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A Section of the Anglican Journal February, 2018

St Alban’s in Grand Bank Supports the

Gathering Place in St. John’s
Article and photograph
by Carl Rose

St. Alban’s ACW of Place in St. John’s. the Gathering Place in St. lives. She added, “They were
Grand Bank, with the help of ACW president Ruby John’s provides services “Our ACW realized very appreciative of our
the congregation, collected Alcock said it was a very to the homeless or those these people need our kindness. Many people less
warm clothing such as coats, successful project with living in less than desirable help,” she said. “Members fortunate than ourselves
hoodies, sweaters, boots, three suitcases and 12 housing conditions—people of the congregation will be a little warmer this
caps, gloves, mittens, and boxes delivered to the who are unemployed and responded in a big way. winter because of this
personal items for the Gathering Place. who do not have adequate We well surpassed our gesture.”
clients of the Gathering Alcock explained that social supports in their expectations.”

Sunday School Children Contribute to World

of Gifts, PWRDF
Submitted with photographs by
The Rev’d Hannah Dicks

St. George’s Sunday milk; $60.00 for 30 ducks;

school children from Gambo $60.00 to provide 2-20kg
collected coins in a jar for bags of seeds, to produce
two months, and raised nutritious food for families;
$471.20 for their Christmas a n d $ 1 0 0.0 0 t o h e l p
Outreach Project, to give to provide mosquito nets to
World of Gifts, sponsored protect vulnerable people
by the Primates World Relief from malaria and other
and Development Fund.  mosquito-carried diseases.
They were able to give A big thank you to our
two sets of 40 chickens for young people for actively
$80.00, which will supply becoming involved to help
eggs and meat to needy give to those in need in our
families; $150.00 for 5 world.
goats, which will provide

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Celebrating Candlemas
The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Geoff Peddle
Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador
ANGLICAN LIFE in Newfoundland and Labrador is
the newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada If Candlemas Day be sunny Son of God, given by God them a love greater than
in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
A co-operative effort of the three Dioceses in and bright, to all humanity to redeem they could ask or imagine.
Newfoundland and Labrador, it is publishes ten Winter again will show its them from sin and death. February is not an easy
issues each year with an independent editorial might. Simeon’s words in the Book month for some. It is a cold
policy. If Candlemas Day be of Common Prayer are
cloudy and grey, called the Nunc Dimittis, or
Anglican Life is a section of the Anglican Journal Winter soon will pass the Song of Simeon:
away. Lord, now lettest thou
Editor: thy servant depart in peace
Mrs. Emily F. Rowe On Candlemas Day, throw according to thy word.
3 Carpasian Rd. your candles away, and For mine eyes have seen
St. John’s, NL eat your supper by the thy salvation,
A1C 3T9 light of the day. Which thou hast
Email: anglicanlifeNL@gmail.com
prepared before the face of

Photo Emily F. Rowe

Advertising Rates and other information may be If Candlemas Day is bright all people;
obtained from: and clear, To be a light to lighten
Bishop Donald Young There’ll be two winters in the Gentiles and to be the
34 Fraser Road, Gander, NL, A1V 2E8 the year. glory of thy people Israel.
Phone: (709) 256-7701 By the Fifth Century the
Email: jointcommittee@nfld.net February 2nd is festival was celebrated with month characterized by ice
Candlemas Day. Those of us a procession of lights, a and snow. In nature, there is
Paid Subscription Rates: who grew up in a different practice many still continue, little evidence of the new life
Newfoundland and Labrador: $15.00 age may remember one of bringing to mind Christ as that will come all too soon in
Outside the province: $20.00 the rhymes quoted above. the true light and saviour spring. Some people speak
International: $25.00 Candlemas Day, coming of all. Today, the feast is of the “February blahs” they
New subscriptions, cancellations, & changes of as it did in early February, known by various names— feel at this time of the year.
address should be sent to: halfway through winter, The Presentation of Our And some even suggest a
Circulation was a time for many whose Lord, The Purification of condition known as SAD, or
The Anglican Journal (attn. Bev Murphy) lives and fortunes were tied the Blessed Virgin Mary Seasonal Affective Disorder,
80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 3G2 closely to the land and the … and Candlemas. At its that seems to get people
(416) 924-9192 (O) (416) 925-8811 (fax) sea to take stock of their simplest level, the Feast down at this time of the year
Email: circulation@national.anglican.ca food supplies for themselves of the Presentation when the nights are long,
and their animals. A more commemorates an the days are short, and the
Each parish is responsible for maintaining its own modern tradition equates encounter between Jesus power of the sun is at its
subscription list: please notify your parish office of Candlemas with Groundhog and two elderly people many weakest. The remedy for
any changes. Changes sent to parish offices may Day (Wiarton Willie) and years ago. But, at a deeper SAD? More sunlight. In our
take months to take effect. Send your updated it was a time when the level, the Feast is about journey as Christians we can
information to Circulation at the Anglican Journal
(above) or to Don Young at 34 Fraser Road, Gander interplay between light and a present-day encounter also get the “blahs” from
NL A1V 2E8. shadow figured prominently. between Jesus and those time to time, and despair
For Christians, the roots of who seek him still. Luke that things will ever get any
Letters to the Editor: Candlemas lie in the Feast tells us that both Simeon better. Candlemas reminds
Send to the Editor by email or post. Anglican Life of the Presentation of our and Anna had waited many us that in the midst of
does not publish letters from anonymous writers. Lord in the Temple. In the years in hope of seeing darkness, in the midst of war
Letters should not exceed 300 words, are subject early days of Christianity the Messiah. We will never and evil and suffering, God
to editing, and are published at the discretion of this feast was called “the know how often they were comes to us in the person of
the editor. feast of the meeting” for it tempted to give up, and give Jesus to be one with us in
commemorated the meeting in, to the hard thought that our weakness. In the midst
Photographs: of the infant Jesus with God’s promise would never of the winter experiences
Send to the Editor by email or post. If sending by Simeon and Anna in the come to pass. And yet in the of our lives, when all seems
email, please send as separate files, not embedded
in other documents, and in the largest file size Temple at Jerusalem (Luke very winter of their lives, for dark, still and cold, we are
possible. 2:22-40) when the baby was they knew they would soon invited at Candlemas to
recognized by the elderly die, God came to them as bring our doubts and fears
Simeon and Anna as the true an infant and revealed to to God and let the bright
These policies were adopted by the Anglican Life light of his Son shine upon
Committee. them. For in Jesus Christ,
Layout & Design by: The Editor
Upcoming Anglican Life God has chosen to be one
with us in our darkness and
uncertainty. Let us welcome
March - 30 January
Printed and Mailed by: the new light that Jesus
Webnews Printing Inc. brings and allow ourselves
8 High Meadow Place
North York, ON, M9L 2Z5 April - 1 March to be embraced by his
May - 2 April unending love. And like
Simeon and Anna may we
sing aloud of life and love
Photograph Submissions: and light and salvation as
Circulation: 18,000
Very large, high resolution photographs we look ahead, past winter,
to the spring, when the light
(minimum of 300 dpi). JPEG or TIFF format. of Christ’s resurrection will
shine forth once and for all…
Please include the photographer’s name. at Easter.

