ? Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.
Speak апу lапguаgе iп З0 daysI That's right, with оur пеw cOmputer
соursе, апу |апguаgе сап1 lle lеаrпt / have Ьееп /earлleffortlessly, This ýW
is macle possib]e 2with / Ьуап amazing piece of software which today ý,
Ьееп used / is Ьеiпg usedбy thousands of people studying 25
different lапguаgеs in the соmfоrt of their own homes. ffi
lt's so simple, Allthe wоrk ais
/ is Ьеiпg сlопе online апd the соursе
dопе l\4e m Ьеrsh ip 21The dodo З As you can
is complete, No expensive extras have Зtо Ье bought / Ьееп bought_Btl1 numbers began deteriorated l see, eventually
don't listen to us, listen to our customers: to dесliпе l died out due viewing figures
'|а аm
/ was рrоmоtеd back in January, but l neecled to
рrоmоtес1 disappear laIer to hurпап decreased l
imрrоvе mу English, This соuгsе has Ьееп rесоппепdеd / had Ьееп in the уеаr, interference. increased,
rесоmmепdеdlо me Ьу а colleague, so l bought it and the results wеrе
amazingI Now l Еаm сопsidеrеd / аm Ьеiпg сопsidеrесi fоr ап overseas
post апd l'm hoping mу salary 9will Ье iпсrеаsеd /was iпсrеаsеd,'
(Jackie Lee, З2) ]Tr
'|1ahave Ьееп giчеп
/ апgiиел а completely пеw direction iп 1ife Ьу this . l. ,

course, Now l сап communicate with реорlе aIl очеr the world, l'm so
glac1 l
rrwas persuaclecl ап persuaCedto
/ sign up,' (Mabel Smith, Bg) HappiJy sa]es аrе 5 Му reiationship 6 The ship
Wnat аrе you waiting for? Send us ап emailand you 12are contacted / start пg Ia dесltпе l with mу boss died out l
will Ье сопtасtеdЬу оur сustomеr саrе team iп 24 hours, revive after а bega п to disappeared aI
GoodbyeI Adios] PokaI Ciao1 disappo nting stаrt, deteriorate l sea and was not
рrеSеrVе, sееп again.

Ь Complete the conversation with the noun form of the

words in brackets.
А Professor, why ls it important to keep ianguages alive?
В Because the 1
eriryivai (survive) of languages means
the 2_ (preserve) of cultures, too.
А Are thеrе rпапу anguages being lost?
В You can see the 3_ (disappear) of sma]ler
Ь @Е Listen and check. Ianguages а|l the time.
А Сап you gtve апу examples?
С Complete the sentences with the correct passive form В Belorusslan, the language ln Belarus, hasn't died out, but
of the verbs in brackets. it is in decline and future 4_ (generate) might
i Eng ish iэ *р*ксп (speak) аll round the world not speak lt at all.
nowadays, А What about the opposite?
2 The ancient manuscript (write) many уеаrs В There has Ьееп а 5_ (revlve) in the Се tic
ago п an unknown dialect, language of Corn]sh,
З lVany foreign words (add) to English over А But what causes anguage6_ (lose)?
the centLlries- В Basically, ]_(compete) wlth bigger anguages.
4 дпd that was the ast word to (speak) in The increase in English as а major international language is
the language of Во. а masslve factor. The effect goes beyond 1ust language.
5 дl the smаl]еr angua8es (lose) опе day, А Wha do you Tean?
which is а great shame. В Well, g obal sation сап a]so mеап а 8_
6 There аrе free online courses, but people (deter orate) in local customs,
(епсоurаgе) to take thеrп? А That sounds depressingly truе,
7 А new on ine dictionary of medical terms _
(гпаdе) for doctors at the moment. с @В Listen and check.
8 The language _ (not / hеаr) оп the is]and for
years before ts revlva began. -
9 The рrопuпс ation of any ]anguage (make)
out of а fixed пurпЬеr of possible sounds.
10 There is по doubt that grammar should _
(teach) to children in schools today,

Е USГГUL LАNGUАGЕ Е РПOШU1,1С lATl 0N *сээъж*къжхъt ж*t"аузds

ýtt{"к*dъа*ýтъg r*qtх ffi sts ; S'ýз*чмýхъg у*эъх а @E!n Listen and circle the correct consonant sound
жкш gкшt*fъ*} for the underlined letters.
1 l'm поt gure people watch as much televlgion as they
il complete the exchanges with the sentences in the Ьох, used to.
9ure /6/ lsl ftl0!
Do you mind if l ask you to get my coat? televigion lsl lзl lll 'Ц''
lX'l lфl
Great| I don't know how to thank you.
2 she's also the author of а collection of children's books,
Hi, Rosie. There's an idea l'd like to rUn past you,
author /0/ lбl l.|l l{l
l was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping mе with
children's lsl lIl lзl l{l lйl
someth ing?
3 There аrе severa! CaUSes of damage to our fragile Е
thjs-wee+teftфz environ ment.
l'm really sorry to ask you this, but could you give mе а causes lбl lsl lzl $l lфl
lift home? fragiIe {/ lзl l{l lфl l{l Е
4 l печеr got to know hеr niece very well, though,
1А ! hopc you dоп't rпiпсl niy аgkiпg. but аrе уоu аrрuпd niece /s/lzl l!l $l Щl
thiBllsэBkend? though l0l lбl l.|'l $l lфl
в Yes, l аm. Do you need а favour?
5 The report suggests taking а fresh look at the health
2л System.
в What's that?
suggests l0l lll lзl l{l lфl
зА health /0/ lбl lsl l{l lфl
в No, not at al], What is it?
4л 6 lt's ап advenlure story which starts with the main character
in рri9оп.
в Oh, don't worry about
lzl $l l{l lфl
advenlure l0l
5А lzl lll ftl lфl
в No рrоЬlеm, where rs it? рri9оп /s/
бА 7 There was а lot of confugion and embarrassment when I

В Sure, let's go. put the question.

confu9ion lsl lzl ltl ftl lфl
Ь @Е Listen and check. еmЬаrrаssmепl lsl lzl lll lзl lфl
8 l do appreciate how urgent this matter has Ьесоmе,
appreciate lбl lsl lzl lJ'l ftl
urgent /s/ lzl lзl ll'l lBl
9 А Thanks апуwау fоr checking,
В lt's а pleagure.
checktng lsl lzl lзl Цl lфl
рlеа9urе lsl lzl l.Гl lзl lфl
1о occa9onally, l have а dessert after dlппеr as а treat,
OccagionaIly lsl lzl lIl lзl lфl
dessert lsl lzl lll lзl rф.'ritiffi
G Complete the conversation, Write опе word in each

MAR|ON Good to see you, Derekl Do you mind

1 if l ask you something?
DЕRЕк No. 2__=-_-,- at all. Go з-
MARION l hope you don't mind mу
but l
was 5__,.-.---
if you иlouldn't mind wrlting а
few words for the club website? We're trying to get
mеmЬеrs' profiles on ihere,
DEREK lt sounds good and l'm happy to
Just tell me what kiпс1 of thing you're looking at,
МАR|ON S;per, l "ea'ty ___--_ rt,

DEREK lt's no 8------.--'.'--'- at a]l.

d ОЕ Llsten and check.


Ъttl,у lшte /а,g Ироо
lwr,ote'it|emadness,of Vqgаs'.iп rлу |аst entм but ] .
*;oor1gфenotjgh,lodеi what,we{ound

ip,thiq.cr.ary town. We eame from Lake Mead Ьу Ьцý, ,

0 Read the travel blog. Are the sentences true or false?
thе.mоst'ёсопоmiоаt wау of 'gettinCI,therёft at:was,

1 The bus was сhеареr than other kinds of transport. ап ein;iвrloa]*'.ц .as' w ibma аЙБапg
2 The journey to Vegas was поt particularly interesting, ;еhаr_асtёrаоп:Ьоаr .:,,,. ] '] .].,ll . ::,'
.:i'l ] .1, '. i1,].i,,:,]... ,,,,
З lt takes some time fоr Vegas to make ап impression оп you,
Whеп you first соmе to Vegas, the sight of all those
4 The hote| wasn't опе of the best in Vegas. ;i,iЁ
5 The magic show made а big impression оп the writer.
6 Vegas is the last stage of their journey.

Ь Read the blog again and find f ive adjectives whrch

mеап very good or vеrу surprtsing, There's so much to do iп Vegas: the епtеrtаiпmепt
is absolutely fabulous. We went to ап aquarium, а
1 Апlаzi|lа 2
Star Trek musеum апd а magic show, which was just
L_ _
mind-blowing - l think l'm starting to believe in magic
пgw after ýеёiф atl thoýe uпЬеliечяЬlе trieks the14 do,
Е wпlTlttG SKILLS :,, Тhаt,wаs.Vеýав, агlfl,]i{, 1рдý] r:еаl}уthе ехре1,rепое, оf а,l,,,
ТJ'жiнэg dms*riрt$w* }нхзgъаж g* |ifetime. Оur next stop is going to Ье somewhere а lot
quieter - that won't Ье difficult аftеr Vegas.
? put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
1 ihrough l absoJutely / the journey on / quiet traiis / the dark
forest was / unforgettable

iоцгпеч сп suiеt tгдils thrоutlhLhа dаrkfоrеэNwаэ

Е wпlтItлв
abso|uiel," ;пfоr-аrt аЬIе. ? Write а travel blog about а place you've been to
2 uпЬеliечаЬlе, w]th / the sсепеrу was / deep snow / (different from the one уоu wrote in Exercise 4 оп р,77
abso utely / high mountains in .
of the Student's Book). Use the notes to help уоu.

abso]ute у / you'll f nd it / easy to / get to i cheap and /

mind-blowing, and it's .

rлlirer.e-you:weRt (*Йat kina ,otptace iý iT?

original / wooden houses / oiC town is / fabulous, / the / a,idyou беt,фегe? ffieie ffi ,yotl stачfl
absolutely / especially the ,
. whаtуоu aia ýiбПКееiп6;, епtеПаiпmеп|
this wоrld / absolutely / recognlsable because t's / the Та1
meetin|peopla fооф
iVlahal / is instantly / out of .

in thеir / we spent / cosy cottage / awesome day with what it wаs lik,e ftПе gooaand bad points,
some / ап absolutely / friendly vlllagers , would уоu rесоrпrпепd it?)
UNlт fiitfi

Reading апd listening extension

з which of the following things do we lеаrп when Jonathan
Е квдпlшс swift is mentioned?
а ! Tnat he created а national institution to protect the
Read the article and tick (/) the соrrесt SUmmary, English language.
t I Rttnough mапу people think language change is bad, it Ь [ Tnat, unl]ke in Frапсе and ltaly, there was no
is in fact поrmаl, national institution to protect the English language,
2[ Language change is generally negative and we should 4 what positive aspect of language change does the writеr
do оur best to stop it. ment on?
з! we don't know why language change hаррепs, but it is а! tt allows speakers to adapt to changing situations,
ехtrеmеlу соmп-,]оп. ьП lt helps make positive changes it,l society,

5 what does the wrtter suggest in the final sentence?

Read the article again and tick (/) the correct anSWerS, а [ Sоmе реорlе will аlwауs dislike how English
1 \l/hat does the writer say about language in small c ha n ges,
communities? Ь[ Language change iп Errglish will make speakers of
а [ Some people lеаrп to speak better than other people, English mоrе creative.
ь@ Tnere ls а iot of varlation, for mапу different reasons,
2 What point is the writer making when mentioning G Write а paragraph about some WayS yoUr language, or а
gra nd ра rents? language you know well, varies, Remember to includel
а [ Tnat language changes оvеr time ечеп if реорlе stay о how differently young апd old people speak the language
iп the same place. . how differently people frоm different places speak the
ь ! Tnat young people should learn the forms used Ьу language
their grапdраrепts. . whether you like the differences, оr find any of ihetT

Ghапgе сап Ье а ýооd thiпдl


Influences from other реорlе

tаOt,.!v,i!Ч..]].:] Most titтguists]Ьёliече that сhапgе ,:

thе,,sаmё lwауiФёЪЁ]аlfrqф:,'l in language, like апу change in

еiсtr.оthёr_, Nо.,йа :rпоiио*;аыýрёаk
'ditrёrёпФйё.,Ьlйтlу,ýоеец Oifferentiy, but ечеп withirt sarrre, ,
society, is unavoidabie. Сhалgе is
,,соmЙнgiЦреОР,tе,.ýpеаkdiffе]rепtv ]dвЁending оп their age, .а]wау.бf ]kёевiпg а tanguage,a]Me. ,

gender, origin, and social and educational background, when we апd useful, and gives speakers
йtеrасt with these different speakers, iп different situations, we different ways of saying things
wittl axtre ty] ýrпаlt diffёrёпоеý,оf ,

Йеапiпg,апd Ways:of ёхрr€ýё]п9]]] i, ,.

]thЙа'Фа*of or-lrоWп'ýреф;Ёy,9,if lчоуlf .lmil11,}аsl{iv.g.{.,ý}Ф,-
,sаmе аrеа fоr gБпеrаtiбп*, ,,уо+,еап:р,rфаЬlу,iфtifl7:ф,п.urпЬн : entirely пеw ideas. The acadeЙies
,estabtýhed:in' Eranoe алd ltaly:harye:
'.оt.о;л_аrе еý',Ь_еtwgqцthq,]апgt*аФеl uýё.,ttiеWаууоur

grandparents speak оr spoke. Every generation contributes to had tittle success in decreasing
15g: gгпOцлt Ьf оhапgе iп,Fтепсh oi,
Йпguеgе сhапgеапd.Йhеп enough time has passeý, tфimр11$,,,

:]talian,, апd the]gradual сhапgё,iп ]i ]
of thеsасhапgеs ЬёсоfRеý moie оtlýiочý,.,.:.,.l, ,.:.l
орiпiоп of Dr Johnson - а famous
dictionary writer who lived at
Jonathan Swift, the 1Bth-ceгrtury lrish a;thor, опсе Wrote that We thеýаmе'tiгr;е as ýwift,*show,s,,
., sПЬОЁ tЙа.а w,ау
iostog,,o !ап.guаgесhапgiПg,,ЕчЕпtоdаи lt iý,, ,how'ideas'havэ: devetoЁed:about l
]соrпmФп to.fjnd фis idёа;sоmареорЬthiлk t ёtanguaýe,shou{g .
Нпguаgе сhаrgё, ln]] 747, .Ighпsоп wrоtе аЬошt
,,,Ьа{rоzёп iп,riще, ало :рюtесtеd f rom fashions апd,ýосjаt trе,lф,",, .h!sdesirý-to-,Фe.aldictionaгythal]would*xthФ
] iung,rug* оtluпЕs i+
п thought as а negative thing".Duriný ,,, proRupcЫlon'o{English.anH keep it pul,e,,

, ,'the'J8tЁ ceпturrr. ýфift and фапу,о
,реорlеjеlt the],Engliýh, ., , Вut'whоп. hе, соrлрlеtеd the: dtctionary
. ianguage was:in sеr!оus dboline.al]d,thata nationы instittlttФn,= . :,, tеп:уёаrý.lаtФri,hё admitted]iп |ijý :

tike,those,thФ ехistф iп.Frапоо.апd l!ф,,lhоUtd,Ьjсr€аtеdЬ ,,., _
Иtrоduоtiол thФ.fixing,ý,language,,
' , establiBh ruЬ агtd рrеýёфе th:e tапguёg*'Еvеп,,tоdау,:wФ,:hёаr , 1 1,:; Фаs,iфрФýsЫё. Likб it,gl,not, i]

people complaining about а lack of 'standards' in spoken and ]Ianguage]ф_alwayý.changinoaлd,,,

'.i,Йrф,ппý]is6.,,NеЙ wфlапd and,
Ьхрrефiопý,]ýr. pr,onuheiatiofis Епglish.wj}tgо оп dоing ýo,iп rпапу
' оП Йоrайmаi аrЬqil d,,апd ав oftenдбрýidф,ц+ф,..: creative and - to some people
oying чяауs.",

OReview and oСепsiоп

а @Еа Listen to the podcast and tick (/) the topics Tick (/) the correct sentences, Соrrесt the wrong
that the people mепtiоп. sепtепсеs.

1 П l rесоmmепd to visit GrugaBark as soon as you сап,
Sаmапthа Louise ]] rg*gmrrt*пd vi*if,iпE #ruцараt"k а* **r:п fis yst; sяЁ.
s ро rts 2 П, Criminais should stop thinking atlout the consequences of
their actions.
m usic
3 f] , Wе'rе trying saving mопеу for а пеw'саr,
food +[ Getting uр at 6:00 in the mоrпiпg is not rny idea of fun.
5, f] Thetopic has Ьееп discussed оп the show last night,
Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers. 6 П,д newticketing'system is tleing introduced.
1 Wh]ch rеаsоп does the presenter not give for why реорlе
go on 'staycations'?
а! to save гпопеу
Е чOсдв[,LАRY
Ь [ to find thlngs пеаr where you live TiCk (/) the correct sentences, Correct the wrопg
с Щ to have а chance to do wоrk around the house sentences.
What does lVlike say about what made the staycation ,1. ,П Sally's sсоrе in the test was reaily impressing,
s pecia l? , : SяlЫЪ g*olт ilз thg,tgе* wа* n*ally iл,лрr***;iч*,
а[ tne visits to the exhibition and the coast 2 '[' The film finishes with а dramaticai last sсепе.
Ь[ tne small changes to how he spent his day Зf ТПе scenery iз quile stunning, especiaily оп а clear day
с[ tne fact he wasn't staying in а hotel 4[ Тiiеrе has Ьееп а 10% increase of profits.
What do we ]еаrп about l\4ike and his wife? Ь'[ ТПеrе has Ьееп а revivaiioп of interest iп photography.
а! ТПеу don't поrmаllу eat breakfast together. 6П Peopie hardly notice the disappearing of languages,
ЬП Tney always lrke to have а cooked breakfast,
с! Tney don't have а TV,
Which of the followlng statements is true about Samantha's
staycat оп?
conTplete the sелtепсеs with the words iп the Ьох,
а! Sne dic]n't do everything she had orlginally planned
There are two,extra wordsуоu do not пФ€d;]
to do.
ьп Ьurп chitl fatt get go раss stand
She did mоrе activity than she planned, wоrk
She repeated some of the activitles on different
d ays. it was such а shock that for а mоmепt l thought l was
What does Samantha say about the food she ate? going to ?аý* out on the fiооr.
а[ Sne never ate а takeaway.
a Сап anybody оut the апswеr to пumЬsr six?
Ь! Sne ate takeaways several times. 3 Wе used to out about really stupid things
с[ Sne only ate а takeaway опсе, ]ikё whose turп it was to feed the cat.
What do we learn about Louise's children during their 4 Nопе of these пеw songý really sееm to , оut,

5 You're gctng to
--".-'..-''-."* out if you don't take а
а ! Tney cjic]n't think the staycation was different from
break soon.

поrmаl hol days.

listening to country rпusiс.
Ь! ТПеу wеrе unable to fol]ow а rule Louise had made
с[ ТПеу did sport every day.
Which of the guests would rесоmmепd а staycatlon to the
а[ MiKe апс] Samantha
оп р.78 of the Sttldeпt:s
Ь[ MiKe and Louise
с! all three guests
I 1 = fiоt s* wе}l

Write а blog post giving advice on having а

'staycation' in уоur country or home town.
Remember to include:
. а short definition of а 'staycation'
. some suggestions of places to vislt
. some suggestions of activities to do
. ideas for people who don't have а lot of mопеу,

== =:,,
=-= =?-=.:.{a=

П GRAMMAR е*m/*еt*вхgýt; s*lsм*}t Е VOСДВULАRY Шеж*уf,Ьiкъg }f,fl* fiкъ *Ёti*s

Complete the sentences with foo mчсh, too mапу, ? Match 1*В with a-h to make sentences and questions
enough, поt епочgh, so or such. t ffi ТПеrе is good public
Z[ Гtапs for а пеw mоtоrwау have upset ocal
З! l'm not sure that the qua ity of
+ [ But should urban
5 П А farnil аr рrоЬеm is traffic
6 ! Vo . d,l е{реr е](е d r
7 ! Most of the faci]tles аrе п residentiaI
В ! Cet there еаrlу because parking
1 11,5 l.эоl big 2 This was _ а а аrеаs outside the centre.
encu€h 1
good idea, Ь congestion ai peak tlmes,
с development соmе at the cost of the епvlrопmепt?
d life has changed much wth technology.
е pollution ечеп in sma ]еr towns,
f residents and they plan а protest,
g spaces аrе few and hat,d to find,
h transport, пс ud ng а tram sуstеrп.

З Наче you been ,4 ГiпЬ+с эrд

Ь Complete the text with the expressions iп the Ьох.
watc i ng сllеар rоw tiat l have с х
тV? air pollution local residents parking space
ho idays а уеаr.
public transport quaiity of life residential areas
trа+Яе-сопsеsttоft urЬап development

There js а lot ol cTrticism ol btg cjTies and in mапу ways

ttrey are soft taTgels When уоu'rе drivlng thTough а maior
Clty the ltrаffiс.iоЙбеgllрп glves you а 1от of rimе to think
ЁНt*6ЁЁiinЁ.,tiш е
5 i don't have Paula Tade уоu should consicjer the орtiоп of Iiving in а vlllage Тhеrе
vowels mtstakes.
you would really need уош caI because З-.-
iS alrnost non-eюSlenl outSiсie mаjоr
Complete the text with foo mчсh, too mапу, епочgh, andnearly eveTything, suchas the lqds' schoob от the
поt епочgh, so or such. supermarket, wоu]d Ье а drive away Let's hope уоu ge-[ оп
wel] wrth the " Ьесаusе уоu 11 Ье seeing а lоt
of them, The same faces ,п the same places. Of соursе. with
Sleep debt meons you don't hочеl_-еЛдiшh- sleep. The couses
з- б
оrе obvious *2-work ond resl
ai] that fresh aiT, the
must Ье better, but at

but whot оrе lhe symptoms? Well, do you ever feel

tfiё;sагаофе рlgq,all ýф f thе,
the,B-l ghlflaftd,, о
bosicolly -
4_ Ьlо:,qф:It,mаkеs tr{ou]thiJ}k, CI,eвФ,rtlit?.ýбld i]
window, breaThe jn thal '
tired in the middle of the doy thot you соп'1 keep
your eyes open? Do you ever get 5- bod heodoches 8
and Ье gгrаtеful for

thot you hove to lie down for о while? Does this sound like you?
lf so, you need to do something obou1 it. Actuolly, you don't need

much sleep to recover from the doy, but you should moke sure
you get 6-rest - ot leost seven hours eoch doy. ln
foct, 7- sleep, more thоп пiпе hours, соп Ье os bod os
В- sleep, six hours or less, lt is о good ideo to hove оп
оftеrпооп sleep, о siesto, especiolly if you con't get 9-
hours during the night. Some реорlе soy they feel l0_
refreshed ofler о siesto thot they con do iwice os much, Ву ihe
woy, don't try not to sIeep ot oll - реорlе hove died ofter
l]_ doys without sleep. Toke mу odvice ond go to bed
stroight owoy!

с @В Listen and check.

Е еПДММАR fimс.яжmtЁv* fumw*/gеfi Е vOсдвULАRY FЁ}хтt жхъd Y\fl
? Tick (/) the correct sentences to match the pictures. ? Complete the text with the words in the Ьох.

broadcast captured cast editor episode

released script sefies shot soundtrack

Uрtоп,АЬЬеу, the best drаmа

British ТV has to
offerj rе{ч,rпý tо]уоur sсrеепs оп Мопdау evening with the чеrу,
1а Щ SПе sent а message 2uП Не tied his hands firý 2..- of season five. Fоr those of you who dоп't

ь sпе had her Ь ,_П не had h]s hands know thа background to Upton АЬЬеу, most of the episodes .
message sent. tied, ате З,_--*_- in the U& at thе originat Uрtоп АЬЬеу; епd
all of that unique atmosphere of 1920s England is

ffi 1r--_"-_-=_-_ оп ýсrееп with а 5--......-...-..............-.',-.......- of hоusеhоtd

пЬпrеs апd а 6 Фrittеп by,the famouý ацthоr; ,

Велjаmiп StФkеs. Holvever, there is а rеа[ iпtеrпаtiопаl audience

Jоr Jрtоп АЬЬеу tЬse dayq as it is 1*---,-_ .. *--_- in so гпапу
сочпtriёs апd the:fiýt sеаsоп was 1_..-.-_.--,.______--._ оп DVD iп
MoJrgб]ia l.есепttу. Sоrпе o{ the sсёпеs weTe cu1 Ьу the
iilii$l,i 9_.; 'because the cultural rеtэrепсеэ we{e difficutt to
Ja I Sne stole а car. 4а ! Tne crocod le took чпdеrstапdi So оп tdопdау, whеп the sound of that {amiliar
ь I Sne got her car а tooth out. сФmеý опr make sure уоU'rе iп {rопt o{.the TV
stolen. [ ТНе crocodile had а to.watch the best dTama we have to oifer,
tooth taken out,
Ь @Е Listen and check.

Е VOсдвULАRY ý{*т*gеs
? Reorder the letters to make words.
1 а Ьаrriеr Ьемееп Мо areas of land е n е f с
2 ahousewithonefloor пg oubaw _
5uП The nurse took б uП The Ьоу ate а З notjoined toanother house с h d ted а е
some lэ]ood. hotdog. 4 aflatareaoutstdeahouse etaceri.
Ь [ Tne nurse had Ь ! Tne Ьоу had his 5 afloorbelowground level neasm bet
some Ь ood taken, hotdog eaten. 6 а rооm оr аrеа under the rооf tа с t ]

Rewrite the sentences using the correct forms of hаие
ar opf РП0ttUNСlATl0N s*п*,m*ý i{irhi:t l$\{.}t}}Ilt:т;ц; c.l

1 Somebody broke into our house, (get) а еВ Listen to the story and read the audloscript оп
Ou. 1r,i:, j иог i,,:c.-" ,,,, р.74. How is the underlined letter о pronounced in
2 А photographer s taking mу plcture. (have) each word in the Ьох? Complete the table.

З They check patlents'temperature twice а day, (get) seco п d love too reports ghqst most Тqwеr
London pOar shouted so soldier thrqugh out
4 д mап w ll flx mу watch. (have)
ýOчпd :1,/a;l.iё,g.;' fa ur) Sочпd,2 /ul (ё.g.,fOоф
5 Chocolate соvеrеd the boy's face, (get)

6 The hairdresser was cutt ng mу ha r. (get)

t:]]T"' -:**:T]":::]],j^]::::l]]-]]"-i:
7 l\4у wife's 1ewei еrу has been stolen. (have)
1"y9_I -{91_lý,g. ;i*$ *f#'.{Ёj

i t

The workers had painted ourfence red, (have) l l

г--:"-]]::]],-^-:"--]"::]]:1,:,:::::,]а {:::T*-":T,::l.:,l

ýlt13g"ý_/з_."{teс 1оИ, i Sorlпrl б /ýd (е а {Йфi

9 The Ьrапсhеs tore herjacket, (get)

10 l'm rепеwlпg mу passport, (have)

Е usвгuL LA1,lGUAGE
ýrгнmgirпiклц .hн*зчпr r}ъ{хъgж **be}d Ь*
? put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
1 plates / could / and / have / we / things here ,

Wе соulа hаvе ?iaheъ atзi l:hiпqg hare,

2 f or l cou ld / klds to / the / рlау / а place / Ье / th rs .

З table /th!s / great / а / bedside / make /wou]d

4 саа l ЬаrЬесuе l l l iпаgпе l а l having/ here.

5 thеrе / shelves / books / Ье / some / for / could

6 l/enough / can't/ big/ 1mаgiпе / belng/ rооm /this

7 have/ done /we / professiona] /could l iI l а l Ьу

8 next / would / in / rооm / have to / that lаmр / go / the .

Шs*tп"л gх \J,ffi шч"}.ф* [н*, кчgънmg*

? Put the words in brackets in the correct place

in each sentence,
1 This could Ье а рlауrооm for the twins. (kind of)
llзi* couicj iз* л kin-j оl рlауrосrr fоr ihe twiпэ.
2 We cou]cj put our shoes lп th]s Ьох. (and things)

З l сап imagine thls as а computer table. (оr something)

4 Th]s is where all the toys, games go. (and things ]ike that)

5 l guess it could Ье а notlce board. (sort of)

6 The smaIl rооm would rпаkе а spare bedroom

(оr someihing llke that)
There's Iots of 1unk hеrе, old newspapers, Ьrоkеп toys ýЁilу*"ж,* tж *mжрffitýжflý tъфL}тзs
(and so on)
а ОЕ Listen to the sentences. Underline the stressed
8 put а book under the tab]e so it doesn't fall очеr words in the compound nouns iп bold.
(оr something)
1 Loca] residents аrе getting worrled about the crime rate.
2 There's а new shopping сепtrе ]ust out of town.
з There's а huge black есOпOmу to add to the officla] statistlcs
4 Everyone should know the threat of global warming Ьу поw.
5 The police force аrе working closely with the ]ocal
6 We put а solar panel on the roof to cut energy costs.
7 Disney and ls probably the best-known theme park,
8 You сап печеr find а parking space when you need опе.
9 Pour it down the kitchen sink if you don't want ]t.
:,;1,,11, 10 lVоrе cou d Ье сiопе to help the Third World and build а
ii:i_]].,i,, _,]i:
better ed ucational system.
l i*
] l:-]]:]ij


То: Ringway CounciI

Е REA]IltlG Subject Сlоsurе of Ringway Library

Complete Amelia's email of complaint with

|::l11@ Dear Sir/Madam,
the words in the Ьох.
l аm writing 1 rеваrdiПа the council's decision to close Ringway
сопсеrп least prompt reaction Library, as аппоuпсеd iп lhe Riпgwау Gчаrdiап оп Monday,
rееаrф-ftg request residents step Among those of us who use the library оп а regular basis, there is а
Read the email again. Are the sentences true
or false? shock to us, particularly as statistics show that the number of people
using the library rose Ьу 20% this уеаr.
1 Аmе]iа found out about this through lосаl residents
2 The news doesn't соmе as а big surprise. Му first 4_was to contact the journalist on the
З The library has Ьееп getting less popular. Riпgwау Guаrdiап who wrote the piece and he gave mе
4 А 1ournalist helped Amelia to make а complaint. уоur contact details. l have tried to telephone апd l ечеп
5 Ап апswеr in eight days would not satlsfy Amelia, visited your otfices in person, but no опе was available to
6 The council's decision is possibIy illegal, meet me.
l believe that it is unreasonable and unfair to close
the опlу liЬrаrу iп the аrеа. Му _
i. thut at the very 6_ you hold а
' meeting to debate the iSSUe.
lf l do not hear from you within а week, mу next
_will Ье to take legal advice.
l аm not convinced that this decision is in lrпе
with local government guidelines.
l look forward to а 8- reply.
щ Yours faithfulIy,
Amelia Shaw


Е wпlTll,tG SKlLLS Е wпlTItlc

ýJ*Ёmg furктъж} }ахъgtэаg*
? You have just found out that your
? дrе the expressions formal or lnformal? Tick (/) the correct Ьох. local council plan to turn а children's
playground near your house into а car
parking area because of а lack of parking
Spaces. Write а formal emaiI to complain.
1 у::у lh::ý р::::: Use the paragraph structure and the notes
to help you,
?_ "_L lя:5gl,,:__.,__,_,,,,_,,__,,
З I believe ...

