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APRIL 29 – MAY 6, 2017

Clinical Skills Enrichment Course(CSEC)
for Foreign Trained Dentists LIMITED ENROLMENT DE 9156
Dr. Goli Khorsandian, Program Director Dentists: $ 6995

Tuition for Clinical Skill Enrichment course

LECTURE SYNOPSIS: includes all sundries, restorative material,
The Division of Continuing Dental Education at The University of British Columbia is the first institution instruments, use of typodonts as actually
in Western Canada to offer a unique seven-day preparation course for Foreign Trained Dentists who used in the NDEB exam as well as practice
are interested in participating in the Clinical Skills component of the NDEB Equivalency Process. teeth for each skill taught.

This course provides Foreign Trained Dentists both didactic and hands-on modules. Participants in Continental breakfast, luncheon and handouts
this seven-day course are provided with exact manikins and typodonts to practice their clinical skills in included.
an exact clinical setting to the NDEB Clinical Skills component of the NDEB Equivalency Process.
Experienced faculty members will teach all assessment requirements of the Clinical Skills for the Course times: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
NDEB Equivalency Process didactically. In addition, participants will gain individual training by a
each day
clinical instructor. (4:1) This individual instruction allows participants a greater understanding of the
fundamentals of restorative, fixed, and endodontic dentistry. 56 hours of instruction
A continental breakfast of muffins, tea, juice, and coffee, will be served prior to our starting time at
7:30 am each day. A light lunch will be provided at 12:00 pm. The sessions will finish at 5:00 pm each
day with multiple breaks in between. 2151 Wesbrook Mall
Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre Clinic,
Please note that this preparatory course does not guarantee that the participant will
pass or be successful in the NDEB Clinical Skills component of the NDEB Equivalency Faculty of Dentistry, UBC
Process. This course is purely intended to provide participants of the NDEB Clinical
Skills component of the NDEB Equivalency Process, with the opportunity to use the
facility with supervised guidance to enrich their clinical skills.

Register online :
Ms. Neala Welburn, CDA, Instructor Dip.,
or Call 604-822-6156
Dr. Goli Khorsandian, BA, MA, DMD
Clinical Assistant Professor Adult Education Dip., Med (Candidate) 1.877.328.7744 (Toll Free)
Oral Health Sciences Clinical Instructor
Program Director of CSEC for Foreign Trained Dentists Record Keeping

Dr. Jeff Coil, DMD, MSD, PhD, FRCD(C) • Same clinical setting as NDEB
Assistant Professor exam
Oral Biological & Medical Sciences – Director of the Graduate
Endodontic Program
• All instruments included
Dr. Ross Bryant, BSc, DDS, MSc, Dip Pros, PhD, FRCD(C)
• Bur Blocks include:
Assistant Professor
Oral Health Sciences – Prosthodontics and Dental Geriatrics Division • Endodontics
• Fixed Prosthodontics
• Operative

• All supplies provided

Clinical Skills Enrichment Course (CSEC) for Foreign Trained Dentists April 29‐May6, 2017 (except May 4)
Breakfast AM AM  Lunch and Learn PM
/Lecture 7:30am ‐ 9:00am 9:30am ‐ 12noon 12‐13 1pm ‐ 5pm

Clinic #218               Lecture
Dr. Goli Khorsandian                   Dr.   Clinic Orientation (@10)  Fixed lecture (@2)
Sat. April 29 #218 Infection control, Univet
Ross Bryant Rubber Dam  FGC Prep & Temp, 
Record Keeping, Rubber 
Application  PFM Prep & Temp 

Dr. Goli Khorsandian                   Dr  Clinic Clinic Clinic

Sun. April 30 #218 #218
. Jeff Coil Endo Access Prep Endo Access Prep Endo Access Prep

Dr. Goli Khorsandian                 Dr.  Clinic Clinic #132 Clinic

Mon. May 1 #132
Nesrine Mostafa             FGC Prep FGC Prep FGC Prep

Dr. Goli Khorsandian                   Dr.  Clinic Clinic #132 Clinic

Tue. May 2 #132
Nesrine Mostafa         PFM Prep PFM Prep @ 10:30 MNP PFM Prep

Dr. Goli Khorsandian Class II Prep & Resto Clinic #132 Clinic
Wed. May 3 #132
Dr Zohreh Ansari Comp Class II  Resto Amalgam Class II Prep 3M Amalgam Class II Resto
Comp Class  III Prep
Comp Class IV Resto

Dr. Goli Khorsandian Clinic Clinic #132 Clinic

Fri. May 5 #132
Dr. Mark Norris   Class II Comp Resto Class III Prep Class IV Resto

Dr. Goli Khorsandian
Sat. May 6 #218 Open Clinic Open Clinic #218 Open Clinic
Dr Herbert Fisher