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The Parish of Gambo

Celebrations of Lay Ministry and Music
Submitted with photographs by
The Rev’d Hannah Dicks

The parish of Gambo of Hare Bay, on Sunday at St. George’s Gambo and his guitar. They continued Marie was responsible for
celebrated the contribution December 10th with a parish throughout the parish. Lena to play as a duo team of the formation of the choir at
of several of its members service and supper. Ches began playing the organ at musicians. St. Augustine’s 38 years ago
to the music ministry of the and Lena were regognized St. George’s at the age of 15, Mary White was and has continued to give
parish: Lena and Ches Davis for the almost 70 years of and was later joined by Ches recognized for her leadership to the choir in
of Gambo, and Mary White sharing their gifts, playing who accompanied her on leadership with music at music and song every since.
St. Augustine’s in Hare Bay.

The Rev’d Hannah Dicks, Ches Davis, Lena Davis, Bishop Watton

Congratulations to during the Sunday evening St. Augustine’s Church in

Rose Collins, who received service on December 10th at Hare Bay, and will now
her commissioning as a St. George’s Church, Gambo. serve as a part of the lay
licensed lay minister, from Rose has been very active in ministry team for the Parish
the Rt. Rev’d. John Watton, many areas of ministry with of Gambo. The Rev’d Hannah Dicks, Mary White, Bishop Watton

Keep Up To
Date With


Pictured above, in the middle are Rose Collins and husband Gary Collins, along with
members of the St. Augustine’s congregation and Bishop Watton (far left)

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The Role of
Executor: Mixed
Kevin Smith

The role of Executor for CRA and the final Income tax
a will is a very important and filing. It became necessary to
yet daunting task—one not hire an accountant to take on
to be taken too lightly, for it this task. However, it was my
has many legal challenges. responsibility to make sure
The Public Legal Information everything they required was
Association of NL (PLIAN) made available.”
The ACW Fellowship of the Port Rexton Parish recently put together, with the help of the congregation, defines an executor (male) Would she do it again?
Christmas hygiene bags for The Gathering Place in St. John’s. or executrix (female) as the Her reply: “I’m pretty sure I
In this photograph, on the left we have Dian Hogarth, Glenda Mouland, and Carolyn Fowlow. On the person or trust company would not do this again.”
right, we have Edith Toope, Alma Long, and Ruby Lockhart. Missing from the photograph are Linda appointed in a will to control There were also some
Goodyear and Jane Peckham. and protect the estate’s additional issues:

Updates From The Parish of

assets, pay off any debts “Because this whole
and distribute property as process became so
directed by the will. They consuming, I feel it added