_1_i; ",Ilg Ё;;I9;rц '#; "-_;Й--- Г

?araQraph ехрlаiп your rеаэоп for wrilinq апd.
? j_._узРgуl:9lqllc,T9 q t:l]з:gT"_ly _
1 :
givе dоr,аlэ (е,g,howуoulouпd аul аЬoulihiэ)
.9 Lу:чL9_:ерI_*_9].q]9_9l"р_lз::,r.*,_
?,araqraph Z:,indicaLe whу уоц аrв сопсеrпеd аr
апп'оуёd (B,g, сhildrеп hаче few эаfе рlаеоэ то play)

9 "Y:yг_:g9_el9]y:'___*,*_ j

Paragraph 3: dеэсriЬе wh^L асriоп you have f,aken
_s_Wjgl"y:tlýj,_I9ý*ojjl"_:::*_* _ _ i
Р а. hаd а mееNiпg wilh пеighЬоurэ whо have

l9, 99l P9"9"_Ll9 т9 Ру_*у_:,oj_,,,_"_", _"___"_j сhi|drеп)

11 ]gTyllilgl*eýзlqlк_:,:*,*__,.*'*___, r ?аrабrарh 4: ехрlцiп whаL acLion you wanLthe

12 Regards, i
1з d9 not wlt!11 jhlee davs
|fуо1 19snond ?аrацrарh5: эау whаl ааЪiоп yoawil] take:f
l4 Th is is а bout .. ,
lhеrе'э по rее,ропэа
Reading and listening extension
Il Rrдulшс
Read the article about DlY (Do lt Yourself) - the
activitY of building, decorating or doing repairs
yourself in your оwп home. Match people 1-4 with
activities a-d.
t! Matt З [ saran
: П Steve + [ Маrtlп
sрriпg is пеаrlу hеrе and mапу people чшil| t,цпп thеiг
а doing sогпеопе а favour .it"niion to Dly. Вцt а гесепt sчпчеу has found that
Ь doing someth ng he/she thought would Ье easy очеп 5О% of people in the UК admit that they have
с f xing а рrоЬlеm that had existed for а long time at leasi опе unfinished iob to do in their hоmе, rшhilе
d trying to mаkе somethlng tidier опе in five people say thеу have caused damage to
their hоmе whilе trуiпg to'do it thеmsеlчез" f{efe's а
Read the article again and tick (/) the correct anSWerS, seleetion of оur rеаdеrs' оrшп DIY пightmагеý,
1 What do we lеаrп frоm the first раrаgrарh about the people fi!Чtf* l was doing quite а simрlе task - iust рuЁiпg'uр
who responded to the survey? sоrпе shelves iп the Ьаsеrпепt of mу hоusе, l Was Ёtsnding
а [ Гiче of tnem had damaged their home while doing оп,'а Йооdеп tаЬlе, рutЬiпg а sсгеw iпtg the wall апd l
:, , :
DlY, ,Buddenly l hеагd а Ьапg and the sсгеwdгiчег just flеrлz:оr"rt of,l

ьЩ Most of them had faiIed to compiete at least опе Dly ,йу,.ha;о*, rпеп, { nCItieed that al| the lights.hadщпе,,out ,J,,,
.iЬЫееd:thёгё wав] ап.еlесtгiс cabte'ifl ihe wаil whеГе'Jffl,

с! Hatt of them plan to сlо one DlY lob iп the пеаr future, ,Эuttirtg thе.iсге1,,{,1*.,1 *"U' !, wаs lucý,-, l couid',have,been,,,,
, hadlv Йuгl, Вut it wаsп't ail,good
luсk.- t,hаd,:tЁhЁvё, ФФ'e;.,
2 Why does Matt thlnk he was 1ucky?
еlесtгiсiап and it wаsп't cheap,
а because hе coulc] have caused mоrе dагпаgе io hls ."pui." dопе Ьу а ргорег
holse than he actual у did ffiопсе, а,fгiепо ЫЙiПе.а"кы qicbt;И фi 'i"I
Ь ! because he could have hurt himself mоrе serrously frffiо." гоо.s in hег house, t was painting опе wall,
than he actually did ,stалdiпgа!,tJrе,rор,.gf ,а'lфг,F,огiýогпё]гёаý.вщ.,аt.о.пЁ-,...|"
с! because he was sti]l able to finish hls Dly wоrk point l iогgоt l was оп а lаddег апd l stepped ю the side
з what do we iearn about steve's friепd? whеге l put mу foot thеге was just аiг, and of соuгsе l lost
mv Ьаlапсе and fell off the ]аddег. Uпfогtuпаtеlу, as l did
а! sne had to рау for two separate things as а result of
Steve's accideni.
thb, l knocked the lаddег очег апd spilt the раiпt all оvег the
сагреt, Му fгiепd WaS mоге wоггiеd аЬоut me than аппоуеd
ь[ sne was partly to blame for Steve's accident,
аЬоut mу stupidity, but iп the end she had to Ьuу а пеw
с[ sne was vеrу апgrу with steve because she felt he
сагреt catteO in ргоfеssiопаls to do the painting|
had Ьееп stupid, : "nd "he
4 what was the origlnal cause of sarah's accident?
rffi l live iп ап old соtЕаgе Тhеге's а big attic апd it

а ! havlng tO гпоVе а piie of books that was far away йвs а геаl meSS - full of piles of old books, bags of clothes,
ечегчthiпо, So ldecided lwauld с]еаг it all оut and рut iп
Ь [ rest ng her foot iп ап паррrорriаtе place
с[ nitting раrt of her body against sоrпеthiпg "огnЬ
р.ор". сuрЬоагds апd dгаwегs to keep еvегуthiпg ы
iп огdег. l didn'i get vегу fаг - аftег ]ust а fёw minutes, l
Which of the fol]ow пg is nOt true about Sаrаh? ьапqеd mч head оп thе гооf whlle l was tгуiпg tо move а
а[ Sne eventually finlshed the DlY task, pite Ъt otd books. This made mе jump back апd l put mу
О! SПе had to рау fоr the damage to Ье rера rеd, гight foot thгоugh thе ceiling below. То tгу апd get mу
с[ sne had а ]ot of clean!ng work to do аftеr the accident Ьаlапсе, l stepped fогwагds апd mу whole left leg wепt
what cloes tvartin suggest about the misiake that caused thгоugh the ceiling. lt took days to с!еап up йе mess iп the
the асс dent? гЬоms below, апd l had to get ihe two huge holes fiхёd Ьу а
ргоfеssiопаl. ln the end, I decided to leave
the attic messy!
а ! tt was caused Ьу hls laz ness,
ь [ не рrоьаьlу vlouldn't have made the same mistake ffi had а tap that l соuldп't tuгп off complete|y - l
during the daytime,
thеге was аlwауi а bjt of wаtег соmiпý out: l kept Ieaving it Е
с! Не was lucky the m]stake d]dn't lead to а mоrе because l WaS too lazy, but опе пight l couldn't sleep as the
serious problem than lt dld, sоuпd of the tap was геаllу аппоуiпg mе So l decided to tгу
апd fix it - iп the middle of the night l tгiеd to tuгп off the
Write а paragraph about а time you, оr somebody you wаtег suррlч Ьеfоге doing апуthiпg, but it wаs dагk, l was
know, had а problem while trying to f ix something, half asleep апd l ended up tuгпiпg off the gas Ьу mistake,
Remember to include: instead of the wаtег. So when I uпsсгеwеd the tар, Wаtег
a the task you оr the person was trying to do stагtеd sргауiпg еvегуwhеге l shouted so muсh l woke uр
a whether you оr the реrsоп expected lt to Ье diff]cult оr easy
side of us. lt took а lопg time to сlеап uр all the wаtег апd
and why
. we wеге a]l exhausted the пехt day!
the рrоЬlеm that оссurrеd, and the consequences of it

OReview and ехtепsiоп
@z.l Listen to а conversation between two friends, Tick (/) the correct sentences, Соrrесt the wrong
sam and Julie. underline the соrrесt words to Sentences.
complete the sentences, 1П lt was such small flat ihat we had to mоче out.
1 Sam lives л fhe city сепtrе l outside the city сепtrе, 1* wаg gr"rch д gffi all fi ;*t tha t w е hаd i;* move *u*.
2 Julie lives л fhe city сепtrе l outside the city сепtrе, 2 | ] Don't expect too much from them.
З Sam and Julie аrе completely l gепеrаllу l поt at all З П l think it's a|ready quite enough expensiye.
satisfied with where they live, 4 ] Тоо mапу people got involved iп the school рlау.
5 П 1 rесоmmепd visiting the musеum if the;e's time enough
Listen again. Are the sentences true or false? а fJ Wе wеrе surprised that the kids so much enjoyed it,
1 Julie wanted to use public transport to meet Sаm, but it Z f] trs а such dangerous jоurпеу just to get there.
wasn't practical. SП l introduced myself and we had а picture took together,
2 Sam is able to travel to the city сепtrе from his home

without difficulty.
Julie and Sam do not agree about how good the
entertainment opportunities in the сепtrе аrе.
Tick (/) the correct sentences. Correct the wrong
4 Sam and Julie do not аgrее about the level of pollution
where Julie lives.
5 Sam doesn't go to the раrks in the centre because they're t f ТПеrе аrе not enough раrkiпgs for the office staff,
too far frоm his flat. дrт fiЁ{; erict]4h ряr,kiпd p!ar:;e:* Гсr, -iir* i:{j'ic;e *lla#
6 Julie is considering moving back to the city centre again. 2 п The standard of life is [оwеr because of alI the pollution,
7 JuIie and Sam аgrее that for people living in the city з п Реор|е wili always prefer cars to pubiique transport,
сепtrе, life is faster than fоr реорlе who trачеl iп every day 4 п No опе Ьоthеrеd to ask local residents how they fee1.
8 Julie and Sam аgrее that they аrе both lucky to ]ive where 5 п They shooted the film оп location in Thailand,
they live. 6 п The next chapter in the series y;ill пе shown оп Tuesday,

Write а conversation between two people discussing

the quality of life in уоur town. Use these questtons
to help you;
. How much traffic congestion is there?
. ls the public transport good? What about the parking? 1 l was so апgrу,

о ls there much air pollution? Are there mапу grееп spaces? Cown,

. What are the entertainment opportunities? ]t's time for John to find sоmеопе пlсе and __
down to start а family,
People wil1 think you аrе аrrоgапt if you .-
down оп еvеrуопе like that,
Stop playing computer games апd dorMn io
some work!
she was offered а scho]arshlo. but decided to
lt down.
6 Ai| this constant соmрlаiпiпg is starting to
mе down,

Book. Ноw wel1 can you do these things]now?
З = /еrу well 2 = well 1 = nol so we]l

I CAI,| ...

discuss сhапgеs to а hоmе , ,

write ап email to соmрlаlп. , ,

Il GRАммАR Е VOсдвULАRY м*къ*y жхъd ffiжmкъ**
Fý'yHt жгt*ý K*e*,xTd **rъ$ЁtЁ*зпънt}ж
? Complete the sentences with the missing words. The
? Match 1-10 with a-j to make conditional sentences. first letters are given for you,
t ý tt l stop eating out, lt's а good dea to put aside some s_ fоr the
z ! tT l didn't need to work. fut u rе.
з ! tt I see Jim, We wil d _ your account w th the аппuаl cost
+ ! tt the bank didn't charge such high interest, of the credit card.
Ь ! tt the рrlсе is too high, We рlаппеd 1,500 euros for renovation in our
6 П lf Sarah paid back her student lоап апу time soon, ь_, but in the end t cost much mоrе than that.
7 П lf l feel generous, She's very wealthy, but she donates а lot to
S П lf l were you, с_ and other good causes,
9 П lf ] worked for myself, Government borrowing has led to the massive national
10 П lf we spencl mоrе оп advert sing, d_.-
а l could have mоrе respons bility. The rеsеаrсh counc l agreed to а- а grant
for the pro]ect.
Ь l'd Ьесоmе а ful|-time writer.
с l'd th]nk about what l was doing.
Buying your own house ls а good i-.--- while
d l'd take out а bigger loan. рrореrtу prices аrе low,
е l'll rеturп the €20 | owe him.
After Hurricane Наrrу, generous d _ аrе
coming п from aIl over the world.
f l'l] save а lot of mопеу.
George's аппuа i*-
g l might gtve sоrпе mопеу to char ty,
is поw 70,000 euros with
h l won't buy the flat.
his new рау rise - but that's before tax,

i ]'d Ье surprised.
' p,o',Ls саг псrеач(.
Ь Complete the text with the words in the Ьох.

aside budget debit debt donations fiпапсе

Ь @В Listen and check. grant iпсоmе investment hviff€ рау rate
Comp|ete the sentences with the correct form of the
verbs in brackets. Use contractions where possible. IоhпRоЪетtsmаdеа 1'
: livJfiё ":*аsаfishеrmапwоiипg
1 weather is
lf the (Ье) nice again tоrrlоrгоw, tбr a:bigfiýhing compan}l Ноwечеr, }ofuTr alwayswапtеdto
| 'ii gо (go) for а wa k. have his own]boat and,business so hе put ?..--......-..-..-....-- 1
2 lf mопеу (grow) on trees, inflation Bavings foryeaTs and whеп the inЙest]3_.-..-.-._" was
(be)quite h]gh, low he went 1о а bank The bank checked the а
З l .- (make) the tea f you (do) which }оhп had рrерагеd showing sales vs. costs алd йеп
the toast. -.-- аýrееd to 5._.__.- the project. This meant [оhппоw
4 l --- (go) to Ancient Greece if had а]чgцi]зlgе9. but he considered the boat
as а sоuпd 74.

(can trave]) back in time, Unfortunatehr, business Ьесаmе

5 lf ] _(be)you, mоrе diГficrrlt because оГочеr-fishiпg and епчiгопmепtа|
da-mage. Jоhл's 8
| (te] ) the
truth, -- drорреd lоwеr and lоwеr and
6 if l _- (can't find) mу blue tie, l

(wеаr) the red one instead. hisloafi.,,BlgJ6le]loný,the bank wаs starting to I0

So (take) а taxl if you _ (Ье) his'a.cccuntЙй peПalties fоr missed pal,Tnents, Iohn'was]
in а hurry, dеsреrаtе апd he wтоtе about his situalion оп а website
lf today (Ье) Saturday, l for start-rlpcompanieý.fhisworkedTheloca}_,council'
(stay) п bed fоr а couple mоrе hours. ---- irTrmёdiatelyawaidedlohaa1] ,,,l, .,,: ,,
artd..-. .,,:: .::
9 l (Ьесоmе) а doctor if l
12 саmе iп fгоm people in the аrеа. Thanks to
(have) а chance to start а|l over again. this, Jоhл's business surйчеd.
10 Don't wоrrу, if l (feel) bad,
--- I

(give) you а са1 ,

@В Listen and.,theck,

П спдммАR тияr* **хъdit$*mаз.
Е VOCABULARY flх"iнtъ*
жFtс}т"*ё*{ + рffi.ffit ржrti*tрl* Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences with the words
? put the words in the correct order to make in the Ьох. There аrе two extra words you do not need.
bribery b,u€raf 1udge jury
1 had / would / if that / have / phoned the ро ice /
kidnapper rоЬЬеr shoplifting suspect
l-appened / lo пе, l .

tрtlэL|,аiilаэоеr,еd L; п-i; iwou|l пзvс ohorlcr-,l ]l

]]. ,
ifi :i.

rэоliсе. lli ,Е,,

2 'he
had l reallsed lf / her bag / someone / she would /

i ;]i,i.l.ll]i]

have / taken .

1 The ЬurgiЁr 2 The ро ice caught t was Lisa's first

been alright l if l hаче / got there / quicker, dldn't realise there LJ le exper епсе of
everyth ng / might/ l cou d / have, was а cat at home. st l in the bank.

if l fiad lthe safe / they'd Ьееп / wou]d l hаvе l

сlечеrеr, they / tr ed to ,

Jack / hadn't/them /wou|dn't/ know/ l l her if l 4 The_ 5 The Does this count
ntroduced .
brought back didn't f nd the as а present оr
the ЬаЬу when t cout,t case very ?

changed / if /ages aga l \ l you, l / have /the locks / sta rted crying. interest пg.
were / would .

Ь Underline the correct words to complete the text,

she / her neighbour / hadn't l have l Ьееп / for hours
Опе night l саmе home very late and l couldn't find my keys,
if / could / called round / Jylng there
so t had to break "'luю, / thraagh my оwп: housel l wаs otrimbing

through.a window whеп а wоmап оп the street shouted, 'Policel

you / iп / shou]dn't / bag / have / your valuab es /
There's a2:burgary 7 rпиrdеrl' lgot dоwп апd explained that it
one / put all
was my,house and t wasn't а Зсhеаt,l burglar, but she called mе

а 4liаr / judge. She said that she was а srobberl witness and
to prison / the judge lfor l а lot longer / should /
that she would give беvldепсе / verdrct whеп l was accused
him / have / sent .
7 of Ьrеаkiпg and enteriлg, ýhe would happily coгile to the
, \tria!
10 you / what / was / watch ng / should / Ьееп / have r 7 case а|?вisоп / court to testifi1 against mе. ýhe was
reatly excited поw and wепt оп that |hе lajudge /jury would
happening. i fiпd гпе Ltguilty iппосепf and the 12judёе
7 ljury would give
.]] me а very long prison / arrest,'l'd have to go to а
,'horrible prison where the prisoners Щmurdеr / lie опеlапоthеr
Underline the correct words to complete the
sentences and questions. and 15stea// Ьurýlе their cell mates' food just to survive. She
i WaS out of breath поw апdjust about to Staгt again When
1 Things would have Ьееп ечеп worse if I hаvеп't ]'ýuddenly mу house keys fetl out of my back pocket. l wished her
listепеd l hаdп't ltstenedloyou, 'goodnight апd went inside the house.
2 lf she had contacted mе, I would have l wauld have
Ьеел helped her.
З What would l should you have dопе if they hadn't с @В Listen and check,
а rrlvеd?
4 lwould have Ьесоmе the mапаgеr if l have Ьееп l
had Ьееп working there as iong as you, Е рпOttuNсlАтI()N
5 lf the train hadn't been late, l сап get l mlght have ffi frт,*жж*d il+"}зd жýз si,fi,т:mшж*** \fiдфуds
gof there оп tlme,
6 Would you рау l Had you paid€100 if you could see а @В Listen and underline the stressed words iп each
the questions before the exam? sentence,
7 lf you hadn't dropped your aptop, it would sti]|
1 lt should have Ьееп sent оп TuesdaV.
work l have worked.
2 lf l had seen her, l wou d have shouted.
=,- 8 Yач would l should have helped lf you wanted us to
З lf you had told mе, it could have been d fferent.
=a-| сlеап up the k]tchen quickly. 4 We'd never have known if she had stayed at home,

,е 9 l'm sоrrу, l shouldn't l wочldп't have been so rude.
5 They shouldn't have thrown it away,
е=-.. i0 l don't understand why Debbie said that. Would l
6 She shou]dn't have taken my purse.
Е,-- Shauldyau have reacted in the sаrпе way?
t,.:.tгъ g t*,tt *:m лэз:*, g.tт:ъiq

? Trck (/)the most encouraging response.

1 We' | печеr Ье able to afford t.

а! Yоu'rе ргоЬаЬlу right,

Ь @ Don't give up hope,
с [] Tnats а fair polnt,
2 l' l npver )ёе hpl аgаi,1,
а! t'm sure you wil ,

! tэ THat's чеrу poss Ьlе,

с[ Шоt lп а ml llоп yearsl
З lt started to go wrопg right frоm the start,
а! Tnat's tlte
[ Ь Wnatddyouexpect?
lt might wоrk out fine.
4 That's another орроrtuп ty lost, рп0l,tuNс lATl 0N \ffi*уgý жtrфý^ýрýý
а [ There' i Ье plenty rTore, don't wоrrу,
Ь П l'd start worrying f l were you, а @Е Listen to the sentences from а telephone
сП |agree with you thеrе and 'd Ье rеа lyworred- conversation. Mark опе pause (//) in the correct place
5 ]'m real у wоrr ed about this nterv ew. in each sentence.
а [ l'm sure it'| Ье flne. 1 Hello, // this is John Peters,
Ь[ There's not tlme fоr that. 2 lt's Simon again frоm NatEast Bank.
с [ How сап you Ье so sure? З lt's 97З 412.
6 Тhеrе's not much chance of lt working, 4 No, but thanks апуwау.
а [ Тhеrе would have been f t weren't for you. 5 Do you want to рау Ьу cash оr Ьу credit card?
Ь! You never know, We might pul it off, 6 That's fine, no worries.
с! Шо thanks to you. We won't try lt agarn. 7 l'm sоrrу, but l didn't get that,
8 All the best and speak to you sооп.
Ь СВ Listen and check. 9 Goodbye, thanks fоr calling.

Е С0l'lVERSATl0N SKlLLS ffi}з*ъчr{*эg у,tзtл

Зъmч* thfiкъgж iхъ **въъххъ*ж

2 Underline the correct words to complete one

side of а telephone conversation.

Rea[[y sоrrу to hear about уоur car. The

/ similar / /ike thing happened to mе а
соuр[е of years ago. Му саr was stolen right
outside mу house, and be[ieve jt оr not I've just
had а 2sоле / similar / like ехреriепсе: I had
mу рursе sto[en from my bag when i was in the
quеuе in the supermarket. ... You don't surprise

.,iill ''llrl
mе. It was just'Заs / Like that when I ca[[ed the
iпsurапсе соmрапу, they kept mе waiting for

ages, so I know the аехреriепсе / feeling. It was н

the same ''with / to / Ьу mе. What can you do? ii;ili

... Тruе, that's just Like бthat / as / whеп Sarah's

flat was Ьurg[еd. I don't know what things are
coming to.

h ОВ Lrsten and check,

.li fi|
I if you love classrc сiпеmа, уоu can't do better than the ortgtnal 19ЗЗ &лgКолg I
I film, one of the most famous adventure movies eveT made. Опе of the things I love
about it is that уоu can watch it agarn and again and sti1l feel the same drama t
I and excitement. I
l The story is а clever variation оп the'bea_uty and the beast' theme, wtth the l
beast being а huge аре whtch rs captr_rred оп an exoiiС rsland and trans,ported to
l America, The'beauty' ln the film is the wоmап used to ttick the аре, The dTama I
I lеаllу begtns when the аре escapes in America and goes io look for the woman , , , l
I What makes this а brr]lrant fllm, both novu and then, Is the story, - 1t keeps уоu l
guesstng а11 the wау through, going fiom the;ungle to skyscrapers, The acting is
I also excellent and you еvеп stalt feellng soTry for the аре| l
I К-шgКолgts а hugely entertaining film for vtewers of а11 ages and I hlghly l
I recommend it lf you want to escape for а couple of hours, lt mlght Ье an old fllm, l
I but it ls much more роwеrful than the remakes and it ls а rea1 classic.

п RЕАt)lNG

? Read the review and tick (/) the questions .

which the review answers. ry ш,,,;.- ;"
]J'twt *
1Щ wnat kind of f] m is t?
ж,." *$ "lý,"
2 L] D d t wi, а,lу awards] о,*ý"ф' }н 9.

З! ts t based оп а book?
+ ! WНеrе does the action happen? - l-"i} Що
Э[ Wnat happens п the end?
О ! ts it suitable for teenagers?
7! Have there been гпоrе rесепt versions of the fiim?
8! Does the rev еrлеr rесогпm.^пd it?

Read the article again. Are the sentences true or Е WRlтlNG

ld l5e


Write а review of а film уоu enjoyed (or hated),

1 The rеч ewer has just seen Кtпg Kongfor the first time.
You could get information from the lnternet and,
2 The revlewer describes ап ear у inspiration for the f m,
even better, watch the film again in EngIish. Use the
З According to the review, the most excit ng раrt of the fl m
paragraph structure and the notes to help you.
takes рlасе оп the exotic tsland.
4 The р ot of the f lm is соmр eteiy predictable
5 Accord пg to the reviewer, the fi m has an ernotiona] ?аrаgrарh 1 : iл|rаduсе thc film апd ехрlа|п why уоu
lmpact оп ihe viewer. have сhоэеп i1,,
6 Кiпg Koпgis deal to watch w th the whole fam1 у. Чаrаqrарh 2: outlinB lhе ?lo' апа iпtrоduов Lhe
mаiл characlerB.

Е WRlТltlG SKILLS ffiкgжкъfiжflrhж ffi у*хЁЁ8жл ?аrаgrарhi3: очtliпеNhеkеу оtrепqthэ of the fiIm.
?аrа4rарh 4: gummаriоеNhо review апd givвуоur


З The lead actor, ,]oshua Sагпsоп, was Ьоrп п а sгпа l AustraIan town. but moved to Hoi ywood
Il,:ý_зl:]ql,_9_1_с_99l9|у_р|99l_1лт_9i___9л]V_!уll|"ý j:9i:llу_J!._!ч.L
4 l

Believe it оr not, the film was so frightening that I couldn't sleep аftеr l watched it.


7 rr,Ьr.. i, u rot oiciii.uri чо.uБuЙr.f unJ tr,;, ЙrК., it паrо to rеаО

i _9 _т: | Е з чl_чl 9 L! ? qр._т_"еI Ч : ?_| 9 :,у_"g

j"ly9_!9 уз]q
t" ]: уgч::]1


Reading апd listening ехtепsiоп

П пгдпlшс
? Read the article about four computer programs that can Ье used to help you
mапаgе yOur mопеу and tick (/) the correct Ьох.
-*" - -- -* '-- :-* -*,- -- : , |,:,-
Мопеу}Л/оrkеr . СhесkМуМопеу


] .

,,i ]ii

MoneyHealth ini1 MoneyWorker

N/опеуНеаltп lets уоu see hor,v healthy
уоur finances аrе instantly, lt uses iЁ Th]s is ап арр that
the lпtеrпеt to соппесt to уоur Ьапk accounts (a]though at the mоmепt,
л yOU сап rUп оп most devices, it keeps track
yout,flnancial trапsаоt]опs, such as lvhen yOU USe
iit уоUr credit саrс], ог
ОПlУ tшоrks with bank aCCOL]nis in the USA) апС keeps il{
ti"ack of hоlд tTlLtch .
уоuг lэank accol]nt is debited lt also he|ps you сrеаtе ап easy-to-USe
mопеу is jп each ассоuпt апd trrhere
уоUr mопеу iS gоiпg, Butthe siгепgth budget and sot yourse|f financia| goa|s, since the
0f thiS tOOl is that ]t does пluсh пlоrе, ]t aiso ets yoLl create а famiIy рrоgrаm гuпs оп уоuг
iit сOпll]Utеr, tabIet or рhопе. поt оп the lпtеrпеt,
budget helps уоu have acCeSS tO уоUr
1lсu sei up goas fоrуоur savings апс] еvеп'lеаms' whаt :il
fiпапсiаl informatjon ечеп if уоu'ге not соппесtеd to the lnternet, But
kinds of things уоu'rе sрепсllпg уоt]г ггопеу оп, l\4опэуНеаit|l also suggests
it], lvhat makes i\ч4опеуWоrkеr different is the fact that you don't just get
products that might ое of interest, ]]ke сrесlit cards iЁ
that соulс] save yoii li],ii access to software io help you mапаgе
mопеу, The опlу thlng it c]oesn't do is actLtaiiy mоVе iiIii уоur mопеу - уоu also join а
уоUr mопеу аrоuпс1 i+ community of users аrоuпd the wоr|d lvho Сап anS\rver
0r mаkе payments апс] so оп ]ts fuпсtjоп is just to dеsсгiЬе уоur fiпапсе
уоur financial
i|t questions апd
ij share ideas, A|though this is expensive, yOu сап trу it out
situation, unfofiunately, it's ап expensive ]|:l
рrоgrаm, especialiy as there ]s по llF
jllij fог frее fоr опе mопth,
mobile рhопе vеrsiоп,

This is а financial too] with опе main;olэ
- to сrеаtе а budget fоr you.
Thjs tool aliov,ls you to ink up to alnlost 200 banks апс] оthеr fiпапсjа 0псе уоu епtеr the detaiis of your bank aocounts, it апаlуsеs the data
institirttons, lt produces grарhs and other repofts Sc yOU сап see and сгеаtеs а рlап with а budget апс1 suggestions fоr hor,v to save
сiеаrJу mопеу
tvhetr уоu spenci уоur mопеу, and 0п \n/hat, Jf
уоu'ге оп the mоvе, thare's апd out уоur spenclin91, 0псе you've set up your lэudget, the
also ап арр you сап clcvlnload to yoLti-mobile, but like the соmрutеr heips yot_l to stick to it, Check\,lyl\loney iS totally free to use, Ноwеvеr,
рrO9rаm, it does need ап iпtеrпеt соппесtiоп to Ье usefu|, The рrоgrаm you wапt to access it frоm
уоur mоlэilе рhопе, оr if уоu wantto Ье able
js free lэut you
сап choose t0 mаkе а c]onation to the сrеаtоrs if чоu find to Iink uр mоrе than two Ьапk ассоuпts, you have to
рау quite а iot each
it useful,
уеаr, lt сап Ье difficLrlt to use ]f уоur internet соппесtiоп is поt verv fast.

Read the article again. Аrе the sentences true or false?

С Write а раrаgrарh about how you
1 lVloneyHeaJth сап Ье used Ьу peopJe
over the world.a]I mапаgе your mопеу, Remember to
2 l\4oneyHealth jsn't able to make any changes to your bank accounts, i пс l ude:
з l\4опеуWоrkеr gives you а way of asklng other peopJe for
advice about mопеу . whеthеr you аrе able lo put aside
4 You can use МопеуWоrkеr for а perlod of time without paying.
savings regu arly
5 l\4oneyGarden offers you а way to check your finances vlsually.
if you make а budget every week,
6 l\4опеуGаrdеп is not suitable for реорJе who want to check their
finances month оr уеаr
while traveJIing.
lf you ask anybody for advice about
7 Checkl\4yMoney сап help you to reduce how rпuсh you spend,
rпапаgiпg mопеу,
8 ChecklVlyMoney does not work at aIl unless yOU
рау а уеаrlуfее.

ibviawand ехtёпsiоп
Tick (/) the oorrect sепtепсеý" Correct the wrопg
1 f] WПеп уоu listen to mу instructlons, everything wi}l Ье fiпе
}fyo* liт;flen ** иу iл*Ёruсtiо**, еч*ц#hiпg wili Ье fiп*,
2П lld Ье amazed if she had mоrе children.
4 f,]
lt wotlld Ье а great idea that ечеrуопе cycled to wоrk.
Tr:acy lvould tell rпе if she wеrе uпhарру about it.
а @m Listen to а radio programme about local 5 П tt couid Ье пiсе if thеrе were more people iike her.
crimes. Put the events in the order they happened. 6 П tt was fantastiC if уо,u had соmе with us.

! burglaries
а successful аrrеst
а rоЬЬеrу in а shop
[] shoplfting Tick (/) the соrrесt selltences, Correct the wrong
Listen to the programme again and tick (/) the
correct answers,
t @ tt's difficutt to make а living as а professiona] dапсеr,
2[ Опе аrеа where saving could Ье made is transpor1.
1 Wh ch of the following statements is true about calling the
З[ ТПе incorne from tourism couid Ье much higher.
рrоgrаmrпе to give lnformation?
а! You need to give your паmе.
+ [ t'm not sure that our br_rdjet is big enough for this.
S[ ТПеrе has been а 1аrgе increase iп donations to charities.
Ь ffi You mау еаrп mопеу if the informat on is usefu
с! Tne first реrsоп you speak to when you call s а
О [ Tne mаiп suspect wаs not the murder but sоmеопе else.
7П А mап has Ьееп sentenced and will арреаr ln court lаtеr,
police officer.
В[ Tne theif was arrested whеп she tried to burgle а flat.
2 What is suggested about the two mеп who саmе in the
shop n Rhona Stevens's report?
а[ ТПеу were both рrоЬаЬlу involved lп the rоЬЬеrу.
n[ ТПе f rst mап d dn't realise what the second man
was dolng. Complete the text with the words iп the Ьох,
с[ ТПеу eft the shop at the same t mе,
what do we learn about the theft at the electronics store?
granted pleasure cftafge it word seriOusly

а [ ГlоЬоdу in the store knew about it, Му wife goes out to work and i look аftеr оur chjldren. lt
Ь[ Tne thief attackec] а уоuпg woman.
made sепsе аftеr hеr рrоmоtiоп and i was h.appy to take
с! tt happened at night. 1 . But take rпу
2-** for it, stауiпg
What does lnspector Jones say when ta king about the at hоmе with the kids is harder ihan i imаgiпеd. Of course,
Ьurgiаr es? they're mу kids and l lake а rеаl З_ iп seelng
а! Tne burgJars took as much 1ewei еrу аs they d d them grow uр, Ьut they пееd а lot of attention, When l саmе
electricai tems. hоmе from work, t took it for а_ that tпеу wеrе
Ь! Some of the burglaries coulcl have been avolded fed,,'ctothed and entertained, but now ! have to do a{l that,
с! ТПе burgiaries have happened in houses qu te far l take mу new role
, but:there аrе days whеп
apart frоrп each other. 1 think I can't take
б апу 1опgеr!
What does the presenter say about the сrimiпаls
responsible fоr crimes prev ously discussed on the
а! Шо оге Га. $оге 19 pri5gp
Ь! Listeners have helped the police to identify them,
с! Some of the сrimеs st ll haven't Ьееп so ved.

