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Communication Markets Division

Automated Fibre Management

for cost control and increased uptime in data centres
Communication Markets Division


 Rosemary McGlashon – European Product Manager


 Gady Rosenfeld – VP Marketing & Business Development


Communication Markets Division

3M for Data Centres

Communication Markets Division

3M’s Strategic Alliance with FiberZone

 3M has entered into a strategic business alliance with
FiberZone to help bring their Automated Fibre
Management (AFM) system to the data centre markets, as
an authorized sales representative

 The FiberZone Networks AFM is a perfect complement to

3M growing portfolio of solutions for data centres

 3M’s global reach, combined with FiberZone Networks’

industry-first fibre management system will help data
centre operators worldwide facilitate the transition to cloud
data management while delivering operational efficiencies
Communication Markets Division

The Operation of Fibre in Data Centres Today

Fibre is Still Managed Like Copper was 100 yrs Ago

Today’s Environment
 Prone to Human Error (50% of outages)
 Lower Reliability
 Security Risk
 Higher Cost of Operation
 Difficult to Manage
 Inability to easily Grow Services and Scale New Business
 Downtimes and their Cost

Communication Markets Division

Downtimes in Data Centres – Occurrence and Cost

Communication Markets Division

Downtimes in Data Centres – Occurrence and Cost

On Average:
9 partial/device
outages per yr

The Cost of a Single Data

Centre Outage is
Thousands of $ per
Downtime Minute!

Not all Data Centres

7 are created Equal
Communication Markets Division

What is Automated Fibre Management (AFM)?

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Remote Software Passive

Controlled Connectivity

Communication Markets Division

How Automated Fibre Management (AFM) Works?

 Two High Precision, Software-controlled robotic arms move Fibre

Optic connectors along upper and lower planes
 Once in position, the connectors are latched (locked) physically
together to form a perfectly aligned Passive connection
 Please view our video on Robot


Communication Markets Division

Why Automated Fibre Management (AFM)?

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Remote Software Passive

Controlled Connectivity
 Remote control when needed  Always-on connectivity. No added
 Automated recovery
 Best & consistent optical
 Scheduled changes
 Access from any browser client
 In earthquakes & vibrations
 Alarms, logs and reports
 Wavelength/bitrate agnostic
 Logical partitioning of ports
 Low Cost
 Remote testing w/ OTDR
Communication Markets Division

Why AFM for Colocations and Data Centres

 Reduce Cost of Operation

 Move/Add/Change for intra-cage connections no longer
require dispatch or dependency on “Smart Hands”
 Downtimes shortened from hours to minutes
 Cost of human errors

 Improve Control and Time to Provision New Connections

 Turn-up new connections in minutes
 Schedule changes to automatically take place during
maintenance windows
 Improved physical security

Communication Markets Division

Use cases for DCs

Floor Enterp1
Enterp2 Enterp3

Floor Carrier1 Carrier2

 Managed Cage/Suite
 Meet-Me-Room Automation Managed Cage
Cage ODF
 Inter-floor Backbone Mgmt Floor

 Automated Fibre Recovery Si CarrierB

 Expedited Cross-Connect
Services MDF
 Carrier-Exchange Service
Communication Markets Division

Sample ROI: Colocation Cage with AFM

Eliminating the cost of a single outage pays for
the capital investment

Number of Managed Duplex Ports per Quad 180

 Reduce ongoing opex Number of Planned Fiber Connectivity Changes per Yr 20
Number of Unplanned Outages (Partial or Equipment) per Yr 9
 Minimize cost of downtime Percentage of Outages that can be fixed with Fiber Management 10%
Change Turnaround time by dispatching in hrs 2.5
 Reduce occurrence of outages Change Turnaround time with AFM in minutes 10
(remove hands in the plant) Average cost of change per change $1,000
Average cost of downtime per minute $1,000
 Reduce cost of corrective action
AFM Savings per Yr
(no longer real-time) Cost of Planned Fiber Connectivity Changes per Yr $20,000
Cost of Unplanned Downtime per Yr $126,000
 Automate record keeping Total Savings per Yr $146,000

Approximate ROI in months for purchase 8

Communication Markets Division

Case Study:
GlobeNet Automates Colocations with AFM
 The Strategy
 Fully automate fibre connectivity in cages and
eliminate the manual fibre patch panels & ODF at all
 Initial deployment at main colocation sites and
submarine cable landing stations in U.S., Central
and South America
 The Result
 Reduced cost of operation
 Improved control and security
 Improved SLA for new connections
 Improved customer satisfaction

Communication Markets Division

 Fibre connectivity is the last manually managed part in
 AFM combines the reliability of passive connectivity with the
ability to control via software
 It allows operators to
 Minimize downtime
 Reduce OPEX
 Improve security
 3M integrates FiberZone AFM in its innovative solution for
datacentre performance, reliability and security