Port Rexton
go on to say that “Once you stress to me and my family’s
begin the process of dealing life in that it also stole a
with the estate, you are peaceable grieving time
legally bound to complete from me. I was running
Submitted with photographs
the job; if you change your here and there trying to get
by Carolyn Fowlow
mind after you begin the things done, sending copies
process, you will have to of documents or waiting on
apply to the court to be something for someone else.
relieved of your duties.” Some of the tasks took a year
PLIAN has an Executor’s to clue up.”
Guide on the internet I asked her what advice
which outlines the duties she has for anyone seeking
and responsibilities of an an executor:
executor who, ideally, should “If you are looking
know that he or she will be for someone to be your
named before the death of executrix, ask someone you
the deceased. The roles are know that is skilled in the
many and varied and are legal and or financial world,
outlined in the guide. preferably not a close family
Not everyone is prepared member.
for these responsibilities If someone asks you
or is happy to serve in this to become an executrix,
capacity. Such is the case of remind them that this is a
one lady I met who had been legal task, better handled
Along with the Rev’d John Nicolle, the lay ministers and the music team meet regularly to plan ahead the executrix for her sister’s by professionals. If the
for coming services in the Port Rexton Parish. In this photograph are: will. Little did she realize person has specific things
men (left to right): Horace Hookey, Melvin Kelley, Austin Hookey, the Rev’d John Nicolle, Ron Ayles, and what was involved. they want you to do or
Roy Ayles.
“I thought it was just oversee, (children) this can
a matter of having her be addressed in the will
ladies (left to right): Roslyn Cooper, Alma Long, Maureen Howard, Glanda Mouland, Linda Verge, Lily
wishes carried out. I had without you having to be the
Porter, and Shirley Hogarth
to contact the banks, the executrix.”
insurance companies and Finally, the lady agreed
many others businesses. that she didn’t realize the
When it came time to cancel immense responsibility
Helping clients her car insurance, close involved in being an
and transfer bank accounts, executrix:
achieve their goals. RRSP’s, other pensions, “I thought I was just
Taking the time to understand even just cancelling her doing a good deed for my
your unique needs. phone became very time sister. It is an overwhelming
consuming and frustrating task to put a loved one’s final
at times. Each entity required affairs to rest.”
different documents. All
needed a Death certificate,
some needed documents Kevin Smith is a gift planning
witnessed by a Justice of consultant for the Anglican
The Harnum Group Tel: 709-724-7327 the Peace, others needed a Church of Canada.
Toll Free: 1-800-776-0077 He can be contacted at
Cabot Place, Suite 390
Notary Public. Sure, when this
100 New Gower Street 709 739-5667
St. John’s, NL A1C 6K3 david.harnum@nbpcd.com all began, I didn’t even know
www.bmo.com/nesbittburns the difference between the or by email:
two. There was contacting kevinsmith709@gmail.com
BMO Wealth Management is the brand name for a business group consisting of Bank of Montreal and certain of its affiliates, including BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., in providing wealth management
products and services. ® “BMO (M-bar roundel symbol)” is a registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
CPP and all other official
BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. If you are already a client of BMO Nesbitt Burns, please contact your Investment Advisor for more information. offices of the government
Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund and Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
and then the most difficult—
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Access to clean water—a
basic human right
Article by Mona Edwards
PWRDF Representative,
Diocese of Western Newfoundland

Christmas in Canning’s Cove

It’s difficult to visited Pikangikum where
comprehend that there are she witnessed first-hand the
people in our world who level of poverty, poor living
don’t have access to clean conditions and run-down
drinking water, but even homes with no running water. Submitted with photographs
more reprehensible is the She also experienced the by Lisa Chatman
fact that it’s happening in our outrageous price of food
own country. and other basic supplies, Here are some The Christmas
Pikangikum, a remote and the isolation from other photographs from the St. Stocking, and
community of approximately communities. Even though John the Divine Anglican also a song
2500 in Northern Ontario, most people were hesitant Church of Canning’s Cove entitled “Jesus
appeared on the radar in to share their feelings, she Sunday School program was born on
2000 when it was reported sensed their hope, which on Christmas Eve. Children Christmas.”
to have the highest suicide keeps them going in difficult performed several stories:
rate in the world. times. This is the hope that the Christmas Emoji Story,
Of the 450 homes, 90% drives people to make God’s Christmas Tree,
lacked access to clean water change, whether those in
and sewer services. the community or those of
us outside, as we
collectively work
for a healthier
amazing is
happening in
Pikangikum, thanks
to the interaction
with PWRDF
and Habitat for
Since 2013, thanks to Humanity, and it involves the
the generosity of PWRDF youth, specifically Jenelle
donors, over $600,000 has Turtle, Jamie Suggashie,
been raised and 24 homes
are now equipped with both
clean water and waste water
Jonas Desiree, and Raphael
Peters. They’re being trained
as carpenters, plumbers,
Save Money Plus
removal facilities.   and electricians, and are ®
In 2016, PWRDF partnered interested in becoming
with Habitat for Humanity involved in other programs.
Manitoba with a goal to This on-the-job training is
bring indoor plumbing to 10 empowering the youth in the
more homes. Even though
Habitat for Humanity’s main
community, and giving them
a sense of independence and When You Combine Your
goal is to supply affordable
housing, they realized the
need in Pikangikum, and
control over their lives and
the future of their hometown.
Unfortunately, there
Home & Auto Premiums
willingly came on board with have been four more youth
PWRDF to work towards suicides this past summer, so
this goal. Each year HFH is much more needs to be done.
committed to providing its Thanks to the generosity of
design, project planning, PWRDF donors, the future
construction and logistics does look brighter.
skills to help improve the Matthew 25, Verses 35-
quality of life for those living 40: “ ...For I was thirsty and Every month, you can save up to 20% when you combine your
there. you gave me something to home and auto insurance, without compromising on coverage.
In December 2016, drink... Then the righteous will The more you combine, the more you save. Add your cabin,
Asha Kerr-Wilson, a member answer Him,’ Lord when did
of PWRDF Youth Council, we see you... thirsty and give rental property, ATV, and snowmobile for additional savings.
you something Call for a free quote and start saving today.
to drink?’...
Truly I tell you,
whatever you
did for one of
the least of
these brothers
and sisters of
mine, you did steersinsurance.com 1-877-4STEERS steers@steersinsurance.com
for me.’” Amen.
*Certain conditions apply. Full terms and conditions can be found at wwwrsagroup.ca ©2009.