Think about а crime that you have heard or read about

rесепtlу. Write а short conversation between two
people discussing it. Use these questions to help уоu:
. What was the cr rпе?
. How did they hear about it?
о What happened?
о D]d the ро ice catch the cr minal? Аrе they looking for him/
hеr now?

Е спдммАR ж*]"mtЁw* *}mжж*ж Е V(ICABULARY Ж{mm}t}ъ
li'il i.

2 Гйаtсh 1 i0 to а j to make sentences. underline the correct words to

t Щ l,,leO cine s опе of those professions complete the sentences. il'
2[ Гчеп today there аrе st ll diseases i The best way to cure l heal l develop

З| ] There srescdlti rоЗDрtiгlеrs а co]d is to rest and drink р enty of l quids

4[ Paramedics аrе baslcal у staff 2 l can't play on Saturday because 1'п sti|l саriпg for l
Э fl Untortunately, there mау соmе а day gettlng over l trеаttпg the flu,
6 [ ] Thebe lab els "rе for pot enls З l\4y throat and chest feei rеаllу sоrе, l must have some
7 П tVy f rst job was as а nurse ln а private school, k nd of bruise l cough l tпfесttоп,
8 ! Doctors don't have а ot of sympathy for those 4 Tim's got а fever. Не sауs he feels hot and cold, and h s
9 ! Tnere s medicine fоr а bad stomach face is rеаllу brutsed l dizzy l pale.
10 П l told her to see Dr Brown, 5 She bumped l coughed l sneezed ta get his attent оп.
а that could create body parts for transplants. 6 l've st ll got а big tпfесttоп l strаtп l sсаr ап mу knee from
Ь that you сап buy in any chemist's, when l fe]l off the ladder,
с when medical саrе s only for the rich,
d where you сап mаkе а rеа difference. Ь Complete the text with the words iп the Ьох.
е whlch there is no known слrе fоr,
f wh:c! was quite а,l expe,ie,ce.
ас hed bruise ffi develop dizzy
g who s а specialist in еуе surgery,
get over pass out shake strained treat

h who won't he р themselves,

l who work alongside nurses and doctors,
It aLl started when I was jogging in the раrk.
1 1 L,i;rnr:*ri into sonrething, feiL очеr and got а
whose tеmреrаturе goes higher than З9 degrees.

big 2_ оп mу leg. It З_ а bit.

I was worried I had а_
Underline the соrrесt words to complete the text.
mу leg as it wasn't
lf по word is needed, choose /.
comfortabLe. I thought it was best to do something
about it. so I looked up some advice оп the InteTnet and
We to think that we live iп а wоrld 1rhcr / ф9Е | which t
1ike decided to 5_ myself.
: еvегуопе has access to рrоfеssiопаl medica] саге?а lr,цhо l i
There was а lot of information. all quite confusing, but

Ihat сап take саrе of thеiг needs, Unfoгtunately, fоr those i I found а recipe fоr а special sports dTink and drапk а
' Зwhо
l Ф l vthtch live jп the deve|oping world, а0 l ,Mhtch l i coupLe of litres of it. АЬоut an houT LateT it hit mе. I feLt
, ,] thcl:is about 85% of the Еагth's population, this,is fаr frоm i mу head was going round and round,
] the case.Too often eitherthe tгеаtmепt fгоm tгаrпеd and I staTted to 7_ - I couldn't hold а сuр in
l l'] mу hands. I thought I was going to 8_,

professionals 5who l у,чhiсh l r,vhot they need is impossible to : i but I

gel, оr it cosls "noney бwhich l whot l lлhо LЦе/ don'L ,^ave. managed to сrаwt into bed. А week lаtеr, I'm beginning
,":',;: рбоо|еl*htсh l @ l wto need tгеаtmепt often then have to to 9__ it and thank goodness I didn't
: ,
. . lооk'fог alteinatives sйct / иzhоsе l whot аrе ге{аtiчеlу cheap

10_ any complications. I won't Ье using any
and available, of those internet sites again though.
: ,,,' ]' ' .i

Тhеге в а longtгadttion o{;using nattral :r:nedicine,,fo|. :l; . :.:: i

l:.,,'lexample p]anI{ 9ЙЬiсh / whеrе'/ whоsе',iеачБ5,,щбТj gр5:,, j, с @В Listen and check.
".,', ' ' ,
i],ii" beused to,take".qwp ýаiп, H.oweverlna йg4iс;рё.,.,.""i
.lfi,l .,K l:aё,iБ,situitiопs'lо.whеrе.l,,,thоt l а tbe
]iirlitё patient
ls vегу ill Ечеп so thеге аге реор]е \Iwho l which l а

Е рпOшUl,|сlАтl(lN s*ьпrъd жта* жр*t}ýrяg: u,t{

suffегf.оm seгior.rs drseds€S /а l,Mhich tгust паluгаl


mediclne more than mоdеrг merbods.This may sound @В Listen to the sentences and read the audioscript
сгаzу to wеstеrпегs |3wпа l а l which have the luxuгy оГ
on р.75. How are the underlined letters ui рrопоuпсеd
in each word in the Ьох? Complete the table,

fuse quite bodybuilder nuisance

fru it su its gu ilty inq ire biscu it
Ж=l**1:!,щ;';;.ц:t',.|:liliЩ^' u

SоЁпd.l:у# ýочпdЁ Sg,шпd,31ай

с @П Listen and check. {е.g.llД:, _{9,$',iggfl.i., b:gi, fiЛзе1 ',,





п GRAMMAR Е VOCABULARY \f,*уfu* d*ш*r*hiжg
Ж*рmrt*d ýр***tз; Ж*рmrеiхъffi \fr*rЬý t}ъmъхght жкъffi }qхъmжr}mdg*

Read the newspaper headlines and underline the correct Underline the correct words to complete the
words to complete the text. sentences.
1 ' 'm fed up with this| Why do we always have to wait
an hour to see the doctor?'
HOW ýID E0BINý Dо тнý I&IALK ýо ошскtY? Sаrаh саmрlаlпеd l wаrпеd lrefusedabout the
long queue at the doctor's.
ROBINS: 'No соmmепt!' 2 'The s tuatlon s under contro] so there is no need
to wоrrу,'
Rоhiпs;'Yоч iust want а good story!' The government mlп ster оrdеrеd l stated l
iпfоrmеd that the s tuation was under сопtrоl.
Robins:'| HAVE NOTHING Т0 HlDE!'
З 'There аrе no lessons th s Wednesday afternoon.'
Robins:'I only The tеасhеr rеmiпdеd l assumed l rеmеmьеrеd
flеw а shоrt wау' Robins: 'I'II give уоu yaur mопеу back' the class that thеrе wou dn't Ье апу lessons.
4 'There's по way l аm going to get оп that horse,
locy ordered l соmрlаlпеd l refused to ride the iiqt
h о rse. il
5 'You сап have your scarf back tomorrow.' 1

l\4y friend stated l asked l рrоmisеdIа return mу

sca rf.
simon Robins wos о hеrо when hе wolked оrочпd thе world to 6 '|'m so lucky to have met Раm,'
гоisе mопеу for сhоriУ but hqче now discovered lihot
iournclisЪ fiе i Не agreed l realised l fold how ucky he was to Ье
didпrLdq / hirл лоt dоiлg if. Actuolly; RоЬiлs {lew most of the woy" l with Рапl,
2hоw hаd hе l how Ье fiod dопе the wqlk
Journqiists wondeTed ;] 7 'You're go пg to рау. aren't you, dar iгrg?'
so quickly,ond qsked 3fiir.n ь ехрlаiп / thot hе explojпed At first i; lVly husband promtsed l assumed l rеmtпdеd l was
Robins re{used:afo Пlk / ta[king obout it,,соrпрlоiпiпg Sflтof #lе press i going to рау.
wапtеd / the рrёýs и/qлfiпg just to get о good story ond completely i 8 '|'m leav пg the departtTent tomorrow.'
dепiеd cfo Ьоуе / hoving enything to hidе.,Ноwечеr, iournolista ii The boss tпfоrгпеd l tпsisted l slaled us he would Ье
found оut 7hе hаd used /,him чsl'ф o.privote рlопе ond finoliy leavlng,
RоЬiпg qdгrlitte d Bta fly ./ {lуЬg:|оr Bol t of the long iочгпеу. Robins i 9 'Кеер away frоm that firеl'
insisted figd'wcl&eid / to have wolked а lot of the woy опd il The f rе officers соmрlаtпеd l ordered l refused us
give ,/ giving mопеу bock to peopla whо believed t to stand back.
фiсе hоче informed i
l1fAey bod Ьееп fiочrлg Ьееп сhеstеd, Тhе
/ 10 'Everytlring ls absolutely fine between us.'
/ us ffiot ihey wonit Ье taking Iеgо[ оgi|с,лl qgoinst Robins, i The Hollywood сочре tпfоrmеd l realised l tnststed
bur they hоче оrdеrеd 1Зtfiоt frе giye / hй fa give о full опd соrгесt l that their mаrr аgе wasn't in trouble,

*9 ;",*"_ ''

Ь Complete the words in the sentences.

Ь еВ Listen апd check. 1 wow, l пеvеr rе; i i эqdl how difficult itwould Ье
to get everyone to agree.
G Complete the reported speech sentences, Use contractions 2 The government is а_ _ _ _ of the рrоЬlеm, but they
where possible. won't do anything about it,
1 '|'m stay ng at home with mу sister,' З Please make s_ _ _ that you have everything you
Вriап sa б hc wag s'i;;lyilj€;зi hfiffio witi] , пееd before you leave,
2 'lt took three hours io get thеrе.' 4 l сап опlу с_ _ _ to the conclusion that you аrе по
Jеппу to d mе that longer interested п the 1оЬ.
З 'lt mау Ье а рrоЬlеm.' 5 Accordingto offtcla figures, it is е_____t*_that
The nurse ihought that 10,000 реорlе аrе п danger of catching the virus.
4 'Who аrе you golng w th?' 6 Zelda hasn't Ьееп to trаlп ng fоr weeks, so l

Му murT asked mе , а _she'sleft.

5 'Why didn't you te l mе?' 7 Some experts d_ _ _ _ that Shakespeare wrote
sirпоп wanted to know all his р ays himself. They think the author was
6 '|'m sorry l broke the vase,' sоmеопе е se,
J а ро ogised 8 Mart]n sti]l sn't here and l'm starting to w_ _ _ _
'Р ease Ье оп time, еvеrуопе,' whether he's iost.
The boss rеm nded
Ё :*Рr**s,iЕ"} fr
i1 fl_"t;:гtа * пtо,r

put the conversation in the соrrесt order,

! В l've rеаilу nc ldea. What on earth are you ta k ng about?i

П Д Oh come onl B]ack Street, you must rеmеmЬеr.

[ The Black Street Саfё. We worked there опе summer,

! В Sоrrу, but l've по idea иlhо you аrе.
П П ]t's Tim, frоm Black Street.

[ В Oh Timl Wnat on earth are you doing here?

ЩП Hi, do you recognise me?

Ц а l wanted to ask you the same question,

[ В ls.

В ack Street? l haven't got а clue whеrе that ,

Ь @Е Listen and check.

Е сOtлчгRSАтl(lN SKlLLS
t]] ж н:t,&л t,ж ffi ft 1ж t s ж ý}. d *уs **}, кт*$,$,эз gц

Complete the conversation. Write опе word in each

А Here's yoLjr room. Have а n се stay,
В Еr, l understood 1 we booked а lаrgе riэom.
А 'ir;,L.
lt s large you should see the smаll rооms.
В Ancj did l 2_ th s wrong? l thought there was
а sea view.
А The sea s tеrriЬiе. You don't want to see it.
в There's not even а shоwеr|
А Have l З- something? l а-
were оп hol day. You'l Ье outslde most of the time.
в But 5- you say this was а luxury hotel?
А lt used to Ье - twenty years ago|

Ь @Еа Listen and check,

Е рпOttuNсIАтl(lN
ý" ýхт}*iпъg {,1ш"# i ý}tк"ж.s,t*ж

il Write the correct linking sounds that are added in the

underlined phrases: ljl, lrl or lя,l,
1 l met John in the town centre the other day, li!
2 Wou]d you know where l could find а post offlce?
З l cal't a'fo,d ,t, lt's too ex|lensive,
4 Гhаt's the рhопе. Could you апswеr ii, please?
5 Don't leave the window ореп whеп you go out.
6 Сап you р]аV а р есе for us оп the piano?
7 Don't аssuп]е l еаrп а lot of mопеу frоm
doing this.
8 There is а new trade agreement between
Russia and Frапсе,
9 Lt iГ, qo щрq!Ц!i to you, you сап have miпе
10 l do th]nk she ouяht to explain exactLy what
she did,

Ь @Е Listen and check

КеерlпЕ sport heolthy
The conventional opinion about sport is that it has а positive
iпfluепсе on individuals' physical condition. However, thеrе are
people who claim that there are negative aspects of sport that
ЪhоuН rпаkе,us ехаrпiпе its'сФПЬrtiоП,mоrё ciosely, ., ..", ] ,:l
tl,i s _sф, !фt.th_ёrё:iа rе.s€чеrа [ good rea,soвs. f,o r d о л g s р о rt.

fi rstlV;'.fi{nes,s].is соппёсtеd to health апа,р[ауiп g s роrt he lp s


роп Й,ft ciher,people.ana sоd!а[.iлtеrасtЙп'tтitрs,реорlБtо-, ]

stay mental|y healthy and happy.

Опе,шgu,mеntgiven agaiлStЗроl]t,is, that it p*ts,,strяsý.ýn 1llq .:
body. Aside from extreme sports, even everyday activities like
lrufinillE'can,be-harmfrll i.f уоu dcthem too mr]ch. Somе реор[е
also worry about the long-term effects of various drugs and
Sports 5upplements.
Еurthеrrпоrёt it i5 alaimed ihat the,competitive еIеmёпt of sport
сап make реор|е a99ressive, the 'win at all costs' mentalit14.
The reasoning is that in this case sport becomes about winning
rather than being healthy and enjoying what уоu do.
lп conclusion, l believe that sport can Ье а healthy and fun way
of spending time if it is done in moderation and the right spirit.

fi The benefits of а healthy lifestyle a|most certainly outweigh the

d sadvantages.


]i]i i],]!]i l| ]
R ead the,essay :abo ut the. va lOe, o{.spФit' i *',ke'E'рiф ý}t"*ж*къtiý}ffi ffi" sffitr**s tъfl mrщжrнэфtr}fts
fit and'healthy, Аrе the sentences true or false?
1 Most people think that sport is а good thing. ? Complete the sentences with the words in the Ьох,
2 The writer gives two !,easons why sport is worthvlhi е.
э addition against а€fiе сопс u de
Ruппiпg is ап ехаmрlе of an extreme sport,
important spite suggests u п like
4 Drugs оп|у have ап mmediate effect оп the body,

We shou]d try to get to the top of whatever sport we do,
The conc]usion says that lt s good to do some sport.
Реорlе often аrquе that drug companies аrе too

Read the essay again and tick (/) the correct words
2 This _ that most реорlе аrе uпаwаrе of the
to complete the sentences.
з 0пе argument __ private health саrе is that it
1 lп the first paragraph, the writer ,., excludes people.
аf, outlines the isslle. 4 lп _, there may not Ье enough doctors to
Ь! sunT,arises tl-e iss.;e. help ечеrуопе.
с[ сrtiс ses the issue, 5 То _, both sides of the argument have some
2 ln the next three paragraphs, the writer presents ,., va lid ity.
а[ tne results of some research, 6 lt's _ not to forget that this medicine is not
Ьf] tneir own opinion. ачаilаЬlе ечеrуwhеrе,
сП dfferentarguments. 7 ln _ of advances in medicine, we have no
З А key argument in the second paragraph is that sport ... cure for mапу diseases.
а ! is the most effect ve way of keeping slJrT, 8 We сап eat fresh fruit all уеаr round поw,
Ь [ nultcs gooc relationships. fifty уеаrs ago.
с ! is as much about mепtаl as physical health
The third paragraph uses drugs as ап example of
something .,.
а ! introducing an unknown factor, Write ап essay оп the topic 'Are we healthier
Ь [ necessary to reduce stress levels. today than v/e were а hundred years ago?' Use the
с ! usecl too much in sport, paragraph structure and the notes to help you.
The mаiп idea in the fourth paragraph is that ... о lпtгоduсttоп: outl]ne the topic
а ! professional sport is а bad rоlе model for реор е medicine and technology,
П/lain argument for better health:
Ь] when you do sport, it ts natura] to want to wlп. better nutrition js available
с! tne main purpose of sport shou|d not Ье beating a Other arguments fоr: mоrе leisure time
others. о Arguments against: bad diets, cars, ТV and computers, life
ln the conclusion, the writеr .,. moves too fast
а[ gives therr реrsопаi орiпiоп. Conc|usion: summarise the arguments and give уоur
Ь! introduces the strongest argument. opinion
с[ presents а unique way of look пg at the issue, -ф

fl},b i
Reading and listening extension
А recent Oscabwinning film Ьу Martin Scorsese has got people
Read the article about Georges Мlбliёs. Put the events аrоuпd the world interested iп а Frепсh director Ьоm over: 100
in the order they happened. years ago. Marie-Georges-Jean Мёliёs was born in Paris iп 186-1 .

[ Не bought а theatre, Frоm ап early age. he showed а parlicular interest in the arts.
[ Не deve|opec] пеw film-making techniques. Аftеr studying at а famous аrt school iп Paris, Мёliёs continued
his studie-s in London * his par:ents insisted he le_arn English.
[ Не ived abroad,
Whiie in London, he developed ап interest in theatre magic,

! Не made his own сагпета,

Whеп he returned to Paris; he worked at his father's factory
! Не receiveci а pr ze from h s country.
[ Не saw his first f lm, цд_аltЁ.вь';.vi! iйhёjх,fij,ý.fti.fi.ф
meant that he was able to save enough mопеу to buy the
[ Не stopped making films,
famous ТhёДtrе Robert-Houdin when it was put up for sale iп
1ВВВ. Frоm that point оп, Мёliёs worked full time. performing
Read the article again and tick (/) the correct shows at the theatre, using techniques which he studied while
anSWerS. iп London, as well as working оп his оwп tricks.
1 Мёliёs went to study in London .,, whеп the Lumiere brothers - said to Ье the first ever fitm-
а f] because there was а vеrу fatTlous art school there. mаkеrs - showed their film to the public for the first time,
ЬЩ because of his раrепts' wishes, lr/ёliёs was а mеmьеr of the audience. what he witnessed
с[ because he wanted to lеаrп mоrе aboui theatre magic сIеаrlу had а strong effect uроп him. Аftеr the show, he
2 After buylng the ТhёЭtrе Rotэert,Houdin, ,., asked the Lumiere brothers if he could buy their, projector.
but they turned him down. However. Мёliеs had соmе to the
а fl Шlеl ёs реrfоrmесl shows there us ng thlngs he
сопсlusiоп that film-making was his future. so he went to meet
learned n London.
Robert Paul - а British film-maker - iп London. Меliёs looked
Ь П Мё]iёs spl t his time Ьеtчlееп worklng there and
at Paul's carnera-projector and built his own soon afterwards.
continuing hts studles, Within months. tvlёlёs was making апd showing his own films.
с! Ме iёs was able to save up а lot of mопеу from the
lп the autumn of 1896, ап event оссurrеd which changed the way
prof its.
Мёliёs looked at film-making. While filrning а simple street sсепе,
After see ng the Lumiёrе brothers' f lгп. lVё iёs ,,. Мёliёs's camera got stuck and it took him а few seconds to solve
а! suggested they collaborate оп а prolect together. the problem. Whеп he later watched the film, МёIiёs was amazed
Ь! ntrocuced them to а f lm-mаkеr in London, Ьу the effect that the incident had оп what he'd fltmed - оЬjефs
с[ mасiе thern ап offer that they cJid not accept, suddenly appeared, disappeared or wеrе trапЫоrmеd into other
objects. lt occurred to him that he cotld use techniques like this
Мё iёs started to make h s оwп f lms ,.,
to change the арреаrапсе of time апd space in his films. Не
а[ after he was given а саmеrа frоm Robert Pau ,
used this discovery to create complex special effects:
Ь [ uslng а саmеrа he rTade himself, Мёliеs made а wide range of films. Не is most famous for his
с [ after learnlng some techniques frоm Robert Pau ,

fantasy films, but he also made advertising films and serious

N4ёliёs's decision to start experimenting w th specla dramas However, after some time, audiences stopped finding
effects ,,, his work so interesting or uпusuаl, and iп 1912 he gave up
а! was the rеsu t of ап accidenta discovery, mаk!пg films. lп 1915. he was forced to turп his film studio
Ь[ саmе after ne felt unable to film а street scene in the into а theatre, and he stafted presenting live shows again,
way he wanted. 192З, he rап out of mопеу апd his theatre was knocked down.
lVlёliёs was almost totally forgotten, but in,the late 1920s, his
с[ because he felt that other f lms he'd watched were
contribution to сiпеmа was recognised Ьу the Frепсh апd he
u nsatisfa сtоrу,
was given а ýpecial award - the Legion of Honour - and а
The writer suggests iVёl ёs stopped mаk пg flltTs ,.,
а! because audiences stopoed golng to see thегп,
: Ь! because he d dn't f nd the lvork lnteresting апу
с! because he wanted to work n the theatre aga п

7 When he was older, l\4ёliёs ,.

а! was totally forgotten ln Frапсе,

Ь[ returned to mak пg f lms,
сП d d not have to рау for his own accommodation

Write а paragraph about someone famous in

your country who only Ьесаmе well kпоwп
later in his оr hеr life. Remember to include:
. what the реrsоп is fагпоus for
. what he or she did before f пdlпg fаrпе
. what your opinion ls of thls ре!,sоп.
Review апd extension
Tick (/) the correct sentences, Co,rrect the wrопg
i [] tt wаs the сарtаlп of the ship which was responsibie.
"* l*wя*th* *,apt*i{1 0f ih* *hiр wh* tя:ав'r*ар*_tts.Ьiе.; .. , . .
:i! 2п Throw away the tables whose legs аrе broken.
i зп The fi}пз review, that came outyesterday, Фаsп|l роqфе:
4п l,rлочеd iлtо the rооm where y_ou.Us.ed tо I ё,iп,,. ,1., , ..
Тhеп Rachel said, methat she tlTanted to',leav€i ]. ,:
1tb а toveý day, so lt stlggest having а picnic Ьу tlrёriver.
@В Llsten to а conversation between а doctor and
а patient. IVlatch the three things the patient asks
about 1-З with the advice the doctor gives а-с. Е ЧOСДВULАRY
1L ] Cougrr
2[ injuries from а b]ke accident sentences.
З f] njections for а trip abroad
1 ,f] Doctors бrе trying to dечЫоре пеW methods of ireating
а Speak to somebody е se. patientý withoutsurgeц ,,] ,, ,

lэ Come tэack if the рrоЬiеm doesn't go away. #aat*r* аrв+хýiпб t* d*velop пЯw Bis*h#sjф.gf : ,,. . ,, ,,

с use some medicine. trеаtlпg р аl;i€пtт without, 9Uгgсгу.

Listen again and tick (/) the correct answers.

f] IVlarcus can't rасе or train for three months and he isn't
treating this very well.
1 How long has the patlent had his cough? 3 ! ТПе cost of medicine is а problem in the develop world.
а! tоr two days 4 f] You should take саrе for yourse|f поw уоu'rе pregnant,
Ьfi for four days 5 I t Ы weak. 1'гп sure]l'R,] comfng dоwл with so,mething, ]

с! tоr а few weeks 6 I Give,hеr something befote ]she toses,consciousnessl

2 What does the doctor say about the patient's со d?
а! tt wil рrоЬаЬ у go away on lts оwп,

ЬП lt wil рrоЬаЬ у cause а chest infection iаtеr.

с! tt mау Ье caused Ьу having severa] со ds at the
Complete the sепtепсеs.
ballle tlille.
What does the doctor say about the patient's bike 1 The restaurant bi}l саmе __lq- over а huпdrеd eur:osl
а ! Tne patlent probably wasn't sеriоuslу inlured as he сlеапiпg out the wаrdrоЬе. ':

dldn't pass out, 3 Gran's drеаm has fiпаllу соmе ', . We bought hеr
Ь ! Tne patient did not do the right thing after hav ng the chance to drive а Fоrmulа t car tar the day.
the асс dent. 4 We had to throw the whole,dinnel. in the Ьiп, 1'vе,соr,пе tФ. ]

с [ Tne patient should go to hospital now fог further the that l am not а mаstеr chef.
с hecks, 5 The паmе Elvis has соmе _ а lot today Every
visitor to the museum has asked about him.
What does the doctor say the patient shou d do now?
Wе'rе 1ust going to advertise оur shop оп the lпtеrпеt
а! Avoid using the Ь ke unti] next week,
Ь! Avoid using the Ь ke for sечеrа weeks. l]:::::::?i llTl :'| i |ilil,1i1
с! По the race, but чеrу slowly,
What wil the patient пееd to do if he needs injections for
his holiday?
а! Return to the c]octor,,
Ь! Cet the inlections frоm someone at reception.
с[ Cet the injections frоm а nurse,

write а conversation between two friends who are

discussing what they do when they get ill, Use these
questions to help you:
о what kinds of соmmоп illnesses do ihey get?
. what k nd of med с nes do they take?
о what other things do they do to trу to feel better?
. Наче they ечеr tried а 'cure' that didn't work?
Е СПДММАR Fаst жmdа}ж шf d*dшсti*ж Е VOCABULARY д,djесtivеs жrith рr*frэ**ж

Щ!еrЦrc the correct words to complete the sentences, il Complete the sentences Ьу adding а negative prefix to
1 John's shoes аrе too smal] for the new school уеаr. Не the adjective in brackets.
rпу5!l might l could hаче grown а ]ot over the holidays. 1 l аm writing this letter of соmрlаiпt because l was completely
2 \,Ne must l
mау l could have moved to Austral а. but we dig*аLlоrtаd (satisfied) w]th the hotel facilities.
decjded to stay in Eng and iп the end, 2 The product sells very we l, so it's _ ( ogical)

З That сап't l mау l must have Ьееп Sheiia in the саr, but to stop making lt.
|'m not too sure from th s distance, З The fact that the suspect has а iot of tattoos is completely
4 Yач сап'tl mау поtl rпustп't have eaten al] the cakes - (rеlеча nt).
you'd Ье sick now| 4 N4ike, this is ап (expected) surprise, l

5 The keys could Ье апуwhеrе, l сап't l mlght l musf ечеп haven't sееп you for agesl
have left them in the gym. 5 The view from the Ьа cony s _ (believable).
6 Wait, don't phone hеr yet. She mlghll mttstl mlght паt You have to see it for yourself,
have woken up. 6 The laws of physics show that it ]s _
7 Рооr Andre didn't ealfar 24 hours, Не could l mау l mtlst (possible) to go back in time.
have felt rеаl у hungry.
8 lsent him а text but he сал'f / mау поtl mчst поtiаче CompIete the text with negative forms of the
rесе ved it because the receptlon is var аЬ]е up here, 1'i try adjectives in the Ьох,
aga i n,
9 Don't Ье sil у, there was an instructor with them, What credible experienced formaI honest patient
сап't l could l must have gопе wrong? polite probable rеаsопаЬlе regu lar responsible
10 Soph е was in bed with the f]u, so she сал'Il mеу поtl saffi successful
tTustп't have gone to the party,
ýа,trЦ l1ad wоrkеd аs а trainee chef in а hot€I fQr ýЙ Tnontbй,tiut , . -

Ь Underline the correct words to complete the text, :siiewas аlrеаdу 1-d!P*aýj eA-with heT job, espeeiaЦytbe ,,',
а.-._=; hоцrs апd З , , ,., l' ,, " ,, sцýtоmегý. Аlsо; ýаItlr-
xтaý ýtitrl quite а Ьцt the,haad ctref .used to ge-t
Shergar was а vеrу successfu] сhаmрiоп гасе horse, u-withherbeсauseshecou1dn'tdoeveтрhing.Sa1ly
in fact he iсап't /miqht have Ьееп the best еvеr, His Startedto]oSeherse1f-confidence.Маybeshehadu-
racing саrееr ended in 19В] and he2could / must expectations?.WasЗhejustanother'_-.]---.-:---. 11qing9,, .]
have made а lot more money for his оwпеrs frоm 8
and would it Ье to continue in а job which she
his celebrity status f he hadn't Ьееп stolen, Th s eouldnltdo?]Itwas,highlyЭ, thatttringýwоцld1. ;::,
l,apoe ed i, l 9Вз ard Sl,е,9а, vчд5 ге\ог seen agai-, get betten Setly ýot g.оmе lO adviee from her oId
There are lois of theories of who took Shergar апd tQафвr: at co]Iege, whо told her to learze Fоr.
what happened to h rп, but in rеаlitу апуihiпg Some leason - perhaps it meant she was
Згпчst / mау have happened, The kidnappers
" ,too - SaIIy didn't ]isten to t-Iris
1must l,mlght have Ьееп very professlonal, advice and She Stayed at the hote]. This might
or very
ucky, because they hid thеir vlctim so successful у, seem 12 but, five уеаrs lаtеr,
lt5сап't / mustn't have been easy to steal such а Saliy is now head chef. She always smiles
famous horse and make lt disappear соrпрlеtеlу, When heI tTainees telt het they. want to 1еач€.
People say the police бmау / must not have dопе the
irest jolr о' Гlпd ng Гпе , эrsе oecdLse "еу (oulcl /
с @Щ Listen and check.
must have acted а ot mоrе qu ckly the truth ls,
they didn't have much evldence апd the horse and


lts kldnappers wеrе never found,

рпOltuNсlАТl(lN wfl*rd ýty*ss
Some реорlе say the kidnappers 8сал'r / must have
k i ed Shеrgаr when the owners didn't аgrее to Underline the stressed sylIables in the words in bold.
9гпust / could have Ьееп а
рау the kidnappers, This
tragedy for tlre оwпеrs and fans of Shеrgаr. Ноwечеr,
1 The new parts are quite iпехрgдsiче.
there 10,,nust / mау have Ьееп а happ еr ending, 2 l find it improbable that they 1ust happened to Ье iп the

Of course, Shergar can't Ье alive today because same place at the same time.
this happened so mапу уеаrs ago. Being optlmistic, З The weather at th s time of the year is quite unpredictable.
he 1]саппоt / m ight поt have Ьееп kll1ed Ьу the 4 lwon't go on а trip as disorganised as th s опе aga n,
kidnappers, Не 12must / could have died а паturаl 5 l've dropped it on the f ооr а few t mеs, but it's unbreakable.
death somewhere safe, We w l1 рrоЬаЬlу печеr know- 6 ] сап do it, but it's rather iпсопчепiепt and l'm not чеrу keen.

Ь СВ Listen and check.

с OIШ Listen and check,

Е СПДММАR чддt*m*s жшs rеgr*ts Е VOCABULARY W*х,&зж *fl *Ёf,*уt

Underline the correct words to compiete the sentences. Underline the correct words to complete the
1 lwish 1 would l could l did sреаk another foreign Language. text. Then listen and check.
2 Do you ечеr w sh yau had l have l would haye а brother
tnstead of а sister?
З 1 wlsh l wished lhope Sarah апd lаlп get back together

lf oniy l hаdп't mаkе l made l have mаdе so mапу
m stakes in the first part of the test,
l wish you wочld l shottld l mlghtthlnk about somebody
else apart frоm yourseJf. $f
|'m surе a]l football mапаgеrs wish they wеrе l аrе l would
Ье sti l abie to рlау theгnselves.
5ne WaS а grеаt taIenl. 5пе trlео ,,.J"
3ip / out / оп singing and acing

Yоо would l shottld l wlllhave thought about that Ьеfоrе

you started shoutlng at ечеrуопе. fБЙ an еаrlу age, but had to
lf you hac three wishes, whal would l didl shoLlldyou wish t gui on;itb / give up many difficulties
for? as she started out on her саrееr, Fоr example,
She wishes she has l had l would hаие spoken to the in the stock mаrkеt сrаsh of 1928 McDaniel
doctor а iot еаr]iеr. could only find work as а waitress in а club. Мапу
5up / out / away, but
10 Louise ]s nlce, but l w sh she does l has dопе l did mоrе to реор!е would hаче given
help around the house. McDaniel continued to work бtп / though / оп
;,,'jh*,ёлtв,rtдiп.mеп,skil]s,аfi d even регýulаdеd-
Complete the sentences. Use contractions where r е,айrлеrъ+,thе с[uБ'tо]Ё:hаr,siпýthаiе" shе
possible. . .'m;yаа.{Ф Ноitуцаао апа i w.eлt r jo,t t:ýaii' '

1 i,' abbad' wlth,jr bi'

it's а shame you're not with us, Ptab,ta ье in the mФv,вý., Неr
l wish усu ;v*rg with us. most famous rоlе was in the 19З9 film Gопе with
Jane, р ease isten to mе for а mоmепt. ;,' the lzYйd,]where ghe wоп.hеr Oscat MeDanieI
l wish Jane for а moment, ]actually received а lot o{ criticism{oT pJaying
l want to Ье ten years уоuпgеr i, ]rоtеs w'h,ich.stereoýped black people, but she
she wishes thai ten years 8on with /.Ьу with,/ оп
,,,got Ьу hеr wоrk and today
yOU пgеr . hе{ |еgасу is recoEnised.
N4ikedoesn't live very с ose to the сепtrе
Mike wishes closer to the
се пtrе. СШ Listen and check.
Why d dn't l bLry that dress?
lwish that d ress. Complete the sentences апd questions with the words
6 lt wou]d Ье great if mу horse wlns the rасе iп the Ьох.
mу horse wins the race
lt was wrong of me to Ье so rude to the shop asslstant соре with get оп with give up go ahead
l wish so rudе to the shop overcome taekъ try out work on
assista nt.
lt makes me so embarrassed when he lies 1 l thrnk Debbie managed to tлсk]е
the task very
we l in the епd,
l wish - tt makes mе so
еm Ьаrrаssеd, 2 lt might sееm d]fficult now. but t's important поt to
i d dn't study very harc1 at school u nfortu nately.
lfony harder at school! ls Chris really going to _ with th]s dea of
10 lVly hus band and l аrе watching а really boring film, running а marathon?
l wish this boring fiLm l decided to _ а specla diet and it rеаilу
11 Why d dn't we go оп this tr р last уеа r? worked -

We оп th s trip lasi уеаr, At first ] couldn't the pressure of working

12 lt was а mistake to te l sheila such long hours.
You Shella 6 Fеw реорlе rea ise how mапу difficulties he has had to
-n opt lhis Гаt.
l need to mу pronunciation f mу English is
going to improve,
Don't соmрlаiп -- 1ust _ itl

Ш*sсrf,hf,жg h*w у*е* f*t*'".""i1l{ffi

? Uпdеrliпе the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 When they took mу winning ticket out of the bag, l was so
surpпsed l disappointed l tпterested,
2 l shочldп't l сочldп't l wачldп't be]ieve it, lt didn't seem rеаl.
З Тrечоr was watttпg l expecttng l realisinglhe news, but it
still саmе as а shock,
4 l was rea|ly pleasant l рlеаsiпg l pleased, l think l deserved
to win first prize.
5 lt was quite а blow l пеws l expected,l 1ust stood there in ],

6 The party was а disaster, l still can't Ье l gо lget over it, ]

ý хъt* rrк"а р tiяъ g * х* d ý" хъ}1 * L"} }э fi i r,ъ g хэ *члrs

? put the conversation in the correct order. Е РR(INUNG IATI 0N f;*уэжшхъжуъt жýфжрý

! В Tnat's true, l guess. Well, thanks for tel ing mе, l'd а @Ш Listen and uпdеrliпе the words which have
better get back, а consonant group (two or more consonant sounds
! В wnatz l don't know about that, l'i have to think it очеr, together).
! В Шо probiem, Luke. What's happened?
[ В HotC on, l was just speaking to Tim yesterday, Не didn't
say anything, i ln thё wiпtеr of eighteen fiftf.five,the реорЬ of ' : :

! l Wetl, it's true, Опе mоrе th ng. Tim's gone to Masons, . Devon in England woke up to find the footprints of
ý П Hi, Lesley, Thanks for coming to see mе,
a.stran8p,anirnallin-tb.e s!glv,.,,, .. . 11. .:

[ В Hang оп а minute. l\4asons аrе our compettors. That's i Some frightened people followed them and the
а d isaster]
; fооtргiпts went оп and оп ... fог арргохimаtе|у а
! а t Know you won't believe th]s, but Тim has resigned.
tll.ein accoчпt,is to Ъё-Ьеtiеvеd, ,],, .',.

! Л lust а minute, Тhеrе's something e|se we have to i"-.Ъ'йд.d.iаа.Йjф,tf

discuss, Would you Ье interested iп taking Tim's job?
! Л tt's no tragedy, We haven't got апу secrets he сап tell j Sаrdепs and очег walls and rооfs.

No опе could ёхрlаiп thё fоофriпts, but siпсе then

h @mВ Listen апd check. i mапу qhеогiеs have Ьееп sugge9ted.

! Опе of tЪе s!гапg9s! was t]rat а kапgаюо had .



Тhе hоtе1 was iп darkness. Feeling гirеd frоm the walk, I stopped and
l."looked аrоuпd.'W'hаt was going on? Тhе рlасе r,чаs obviously open
'r]йеrе wеrе some cars and an trnfamilrar smell frоm sоmеwhеrе. It rvas
strlrпgе firTdirrg а hotel - I cotrldrl't lerrrellbet, seeirrq it on пш trrap, but
hеrе it lTas.

.'. If опlу mу саr hadn't Ьrоkеп down iп thе rrriddle оf поwhеrе, making
rTe look fоr hеlр.Тhе trip hadn't bcen mу idea,Tony had kept asking mе
to visit him and his new wife and I hаd finally agreed.'A fеw hоurs Ьу

Е RЕАDlNG .],|]:],..j1"l

I called out: 'Is anybody 1rеrе? I need sottle hеlр r,r,ith nty саr,'Siletrce.
Read the beginning of а story. Put the Feeling guiltr., I rvent irrsicle.That str:urge slrrell rl,as getting strопgеr atrc1
events in the order they happened. I rvctrt torr,эrds it, altrlost Гаlliпg очеr ilr the сlаrk.Тhаrrkfull1,, I fbunci а i]:]

lrцht su,itch .rtrd turrred it on. I rvish I hadn't. .j

I Sne wa]ks to the hotel, j

[ .J tt tinCs evidence the hote] isn't closed. I sarv а table rvith lots of fooci оп, пеаt, vegetables, fruit, cakes.A]1 of

! Sne asks for help. it lrad gone offand \yas rotten. Reaching йr the dool, I rvatrted to get ,']

[ ;it swtc-les ог а ighi, ] out but 1 noticed sonrethirrg else otr th:rt tеrriые tаые: а letter nrarked
ý Tony gets mаrrеd. 'ForJiil frorrrTonv'. Inside it said sirrrply,'You wеrе too 1ate 1Ъr thе раrry.'
I Jitt opens а letter, Wh.rг cor-r1.1 it lltearl?
f ] Tony ,пчltеъ Jil Io vi> t n m. ]i.i,;i.]i].1;i:ji_]li!,];ii::ii,:,.,!].i':]:.:,,],.:,,:i _,: :i

! Sne finds whеrе the smell is coming from,

!.J tsса,Ь,еаk.dоwг,
(/) the
Read the story аgаiп and tick
most appropriate answers.
Е wRlTltlG SKILLS м*}кЁltg fr ýt*у}r iхъtеrеstiхъg
1 How did ,Jill get to the hotel? ? Match 1-6 with a-f to make sentences,
а[ Ву car,
t @ WalKing away down the road, а l began to сrу.
Ь@ Оп foot.
Z! HotCing mу head in mу hands, l had to s t down for а moment.
doesn't say.
What cou]d
Jil smel] when she got there?
З[ Shouting at the top of rTry voice, с l hid behind а tree and waited.

а[ Something difficult to recognlse.

+[ Fее ing weak ааd dizzy, d l resisted the temptation to look back.
Э[ titot being iп the best of moods, е l sat in а corner апd ignored еvеrуопе,
Ь ! Something she instant у recognised, signal,
с [ Something unpleasant, 6[ Listening for а warn ng f l tried to get her attention.

How did Ji]l find the hotel?

Ь Complete the pairs of sentences with the gerunds and verbs in the Ьох.
а! Bv foIlowirg oirer^lio.rs,
Ь! Frоm mеmоrу. feeling / felt ffi+eara hiding / hid holding / held realising / realised
с L]ВуCnanСe.
What happened to the car? fл
Ia Н*аriпq her voice shouting 'Соmе back', l resisted the temptation to
а! There was а technica рrоЬlеm. look back at her,
Ь f] There was ап accident. ь Lying clown on the ground and ho ding mу breath, sоmеопе l hBard
с f] tt rап out of petrol. walking а mеtrе away from mе,
Why dld Jil criticlse Топу? Za weak and dizzy, l had to sit down for а moment,
а! не had ]ied to hеr, ь lt _ good to see Тоm up and walking again after the accident.
Ь! Не refused to visit her. эл
Jd Darkness саmе апd we sооп
that we were completely lost.
с ! Не uncJerestlmated the 1ourney. ь Not_ mу m stake, l carried on as tf nothing had happened,
What did J ll feel gu ty about? 4а Listеningforаsignаl,I-bеhindаtrеe,wаitingаnxiоus1у'
а ! Having negative feelings about Tony. ь ltwаsаtеrriblеdаy,-fromthеcriminаlwhоwаntedtofindh]m.
Ь [ DisLL"oirg tГе hotel g;ests, эа Тhеpoorgirl-herhеаdinherhаnds'сryingwithfrustrаtiоn'
с [ Тurпiпg on the light, ь Ап oid mап came up, а cup which he then offered to mе.
what did Jil] feel when she turned оп the

а! пеilеt. wпlTlttп

с[ Regret. Choose one of these first lines and continue the story. Write three
What stopped Ji l ruппiпg out of the rооm? paragra phs.
а[ Sne saw the message, Looking nto the terrible storm, l thought, 'How аrе we going to gei out of this?'
Ь! Sne sme]led the food. l shook hапds and hurried away, hoping l'd печеr see him again.
с! Tne door was locked.
uNlт чfl$
Reading and listening еftепsiоп
п RЕАt)lNG

it Read the blog about rеgrеis. Match the people 1-5 with the regrets а-е
tП Jon (the author of the article) а an ехреriепсе at university
z|7 Lisa ь ап experience while looking for work
JL] Sha ne с not spending t mе with the fагпi у
+П l 0гу d not studying enough at sсhооl
э[] Mike е not trave ling mоrе

АNY REGRETS? бЯоstеО Ьу Jоп,24 Morch)

А rесепt survey of over о thousond mеп ond women in the UK oged over 25 found thcrt, if they could go Ьqсk in timе,22%
of morried women would choose о different husbond, Only l2% of men soy they should hove chosen о different wife|The
survey olso found thot 30% of реорlе wish they hod chosen о different соrееr,359/. wish they hod сhоsеп о different соursе
ot university ond З/% wish they hod soved mоrе mопеу, Fiпоllу,53% soid they wish they hod trovelled oround the wоrld mоrе
whеп they were younger,
Id hove to get mоrriеd tэеfоrе l could comment on the first iwo stqtistics, But if l could go bock iп time, would l ohoose о different
college course? МоуЬе, Would l hove trovelled mоrе? Definitely, but then l think l rеоllу did crll the trovelling l could with the
money l hod, Whot obout you? Would you hove done опу4hiп9 different whеп you wеrе уоuпgеr? Do you hove опу big regrets?

] wos uпfоrtuпоtе ld revised for weeks, but there wcs опе ] , work becouse thought l should Ье еоrпiпg os muсh mопеу
question in the exom оп о iopic thqt l didn't reolly study so
os possible. Оп weekdoys, ! rаrеlу scw them. ьесоusе l ieft for
much - it wos something thot didn't interest me ond we оп!у wоrk Ьеfоrе they woke up ond got bock оftеr theyd gопе to
looked oi it quickty оп the соursе, so l didn't think it would bed, Uпfоrtuпоtеlу- l think it's often eosier to soy'no'to fomily
Ье iп the exom. So еvеп поw, t оftеп think - if only l hod thon it is to work Sоmеопе опсе told гпе:'lf you lose mопеу.
studied lhot опе topic о bit mоrеl But it didn'i reclly mоttеr. l you соп olwoys еоrп more, but if you lose lime. you соп
stilI groduoted ond l don't think my Iife would hove Ьееп so never get !t bock l didn't reolly understond whot thot mеqпt
different if ld got thot higher mqrk - l suppose it would hove ot the time, but now I'm оldеr, l do,
Ьееп пiсе just for myself ond my fomily, M1KE
i_.&,"J Реrsопоllу, l think the most importont thing is to thot ехреriепсе to work on уоur weoknesses опd do belter
enjoy your life поw ond поt think too much obout the post in tГrе futurе %u [еоrп tюm wГrоt went wrопg ond the
Фпd]h'оlмthirлgsiоu]d.h'Ьче.Ь ,djtf.еiёл* mеiirпеs Йistakes уоu mode опс -окБ. ,УЬi lНlПФфfi.еi.еh
think obout опе job interview l went for just ofter finishing neit time. l wos rеоllу irresponsible ot school l strould hove
school,l'd рlоппеd to get the troin to go to the rnterview. siudied hоrdеr, But thot wos о good thing, becouse ot
but becouse l рrеfеr driving l decided to toke the соr ond university. l reolised my mistoke. опd l reolly worked hоrd ond
ended up getting lost in о city l didn't know very well. So l l opprecioted the opportunity to study there. So iп thot cose,
l оrrivеd lote. which didn't creote.o gaod,ir:nprёssion, qпd regret reoii1l hetped mе chonge mу behcviour.

,: о

rl lad the blog again

Read again. Complete the sentences with the names in the Ьох.
i' а

ж.]=l regrets something that was рrоЬаЬlу unavordable, щ -о q. 9_*ш
i. з regreis something that was mostly important for реrsопаi reasons.

4 says you can lеаrп frоm regrets, ,ffi
j 5 understands something better now than rn the past. 'Щ.
ý 'ffi#
Ь ,,,,,,",,,,,,.,
Rечiеw and extension
Read the blog again. Are the sentences true or false?
1 Моrе mеп than women wish they had chosen а different
раrtпеr. Tick (/) the correct sentences, Correct the wrong
2 Jon (the writer of the article) isn't mаrr ed. sentences.
З Lisa did bad у in the ехаm because she didn't spend t[ Тhапk you and l wlsh to hear frоm you sооп.
much time studying for it. 1"hалk зсL; iri,]6{ l hOpfi t]o jr*;r fiT:rtl чоu **ot,l.
4 Shane thinks he didn't get the job because hls train was ate
2п We со nope yoJ woL]l.J еп ov tl^е rest of lolr :ta\,
5 Tony general у опlу saw h s children at the weekend,
зп SoTeliTes I "luibll I we,e Ьоси nt 1 1iy+iqily зgз,:,
6 N4ike th nks h]s lack of effort ai schooi made hlm а better
4п Goodbye, and l wish we сап meet again sооп.
univers ty student, 5п
Denis wishes he spent mоrе titTe thеrе last sl]mnler.
oL_.] Now l wish паоп't et Cnгs or tne |ea,n,

Write а paragraph about а regret that you or someone

you know has. Remember to include:
. what the regret is Е ЧOСДВULАRY
. wny you оr the реrsоп chose that course of action
. how your оr the реrsоп's life would Ье different nolv f Tick (/) the correct sentences. Correct the wrong
something had Ьееп different then. sentences.
tП Му friend Jane is а very rеsропsаЬlе регsоп,
Myfrierid Jаtз eib жчвrу rа#Ё$fisibl* рr;{*аfi.
2п The training facilitles аrе saiisfied fоr а сiuЬ of this size.
з,П Linda is quite impatient, so don't keep hеr waiting too tong.
4п 1'rп very unsatisfied with уоur rеýропýе to mу rеоепt ietter.
5П The police discovered :her iliegally usе of соmрапу funds.
бп 1 сап't соре with atl these рrоЬIегпs, l пееd some help.

7п ]'d like io iry sпоwЬоаrdiпg while we'vo got ýOmе sпоw

Uпdеrliпе the correct words to complete the exchanges,

Е LISTENlNG 1А Do уоu wапt a lift io the station?
В Don't worry, there's по way 1 all the way / we'lt цаФ оуL
а @М Listen to five people talking about receni оWп WaV,
events. Match people 1-5 with situations а-е. 2А So Апdу staris, then it's Rosie, then Аmапdа?
t [lonn а а саr accident В Оле way or the other. 1 lп sоmе ways, / lt's the other
Z [ МаrtПа Ь а wоrk meeting
way rочпd.

З [Geno с an intervtew for а un versity place

WouId,tomorrow about seven Ье alright?
4 [ Ваrrу d loslng ап object Тhеrе's по way l Опе way оr апоthеr l lп sоmе waywe
э!гmil е meeting sогпеопе оп the street сап staп so soon"
4А ls it difficutt to get up the mоuпtаiп?
Listen to the f ive people again. N4atch the emotions in В No, there's а good path the ather way rаuпd l опе way
the Ьох with the people. There are three extra words оr апоthеr l all the way"
you do поt need. 5А Are you surе you сап get ihe саr workingagain?
В All the way l Опе way оr апоthеr l lп sоmе lvays, wе will.
angry confident exhausted fortunate
not hopeful regretful surprised worried

1 John 4 Ba,rv
2 Martha 5 Еrтi] , Lооk аgаiп at RevieW your рrоgrеss оп p.126 of the Studentis
З Geno Book How well сап you do these [lrngs now?
З = vеy well 2= well 1 = not so well
Write а conversation between two people discussing
ап event neither of them are able to explain. Use l сАN ,..
these questions to help you: speculate ahout the past

where апd when did the story take place?
discuss life achievements :

what happened?
. why can'i they ехрlаiп what happened?
describe how l felt
. were they with апу other people? Do they have ап writе а паrrаtiче, :,

ехр anatlon for the event? ,

Uпit 1: 0utstanding people
ttr( What аrе уOчr hobbies?

? Watch video 1а. Match 1-6 with a-f to make

l Щ wiiem еп likes а watch пg sport,
2П Richard likes Ь making mus с.
З[ Hannah tikes с des gn ng с othes
+ [ массу liKes d рJау ng music,
5! Heather likes е drawing,
6[ Maureen Jikes f реrfоrm ng.
ltr( Which hobby would уOu like to try?

watch video 1ь. underline the correct words to

complete the sentences.
1 Wi lemien has печег Ьееп used to gо running.
2 Richard's hobby wouJd invo]ve horses l trачеlliпg.
З Hannah wants to da soпlethttlg wlth е friепd l а water
sport. Unit 2: Surчiчаl
4 Maddy would лоf Ье l Ье wоrr ed about how we l she does ,l
this new hobby, Е( Which animal аrе уOч most scared 0f?
Maureen wants to try someth ng that is ald fashtoned l
people think is impossible. 2 watch vtdeo 2а, underline the correct words to
Heather th]nks she wil try painting after she does the complete the sentences.
housework l has fiпished wоrklпg,
1 Laui,en has а чеrу чпчsuаl l соmmоп fear,
Dt 2 lV]att is not so scared of cows oll thelr оwп l tп groups.
lE( Ноw successful аrе you when you take up пеw з Anna is afraid of anima]s which сап hаrm hеr l are wild.
activities? 4 lVlartina could have died l didn't rеаllу пееd to wоrrу.
G Watch video 1с and tick (/) the correct answers. Elrl What аrе some dапgеrоus animals iп а сочпtrу
1 Wiliemien has а _ % success rate. уOu'че visited?
а L]U
ьИ50 Ь Watch video 2Ь апсj tick (/) the correct answers.
c!too 1 Laui,en was in dапgеr because
2 R chard only takes up activities wh ch he а@ of het shces
а[ wants to do Ь ! she was а опе
Ь! wiJl Ье good at с[ she was on а mоuпtаlп
с[ needs to do
2 lVlatt was wоrriеd about snakes because he was staying
Наппаh wouid рrоЬаЬlу Ье good at *-
а [ tennls а[ inahotel
Ь! photography Ь! natent
с! dancing с [onaboat
When she tries somethtng пеw, lVladdy often З Аппа was surprised that the local people
а! helped hеr
а[ needs heip Ь[ lveren't afra d
ь! tais с] НаС по specia method
с! lоsеs nterest
4 lvartlna was afra d of this anima] because
Heather has по рrоЬlеm with _ а! ofa disease tspread
а[ motivation Ь[ hеr fr ends wеrе scared of it
Ь[ time с[ she was iving in а foreign country
с! work
5 What happened showed that l\4artina's fеаr was

а ! rеаsопаЬlе
ь ! siliy
с I selfish
Vох рор video\

lf уоu got too cIose to а lion, what woutd you do? Ь< WПut do уоu think makes а successful athlete оr
SpOrts реrSOп?
С Watch video 2с. IV]atch 1-5 with а-е to make
с watch video Зс and tick (/) the correct answers,
1@ Lauren
1 Eugenia th jnks the most important thing is to
2П Wth а liоп. \4att
W]th а shark, ]Vatt
а ! have natural talent

Ь [ Оо а rапgе of sports
И/]th а shark. |,4artina
с@ start young
а mlght attack the animai.
2 When Eugenia was а girl, she wasn't чеrу interested in
ь wouldn't Ье аь е to sсrеаm,
с would lose cot-,lsciousness,
а[ music
d doesn't think с imb пg а tr.ee ,uvorild Ье effective,
Ь! sport
е th]nks it depends whеrе it haopened.
с[ anything
З James thinks success in sport is to do with
Unit 3: Talent а [ how уоu think
Ь ! how fit and strопg you аrе
El( Сап уOu tell mе about а рOрulаr sport апd why с ! Поw you think апd how strong you аrе
peоple like it? Guy thinks there аrе factors involved,
а[ lots of
? Watch video За and tick (/) the correct апswеrs. Ь! not mапу
1 Eugen а talks abolit marathons, с! опе оr two
а! ruпп ng Guy is the опlу person to talk about
Ь [ wiппiпg а! training
с fi watching Ь ! ciet
2 ELrgenia thinks the best thins aboL_lt marathons is that с! what sports реорlе think about

а! tne расе is fast

Uпit 4: Life lessons
Ь! tney аrе open to ечегуопе
с f] you сап run оп the roads
@{ Ноw would уOu spend the mtlпеу if уоu suddenly
James thinks that rugby is football. had S1,000,000?
а f] mоrе complicated than
Ь П difficult to compare to ? Watch video 4а. Match 1-4 with a-d to make
с [ basically the same as
-- sentences,
Guy thinks Fоrmulа 1 is .---. t @ ottie
а[ dangerous
z f] cnris
Ь[ tne most рорulаr sport
з ! Jonn
с! tutt of surprises 4 ! IVargaret
Guy likes the fact that Fоrmulа 1
а паmеs three things to spend mопеу оп.
а! rасеs last Lwo days ----. Ь talks about а business opportunity.
Ь! goes over а longer period
с would spend the mопеу оп other people first.
с[ drivers need good qualifications
О nu.n'' thought much about this before.

br Дr, thеrе апу sportý 0r activities you've Ьееп

@l( Ноw would having а lot of mOпеу change уOur life?
doing fоr а lопg tirne?
Watch video 4Ь and tick (/) the correct апswеrs.
Ь Watch vicieo ЗЬ. Undelline the correct words to
1 Ol]ie wol]d feel
complete the sentences.
а@ mоrе secure
1 ELtgenla was goodl Ьфl average at sport at schoo]. Ь! lazier
2 Eugenie diCn't liлlsh tiie i1,1аrеthr,lп l ruп ttle mаrаthоп с! less motivated
chris would
З Jаrrrеs does athlettcs l pleys footballat unlversliy,
4 Guy thinks that tаlепl_ l cleclicatloл is mоrе mэоrtапt for
а! give up wоrk

sLlccess in sport,
Ь! поt work as hard
с[ have mоrе breaks
John thinks would change.
а! everything
Ь! nothing
с! few things

lVargaret likes
@( Have уоu ever experienced ехtrеmе weather?
а! saving up to buy something пiсе
Ь[ spending а lot of mопеу h Watch video 5Ь. Match 1-4 with a-d to make
с! tne responsibility of having а lot of mопеу sentences.
The опlу реrsоп to see а negative side to this question is
-. 1 ff Anna has experienced
Z! tVatt has exper enced
а[ O]lie
З[ b'tailэr;tt has ехреriепсеd
+ ! N4artina has experienced
а being unprepared for ехtrеmе weather,

br Во уоч think wiппiпg а lot of mOпеу would have а

travelling frоm а hot рlасе to а co]d опе.
noth ng extraord паrу.
pOsitive 0r а negative effect? d а fee ing of help essness,

G watch viceo 4с. underline the correct words to What do уоu kпоw аЬочt Antarctica?
соrпрlеtе the sentences.
1 О] ie сопсепtrаtеs оп the poslllиe l пegative consequences, с watch vldeo 5с. underline the correct words to
2 О lie would choose а job wh ch was wеl/ patd l епlоуаЬlе. complete the sentences.
з At the nloment, chrls feels setisfled l dissatisfled,
1 Аппа wouldn't llve in Antarctlca because lhere аrеп't mапV
4 At Гirst, John would feel he d]dn't wапtl dеsеrvе the money, people l аrе too mапу dапgеrоus апtmаls.
5 iVаrgаrеt would giие the mопеу away l mаkе it а positlve
2 Matt had higher l /olverexpectations of Antarctica before
he spoke to sоmеопе who worked there.
з unlike Anna and lvlatt, Maibr tt mentions апimаl life l
Unit 5: Сhапсе industry l the wеаthеr lп Antarctlca.
4 l\laibr]tt would l ve there for а few weeks l mопths.

br WоulП уOu rather live somewhere really hot 0r 5 what Martina knows about Antarctlca соmеs frоrп fhe
mеd ta - реr>опа l erperience,
really cOld?
6 I\4artina сап l сап't imag пе belng there,

? Watch video 5а and tick (/) the correct answers.

1 Аппа of wearlng ]umpers. Unit 6: Аrоuпd the globe
а ffi doesn't like the idea
Ь! understands the benefits br wnut kind of pIaces do уоч like to g0 t0 0п
с! doesn't see the point holiday?
Аппа and N4att both about clothes.
а! agree ? Watch video ба. tV]atch 1-5 with а-е to make
ь[ talK sentences,
с! complain 1 [d А l the speakers talk about
Matt fee]s in hot conditlons. 2[ Two of the speakers mentlon
а! relaxed З|]Laurenlikes
ьПi]l 4[ Lauren doesn't ike
с [ uncomfortable 5| ] j0 ment ons
tV]aibrittwould рrеfеr somewhere а ltalу
а! cold Ь wakngtrps.
Ь! neither co|d nor hot с the people you see.
с [ rrot d the food.
lVariina mentions Са ifornia as ап ехаmрiе of а р асе е the beach.
whеrе ll

а! it gets too hot @l What's the best holiday уOч'че ever had?
Ь |] tne weather cloesn't change much
с[ tne weather makes her uncomfortabie ь watcn video бь. underline the correct words to
complete the sentences.
-. 1 Rachei werlt оп this holiday after her wеddiпg l 10 days
2 The lVla d ves mеf Rachel's expectattaпs l disappotnted
З Jo had rlever l alweys thought about having а holiday llke
th s,
4 .]о trave| ed mostly Ьу bus l рlапе,
5 [auren's journey took опgеr because of the heat l а
рrоЬlеm with the boat.
This de ау spoiled l didп't spoil Lauren's holiday.

Vox рор video\

br Но* do уоч think tочrism will change in the br По you think people аrе morе stressed nowadays
future? than they wеrе fifty уеаrs ago?

G Watch video бс and tick (/) the correct answers. ь watch video 7ь. underline the correct words to
1 Rache] th nks mоrе people will соm plete the sentences.
а[ stay at home 1 Deborah bases hеr opinion on what she has read l
ЬЩ traveJ around their own country relatives have told her about the past,
сП go abroad 2 Дriап agrees l disagrees with DеЬоrаh.
2 опе ,еаsог fo, lhis ;s З lViargaret thinks it is particular у d fficu Ifar уочпgеr l
а ! environmental issues чпеmрlоуеd people,
Ь [ plane travel is cheap 4 Маrgаrеt also thinks that low sаlаrlеsl lопg wоrkiпg hours
с ! реорlе have а lack of options are an SSL]е,

З Lаurеп disagrees with Rachei about

5 Margaret and Andrew both mention the расе of life l

-. difficult dectstons to Ье mаdе.
[ what реорlе think about the environment
6 Andrew talks about tie positive l пegative ro е of
Ь! tne standard of hotels
с! tne costs involved

Lаurеп thinks that most people will have

а! eco-holidays
_. br WПrt do уоu like about the аrеа whеrе уоч live?
Ь[ tne same k]nd of holidays as now
С Watch video 7с. Match 1-6 with a-f to make
с[ mоrе cultural hoiidays
Jo uses space tourism as ап ехаmрiе of а direction which
1@ Deborah likes
2 L] l0пу Crlt ClSeS
а! completely different
З f] Rriап аррrес ates
ЬП а waste of mопеу
с[ of по реrsопаl interest
+ ! arian doesn't ike
5[ Andrew Jikes
6[ Rпdrеw dislikes
Unit 7: City living а socia ising with the same group,
ll Ь the пumЬеr of places to sit.
@( D0 уOч get easily stressed? с the local transport,
d the cultura ]ife.
? Watch video 7а and tick (/) the correct answers. е belng пеаr the sea,
1 Deborah considers stress to Ье f the standard of educat on"
а И achalenge
Ь ! something to Ье avoided
с Пареrsопа рrоЬlеm
2 Ап ехаmрlе of stress Deborah glves is
а П difficult children
Ь ! not doing things оп time
с ! tite-or-Ceath situations
Тогу gets into stressfu situations,
а ! печеr
Ь[ occaslonally
с! often

Tony's stressf ul situations аrе usually the result of

а! where he lives
Ь! inconvenient phone calls
с! tne demands of rеlаt ves
0ne way for Arian to rеlах is
а[ playing the piano
Ь! meeting friends
с[ sport
lVlargaret thinks she is lucky because she
а! nas always Ьееп qu te relaxed
Ь! is fit and healthy
с[ nas no stress in hеr life
Andrew gets slresseo
а[ аl1 the time
Ь! when he's drivlng
с[ un,ess ,lе isters lo music

Unit 8: Dilemmas br Во уOч think people spend morе mOпеу if they чsе
а credit саrd than if they use cash?
br l, it imроrtапt to рlап how уоч spend уоur mопеу?
Watch video Вс and tick (/) the correct answers.
? Watch video Ва. Match 1-5 with а*е to make 1 Саrоliпе thinks spending cash
sentences. а! is ]ust mоrе interesting
1ý Саrоliпе talks about Ь ! makes you feel better about what you buy
2 f] Паvе and Caroline both mention с fi nas а mоrе immediate effect оп people
З! Jessie talks about
+ ! Cotin and Gаrу agree that
Dave speaKs [о,
а! tne malority of
5! Onty Gаrу mentions
Ь[ some
а planning is чеrу important. сП а signlficant amount of
Ь being spontaneous with mопеу.
Co]in thinks - mопеу affects people's
с being happy with the money you have,
spending habits.
d buying рrореrtу.
а[ the size of
е wasting mопеу.
Ь! greed of
br По уOu рrеfеr using cash 0r cards?
seeing your
between cards and cash.
ь watch video Вь. underline the correct words to
а! sees по difference

complete the sentences.