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Joining God,
Church, Changing
the World
The Rev’d Canon Gerald Westcott

I’ve recently read Alan God is in God’s world doing

Roxburgh’s “Joining God, what God does in every
Remaking Church, Changing emerging new life and the
the World: The New Shape creating of new and loving
of the Church in our Time.” connections. God’s life is

Live Nativity Scene in

This is a small, readable in no way contained in or
book that reflects accurately controlled by the “Church.”
where the diminishing The church is a school of

Downtown St. John’s

church is today, is inspiring Love that is called to be
in how we need to discover a participant in the life
being church in new and of God. The Spirit is very
Submitted with photograph spiritually deeper ways, and much active and alive in
by Emily F. Rowe is encouraging with practical our communities, but the
ideas and pathways forward. church has fallen behind and
On December 23rd, doors of the Anglican from the first Christmas, and Anyone reading this column has in many ways become
the downtown of St. John’s Cathedral of St. John the were joined by some lovely in Anglican Life is probably disconnected to what Spirit
was treated once again to Baptist. Members of the live sheep. Hot chocolate in some form a participant in is doing all around us.
a live nativity scene just congregation gathered on was provided for the people the life of your local church.
outside the great west the lawn dressed as figures who came out to see them. Anyone reading this article
knows that the church and
society they once knew are

Fogo’s ACW’s Christmas

no more. That realisation
can be a good thing that
will hopefully set you free

Stockings Spread Cheer

to more deeply discern
with the Spirit new ways
forward as the people of
God. Richard Rohr, in one of
Article and photograph his recent daily meditations
by Lisa Snow
(that I would highly
Jesus is the reason for at the Fogo Island Health made eight other stockings recommend subscribing
the season. As the Christmas Centre to Carla Reddicks, with materials donated to at www.cac.org), writes Roxburgh, Rohr, and many
season approached, St. the Recreational Therapy by the ACW. Pictured are “The word change normally other modern day prophets,
Andrew’s ACW in Fogo Worker. Lisa and Judy Margaret Oake, president refers to new beginnings. are calling the church, the
presented stockings for Snow made and donated a of the ACW, Lisa Snow, Judy But transformation more people of God, in addition to
the long-term residents stocking each, and they also Snow, and Carla Reddick. often happens not when what we are effectively and
something new begins but meaningfully doing in our
when something old falls church buildings, to connect
apart. The pain of something to what the Spirit is doing
old falling apart—disruption “outside” of our church
and chaos—invites the soul buildings. The remaking of
to listen at a deeper level. the church has everything to
It invites and sometimes do with deepening spiritual
forces the soul to go to a new practice and spiritual
place because the old place listening, learning to discern
is not working anymore.” more clearly what the Spirit
He goes on to say, “Change is already doing outside of
can either help people to our church buildings in our
find new meaning, or it communities, and becoming
can cause people to close co-creators with the Spirit
down and turn bitter. The in the transformation of our
difference is determined by world. The church that we
the quality of our inner life, once knew is dying. But
or what we call “spirituality.” God is always creating new
Something “old” is falling ways forward. In Roxburgh’s
apart. We are living in a words, let us “Join God in
time of rapid change at the remaking of the church
every level of global and changing the world.”
civilization. The church is
going through a time of
transition, some would even
say “reformation.” Of this
there is clearly no doubt.

anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador


Faith in Tough Times

Allison Billard

My elder son told me and acceptance are truly need to be. I withdraw from
quite frankly one night at incredible. whatever I can.
bedtime that he didn’t care Why then is it so hard I find it easy enough to
if he died. Shocked, I replied for some of us as adults to comfort my sons with all
saying that I cared very process grief and loss? sorts of lovely ideas that I
much, that I would be very want to believe: that it’s
sad if he died, because ok to be sad; that there’s
that would mean he wasn’t nothing to be afraid of
here with me any more. He about dying; that our loved
tearfully said that it would be one isn’t sick or suffering
ok to die because he would anymore and has gone to
get to see his friend, who heaven to be with God; that
passed away in November, we will always carry them in
and that he missed his our hearts and someday will
buddy very much. be reunited with them.
Children have a lot to Despite “knowing” all
teach us about coping with that, my heart is heavy with
loss. My little family has sadness and I struggle to
been very fortunate and has trust and believe those
not had to deal with a lot of I have really been words. I’m hoping the
loss, but in recent months struggling. Partly, I suppose, answer lies in prayer,
we have experienced the because I have been so because there is a whole
loss of my grandmother, fortunate to not have had lot of that happening these
my son has lost a friend to to face loss very often. I find days. I pray to find a change
illness, and we experienced my mind dwelling on all the in perspective, to feel better,
a good friendship separated saddest parts of loss, all the to find a way out of the
by a great distance. things I will miss, all the lasts darkness.