ь! tincsit difficult to choose
с! sees а big difference
1 Caroline has а slight l sfrолg рrеfеrепсе for cash.
2 Dave рrеfеrs cash because this is rпоrе trad jtional l easier
З Jessie uses cash mасhiпеs l her рhопе а lot iп dealing Unit 9: Discoveries
with mопеу. ).l
4 colin thinks cards are mоrе есопоmiсаl l еаsiеr to use. Е( What advice wouId you give mе if l had а bad cold?
5 Gary's story about the саfё shows he doesn't оrgапisе his
cash чеrу well l like cash very much. Watch video 9а. Match 1-4 with a-d to make
1@ Lynne recommends
2! Stepn rесоmmегds
З! Rtwyn recommends
+ [ Cntoe ,ecoTmends
а not spreading infection,
ь two kjnds of drinks,
с not doing anything too demandlng.
d covering yourself in something wаrm.
br wПаt do уоч think has hееп the higgest
Ьrеаkthrочgh iп medical science?

h watch video 9ь. underlirie the соrrесt words to

complete the sentences.
1 Lynne and Steph паmе technologyl mеdiсiпе.
2 Alwyn names а result of research / mеdiсiпе.
З Claire talks about health problems which аrе the result of
accidents / exist frоm birth.
4 Claire be|ieves the пеw treatment is completely successful l
has аlmоst solved the рrоЬlеm.
5 Chloe паmеs DNA sequencing because tI has led to l was
the result ofother breakthroughs.

Vox рор video\
Е( What medical invention would уоч most ]ike to exist?

Watch video 9с and tick (/) the correct answers.

1 Lynne names а method of _ the brain's
а ! sharing
ЬЩ keeping
с[ nicing
2 Steph names а treatment which would Ье
а! universa
Ь! well known
с! fast-working
З Аiwуп thinks the invention will Ье based оп
аП а luckyguess
Ь! professional experience
с[ previous rеsеаrсh
4 Сlаirе thinks the рrоЬlеm is that _
а f] cancer can't Ье cured
Ь[ there аrе mапу types of сапсеr
с[ inventions take а long tlme
5 The tone of Chloe's answer is
а! 1oKlng
Ь! disappointed
с! bitter

Unit 10: Possibilities

l@( What wочld he уочr drеаm job?
br WПrt did уоu drеаrп of Ьесоm!пg whеп уOu wеrе а
Watch video 10а and tick (/) the correct answers.
Ь Watch video 10Ь, IVlatch 1 б with a-f to make
1 Alyssia bases her choice оп sentences.
а fl financial rewards 1 ý AJyss а
Ь @ ner сurrепt position
с! tne opportunity to Ье famous
З ! Alyssia and Loit]e boiil
2 lп the аrmу, Dan + !Tim
а[ designs weapons 5 ! ЕJ zabeth
Ь! makes bombs safe Ь L]]0m
с! fixes vehicles
а gave up оп ап idea because of the ifestyle.
Dan wants to stay in the аrmу Ь rea ises t is рrоЬаЬ у ioo iale to do th s.
а! fora longtrme с wanted to design buiiclngs
Ь[ until he retires d had по idea at аl] of а f uture profess оп.
с! tor а short period е wanted io find ob.lects frоm the past.
Lottie talks about а job which had ots of d fferent ideas_
а[ nas по паmе ,..'
Ь! has long worklng days tE( ls it ever too late to rпаkе а big change iп уоur life?
с[ involves organising events
Тirг works w tn _. с watch video 10с, underline the correct words to
аП а range of ages complete the sentences.
Ь! teenagers only 1 Alyss a's grandfather started lезiцлцglеlrg!звеý l а гtе,l,t
с! teenagers and young adults jоЬiпа foreign country.
Eiizabett- says he, рriоr ty rs 2 Dап disagrees l agrees with Alyssia.
а! deveioplng а successful business з Lottie thinks that change is possible iп relationships if
Ь[ her free time реорlе /kе each other епочgh l want the sаmе thiпg.
с! doing something practical rim wапts to think l dеfiпitеlу believesthal it is possible to
make а change.
тоm is about his future саrееr.
а! certain
5 Elizabeth thinks that it is а question of mоtivаtiоп l сhапсе.
6 Tom thinks that age is imроrtапt l чпimроrtапt,
Ь! undecided
с[ confused

Unit l м
lncred]b е. hOW?
Wei ,,, t started п the 1960s, Не says he was on
the WindoWS We saw а face, the face Of а young g r, She
obv ously had been crying because there wеrе st l tears
@ш а tl-a п ihat саmе off the tracks and crashed into
а rr,tеr 77 people d ed, bt]t he surv ved]
оп her face, t was gettlng dark Ьу then, but we cou d
stlJ see her quite с еаr у, 'Did you See that?' wh sреrеd
The оthеr day l was walk ng down the street when ] saw
Sam Cafter, you know, the famOuS f гп director, WaS м LUcky, to _Jan се. We had печеr Ьееп tп th s build ng Ьеfоrе and
real]y eХcited because he has Ьееп опе of mу favourite S Не did break h s аrm, though, Anpvay, the next felt а Ь t scared, but We Went ins ое to f nd the g r], She
d rectorsforages апd ] watch hisf]lms а thetime,'What уеаr he was f ying оп а Sma plane, Wh ch а SO was wearing sоrпе realiy old с othes, they wеrе d ty апd
s he do]ng here?' ] thought to myse f, There was on у опе crashed, The incredib е thing was that as it was sme t of smoke, 'i didn't get out,' she sa d, сrу ng aga п. 'i
way to f nd out, Sam was go ng nto а саfё, but l stopped about to crash, one of the doors opened the was too lateL'We looked at each Other and rап ali the Way
h m before he got nside апd said, 'Hi, Sam]' Не sгп ed fault and he WaS Sucked OUt,
art cle SayS it had а home, The place s поw а restaurant and аl our friends
at mе and we started to ta k outslde, Мlе and sam carterl Не ianded safely but nobody оп the р апе surv vedI wonder why _Jan се and l W печеr gO there With them]
м That's amaz
Не always looks So Ser oUS in photos, but he's а rеаllу пg|

frendJy guy. ]п the end, Sam nvted mе for а coffee. S l kпоw, Тhеп а few years later, he WaS п а bus
Тhел he told mе why he was iп town, Н s film соmрапу асс cient, Тhеrе WaS heavy rain апd the bUS 1 We'd Ьееп SWiгпгпiпg п the Sea,
wеrе making а пеw f m and they have ots of new faces dr чеr ost сопtrо оп the wet roads anci crashed 2 The f sh пg had Ьееп fun and l wanted to try t aga п.

п it, just ord паrу people, but they пееd sогпе гпоrе, into а r Vеr, Не SLrrV Ved, а though four реор|е З 'm not sure what's Ьееп dec ded,
'How about you?' Sam asked, 'Have you watched апу of drоwпеd, Тhеп he was iп а car that caught f rе 4 What had they Ьееп doing оп the 1оurпеу?
mу f ms? Do you want to Ье п опе?' i was so shocked Wh е he WaS driv ng t оп the гпоtоrwау, Не 5 He'S Ьееп told tO rest at home,

dropped mу cup оп the floorl The hot coftee went ail over managed to get olt With seconds to spare before Тm had Ьееп lеаrп ng to r de а Ь ke,

Sam; he screamed апd rап de, l lost mу big chancel the fUe tank ехр Oded, 7 She'd пеvег Ьееп сl mЬ пg in hеr l fe.
м wow l doл'tth nk l everwantto trave wth th s Неr husband's been worry ng alзout her_
@па guу 9 The exped tion had Ьееп mу ldea at first,

/е/: desert, he pfu , ident ty, sепs tive, s ept Yeah, but that's поt а] ,,, Не got hit Ьу а bus iп The TV people had Ьееп trying to пtеrчiеw h ln,
/r/l des rе, prizes, rev se
з:/,, Ot е'геd, dеsъеп, р,^[е s^t е м
But he was оК?

MAR|0 Н , Sl via, Аrе you согпiпg саmр ng wth us?
@в S 0f course, And then the уеаr after, he had
another саr crash. Не was dr ving оп а road n
you sti l want mе to, sure,

tАВl0 Н], there. Have you got flve minutes? the гпоuпtа nS and he had tO tUrn out of the way
Great, t ShoU d Ье good fUn un]eSS the Weather gets
GABR|EILA Sure, what did you want to ta k to me about? bad.
of а lоrrу coming п the other d rection_ So then
t Wel , l'm do ng а tr athloп пехt month, Didn't you h s саr v/ent off the edge of the mоuпtаiп апd
S As ong as We get а colrpl-^ Of days Of decent
rеаd mу post? weather, I dоп't mtnd, What do l пееd to take?
vlhen lt hit the bottom. t exploded, But Se ak
G No, ] haven't Seen it, А trath оп, WoWl What for? lt rvas ОК lэecause rre'd managed to jump out
М The usual strtff. When get hогпе, ' text you the
sounds rеа у toughI ist 've made ]ust п case, You don't need to wоrrу
]L]st Ьеfоrе t went over the edge. Не was fоuпd
t t's not easy, yeah, swimm пg, сус ing, then ho ding OntO а tree пеаr the S de Of the road,
about food though, l've packed enough provided you
ike pasta, That's the eas]est th пg to make_
ruппiпg, М That's just amaz пg,
G which of those s the most diff cult? S Yeah.
S Г пе, ln CaSe We ruп Out Of pasta, l'] take Sогпе tins
F А of them| Еr, weren't you а good sw mmеr once? М But j don't know whether he's uп ucky оr
and r се,
G Yeah, once. What аrе you looking at mе ke that for? ехtrегпе у lucky.
М Good dea, f you want, br ng some cards, We could
t Do you th nk уоu cou]d coach mе? S We , the story's not f nished yet, Apparent у ]n
play at night,
G dOn't knoW Whether |'ve got enough time, Сап 20ОЗ, he WOn the Croatlan ottery, With the first
S '] do that prov ded l don't forget, TeXt mе tomorrow
think about t and phone you later? aS Sооп aS yoU get up,
t cket he'd ечеr bought,
F No рrоЬеm, That'sgreat, |'l] swm а lotfasterwth М NO Wayl
М ОК, RеmеmЬеr to buy pepper spray because we
your he р, S That'sWhat tSayS So ntheend, he'sdef nitey
might see bears,
G Who knows? You m ght winl !cky, not uп uckyl S f see а Ьеаr, l'l rUп а l the way hоmеl

@в М
Оr mауЬе а m х of both.
Yeah, mауЬе,
MlKE lt's а beaut fU day|
Yоu don't need to get а very expensive camera, These
М Do you th пk it's truе, а] that? Сап а l these th ngs
IUCY t's ovely, lsn't t? Why don't we go to the beach?
have а ot of functlons уоu ,1ust don't need, Do you
rеа] у hарреп tO опе реrSоп?
М YеS, let'S do that, sha l we?
understand what l mеап?
S don't know, don't th пk еVеrуопе Ье leves it,
L Wecoud drче lэut et'SWal(, We need theexercSe,
But whatever саmеrа you buy, read the nsiluct ons
And t Says there'S по record of апу рlапе crash
careful у, \,4ake sure you know what уоur сагпеrа сап М We do, don't we? l'l get mу th ngs,
dO, Have you got that?
л Croatia in the 1960s,
L Last time you forgot уоur towei,
When you take а photo, the most mportant thing is the
М ] didn't have t with mе, d d l, so Ьоrrоwеd уоurs,
S So i don't know, What do you th nk?
Anyway. et's go,
l ght, Basica ly, the mоrе ight. the betteг, so choose the
М We i, t'S а fasc nat пg Story, SO l want to bel eve
right t me of the day and р асе, Do уоu get the dea?
t's trtle BLlt who knows?
AlWayS rегпеmЬеr to keep sti , lf the саmеrа moves L That was great, wasn't t? ] feel real у huпgrу поw,
S Yeah,
М lv]e too, Th s place ooks good,
aboUt, yoU get а bad photo,
М What did he dO il/]t|r the Ottery гпопеу, Ьу the Way?
L Yeah, we've Ьееп hеrе before, haven't we? lt does
Апоthеr thing to rеmеmЬеr s to take уоur t me, Опlу
rеаl professlonals сап take gOOd photos n а hurrу,
S We l, first he bought himse f а uxury r]оmе, that
rеа ly good р zza,
k пd of thing, But then he dec ded to sel it and
ls that clear? Do you want mе to ехр а п апу of th s аgа]п?
g Ve гпоSi of the mопеу away to fr endS and fam ly
М That's right, Oh, l haven't got гпу wal et. You соu dn't

@в because he thought that mопеу cou dn't buy

end mе some mопеу, соu d you?
F rst а towe, then уоUr Wal et, yOU пеVеr Temember
1 l must go апd see her soon,
ha ppr ness,
anyth ng.
2 The nurse Sa d l mUSt eat leSS bread,
М We l, t cou d ai Ье irle then, Апуопе who wou d
М We l, wе'rе f r ends, аrеп't We? Let's go lпside,
g ve away аl their ottery winnings rnust Ье а
We've got tO have mоrе he р.
Sоrrу, you сап't take опе w th уоu,
real у good person, so they wouldn't make up а @в\oL,eb,goood (lgпg,
5 Haven't апу of the реорiе arrived?
story ike that, th nk that's qU te nspir ng, i А
6 sarah sa d she d dn't do the hогпеwоrk, В Do you th пk so?
7 Claud а has Ьееп there, hasn't she?
Unit 2 2 А Your ha r is amaz пg|
The shop mrght ореп again,
We can't usе our phones hеr-^,
@в В 'mgadyou ket,
З А You rеаi у managed to get it ]USt r]ght,
0пе ечелiпg some yeats ago, was thinking at]out
10 Chi dren гпustп't р|ау Ьа1 games, В Guess it's not Llad,
what to do when rTy fr епd _]ап]се ohoned. ]апlсе
4 А -'^ o|-L" ,_,SI реrе ',
@в WaS in а gOOd mood becalse she had f nlshed а
exams апd she tvas frее поw, she саmе rоuпс] and we
В t'S not bad, s it?
M|CHAEL What аrе you reading?
dec deC to go for а wa k, We hadn't gone very far when
5 А t's so tastyl
SARAH Ап art cle at]out this guy ,, , Frапе ,, , Se ak, В t'S alright,
м WhO'S that?
we sav,i son]etn i]g vеrу unusua] ]nside the old building
6 А That was а ovely present|
пеаr the market, YearS еаr ег the place burnt down,
S He's а mап from Croatia ,,, They've caled h m the В ]'m g]ad you ke t,
No опе kпеw how the fire had started, Ьut ечеr since
Uп Uckiest mап rп the wоr d, ]t ooks i ke he's had
then the piace had Ьееп empty, Апуwау, n опе of
ап ncredjble i fe.

at all though and she was tired of mе going оп about
them all the time, Anyrniay, one day there was а school @в
lt was а great ldea, wasn't t?
trip, We set otf Ьу coach and wеге gоiпg down the road ТlNА lVlark, l'че been going through mу cupboards
You don't kпоw where Oxford Street s, do you?
when the coach Suddenly Stopped, l thought we had and l've found some old photos from school, Do you
: That's obv оus. sn't it?
_ They just didn't understand, did they?
run out of petro], but the drjver told us there was ап
engine problem and he WOUld have to cal] the garage.
wапt to look at them?
MARK Yeah, of course|
: Не hasn't finished unlversity yet, has he?
l went to see for myself and quickly figured out what to Т Right, well, here they аrе. Тhеrе аrе quite а loi ,,,
a l гп not оп the tеагп, агп i?
doj l ]USt needed to put back а саЬlе, After tеп minutes, Look at th]s опе do you remember her? IИаrtiпа?
They Wi l Ье abie to do it, vlon't they?
the coach was on the road again. Аftеr that, еvеryопе М oh yes, N4artina ,.. l do, She WaS bri|liant at maths,
З You've Ьееп thеrе Ьеfоrе. haven't you?
looked uр to me and ] real]sed thеrе was something l and all those kinds of sublects, Wasn't She?
: She's forgotten а] abotrt it, hasn't she?
could do well, When l left school, l set up mу оwп саr Т Yeah. I wonder what happened to her. РrоЬаЬiу
, She's поt go пg to аgrее ]s she?
repair bUSineSS апd поw i'm doing really Wel|. became ап economist ог Someth]ng,
Эв @в М Yeah, l reckon, Апуwау, l bet she's reaily successfu
Ало oгepo,a ,-l ,.gод

whatever she's doing.

ronth ago has Ьееп found safe, Al с а Lone, who
d МАRlАNА Have you heard of thls writег Dan jel Ка dеr? Т oh, and hеrе's one with you in it,
works as an ass stant chef, was expected hоmе
LOUIS Yes, l read Sfrалgе Ieiescopes some time ago. М Yeah, but WhO'S that W]th mе? don't recognise her
lt'S а brilliant book, Т That's Julla, Don't уоu rеmеmЬеr her?
shortly after 9 рm. Неr fam ly wеrе not iп tialy
М l agree. Каldеr has got this abilrty to make а serious М oh yeah, Julia, of course. She WaS really talented at
сопсеrпеd, as she had rесепtlу got involved with а
Statement but гпаkе you iaugh at the Same time. sports, wasn't she?
sports с L]t] апd оftеп went there after work, before
L lt rea|ly iS outstanding, l jUSt WiSh l had some Т Yeah, tennis especlally, l think,
rеturп ng home, BUt When Sne st l hadn t rеtлгпеd
talent for Writing, М Well, l haven't seen her for years anyway.
Ьу early next гпоrп пg, they Contacted the ро се,
М Каldеr is successfu] because he's Spent SO mапу Т No. l know that she l]ves rn l\/adrid now.
Неrе'S Michael SапdегSоп V/ th the fU] repOrt,
REPORTER Whеп A]icia Lопе went m ssing ast
years imрrочiпg his sфlе, That kind of hаrd work is М ReaJly?
eХcept]ona]. Т Yeah, she's Ьееп living there а while, ] don't knOW
month, it seemed а compiete mystery Ро ice kпечл
[ Тruе. l don't think mапу peopie have heard of what she's doing there though.
she had left work Ьу car after hеr sh ft f]nished at
8;15 рm, but after that, there wеrе по S]gnS Of hеr
Kalder yet, but he has the potential to Ье а rеаilу М ] didn't like her mUch, to Ье honest, She WaS always
well-known writer. а bit too ,,, competitive.
at а l, BUt ast SatUrday, the mystery was so]veo -
М Не is very skiiled at what he does, so good luck to Т Yeah, l know what you mеап. She wasn't exactly
Lопе was fоuпd а ive ]ns de hеr сат, uпdеt оvеr а
him. mу favourite person either, We both represented the

metre of snow, whеrе she had rгапаgеd to survive
school at athletics, but She WaS a]Ways So arrogant,
for 15 days, Pol се say there was по рrоЬ еm w th
Like she thought she was better than us. Апd she
her саr апd that it sеегпs she got into lrcub е Samantha HiJl has just broken а пеw world record|
was always going on abOUt tennis!
when she dec ded because of the heavy snolv, to
take а d fferent route, But she dldn't get vеrу far
Yesterday iп ]V]anchester she rап 1ОО metres
М 1 wouidn't say she was arrogant, to Ье honest, Just
backwards in 16.5 seconds, Samantha is only 17,
, her саr was found two k ]оmеtrеs frоm the main too competitive for mеl

road, Ро ice say she stopped soon afier turп ng

but she has already Ьеаtеп al] the best runners in the
Т Нmm, look at this опе. lt's гпе, you, and Mr Eclwards.
world, She Started retro-running - running backwards
because the road was so bad, but was unable
М The best teacher еVеr]
to turn back, She thеп Speлt а night п the car
- when she was 14 as а bit of fun, but soon she was Т Нmm, l'm not sure about that,
expecting to Ье аЬ]е to get hогiе the пехt с]ау, b]t
wlппlпg lots of competitions and now she ls the best
м Соmе onl l thought he was exceptional, Не was the
in the world. we spoke to the new world-record holder.
опlу опе that made гпе rеаllу feel I had апу ability,
the sпоW got heavier апd her саr got totai у stuck 'lt'S amazing] l'Ve Ьееп training since JanUary for thiS
You know What l WaS l]ke at school, But he really
Еаr iеr, Spoke to Polrce Sеrgеапt Grапgеr whc and l've tried three t]mes to get this world rесоrd, but
gave us further deta ls, seemed to be]ieve iп mе.
POtlcE ottlсЕR We'Ve on у beeIl аЬ е to speak very
today was the day. l don't ечеп have а trаiпеr l've
Т We] , l suppose what ] liked WaS that he made us try
ьееп looking for опе for the past few years, but по опе
out пеw things, But anyway , ,. have а ook at this опе.
briefly to Lone at the hoSp ta] So We cjOn't knOW
the fUii Story yet, BUt it Seems She tL]rneci Up that
has contacted гпе yet, Sorry ,.. l'm Sti]l чеrу еmоtiопа|,
м oh, that'S Sarah.
road to try and avold sогпе of the sпоw 0n the гпа
Excuse mе ,,,' We could see she had Ьееп crying,
Т Yeah, Didn't you fa]l out with her once? At а party or
п Samantha then rап away - forwards - with tears
somethi ng?
road, but obv ous у She d dn't get a.ywhere апd ruппiпg down her cheeks.
М П,4оrе than once, think, We didn't get on in fact,

became SIUCk. Vеrу fetv cars trave around th s
nobody at school got оп with her,
аrеа during th s winter per od uп ess there's sоmе
special rеаsоп, so she wasn't аЬ е to tet апуопе's Everyone thinks that professional sportspeople get
Т R jght, let's move оп qulckly thenl Here,look - it's
paid а lot of mопеу to compete, but this ls not always оUr WhoJe c]aSS, after а French lesson, lSn't lt?
attention to ask fоr help So поЬоdу saw her uпt
yesterday, when а road mаiпtепапсе crew Weпt true. The top athletes in smalier spoПs like handball,
м Yeah, look, there's the Frепсh teacher.
up there to check оп the State of the [Oacl апd Sa\,V mountain ruппiпg and Women'S cricket don't еаrп
Т ]\,4rs Тауlоr,

the car under а ] the snow. Whеп they folrnd her. much mопеу. Such sports are vеrу compet]tive and
М Yер. That classroom doesn't bring back too mапу
happy memories, I have to say,
She WaS basicai]y asleep, We cou d see she'(] lэееп the athletes train hard, but еVеп if they rерrеSепt
eating n the car, that she had had sot-ne food in their country, they оftеп can't make а living from
Т BUt you have а taient for languages. YоU Speak
Гrепсh really well поw, and Spanish,
there, and she'd aIso Ьееп dr nk]ng гпе|tеd SnoW, their Sport. Unfortunate]y, Victory in championships
But tt's incredib е that she was аь е to survive w]th and new world records чеrу ofien don'i mеап mопеу,
М Yeah, but the lessons at school Weren't for mе, l'd say
that Mrs Taylor was skrlled at teaching grammar, but
So litt]e, rea]]y, especla lу if the sport lsn't popular оп TV But ппауЬе
R D d they give you апу dea at the hospital how she thls doesn't matter if the athletes enjoy What they do
We never did апу kind of speaking practice, did We? l

can опlу actually speak Frепсh because |'ve Ьееп to

surч ved? and spectators are happy tO Watch them per-form and
Р0 Wel] when she was found, hеr body tегпреrаturе cheer fоr them, iVJoney isn't everything, after all, Frапсе so often, and spoken to rеаl Frепсh people,

l\4mm, Ah well, here's the ]ast опе, А SChoO| Tip, but
WaS Very oW and they think that trecaUSe Of the
I don't know where we wеrе.
COld Weather her body ]!St k лс] Of Wелt t0 S ее]],
] ke some animals do ]п w пtеr, She couldn't speak ELENA l know you llke athletics, but do you ечеr take М No, го. do l, -|-at_us- ooks lite а tie,o ,г ihе m dole
part in Competrtions? of nowherel l used to iove the schoo] irips, though,
оr Wa k When We fOUnd hеr. So the dociorS Say hег
body bas]cal у Went to S еер, So She didn't need D|MA Sometimes - in fact l'm going to compete in Т Yeah, they were fun. And sometimes we еvеп
the national championships next weekend, learned Sогпеthiпg]
much food оr water, But she was sute ucky,
R Апd do they th nk she's go ng to Ье ОК? Е So you're almost а professional athlete then? М Sometimes, yeah. BUt most of the time it was just
Р0 They th nk so, yes - she's going to make а ful D Not really, it's hardiy а profession but l do а lot of good to get out of schooI fоr а day|

recovery, She has а few prob еrпs поw Ьut she tralning and l'm hoping for а good реrfоrmапсе.
shou d get over them f ne, There']l Ье а lot of strong competitors ancl ]'l] have Unit 4
R SO, rt'S а story with а happy епd пg, lOftUnate у,
We' l give yOl] гrlоrе news оп Lопе's cond t оп aS Е
to регfоrm rеаllу well оп the day.
so victory might Ье yours then and we'lI welcome

Richard lvlorgan Iives оп а boat оп а сапаl in London,
SOOп aS We get t, the victortous сhаmрlоп home?
D Don't laugh, I might win!
Hls life used to Ье very different а few months ago,
R]chard |eft university in 2005 and got а great job lп а
Unit 3
@в law firm. lt was lnteresting and we] paid, but а very hard

@ц 1game came
2 beach peach
6 save safe 1оЬ. Richard used to work 12 to 14 hours а day and

Whел I was at SChOO, l didn't th пk ] WaS gocd at 7 pie buy

sometimes he would s]eep at the otfice because it was so
anything, The оthеr k ds picked th ngs Up reaily ql ck З ferry vеrу 8 pig pick late, R]chard rea]ised that this k]nd of i]fe was k lling him,

but d]dn't апd ечеrуопе Jooked dOWn ол п.lе aS Sоп]е

4 simpJe symbol 9 pack back
'l was used to spending аll mу tlme at work, it was поrmаl

kind of loser, The спlу th]ng that interested Jne was саrs 5 girl сurl 10 have а have to
for rпе, that WaS the frighten]ng th]ng,' Richard says.

and l Spent ages п the gаrаgе With гiу гпUгп'S о d саr 0п sundays Richard wou]d go for а walk down the сапаl
Jooking into how it worked, ]V]y mUп-l WaSn't пtо carS and he always enloyed this. so опе day, whеп he had
had enough, he decided to сhапgе his life coiTpleteJy.

т $*-ffi

Не gave up his job, bought а boat and said goodbye R so how has lt Ьееп? lt must have Ьееп а lot of work
to his stressful llfe as а Jаwуеr, 'lt was а big contrast, ] for you to get through, @вп
still haven't goi used to the ducks waking mе up, but S Well, yeah, l suppose, lt's been Ticky sometimes, Let'S trave] to the уеаr 2049| We won't Ье iving оп
it's а great Jife,' he says. 'l\4y family and fr]ends wеrе but it's never Ьееп а Struggle, l found most parts of Eadh because pollution and wаrs will have destroyed
shocked at first, but поw they аrе used to visiting mе my coUrse qu te straightforward, J а ways did quite the о d p]anet, lnstead, planet Zeus will Ье our home,
оп my boat and they know l'm happy.' weJl lп mу exams, so ]t wasn't а blg рrоЬJеm rеаilу. Giant space ships wil have transpolred ечеryопе and

@ц The опlу thing Was that l had to do rTy last three

exams in two days - that Was quite demanding, But
eveMhing from Earlh before
Won't Ье а bad place to
it exploded in 2045. Zeus
and some th ngs will go оп
КАТЕ So what's it l]ke to Ье а firefighter, William? in the end, you 1ust do it
you're forced to rеаl у, aS поrmаl. Adu]b wil] Ье going to Wоrk every гпоrпiпg.
WltLlAM lt'S rеаllу tough, much harder than there'S no choice, Children will Ье studying at school and old реорlе wlil Ье
thought. The training iS very rigorous and the R Enloy your day, complaining about almost ечефhiпg. Ivапу things W]]l Ье
instructorS really stretch us. S ThankS, dlfferent, though. Because of the d]fferent atmosphe[e,
к But you've finished аl1 the tralning? R ОК, so we're go пg to Speak to Luke, How аrе you our hair wi ] have turned green at ieast it won't have
W Not yet. lt'S not So Straightlorward to become feeli ng? fallen out - and we wi 1 Ье walking about in Space SUitS,
а fireflghter. First, there's this arduOUS tra]ning LUKE ОК, l suppose, Yeah, pretty good. Special tablets will have replaced food and drink, so we
schedu]e and then а tricky wr tten test to do at R Yоu'rе поt happy that уоu'rе graduating today? WOn't Ье cooking at а]l апd We WOn't Ье eating out at
the end, L Yeah, i аm happy. BUt l'm а bit d]Sappolnted as we]l. restaurants, YeS, life Will have changed qu te а lot.
Wel1, you do like а challengel lt sounds like а vеrу l didn't get the grade J was hoping for, so today, wel Welcon]e to 2049, and the future we wiLl have created.

demand пg ]оЬ
|'m happy, Llut l'm a]so а little b]t .., Sad, l SUppoSe,
Sоrrу to hear that. Do you Want to tel] us what went

MAGDA You kпоw, l'm seriously thinking of taking
1 Umbrella 6 attitude
L l don't know rеаllу, lп my last Мо eХams, l jUSt
this job in Paris,
2 рu lover 7 result
didn't get very good marks, and that influenced ROМАN No Wonder] Опе good th ng about it iS the
З useless 8 influential
mу flnal grade for my Whole degree. l had а rea ly
higher salary. lt's basically а promotion.
4 sugаr 9 enthusiasm
bad cold in the week before those last two exams, М ТrUе, but the trouble with that is mоrе pressure
5 suрреr
so ] think that affected me а blt, Bui unless you're and stress. А blg dlsadvantage of the position l've

@ц seriously ill оп the day of the exam itself, the

universlty dOeSn't take things ]ike that lnto account.
been offered is that ]'ll have too much to do.
Соmе on, опе of the best thlngs about you is how
MARK EdUcation is getting worse and worse in thls you respond to а cha]lenge.
I don't th]nk it's right because it probably had ап
effect оп my реrlоrmапсе ]п those two exams.
М l suppose so .,, Another рrоЬ]еm with this job offer
L|LY 0h, l don't know. Some thlngs аrе lmprov ng.
М R Weli, ] hope you enjoy your day despite your is that l']l need to imрrоvе mу Frепсh - and fast|
Like what? Teachers don't know what thev аrе
d isa ppointment, R No need to Wоrrу about that either. The advantage
L |'m not sure about that. They work very hard.
L Thanks. of living and working iп а foreign соuпtrу is that

м R So, Jane, how are you feeling right now?

you lеаrп the anguage quick]y,
YeS, but they need more training.
JANE l fee] great] And relieved] lt means l сап relax М You have ап answer to every4hing!
L МауЬе you're right, but teachers are not the real
а bit, R The опIу drawback of the 1оЬ l can see is the size
м True - kids just don't want to study.
R What kinds of thlngs wJll you remember about уоur of the соmрапу, Do you rеаllу want to WOrk in а

time at university? соmрапу that b]g?

L Really, do you think so?
J ]vainly being tlred, l think| lt'S Ьееп а pretty punishing
М lf they рау гпе enough mопеу, yes!

MI l do. They spend far too mucl, time messing
t]me, AS yOU сап probably tell, ]'m а blt older than
aboui оп compUterS.
most of the Students graduating today, l was 40 when
[ ] know What you гпеап, but оп the other hand
l decided to go to univers]ty, None of гпу friends had
А How about eating out tonight for а change?
technology iS So central.
ever gone to UniversiЦ nobody iп mу family, So that
В lt's ап ldea, l suppose, Where shall we go?
М Напg оп, Sотпеопе'S teХtng п]е,,.
really stretched mе, rеа lу chai enged mе, But that's
А There's а new Thai р асе which has just opened.
@щ а SO Why l Wanted to do rt,
Мm, l don't know about that, ]'m not so keen оп
spicy food.
1 А ltwas ап absolutely terrible hotel! I never want R And what's the future fоr you поw? Have you found
А Wel], there's the ]talian ]ust up the hill,
а job yet?
to go there again.
J В That might Ье worth а try and ]t'S not fаr,
В 0h, l don't kпоw. lt wasn't that bad, Well, already had а job - l never gave it up, But
А Let's wa]k there, it's а lovely day,
А l rеаJlу didn't l]ke that film. lt was so boring| hopefully, having а dеgrее wlI| open up а few mоrе
в yes, that makes sense, l need the exercrsel
В 0h, l don't know. lt wasn't that boring. opportunities for mе at work, was а bit stuck
А We couid invite AmeLia and Rob, too.
А l ]oved that restaurant. The mепu was really before, l think.
В That'S not а bad idea, They'd need to drive there,
оr gjnal, R Thanks, and best of lUck,
В Oh, l don't know. lt wasn't that origina . J Thanks_
А Then they could give us а lift if we feei too lazy to
А Have you seen that пеw shop? lt looks great] walk back,
В Oh, l don't know, lt doesn't look that great, Unit 5 В That'S а possibility, a|though We mlght have to
l thought the meeting today was far too lопg.
Oh, don't know, ]t wasn't that long, @в А
invite them in for а coffee or something.
So J've got ап eXcUSe to make one of your favourite
KATY HaVe you read this a11 cle, Josh? lt SayS there'S
@в а good chance our generation will live to Ье 150
yearS oldI В
lеmоп cakes
That's а great idea] Yоu haven't made опе for ages,
REPORTER 'm here оп the grounds of the University
of South Nоrwооd, оп а day that mапу of the
JOSH Who knows, what it says may Ье true, But what
ev dence is there?

students here will rеmеmЬеr for а long time
К Advances п medlclne wiil cefiain у Ье а factor, and
1 The troub]e is it could takeа опg t]гпе to get the
gradUation day, l took the chance to Speak to
реорlе won't die frогл а]l SodS of diSeaSeS согпmоп
5оmе of thегп today about thiS - you could mауЬе
today, Also, technology will probably mаkе everyday
2 The good thing about it iS Wе'rе not far away from
calJ it а 1ife-chang ng day, the сепtrе,
life easier.
ОК, so l'm here with Carl, How аrе you feeIing
J Г пе, but i doubt if mапу реор|е will want to live that
З The problem is реорlе are statling to talk about her.
Jong, lt's unlikely that it'll Ье much fun to Ье 150,
4 The advantage is the price isn't very high.
CARL Pretty happy! lt's not Ьееп easy, l had to work 5 The drawback is по опе rеаlIу knows what's gоrпg
rеаilу hard this summer, а lot of revision, а lot of К The article says that we may wel Ье аЬlе to work
to hарреп.
unti] that age. There's а good chance that mach]nes
time speni lп the library or lп my rооm with а р1 е of
will do ail the hard work, like washing and с]еапiпg,
6 The advantage ]s we сап see а ]ot mоrе of each
books in front of mе, lt was all pretty gruelling real|y. other.
R Was it worth it? so that we do easier tasks, 1ike making phone cal|s,
7 The troub е is l'm not sure l've got time to help
С oh, yeah, definitely, i feel great today, Al1 the J lnteresting, ]'m surе there'll ечеп Ье а specJal
О ympics fоr реорlе over 100!
hard Work paid off, J SUppose, lt's rеаliу Ьееп а
К Yеs, it's bound to hарреп, so start training|
8 А def]nite disadvantage is it means se]llng the саr.

struggle at times - |'m а ful]lime student, оr l
was, but l а so had to work in а restaurant for 20
hours а week to support my studies. So it was а
@в ANDREW What's that you're reading оп the nternet,
challenge sometimes. But today, Ье ng hеrе with
1 think 7 the

mу family and getting mу diploma - it's great, and

2 athLetic 8 breathing
lt's just а news story, lt's about а supermarket
i's why l put а l |ral effort in, З breath 9 clothes
cha]n. lt has most of the products that а normal
R Great, we]l, congratu|ations|
4 Earth 10 either
supermarket has, but it doesn't se l anythlng with
Thank you,
5 ength 11 leather
packaging - so nothlng'S sealed in p]astic, not
So, Samantha, аrе you happy today?
6 month 12 though
fruit, not vegetables, not еvеп meat оr eggs,
SAMANTHA Of соursе| lt nTeans ]'ve flnished А Really? How does that work?
university now and l сап go апd find а ]оЬ| F Well, you just take along your own bags, оr boxes,
or whatever,

А oh, ] See ,,, lsn't that а согпрl Catec]?
Ьt Н There you are, you mау go оп to Ье in the Louvre В WeIl, gJobalisation сап a]so mеап а deterioration lп
F 0r you сап actua iy get bags thеrе, But then you уоu rself] local customs,

@ц А
bring them back and use them again апd agaln.
That SoUndS depressing]y true,
А Wel , l suppose t sounds ike а good dea, BL_rt
don't think l'l Ье going to а supermarket like that Welcome to Niagara Гаlls| This is your реrsопаl audio @в
Ьу choice. guidebook, RеmеmЬеr to turn the volume uр quite 1 А l hope you don't mind my asking but аrе you
F Why? high because it's pretty norsy here, You сап hear the around th s weekend?
А Wel], when l do the shopping l ]USt Want to get water pouring down the Falls, mlllions of lltres every В Yes, I аm, Doyou need а favour?
everyth ng dопе qulckly don't want to have to minute. {f you want to admire the view, press the red 2 А Hi, Rosie, Тhеrе'sап dea l'd iketo ruп pastyou,
Wоrrу aboUt Ьr nging mу own boxes оr pack ng bution to Stop the guide, and then the blue button to В What'S that?
th ngs rпуSе]f, continue апd go on Iistening, lt's amazing to think that З А l WaSwonderingif youwouldn'tmind helping
F BUt it'S mUch mоrе епVirопгпепtа]lу frrend]y] the Гаlls have Ьееп here for 10,000 years, Basically, mе wiih something?
А Sure, ] 1гпаgrпе t ls, but l m too busy for that kind lсе melting into the Niagara river made it powerfui В No, not at a|i, What is it?
of thlng, And anyway, J а|rеаdу do quite а ot. 'гл enough to cut а huge piece out of the rock, l\lоrе about 4 А Greatl l don't know hOW to thank you,
aware that We have to think about g оЬа tчаrmiпg, thiS lаtеr. Back to today, m llions of tOUrists соmе to visit В Oh, don't worry about it,
so l don't use the саr too гпuсh, l throw itter п the the Falls each year Having so mапу visitors ls great, 5 А Do you mind if l ask you to get mу coat?
Ь п, l turп the tap off when 'm brushing п]у teeth but аll the activity caUSeS а Jot of damage, So We ате В No problem, where is lt?
that k nd of th]ng, trying to protect the Fаl]s as much as posslble, So,.. 6 А l'm realiy sоrrу to ask you this, but could you
F i rеа ly don't think that tak пg Sогпе eХtra bags to
the SUpermarket S going tO take you that mUCh @в В
give me а lift home?
SUre, let'S gO.

time] .]ust think of al] the dагпаgе that'S CaUSed Ьу The Grovepark hotel is ]ocated in а регfесt setting on

р astic packaging producing t prol]utes the Earth's

the outskirts of Casterbridge just half ап hоUr away from
atmosphere and that'S the k nd of th ng that caUSeS the city сепtrе and minUteS from the trai|s going up into MAR|ON Good to see you, Derekl Do you mind if l ask
c]imate change, the wessex hills_ lt's ап ideal сопfеrепсе чепuе with а you something?
А Weli .. пumЬеr of features delegates will appreciate. Whether DЕRЕК No, not at аl]. Go right ahead,
F But it's not ]USt that it has а Ь g mpaСt in gепеrа ,
уоu'rе outside rеlахiпg оп the terrace admir пg the М l hope you don't mlпd my asking, but j WaS
А ot of расkаg]пg ends up in the Sea, ]n r VerS ,. views over youT coffee, оr inside iп the lоЬЬу Ьаr, you'1I wondering if you wouldn't mind writrng а few words

l know You're probab у rlght, l suppose l'm feel completely at home. for the club website? Wе'rе trуiпg tO get members'

probablylusta btlazy.
Wel , ] know ]t'S not easy, But there are ots Of tn пgS
@в D
proflles оп there.
lt sounds good and l'm happy to heIp, JUSt telI mе
thlnk we could all do to reduce оUr саrЬоп fOotpriпt ,.,
а We had some sup,erb meals iп ап excellent local
what kind of thing уоu'rе looking at,
А L]ke What?
resta u rant.
М Suреr, reaJly appreciate lt.
F WelJ, опJу taking pUt]] с transport, for ехаmр е.
l\ilost of the paintings соmе frоm private collections.
D it's по troub е at all
Never using the саr,
с lVly holiday iп Rome was quite ап experience,

А Not easy,
d The high]ight of the trip was рrоЬаЬ]у the mus с @вq
F l knOW, but there'S а difference Ьеhлееп 'not easy'
festiVal. 1 l'm not sure реорJе watch as much television as
апd 'imposs Ь е', Or we cou d а|] Ьесоmе Vegeta| ал,
е Crete is the largest island iп Greece. they used to,
А Does that help the env rопmепt?
f The tгаiп terminal is а short walk from the airport. 2 she's also the author of а collection of children's
F Yes. because producing гпеаt actua ly uses а ot
of епеrgу and water, much more thап prodUC пg
@в З
There аrе several causes of damage to our fragiie
Speak any Ianguage lп З0 days| That'S right, With our
vegeta bIes, environment,
А Does it? Oh, ]'d по ]dea,
пеw computer course, апу language сап Ье lеаrпt
4 l печеr got to know her niece чеrу weli, though.
t And it takes up mоrе space, too, ]\4оrе land,
effortlessly and perfectly, ThiS is made possib|e Ьу
5 The report suggests taking а fresh look at the health
ап amazing рiесе of software which today ls being
mеап, to fаrm аJ those Ь g cows ,., System,
А Well, l guess that couId Ье а good rеаsоп tc cJt
USed Ьу thousands of реор]е Studying 25 different
6 lt's ап adventure story which starts with the mаiп
languages in the comfort of their own hогпеs.
down оп гпеаt, BUt dO yOL_] really tn пk реор е аrе character in prison,
going to Ье happy tO change their festyles ke thiS?
It's so simple. Ali the work is done online and the
/ There was а ]ot of сопfus]оп and emlэarrassment
cOUrse iS complete. No expensive extras have to Ье
t No, that's mу point. We could al do п,]оrе, but u/e When l put the question.
don't, We ,1ust taJk abOUt What We SnoU d с]о,
bought, But don't ]isten to us, listen to оur customers:
8 | do appreciate how urgent thls matter has Ьесоmе.

А РеrSопа] у, l thrnk there'S а сhапсе that techno оgу

'l was promoted back in Jапuаrу, but l needed
9 А Thanks anyway for checking,
to improve mу English. This course had Ьееп
Wi] SaVe US, YоU knOW, lf we'reabletocome lpwth В Jt's а рlеаsurе.
technOlogy that doesn't hаrгп the епч rопmелt, ike
rесоmmепdеd to mе Ьу а colleague, so l bought it and 1о occasionally, l have а dessert after dinner as
the results wеrе amazing| Now l am being
е есtr с саrS, factor eS that don't ро] Ute the а r, rea] treat,
у 'or ап overseas oosT апd |'т ioping my sala.y wi'l Ье
eff]c ent machines that don't USe mUCh епеrgу ,..
increased,'(Jackie Lee, З2) @rЦ
F Yeah, there's always that hope, but ] th]nk we'i
'l have Ьееп given а completely пеw direction in llfe PRESENTER Hello, апd we]come to this wееkЪ travel
have destroyed the р anet Ьеfоrе ,l,re гпапаgе to
Ьу thrs course. Now l сап соmmuп]саtе with реорlе podcast, As you know, we поrmаllу like to invite
соmе up w th smart enough technology,
all очеr the world. l'm so glacj l was persuadecJ to sign
А 1 suppose We'l] S-^e, l'гп nct aS
реSS]гпiSt с aS yOLr,
Up.' (lvаЬеl Smith, 89),
listeners in to ta]k about faraway places they've visited,
but this week it's almost the opposite - we're talking
What are you waiting for? Send us ап emaiJ апd you
F We]l, опе thing's for sure - if we с]оп't Start to cleal
will Ье contacted Ьу our customer саrе team lп 24
about 'staycations', lf you don't kпоw what they аrе,
we] , the word 'Staycation' iS а combination Of 'Stay'
with the рrоЬlеm, then реор е оп this р anet w l Ье
hours. and 'vacation', and it'S basically а holiday that you
paying for t for а ong t me.
Goodbye! Adiosl Poka| Ciao1 have п your оWп hогпе, or at least Staylng at your
Unit 6 @в own home at night. Why do that? Well, for economic

reasons, to avoid the stress of travelling, to ехрlоrе
А Рrоfеssоц Why iS it important to keep ]anguages
уоur locaJ аrеа and еvеп to еп]оу уоuг own house а
HELEN Н , l\4ax, glad to see you, How's уоur summer? l]ttle, NoW, we've got three реор]е to ta]k to uS about
МАХ Boringl I'm ook ng forwaгd to gоiпg back to
В Because the survival of languages means the
therr Staycations, So Iet'S Speak first to l\,4ike and hеаr
preservation of cultures, too,
about his ,,. well, l won't say trip because you didn't
соl ege. Sitt ng iп frопt of the computer al dav S
А Аrе there mапу languages belng lost? go апуrruhеrе,

not гпу idea Of а hol]day,
Why don't you go somewhere to have а break?
В You can See the disappearance of smal]er
MlKE No, l didn't|
languages ail the t]me, Р But te]l us about it anywayl
I th]nk it'S rеа]у ]гпроrtапt tO get away f],опl

everyth пg опсе п а Whi е,

А Сап yoU give апу eХamples?
М Yes, wel], l had а fоuг-dау staycation last week. l
М Trave l пg rS а WaSte of t mе. rеmеmЬеr visit пg
В Belorussian, the |anguage in Belarus, hasn't died
took Friday апd Monday otf work - mу wife dld too
out, but it is in decline and future generations
Paris ast spring, tr ed to see the N4опа Llsa iп the - so we had four days in all.
might not speak it at alI.
Р And what did you do?
Louvre, but there Wеrе SO гпапу реор cOU dn't
еVеп get п the rооm, wh ch was 1ust as weJJ as
А What about the opposite?
М We]l, we'd done quite а bit of рlаппiпg. So we knew
l'd forgotten tO take гпу сагпеrа, Anyway. ]'m поt
В Тhеrе has Ьееп а rеv]vа] in the Celtic Ianguage of
there WaS а cOnCert We Wantecl to go to оп the
nterested in Wa k ng arOUnd in crOWdS of tcUr StS, Saturday n]ght, and а photo exhilэition as wel|, We
Н Sorry tO hear that but ook, stop Ье пg so
А But what causes anguage loss?
also took а day trip to the coast and Spent the day
negative, You obvioUS]y l]ke art. thats Why уо! Wеrе
В Basicaily, competitlon with bigger languages,
Ьу the Sea,
п the LOUVre, So Why not dO Someth пg connected
The iпсrеаsе iп English as а major international
р sounds nice
Wth that? ] сап See yOU dO пg SOгnething creat Vе,
language is а massive factor, The effect goes
М ltwas. BUt actually those аrе the things we'd do
beyond just Ianguage.
М 've tried ра ntrng and l wasn't too bad at it,
А What do you mеап?
the Weekend. l think it WaS the little
an)ryVay, at
things We did difГerently that made the eХperience
]nteresting. So, every mоrпiпg, we had а big outside ma]or residential areas and nearly everything, S Yeah. exactly,
breakfast together, ] ke iп а hoteL. Nоrгпаllу, We lUSt such as the kids' schools оr the supermarket, wou]d Ье J BUt there'S noi mUch for ocal res dents, rеаl у.
eat а bowl of cereal, generally not at the sагле time, а drive away. Let'S hope you get оп well With the ]оса] mеап, there аrе ]ust f ats and houses where l ve,
but this tlme we prepared fresh fruit, had yoghurt, residents because you'l1 Ье Seeing а ]ot of them, the and а few SL]pe[гnarkets, }lo theatres, по сlпегпаS,
somethlng hot like mushrooms, that kind ofthing, same faces in the same places, Of course, with all that You've got а l the епtеrtаlпmепt you could Want right
lt WaS great to Sit together and really enjoy it. fresh аir, the quality of life mUSt Ье better, but at the оп уоUr doorstep,
р ок. same time you'll miss a]l the sights and sounds of the S Yeah, know - 'm ucky п а totofways, And want if
М And also we had made Sогпе rules. No TV. No big city. it makes you th]nk, doesn't it? So rоJldоwп your t0 get Sогпеth лg done, t S поrmаl у quite easy l
lnternet, No checking emails, So we did different wjndow, Ьrеаthе in that air ро lutjon and Ье grateful for don't have to trave too far,
th jngs - We read а lot, We listened to mUSiC, l ечеп urban development. J Yeah, and to Ье honest, l'гп not SUre if the atr qua ity
iS гпUсh t]etter \,1/hеrе l ive than lп the сепtrе.

did sогпе painting, and mу wifе wrote sогпе poetry.
Oh, wow. ОК, поw et's talk to оur second guest. @в mеап, t'S ] the Sагпе city, Sn't it?

Samantha, tel US about your Staycation, Upton АЬЬеу, the best drama series Brltish TV has to S lv]aybe, but at
east you'Ve got а bit Of grеепеrу to

SAMANTHA Well, l Wanted it to Ье active, ]ike ап offer, returns to your Screens оп Мопdау evening with help, 'm sure lhat sucks п some of the ро lut оп. lfi
activity holiday, So l рlаппеd ever}thing arOUnd the very first episode of season five. tоr those of you who the сепtге ihere'S What опе раrk?
that idea, 1 tried to do soгnething act]ve every day, don't knOW the background to Upton АЬЬеу, most of the j Еrr ,, two,
So опе day l Went rUnning iп the countryside, episodes are shot in the UK, at the origina Upton АЬЬеу, S Oh, yeah, tWO. YcU See, l пеVеr gO to the parks ln
апоthеr day l went cycling, then l went fоr а walk, and ail of that Unique atmosphere Of 19205 England iS the сепtrе, Тhеу'ге not very пlсе, аrе they? There аrе
people thеrе that don't real у fee comfortab е s ttlng
Р SoUnds t]r]ng. captured on sсrееп with а cast of household names and
S lt was, and actually on the last day, l gave up and
а script written Ьу the famous author, Вепjаmiп Stokes, next to оп а benchL
Stayed at hоmе and sleptl The other th]ng l did However, there is а rеаl ]nternational audience fоr J No, аgгее We'Ve got some nice parks Where l ive,
WaS to treat myself to а takeaway every other day,
Upton АЬЬеу these days, as it is broadcast in so mапу But you've got усur tеrrасе, haven't you? You've got
l felt l'd earned it with а]l that physical activityl
countries and the first season was released оп DvD in sогпе plants апd flowers out there?
Р We]l, thanks, Now, final у, let's hear frоm Louise.
Mongolia recently, Some of the scenes Wеrе cut Ьу the S Yеаh, but t'S поt the Same,
What did you get Up to? edltor because the cultura rеfеrепсеs wеrе d]fficult to J l kпоW but rегпегпЬеr What they Say - the grass iS
Understand, So оп Monday, When the SoUnd of that а WayS grеепеr оп the оthеr side of the fence, YOu l Ve
LOU|SE Well, mу ехреriепсе was mоrе of а
fагпiliаr Soundtrack comes оп, make sure you're 1п front п the centre апd you dream aboL"rt Ving Where l do,
challenge because, unl ke the other hшo, ]'ve got
two kids to entertain! of the Tv to watch the best drama we have to offer. Апd somet гпеS rеаllу wlsh sti]l ]ved in the сепТеI
Rjght, so what did you do to keep them occupied?
Well, а bit ]ike the others, l tried to flnd ап activity
@в S
Of course, J ust to Ье ln the m dd]e of everything
Аппе Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VlIl. She was aga п, But 'm sure 'd get s]ck of t,
every day. So we had а trlp to the ZoO, going to
See а football match, going oUt for lUnCh to а
executed lп 15Зб to make way for Henry's пеw ]ove, Jane S The th пg iS, don't th пk th пgS used to Ье so bad,
Sеуmоur, Аппе obviousLy didn't take this too Well and Тhеrе are SO гпапу гпоtе carS поW tran ten yeai,S
restaUrant, cooking all together at hогпе, going to
а concert, i tred to have the same rulе as lv]ike
in fact there have been rеgulаr rероfts of реорlе seeing ago. So mапу гпоrе реор е, th nk.
по Tv оr lnternet - but that was too hагd with
Anne'S ghost, Perhaps the most famous incident was at J Yeah,
k]ds. They couldn't understand Why We'd Want to
the Tower of London, where рооr Аппе WaS executed. S Апd fe 1rst gets faster and faster, Реор е don't know
lп 1В64, а soldier saw Аппе and shouted at hеr to stop, when to sjow ciowп апу mоrе, Lving in the сепtrе feels
change. BUt overall, it Wепt qu]te We]l. l think it
Аппе d]dn't and so the so dier walked right through her, like v ng at double the speed of the rest of the world,
felt different for the klds, compared to jUSt Staying
ai home during the school ho]idays, They felt we
The shock made him paSS out, J fu4ауЬе, but t'S nct too different for реор е Who

wеrе all doing something different, @в соп,l l]ute п, you know, Ечеryопе hurr es onto the tra п,
hurr es off, hurries to the o{fice, hurr es back hоmе,
ОК, thanks, Louise. So, as usual, l'll ask you all for 1 Loca] residents are getting WOrried about the сriгпе
s yeatl but n the even пg, you сап rе ах,
а гпаrk out of ten and Whether you'd recomlтend
the holiday to оur llsteners. So flrst, Louise, 2
There'S а пеw shopping centre just out of tOWn,
J Hard у. Vlost evenings ]ust think abOUt а | the Wоrk
L l'd give it Seven OUt of ten. lt'S not easy With kids, З Тhеrе's а huge btack есопоmу to add to the offlcial
i've got to do the next day|
but lt'S Worth а trу. S oh. it сап t Ье tha| bad,

Р Thanks. Samantha? 4
Ечеrуопе should know the threat of globai warming
J [,,]о, ] m exaggerat пg I do mапаgе tO reiaХ in the

S Elght out of ten, !'d rесоmmепd it, but it'S even пg,

рrоЬаЬlу better to have mоrе variation nstead of 5

Ьу now.
The police force are working close]y with the local
S Ме too, We shou d both siop соmр]а n 'm Sure
do ng sроrt every single dayl thеrе аrе ots of реор е Who'd ove to llve whеrе we do
Р оК, and lV]ike? 6 We put а solar рапе1 on the roof to cut епеrgу
J Agreed, Let'S go and get that coffee ,-,
М l really enjoyed t. YOU have to make ап effort but coStS.
Unit 8
f you do, l thlnk it's а great way to spend а few
7 Disneyland ls probably the best-known theme park.
days, So пiпе out of ten, and yes, l'd definitely
rесоmп]епd doing What l did,
8 You сап печеr find а parking space when you need @в '
0ne, 1 f L stop eat ng OUt, SaVe а Ot of mопеу,
9 Pour down the kitchen Sink if you don't want it,
it 2 f i d dn't need tO Wоrk, l'd Ьесоmе а fU ] t mе Wrjter,
Uпit 7 10 l\4оrе could Ье done to help the Тhird World and З tf ] see Jiгп, L'l rеturп the €20 owe h m,

@вп build а better educatlonal system, 4 If the bank d dn't charge such high interest, 'd take

Sleep debt mеапS you don't have enough Sleep, The

causes аrе obvious - too much wоrk and not enough
@rа 5
outa bgger оап,
f the рr!се s too h gh, l won't buy the flat,
lUL|E Hi Sam, Sorry l'm late, 6 f Sаrаh ра d back het,student оап апу tiгпе Sооп, l'd
rest basically - but what аrе the symptoms? Well, do
SAM That's ОК, Julie. EverЛh]ng ОК?
Ье surpriserl,
you ever feel so tired lп the middle of the day that you
J Yeah, you know, jUSt the usual - cou]dn't flnd а
7 ]t fee gепеrоus, i г]ight give Sогпе mопеу tO Charity,
can't keep your eyes ореп? Do уоu еVеr get SUch bad parking space, Тhеrе 1ust агеп't enough rоuпd hеrе.
В f I wеrе уоu, 'd th пk about what was dolng,
headaches that you have to lie down for а While? DoeS
S Yeah, l knOW,
9 f ] worked fоr myself, could have mоrе r,^spons Ь ity,
th s sound like you? lf so, you пееd to do something
J I'd have used public transport, but it probably
1О lf we spend mоrе оп advert]s пg, ргоf ts сап псrеаsе.
about t, Actually, you don't need n]uch Sleep to recover would have taken even ]опgеr- The buses frоm
from the day, but yOU Should make sure you get
enough rest at least Seven hours each day, In fact,
where l work take such а long time to get ]пtо the
сепtrе, Тhеrе'S so much traffic congestlon аlопg
_]ohn Robeds гпаdе а iv ng as а f shеrrпап wоrk ng for
too гпuсh s]eep, mоrе than п]пе hours, can Ье as bad the roads there, а big flshing соmрапу, [1owe,ler, JOhn always Wanted to
aS too l]ttle Sleep, SlX hours or leSS, ]t iS а good idea to
S Yeah, suppose l'm ucky l live So close to the t]ave h S оWп boat and bUSrneSS so he put as de sav ngs
have ап аftеrпооп sleep, а siesta, especially if you can't centre, But sometimes l do get а bit fed up with for years and When ihe nterest rate WaS low he Went to
get enough hours during the night. Some реорlе say
that, to Ье honest, а Ьапk, The bank checked the Llldget wh ch John had
ihey feel So refreshed after а Siesta that they сап do
J Real]y?
ргераrес1 showing sa]es vs, ccsis and then agreed to
Mice aS much. Ву the way, don't try not to Sleep at a]l
S Yeah, well, l think the quatity of ife whеrе you llve is f папсе the pi-o]ect, This гпеапt.]оhп nOW had а Very аrgе
реорlе have died after too mапу days without sleep.
рrоЬаЬlу better. Тhеrе's so much аir pollution hеrе dei,lt, but he сопs dered the boat as а souпd investment.
Take mу advice and go to bed straight awayl in the centre, and then all the traffic congestion ,..

LJnfortuпatey, bus ness Ьесагпе mоrе d]ffcult because of
Well, you know about that, over-fishiпg апd ег]Virсr]rпепtаi damage- John's ncome
Тhеrе is а lot of criticlsm of big cities and in mапу
J Yes, l сеrtаiпlу do, drooped оwеr and оwеr апd hе WaS StrUgg ng ]USt tO
ways they аrе soft targets, Whеп you're driving through
S Sometimes l think it Would Ье nice to live iп а big
рау off the lnterest оп h]s lоап Веfоrе ong the Ьапk was
residentlal area like you do, instead of in the сепtrе, Startjng to deb t h s account w th pena{t es fоr m ssed
а major city, the traffic congestion gives you а lot of
ln а п се detached house instead Of my flat! payments, Johп WaS desperate апd he Wrote about hls
time to think, as does the t me spent looking for а
parking Space, and you should consider the option of
J Well, there аrе definite]y advantages. l сап take the s tual on оп а WebS ie for Start-up соmрапiеS, This worked
Underground to the сепtrе from Whеrе l live and it's The оса counc l immediate у awarded _]ohn а grant and
living ln а vi]]age. There you would really пееd уоUr
qlite quic,. агd сопчеп еп1, Сопаtопs саmе in ii-otT реор е in the аrеа, Thanks to th s.
саr because pUb ic transpoft is almost non-existent
.]ohn'S t]USineSS SUrv Ved,

эв SeCond mап, The mеп аr-о descr bed aS being rn
their еаr у th rties, b,Oth W]th Саrk hair, The Second @в
-,: ght ] саmе home Very ate and l couldn't f nd
man had blue g aSSeS, lt ali Started when was ]ogging n the park, l bumped
--_. (eys,
So l had to break into my OWn house] was
Р Thank уоu Rhопа, Ро се wou d llke to hеаr frоm into som-^th пg, felJ очеr and got а big bruise оп mу
_ - bIng through а window when а woman оп the
апуопе who has infcrmat оп on this, f апуопе eg, lt ached а Ь t. l was worr ed l had stra ned mу eg
,:-:et shouted, 'Policel There's а burg ary]' l got down
has tried to se i you ]ewel еrу оп the street, in aS t WaSn't comfortalэ е, thought it was best to do
: -: explained that lt was mч house and l wasn't а
саfёS апd So On, please dc get in touch, Now ]et's something about lt. so l coked up some adv]ce оп the
_ .,g аr, but she са led mе а l ar, She sa d that she was
hear frоm steven Сrачеп about another сr гпе ihe ]пtеrпеt and decided to treat myse]f,
: tness and that she wou|d give ev dence when l was
ро ice need уоur heJp rvith. There was а lot of iлfоrmаt on, al1 qulte confusing, bUt
, "l:,lsed of Ьrеаkiпg and епtеr ng, She wouid happ iу STEVEN We] , ]п ап е ectron]cs store п Park Road found а rес ре for а Special sports drink and drank
: _ те tO the trral at court to testlfy agalnst mе, She
three days ago, а young mап WaS Sееп ruппiпg out а couple of ltres of it, About an hour аtеr it hit mе,
,.S rеа]lу ехс ted поW and Went On that the 1ury wou cl

пtо the car ;эark w th а bag ful] of items taken frоm lelt dizzy. mу head was go ng rоuпd апd rоL]пd, ancl l
'-С me gUity and the jUdge WOuld give mе а Vеrу ]Ong the shop, These items пс uded МРЗ р а),еrs, USB started to sh чеr - l соu]dп't hold а cuo iп mу irands,
:, Sоп Sentence, ]'d have to go tO а hоrr Ьlе prlson

StckS, tablets and а пumЬеr ofother expenslve thought l was golng to paSS OUt, but l гпапаgесl to сrаW
the prisoners mUrder опе another anc] stea] the r
",.lеrе ternS, Опе yOUng Wоmап а оса StUdent, tr ес] into bed, А week ater, ]'m beginning to get оvеr it апd
_: i mates'food ]USt to SUrvive, She WaS out of breath
to Stop him after she rеа ised that Staff frогп the thank goodness didn't deve ор апу соmрJ cat ons,
-lw and just about to stагl agarn when suddenly mу
store wеrе shouting at h гп. The гпап accrdenta у won't Ье using апу of those internet sites аgа п thoush,
-эusе keys fe l out of my back pocket, l Wished hеr
5codnight апd went inslde the house,
knoCked Г]еr оVеr aS пе rап paSt, The Wоmап
wasn't huft, but the thief n]anaged to escape, Тhе @в
,Эв yOUng Wоmап sa d she d dn't See the man's face 1
\bu've got а terr Ьlе brulse оп youi- eg therel
The i]lлess iS qU te Serious and She needs to go tO
_ it shou]d have Ьееп Sent оп TL_]eSday,
с еаrlу because t WaS too dark, but that he was
hosplta .
2 lf l had seen hеr, l wou d have shouted,
Wеаrlпg biUe jeanS and а red Т sh rt,
З you had told гпе, it could have Ьееп different,
Р Thank you Steven, f you think yOu mrght kпоW The bodybu ider strained а musc е whi е he ulas
.i We'd печеr have kпоwп if she had stayed at home,
WhO the th ef WaS, pieaSe get п toUch. Now, we're
working out,
Th s f u is а real лuisапсе - l can't do anything]
joined ]п the stud о Ьу nspector Hugh Jones, who
5 They shou dn't have thrown it away.
5 Eat plenty of fru t апd vegeiab es to stay healthy,
6 She shou dn't have taken пtу рursе,
S gO пg to tel] US abOUt а S-.r]eS of сr]гпеS that
6 quite ike mу scar- ] think t suits mе, and t
ltave occurr-^d оvеr the iast month оr so,
Ов INSPEсT()R JONES Vеs, thапk уоu, over the iast S х
makes mе ]ook mоrе nterest ng,
L А We' l never Ье able to atford weeks, we've unfortunate]y seen thieves break lnto l sti l feel gullty fоr поt taking саrе of hеr better,

В Don't give up hope.

six dlfferent hous-^s at night and stea а пumЬеr of 8 Мау J iлqUire how гпу Wfe iS doing, Doctor?
2 А l'll never see her again, itегпS, А l these incidents have hаррепес] iп qUite 9 She's оп у had а Ь Scuit to eat а] day, So по Wолdеr
В 'm sure you wi i, а Sгпаl] аrеа - гпаrп у in the аrеа between Thatch she fee|s d zzy.
З А lt started
to gO Wrопg right from the Start,
lt гnight Work oUt f]ne,
Road and Crescent Dr ve, t's mainlv ]ewe lеrу thai
haS Ьееп StoIen. п each case, the реор е invo ved

simon Rоьlпs was а hero члhеп he walked агоuпd the
4 А That's another Opportunity ost, wеrе аЬ]е to get iп through ореп windows, Now,
wоr d to rа]sе mопеу for charity, but ]оurпа] sts hаvе
8 There'il Ье plenty mоrе, don't wоrrу, l rеа ise that ]n th S hot weather nobody wants to
поw d scovered that he d dn't do it, ActUa] у, Rob]nS
5 А l'm rеаllу worried about thrs nterview, keep their wJndows с OSed. but We think that most
flew гпоst of the way, Journal sts wondered how he had
В ]'m sure it'l] Ье fine, of these crimes WOU dn't have hаррепеd if the
done the wa k so qu ckly and asked hlm to expia n, At
6 А There's not much chance of ]t work ng. owners of the houses had taken care to с ose а l
f rst RоЬlпs refused to ta]k about it, соmрlа ning thai the
В You neverknow, We mght pul itoff. thelr windows before gоiпg tO bed, So p]eaSe get in
press Wanted ]USt tO get а good story, and соmр ete

touch if уоu have апу ]nformat оп, but а SO - please у
den ed havlng anything to hide, Howevel-, jоurпа ists
make sure you с OSe your windows before golng to
found out he had USed а private р|апе and f паlJу
Real у sоrrу to hear about your саr, The sаmе th пg bed, or f yoll're golng out,
happened to гпе а coup е of years ago. Му саr was Р Thank you nspector Jones, NoW, to finish ап
Robins admitted flying fоr part of the ]ong ]оurпеу,
Robins insrsted he had wa]ked а lot of Ihe way and
stolen rlght oUtS de my house, and be]ieve t or not update оп опе of the сr гпеS We featured п oUr
promised to glve mопеу back to peopie who Ье ieveo
i've 1ust had а simllar ехреriепсе, l had mу рursе previous programme, WelJ, ро се Caught tWO mеп
they had Ьееп cheated, The ро ice have ]пfоrпlеd ls
Sto еп from mу bag whеп WaS in the qUeUe rn the ]ast week, accused cf rоЬЬ ng the Nеwроrt Road
that they Won't Ье tak ng egal actlon against RObinS,
SUpermarket. YoU don't surprise mе. t WaS jUSt l ke petro Staton back п FеЬruаrу, Тhеуарреаrесl п
but they have ordered him to give а ful and cor.eci
that when l cal ed the insurance соmрапу, They kept соuгt, wеrе found guilty and аrе поw ]п pr sоп, The
account of h s 'wa k' around the wor d,
me wait пg for ages, so l know the fee ing, ]t was the names of the mеп nvoVed wеrе given c]irecty t0
same wth me, What сап you do? True, that'slust lke the ро се as а resu]t of th]s рrоgrаmmе. So thanks

when Sarah's f at was burgled, don't know what things aga п for уоur he f we hadn't received your
А Hi, do you recognise mе?
аrе соmiпg to, са lS, these not have Ьееп so ved So
с|, гпеS \,l/Ould
В Sоrrу, but l'Ve по idea who you аrе.