A Christmas
In each case, my children that were had, all the things Happily enough my
have had some time being that will never be. I struggle children are full of love and
sad, have found ways to with anxiety, sometimes light. I have a supportive

Carol in
remember or celebrate the finding it hard to get out of family and friends. I am part
person lost, have gotten ok bed, get showered, and face of a vibrant faith community.

with the idea of a departed the day. There’s struggling to We are not all so lucky but
loved one being in heaven, do all the day to day things the kindness of strangers
or focused on what we’ll that need doing, making can make a whole lot of
do when we see our friend sure homework is done, difference. Who needs your
again, whenever that and dishes are washed and kindness today? Submitted with hotograph by
may be. Their resilience everyone gets where they The Rev’d Shaun O’Connor

The Secrets Visit Rocky

Three boys from the part of the float from the
youth group (shown above,) Parish of Bonavista which
dressed up as characters took part in the Bonavista

from “A Christmas Carol” by Christmas Parade this year.
Charles Dickens. They were

Submitted with photograph

by Dale Decker

On Tuesday November 29th, 2017 the singing trio “The Secrets” performed at St. Matthew’s,
Rocky Harbour to a small, but appreciative, crowd.  It was an awesome country Christmas
concert by fantastic musicians!

anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador


A Sadness In The Diocese

of Western Newfoundland
Cynthia Haines-Turner

There is a sadness our Parish Council. I found new bishop will have his or
in our Diocese of him to be an efficient and her own vision. We believe
Western Newfoundland. effective Archdeacon with that John has received his
It’s a sadness that began a heart for the parishes and promised rest. As the prayer
when Archdeacon John ministries of this Diocese in our Book of Alternative
Meade fell ill shortly after and of our Church national. Services reads, in part:
being elected bishop in June, (One never waited long ‘Grant, O Lord, to all who
a sadness that increased as for a response from him are bereaved the spirit of
his health deteriorated, and by whichever means of faith and courage, that
a sadness that deepened communication one chose.) they may have strength
when he died on November to meet the days to come
29th. He should have been with steadfastness and

Canada 150
consecrated co-adjutor patience; not sorrowing
bishop on November 1st, and as those without hope...’
taken over as the diocesan No, the sadness is for the

Leader Award
bishop at the beginning of potential that was lost, for
January. He had a vision a life cut short. It is that a
and a plan for this Diocese person who dedicated his
that would continue and life to the service of God Article and photograph by
build upon the ministry that and God’s Church did not Sandra Taylor
existed here, a vision that live to continue to serve God
was honed during his years and God’s people in the role We are proud to Parish Hall with over 60
of faithful service as a parish of bishop to which he was announce that our own Rev’d parishioners in attendance.
priest (mostly in Western elected. We do not know Sam Butler was awarded Member of Parliament, the
Newfoundland and briefly what form his ministry as a “Canada 150 Leader Honorable Ken McDonald,
in Central Newfoundland) I personally knew him to be bishop would have taken, Award.” This award is given presented Rev’d Sam with
and during his years as of invaluable assistance to but we do know that he to those who have made this distinguished award.
Executive Assistant and our Parish when we needed would have embraced it with a significant contribution All Saints’ Parish, Foxtrap
Archdeacon. It would have it and a great supporter the steadfast and resolute to their community and is very proud of Rev’d Sam
been a continuation of the of Killdevil Camp and faith that sustained him who have contributed to Butler who is very worthy
exercise of ministry that Conference Centre and of throughout his life. the well being of others. of receiving this award.
defined his life, having the Primate’s World Relief There is a sadness Rev’d Sam was presented Congratulations and God
been ordained deacon in and Development Fund. in our Diocese. with this award on Friday, bless you in your future
June of 1998 and priest in Doubtless others knew him May the souls of the faithful December 8th in All Saints’ endeavours.
December of the same year, as upholding many other departed through the mercy
immediately following his ministries. of God rest in peace.
graduation from Queen’s There is a sadness

Codroy Confirmation Class

College in St. John’s. in our Diocese.
While he served in a Indeed, the sadness is not
neighbouring parish, it was that we don’t have a sure

Raises Money for The

as an Archdeacon that I and certain hope in the
best knew John, serving resurrection, nor that the

with him on a diocesan ministry of the Diocese will
committee and consulting not go on. We will have
with him as a member of another election and the
Go where life takes you, but plan ahead.
Article and photograph by
As a free spirit, you rarely look back. But you Linda Kendell
should look ahead - especially to protect your
As part of their outreach blocks on a basket of the children, that instead
loved ones when you’re no longer there.
All it takes is a little preplanning.
program, the Confirmation kitchen items. The project of one basket they had
class of Holy Trinity Church was such a success, thanks enough items to make up
Decide now on the funeral options and funding in Codroy decided to sell to the  the hard work of three baskets (one draw).
arrangements that best meet your needs. You’ll The children raised $482.75
lessen the burden for those who are left behind. which they happily donated
to The Janeway Hospital.
To learn more, call the number below. We’ll send
Pictured by the baskets,
you a free Wishes and Memories Planning Guide.
We’ll also provide you with a no-obligation
from left to right, are: Cassie
consultation. Downey, Jasmine Samms,
Madelyn Young, Nicholas
So make your plans, today. Janes, Alex O’Gorman, and
Then follow your path wherever it leads. T.J. Patey.
FUNERAL HOMES Corner Brook • Deer Lake
Preplanning Stephenville Crossing
Crematorium Port aux Basques • Burgeo
Port au Choix • L’anse au Loup
Flowers Happy Valley - Goose Bay
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2018—A New
Ronald Clarke

So, it’s the new year to our Divine God, for every
and we thank you, loving single need, every single
God, for bringing us safely
through the old year.
For all us “olders,” this
past year was not exactly
“trouble free.” Physically,
Members of the choirs from St. Augustine’s and Holy Spirit churches aging can be of great