@в please cal п Wth апу iпfоrmаtiоп you гпight have

оп the Stories We'Ve covered ton ght,
t'S Tim, from B]ack Streel,

1 Hello, thiS rS JOhn Peters,

Black Street? l haven't got а clue whеrе that s,
2 lt's S mоп aga п frоm NatEast Bank, Unit 9
А Oh соmе onI B|ack Street, you must rеmегпЬеr,
З В 've rеаlу по idea, What оп earth аrе уоu talklng

lt's 97З 4i2,
No, but thanks апуwау, @в А
а bOUt?

5 Do you Want tO рау Ьу cash or Ьу сrеd t card? we Ike to think that we ive п а rлоrсj whеrе еvеrуопе The В ack Street Саfё, We worked ihere оп_^

6 That's fine, по wоrr es, has access to profess ona J-l,led са] саrе that сап take S!rTmer
7 l'm sorry, Ьul l d dn't get that. саrе of the r needs, Uпfоrtuпаtе у, for those who I ve В Oh, Im] What оп earth аrе you doing hеrе?

8 All the best and speak to you soon. lп the developlng wоr d, which iS about 85% Of the А | wanted to ask you the sагпе question,

9 Goodbye, thankS for Cal ing, Eatlh's popuiatlon, thiS S far frогп the case, Тоо often

е ther the treatrnent frоm tra]ned professiona s wh ch
they need s iгпроss Ь]е to get, оr t costs гпопеу Wh]ch
А Here's yOUr rоогп, Have а пiсе stay,
PRESENTER Helio, апd welcome to thrs week's Сr]mе they don't have. People Who need trеаtгпепt cften
В Еr, ] understood that we booked а lаrgе rооm.

V]ew, where we ask you for help п solving crimes then have to ook for alternat ves that аrе re at ve у
А lt s large - уоu shouJd see the smal] rooms,
in the ocal аrеа, As always, you сап са l us оп our cheap and avalIabie,
В And d d l get this wrong? l thought there was а sea
V eW,
freephone пumЬеr and the ]пfоrгпаtiоп you g vе Тhеrе s а ]ong trad tlоп of !sing natural med]cine,
w l] go d rectly to the ро ice, you don't have to leave
А The sea s terrible, You don't want to see it,

уоur паmе, and апу rпfоrmаtlол you g ve cou|d lead

fоr ехаmр е р ants whose leaves and flowers сап Ье
USed tO take aWay pain, However natura medicine
В There's not еVеп а ShоWеr]

to а cash reward, So, let'S tUrn to our f]rst crime, is of ]im ted USe n Situat onS Where the patient lS
А Have l гniSunderstood SOrrrething? I thought yOU
wеrе оп ho] day, You' Ье outs de гпоst of the trгпе,
Rhona Kent has the detai]s,
RHONA our f rst report ts оп ап ncldent that
vеrу i l, Even so, there аrе реор]е who suffer from
ser ous diseases who trust natural med сiпе mоrе than
В But didn't you say this was а Juxury hote|?

happened at the Faylands Shopping Centre. Two mоdеrп methods, Th s mау sоuпd сrаzу to westerners
А t used to Ье twenty уеаrs agoi

Weeks ago, а mап Wa ked пtо one of the jewel ery who have the luxlry of professiona he|p but реор е @в
shops here, l-]e talked to the aSS Stant and asked that Ье] eve in this kind of trеаtгпепt strong у епоugh 1 met John in the tOWn сепТе the other dai/,
to see а пumьеr of different watches. wh le al th s mrght benefit ]L,St frоm the psycholog саJ effect, wh ch 2 Wоu d you know vuhere cou]d find а post office?
WaS going оп. а Second mап entered. Не appeared cou|d гпеап the dlfference Ьеtwееп ife апd death, З l cat 'r dtlojo l |t? ,оо е.р- i. /а,
to ]ook at SOme braceiets and other ]ewe lеrу, and
4 That's the phone. COUld yolr answer it please?
then he left, But sооп after, staff real sed that очеr
5 Don't leave the w ndow ореп whеп you go оut.

Worth of 1ewe iеrу had Ьееп taken Ьу the
6 Сап you р ау а prece for us оп the piano?
7 Don't assume l еаrп а lot of mопеу from do пg thrs,
8 There iS а пеW trade agreement between Russia D 0К, Неrе yOU аrе, PUt it On three tirnes а day, She WaS а great ta епt, She tried OUt Slng ng and actlng
;i Р Сап fгогп ап ear у age, but had to tack е mапу difTlcu t es
and Гrапсе. 1ust ask опе more th пg?
.i 9 ]f it'S So important to you, you сап have mine. D ОК, but it w] l have to Ье very quick because l as she started out on hеr career, Fоr ехаmгr е, in the
10 l do think she ought to ехр|а п exactly what she did. have to get оп to the neХt pat ent, stock гrlаrkеt crash of 1928 McDan el could оп у flnd
@в Sure, l'm golng оп ho iday n а соuр е of months'
ti!-l.le to Сагпьоdrа, lwanted to know about
wоrk as а lvaitress п а с Ub, Мапу people \,VoUld have
given up, but N4cDan e сопtiпuеd to ч;оrk оп hеr
DOCTOR Good mоrпiпg, inject ons, that kind Of th ng. епtеftа пmепt ski s апd ечеп persuaded the оWпеr 0f
PAT|ENT Good morning, doctor, Excuse me, D Right, we l they сап give you the iпforгпаt оп you the ciub to let her s пg there, She moved to Hollywood
D Take а seat. What seems to Ье the trouble? need aboUt that at receptron, You' l пееd to make and vlent ahead W th her р ап to Ье п the movies, lеr
Р Well, it's а number of things, actually. Firstly, l ап appo]ntrтent with опе of our nurses hеrе to tTost famous rо]е was ln the ]9З9 f] m Gопе wlth the
think it'S probab]y just а cold, but ] Wanted to get that dопе, |4//пd. Where She WOn hеr oscar, МсDап el actua у
check wlth you rеаl]у, Basically, l'Ve got а really Р R ght. rece ved а ot of critic Sm fоl р ау пg roies wh]ch
bad cough. And l sneeze а lot. D But speak to rесерtiоп about it, They'l1 te l ycu stereotyped Ь ack реор е, but she got оп with hеr work
D oh dear, So, how long have you had this cough? everythlng you need to know, апd today hеr legacy s rесоgп sed,
l'd Say ,.. l guess it'S fоUr days поW. lt'S Ьееп
worse fоr the Last two days, D
ОК, thankS very much,
Have а n се day, @ш
D Right, А Нl, Lesley, Thanks for соm пg to See гпе.
р But l've had а few sore throats now in the last few Unit 10 В No рrоЬ еm, Luke, What's happened?
А l knOW yOU wоп't Ье eve th S, t]Ut Tim has res gned,

D And have yoU had а high temperature at аll? В HO]d оп, WaS juSt Speaking to Тlm yesterday, Не
Р No, Shеrgаr WaS а very successful champ оп rасе horse, didn't say anything,
D Апу aches оr pains п уоur body? n fact he m ght have Ьееп the best ever, lis rасlпg А We! , lt's true. Опе mоrе thing, Tm'S gone tO
Р No. саrееr ended п 1981 and he cou]d have made а ot N4asons,
D We l, it's probably ]ust а co]d then, Get plenty of mоrе mопеу for his owners f rогп h s сеlеЬr ty status В Hang оп а minute. N4aSOnS аrе oUr compettOrS,
rest, and гпаkе sure you drlпk lots of liquid. You'1l f he hadn't Ьееп Stоlеп. Th s happened п 19ВЗ and That'S а d SaSterL
рrоЬаЬlу get очеr lt in а few days w thout having Shergar was печеr sееп again, А lt'S llo trаgеdу, We haven't got апу secrets he сап
to take anything, Тhеrе аrе lots of theories of who took Shergar and te] them,
р ок, what happened to him, but iп rea ity anyth ng гпау В That'S trl]e, gUeSS, Wel , thankS lо[ te l пg гпе,
D Are yoU taking апу painkil]ers? have happened, The k dnappers must have been 'd better get back,
Р YeS, aSpirin, чеrу professional, оr very lucky, because they hld А _]UStа minute, There's someth пg е se we have to
D We]l that's fine. That'l help the Sore throat. the r vlctlm so successfu lу, lt can't have Ьееп easy discuss, Wou d уоu Ье nterested п taking Тrп's
Р What l don't Understand is why l keep getting ill. to Steai SUch а famous hоrsе апd make t d sappear 1оЬ?
ThiS iS probably the third time l've соmе down complete у, РеорJе say the ро] се mау not have done В What? don't kпоW abolrt that, l'lj have tO 1h nk t
With а cold in the last month. lt SеегпS Strange. the best 1оЬ of f nd пg the horse because they could oVer,
D Well, it сап happen. There аrе different cold
virUSeS and ]ust when your body finishes fighting
have acted а ot mоrе qUickly - the truth is, they
dldn't have much ev dence апd the horse апd its @ш
k dпарреrS were печеr fоuпd, lп the Winter of е ghteen fftyjive, the реор е of
опе, you сап catch another опе, lt's поrгпаl at
this time of уеаr, So it'S nothing tO wоrrу about. Some people say the kidnappers must have kll]ed Devon п Епglапd Woke Up tO flnd the footpr nts Of а
р ок, Shergar when the owners d dn't аgrее to рау the strange апimа п the SnoW, Some fr ghtened реор е
D But if the cough doesn't go away thls time, let's kidnappers. Th s must have been а t[agedy for the fo lowed them and the footprints wепt оп and оп ,,.
оwпеrs апс] fans of Shergar, Ноwеvеr, there mау have for аррrох mate у а hundred m les - f their account
say аftеr а week, then come back and we'll give
you а check to make sure you dOn't have а chest been а happier end пg, 0f course, Shergar can't Ье s to Ье trel eved, The footpr rts went п а stra ght
L ne through gardens and оVеr Wal S and roofs, No
lnfection, But for поw it'S nothing to Wоrrу about. а ive today because th s happened so mапу уеаrs
Р ОК. Еrr, the Other thing is that l had а bit of ап ago, Ве ng opt m stic, he might not have been k l ed one could ехр а п the footpr nts, but siлсе then mапу
acc]dent yesterday Whi]e l WaS сус ing, Ьу the k dnappers, Не cou d have d ed а паturа| theor es have Ьееп suggested, Опе of the strangest
D Yes? death Somewhere Safe, We W lI рrоЬаЬJу печеr know. WaS that а kапgаrоо had escaped frоm а пеаrЬу zoo

Р апd ,1r mped thгоugh the countrysldel

cycllng down а hill in the forest and l don't
l WaS
know what happened, but l fel off. And l hud @щ сша
mу аrm and my side, here, l've got а few bruises Sa ly had worked as а trаiпее chef n а hote for
s]x гпопths, but she was а ready dissat sfied w th JOHN don't rea| у knOW how ] fee tt went, ] was
and it acheS а b t. l just wanted tO check that
her job, especia ly the irrеgulаr hours апd mpolite rеаl у nerVOUS before l ч;епt in and then, Whеп
everything WaS ОК.
CUStomerS. Also, Sa ly was st l qu te пехреriепсеd, Sat down, SaW thеrе wеrе three peopIe оп the
D Right, Well, еr .,. let me jUSt ask first - did you hit
other s de of the tab eL That was а bit unexpected
but the head chef used tO get mpat епt With her
уоur head at all when you fell?
Р А ittte bit, yes. because she couldn't do everyth ng. Sa ly Staaled to - l thought ]t wouid just Ье п]е and опе other
реrsоп. Anylvay, th nk it went quite we L
it was
D And did you ose consciousness? ]ose her se]f conf dепсе, МауЬе she had uпrеаsопаЬ]е
actua Jу quite lпformal апd tney sеегпеd to ike
Р No, по, nothlng like that. was wear]ng
] а helmet, expectations? Was she 1ust апоthеr UnSi,.]ccessfU
гпе, There l,ver-o а couple of cuest опs probably
So ] jUSt felt а bit dizzy. But l didn't fee] l ke l was traiг]ee, and would it Ье dishonest to сопt nue п а
going to paSS out or anything. ]оЬ wh ch She cou dn't do? lt WaS hlgh у mрrоЬаЬlе
cOL]ld hаче tack]ed better, but overa l
rеа iу th nk
гпу регfоrmаI,1се was rеа Ly good,
D We l, in апу case L think you rеаl]у should have thatth ngs WoU d get better, Sa у got some iпfоrmаl
MARTHA rеа ly don't know lvhat happened, l can't
gопе Straight to hosp ta to get yourself checked adv се fгоm her о d teaСher at со lege, WhO to]d hеr to
leave, Гоr Some rеаSоll - perhapS t meant She WaS have eft it п the саfё because had it wrih mе
out lf you bumped your head. Especialiy if you fe t
irresponsib]e too - Sally d dn't Ijsten to this adv се and when bought the neWSpaper at the Stat оп, And
diZZy afterwards.
|hеп suppose l гп ght have left it сп the tra n
Р Oh, right, She Stayed at the hotel, This m ght seem incredible
S,:]mehoW, but l don't rеmеmЬеr еVеr taking t oUt
D can l ]USt See Where you Say yoU'Ve got these but, five years lаtеr, Sai у is поw head chef, She always
of пlу pocket, lt could have fa lеп out, SUppOSe,
bruises? sгпilеs when her trа пееs te] hеr thev want to leave.
Р f it did, hope Sоl]lеопе handed it in
t'S got

Yeah, SUre,
ОК .,. Right ,.. Let mе just fee hеrе ,.. Does it
@шв everything пs de, cards, dr v пg 1сепсе, you
,-lед pd,]c d,p olr le l e"pe"S kпоw, al those kiпds of things, But 'Ve got to
] | F /е,
hurt if l do this?
Р No, not rеаllу.
2 fiпd it mрrоЬаЬ е that they 1ust happened to Ье admit, don't fee vеrу opt m st с
there аrе so
iп the same place at the San-]e t]гпе. mапу d Srronest people out there these days that
D 0К, we l yes, l think you've just got а few bruises
З The weather at this t]n-re of the year is quite yoL]'ve got to th]nk the worst, haven't you?
hеrе, Your shoulder wi]l probabty ache fOr а Wh lе
and i think it'S best if you keep оfГ the bike for а
unpredictab е, GEN0 t,лаS UпЬе evab е, rеаl у
l WaS ]USt Wa king

few weeks at least,

4 l won't go оп а tr р as d sorganised as th s опе past that clothes Shop and St]e Stopped mе, Sa d
he о and Started ta kiпg about hOW lопg it had
Р oh, rеаllу? l'm supposed tO Ье taking раrt ln а
aga п,
've dropped it оп the floor а few t mes, but t's Ьееп slпсе we'd seen each other, а ] that k пd of
rасе next week,
u п Ьrеа ka ble, ihiпg, But 1 1ust had по dea who she was| She
Well, l WoUldn't rесоmmепd that. Some gentle
exercise is fine, but nothing llke а rасе, You need
6 can do it, but it's rаthеr псопчеп ent and 'm mау have Ьееп sопlеопе knew from schooi, оr
not чеrу kееп, оеrhарs un чеrS ty. Btit 'Ve got а great mеmоrу
to let уоur body get очеr the fal], Let гпе just see

here ,., ooh, that'S а Vеrу nasty cut.
yeah, it hurts а bit there.
@ш fоr faces and l 1ust d dn't recognise her, thlnk
she гпust have confused гпе w th sоmеопе
Hattie lV]cDanie (1895 1952) was the first b]ack е se- Anyway, didn't want to disappoint hеr,
l'm going to give you а сrеагп tO treat that With. lt
So апSWеrеd а hеr quest опs, Тhеп we sa d
реrsоп to win ап Oscar, McDanie очеrсагпе а d ff cUlt
will heJp it to heaL апd it wi]l stop you getting апу ch dhood - her parents were fоrmеr slaves - and goodbye and she went off, ]t WaS rea ly StrangeL
kind of infection there, coped w th racism апd sex sгп throughout hеr career,

BARRY think 'm very |ucky, lt al happened so
quickly, Опе mоmепt, ] was going down the Street,
Stenil]g to rпу favoLtrite rad]o рrоgrагпгле, апd the
next th пg, thеrе was а Ьапg and the Sound of g]aSS
Ьrеаkiпg, l SUppose ] must have ]ust ost contro
because of the ra n t WaS роUriпg down at the
t пlе, lп the end, there WaSn't too гпUсh dагпаgе
there аrе а few repairs tO dO l]Lrt l сап Str]l actlra]iy
drvett, Апd thewal i hit-we, thatw haveto Ье
tера red too, and ] th nk 'lI have tO рау for ]t, BUt
l сап't compla п abo!t that i'm just gIad I'm 0К
because think i could have been hl11 qu te baci у,
EMlL Well, one mоmепt, \^/е v/ere all ]USt taLk пg
calmly and was trylng to get ечеrуопе tc agree
who wou d do what, апd then sldden у he staded
shoutiпg, Say ng l'гп always try ng to paSS on mу
wоrk to h m and that I don't work harСi епоUgh
Арагl frоm Ье пg uпtruе, it WaS aISO ехtrегпе у
uпрrоfеss ona and very iгпроlltе, shout ng like that
n front of еVеrуопе, i'гп rеа]]у fur oUS поW гпеап,
who does he th!nk he iS, behav пg ke that? lt'S
not the f rst t гпе he'S lost hiS tегпреr iike that with
sогпеопе, so t wasп't like а Ь g surprise, know he
has а ot Of prob ems, ar]d Suppose he mlght have
had а rеа у d fficult day оr sоmеth]пg, But wе'rе а
uпdеr stress, аrеп't we? 'm go пg to have to make
а fоптаl cotTplaint about him, l th nk,
lt was an nterest пg ехреr епсе, but l think ]п modern L fe we do need to make use
Unit 1
of cars and plbltc transpoti because they аrе so сопVеп ent, We cou d probably
use thегп less and th s v/ould Ье good for our hea th and the environment,

tr Reading and listening extensiOn
? 2паsЬееп З shedong 4wasgoing 5tooks бinvted 7Wеrегпаkiпg Е
В have 9 Have you watched i0 dropped аз
С 2 have, met З do, dO .1 Wrote 5 wеrе соmiпg б rеmеmЬеr 7 d dп't have
Ь :u зь ,1 с 5а ба
8 hasn't fiп Shed 9 аrе, gett пg l0 ih]nk

а А
? 2 Linsyrnpathel;c З nSp r Пg z1 pass опаtе 5 аrrоgапt б гпоtlчаtеd
а 2,з,1,l,;1.5,6
Ь А.r'о.., б stLtrborn 8 opt m]st с
h Z. за Ь 5с бс 7Ь :1 8а
Do,\i п: 2 апlЬ tloLLs З dеtеrm ned 4 sепs tive 5 respected 7 naive

Е Review апd extension

? /еi, desert, he pfu , ideпt ty, SenS tive, Slept Е
/ri: desire рг zes, tеч se 2/
/з:/: dessert. рrеfеr, service з l think l ve dec ded what to do,
4 Did you ever hеаr frогп her again afterwards?
1в 5,/
6 l don't kncv,r Тоm, и/hat S he l ke?
tr 7 Why d dп't ycu tel me?
а d]d З D]c]n't 4 What for? 5 Wh ch 8/
2 What б Wеrеп't 7 that for
8 yoL; could 9 whether 10 Сап 11 knows
С z wny S ýhe goillg tO do th S? Don't гпепtоп itto Laura, She's qute sensitveabout it,
З WГо doesn't need to register for ihe colllpetltioп? З The Мауоr is vеrу respected in this town,
4 Ц/hу аrеп't ihey g v 1-1g us our t ckets? 4 The Рrеs dent gave а passionate speech about сr me,
5 V/h ch о{ the chal епgеs wou d you ] ke to do? 5,/
6 lvhat iS the most dlff cult thrng you have ever done? 6,/
7 What d d ,,ve dO а l th S hal,d train ng fоr?
8 'What happened at the end of the game? Е
9 Do you think v,/e have а сhапсе of w пп пg? 2Ь Зс z1 е 5d бf
1О Who des gned your wеЬs te?

а Uпit 2
2 2trycut Зgч-^L]D 4keep tup 5manageto бkeepto

Ь 2 sLlccesslul V соmр ete З kэер to 4 Wcrk Out 5 mапаgе to б glve up 2д

7 keep t Up В trу out 9 make ап effort
? 2 was speaking З had left 4 set 5 had Ьееп б were you doing 7 bought
8 had broken 9 wеrе you waiting 10 made

п ь z r,uс fin shed З саmе 4 hadn't gone 5 Ьurпt / had burnt б hacl stагtеd
А 2г: ЗЬ 4а 5с бЬ 7Ь 8с 8 WaS gett пg 9 D d you see 10 had печеr Ьееп

7 had Ьееп crying
WaS Wear ng 1З d dn't get 14 rап

1t Went i2

2r]сi Зhоtс] 4swept 5point бattention 7away 8 nvoved
Е Ь 2 get tnrough З get the fee] пg 4 get anywhere 5 get into trouble
3 F паl /t/, 2, 5. В, 9
6 get оп mу nerves

1t) Е
tr 'had'l 1.2,4,6,7,9, t0

? True, 2, 5 Fа se] 1, З. 4 о 2в
Ь zb зь 4с 5а 5с Е
Е 0 as Whеп 5 pгovided
2 uп ess З As опg z1 б ln case 7 ]f 8 provlded

а 2 Bad З Bad ,1 Good 5 Good б Good 7 Good 8 Good as

9 as soon 10 lf

G 2с Зh 4а 5f бd 7g 8е
? Suggested апsчч,еr

l ] tOWn L]Ljt USe гпу car to get tO ц/Ork апd do the shopping
ive ill а Sпlа
i]ecaUSe ]i'S eaSiel,, Walk short d stances, usua ly when mу hUSband haS the
саr, hut l печеr cycle, so паturаl у th s was а ne,,v ехреr епсе for mel
Both чла k ng апd сус ]ng are great ехеrс]Sе and surрr singly rеа ly enjoyed the
week because l saw ots of nterest пg thlngs that l пеvеr usua ly notice. Qu te
а few other реорlе lvere Wa k пg апс] .ycl пg too, So t WaS qU te soclab а so е
Savec] а iot of mопеу because petrol S So ехрепS ve.
nev tab у, there,"vere some problems, needed mоrе tlгпе tO get to Work, and
опе с]ау it rа ned and that viasn't muсh fun оп mу t_]ike, Unfodunate у, сус] пg
сап Ье dагgеrоus even ln sгllа ltowns L,,ecause of alL the tratfic,

Апswеr kеу\

Е Reading and listening extensiOn

А Е N I R о N м1 Е N т Е U L а 1, з,5,6
к N с R н в Е х U D D 0 х к Е h ta zc за 4ь
х т с С
D S G т U L Е т с Е L True, 1,З, 5, 7; Fаlsе: 2,4, 6,В
S А D S N р с L N Y р в Е к м
U N а Е т в S R I А R N р Y .J

с G L м R А м А 0 т 0 т т х к Ь zu зь 4с 5ь ба 7с
0 Е х т т S N R 0 R А J L Review and extenýiOn
с R t А т U R F а к Е G о S L
S Е R L L l А N с L N н в 2r/
З l met Маr а thrее years ago, when l was а Student,

F а, к ] н L Е D G N т D А р L 4 She had Ьееп wa ting for а сhапсе and finalIy she got опе.
U F L А U с с N t9 р с Е S 5,/
6 l'Il watch t if it's оп TV
L р J н N Y о т о А S
] D G R

в U J с j 7 а к Е в в в с
2 ,,/
Y Z Z ] R м р н А в I т А ! з,/
4 People could Со mоrе to protect the епvirопгпепt.
S к т х А х
S Z D I J G в D
5 Ечеrу year, hundreds of animal species.]ust clisappear,

Ь 2creatr:res зrSk 4extnсt 5survive бhuпt 7епvlrопmепt 8rabtat

6 The Siberian tiger could sооп Ьесоrпе ext nct,

2с Е
2 face the fact З Say it to my face 4 can't face 5 face а difficu t cho се
Е 6 face the music

? 2sna] Зdоп't 4did 5wasn't 5haven't 7could 8аrеп't

а Uпit 3
? 2о за 4ь 5а бс зА
? AsKing а qL]est оп: 2, 5, ] , Ю il 2downon Зitout 4iпtо 5onabout боfГ 7of 8out guDtome
Checking information: З, 4. 6, 8, 9 10 up

С 2 Try уоur hardest and don't let US down.

2D З l've fal еп out
With Топу апd wе'rе not friends.

4 YoU can't get away with mistakes Iike that.
5 Go and figure it out for yourself,
6 Why don't yoU just try it out?
? 1 Getting nto th-. Sport 2 Тrаiп rrg З What you леес1 4 Оп tl.re day
7 Michelle made it Up to impress hiгп.
Тruе, 1, З,4, 6. В; Fа se: 2, 5, 7 В YoU need to believe in what you'i-e do ng.
9 Can апуопе come up with а better idea?

1О Frепсh is difficult, but ] sооп picked it Up,

Е zability Зoutstanding 4talent 5successful бexceptiona

? Suggested answer 7 potental 8 Skilled
G 2 olympic athletes аrе а1l exceptional in their f]eld,
1 The best t mе to gо ls
л the аutumп, you сап f |d mоrе mushrooms п the З She's qulte successfuI at what she does,
mоrпlпg, ,,nlhen thеrе аrе tewer people arol._]nd,
4 l became quite skil]ed at the game,
2 Mushrooms grow everyvlhei,e, bLrt forests аrе the best Lr асе to f пс] thегп,
5 The аЬi]iЦ/ to rUп ]опg d]Stances iS impOrlant,
They grоw пеаr trees SO Ook careflr у there,
6 Lesley is brilliant at most ball sports.
Зt сап Ье соо in а forest, So и/eal.SoJTe wai-m с othes, YoL.]'i лееd Strолs
7 Не has the potentlal to Ье world сhаmрiоп one day_
shoes оr boots,
В Car] Lewis was outstanding at the long jump,
.1 Check the weather forecast Ьеrorе you go.
lп the forest
5 Ве carefu, There mау Ье dапgеrоus апiгпаlS. bl]t the Ь ggest risk is s mр е
accidents l ke falJ ng over
6 You can't eat еVеrу mushroo]-l,i, Go wth someone experienced and печеr
pck mUShrооглSуоU don't know, Thereare nternetappicatons to check
i 2 They wоп З did you think 4 have just arrived 5 l was ruппlпg
6 has Ьееп doing 7 completed 8 l've Ьееп runnjng g р ayecl
7 RегпегпЬеr where you are go ng, USe Stones io mаrk your way lf necessary lf
10 been learning
yoU are lost, keep са гп апС р]ап hoW tO get back,
8 FOrests аrе beautfu places, so dorr't сjrор апу iter or damage anyth пg. Ь 2 run З has аJrеаdу beaten 4 started 5 was winning б 've Ьееп train пg
At home 7 'Ve tried 8've been looking 9 has contacted
ГУ]ushrоогпS don't ast Vеrу ong, SO eat them at опсе оr put them n trre
l0 There аrе mапу Ways to cook п]UShrооms, lor ехаmр е п soups апd р es, n 2referee Зсhееr 4spectators 5represent бpitch
Епjоу уоur tasty п]еа and start р аппtпg your next tr р to the forest]
Ь 2 compete з ath]etes 4 compet tive 5 train б rерrеSепt l Victory
8 championships 9 records 10 cheer

i 2compeltions Зсоmоеtе 4champlonships 5professional бathlete
7 profession В trainlng 9 perlQImance 10 compqtitors
11 perlorm l2 цЕtоrу 13 victorious
зG g
2 lt'S not possible to get there Ьу pUblic trапSрогt.
Е З No опе doubts her ability to get to the Very top,
? 2 Апоthеr thing to rеmеmЬеr is the price. 4 lt was another fantastic реrfоrmапсе Ьу the Кепуап.
З l think mауЬе we should Stay at hогпе. 5,/
4 Don't you think it's а good idea to ask? 6,/
5 How does it sound f we watch а film оп Sunday? 7 what did the audience think of the film?
6 But don't you аgrее that it'd Ье еаsiеr to eat out? 8 And the footballers are just coming out оп to the pitch.
h 2 Any*uy, as ! was saying, Tessa needs to decide. Е
З Another dea m ght Ье to go the day before, 2 lI уоU don't know it, look it Up online,
4 Just going back tO What l WaS Saying before, З She thought alэout it and decided not to Ьriпg the matter up.
5 | thought mауЬе we could invite Simon, 4 l used it а l up yesterday, So l Went and bought SOme mоrе,
6 Of course, we could always check оп the lnternet, 5 We looked at the bil] and added ii up again,
7 But don't you agree that it'd Ье better to ask first? / But don't you agree that it 6 ] went running with Sarah, but ] couldn't keep up with her,
wou]d Ье betier to ask first? 7 l started to learn Spanish and picked it up quite quickly.
8 So, to get back to Маt]п and his problems. 8
Не works SO hard and l'Ve always looked up to him.

0 2 beach V peach U Uпit 4

З fеrrу U чеrу V
4 simple U symbol V 4А
5 girl V
сur] U
6 save v safe u
7 pie U buyV ? 2 used to З wouldn't 4 lived 5 used to б wasn't 7 used to work
8 pig V pick U 8 got used tO 9 Wasn't used 10 get to
9 pack U back V
10 have а V have to U Ь Z l"tt З used to 4 would sleep 5 real]sed б was used to 7 would go
8 decided 9 got used 10 аrе used to visiting

Е 2 No опе knows what the effect was.

д а4 ЬЗ с5 d1 е2 З Shakespeare has had а big lnfluence оп the English language,

4 That's the main cause of the рrоЬlеm.
h zb зс 4а 5ь бс 7а 5 lt could affect millions of people.

а 6 As а result of this, there is leSS mопеу to Spend.

7 The пеw ]aw resulted in protests and demonstrations.
il 2most Зlеаst 4decrease 550 65 8 Gепеrаllу, it'S had а positive effect on people.

Е Ь 2influ"n.u Заffесt 4result 5iscausedby бeffect 7asaresult 8lead

? Suggested answer

Sport а Very irnportant part of ]ife and арагt frоm actlvely taking pad, mапу

реорlе enjoy following Sports championships and events throughout the year,
Ноwечеr, they сап choose how they рrеfеr to do this,
0 2 l rao to са cl- Lhe 5:З0 |rа п.
The Ьаr chart соmраrеs five ways of follow ng sport today and fifteen years З No, l сап work from home оп Saturdays.
ago. The resu|ts in the graph ShoW their relative рорulаrltу in percentages, not 4 Yes, the boSS lets uS have one day at home.
Whether We аrе actuaily Watching mоrе Sport, 5 Yes, l сап find а seat оп the train,
You can see that thеrе are obvious changes iп the graph, lп fact, the lnternet 6 l'm t]red during the day,
seems to have completely changed оur habits of foilowing sport, 7 No, l don't have to unless we have а deadline.
As you can See, the n,lost notlcealr е increase iS in the USe of the lnternet, while 8 You shou]d Speak to гпу bOSS!
there's а signlficant decrease lп watching TV and readlng newspapers. Perhaps Ь 2oughtto Зdoesn'thaveto 4mustn't 5wassupposed бdon'tneedto
thls is lэecause the lnternet offers instant news all the time and rt is mоrе 7 ruп 8 to eat 9 beat 10 forced to
convenient and cheaper than the а ternatives.
These results shouldn't surprise апуопе, as they are а reflection of the mоdеrп Е
world where technology has changed so much of how we live. This trend mау ? 2rigorous Зstriсt 4punishing 5tough бtricky
continue into the future оr perhaps sогпе пеw medium mау appear.
Ь 2rigol.ou. ЗStretch 4straightforward 5arduous бtr;cky
Review and listening extensiOn 7 challenge В demanding

а \,2,4 а /л/i supper, result
/U/l pullover, Sugar
Ь zu зч 5а бс 7Ь 8с
zа 1d 2с
ць lul or l;l;l: useless, attitude, influential, enthusiasrn

зь а эе

Ь 2Iпа З Mark .1 Mark 5 [/аrк 5 Bctl, [,,lаrk апd Т]па

Zl Caleful disagreement
Review апd extension Really, did you thlnk so?
Oh, l don't know.
Е lVlaybe you're right, but , ,.
l knowwhatyou mеап, buton the other hand ...
З lt's wаrm, take уоur jumреr off, |'m noi sure abOUt that,

4 We're ]ooking for а пеW Secretary at the гпоmепt, Direct disagreement

5,/ That'S jUSt not true,

Vоu саг'т "еаl у bel'eve thdl.
6 Sheila has just Ьееп told about it and needs time to think,
7 Don't wоrry, l've already sent the letter, No way|

В l've been wa]tlng for you fоr agesl |'m afrald you're wrопg there,

9/ Ь Z t', not surе aboui that, They wоrk very hаrd.

i0 l don't know. haven't decided yet,
З lvlaybe уоu'rе right, but teachers аrе not the rеаl problem,
4 Rea]ly, do you think so?
5 l know What you mеап, but оп the Other hand technology iS So central.

Апswеr key\

а g I

? The strongest stress in each response iS оп the Word 'that', а 2 uпrеl аЬ]е З thoUghtless 4 adventurous 5 sympathetic б welJ organised

4D ь 2 irresponsible З cautious 4 dlsorganised 5 uncompetitve

6 adventurous 7 аmь tious
tr Е
а 2Student Зfluепtlу 4outside 5fOreStS бреорlе 7reliable 8strong
а /0/: ath]etic, breath. Earth, length, mOnth
zil 2in
Tru", t, 2, 5, 6, 8; Fаlsе: З,4, / /ё/: the, breathing, clothes, either, eather, though

Зglvе 4position 5strongly бforward
Е а 2 have finished З Ье liv пg 4 Ье feeding 5 have completed
? Suggested answer 6 have ach eved 7 Ье dгivlng 8 have lеаrпеd 9 Ье getting 10 have seen
Dеаr Sir/lv]adam, Ь z *ltt have destroyed З will have transported 4 will Ье going
l read your advertisement оп the пtеrпеt and l would ike to apply to Ье а 5 wi l Ье studying б will Ье comp]aining 7 will have turned
voLUntee. i. the Wiгtе. Оlуrгр cs, 8 WOn't have fa lеп 9 Wi] Ье Walking 10 will have replaced
l аm а student of есопоm]сs iп Granada, i am а good соmгпuпiсаtоr and 11 WOn't Ье cook ng 12 wоп't Ье eating 1З will have changed
Speak Several languages: my native lan8uage iS Span Sh, i know Eng]ish to В2 14 Wi l have created

level and В1 trепсh. lп addition, l am friend]y and hardworking апd love new
cha llenges,
As Sогпеопе Very interested in Sроrt myself - l аm а keen Skier and а 2h зь 4е 5g ба 7d 8с
snowboarder - l believe that l am in ап excellent position to he р athletes апd
visitors With апу problems they have, l am flexlble and ready to take on апу
Ь 2Пiепаtу Зsоlаr 4environment 5atmosphere бfооtрriпt 7rоUgh
8cimate 9impact
task, l have never Ьееп а vo]unteer before but 1 would Ье more than happy to
give up my free tirпе,
Every four years ] watch the Winter olympicS оп TV and it has а ways Ьееп mу

drеаrп to attend and he]p ln thiS amazing event, l Strongly be]ieve that Sроrt
brings реорlе together and the Olyrnpics аrе very imроrlапt, Vo unteers аrе
а 2about Зwth 4of 5about бwith 7about 8of
an essentia] раrt of the olympics and l аm SUre that i сап make а valuable 9of
Thank you for considering mу application. l аm ]ooking forward to hearing
from you. ? 2 Mm, l don't know about that, l'm not So keen on splcy food.
З That rnight Ье Worth а try and it'S not far,
Reading апd listening extensiOn 4 Yes, that makes sense, i need the exercise|
5 That'S not а bad idea, They'd need to drче there, though.
Е 6 That's а possibi]ity, although we might have to invite them iп for а coffee or

а4 Somethi пg,
7 That'S а great ideaI You haven't made one for ages,
Ь 1lr.n. 2Malc 3Sam 4Sara 5Paul
С Тruе, З, 5; Fа|sе: 1,2,4
zai ? 2Ihe gооd thing about ]t S Wе'rе not far away from the centre,
З The рrоЬ]еm is реорlе are Starting to talk about hеr,
4 The advantage is the рrсе isn't vеrу high,
5 The drawback s nO опе rеаl]у hпоWS What'S golng to happen,
Ь l,u zc 3а 4ь 5с бь 7а 6 The аdчапtаяе is we сап see а lot mоrе of each other.
7 The trouble is |'m not SUre l've got time tO he р h]m,
Rечiеw апd extension 8 А defin te disadvantaяe S it гпеапS sel ing the car.

п 5]l
З She is used to llving Ьу herself поW. п
4 This could Ье the last time we come here. а 2groйh Заgаiпst 4for 5conclusion бcr]sis 7manage
5 l hope we сап do ihis again some time.
Ь Tru., 2,4, 5; Fа]sе: 1, З, 6
z2 l'm worried that it might affect mу health. Fаr,2, З,6, 7; Against:4,5,8
з,/ Е
4 Myfirstteacherwas very strict.
5,/ ? Suggested answer
6 Prisons are basically for punishing criminals. There аrе гпапу countries around the world where реорlе live ]п d fficu]t

Е circumstances апd Struggle Just to Surv]ve. The question is whether it is the

rеsропs bi]ity of richer countr es to give them aid, and if this actuaily produces
2 if
з far as 4а whole 5 l know б l'm concerned any reSUlts.
7 а matter of fact 8 for Мапу реорlе be]ieve that we have а moral responsibility to help рооrеr реорlе.
lt ]s not fair that whеrе уоu аrе born dеtеrгпiпеs уоur standard of llving.
Ечеrуопе should have ап equa сhапсе, but this s опlу possib]e f wealth is
Uпit 5 shared around the worid.
However, there is ап argument that giving aid ]ust makes develOping countries

dependent on riсhеr ones and stops them finding their оWп SOlUt OnS.
Гurthеrmоrе, lnternal politics and ечеп corruption сап гпеап aid пеvеr reaches
the people Who need it, п Some SituationS, then, aid is wasted and actually has
2mау Зwill 4won't 5will рrоЬаЬlу бdoubt 7unlikely 8mау а hаrгпful effect,
9that 10will 11sure 12tohappen
Оп balance, it SееrпS that he ping other people is оur responsibility, but we
G zc за 4с 5ь бс 7с 8а 9а 1оь must think before we act, l!4y own view s that we ShOUld trу to find rе iable
charities and гпаkе ап effort to help poorer countr]es, Say]ng that aid doesn't
rеасh people is not an excuse.

Reading апd listening ехtепsiоп а
Е а 1 televi9ion /з/
2 author /0/ children's /f/
а2 З causes /z/ fragile /ф/
Ь а2 ьЗ с4 с] 1 е5 4 п еQе /si though /6/
5 SUggeStS /ф/ hea th /0/
С Тruе, 1, З; tа se, 2,4, 5, 6

6 adventure /fi рrigоп /z/
7 confusion /з/ егпЬаrrа5ýrпепt /S/
В аррrеЕ ate 47 urgent /ф/
1, 2,4, 5 9 check пg /s/ р еаýurе /з/

Ь zu зь 4ь 5а бь 1с
i0 Осса9 опаl у /з/ dessert /z/

Review and extension Е
п ? Тruе, 1, 4, 5; False: 2, З, 6
2 She has probably Ьееп Wa ting for th s news al week,
Ь 2 uru, nspir ng З fabu]ous 4 miпd-Ь owing 5 uпЬеl]еvаЬ]е
З Your trip to Antarct са certain у Won't disappOint yOU, / YOur tr р tO Antarctica
Wi] certa n у not disappoint you, А
5 What WiLl we Ье doing thiS t me tоmоrrоW?
? z Tne Sсепеrу WaS abSO Utely unbe]ievab е, With high гпоUпtа nS in deep SnoW,
З You'Ll f пС tabsolutely m nd-blowng, and lt's cheapand easytO getto,
6/ 4 The о d town rS abso]Ute у fabulous, espec аl у the Or]g паl Wooden hOUSeS,
а 5 The Taj Mahal s lnstantly recognisable because it's abSOlUteiy OUt of thrS

2 l а ways thought Тоm was reliable unti] this atest incrdent. worid

з,/ 6 We spent ап absolutely awesome day w th some fr endly v l agers in their cosy

4 lf your desk is always t dy, you're рrоЬаЬlу we l organised, Cottage,

5 Ро lution has ed to climate change n mапу areas,

6/ Е
3 Suggested answer
Е lйу day п Grugapark, п Essen in Gеrmапу, was absolutely fabulous and l'п,]
2 nice s de З both sides 4 frоm side to side 5 to one s de SO g ad l took time out tO go, Агпаziпglу. а lot of people haven't еVеп heard of
СrUgараrk, Wh ch iS а rеаl shame becauSe it'S out of this world,
Grugapark is not]ustan оrd]паrу park п the mdd]eof а town, t's hard to
Uпit 6 ciescr Ье iп words how аwеsогпе Grugapark rs, ]t's ап absolutely superb
ехаmр е of hOy/ the countryside can соmе to the c]ty and rеаl у гпаkе yoU feel
бА ml es away from the stress and Ug ineSS of urban l fe- l spent аl day there and l

Е wasntborэdforamnute,
l thOugi]t the botanica gаrdепs were uпЬ-^] evab]e, t'S а Shame l cOUldn't come
? 2gong ЗSitting 4tohave 5toget бTravellng 7visting 8tosee back at п ght, becauSe the Way that the gardenS are l t up \i/ith ots of cOloured
9 to take 10 waik пg 1 1 to hеаr i2 being 1З do ng i4 painting 15 to Ье ights S abSO utely awesome, l also rап inio а ot of animals around the раrk
the vlstors'centre says there are over 500 dlfferent an]ma s lп Grugapark,
G 2 pour пg З tO аdгп re 4 to StOp 5 to continue б isten пg 7 to th nk
YоU'ге nOt а| owed to feed them thoughI
8metlng 9tocut 10tovsit Having 12toprotect
f you lkeo this btog, fo]low the l nk www.grugapark,de and get mоrе
iпfоrmаt on about Grugараrk,' l Ье back tomorrow With the neХt Stage of my

3 2бzarre 3 mpressve 4 stunn ng 5 uп que б suреrЬ 7 aston shing

toUr throUgh Gеrгпапу,

8 temarka Ьlе
Reading and listening extensiOn
Ь 2outsKrts Зtrаls 4чепuе 5features бtеrrасе 7 оЬЬу Bstudo
Е aI
? bz с2 d1 е0 f 1
Ь zu зь 4а 5а
бв Е
Е ? spor|s, Samantha Lou se
с: М ke, Lcu Se
? zby З Sbengused 4 sdone 5tobebought бwaspromoted
ооо: \,4 l.e, So^,anth,, Lou sе
7 had Ьееп recommended 8 аm Ье пg considered 9 w ] Ье increased
10 have Ьееп given 1 1 WaS persuaded 12 w l Ье contacted Ь zb за 4а 5ь 5ь 7с
С 2 was Wr tten З have been added 4 Ье spoken 5 wi l Ье ]ost
6 аrе, Ье пg encouraged / аrе, encouraged 7 ]S Ье ng гпаdе
Review and extension
8 hadn't Ьееп heard 9 S made 10 Ье taUght
2 Crimina]S Shou d Stop to think about the conseqUences of their actions,
z аiеа out З ncreased 4 rev Ve 5 deter orate б d Sappeared З We're try ng to save mопеу for а пеw саr,
Ь 2 preservat оп З сlisарреаrапсе 4 generat ons 5 revival б loss
7 compet tion 8 deter oration 5 The topic was discussed оп trre ShoW ast night,
z2 The f lm finishes with а dramat с ast scene,

а 2 Hi, Rosie, There'S an idea 'd ]ike to ruп past you-

.1 There has Ьееп а 10% increase п profits.
З was wопdеrlпg if you wouldn't mind help ng me with someth пg?
5 There has been а revival of interest п photography,
4 Great| dOn't knOW hOW to thank уоu,
5 Do you mind if ] ask you to get гпу coat?
6 People hard]y not се the d Sарреаrапсе of anguages,

6 l'гп reallySorrytoaskyou this, butcould you gve гпеа ift home? Е

С 2not Зright 4askng 5Wonderng бhе]р 7appreciate 8troube 2 work З fa]l 4 Stand 5 Ьurп б chi l

Апswеr key\

Unit 7 Е
7А il Suggested answer
то: wessex council
п Subject: Replacement of а chi dren's р ayground
? 2 such 3 too much 4 so 5 enough б ioo mапу Dеаr Sir/Madam,
l агп Writing regarding the decrsion tO tUrn the chi dren'S playground оп Bridge
Ь 2 too much З nct enolgh 4 5 such б so enough 7 too much Street into а parking аrеа, as аппоuпсеd оп оса rad о еаrllеr this week.
zа 2t зd
В too ittle 9 enough 10 11 too mапу
Given that there аrе so few places for ch ldren to р|ау iп our neighbourhood,
th S deve]opment upsets гпапу parents, What Wоrr eS residents most of а l S
that the decis оп has Ьееп taken wth absoIutely по regard to those of us who
z1 с 5ь бе 7а 8g have l ved п the аrеа for years,
ь 2 раrklпg space З pub]ic transport 4 res dential аrеаs 5 ocal residents l have had ап пfоrmа meetrng Wrth neighbOUrS who have smal chi]dren anc]
6 qual ty of ife 7 alr ро lut оп 8 urЬап development We al agreed that а respOnSe WaS песеSSаrу, l аm representing the views of the
matority of lOCal residents п contact пg you.
7в Ье ieve that оur chi dren stll need а pleasant and safe place to р ау, М]у

tr reqUeSt iS that yOU reconsider your dec sion, tak]ng into account local feel ngs,
lf do not hear frоm you Sооп, i wi i Ье forced to make this соmрlа nt publ с
а 2ь зь 4ь 5а бь оп soc а] network sites. Th s wi l ensure that the local commun]tv is а lowed to

Ь 2 ', huu ng mу picture taken, have tS Say,

look forward tO а рrогпрt reply,

З Patients get the]r temperature checked twrce а day,
4 l'l have my watch f xed, Yours fa thful у,
5 The Ьоу got hls face covered п choco]ate, / The boy's face got covered п Непrу Jones
choco ate,
6 l was getting mу halr cut (Ьу the hаJrdrеssеr) Reading апd listening extensiOn
Му wife has had hеr 1ewel еrу sto еп,
8 We had had оur fence palnted red (Ьу the wоrkеrs),
9 She got her jacket tоrп (Ьу the branches), а 1ь 2а зd 4с
10 J'm having mу passport rепеwеd,
ь zo за дс Ба

2episode Зshоt 4captured 5cast бscrpt 7broadcast 8reeased

9editor 10 SoUndtrack 1 iп the city centre 2 outs de the city сепtrе З gепеrаl у

Е Ь True, 1, 2,4,8:Fase: З,5,6,7

2 1 fence 2 bunga ow З detachec] 4 tеrrасе 5 basement б attic
Rечiеw and extension
? /эl/: repqrts, pqqr п
/u:/: too, thrqцgh ?/
/эl/| SecQnd З think t's already quite expensive enough.
h/: lqve, Lqndon
/аu/: Тщgеr, shouted. Qцt 5 l rесоmmепd vis ting the musеum if there's enough t me.
/эu/: ghqst, mQSt, So, SQ]dier 6 We were surprised that the kids enloyed lt so much.
7 lt's such а dangerous ]оurпеу just to get there,
7с 8
] introduced myself and we had а picture taken together.

Thequaltyof ife SlOWeгbecauseof althepol uton.
? 2 Tnis could Ье а place for the krds tO play,
З This wou d make а great bedSlde tab е.
З Реорlе w l a]ways prefer carS to pub ic transpor1,
4 I сап imag пе hav ng а ЬаrЬесuе here,
5 Тhеrе cou d Ье some she ves for books-
5 They shot the fi m оп ocat оп in Tha lanc],

6 l can't imag пе th S rоогп Ье пg blg enough-

6 The next ер sode n the sеr es wi] Ье shown on Tuesday,
7 We соu d have rt done Ьу а profess опа
8 That lamp Wou]d have to gO iп the next rооm.
2 sett]e З look 4 get 5 turn б get
? 2 We cOU d put оUr Shoes and things tn th s Ьох, Unit 8
З сап magine th S aS а computer tab е or Somethrng.
4 This s where all the toys, gаrпеS and things ]ike that go,

5 i guess it cou]d Ье а sort of notice Ьоаrd,
6 The smal rооm would make а spare bedroom оr something like that,
7 There's ots oflunk here, old пеwsрареrS, broken toys and SO оп,
8 Put а book or someth пg under the tab е so rt doesn't fa l over,
а 2ь зе 4d 5h бi 7g 8с 9а 1о,]
G 2 grew, would Ье З']l make, do 4'd go, cou d traveJ
Е 6 can't find, 'l wear 7 take, аrеl'rе 8 was/were, 'd
5 were, 'd tei
stay 9 'd Ьесоmе, had
? 2 shooolnq centre З black есопоmч 4 gioba wаrmiпg 5 police force avп fa^l
d l,л
l бlчL

6 solar оапеl 7 thегпе раrk 8 оаrkiпg space 9 kitchen sink 1О Th rd World

7D ? 1savings 2debit ЗЬUdgеt 4Charity 5debt баwаrd 7investment
donatlons 9 псоmе

Ь 2aside Зrаtе 4budget 5fnance бdebt 7rnvestгnent 8iпсоmе

? 2 сопсеrп З res dents .1 reaction 5 request б least 7 step 8 prompt 9 рау 10 debit 1 1 grant 12 donat опS
Ь True, 4, 5, 6] Fаlsе: 1, 2, З

? Fоrmаl, з, 6,8,9, 11, 1з
lnformal: 2, 4.5,7, 10, 12, 11

ёJ ,l;i:,]lj',lНfr
iйffi$fiip€i4*iдif+iyiit}iillin .
8в Reading апd listening extensiOn
Е п
? z sne would have realised f someone had taken her Ьаg. ? Toia у frее: МспеуGаrСеп, СhесkМуМопеу
З lf l could have got thеrе qUicker, everythrng might have Ьееп alright. 'y'/Orks \,Yhеп поt оп iпе: МопеуWсrkеr
4 lf they'd Ьееп cleverer, they wouid have tr ed to find the safe. Works оп гпоЬl е i]i.опеS] l"{Oneyworker, ViопеуGаrdеп, СhесkМуМопеу
5 Jack wouldn't know her if ] hadn't lntroduced them,
h 2

irLle, З, 4, 5, 7: Fatse: 1. 6, 8
6 lf l Were you, l wou]d have changed the locks ages ago.
7 She could have been ying there fоr hours lf her neighbour hadn't cal]ed
В Yоu shouldn't have put al your valuables п опе bag.
9 The ludge should have sent him to рrisоп for а ]ot longer. Ь zu зс 4t] 5ь
10 You should have Ьееп watching what was happen ng.

Ь Z *ou d have З would 4 had Ьееп 5 might have got б Would you рау Review and extension
7 8 should 9 shouldn't 10 Would

2rоЬЬеr Зshорljftiпg 4kldnapper 51ury бЬriЬеrу
З t,r'iouid Ье з great dea f ечегуопе сус ed io WoIk.

h 2burglary ЗЬurg]аr 4liar 5witness бevidence 7of 8trial 9court 5 t v,lou d Ье nice f ti]ere \,чеrе mоrе реор е l ke hеr,
10 1urу 11 gui]ty 12 1udge 1З sentence 14 murder 15 steal 6 t wou d have been fantast с f VoL] i]ad согпе u/ th t]s.

а 2 оле аrеа ,,,,,hеrе sa,rings cou i Ье п]аdе is trапsроrt,
Lf l had sеел her, l Would have Shouted,
lf yOU had toId mе, it cou|d have been different, з/
4 We'd never have known ]f She had stayed at home, 4 'гп поt S!re iha'i olrr Dudget s Ь g erloLlgh for this,
5 They shouldn't have thrown it ацау. 5,/
6 She shouldn't have taken mу р!ýе. 6 The пlа п SuSpec| ,r'/as aot the mr rdеtеr but someone е se,
7 А гrап has Jееп аrrеSiеd and ltll арреаr п court ater,

8с В The th ef WaS aIresteaj whеп she tгied to burgle а f at,

2Word ЗреаSt]rе 4granied 5sегiоlslу бlt
д 2а зс 4а 5а бь
А Unit 9
? 2 simi ar З like 4 feeling 5 wlth б when

0 2 lt's Simоп again // from NatEast Bank. п
З lt's 97з ll 4I2. Д 2е Зе 4 5с 61 7f Bh 9Ь 10g
4 No, // but thanks anyway.
5 Do yOU Want tO рау Ьу cash // оr Ьу cгedit Card? Ь ztnut Зwhо 4whch 5whch бlvhch 7\.\iho 8that 9Whose
6 That's fine, // по wоrr es. 1О where 11 who 12 who 1З who 14 that 15 wh ch
7 l'm Sоrrу, // but l didn't get that.
В All the best /i апd speak to you soon.
9 Gooooye, // -1,1зпt5 Г6, 6з11 ng, а 2 geitjпg очеr З nfect оп 4 ра е 5 cougl]eci б Scar
Ь 2bruise Засhеd 4strained 5treat бdzzy 7shak.e Bpassout
9 get over 10 deve ор

tr Е
0 The review answers questions 4, 6, 7, 8
? bodybli de[, gU ty. Ь ScU t
Ь "l/, пt] Sапсе, lrUit, SUitS

Tru", 2, 5, 6; False: 1, З,4 ,iuI/:
lali qu te, пquirе

Suitab]e| 4, 5, В 9в
Unsuitab]e: 2, З,6,7
Е ? 2 hсч; he had З hirT to ехр аiп 4 to taLk 5 that the рrеss wanted
? Suggested апswеr 6 hav ng 7 he had used 8 fying 9 he had walked 10 tu gi,e
11 the]/ had Ьееп 12 US tnat 1З h tл to give
The Godfather, directed Ьу Гrапсis Fоrd Coppola, is опе of the most famous
filmS ever гпаdе and l could watch it again апd again. 0пе of the things l love С 2.]еппу tO d гпе tt]at lt had taken three hours tc get there,
about ;t is the authentic 1940s/50s atmosphere of the plot and characters, З The пursе thoUght that t m]ght Ье а рrоЬlеm,
The mаiп setting is New Yоrk, where the Corleone famiy are in а struggle with ,1 lйу murT asked mе tvho l was go ng W]th,

other N4afia families to take cOntrol of illega bUSineSSeS. The youngest Son, 5 S гпоп wanted to kпоw why hadn't to d him,
l\4ichael, changes from ап honest citizen to the criminal head of the family аftеr 6 i аро оg sed fоr break ng the vase. / l арс оg sed because l'd Ьrоkеп the vase,
gett ng involved in the v olence and politics of the underworld. 7 The bcss rегг nded еvеrуопе to Ье оп time,
What makes th S а Ьr l]iant f lm ]S the eХcelient act пg Ьу l\4аrlоп Brando and А]
Pac]no, and the exciting plot combined with а moving soundtrack. You would а
пеvеr think at the start of the film that M]chael wrlj cheat and kill his way to the ? 2 siated З rеmiпdеd 4 refused 5 рrсm sed б rеа Sed 7 assumed
top, The other thing l oved ls the beautiful scenery in locations ranging from 8 r,fоriпеd 9 оrоеrеd 10 ins sted
LaS Vegas to Sicily.
The Godfatheris ап аmаZiпg fi m, shock пg and enteftaining at the Same trme,
Ь 2urunr. Зsurе 4соmе 5estmatec] бassume 7doubt Blvonder
апd l highly rесоmmепd it to anybody who loves to see real film making with а
Strong p]ot. You wll] immediately Want tO watch Gadfather ii, whlch some critics
.h пk iS eve, better,

Апswеr key'

9с Uпit 10
п 10А

6,5,7,2. з,8, 1,9,4
Д 2сачс1 Зmау 4can't 5might бmightnot 7must 8nraynot
2get Зmsuпс]еrstооd 4tholght 5didn't 9cou]d 10 can't
Е Ь 2coutO Зmау 4must 5can't бmау 7could 8must 9must
mау 12 cou d
а 2lrl Зi,хl 4lrl 5л,// 6/]/ 7 lji Вlrl 91wi 1О/1,/
10 11 m]ght

2 illog саl З irre evant 4 unexpected 5 unbelievab]e б impossible
Е Ь 2irregular Зimроlitе 4inexperienced 5impatient бunreasonalэle
il Тruе, 1, 2, 6; Fаlsе: З. 4, 5 7 unsuccessful 8 dishonest 9 improbable 10 informa 11 irгesponsibie
12 incredible
Ь Z. зс ,1 а 5с ба
а Е
? nst
а 2imDrobable ЗuпрrеqiсtаЬiе 4disorqanised 5unbreakable
2 suggests З aga 4 add tion 5 conc]ude б гпроrtапt 7 Sp te
6 inconvcnlent
В Unl]ke

Е 10в
? Suggested answer п
тhеrе сап Ье extreme v elvs whеп \^/е согпра[е the hea th of реор е today and
Х zПаа Зhоре 4made 5Wouid бwеrе 7should 8would 9had
а ceпtl]ry ago. On the опе hand. t |s said that we ve опgеt апd hea th ег ives
10 did
because have better food and advanced med с пе, оп the other hand. some
Ье ]eve that реор е Were health еr ancl happ еr п the paSt bei]aUSe the r i VeS Ь 2*oud ]istentome Зshеwаs/shеwеrе 4 he livec]/thathelived
wеrе s mр еr апd stress free, 5 l had bought / that l had bought б hope / hope thai
The rгаiп argument fоr Ье iev ng we аrе hea thler today s tl-ai п]еdiсiпе and 7 l hadn't Ьееп / that l hadn't Ьееп 8 he wouldn't ie / that he wouldn't lie
techno ogy have al owed us to tIeat al]d even сurе d seases that woL,r d have 9 l had studied 10 We Weren't Watching / that We Weren't Watching
k ] ed Js i1,1 the past, П,4оrеоvеr, оur nutrtion is better, so we are stronger and 1l should have gone 12 shouldn't have told
betier prepared to fight i lnesses.
п addit оп, because of mach пеrу and better work пg condit ог]5, wе have п-оrе
е sure t me to do sport апd take саrе of ourse]ves, ln contrast, fe lп the early 2 zwitrr Зоut 4tackle 5up боп 7went 8onwith
twentieth century WoU с] have Ьееп mа nl},Work and rесоVеrу frоm члоrk, G 2 give up З go ahead 4 trу out 5 соре W]th б оVеrсоmе 7 WOrk оп
0пе argument aga nst а i th s s that our ifestyie has сhапgеС, апd that th s 8 get оп With
сап bring оп аl sorts of hea th рrоЬlегпs, So il]stead of eat ng the hea thy food
wh ch s aval able. some реоDlе eat mоrе апd What they eat is unhea th еr, for 10с
ехаmрlе processed food.
]п conc uslon, l bel eve that We аrе hea th еr tcday mаiпlу because we are п
protected Ьу lhе WOnderS of глоdеrп mеdlс]пе. lt s а ways attraCt Ve tO th пk of
а 2couldп't Зехресtiпg 4peased 5ablow бgеt
SOme klnd Of gO den past Whеrе life WaS better. but thiS cloes not арр]у to hea t]

Reading апd listening extension

zа s, 10, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6,з,9,7
а 2,5, I,4, 7 з, 5 ? п the winter of eighteen fiftvJive, the people of Devon in Епq]апd woke up to
Ь Zo зс 4Ь 5а ба'lг: find the footor nts Of а Strange anima] iп the snow, Some frightened реооlе
ашj ol,,, ог аорrо< ma[ev а
tоl owed theT and lhe |ootDrints Wег_Lоп

Е hundred m les - if their account is to Ье Ьеl eved, The footorints went iп а

? 1ь 2с за