Christmas Combined Choir

concern. Our bodies become
less and less able to do all
the things we used to easily
Submitted with photographs by So, often we become
Karen Simon frustrated. Some of my best
friends are no longer able
On December 8th, to get to church any more.
choirs from the South West They terribly miss not only want. Alleluia!
Coast of Newfoundland the worship but also the Should we be afraid to
came together for a night company of lifelong friends. die? Most of us believers
of fellowship and song. It Because many seniors are certain that death will
was a beautiful evening with are housebound they are be the blessed gateway
funds raised being used for therefore besieged with all to indiscernibly wonderful
Christmas food hampers by the terribly negative “news.” everlasting life! “Even
the Ministerial Association. All the tragedies of the world though I walk through the
are pushed into your face by valley of death,” says the
TV and other outlets today. 23rd psalm, “I will fear no
The Clergy sang a carol (pictured above). Having to depend on evil, for you are with me.
Front row Fr. Lee Lainey (St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Parish) others for more and more Your rod and your staff will
Second row: Rev’d Patricia Ritchie (Wesley United Church, retired); of our needs can also be a comfort me.” So, Jesus will
Rev’d Marlene Harvey (Anglican Parish of St. James); Rev’d Maryrose great concern. bring us safely into glory!
Colbourne (Anglican Parish of Isle aux Morts/ Margaree-Fox Roost) So, is life in our later How wonderful!
Third row: Rev’d Harold Harvey (Anglican Parish of Grand Bay); Pastor years totally negative? So, why be so concerned
Tyrone Ball (Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle); Pastor Maurice Collins Of course it isn’t! about the next 10 months?
(Salvation Army). Most of us truly believe God will take care of

Confirmation in Margaree-
in God, and in his son Jesus everything!
So, we can surely turn

Fox Roost
Submitted with photograph by
Karen Simon

On Sunday, November 19th, the congregation at St. Augustine’s in Margaree-Fox Roost was treated to a
beautiful confirmation service.
Three Candidates were presented to Archbishop Percy Coffin: Emma, Noah, and Ashley. A lunch followed
the service. Thanks to the teachers: Sharon Billard and Shirley Osmond for a job well done.

anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador

10 FEBRUARY 2018

Anglican Parish Helps to Establish

Much Needed Furniture Bank
Article and photograph by
Keith A. Noel

Home Again. Two simple Home Again. voluntary Furniture Bank AMJ Campbell, a moving
words, however establishing In the latter part of Committee. It was started company, has donated part
a home isn’t always simple. 2014, Canon Burrows with the assistance of of their warehouse for the
On the Northeast Avalon and other volunteers many volunteers and storage of furniture and has
Peninsula, Home Again began discussions with organizations, financial helped Home Again in many
Furniture Bank is helping management of the End contributions and ways.
those without the means to Homelessness Program of Government grants, donated Regular Friday
acquire furniture for their the City of St. John’s, and furniture, warehouse and volunteers also include
homes. with other organizations office space. It has grown young people with the
Home Again is a non- involved with helping those steadily ever since. Mennonite community who
profit organization that in need. It was identified This has developed into are visiting this area.
is providing gently used that there was a great need a very worthwhile outreach Another example of
furniture and household for some type of furniture program of the Diocese. It the many partnerships is a
items to those in need, bank and that the Anglican is an example of how every grant from Eastern Health
with a focus on generating Church could possibly help. church has potential to to enable residents at Her
comfort and dignity for the Thrive, the Community Youth reach out to the vulnerable Majesty’s Penitentiary to
recipients. Home Again Network for St. John’s had people in their area and live rehabilitate furniture.
works through a referral completed a report outlining out the Gospel. Please refer to
system of local agencies some of the needs and One of members of the Website for a list of
to help people make their possibilities for a furniture the original organizing some of the Supporters
house a home. or household items. There
bank, and also helped to get committee is Gina Pecore, and Donors. The level of is a small pickup fee which
As of December 1st, 2017, it off the ground. CEO of Genoa Design in support, financial, voluntary
Home Again has provided helps with the cost of
and otherwise has been delivering the furniture for
furniture to 550 homes, 517 phenomenal, however there
donors have benefitted from free to those in need.
will be a continued great
the pickup service, 196 tons need for financial and other
of furniture was diverted supports to enable long
from local landfills, and over term operation of Home
100 volunteers have helped For more information
Again .
make it all happen. Prior to Home Again, refer to/contact:
The furniture bank Amy Tulk (now Director of Website:
operates under the Operations) and Maureen http://homeagainfb.ca
auspices of the Parish Lymburner (now Director Michelle Emberley,
of the Ascension, Mount of Development) had been
Pearl, and the Diocese of Coordinator
working on a separate Telephone:
Eastern Newfoundland furniture program mainly
and Labrador. The Rev’d Home Again initiated a Mount Pearl. She has done to help immigrants. They
(709) 325-4040
Canon David Burrows is pilot in the fall of 2015. It was great voluntary work and joined as volunteers and Email:
the rector at the Parish of started under the leadership her company has donated merged with the Furniture info@homeagainfb.com
the Ascension, the Canon of Canon Burrows, together many financial and human Bank committee. They have
for Society and Justice in with the Parish of the resources to help Home worked tirelessly to develop
the Eastern Diocese, the Ascension, the Diocese of Again. Staff with Genoa and operate Home Again.
coordinator of the Religious Eastern Newfoundland and Design help with the pickup To help with Home Again
and Social Action Coalition Labrador, the Society and and delivery of furniture on you can volunteer, donate
NL, and he also serves as Justice Team for the Eastern Furniture Fridays. financially, raise funds or
the Executive Director for Diocese, and a dedicated For the past 2 years donate gently used furniture

There are more creative

and tax-efficient ways to
give than simply writing a
• appreciated shares
• gift annuity
• life insurance policy
Contact us for more
information about how
you can give generously
and also receive a
significant tax benefit.


anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador

FEBRUARY 2018 11

Anglican Foundation of Canada

AFC Awards $303,000 in November Grant Cycle
In the last round of grants
awared by The Anglican
Foundation, the Diocese
of Central Newfoundland
received a grant of $15,000
DECEMBER 11, 2017, $707,000 in 2017, the for Revitalization and Rural
TO R O N TO, O N T. — T h e AFC’s 6oth anniversary Ministry. This grant was one
Anglican Foundation year. Besides traditional of four request-for-proposal
of Canada (AFC) has infrastructure and restoration grants that were awared in
announced $303,000 in grants of $240,000, the 2017 to go towards a project
grants in support of new AFC provided $71,00 for to enhance and transform
projects across Canada in its innovative ministry and parish ministry.
November cycle of awards. $52,000 for theological
“The Anglican church is projects. It also disbursed
alive and well. Great things $60,000 for special “ We ’ v e d e v e l o p e d ABOUT THE ANGLICAN
are happening from coast anniversary-year projects a strategic plan to FOUNATION OF CANADA
to coast to coast,” said the for the transformation of include engaging and
Rev’d Canon Dr. Judy Rois, parish ministry. This category creative projects that The Anglican Foundation parishes, and thousands of
the AFC’s executive director. included a lectionary-based faith communities are of Canada seeks to foster Canadian Anglicans with the
“Thanks to the generosity curriculum for children’s undertaking to help grow Anglican presence by provision of financial support
of Canadian Anglicans for spiritual formation, the church,” Canon Rois providing abundant from coast to coast to coast.
making this possible!” a liturgical resource said. resources for innovative For media requests
Combined with for trauma-sensitive Applications for the May ministry and diverse related to AFC please
those awarded in May, congregations, revitalization 2018 award cycle must be infrastructure projects contact:
disbursements for an of rural ministry, and outdoor submitted by April 1, 2018. and theological formation S c o t t B r u b a c h e r,
increasingly diverse range skateboarding facilities for throughout the Canadian Executive Administrator:
of creative projects total youth. church. Leading the way in 416-924-9199 ext. 322 •
resourceful ministry since sbrubacher@
1957, AFC has benefitted anglicanfoundation.org
dioceses, hundreds of

Between the Lessons—The Death of the Priests

The Rev’d Jonathan Rowe

When we left David last own great-grandmother under his nose. ‘No one tells anyone among his soldiers and livestock. This was
month, he was a fugitive, on Ruth was a Moabite. David me anything,’ he complains. to carry out the sentence. part of the reason why
the run from Saul. He has appeals to old family ties in Then Doeg the Edomite Perhaps they recognize that Israel had wanted a king
started what I like to call his an attempt to make sure his pipes up. Last month, Doeg Saul has finally gone too far; in the first place: to protect
‘Robin Hood’ phase—living parents are cared for while had been lurking in the perhaps they are just too them from their foreign
in the woods and hills and he waits to see what God has background as Ahimelech frightened of God to strike enemies! Saul now stands
caves as an outlaw, and a in store for him. the high priest took David down a priest. Either way, no guilty of perverting justice
band of ‘Merry Men’ has in and gave him food and one is prepared to move until and colluding with Israel’s
started to collect around shelter during his escape Saul asks Doeg the Edomite. enemies. While David’s
him. As the 22nd chapter from Saul. ‘I know what Perhaps Doeg sees this as reputation is still clean and
of 1 Samuel begins, we are David has been up to,’ he the key to the king’s favour, honourable, Saul’s is getting
told that all those who were announces. ‘I saw him at and he strikes hard and fast. more and more sullied. And
distressed, or indebted, or Nob, and I saw Ahimelech He kills eighty-five priests, to make matters worse,
disgruntled came to him—all helping him!’ Now Saul has a and then rounds up an army one priest has escaped the
in all, about four hundred new target for his paranoia, and attacks the priests’ city massacre and gone over to
men. While Saul has been and he summons Ahimelech of Nob. David’s side. The Merry Men
pursuing his own personal and the priests from Nob to It’s worth remembering now have their Friar Tuck—a
vendetta against David, the answer charges of conspiracy that Doeg is not just a snitch, sympathetic priest with a
ordinary people of Israel can against the king. he’s also a foreigner. Saul’s direct line to God. But that’s
no longer find justice from When he hears the failure as a king has allowed another story, for another
the king, and are forced to charges, Ahimelech isn’t a foreigner to slaughter time.
look to David instead. Meanwhile, Saul is having any of it. David’s innocent Israelites—men,
David realizes that he displeased. He accuses all reputation has been nothing women, children, infants,
needs to take care of his his followers of conspiring but honourable. He has been
family. Without protection, with ‘the son of Jesse’—he a trusted captain in Saul’s
Saul will surely come after won’t even call David by army, and the head of the
them when he can’t catch name! In his paranoid state, king’s bodyguard. He is even
David. So he takes his aging he now even accuses his the king’s son-in-law. ‘This is
parents outside of Saul’s own son Jonathan of turning the first that I’ve heard of any
jurisdiction, and tries to against him, and corrupting treachery on David’s part,’
find asylum for them from David in turn. And to make says Ahimelech.
the king of the Moabites. matters worse, none of his Saul won’t listen to
This actually makes sense, attendants and advisors have reason, though. He sentences
because careful readers seen fit to let him know Ahimelech and his family
might remember that David’s what’s been going on right to death, but he can’t find
anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador
12 FEBRUARY 2018

Quiet Day and Holly Tea

Article by Louise Smith
Photographs by The Rev’d Jolene Peters

At St. John the Evangelist We endeavoured

in Topsail, as we journeyed to envision the
through Advent on the path scene two thousand
that would ultimately lead years ago of a
us to Christmas Day, Rev’d baby wrapped in

Christmas Pageant
Jolene altered the course swaddling clothes
momentarily on December lying in a manger in
2nd, to pamper members of Bethlehem.

Margaree-Fox Roost
our parish with a Quiet Day. ‘And the angel
The focus of our Quiet said, “Do not be
Day was on exploring Mary afraid! For behold,
Submitted with photographs by
the mother of Jesus, together I bring you good
Karen Simon
with the themes of waiting, news of great we were proud to present
preparing, and receiving.  It joy that will be for all the our newly minted Junior This year’s Sunday School
was a time of quiet reflection people.”’ Choir, who performed a Christmas pageant took place
amidst the atmosphere of Luke 2: 10 medley of Christmas Carols. on Sunday, December 10th.
our church family.  Rev’d Our day concluded Approximately 15 children
Jolene’s talks reflected on around 2 pm with prayers What a joyous time this took part. Thanks to Maggie
prayer, music and scripture, and anointing. season is Seymour, Sunday School
with intermittent breaks for Then on December 9th, As we praise the Lord Superintendent for her hard
refreshment. our “Holly Ladies,” in the above, work with the children.
true spirit of A new Advent candle
Christmas, glows each week
welcomed Expressing Peace and
a full house Hope and Love.
of guests in
celebration At the Holly Tea, we reach
of the 8th outside our parish,
anniversary To receive old friends and
of our Holly welcome new,
We thank Rev’d Jolene Tea, which has become a Exchanging greetings for a
for including this event, Christmas tradition here at Merry Christmas,
despite her busy schedule St. John the Evangelist.  As And a Happy New Year
preparing for Christmas. an added attraction this year too.

St. Valentine’s Day

Reminding us about love
Emily F. Rowe

And just like that, we’re them in return. As we get version of the legend of this freed all of the Christian Many of these legends were
back to the shortest month older, there is the romantic St. Valentine is that he was slaves that were under his actually invented in 14th
of the year, and often pressure of the day—the the Bishop of Terni, Narnia, authority—he, his family, century England, notably by
one of the coldest and expected grand gesture or and Amelia in central Italy. and all of the members of his the poet Geoffrey Chaucer,
most miserable for us in gift. But of course there While under house arrest, household were baptised. and are now dismissed in
Newfoundland. February is must be more to the story a Roman judge questioned Valentine was later serious academic circles.
the month that I always use of Valentine than the gifts, him on the legitimacy of arrested again, and was However, in the almost
in my examples of horrible the fancy suppers, and even Christianity and the faith sent to the emperor Claudius complete absence of any
weather, as in: “Well that’s more than the funny little in Jesus Christ. Valentine Gothicus himself. The real stories of Valentine,
a nice long driveway in the cards that we gave to our was challenged to restore emperor liked Valentine, but there seems little harm in
summer, but just think of classmates. the sight of the judge’s grew angry when Valentine taking time in the middle
shovelling it in February!” Actually, there is very daughter through the power tried to persuade him to of a cold and dreary month
While we started winter little that we know for of prayer, and if he could do be baptised too. Claudius to think about loved ones,
months ago, we had the certain about St. Valentine. that, the judge would do insisted that Valentine to celebrate important
warm cheer of Christmas, We know that he existed in whatever Valentine asked. should renounce his faith relationships in our lives,
and then new year and third century Rome, and that So Valentine put his hands or else be beheaded. When to cut out red cardboard
its resolutions. But now he was martyred for his faith on the girl’s eyes, prayed, Valentine refused this hearts, and maybe even to
February has set in, and it’s and buried in a cemetery and her sight returned. request, he was executed eat a bit of chocolate. The
cold, and it’s still dark. that is north of Rome. The The judge asked what on February 14th, 269. saints are there to point us
But we have a lovely name “Valentine” itself he should do in response to There are many other to the love of God, and in
bright warm spot in the was popular at the time, this miracle, and Valentine legends of Valentine, and many ways, regardless of
middle of the month with and comes from the word replied that all of the idols many reasons given for the truth behind his many
Valentine’s Day. As a valens, which means worthy, that were around the his later association with legends, St. Valentine
kid, that meant making a strong, or powerful. There judge’s house should be romantic love, including reminds us all to love, and
“mailbox” in school from an are a dozen saintswho are destroyed, that the judge theories about Valentine’s that is fundamental to our
old cereal box or something, venerated in the Roman himself should fast for three Day being an attempt to take lives as Christians.
and then the excitement of calendar, and who share days, and he should then over the pagan holiday of
passing around Valentines this name. be baptised a Christian. Lupercalia (celebrated mid-
to our friends, and getting The most common The judge agreed, and also February in Roman times).
anglican life Newfoundland&Labrador

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